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12:00 AM
I have this theory that biological problems are more important then computer problems.
health > any problem
one probelm is that when solving technical problems with mathematics and if/else/class logic we basically are working against ourselves.
for example an array... its a nice structure however it doesn't really exist in such a large style ... maybe an array of say 10 elements is realistic... however, arrays of 10,000?
most neural networks are not arrays for example...
anyway... not sure what others thoughts are on this topic...
12:21 AM
lol Terraria un-awarded me an achievement
@asolar what's wrong with 10000 elements in an array? That's peanuts
12:32 AM
If only there was some sort of object other than an array so you could build more complicated data structures...
or the better, but lesser-known, C-tree
aww, i need to pay money to use vagrant with vmware.
@nick get one of these for documenting your trips lucidcam.com
Battery life 1 hour lmao
12:57 AM
@Loktar I wasn't close, I was placed 10
For comparison, last two times I was placed 11
it did take me 2 hrs, but at least I finished it XD codepen.io/towc/pen/ZbmEVe
@towc Nice! Now a function that accepts an array of numbers and generates one of those.
@MadaraUchiha pie chart?
@towc Yup
shouldn't be too hard :D
btw, there's an opts from which you can change a few things already ;)
1:06 AM
@towc Bonus point if you wrap it in an object and allow to do stuff like
I'm going to wake up in 5hrs, I'll think about it :P
let pie = new Pie(canvasElement, {green: 5, red: 7, blue: 10});
pie.add('green', 5);
@MadaraUchiha would you pay for that?
@towc If I had needed such a component, sure
My canvas skills are severely lacking
@MadaraUchiha I know I can do it. It's just that it takes time and I'm slightly too lazy to put more effort than creativity into stuff :P
good night!
1:11 AM
user image
Hi Everyone :)
1:38 AM
Hi JimiOr2
2:03 AM
@KendallFrey Dippa was.... interesting....
2:48 AM
Is is possible that the element I want to click to enable a drag is not the one I want to drag, but part of another container element I want to drag?
using jquery ui draggable
There must be a Layout- portrait/landscape button here.. imgur.com/IjYQoLK
Why when I click Ctrl + P the layout hides?
3:11 AM
If anyone uses ionic, what am I doing wrong? codepen.io/anon/pen/EVOjqy The nested states have their content, but it's in a tiny little box that has to be scrolled.
I found it. I accidentally nested the ion-nav-view in the ion-content
4:04 AM
@AwalGarg Yeah, it's allowed. That's impressive, though. I must not know how to use GDB very effectively :p
I was using objdump mainly to predict everything first, and then gdb to verify
Did you do all 6 phases in 20 mins?
4:53 AM
@AwalGarg whatcha doing
Lotv in 6 minutes
1 hour later…
6:03 AM
good morning all... I am working with node --harmony on ES6, seeing some weird stuff... I have an array of Components (an ES6 class I have defined), and I would like to iterate over them call each of their Update methods. Clearly a trivial task, but instead Im getting TypeErrors... Update is not a function
it clearly is a function... the line before the error i console log my this.components[i] object for your viewing pleasure
paste some code?
and what version of node?
node 4.2.2 and ill do you one better
ill get you a repo link, unless youd prefer code paste
I feel like I'm clearly losing my mind...
@Joe any particular reason you're not just using methods?
I don't think anything in there requires the harmony flag in strict mode
class Entity{
        this.components = [];
        this.name = options.name || "Entity";

        if ( options.components != null && options.components.length > 0 ){

    Update () {
        for ( var i=0; i<this.components.length; i++ ){
also, for loops?!
6:08 AM
@phenomnomnominal whats wrong with for loops? you want for ins?
or for of or forEach
@phenomnomnominal so I guess its my lack of finesse / expertise
Grab iron-node and set break on exceptions
I'm guessing this.components[i] isn't a component
^ its a class that inherits from component
either way both have an update method
which could be freaking out? now that im talking out loud
6:10 AM
npm install iron-node -g
you got it
googles iron-node documentation
Debugging: The movie: The game
of course the install failed... why would it succeed at 1am
HOLY CRAP thats awesome
looks like it should, once i get it to work
does it do ES6?
