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12:13 AM
I'm an Ogre
12:28 AM
Adroid Ogre
@ex080 in some cases that makes sense in others no
depends if you have control of the environment
12:45 AM
ahh ok
so william what's JASON?
is it like JSON
1:03 AM
@William If you are suggesting I use android, I don't its complete and utter garbage.
iphone user?
@ex080 Unfortunately
I've never had an iphone or a macbook. Wish i did though. Im currently using a galaxy S8, and a regular PC running ubuntu.
When i get my first job that's the first thing ill buy.
a macbook
1:26 AM
what's the stat on es6? is it out?
@MisterGeeky Its almost ubiquitos (spellcheck)
@ex080 Are you using X or Wayland ?
@ShrekOverflow should i be using promises?
If you are using X, lemme terrify you 😃 run xinput find your keyboard, then run xinput test <keyboard id>, then goto another window start typing, then realize any other process can run this any other.
@MisterGeeky Depends on how good are you at resolving and rejecting them ;)
@ex080 I'd recommend an XPS but a Macbook is not a bad choice, esp, if your work pays for it.
1:52 AM
@ShrekOverflow I sadly prefer my iPhone despite being an open source advocate
@William Kinda same here. I hate it because of how dumb siri is though
Even Alexa is better
siri is better on iOS 12 I have heard though
program custom commands
Probably not even close to Alexa / Cortana or GA (I am on iOS 12)
I mean if you can program anything that seems better in some ways
I actually care android a Nexus 5 and iPhone
prefer iPhone if it has better switch to android if it doesn't
@William you can write an app and deploy apps for all 3 but SIRI
1:53 AM
That changse in iOS 12
I'm 99 percent sure
I know but nowhere close to Alexa, esp. alexa is availab le everywhere
alexa like echo?
or you mean on Android devices?
because on the iPhone I feel is irrelevant
because you can't activate with out opening an app which is stupid
Alexa works on iPhone too
I have a Dot 😛
Dot works better than SIRI which is a shortcut away
that just feels like Apple messed up on SIRI bigly.
I just use Siri to call and text people.
everything else I really don't care to much
I like iPhones mostly because

1. The sanity of APIs.
2. The dedication to security since iOS 4. 😀
3. Better power / memory management.
4. iMessage. I can't believe Android Texting apps still feel laggy compared to iMessage 😒 (tested against a Pixel 2XL on display)
1:56 AM
Yes iMessage my god wtf is android doing?
like I need to text even with out cellular serivec
RCS might be good but it'll take years to get close to iMessage
apple easy android uh good luck
I wish windows phone took off sometimes
@William Its better designed than Android at an OS level.
API / App Runtime level, its madness. I coded for it, was not fun.
yes i agree
It seems to me Android is doing the same mistakes as Windows 20 years ago.
Some app permissions like, draw on other apps or ability to let WebView's trigger USSD messages feels wrong.
but that might just be my bias working for a company in security space, I find permissions like ^ a recipe for disaster.
2:01 AM
20 years ago I wasn't talk
so no idea
@William Most windows apps can't be ported to in store because the store was too restrictive. They ran unsandboxed and that is why you needed an anti-virus to begin with. Microsoft has been expanding the sandbox since WINDOWS 10 initially launched. On Win32 any app could do basically anything. Then Microsoft added a lot of really smart features to windows to continuously improve security.
Very interesnting
Windows Phone wasn't perfect but I feel like overtime it would progres to be much better then Android is today in this time frame
I mean the gaming apis always sucked though from what I have gathered
and glitchy as hell
I miss being able to reinstall the OS on my device
@William Nobody knows. Microsoft has a good history of fucking the absolutely best things up (just like any other company).
Yeah all just theorizing for sure
Yeah but Android->ChromeOS sucks compared to the reverse Windows was doing
You can put touch apps on a laptop and experiment them to work well at all
Dude, windows on desktop can probably wipe its **** with Android 😃. No comparision what so ever.
@William I like what Apple is doing there, because most apps use the same Components they are building apis to allow running iPad apps on Mac by changing a significant UX provided by the UX under the hood.
for example, News on MacOS Mojave is the News app for iPad
That is more or less what MSFT Win 10 did, 3 years ago 😃 I wish they had timeline back then
2:10 AM
:( I wish we had room for a 3rd OS but sadly we don't
@William Linux with a sane DE
Development enviornemnt?
