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This room is dedicated to moderating content on Stack Overflow with the use of bots. Follow @SOBotics on Twitter. Handy Links: | Github: | Redunda: | Team/Channel:
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 New Answers to Old Questions Headquar

Where the New Answers to the Old Questions are logged. If you have any problems contact us in Sobotics room (/rooms/111347). Link to the github project NOTE: This room is only in gallery mode for bot messages, no one will be accepted
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This is to collect all reports for NAA posts from my bot. Check this link for a full explanation
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Charcoal Test SO

Test results from various unofficial Charcoal clients. If you want to chat, probably go to the main room, Charcoal HQ, instead:
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Room rules: Code formatting guide:
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SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for support and discussion about reviewing and coordination of site-wide cleanup efforts. Read our FAQ at

Let me talk to myself

Just for me... Keeping track of PHP posts
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Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Username auto complete is *tab*, not enter. Spaß ist verboten. Chat Guidelines: LXR:
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Unix/Linux shell programming
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General discussions about the c# language, Squirrels | - For Easy Code Pasting | - Please read the flagging rules before flagging a post as spam | Often mistaken for rubber ducks | Due to recent ban waves, here's a link to our community discord
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A user friendly room for discussing Selenium features, functionality, usage and implementation.
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Sometimes we even talk about Android. New users are required to read the rules ( Remember that this is a chat room, not a helpdesk. In remembrance of James (@codeMagic). You will be missed. Rest in peace.
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 SOCVR Request Graveyard

This room is ONLY to receive action requests (cv-pls, etc.) from SOCVR; it is intended as an archive for easy searching. DO NOT TALK HERE. For more, see
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AWS chat

For discussing AWS topics
46m ago – Chris Williams
Chris Williams: 46m ago, 1030 posts (36%)Marcin: 10d ago, 232 posts (8%)Wietlol: 37d ago, 26 posts (0%)

RegEx - Regular Expressions

Discuss about Regular Expressions. Learn at: / / / / Database: / SO Reference: / Online tester:
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Topic: Anything JavaScript, ECMAScript including Node, React, Angular, Vue, etc. Read this: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | Room meta discussions: How to format code in chat:
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C stands for Control.
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A friendly room for discussing XAML based technologies with focus on WPF. Our Community Contributed Samples:

CHATLAB and Talktave

Congratulations to Luis for hitting 100k unicorn points! Room to discuss MATLAB and Octave related topics - Also...
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Ander Biguri: 1h ago, 43636 posts (13%)Andras Deak: 4h ago, 59006 posts (17%)ballBreaker: 14d ago, 28671 posts (8%)Peter: 85d ago, 282 posts (0%)user14715308: no posts

C++ Questions and Answers

Solve problems and approach solutions. Just ask and lurkers will answer.
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