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in 4 hours  Functional Programming, in 2 days  Saturday is the Haskel, on Oct 17 '19 at 9:00  Happy Birthday WPF!


Sometimes we even talk about Android! New users are required to read the rules ( We have a blog ( Remember that this is a chat room, not a helpdesk.
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SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for support and discussion about reviewing and coordination of site-wide cleanup efforts. Read our FAQ at

C++ Questions and Answers

Solve problems and approach solutions. Just ask and lurkers will answer.
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Topic: JavaScript, ECMAScript. Read this: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | Documentation™ Helps. Room meta discussions: How to format code in chat:
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The *productive* programming cabbage. Room rules:
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Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Username auto complete is *tab*, not enter. Spaß ist verboten. Chat Guidelines :
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 New Answers to Old Questions Headquar

Where the New Answers to the Old Questions are logged. If you have any problems contact us in Sobotics room (/rooms/111347). Link to the github project NOTE: This room is only in gallery mode for bot messages, no one will be accepted
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C stands for Control.
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Forum: R3 docs: - Try Ren-c (beta) - ] Downloads -
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This room is dedicated to moderating content on Stack Overflow with the use of bots. Follow @SOBotics on Twitter. Handy Links: | Github: | Redunda: | Team/Channel:
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Burnination progress for the code-rev

Burnination Progress for
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Dawg's Waffle Haus

Discussion re: coding Q&A's including, theory, design, and practice with life, the universe, and everything.
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QHarr: 7m ago, 6562 posts (31%)Zoe: 37m ago, 2579 posts (12%)

 SOCVR Request Graveyard

This room is ONLY to receive action requests (cv-pls, etc.) from SOCVR; it is intended as an archive for easy searching. DO NOT TALK HERE. For more, see
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EJoshuaS: 23h ago, 2559 posts (1%)


General chat. Please read the FAQ for the rules or if you want write access or room ownership
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Laravel Developers

This room for Laravel framework,PHP frameworks and all PHP issues
14m ago – PHPFan
PHPFan: 14m ago, 85 posts (71%)

Ruby :: Sometimes on Rails

The humane programming language. Be nice. Have fun. Lurkers are welcome. Please keep language safe for work. Rules:
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Jared: 14m ago, 5928 posts (3%)Wayne Conrad: 34m ago, 33079 posts (21%)benl96: 36m ago, 71 posts (0%)John Dvorak: 1d ago, 7889 posts (5%)Queen: 2d ago, 1388 posts (0%)Caprica Six: 17d ago, 379 posts (0%)thesecretmaster: 35d ago, 3231 posts (2%)


A friendly room for discussing XAML based technologies with focus on WPF. Our Community Contributed Samples:

FireAlarm Development

A room for the development of the FireAlarm bot.
23m ago – FireAlarm
FireAlarm: 23m ago, 79798 posts (84%)

Teenage Programmers Chatroom

A chat room for everybody! No age restriction, but be mature. General programming and life discussion.
41m ago – Byte Commander
Byte Commander: 41m ago, 7281 posts (5%)Jenna Sloan: 125d ago, 12 posts (0%)

HTML / CSS / WebDesign

***Read the rules***: ▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask, and ask once! ▲ If you need help, post a minimal example ( ) of your issue, please. documentation often helps.
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