Desktop Environment
ChromeOS is close if they could just let me pick my hardware
I'd go with Gnome and Ubuntu / Fedora as base
2:13 AM
meehh. Really its the apps that keeps me on Windows though.
I don't want random freezing like I have experienced
I want a spotify and salkc app
I am on a Mac
Yeah I own one but don't use it
my s/o uses Gnome / Ubuntu
she is very happy with it
you forced her to use it I bet ;)
2:14 AM
that was your ultimatum
It was her choice, she also thinks windows is utter garbage
nope, windows fried her SSD
how can windows fry a SSD
they have write procetion today
She was an Early Adoptor / Early release program member for windows
it started updating windows, then booted to fried SSD
I think that is unlikely but maybe possible
It confused me too
but that port itself is dud.
And the SSD had 0 problems before that day
no issues at all, so we think its windows. And she didn't drop her laptop either 😃
@William all that aside, the best part is her Mother has been using Linux Mint since past 3 years without any problems :D
2:16 AM
I hate Windows, but how could it possibly have fried an SSD?
@littlepootis very very unlikely IMO
@littlepootis Probably didn't power cycle it properly
Where do you find these people?
Or got frozen, I have no idea how can something get damaged
but her port itself is dud
power cycling is bois no?
2:17 AM
we can't put anything in it
@littlepootis I have known her for ~10 years from scratch.mit.edu
Is there a dating site for linux users?
Well Stackoverflow should make one
hashbang.stackexchange.com 😃
make that a contained line and I'll star it
Stackoverflow should make a dating site hashbang.stackexchange.com
Make a dating site for Linux users and I'll pay to join it
2:19 AM
Android sucks so linux excluding Android and I would be cool
Btw @oboecat is the person I am talking about.
@ShrekOverflow I'll get behind that area 51 proposal
It must be suggested by @SterlingArcher as our expert on Tinder and Pickup lines. But he stays away from "proposals" 😉
hashbang.stackexchange.com a gay dating site because we are primarly male
its like grindr
The name oboecat sounds familiar
2:22 AM
@William I don't think so, you are making a very bad judgement there
Ever since I installed Linux Mint for my mom she has stopped asking me to fix her computer
I get it linux is nice but its lack of apps is a deal braker
Most modern apps are written in Electron your point is moot. Thanks Google.
she only uses chrome
2:24 AM
"modern" & electron should not be in the same sentence
I am wondering if Microsoft will make Electron just a runtime in Windows 😃
That would be really nice
also electron doesn't mean linux support
look at the slack app I think it is
Slack works perfectly on Linux
Its mostly stupid academic apps that are 40 years too late, that don't run on Linux like MethLab.
I can't remember which but electron doesn't necesarrily mean linux support
Yeah I know
2:26 AM
and frankl I hate electron apps in my pexerience
but most of programming apps just work
RAM hogs
@William I hate them too
I use i3 on Arch Linux.
And my dad has now gotten used to it.
I use i7 on Macbook Pro
2:27 AM
Which is scary
yeah lol
you getting a 32gb one now
while I use my p50 with 64GB of ram just kidding :P
@William I'll probably build a desktop later this year with 64 G Ram
for @oboecat :P
2:30 AM
Nope, Linux
and specifically pick hardware so that we don't have to deal with NVIDIA Optimuse
my hackintosh still runs after heck 10 years although not well
Optimus on desktop?
> specifically pick hardware so that we don't have to deal with NVIDIA Optimuse
meaning avoiding, Nvidia cards
Switching is still fine 😛 why waste GPU resources
That precious sdesktop battery
@littlepootis not battery
VSCode doesn't need a RX 580
My old desktop came with it (Nvidia + Windows)
it was nice to hear the desktop not sing over the top of my headphones every once in a while when I switched awy from Google Chrome 😃
2:37 AM
I miss SO's old interfaces
your significant other ?
I guess it is more consistent now but I don't like them changing stuff for now reason
@ShrekOverflow yet
You need better headphones
2:55 AM
I'm back
@ShrekOverflow using X
Also I'm coding my first electron app
with vue js
I downloaded the boilerplate using NPM and it has like 298 vulnerabilies
3:45 AM
@ex080 I'd suggest using Electron Frontends electron builder or whatever they call
its mantained and solves a lot of hassles with electron development out of the box
3:55 AM
Ill check that out.