6:22 AM
The author is working on upgrading to Node 4.x
So, soon
It can do everything from 0.12 or so
@phenomnomnominal whats the difference in the definitions? do the different ones have a term? if so ill google it
6:37 AM
so I was putting the methods on the prototype as an attempt to make them "public" where as your Update there isn't exposed? cmiiw
@Joe "public" or "static"?
I didn't intend for them to be static, if thats the result i screwed something up, they should be public instance methods, not static class methods
6:55 AM
nvm was just clarifying your "public". So you're saying
this.components[i] !=false
correct I have proof
56 mins ago, by Joe
user image
this.components is console logged there [ Renderer {...} ]
even showing an Update Function
ive rewritten this with a foreach to make sure im not looking at a bad i value. now replaced the Renderer (which inherits from Component) with the base class Component to no avail
allright well thanks for the help guys
heading to bed
have a good night all
good choice. tomorrow you'll wake and hit it over the head in your opening 5 minutes.
nothing good ever happens after 0100hrs
tho a forEach won't prevent iteration on a falsey value
7:23 AM
whats up?
the sky?
well played, mr.
@tereško anyway to reduce startup time for atom ?
@copy You were right. I can see reverse engineering being quite tedious
@SomeGuy o/
7:26 AM
I did finally defuse the binary bomb, though. As my first reverse engineering project, it was very satisfying
@Abhishrek \o
@SomeGuy I have an idea for a peculiar game, but should be fun enough to play
but no skills to write it
Shouldn't take you long to learn
@SomeGuy you remember the angry particles thing ?
@SomeGuy no time to write it either. I am working on many things
@Abhishrek No, sorry
Well, you can always keep it in a list of ideas to get around to later :p
7:31 AM
Ooh, neat. Hadn't seen it before
imagine if your finger creates a new gravity point
How can I push an entry to a maybe already exists? Like arrFolders[foldername] = "file1" -- arrFolders[foldername] = "file2" and so on
@Abhishrek Yeah, it'd be fun!
@SomeGuy even more so if multi touch :P
@Jacta push
7:32 AM
@Jacta Initialize arrFolders[foldername] to be an array
And then just push to that array
I am terrible with writing games though :-/, nor can i spend so maybe if someone wanna fork it :D
I initialized arrFolders already - only arrFolder - is that wrong?
I promise to buff up the AI ! (of the particles) the game must be multiplayer \o/ for more fun.
is this really called AI for particles movement? I mean maybe it's more physics
!!> var obj = {}; obj['folder1'] = []; obj['folder1'].push('file1'); obj['folder1'].push('file2'); obj['folder1'];
7:37 AM
@SomeGuy ["file1","file2"]
@Jacta ^
That's what I meant
!!> var a=[]; a[5]=1; a.push(2); a; //try not doing it tho
@crl ["undefined","undefined","undefined","undefined","undefined",1,2]
@SomeGuy The folder is dynamicly, so what happens if two files have same folder? Reinitialize same array and loose first?
7:48 AM
@crl I have been working with genetic algorithms lately
I was thinking more of an evolutionary AI, with obviously player playing god
@SomeGuy [code]oSharedFiles[oDataFile.path] = ( typeof arrSharedFiles[oDataFile.path] != 'undefined' && arrSharedFiles[oDataFile.path] instanceof Array ) ? oSharedFiles[oDataFile.path]: [];[/code] <-- tried this without luck
oh - names is fubar - maybe it works
@Abhishrek ah, more living particles so
A wild @Cerbrus appeared!
8:03 AM
hmm why don't inline event handler works here jsfiddle.net/crl/51csqs0b/204? onClick="click" onDragStart="drag" onDragOver="over"
@crl Because you're not invoking them (Hint: onClick=click())
ok, and you don't pass it an event?
Oh, I may be confused then. I was thinking React.
but you're right jsfiddle.net/crl/51csqs0b/206, gracias
8:29 AM
@crl yes yes
I think that would be funny
although the chromosomes will be very primitive like aggression and stuff
but still should be intresting
@Abhishrek if you feel like you could use some help I'm here ;)
@towc I wont be building it for a considerable amount of time
I won't die for a long amount of time, so if you need help... :P
I am quite sure that when in an input element you have a different value for the "value" attribute and "textContent" attribute, the value inside "textContent" will be showed to the user. Am I wrong?
