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1:01 PM
that worked... Thanks
I just wanted a way to make a font-respectable filter effect that required to match the font-size 1:16
@TaylorS 1 em is not always 16 pixels
many people forgets that
it is based on the browser's default font size, of which people can manipulate
oh it is based on parent's container
1:18 PM
Oh wells..
Cant work on my prpjects anymore anyways
school just blocked codepen and github in the "Other Blocked TLD" category :L
fuck my life man... Cant even use github .-.
it's 2019
just use your phone
seriously the times where you had to crack the WEP password of the internal school wifi to have internet have long gone
coding on an iphone...
get a bluetooth keyboard and it's not that bad
Id rather not have my stuff taken away.. and also... have you ever tried using github or codepen on an iphone -_-
go experience that real fast... its shitty.
Well... cant just RIP a bluetooth keyboard out of my ass XD
I dont know, I guess Ill just hope they unblock it.
@KarelG agreed
1:22 PM
School IT is strange, they block sites on request
but it magically unblocks after some time
@KarelG Spending a lot of money to serve 1-4% of users at max which is constantly going down isn't beneficial for anyone
@BartekBanachewicz what if some schools still use it?
@TaylorS don't code on it, just use as a hotspot
its much better for the Industry to force google in making Chrome WG more transparent and collaborative
Brave is an excellent example of it (start at one thing, realize they are wasting time and money -- the problems they want to tackle are not making browser engines -- switch)
or dunno get a laptop with a 3G slot
I wonder why those are so rare TBH
1:23 PM
zscaler is custom built into our operating system
hopefully now that we have eSIM more will have that
dont got usbs to side-boot.
My family doesnt buy me tech..
pendrives are literally free
im almost 15 and my first raspberry pi was the RP1... and I got it from a super nice NEIGHBOR
Mine didn't either
I just started earning vOv
1:24 PM
but you can always run a VM
@ShrekOverflow fictional character
but I'd just get a laptop
VM VM VM... but itd just be blocked
@KarelG ah yes but the humor in that show is incredible ๐Ÿ˜ƒ (the EEC one for example)
1:25 PM
no it wouldn't if you'd route it though your hotspot
but again just get a laptop
and use your phone as a hotspot
that way you have your own hw and your own connection
Again... zScaler doesnt need a hotspot or wifi to work, its BUILT INTO OUR OS... Cant run anything
@ShrekOverflow heh, british humor suit ya
38 secs ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
but again just get a laptop
we can do this all day
The hotspot trick used to work..
oml yall act like I can just afford these things
laptops are effectively free
1:26 PM
Im not even allowed to bring my smart-watch to school
ye but are you allowed to bring a laptop
How would I be able to bring a laptop ,-,
> My family doesn't buy me tech
@ShrekOverflow lmao
No.. Im not...
1:26 PM
well then too bad
Im not allowed to bring that stuff
trust me, ive tried all these things already
sucks to be you
my schools just a piece of shit sometimes :L
I used to code on a Celeron D in 2008 -- with 256 MB RAM! That is how I taught myself programming at ~15
No idea what that is
1:27 PM
I used to use schools (and later uni) for the best use-case they offer
i mean not being allowed to bring a laptop... heh
I remember in middle school when they tried to forbid that
@BartekBanachewicz heh we weren't even allowed to bring CDs lol
that was back in the time when not everyone had a laptop
1:28 PM
but TrollLand schools are just a special kind of pathetic
by the time i got to high school, literally everyone had one in class
I was like "lol what am i supposed to note on a piece of paper with a pen like a fucking pleb"
i mean some teachers tried to oppose but that was a lost battle
@TaylorS don't work from SChool [easy solution]
Theyre moving back to pen and paper nowadays
1:29 PM
nowadays I'd just ignore the fuckers and learn the way I want to
will make you get out of there and run home fast anyway
@TaylorS change your school
but people back in school are sissies and too young to be able to stand for themselves
Shrek... I need to though, I dont have much off-time at home
teachers are exploiting shit out of that
@ShrekOverflow Funny Funny, If only I could...
1:30 PM
@TaylorS Why can't you?
the power disparity was always annoying, but it was always virtual at best
I got some hell-hole kids from middle-school here..
Wish i could leave them.
why can't you?
