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5:00 PM
@MadaraUchiha No, I'm working
yea, we're all 'working'.
I'm not :D
fucking networks
You shouldn't fuck networks
Q: How to ask from Retarded Admins

user5537632I asked a question(how to calculate lyapunov exponent from data points).the algorithm for calculation in 2-dimensional was explained in Calculation of Lyapunov Exponent I cant over Explain it.my problem is instead of a function I have data points. I asked this question and its labeled as pu...

hahahah that comment
5:02 PM
> so my point is "please shoot yourselves"
@Luggage Nope, I'm in Japan debating the nature of ES6.
for those that missed it ^^
@BoltClock could you have the comments on that question cleared?
It's not really constructive anymore, and if they want they can come to chat to debate this further
5:06 PM
A: How to set value as string type in <li> using Jquery

Thomas Edwardsval() in jQuery does not always equal a value HTML attribute. I suggest you use attr('value', value.ID) instead of val(value.ID). I’d also recommend you change the value array to be contextual, so user for example, so user.ID and user.name make it easier to read – rather than having value litte...

jesus this answer...
@MadaraUchiha The DOntVoteMeDown guy just admitted that he was mistaken, so I think we're all good now, lol
@Nick Yeah
5:07 PM
@MadaraUchiha ok
Cheers Bolt
@BoltClock <3
1 message moved to JS trash
@FastSnail you've mastered boxes, just like last week!
@ssube so
5:11 PM
I was surprised myself, never expected that
@jAndy > 2015 > Flash videos
@SterlingArcher that guy arguing about jquery's val method... He really has no idea what he's doing.
3 mins ago, by Madara Uchiha
user image
@Nick ty for input <3
@ssube why was that flagged?
5:15 PM
@Loktar what?
You were flagged lol
lol flags
lol fags
Apparently you can't call @FastSnail the box master.
inb4 flags
5:16 PM
I'm talking about cigarettes you prick
In my day being the box master was a good thing.
yeah and I'm talking about you being a bundle of sticks, you twatwaffle :D
@Loktar gold.
boxes are great
^ my technique lol
5:17 PM
google dindnt knew! :-) but thanks! — user5543269 1 min ago
Google didn't knew.
Google was like "Oh shit I just knewed something knew today!"
My literal comment was a google search full of results D:
@KendallFrey haha
5:18 PM
there should be a porno website template for Node.js called Nude.js
@KendallFrey What the actual fuck
that url is the most terrifying link I've never clicked. — Sterling Archer 6 secs ago
good night ..
jqueryajaxphp.com .... why
I will never be able to get these pictures out of my heaed now
5:20 PM
@MadaraUchiha Compared to Dippa, still pretty tame
@KendallFrey Do I want to know?
Started watching this series (below). So far it seems a good intro to quantum mechanics that doesn't require too much existing knowledge.
looks like fun.
@Nibb Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
5:26 PM
@KendallFrey I am utterly speechless
Bumble is the new tinder you pleb
Get with the times
what the fuck is bumble?
tinder for non-hookers
It's different because you can see if your match is employed or not so you can judge them harder
:downloads bumble:
I wont lie, the ugly:hot ratio is unreal in favor of hot.
5:29 PM
@SterlingArcher but you still give up on life and start using a hookup app
There is no shame in using a service to find your future boo.
it's about the most shameful thing you can do, after porn
@ssube +1
In my day we had to talk to ladies and brag about being the box master.
5:32 PM
yeah. Using social skills and actually putting in some effort.
Just because you meet on a site doesn't mean all the work is done for you? At some point you have to hang out in real life. It's a tool, and nothing more.
i hate effort.
If you don't have social skills or any way to entice folks, maybe you shouldn't bother.
is it iOS only or something? I can't even find it
tinder and the social scene that follows it are so fucked
5:34 PM
lol I just use it for sex
@ssube damn man
I thought you were trolling, but I actually agree.
Yeah, it's iOS only; well fuck that
maybe you are trolling but regardless I agree
@Loktar nope. I have some very strong feeling around that, as part of a larger argument that we probably shouldn't get into on the internet.
if you can't argue on the internet, then where?
5:36 PM
@Luggage It's easier in person
tl;dr: tinder, cams, et al help commoditize sex, decoupling it from the emotional impact it can have, making rape more accessible to assholes
