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2:00 PM
the last two commits? the last 3?
No that way...
if you know what commit you want the head to be, use git reset to set it
I want these 3 commits...the 1st one on the master...
the other two in branches...
@tereško okay I am starting to like Atom
@deostroll 547ed86 is on master, right? it's not orphaned
2:05 PM
all of them are orphaned...
Are you sure 547ed86 is orphaned?
@KendallFrey oh sorry...my bad 547ed86 is not...
how do I know it...
I think all you need to do is git checkout -b new_branch_name as it says
git checkout master && git log --oneline
then merge as you see fit
2:08 PM
7bbb81d and 170bad3 are branches, 9197e45 is their common ancestor (which i assume is master)?
@Luggage an ancestor of master
@KendallFrey do I have to checkout to 547ed86 first then branch?
checkout to the orphan you want to recover
i.e. 170bad3
seriously tho, I think I broke my ass
feel down the stairs last night
tailbone took the brunt of it
2:14 PM
ouch :(
you felt the stairs well?
Hi ALl
did you know, everything is fucking connected to the tailbone :(
2:15 PM
good morning
I didn't
coughing hurts.
okay that works... thanks @KendallFrey
@deostroll I think there was more after checking out that commit
probably making a branch there to put a new head on it
okay, thats what git checkout -b does...i guess @Luggage
2:20 PM
Actually we are using document.referrer to redirect to previous page but it doesn't work for Internet Explorer
Can someone please suggest me which one will work for all browsers ?
@Kayelder Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
we are working on a mobile app
what are you planning to make of it?
2:22 PM
For I am a sinner in the hands of an angry God. Coffee full of caffeine, blessed are you among monday mornings. Pray for me now and at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon. Amen.
@rlemon dude, it's been like 6 days.
You almost had it.
previous page? like back button?
lol that's deep dude
@BenjaminGruenbaum why did you call me at 3:30am? lol
@SterlingArcher I know
now I can't sit
@crl : No
2:25 PM
@rlemon That sucks. But at least you have a standing desk anyway, right? :P
does that mean you also can't shit
Pun so obvious I wont even touch it
Wait, sorry, that actually sounds bad
@KendallFrey it's difficult.
How did you fall?
2:25 PM
i have somehow expected kendall's answer
@SterlingArcher I have a terrible habit of taking stairs with my heels
@SterlingArcher well, there's this thing known as gravity
quick question
was running down stairs to grab a drink of water during a cutscene
I want to make a constructor in javascript and in the argument i want to put some text i can log back to the console
anyone have an idea how to do it?
2:27 PM
function MyConstructor(myText)?
function Foo(txt) {
which part, the logging or making a consructor?
Yeah my heels never touch stairs lol
@KendallFrey I hate you lol
@crl - Actually one page get visited from different pages in our app but when user click on cancel button on this click event we are calling a function here we have to redirect to parent page from where this page get visited
luggag what do you mean exactly?
2:28 PM
i have felt off the stairs 3 times in my life so far.
Is it weird to run up stairs on all fours?
two times being pushed by my lil bro
because it's faster
@Kayelder rlemon answered.
@KendallFrey no, I do it all the time
2:28 PM
so yea, it isn't broken.. at least I think I would be able to tell if it were.
cheers guys
@Venki window.history.go(-1)
but it is bruised the fuck up at the very least
@rlemon so no pound town for a while?
no anything for a while
I can't even put my socks on
2:29 PM
how much steps did u fall dude
full flight.
i fell from 5 steps 3 weeks ago and i am still hurt
goddamn dude
100% of steps
good luck recovering from that
I missed the top step with my heel going down
2:30 PM
@Venki idk, referer may be the right way
rip in pepperoni
it's a virus ^
@jAndy Hahaha that is a cool tool
A: PHP POST data array is empty

LegionarDon't send your data as you wrote, change this code: var postData ={ "content":search_data}; to: var postData = "content=" + search_data;