8:44 AM
@ErroreFatale yup
Then I can't explain why it's showin the value of "value"
becasue they're usually the same thing?
.textContent updates .value and viceversa
with a few exceptions
input type=color has not textcontent for example
nor the range
I'm fairly sure the "value" attribute you see in the inspector isn't changed though?
So, how to show a determined value to the user but send an other one to the server? I was sure that the trick was to put the value you want to show inside textContent and the value you want to send inside value.....
@towc what you said is wrong by the way. As you can see textContent and value can have different contents: s22.postimg.org/d6otu3bnl/javscript.png
9:04 AM
I think the problem is an other... input has no textContent attributew
Ok if I ask this they will downvote me so I will ask here
Im trying to increase my knowledge in depth now but I am not sure what book to read
There are so many recommendations such as Javascript the definitive guide
why it does not work?
$("#q").value = 'My default value';
@Sajad try textContent
@Sajad Because you failed to read the jQuery manual.
@Asperger Eloquent JavaScript, followed by JavaScript: The Good Parts
However, when looking at the sample pages it really feels like they just repeat things from the mozilla documentation
9:09 AM
!!tell sajad google jquery alue
The first is freely available online (the online version is recommended), the second one is not.
well *value
@MadaraUchiha Im kind of always thinking: Is the mozilla documentation not enough?
@Asperger The MDN is a great reference
If you need to remember how a function is spelled, what the parameters mean, and which browsers support it
9:10 AM
@Asperger and @MadaraUchiha I got it, thanks
Because im overwhelmed by all those books with titles: "Expert Javascript" , "The Ultimate Javascript Book for Pros", "Best Design Patterns", "Best Practices", "Super Duper Awesome Book" bla blah
We had a guy in here a while back who tried to learn JS by reading the spec, not sure that worked out very well. The books @MadaraUchiha recommended are what I would choose.
MDN is a great resource, but it's not structured for learning
@ivarni I am kind of bridging towards intermediate so im having trouble finding something suitable. Either the topics are too easy or too hard.
So if you say those two books are ideal then great
Javascript the good parts, is it for intermediates?
9:18 AM
@Asperger Beginners.
@Asperger And intermediate and experts alike.
@Asperger Haven't you read eloquentjs?
@RoelvanUden ya I did, then the documentation and video tutorials. I feel eloquent JS is a bit too basic though
Well, fuck book about patterns. They emerge naturally as you need them. Why would you read a complete book about things you'll probably never need?
@RoelvanUden because im afraid I might end up a noob?
Im not so experienced as you guys and want to catch up!
@Asperger I'd say; write code. Fuck up. Learn from mistakes. Write more code.
So you mean those design patterns come naturally?
9:21 AM
This is how most of learned. Books are great and all, but not without writing a whole lot of code to accompany them. And reference-type books are just that; for reference, not to read from A-Z.
Like its better to do little steps and code
You are right, maybe I was worrying too much since there are some bloggers that state: "that and this book is the JS bible"
for example that book with the Rhino cover has 1000 pages
Of course. Once you write a bunch of code and think "This is stupid." you'll figure out how to make it more structured and suit your need. Then you figure, "Hey, everyone around me does it like X, I can do that too, so that's convenient." Those are the mystical patterns.
Writing code and learning from things you find are annoying or stupid is worth a whole lot more than reading a 100 books, IMHO.
Im in the same dilemna in PHP now and was about to read a book about factory patterns and that stuff
You are right! :)
I will also depend less on books but on my own brain to analyze the situation and improve
@Asperger Both those books gave me new insights when I read them after working with JS for 3-4 years
Could just be that I'm a bit slow though
@ivarni so you agree with Roel?
9:26 AM
I'm a big advocate of KISS, DRY, YAGNI and SoC. That is, keeping it simple (using patterns to use patterns, and not solve an actual problem, makes it harder), don't repeat yourself (don't copy/paste code, make it more generic and reuse it), ya ain't gonna need it (don't write stuff you "might need later", write it later) and separation of concerns (because spaghetti code mixing database stuff with representation is stupid).
@Asperger On all topics or just this one?
