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1:00 PM
As in, they aren't up to semicolon-level realness yet
@OliverSalzburg fixed, just for you
@rlemon Much better
@rlemon I tried putting a 1080p image in there, and it broke my chrome :(
yea scan size is 2
I wish chrome didn't require re-enabling because I added to the matches :?
also, does the 'matching' in the manifest take regexp?
	"matches" : ["http://chat.stackoverflow.com/*","https://chat.stackoverflow.com/*","http://chat.stackexchange.com/*","https://chat.stackexchange.com/*","http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/*","https://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/*"],
would be nice to not have to have this in there
that's not regex
1:07 PM
yea, I know ;)
ugh, bizniss people yakking on and on zzzzz
meeting are fun, but this is getting annoying
/https?:\/\/chat\.(meta\.)?stack(overflow|exchange)\.com\/ would be nicer…
yea I wasn't asking for the regexp, I was asking if it supported it :P
thanks tho
			"matches" : ["*://chat.stackoverflow.com/*","*://chat.stackexchange.com/*","*://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/*"],
I could also match *://chat.*.com/*
that would probably be safe?
suck it up and make it robust
any other domains I'm missing?
1:14 PM
<div id="{{player.Name}}PlayerDetail" class="playerDetail">

This should be valid in Angular right? It's within an ng-repeat
@rlemon c.m.SO?
Or is there an alternative way to set an elements id using an angular expression
is that even a thing?
@user2248441 I have to wonder why you'd set an ID based on a binding...
1:17 PM
@KendallFrey don't think that exists.
another thing, what about sites with their own second-level domain? SU, SF, et al
all of those chat.stackexchange
@RoelvanUden I need an initially hidden div attached to each players li item in the players ul

When that players li is clicked I want to reference their specific hidden div and show it
@user2248441 use ng-class if you want expressions
1:19 PM
reference them by their DOM location?
quick example jan? brain is fuzzy
@OliverSalzburg nice :)
moldy brain
@user2248441 Just use bindings for this. It makes little sense to reference a DOM ID from an Angular model.
@user2248441 Wait, I completely misread that, ignore me
1:21 PM
@RoelvanUden Link to an explanation I can read when I'm more alert?
> My older son, who is in fourth grade (homeschool) and just turned 10, has been nagging me for ages to teach him Haskell.
lol what in the actual fuck
@user2248441 Any Angular tutorial will tell you.
2:09 PM
How do I access the stack trace and the stack property in Chrome?
throw an exception?
ahhoy hoy
2:17 PM
hey guys.
im struggling atm.

does javascript offer a equivalent to this php statement:
while( $loop && ( ( $option = each( $children[$parent] ) ) || ( $parent>$root_id ) ) )
@ChiefORZ Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@CapricaSix that was uncalled for
what the hell @Cap
@ChiefORZ probably. What exactly does each($children...) do?
2:19 PM
@ChiefORZ ew
@ssube each($children...) is a foreach loop for an assov array
I don't think I've seen an uglier loop before, in my life
@ChiefORZ how can you loop on the right side of an assignment? what does the loop do?
what does it dooooooo?
you're also looping inside of the condition for the while loop? Seems awfully awful
Q: disable an input if another input is clicked

Nedia MbarkiI have three sections in a form, the first one contains one input and the second contains three inputs and the third contains a checkbox. How to disable the two sections if checkbox is checked disable the checkbox and a section if I tapped a text in the other section enable the three sections i...

dem getById's
2:23 PM
@rlemon That's DRYer than a nun's...
I like the w3schools answer
@BenFortune linen closet?
@rlemon Precisely.
What’s the best way to combine browserify with an express server? I’ve found browserify-middleware but that’s super outdated.
2:24 PM
@rlemon I remember when my code used to look like that...
I havent used getById in forever
it is an loop for an unlimited-level-tree.
and i did this to avoid recursion in php