2:32 PM
that freakin fucntion won't seem to work
rip >.>
Overwatch 40€ :/
overwatch is free bruh
I feel like a pig among guinea pigs in this question.
@Kayelder fiddle?
@rlemon that sounds like it hurts :/ get better
2:36 PM
@SterlingArcher that fool deleted his post and resubmitted an answer
@rlemon if it can comfort you, it's better to fall on your ass than on your head
@KarelG omg yay downvotes for all!
@crl, @Luggage - That having some limitation window.history.go(-1)
yes you can use history api, history.back(), but not sure about IE
2:37 PM
@crl having never injured my tailbone before... I wasn't prepared for how painfuld/immobilizing it is.
@FlorianMargaine ty
Tfw> they said it would be a free shooter like TF2
fuckin blizz again xD. I will just save my cash for legion tbh
Will there be a third answer by the same player ?
I've never injured my tailbone, but I've fallen on it, and yeah, it hurts like hell. You get the wind knocked out of you, and the pain lasts a while
he did it again ?
welkom karel xD
2:41 PM
You trying to avoid downvotes is why I downvoted. I've flagged you for mod attention. — Sterling Archer 8 secs ago
Flag him pls :D
If he posts a 4th that will make my monday :D
what was the original downvote for?
Dunno, I wasn't the OG downvoter.
In my opinion, it's a shit answer. Telling someone to "just use this code" is shit. Every answer deserves an explanation
2:45 PM
i didn't downvoted either
the problem doesn't lie at the data passing
I DV'd the reposts, not the OG
comment gone, nothing to see
Sorry, I tried to help you, but some crazy people had problems with that... I tester code, which I added here in my answer and it is working, but for downvotes I deleted my answer... — Legionar 12 secs ago
comment back...
flagged as not constructive :D
I tester code
I love a good repost on a monday
2:48 PM
I updated my npm over the weekend, and man... it's pretty different from whatever version I had. There's a neat loading bar when you install packages, and each package no longer has their own node_modules/ folder; it all goes into your project's root node_modules folder
you upgraded from npm 2 to npm 3 :)
npm worth it?
Huh, not sure why my version was so old
this dog is more talented than I'll ever be
that's impressive
2:51 PM
^ +1
no, he just has faster reflexes, he grabbed the stick when he received it on the nose
99% luck
1 % skill
still rocks
put that dog in front of vim, you'll see who's more talented
what is vim
2:52 PM
(unless you don't know vim, in which case the dog is more talented than you)
psh, that dog uses emacs
@SterlingArcher baby don't hurt me
@DenysSéguret lmao
Actually tbh I developed SourceUndead 100% in vim
Wait no, 97%. I forgot I managed to install SFTP towards the end
A short story about a man's love for a zombie woman and how it would never work.
2:54 PM
@Luggage what
That's what I assume "SourceUndead" is.
It's my [dead] game lol
I am interested
and i think that pun is intended
NEMA stack
@DenysSéguret What if I outsmart the dog by unplugging his keyboard?
2:56 PM
morning friends
NUMA stack
I want to rewrite it.. it's spaghetti code from learning NodeJS. But the async map system is pretty cool. Let's you know when players move, where they are, and log in and out in real time
!!youtube numa numa
@Cerbrus dog bites you. dog win every time.
he's mastered the stick.
2:58 PM
@SterlingArcher Start rewriting it, i think it will be awesome when completed tho
If you can invent 4 more hours of day time I will happily dedicate it all to personal coding :D
I spent a lot of this weekend working on my node framework
good, we need more node frameworks :)
npmjs.com/package/blackbeard yes, I know the readme is fucked up; it will be fixed on next push
3:00 PM
I'm actually excited to see the new NodeJS and express. I haven't used them since infancy
now you have to make an article about how other frameworks cause cancer
@Luggage lol, I'm mostly doing it for the sake of learning
I always like to understand how my tools work under the hood
why is that?
3:01 PM
so I build my own, then I feel comfortable using other people's tools
@FastSnail cannot reproduce error. Is it wrapped in another function?
@FastSnail you might be missing a bracket higher up. Check all of the code
right.. it thinks that function is nested in another
no not wraped
@Luggage I'll bite back :P
3:02 PM
not intentionally
Then you got issues snaily
really not helpful
create a code paste; screenshots of code are stupid
and not helpful
it's not wrapped .and error shows only in this line
and the one simple function does not appear to be the problem. we need to see above
3:05 PM
create a code paste of everything inside of the script tag
its a false positive because its the last line of code
seriously, help us help you
your problem is way above that
or, if your editor highlights matching braces, use that to find it
no dreamviewr don't highlight braces
@FastSnail If you don't create a code paste of all of the js inside of that script tag, we can't help you; posting pictures of the code is the opposite of helpful.
No, don't paste it in here, and not the whole fucking html file...
good lord
I give up
1 message moved to Trash
Guys, how do you replace on a line with process.stdout? It behaves somehow differently than python's sys.stdout
Ah yes, python, a javascript superset
JavaScript extends python, fuckboy
Gawd lurn u sum es20PY
3:11 PM
JavaScript extends my dick, sexman
*Tumbleweed & Crickets*
me and javascript are just platonic friends
We noticed
@FastSnail Nope, your code is not there.
3:13 PM
ohh wait
imgur.com/gallery/9haQVkP I know it's sped up, but how much? Good god
@SterlingArcher: Looking at the camera motion, a shitton
Still would shit myself
@rlemon did your cat break?
maybe no speedup, a shark can swim at 10 km/h
@DenysSéguret what is that in freedom measurements?
3:16 PM
@DenysSéguret attack speed is closer to 19kmh
@SterlingArcher I'd say that people not using a consistent unit system would be happy with "a shitton fast", no ?
@SterlingArcher you are so fast
I know a great white can reach an attack speed of 35MPH
And the Mako is still faster
The average shark swims 50FPS - Dead redhead from Deep Blue Sea
Mako reactor shark?
hello here is my code
3:17 PM
@DenysSéguret little column A, little column B
Hi Ben <3 How's the job hunt?
@SterlingArcher But a brain aneurysm can happen anywhere, anytime.
Got a phone interview tomorrow and a proper interview on Monday :>
@rlemon Yes, Google tells me that in fact a great white should be able to swim at 50 km/h
Heard nothing for 3 weeks, had non stop calls today
That's good man, you got a suit ready?
How's your wardrobe for interviews. Sock game on point? Matching belt and shoes?
3:19 PM
Yeah, dunno if it still fits though lol
Suck it in lol
Both PHP jobs though lol
Well, one's full stack
Oh god D:
@FastSnail line 258
You never close your document.ready
@Nick Stopped reading at var swithed
3:22 PM
@BenFortune Congrats!
@FastSnail the error is in: $(document).ready(function(event) {
I just applied for an internship at Google today
So I have this 'software' that runs in the browser, but I hate that you still see all the browser buttons and stuff. People don't really think they're running a program. Is there any way to strip out all these elements or maybe use a browser that's just a viewer with no control? The only thing I got now is to launch the site full screen, but that doesn't really fix the issue,.
@SomeGuy Oh man, that's awesome.
3:22 PM
Let's see!
I don't think I've got a shot, but there's no harm in trying
@AmericanSlime Uhm, well, use something like Electron? :/
Plus, it motivated me to finally make my resume