I just finished the basic design by using bulma instead of the usual bootstrap
can some help me server send event...how can close event after a while..Continuous connection make page freeze. My Code
4:11 AM
@ex080 its called electron forge
@Mostafa Ill see if i can help, but no promises. Am not an expert like some of the other guys in the room
@ShrekOverflow Im using the vue-electron build given by electron-forge. I should have gone react The electron-forge one has a lot of problems
@Mostafa the only reocmmendation I can make by looking at that code is setting a breakpoint
@ex080 the vue-elextron my not be maintained
I usually just start with base electron forge
then pull in the tools myself
ahh that's probably what ill do once im done. I'll port over files before finalizing the project.
@ShrekOverflow you mean use somethings like pass statement on python in javascript?
@Mostafa google breakpoint
you can pause and step through the code one line at a time
4:17 AM
@Mostafa idk man. :)
I'd say im 25 percent done with my project now. It's only been 3 days :)
@ShrekOverflow the only way that found is using debugger in some line..but you know ..it bring console up..tha't not the right way.
see here MDN
in MOzilla MDN Doc:
> By default, if the connection between the client and server closes, the connection is reset.
Do u want to just close the connection"?
or are you wanting a timer which closes the connection on overflow?
yes close the connection is one of the way to stop the code..yeah
call evtSource.close() ?
you know i developing SPA(Single Page Application ) and each 10 secound server send update to page... and i know realize that after a while firefox using huge memory on my page...that's the reason i want close connection .....
@ex080 evtSource is undefined
4:25 AM
depends where you are calling it
you defined it on line 3
@Mostafa I don't think the HTTP connections are what has firefox use a lot of memory
5:12 AM
NextJS is one of the best thought modules i have found for react so far
really impressed
does anyone here hate it for some reason ?
5:35 AM
Can I get some help with this question?
Q: How to query element in react when page reloads

DragonBornI am calling a function on componentDidMount() import { init } from './video/startVideoCall'; componentDidMount() { init(); } My render method returns this: <video id="localView" className="responsive-video" autoPlay muted"></video> <video id="remoteView" className="responsive-video" auto...

6:12 AM
How to add a debugg function to datetimepicker?
7:03 AM
@astrosixer by editing its code or setting a breakpoint using your browser's developer tools?
7:40 AM
@astrosixer if your datetimepicker is having the problem, seriously consider switching libraries
in my experience, it'll be the first of many problems
good luck finding a decent one, usually date/time picker libraries suck a lot :p
I consider myself fortunate to have one which does localization well
antd/rc-components has a nice date picker, but a rather awful time picker. not even gonna mention the one from jquery ui..
which one are you using?
It seems to be the issue .. I changed another timepicker and it has issue in displaying the time format properly
I get that maybe there is some obscure error which can only be fixed by changing the library, but most problems aren't some really obscure issue
you get to the point where you're freakin' correcting errors in their own library
After I hit not-so-obscure error #2, I generally start looking for alternatives
what sucks is when it's tied to the frontend :P
It happened to me to have an issue with a time picker with timezones using java server faces
It had an option to supposedly "disable" timezone handling which did nothing
2 hours later…
9:38 AM
How do we edit commit message in already pushed commit
if you google exactly that, you'll get a solution
why choosing 2 balls from n balls (nC2) is not same as choosing one by one (nC1 * (n-1)C1)?
you're going to have to be more specific
@towc for the record, this was also asked immediately after in the Java room :)
also, maybe ask in the maths stack exchange chat
@geisterfurz007 well, time for another ban
thanks for letting me know
9:43 AM
Thanks i got it
@USM go away
@towc u go away
for what reasons?
@towc for what reasons?
you're a vamp
9:47 AM
you're a vamp too
you don't google, and you ask in mulitple rooms
@USM how?
Stop it. We aren't in kindergarten here.
And FYI, asking a question where pasting literally the same question into google gives you the answer is very much vamping.
9:50 AM
well that settles it
@towc ftr, please stop doing this
telling people breaking the rules repeatedly to go away?
it was settled then
either you tell them what they wrong in constructive manner, or you say nothing at all, at least that's what I would prefer
just saying "go away" (and this is not the first time) is just useless
he was told what he did wrong before, he didn't seem to get it because he did it again
just in case he didn't know why I told him to go away, I explained the reasons. "you're a vamp" because "you don't google and you ask in multiple rooms"
9:59 AM
you didn't explain anything
you said "go away" and "you're a vamp"
which is no explanation
I'd argue that is a pretty good explanation
I'm not on the other users side here, but all stuff like this does is spark a potential fight like it did with that pro guy or whatever he was called
yeah, I'd argue against it
both usm and boypro are good riddances
or do you disagree?