Because Im a goodie goodie.... I dont break rules :L
1:30 PM
Wasting time in a shitty school is counterproductive
You are from North Carolina
plus Id just lose all my tech at home
the competition your age is now learning actual useful stuff
you are almost SAT age anyway
and when you enter the job market they'll be that further ahead
1:31 PM
@BartekBanachewicz stop scaring the kid
the competition now is just spending time on Tinder
apparently :/
fuck being a kid
Tinder?... More like snapchat and instagram
tinder USED to be a thing...
but i mean really
Oh ya'll have moved to Pure already?
1:32 PM
tech is so cheap
when I was learning coding i had to print out my listings
Well... the most money i have right now is 16 dollars.
because my parents limited my access to the pc
@BartekBanachewicz you must be younger
1:33 PM
My annual occurence of cash is 20 dollars :3
@KarelG I'm 27
@BartekBanachewicz same
I cant afford shit...
I used to lie about researching
eventually I just ended up buying my own
eh. laptops weren't a common thing when I was in high school.
I am just 1 year older than you ._.
1:33 PM
@BartekBanachewicz HOLY F, you are 1 year older than I am
@KarelG Poland
wait you are from Belgium ... right?
I'll probably visit ~3 ish months later
now we have schools with tablets as a requirement to join
^ ๐Ÿ˜…
1:35 PM
@KarelG tbh ours wouldn't be that much if not for the fact we had a dorm
Fuck if you asked nicely I'd just send an Old Dell Inspiron lol
and most parents just got everyone one instead of stealing the pc from home
thats... literally my school-latptop
@ShrekOverflow yeah I also have like a few laptops just laying around
@TaylorS well, is that not a good disguise?
1:36 PM
9 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
laptops are effectively free
uk ebay.. lolrip
is there an american version?
in US it's gonna be even cheaper
i never shop online
@TaylorS do you also wash your clothes in a river
@BartekBanachewicz I thought that it is pretty common for people in IT industry to have multiple computers at home. Seems that it is not true
1:37 PM
I'm still thinking that lol :D
bruh, my parents are both government workers... dads an E9 master gunnery sergeant..

were not hobos... Im just not a spoiled kid like everyone else.
@KarelG I have Hades and My work laptop
I actuallly hear that some kids in this toxic school actually have free allowances
without doing work
and then Lila has a Dell craptop and a Mac vOv
oh nvm
I also have 2 Dell Laptop and 1 Dell Desktop back in Trollland
@TaylorS Change your school :P
US has way too many programs for kids wanting to code / learn to code
@TaylorS life's not fair, deal with it
so far everything I've seen is complaining
1:39 PM
@BartekBanachewicz LOL he is a kid
even though you're in much better spot already than we were at your age
bartek will bully you every day, but you can't do anything about him. Just accept it
lol I feel old now
back in my day...!
back in my day ... ! I made 3d games on scratch.mit.edu on a Celeron D
@BartekBanachewicz many of my colleagues have at max 2 laptop/desktop/tablet per person
1:40 PM
@ShrekOverflow I learned on a 486DX
with 256 MB ram and 40 Gigs of DISK!
I gave up complaining, Im simply telling you why my life is shit sometimes
and i am just sitting here with 9 of it
@BartekBanachewicz Well no wonder you are so far ahead of me :P
@ShrekOverflow am I though
1:40 PM
and planning to get another tablet
Scratch.. like a kiddies version of code.org and codepen having a child on crack
@KarelG ooof I forgot tablets
and iPhones
@TaylorS People have written full blown raytracers on it
I dont feel like thats normal
In 2009 it was pretty normal
to make crazy things on scratch
most of the projects that ive seen are little games or something made with the blocks...
1:41 PM
my first interactions with computers were on scratch
ya know... WYSIWYG type of things
now I can afford my own candy
and ... ?
whats wrong with WYSIWYG ?
also its not WYSIWYG
@ShrekOverflow tablets is just a touchy "pc"
its actually a very well written parallel execution system
@KarelG are iPads though (</joke>?)
1:42 PM
newer iPads are pretty fast
if they actually had an OS that wasn't shit
I have an iPad Pro from work
I admit that Apple is very good with their iPad line
@BartekBanachewicz ooooooor, if thy were to make a Macbook with A13X
20 hours of battery life !