Inside of the while loop i switch the $parent inside of $children[$parent] and use a LIFO stack to keep track of where i am
@poke run browserify first
But it used to be like the only thing I used
@ChiefORZ I think you need to break that loop down before we can translate it to JS (but I just started my coffee).
2:26 PM
@ssube So just manual running to some output dir that’s then statically mapped in express; and maybe a watcher running next to the server itself to recompile on change?
Why don't you just use recursion?
Recursion and trees are best friends
Yeah. Is there something wrong with recursion in PHP?
(I wouldn't be surprised)
PHP doesn't have lambdas
2:27 PM
call_user_function doesn't count
@BenFortune Good point. Is there something gulp-y that integrates well with express?
@poke I'm lazy, so I usually set write a bash function to run my build and server, but with @BenFortune 's suggestion of gulp, you can just gulp && express (or whatever the command is)
<3 recursion
I think php has pizza
idk. i liked the way i did it and it worked. but i thougth about recursion too
2:28 PM
Mmm. Pizza.
It's a shame all the good recursion jokes have been called already. :(
Tree traversal is ridiculously easy to do recursively
Not so easy to do iteratively
In Haskell the base construct is recursion, and any loops are done through functions
well. it is easier then i thougth when i think bout it!

@poke Are you sure you understand what gulp does? It doesn't 'integrate' with express
2:32 PM
@NickDugger I do but I guess I was thinking the wrong way around, having express run gulp tasks when it makes more sense to just start the server with gulp…
gulp && node server.js
@NickDugger It just moves liquid down the esophagus
I just had that in my npm start script
you can have gulp start the server, you know
2:33 PM
That’s what I’m doing now.
@poke they're unrelated
@Shmiddty By spawning it?
or can be, and typically are
gulp spits out your final, tested, minified, packaged prod scripts for express to run
In production, there is no need to have gulp start your server, or even consider shipping gulp as a dependency
2:35 PM
in testing, you can have gulp run the server at the end, but I find that more trouble than it's worth tbh
@ssube care to elaborate?
@Shmiddty I build often, usually just to run tests, and don't need the server to be part of my default build task.
tests shmests. ;)
It's either write another task or run a second command when I want a server
I spend enough time in bash that the second is easier
we've got gulp server and gulp test as separate tasks
2:40 PM
most of my builds consist of gulp && mvn && tomcat or equivalent
I usually have gulp build and gulp test
with the default being both
glad I'm not seeing anyone talk about their grunt tasks
@Loktar when ever I see "grunt" I think
then I think "LOK'TAR!"
I have grunt tasks :-(
haha @rlemon not at @RyanKinal because I feel for you bro
2:44 PM
just looking at grunts repo it looks like dev has slowed down..
It seems I'm always behind the curve on these things
Bootstrap's gruntfile makes me cringe
they promised streams in 0.5.. and I was reading about that last March or so
One of our apps uses grunt.
2:44 PM
grunt tasks:
1) attack that barracks
2) chase hero
3) auto-explore
I kinda forced gulp into the mix, starting with our internal tools.
@rlemon you need to find a grunt question and post that in your answer
@ssube we had no builds whatsoever last Feb or so.. I decided to go with gulp even though it was pretty new
so glad I did
@ssube same
@Loktar have CI yet?
2:46 PM
yeah, the backend guys set all that up (around November actually)
I just worry about the front end tasks
At some point, I'm going to take my last 6 months of work and write it into a book or something, on getting ci set up on no real budget.
@ssube you could probably make good $$ being a consultant doing that for companies :P
Our new system here is coming together really well, all things considered.
Setup my own CI server the other day using Gitlab
not show images
2:48 PM
@Loktar That's a tricky role. You need to be intimately familiar with how they work to put together effective CI.
@GopiSankar what are you doing???
3 messages moved to JS trash
@GopiSankar please format your question properly and either submit it formatted or as a fiddle/codepen/some other testable code
We got royally screwed by bringing a guy in for a yearish to make us CI, who did what he thought was best, but not anything we could use.
Took me and two ops guys about 6 months to rip it out and replace it.
@ssube yeah but you aren't a douche, you are awesome
2:49 PM
@Loktar oh no, I totally am a douche :P
an awesome one
haha my comment was in ref to you being a consultant btw, id totally trust you
or I could just write it all up in a blog, open-source the scripts we've written, and call it there
see I told you you weren't a douche :P
2:53 PM
@JanDvorak is on a roll in the Election room lol
I just had a business idea, but it's half shit, and I don't care enough to even consider doing it. Who wants to steal it?
tbh, the best part about working on the build server is that the robots have no chance of replacing us
I like how meta.chat's message blocks are squared off. who's with me?!
but the more robots, the more time we can spend writing good code
2:54 PM
@SecondRikudo I missed you were running for moderator, you have my vote brother
I hope other JS chat members will join me :P
@Loktar we can't, we all have to vote for different candidates so there's clearly no bloc politics going on
luckily, there are enough good candidates
@ssube right? I can't believe the amount of pushback I get when I bring up code style guides and refactoring and abstraction
2:55 PM
everyone seems to prefer to run hot and loose
@BartekBanachewicz shit you are running too?
I need to look through the entire list
@Loktar nah, jk
@Loktar I'm running!
@Shmiddty you get a lot, until you can prove it will be easier.
@SomeGuy stop playing with my heart
@Loktar Hahaha
We recently set up gitlab for our code server and reviews skyrocketed.
if you're running youd obv have my vote.
We were doing 2-5 reviews/day with crucible, because it's a miserable tool and gets the diffs wrong 90% of the time.
@SomeGuy Seriously ?
2:56 PM
Now we're averaging 10/day, start to finish, because merge requests are so easy to make.
@dystroy lolno
Gitlab is best lab
@Shmiddty for style, once you have CI, work lint into your build tasks. Start with very liberal settings and tighten the screws as you figure out how people like to write code.
I would be a terrible moderator
I have way too short temper on stupidity
@BartekBanachewicz hahah
> Wow fu, banned
I just invalidated a flag from you like 5 mins ago btw
2:58 PM
@ssube I'd honestly be happy if they'd stop relying on ASI
@Shmiddty ASI is (actually sorta) dangerous. Find a few bugs that it's responsible for, show mgmt, add lint to your build.
That's how I've gotten most of the features into our process, and once it's in you can just ask devs for input on how it should work.
posted on April 08, 2015 by admin