people back down faster
they all contribute to the problems we have now
because people are lazy and shitty
so go out, socialize, and put the effort into acting like a human
@ssube You're taking this way too personal. It just sounds like some girl did you wrong using one of these sites.
5:37 PM
his views don't at all suggest he was wronged to me.
@AmericanSlime Nope, never personally had any trouble from them.
Fuck me, why am I listening to My Chemical Romance?
I agree with ssube for the most part. All of this online dating garbage makes it hard for people to interact in person
Just came onto my playlist, didn't bother changing it
5:38 PM
@Loktar lol
I agree with @ssube minus the rape part.
@BenFortune Even gallons of the stuff will never be enough.
Aye; I don't think tinder causes rape
@Loktar It sounds dramatic in short form, but I can explain it well in a longer format.
Sorry I'll leave.
5:39 PM
2 tru
commoditizing sex certainly isn't a good thing
!!afk lunch and regrets
@ssube yeah I agree with that for sure
did anyone ever hear a blood curling scream from their neighbor?
5:39 PM
Stupidest new thing.
especially over the internet
he's saying the idea of 'shopping for women' based entirely on appearance just encourages those jerks that are already kinda rapey.
@jgr208 I'm usually that neighbor.
@Luggage shopping for men happens too.
@Luggage approximately, yeah
pretty much need males and females on tinder for it to work.
5:40 PM
@Loktar i heard like 6 seperate ones last night in a 5 min span and was thinking about calling the polcie. even my indoor security camera caught the audio when i replayed the video
@jgr208 damn
@Loktar well now, that's not exactly true :P
Men get objectified a lot; I mean, definitely not as much as women, but it happens all of the time.
maybe you should check on them
@Loktar what do you do in case you have to face this pastebin.com/p1iZd6Bv
5:40 PM
@ssube hahah ok fair point.
@ssube that's what grindr is for
I can't call the function constantly because it will emit too many flux cycles
@Loktar well we live in an apartmwnt complex so problem was we didnt know the exact source
@Abhishrek hmm idk if I follow I guess
 this.state = {
                        value: props.node.value
I hate having to do that
@Loktar me too
but if i call the update action then it will cause the entire flux cycle
everytime someone types something
5:42 PM
does it have to be in state?
could it be an uncontrolled input?
I mean do you submit that, or is it something thats saved/sent on the fly?
@Abhishrek shouldComponentUpdate
Don't trigger the render if you just needed to update state and not do anything based on it
@Jhawins yeah but thats when it comes from higher up, internally its going to get called
since he is binding the onchange to state changes
@Loktar yeah that uncontrolled input sounds better
I see he is binding onChange to updating state, but doesn't need to do anything based on that state.
5:45 PM
yeah thats where I was kind of confused too
Maybe I am not following. Looks like state is essentially just storage
i think re-rendering that input is how it controls the values.
@Jhawins yeap I am just storing it
so that i can update it later
more like throttling the number of update cycles
5:46 PM
@Luggage If you don't re-render nothing will happen to it
@jgr208 where does it happen? My PC sound is so damned low always
ahh then you might not be able to hear it ill make a shorter clip
I guess I'm confused. What are you trying to solve? If you want to throttle update cycles that's what shouldComponentUpdate is for
@Jhawins Erm okay that component is rendered fairly deep inside the tree
Does updating it's value update a store higher up, which triggers update cycles that trickle down?
5:48 PM
That code isn't visible ;)
Ah true :-)
I am making the input uncontrolled
and then throttling
that should do :-) thanks @Loktar @Jhawins
:thumbs up:
wish that existed on here.
5:49 PM
@Loktar here it is shorter
fucking hell; EJS is so limited... It used to do all sorts of things... why did they remove so many features?
time to choose a different templating engine
your template engine should be limited
Not this much; I need support for defining a layout, and for partials. EJS makes partials really complicated, and they removed the layout feature
I don't think I've ever actually used partials
yeah, no, just nested views
@SomeGuy cute. took about 20 minutes to tear apart with gdb. I hope that's allowed?
@Abhishrek where is the code?!?!?

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