1:43 PM
I'm wondering if I should get a MBP at work
but it still sucks due of limited means to add custom applications
we're getting the top-of-the-line 15"
@BartekBanachewicz Depends, I like mine
but seriously no hdmi
no useful usb
I have 1 TB cable
1:44 PM
@BartekBanachewicz there are solutions for that ...
connects me to everything I need including power
@KarelG and all suck
my old 13" is the best MBP I used
I don't care that the new one is slimmer
Is this place good to discuss about tensorflow js ?
I'd like a 13" with 14" screen, 8 cores and all the ports
1:44 PM
don't get hubs from a cheap brand lol
@BartekBanachewicz hahahahaha
@KarelG we have top $500 dell docks
spoiler alert: they suck
@Gowri sure. but don't expect us to answer it
Get 300 Belkin ones
they don't suck
Dell sells crap with DisplayLink
we have a service agreement with dell
1:45 PM
forced ._. (at times)
Ah ok then you are out of luck xD
@KarelG: hahaha xD
yeah I can also get the newest Precision instead of the MBP
@BartekBanachewicz any-how it depends on what you are doing
but I asked for the 7540 and noone wants to buy me one
if OS X is what you like Mac
1:46 PM
because it's not ULTRABOOK
and not dell xps?
@KarelG XPS is a toy
if Linux is what you like Dell
Precision and Latitude are the business variants
if Windows is what you like Therapy
1:46 PM
is it not convenient to be able to drag your work "pc" arround?
or are you moving your towers to meeting rooms
sometimes it's convenient to not be able to do that tbh
my tower stays here all the time
I am actually going to move to a 13"
I can RDP to it from anywhere in the office
> I can RDP to it from anywhere in the office
1:47 PM
including from our huge surface hub
@BartekBanachewicz are you guys taking new devs?
@ShrekOverflow sure! want a referral?
and me just *puts laptop on desk, puts projector cable in and I am on*
we have double referral bonus till the end of the year
@KarelG I will get my RDP to log in faster than the projector recognizes your cable
in less than a second? hahaha
1:48 PM
we have dedicated boxes in every conf room just for that
honestly it works pretty well
@KarelG I have a whole lab
it is just "plug and play" here. Never had problems with it
Oh yeah did I tell ya'll I make demos now :P
but since my <dances>maybe possibly new job</dances> will involve more travelling i might need a laptop
@KarelG the plug and play can be scary
1:49 PM
@ShrekOverflow do you do angular?
I almost fried the macbook by hard faulting
he can do any js frameworks
yeah come work for us then
to GND on the arduino board connected to the mac
1:50 PM
disadvantage of macbooks: needs a dongle
@KarelG TBH that dongle saved the mac
@BartekBanachewicz I can code in almost any JS Framework, although In the past 3 years I have been doing Solutions Arch / Sales and Arduinos alongside vOv. Looking at Dynatrace looks pretty cool!
@KarelG Not very proud of hard faultign 20v though
we do fun stuff but we also do it in a fun way which is arguably what matters just as much
Are ya'll also hiring Junior Sales staff? [a friend of mine is actively looking]
1:52 PM
mmm, not in Poland I think
sales are mostly in the US or Asia
Ah ๐Ÿ˜›
yeah she'd be UK
I refererred her to Auth0 UK but don't want her to put all cards in 1 bucket
aren't you employed at auth0?
@KarelG yes lol
not ok there?
Doesn't mean I can't look around, does it?
1:53 PM
Here is my latest creation lol
maybe I should do that as well
@KarelG I can recommend you here too :P
We have a lot of folks from Belgium
@ShrekOverflow "konami dance" ...
also those wires are before I got the TB3
1:55 PM
could be that I misunderstood him
@KarelG Konami Code Dance
Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right AB ?
The cool part is that the push is local, but nothing fancy vOv
is it exclusive to apple tv's or does it support smart TV's with BT support?
@ShrekOverflow and due of my situation, I rather want to find work in my country :)
@KarelG pretty much anything with BTLE
thought to find work in UK/USA before but cannot. Seems that I am too strung with living here.
headphones, vr glasses
@KarelG Auth0 is Remote (mostly)
so ๐Ÿ˜› if you need me to refer you ping me
1:59 PM
gotcha check the job openings later :P
@BartekBanachewicz if you have an SE (Solution/Sales Engineering) happy to try
@KarelG don't apply email me ๐Ÿ˜› (we have a weird HR system)
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