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@Loktar "from" me?
yeah you said something like "what in the actual fuck"
your message was flagged
didnt get a chance to see the room it was in.. but didnt seem very flaggable lol
@ssube thanks for the advice
3:04 PM
@Loktar yeah I'm the number #1 user of "fuck" on entire SO chat
wear a condom
@BartekBanachewicz run for mod xD
morning everybody
You're a Lounge owner, right?
@BartekBanachewicz I'm catching up
~200 off
3:12 PM
fuck, should I get in the game?
fuck yeah man
@FlorianMargaine I lost, you asshole
ohhh i didn't even register that one... well subtly played
I kind of want to run for mod, just to see my stats real quick, and then delete the post lol
is there any other way to get all of those together?
3:14 PM
Right? I wanna see my "potential mod stats"
mod me pls
I have no idea how to get a statistical overview of my account
@SterlingArcher haha yeah exactly
I just want to see my "modability" score
ask on meta?
3:15 PM
> You need all of the following badges to nominate yourself as a candidate: Strunk & White, Civic Duty, Deputy, and Convention
damn i can't even apply regardless
I bet my score is like 5/40
@SterlingArcher nah
@Loktar I wanted to check mine but you have to submit the application I think
I actually think I have all the badges
You know there's a data-thing to compute your moderator score ?
(I'm at 38/40)
@dystroy link?
I honestly wouldn't want to be a mod. More responsibility sounds shitty. Just let me be my shitty self, and we'll all be happy.
3:23 PM
@phenomnomnominal I found out why coffeescript is useful. Had to test this against some object.
sparta = someObject
if this is sparta
   # ...
@Loktar Strunk? Stoned and drunk at the same time? Strunk!
3:25 PM
I'm a 23/40
@SterlingArcher BRO!
The stars align for us this day, brother
aww yeaaah
3:26 PM
I need more badges
4/40; I win.
@NickDugger please show us your score xD
3:27 PM
32 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
^ oh jesus
@SecondRikudo has my vote
Second and Martijn have my votes
I only stay in the chatrooms these days. Main is a stupid, stupid place.
bjb has my third <3
3:28 PM
@SterlingArcher exactly the same
@SterlingArcher an upvote too ?
I'm confused. I have 9k rep and at least 10 of those badges.
teehee :D
Yet only got 10
@BenFortune All of those PHP points actually count against you
omg lol
3:29 PM
Time to delete my answers. :)
I just noticed the comments under bjb's candidature have been cleaned...
Why ?
someone should start a meta post to burninate [php]
3:30 PM
I'm not too thrilled about censorship during an election
Oh there we go, 21/40
Had the meta toggle on xD
I got a javascript problem. How can I tell how many items will fit on my page in a list?
@corvid 99
@Loktar lol
3:33 PM
He's got 99 problems, but a list ain't one.
@corvid calculate the size of the monitor with the size of the list items height?
1) take a ruler
2) Add pica marks
I heard Apple sellsan app for 10$
3:34 PM
3) cut a hole in the box
4) Open the box
@SterlingArcher ah actually explained the problem wrong... it's more of communicating that to the model in meteor
@JanDvorak yeah, but they have apple-specific units and aren't compatible with other monitors
@corvid the model? why not the view?
3:35 PM
Yeah.. Apple screens use milimeters instead of inches
Because I have a model to paginate it, but I would need information from the view to know how many to put on the view, which is where my problem is