@ivarni writing, doing mistakes, learning from them. That we learn patterns along the way.
I agree that Good Parts and Eloquent are very good books for all levels and that traditional "patterns" books suck at least
@ivarni would you say the same with other books such as PHP?
Design patterns are just common sense, chances are you'll discover them on your own
9:28 AM
im so glad you guys cleared my head
But it helps to have a label on any given pattern so you can talk about it with other people
But you don't need a book for that
@Asperger I've never touched PHP :)
Its cool!
You should try it, a bit confusing at first (still is) but worth it
@ivarni and @RoelvanUden check this out jsfiddle.net/bmzehbr6/11
Well I told a lie, I've written a Joomla extension once but I don't like to talk about it
an attempt in canvas to create a bacteria
@Asperger Back-end language doesn't matter. Some use PHP (like you), some use C# (like me), some use Ruby and some use NodeJS. As long as it works for you, that's all okay.
10:08 AM
@SomeGuy I didn't exactly measure the time :P But I guess more of less that. The first one was painfully way too easy. Second was meh. Rest were fun.
Uhm.. I have an odd issue where I add an event listener to a button and the "click" event fires in all instances of the tab that I have running... probably due to browsersync. o_o'
@AwalGarg Teach me, master!
And yeah, the first few were easy
@argentum47 I.. was sleeping at that time :/ now I am here.
@nick aww, not fair :(
@SomeGuy it is really easy with gdb lol. like reverse engineering JS client side with dev tools. If I can do it, I am sure you can do it in like 5 minutes. read the book copy told me to read.
I always forget the name of that book dammit :(
@AwalGarg I did do it, but it took me a lot longer
@AwalGarg Don't you have it written down?
@SomeGuy oh, well, objdump for reverse engineering is like debugging with console logs everywhere :P I would have taken a long while as well with it.
I do, sec
10:12 AM
Well, I wanted to actually understand everything
"Hacking the Art of Exploitation - Second Edition" YAY!
With just gdb, I'd probably have felt a lot more like I brute-forced it
Or like I used strings on it and found the keys :p
@AwalGarg Oh, hah, I have that. Plan on starting it soon
scumbag eclipse: when you launch server, it asks if you want to save everything.. if you say yes, it publishes everything and launches the server, then saves..
Yeah that's why I asked if using gdb is allowed :P it is kind of cheating given the goal of that project
It is allowed, though
I don't think I could do it that fast even if I wasn't trying to understand everything
Like the one with the recursive function?
And phase 6, and the secret phase
You can't do those without getting what the instructions actually tried to do
@AwalGarg Na, the only goal is not to let it explode
Which is easy enough
10:16 AM
@SomeGuy oh, was't it to have us read assembly? :P
As a side-effect
Do you think there's a way to avoid this nasty dragged global var here jsbin.com/xujoha/edit?html,js,output ? didn't find a way, because I need to make things in drop, can't make things separately in drop and dragEnd because they are in sepearate components
@SomeGuy I wasn't expecting the secret one actually. It was definitely much better than a school/college level exercice
wow it seriosuly need some debouncing, but debouncing in react is .... pain
@SomeGuy out of curiosity, why were you doing those? college referred? coursera?
10:18 AM
@AwalGarg Yeah, just for fun
hehe, understanding the glibc code is a bit more enlightening and fun :P but yeah, cool stuff
@SomeGuy also it was really obvious that binary was compiled with all optimization turned off. else it would have been much much more difficult
Yeah, I know
@AwalGarg You've been doing that?
yes. figured v8 is too hard for me yet
Does anyone know where I can find some examples of Angulars transclude: ‘element’
atleast... glibc doesn't assembly so bad ~_~ hides
10:22 AM
@AwalGarg Haha, so where would you recommend I start?
@SomeGuy depends. for the fun part, the malloc et al functions are really cool to break down.
then read termios.h etc and get sad
Haha okay
@SomeGuy you (would) do compiler design?
Yeah, I am interested
I don't know if we'll have it as a subject or not. If not, I'll probably find a book or a course online for it
How about you?
that, and OS (which I haven't even started per se yet, ftr) are possibly the only two useful and fun things
10:26 AM
Haha yeah
yeah, I read dragon book. at times I felt like throwing away that book
but it is very enlightening
(you might wanna skip straight to runtime environments btw)
Dragon book?