$(document).ready(function(event) {

        var xy=getPosition(event);

@FastSnail judging by your indentation, you are accidently nesting all the following functions inside $(document).ready(function(event) {
@SomeGuy Nah, haven't you seen The Internship? :D
3:23 PM
the mousemove handler lacks an end });
ahh i got it.
@FastSnail You never close the document ready
because of your mosemove event callback
@BenFortune Haven't actually!
Is it good?
3:24 PM
@FastSnail also, your code formatting is really shitty; it's why you can;t see your errors. Format it properly
it's mostly indented ok. jut a little inconsistent
@Nick thanls .thanks all
I liked it
@RoelvanUden Thank you. I think this is what I was looking for, but worded it poorly.
@SomeGuy I liked that movie, but you could tell that it's probably nothing like a real internship.
3:26 PM
Listening to Enter Shikari, good memories
In other news, I've been reverse engineering a binary bomb all day
It's so much fun!
finally got a new computer this weekend
@FlorianMargaine Ever looked at the binary bomb?
Hello guys, have a nice week. Sorry for bothering, just wanted to ask if someone has any idea on my issue: stackoverflow.com/questions/33599359/…. No rush or anything just some ideas would be perfect !
@KonstantinosKoletsas Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
3:32 PM
did anyone else on their family computer make themselves the only admin?
We had separate accounts growing up and I was the only one who knew the admin password and login (my mom wasn't good with computers until I taught her how to google) so I had full porn controls
Technically the real Fappening was a sequel to my high school career
Oh god I was so lonely D:
@SterlingArcher haha. i made myself the admin my wife a regular user and my daughter under parent control, wife not an admin so daughter doesnt go under wife accoutn and install softwarw
@SterlingArcher lmfao what
> full porn controls
3:39 PM
@Jhawins yes so he cant get filtered out from those sites
His mom controlled some porn, but he controlled all of it!
@SomeGuy sounds fun
figured you'd be on about something like that, goodreads told me :D
@GNi33 It's part of the Intro to x86 course you said you couldn't do now
There weren't many videos in that series, btw
It was a 2-day workshop
anyone know where i can find some videos on using logic x?
Watched them at 2x, and it was done quite quickly
3:41 PM
@crl Looks like a tie
anyone able to make test with jasmine & angular ?
github.com/RUJodan/SourceUndead/blob/master/html/… wow I forgot how messy yet classy angular validation is
did you guys see the porn at target video
@KendallFrey Yeah, lost my shit when the kid started crying
@KendallFrey my lady friend sent me that. So funny
3:45 PM
According to rumour, there is an extension on the Target phone number that connects you to the intercom
am i the only one who doesn't know what's this about?
@KendallFrey i used to work in a grocery store can confirm there is
what is it
3:48 PM
Haha, so nonchalant
probably depends on the store. start looking at phones for labels.
@Jhawins hehe true
@KendallFrey i have no clue i never used it but you can probably find it online somewhere
lol kale sucks
@SterlingArcher haha
wth I hate when I accidently sign out at home and work
feels so weird when I'm not in the chat, at least in spirit
3:55 PM
Haha, right? It's nice to have chat open in a separate tab
What is this [circular] I sometimes see in objects?
var o = {};
o.a = o;
o.a may be shown that as [circular]
JSON.stringify it :)
Doesn't happen in Chrome for me, though, so I may be wrong. But that's what I remember anyway
I need a linux distro for a virtual machine. Preferably something that won't take all day to download. Suggestions?
3:57 PM
Or Ubuntu
debian cd image..
Ubuntu <3
+1 for Debian
I use ubuntu now, but might switch to debian.
I wonder how they compare in terms of up-to-date security patches

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