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in 18 hours  Functional Programming, in 2 days  Saturday is the Haskel, on Oct 17 '19 at 9:00  Happy Birthday WPF!

 Android & Kotlin Experts

Any SO Room is nothing without you all GUYS.Thanks to all members for your support.Here we are trying to help others.Use English Only.Use for long code (Thanks)
12s ago – Ashish Jain
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 New Answers to Old Questions Headquar

Where the New Answers to the Old Questions are logged. If you have any problems contact us in Sobotics room (/rooms/111347). Link to the github project NOTE: This room is only in gallery mode for bot messages, no one will be accepted
29s ago – Natty
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This room is dedicated to moderating content on Stack Overflow with the use of bots. Follow @SOBotics on Twitter. Handy Links: | Github: | Redunda: | Team/Channel:
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General discussions about the c# language, Squirrels, meme archaeology, and the intricacies of English Geography | - For Easy Code Pasting | - Please read the flagging rules before flagging a post as spam | Often mistaken for rubber ducks | Do not place panini in... questionable places
50s ago – nyconing
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Got a SQL question? Any SQL flavor here, just ask. Indicate your db, quick question: quick answer. Long question, we will need an MCVE ---> you can build it with this -> or Thanks.
53s ago – dwir182
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Sometimes we even talk about Android! New users are required to read the rules ( We have a blog ( Remember that this is a chat room, not a helpdesk.
1m ago – Raymond Arteaga
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Topic: JavaScript, ECMAScript. Read this: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | Documentation™ Helps. Room meta discussions: How to format code in chat:
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Join to become part of the community, not to simply ask questions. FAQ at
4m ago – Shubhank
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Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Username auto complete is *tab*, not enter. Spaß ist verboten. Chat Guidelines :
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RegEx - Regular Expressions

Discuss about Regular Expressions. Learn at: / / / / Database: / SO Reference: / Online tester:
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FireAlarm Development

A room for the development of the FireAlarm bot.
7m ago – FireAlarm
FireAlarm: 7m ago, 82641 posts (84%)


Memorializing memorials since time immemorial
10m ago – Mikhail
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ReactNative/ React JS Developer

This is ReactNative/ React JS developers Group. You can be members, write your own blogs, npm , participate and can have support from ReactNative/ React JS developers here as well.This is Not rule site. Its more informative for ReactNative/ React JS Developers
16m ago – Vishal Pachpande
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Unix/Linux shell programming
20m ago – tripleee
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friendly bin

To all loving Room Owners If you want to remove message and don't want to offend people, use this bin.
35m ago – tripleee


The *productive* programming cabbage. Room rules:
41m ago – Akhil Alexander
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SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for support and discussion about reviewing and coordination of site-wide cleanup efforts. Read our FAQ at
44m ago – Makyen
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 SOCVR Request Graveyard

This room is ONLY to receive action requests (cv-pls, etc.) from SOCVR; it is intended as an archive for easy searching. DO NOT TALK HERE. For more, see
47m ago – Makyen
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HTML / CSS / WebDesign

***Read the rules***: ▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask, and ask once! ▲ If you need help, post a minimal example ( ) of your issue, please. documentation often helps.
53m ago – BoltClock
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