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8:00 PM
just buy a truck and live in the parking lot
I've run up some tabs, but rarely break $100 per person
@nick well, surely there'd be people with their own houses in there, right?
(not sure why the guy didn't buya cheap camper...)
@nick Had a friend from Portland come down, his reaction when the bill came was great
@AwalGarg if you can get a loan for $1 million+
8:01 PM
Also are "residential hotels" a thing? I honestly don't know anything about them but sounds like a cool concept specially for bay area.
@AwalGarg Portland and San Francisco are, by and large, imaginary places ruined by self righteous startups. The prices, benefits, and general attitude have absolutely nothing to do with reality or the rest of the world.
They neither contribute to nor follow the economy at large, so things are just arbitrary.
but we are changing the world
is this pretty reasonable in terms of accuracy? blog.andrewray.me/reactjs-for-stupid-people
:26775527 I guess so
8:05 PM
@SomeKittens honestly I've been considering moving up there
@nick he loves it htere
though not sure on server rendering... right now I'm using velocity, so to replace with react seems somewhat senseless
I mean, I like the idea of living in a hotel with all amenities readily available as a home, but I am not sure how affordable that is and how well serviced it is around different places.
@ssube Actually, I just met up with a greentech startup that's showing a lot of promise. They convert righteous smugness into electricity. You'd be a great candidate, they're hiring.
@AwalGarg Not very.
8:07 PM
@SomeKittens oooh burn
@SomeKittens I'd love to help them get rid of all you SV kids.
Doesn't sound like a very sustainable product though, which is probably why they're a startup. :D
sort of feel like this is coming youtube.com/watch?v=b2ClSABkDp8
@AwalGarg Yeah, apartment hotels are a thing. I knew an intern who did it; I think it cost him something like $2K a month (which is rather expensive for Indiana, at least)
Origin.htmlEncode = function (str) {
	return str.replace(/</g, '&lt;').replace(/>/g, '&gt;').replace(/"/g, '&quot;'); ;
Origin.htmlDecode = function (str) {
	return str.replace(/&lt;/g, '<').replace(/&gt;/g, '>').replace(/&quot;/g, '"');
8:12 PM
@nick make a jquery team and add zirak and benji to it :D
@Retsam @AwalGarg They're usually worse than an actual apt but much cheaper than a hotel
I did a gig setting up AGVs in fort wayne indiana, hotel was like $30 a night... and bad. I ended up buying a motor home and stayed in the factory parking lot
@Retsam ahh, I see
These functions are the best functions
@jumpstracks Who?? I'm from Indiana // Oh it was about @Retsam
8:13 PM
@jumpstracks well yeah, any $30/night hotel is gonna be sketchy
@AwalGarg haha, I would but they'd have to join it willingly
@jumpstracks lol I have probably stayed in the same hotel... I think there's only 1-2 that cheap around there
@ssube what about the perks of having a lot amenities taken care off already?
@ssube Probably varies depending on what chain you use (like any hotel). My friend's room seemed nice enough; (and having someone else come clean is theoretically nice).
'I was in the javascript chat room' .... next.... — Martin James 8 mins ago
8:15 PM
@AwalGarg eh
@Retsam I mean price-wise. They seem to sit midway between apartment and hotel.
But I shared a $900/mo apartment with two other people, so I wasn't about to pay ~$2000/mo just to do less cleaning.
do these work for tailbone injury?
also, "ass doughnut" was not a great google term
@rlemon If you put the pump in before you sit on the cushion yes
@Retsam you still at II?
Hey, I had one of the injuries in the title; a Pilonidal Cyst (no, do not google it...)
8:17 PM
@Jhawins Yup, got promoted to a senior position just recently.
not even laying down is working
I don't have any family in Indianapolis anymore so I am never around there. But am going back to Fort Wayne for the week of thanksgiving
@Jhawins Where do you live now?
FYI, Nebraska is just like Indiana. Except in Indiana the rednecks go out to drink and drive, in Nebraska the rednecks kick your ass if you drink and drive.
8:19 PM
@rlemon When I had my pilonidal cyst; I couldn't sleep because of the pain. Not sure what makes the tailbone area so painful. But when I had my surgery, they cut out the nerves, so now I can't feel anything around it lol
@Retsam I moved to Omaha, NE to work with @Loktar in May of this year
@rlemon I hear a U shape with the opening at the back works well
@Nick like, I'm afraid to fucking sneeze man :/
@Nick I know what that is
@rlemon been there; I feel for you
8:20 PM
@Jhawins How's that going?
@KendallFrey It was the worst... and my surgeon was a moron, so now I have a chronic wound that won't heal, and I had the surgery 3+ years ago
@Retsam well. they're expecting next march
I've had that a few times, kinda
granted, the chronic wound is very small and doesn't prevent me from doing anything, but he's still an ass
never had surgery
8:21 PM
@KendallFrey Before I knew I had it, it got so bad that it burst, and while I was a summer camp councellor; I was driven to the ER where they drained it right then and there; I had to have a real surgery on it a year later
@Retsam Very good. We don't so much do "Junior"/"Senior" but I am making Senior level pay and will have 4 years exp this coming May. Just another step up the ladder
It's apparently pretty common
thankfully all I did was bruise/crack my ass.
and possibly re-slip a disc in my lower back
How long of a recovery time, bob?
will be able to tell if that is the pain i'm feeling in a few days
@Nick no clue. happened last night
8:22 PM
Ouch, fuck that
no don't
I feel that tailbone injuries are one of the times when it's acceptable for a grown man to cry
it'll make it worse
@rlemon wtf happened?
@Nick second to testicular injuries
8:23 PM
@rlemon I can't tell if you're just unlucky or if you've become adept at injuring yourself
decided the top step was lame and I didn't need to actually use it.
@rlemon if you have any numbness in legs, check w/ doctor right away
it didn't pay off
not in the slightest
8:24 PM
@rlemon cool, no biggie then :0
@nick "Robert Lemon"
@Jhawins Cool; I'm glad to hear things are going well.
it's when ya hit the nerves :)
@jumpstracks lemons don't have legs
lil bobby lemons
8:25 PM
@Nick dropped the... aides?
@Loktar so yea, going down stairs to get some water. running ofc because I was playing vids and it was cutscene
missed the top step, rode my ass the rest of the way
bob didn't get aides yet
did u maek it back 4 cutsscene
I ded
@Retsam Thanks. Hoping winter here is as fun as it was back home
8:26 PM
rip in peperoni
do u need me 2 kiss it
Can someone give this page a try (openearth.github.io/painting) it should work something like this (youtube.com/watch?v=IFJn8mo2fbs). I'm having some problems with video + webgl texture
@rlemon lol damn carpeted stairs at least?
8:26 PM
neber dew dat again
yes, but that just saved me a few cuts.
still can't sit, or really lay down, or bend..
walking is okay. if I do it slowly.
Cyber bullying isn't real
ALMOST went any entire week without injuring myself.
I'm still here?
8:27 PM
Haha that sucks man.
I have been on a mission to eat like an adult for the last few weeks so I can start working out.
@rlemon you sound like my gf
except with far more fast-paced injuries
more flying around
So basically my mission has been "Eat 3 times a day, good food, lots of food"
@rlemon ouch man
@Jhawins stahp i cri
8:28 PM
@ssube I'm very clumsy/accident prone.
@Jhawins my mission is if it doesn't move too fast, eat it.
@KendallFrey Yea well half the time I only eat once during a day
cri evertim
my meta Q has gained some traction
Pohp terts
8:29 PM
Q: What happened? Suspended for "inappropriate content"