I do not
they were told what they did wrong many times, they didn't comply, they actively made the room worse and contributed pretty much nothing
10:02 AM
all I'm saying is that simply saying "go away" makes you look like a cunt and is not very constructive, happy with that?
now, starting a fight is still not a great idea
not really. But sure, next time I'll give more info right away
Guys be cool. Can we end this here.
@USM well, do you promise to try your best not to vamp anymore?
Oh god...
@towc I'm sure he understood. Stop now.
10:04 AM
i am new to this site
@DenysSéguret I really don't think so
but ok
i dont even know what is vamp?
10:05 AM
somebody who keeps asking (like "what is vamp")
1 hour later…
11:34 AM
I am working angularjs to upload image and send it to server side if I get Status Code: 200 OK message means that I sent it correctly
"200 OK".. that usually means that everything was OK.
@JavaFan Conventionally, yes, it means everything went well
You can still send 200 when the server is in flames, mind you
depends on what you sent backend
flames means
there should be a dedicated error code for "server was hit by an act of god"
11:39 AM
server is on fire :P
Hehe! Send 911 as code when the alarm was triggered in the building
could you please help me
response: 666 SOS
I am working on local php/mysql
11:40 AM
on one op:
var str1 = "121r3p|6547r|12345\\|abcd";
var str2 = "121r3!!#$|6547r!@|12345\\|abcd";

don't post unformatted code.
expected op for str2 split():
['121r3!!#$', '6547r!@', '12345\|abcd']
@AnkitPandey What's your goal ? If you want subtil spliting, don't use \b but a precisely tailored class.
str1 op is fine
@DenysSéguret how to achieve my op for str2 split().
Please help me write the regex
ah you don't want escaped |s to count
11:46 AM
!!> "121r3!!#$|6547r!@|12345\\|abcd".match(/([^\\|]|\\.)+/g)
@DenysSéguret ["121r3!!#$","6547r!@","12345\\|abcd"]
@AnkitPandey Also, regex101.com is your friend
@Neil your solution is working fine but this same is not worked for str1 split
Actually I want split with seprator '|' and '|' may be in value also
@AnkitPandey did you see the solution I showed you ?
["121r3p", "6547r", "12345\", "abcd"]
11:48 AM
There's no negative lookbehind assertions in js regexes, use match no split
not worked for str1 split
but for str2 working fine
@DenysSéguret str1 split doesn't work.. geez, get your shit together, man
What's the expected value for the first one then ?
As there's no obvious logic, a test suite would be needed
["121r3p", "6547r", "12345\|abcd"]
for first one
Well, then it works, doesn't it ?
11:50 AM
I think he wants to split on | unless it's \|
That's what I did
!!> "121r3p|6547r|12345\\|abcd".match(/([^\\|]|\\.)+/g)
@DenysSéguret ["121r3p","6547r","12345\\|abcd"]
Then either it's wrong, or he expects results different from what he's saying he wants
My guess is the latter
first one: ["121r3p", "6547r", "12345\|abcd"]
second one: ['121r3!!#$', '6547r!@', '12345\|abcd']
var str1 = "121r3p|6547r|12345\\|abcd";
var str2 = "121r3!!#$|6547r!@|12345\\|abcd";
@AnkitPandey so what's wrong with what he had?
is it that you see \\ instead of a \ ?
11:52 AM
(be wary of JSON encoding in caprica's answer, just try it)
@towc Neil solution is working for str1
In angularjs do I need to write enctype="multipart/form-data" action="post" attr in my form tag if I use ng-controller in the upper div
Thats OP: ["121r3p", "6547r", "12345\", "abcd"]
Just give up
12:22 PM
Wow. It worked.
Hey guys
i have a PHP server and i would like to run node on it
@AlexanderSolonik I suppose it's just a regular linux server with something like apache running on it?
Hi All Please join my chat room and solve my problem
12:30 PM
Your problem has already been solved.
@little Actually not getting the expected oputput
I just looked for node emulators written in PHP. I was disappointed.
@GNi33 yes true

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