@BartekBanachewicz lol
@BenjaminGruenbaum any reason you aren't running for mod?
Inches just simply aren't compatible with Apple screens. Proprietary hardware is such a scam
@Loktar I don't want to do more QA for free? Mods do boring work for no pay.
3:38 PM
eh fair enough
I just think you would be a fantastic mod.
Has anyone here used the jquery DataTables plugin?
I'm struggling with a custom filter
@Loktar Only if he can spare the time :)
haha yeah, there is that time commitment I guess
and he already has community admiration
@Loktar thanks, seriously though - I don't want to do more QA for free. If someone can post answers and handles flags instead I think they're wasting their time.
3:39 PM
I'd say it's the opposite
@BenjaminGruenbaum I agree. Why be mod when you can just gold badge your favorite tags
I'd probably abuse my mod powers to troll @rlemon
I'd never do anything and get my mod powers removed for inactivity
I would use my mod powers to turn all the children into candy, the sky into popcorn, and upvote every post.
@ssube I would vote for you
3:43 PM
Candy is always better when it's made from children.
stupid children
Just ask Frau Totenkinder
@SterlingArcher it's just... you're helping a lot less people when you handle flags.
If the children were made of candy it would ruin the white van industry.
@BenjaminGruenbaum I'm not sure I understand that
3:45 PM
@SterlingArcher if you answer a good question, you instantly help thousands of people. Even mediocre answers.
@ssube Nah, it'd just be very meta.
too offensive?
the truth hurts
3:46 PM
that's just blatant racism, though
1 message moved to JS trash
We've all experienced it to be true
@SterlingArcher look at this answer for example - it's not particularly good, in fact it's pretty mediocre in my opinion. It'll still likely help more people over the years than 100,000 comment flags will.
Authorisation should be an allowed http header
What would that do?
@FlorianMargaine Only if we add a response code for british typos.
3:50 PM
@JanDvorak same as Authorization
oh. Meh.
@ssube we'd need to introduce the 6** response codes
What if both are present?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I never thought of it that way
3:50 PM
@JanDvorak what if 2 Authorization headers are present?
I think HTTP handles that
We get to decide how things are spelled, because america invented the internet (that's why it's so full of hate and guns).
@ssube if only America did that :P
@ssube And child tentacle porn
@Zirak that wasn't us
I'll take credit for America bombing things all day, but we don't tentacle.
Hell, squid is considered a delicacy here.
3:52 PM
I.. what..
Sure it wasn't the US, it was the US of A
@SterlingArcher Sure it wasn't the US, it was the US of Eh (source)
@ssube radioactive fallout from the US bombings could have been the cause of tentacling though :/
@SterlingArcher the tricky part about power like mods is that people who want it likely don't deserve it. Which is why I really like candidates like Martijn who've had a long time to actually consider it and are doing it because they genuinely understand the system so well the power they'll get is just a byproduct and not a goal.
3:55 PM
It's true. Half the candidates probably haven't even considered the menial work it will take
by menial I mean handling drama unbiasedly, trolling the reivew queue etc
It's mostly really boring QA
That too

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