NickSo, this is a bit odd, and I'm not even sure what happened. I was in the javascript chat room, when I said, "cyber bullying isn't even a real thing". Now, whether or not you agree with what I said (from my ban, I can tell most people do not), An instant ban without a kick seems a bit hasty. I w...

i iz faht
poop tards
tard poop
cc @SterlingArcher
@Nick probably the AI in the singularity testing it's boundaries
8:32 PM
didn't we just do that?
I just found a keyboard smash for a variable name
asdfLogin = ...
Anyone know how to fix this please: document.getElementById("Button1").href = 'google.co.uk';
I wish I had enough rep to nominate myself:

Why me?
I've been suspended from chat
I have 1080 reputation (that's a lot)
People get offended by me a lot
8:34 PM
it seems to add "google.co.uk" onto the site url
@Rahul http://google.co.uk (don't forget http/https)
@Rahul What's wrong with? What error(s) are you getting, what do you expect to happen?
haha, thank you :)
or just //
@Rahul listen to him ^ use //
8:36 PM
cool, thanks. Working perfectly. Thank you :)
@rlemon I saw an article saying // was an antipattern and you should just always use https.
Their reasoning was good but rather impractical.
After how much time can someone accept my answer as the best?
@AndrewV Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Q: Performing verification of teams?

Nathan OsmanLet's take this team as an example: Based on the team name, a user that comes across this page is very likely to assume that this team is either sanctioned by or managed by Google. (Which may very well be the case with the above example.) However, there is no way to know for sure. I would lik...