!!google dragon book compiler design
Ah, found it
10:28 AM
If you do ever read it, ping me. A lot of it is boring crap which I wish I had skipped.
Haha, unimportant and boring?
it is old as well, btw
Isn't there a better more recent one, then?
no idea, internet says it is the best one
Jeez, how big is the glibc source?
Been downloading for ages
10:29 AM
just read it on github.
it is.. well.. huge
it is the glibc source after all
Yeah, but how big can text get?
Very big, apparently
I guess, 20 dragon books or so. you don't need to read it all anyways. ctype.h for instance is useless to understand
dragon books is a new measurement for me
Is it iso standard?
LOL, I just used it because of the context :P
@AwalGarg Check your Hangouts
10:34 AM
"How much bandwidth do you get?" "Oh, usually anywhere from 100 to 400 millidragon books per second."
100 millidragon books per second?! That's ridiculously slow
Tell me about it.. I was hoping to upgrade to war and peace bandwidth this month
@SomeGuy ...loading
Hah, that'd be so sweet
@SomeGuy I'll ping you here when gmail loads completely :(
10:40 AM
wth is a millidragon book per second?
cc @Abhishrek @argentum47 ^
@AwalGarg Haha okay. I've got to go now, be back in an hour or so
@AwalGarg what ?
!!urban millidragon
10:44 AM
@crl No definition found for millidragon
they're trolling :(
hi, does google maps api work in gh-pages?
why wouldn't it?
yes, why
@Abhishrek gmail isn't loading so if you ping me there, don't expect quick replies
10:46 AM
@AwalGarg Ctrl + R (hold it for like 5 seconds if it doesn't load still)
for some weird reason it works that way for me
ctrl+alt+shift+r+f5 to make sure
nah it is my internet which sucks. this page took a few hundred years to load
I get 20 gigs of bandwidth every month. after which speed becomes 20kbps.
!!google debouncing reactjs dragover -jquery
@AwalGarg which is why i am asking you to do that
remember I am from India too ?
ok doing
not working
Can i push a property after using if else ?
You can do whatever you want.
var list = [];

if(a == true)
     var propertyA = {"A" : aValue};
       var propertyB = {"B" : bValue};

    someProp1 : value1,
    // property goes here based on propertyA or propertyB
not sure how can I add propertyA or propertyB in list above though
10:59 AM
can't you } else { to save space? nah just trolling ignore me
atm I am adding list.push({ twice
if you dont name them propertyA/propertyB but make them share the name..
@RoelvanUden didn't get you there
!!> var a='b', o={[a]: 2}; o
@crl {"b":2}
11:05 AM
var list = [];
var prop;
if (a == true) {
  prop = {"A": aValue};
} else {
  prop = {"B": bValue};
  // ..
You can shorten it using a ternary operator
thanks @Neoares do you know if you have have a gh-pages for a single repo?
so what gonna go in here,

  // ..
 "otherProp": value
like this ?
@SuperUberDuper yes
every repo has its own gh-pages
@RoelvanUden i think that won't going to work
@SuperUberDuper That is literally explained on the front page for GitHub pages
11:24 AM
is it impossible now ?
is mocha or tape more trendy these days?
> Semantic UI components are designed to be compatible with libraries that tightly manage UI lifecycle like React. No special bindings are needed.
and they use jquery, I'm sceptic, gah.. my boss wants Semantic-UI.. , he even wanted both SUI and BT, but I'm trying to get him choose one (since they conflicts)
It's complex, we want to have an admin interface, that interact with the user's page without an iframe, but the user's page can have its own scripts and css, and this shouldn't deform the admin interface
> Semantic UI treats words and classes as exchangeable concepts
What does that even mean?
lol, marketing speech
@SuperUberDuper steeple is the way to go
11:33 AM
^ this shit would have been great
shame no one can answer such a easy question here !
@crl That sounds pretty cool
Anyway to get a scope with absolutely nothing predefined in node-cli ?
11:50 AM
!!learn notbad "<>http://i.imgur.com/xichNUE.png"
@MadaraUchiha Command notbad learned
what a waste room

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