@jumpstracks trust me, that kind of bar tab night was extremely unordinary
A blackout bar night for me averages $200 total. A normal night out drinking I can get nice and frosty for $50-$75
8:38 PM
@AndrewV 15 minutes
And that includes food
I don't go drinking much, because it would end up being alone, and I don't need that kind of negativity
@SomeKittens ouch indeed. My wallet hated me the next day. Never again will I show off like that lol
@SterlingArcher actually the $100 a night was 20+ yrs ago, so guessing would be 200 a night these days, Chicago bars, new york that would have been about $500
Mucho dinero for sure
I could have sworn we just elected mods like 2 months ago
8:40 PM
@KendallFrey I've had a conversation through comments with the one who asked the question and he just stopped talking (I'm guessing he finally got the concept), is it okay if i ask him to select a valid answer if I helped him?
@SterlingArcher ya shoudl have saved it :)
Erect my mod
@BenjaminGruenbaum for moderator!
Representing JS near you
woah nick
@SterlingArcher pinned 2.9
8:41 PM
Erect me as moderator 2015 and I will work hard for you
<3 Not even joking, Benji would be a fantastic mod
@Nick god dammit lol
@Nick That's a platform I can get behind.
I'd rather get in front of that platform
8:45 PM
Nick 4 President
why stop at mod?
this is how it begins
@rlemon I stole your post ^
lemelect me mod
@rlemon reference/cultural-reference I'm missing?
@towc What will you do if you get temp banned during your presidency?
@ssube yeah this summer right?
... yeesh
@SterlingArcher Benji doesn't want to be a mod, with valid reasons
Apr 8 at 15:36, by Loktar
@BenjaminGruenbaum any reason you aren't running for mod?
8:48 PM
@Loktar I forgot about that. We need some JS rep though lol
yeah I agree
@MadaraUchiha was SO CLOSE last time
I voted so hard for @MadaraUchiha. Another solid candidate along with (I know), @rlemon
I popped a blood vessel voting for @MadaraUchiha
right in my eye.
I'm not good enough at JS to mod. I barely have ES6 experience :(
That's how hard I voted. I know @SterlingArcher can appreciate that.
8:50 PM
then learn more, noob
In mongo, can you conditionally increment on an upsert?
Is that a reference to me popping a blood vessel in my eye because I pooped so hard?
LOL yea
I feel like that post was immortalized somewhere
Oct 15 at 17:03, by Sterling Archer
No lie, I crapped so hard one day (sorry tmi) I burst a blood vessel in my eye. Looked like one of my eyes was straight out of 28 days later
has it made the way back machine yet?
8:52 PM
had to restar it, because it's so amazing
> I have a chat quote from you here...
I have decided to remove myself from the ballot.
I didn't even say the quote.
Enough has been said already.
> Chicken
lol the tears
lol remember when he died
Ok, I really need to learn ES6. What's the best reference I can read with good examples to the update? At this point I'm more jQuery expert than ES6.
My ES5 skillsa re subpar at best too :( When in doubt, QSA
8:56 PM
@SterlingArcher Rewrite something you did in ES5 with ES6, that'd be my first suggestion.
I guess my first task would be to buy a computer I can code on
All I have are mobile devices at home. Haven't had a laptop in 2 years now
Not that I am a ES6 expert or anything lol I need to catch up too :/
@SterlingArcher surface pro + dock
that's what I use, sometimes log into a VPS, works great
@Jhawins right? I felt disgraced when @SomeKittens posted that ES6 quiz and I got every single question wrong
@ssube I want a desktop so I can play steam games. I have enough mobile devices
@SterlingArcher I closed out of it after I couldn;t figure out what the first question was even asking, but I've mastered ES6+
8:57 PM
So when I save up enough money, I'm going to build my first PC
@SterlingArcher My Laptop plays any game I throw at it..
That's what I'll do. I'm going to rebuild SourceUndead in ES6 with Node
@SterlingArcher +1
No angular this time
on building a new PC that is
@SterlingArcher react+es6 go together like sex and peanut butter
just sayin.
8:59 PM
@Loktar not at all?
I've always wanted to build a computer. When I am financially stable will you guys help me?
I don't wanna cheap out on it, but I'm not going over $1000
@Loktar Only if you want to get the dog involved?
@ssube LOL I walked into that one eh.
@SterlingArcher Pick one
there's really no good outcome there
8:59 PM
so did rufus :(
@Loktar I would, but for the sake of learning I really want to just use ES6

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