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12:17 AM
what's a common name for a field that holds data not yet synced to the model?
say I have a text field that is editable... but it only syncs to the back end model when you click save. what do I call the editable text field?
12:31 AM
So in reference to my question earlier, I am unable to reproduce it when I move the file
12:42 AM
@Codeman Dirty
4:03 AM
1 hour later…
5:31 AM
@TravisJ tru that. CRM is passable. AX is a pile of crap
hey everyone im pretty new to linq query
i would like to convert my SQL Query to a LINQ one
SELECT [SCN_CIM_CONTROLNUM] as 'Control Number',SUBSTRING(SCN_SUBS_CODE,1,16) as 'Substrate Code', SUM(SCN_COUNT) as 'Total Count'
FROM [Inventory].[dbo].[SCAN_TRANS_LOG]
WHERE SCN_UID = 'admin02'
i Have read an select * from Inventory to my Datatable
Well, someone went on a kicking spree last night.
@Feeds This last one is actually pretty awesome. Like medieval illuminated manuscripts.
Also, good morning everyone.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yeah, discussion got a bit heated
I always miss the good bits. Damn you, time zones!
6:07 AM
@Hexxed What have you tried already? What doesn't work?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan a couple of codes like datatable.AsEnumberable()
but im lost after the 1st select statement
Im reading about stuffs about LINQ.. and I would want to use it in my DataTable
Break it down into phases. First filter to narrow down rows. Then select to narrow down columns. Then group.
@Hexxed That's kinda missing the point. Using a LINQ DB framework, like Linq to SQL or Entity Framework, will allow you to write LINQ code in your C# and have it converted automatically to SQL Statements.
Doing it with DataTables means retrieving your data manually, then doing LINQ queries in-memory.
But the process is the same.
var adminLogs = SCAN_TRANS_LOGS.Where(log => log.SCN_UID = "admin02");
var relevantRows = adminLogs.Select(log => new { ControlNumber = log.SCN_CIM_CONTROLNUM, SubstrateCode=log.SCN_SUBS_CODE.Substring(0,16)});
var groupedRows = relevantRows.GroupBy(log => log.SubstrateCode);
@JakobMillah Indeed.
6:22 AM
You doing guuuuuuuuuut @AvnerShahar-Kashtan?
@JakobMillah Pretty gut, yeah. Pretty gut.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan thank you.. Im kinda taking it in little by little.
gutten morgen
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan how can you group by 2 columns?
Create an anonymous type and group by it.
`relevantRows.GroupBy(log => new { log.SubstrateCode, log.Whatever});`
6:37 AM
Morning lads
I'm more of an afternoon lad myself.
6:56 AM
Was about to get very angry
I couldn't log into my ubuntu server, had to reset the root password manually
Have I been muted?
Hm, no.
For some reason I couldn't post a message. I doubt it was too long. Submit button just did nothing (mobile)
@Hexxed this might be kind of early to bring this up, Avner hinted at it, but here goes...
@Hexxed The query you're doing might turn out to be inefficient, because you're querying an in-memory collection which means the whole dataset has already been pulled from the database (assuming you're using a database). Another way to do this is to use a data context. What this does is actually translates your LINQ into SQL statements and runs that against the underlying database, so you only ever touch the rows you're interested in, rather than loading the whole table
Ok, so it was too long
@Basil could be inheriting permissions from its parent folder
@Basil although I still don't understand the question; if the file is readonly, why would you expect to be allowed to open it for writing?
7:22 AM
does it make sense to add a message handler in webapi to route all non existing controllers to one place? currently I have empty controllers that route themselves to their base class
so instead of empty - no controllers
Hmm, that sounds like something that routing should deal with
it has a default option but not a IF DOESNT EXIST option
the link you posted is basically what I did but cleaner..
(mine is cleaner)
good morning
the whole check whole assembly for avaliable controllers
I think Ill just pass on this idea
Well yeah you don't have to implement any of that. It's just about checking whether a controller was resolved
7:32 AM
I amma go test it out
7:44 AM
yesterday I learned about the different of int test = x++; and int test = ++x; while learning C++
it worked pretty sweetly @TomW
I've no clue when I'd ever need it but interesting anyway
very impressive
only it throws me an exception when I call the actions about a parametless contstructor
but Ill fix that somehow
7:46 AM
@SteffenWinkler The most important thing to know about ++x is to be careful whenever you see it in someone else's code. Chances are the guy's being too clever.
In fact, I try to avoid the ++ operator completely and use += 1 instead. Much clearer.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan probably, yes.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yeah += always looks like eventhandler stuff so I almost never use it
@SteffenWinkler Heh. += for events is a much later addition that plays on the existing semantic value of "add to".
yeah unclear code just causes frustration
8:02 AM
Adventures in dotnet core and Azure, day 3...
@SteffenWinkler I once took an ISP offline for an entire day by tripping over a cable :D
my proudest moment
@Squiggle you what now?
did you work construction?
my first job out of university. It was a really shonky operation. I was doing some server maintenance and I accidentally stepped on a cable which pulled the power cord out of the wall. The UPS lasted 2 seconds.
@Squiggle nice
8:08 AM
It was a few hours later that we discovered we didn't actually have the password required to restore the PBX.
Have you ever heard a server room go suddenly silent?
@Squiggle huh, that's just like when I'm at a someone else's house/apartment to set up their internet connection and they do not have their login around...
@Squiggle heared off it but never seen that in person, must be eerie.
it's quite a beautiful moment. Like when you're in a car crash and everything goes in slow motion.
you should've played more ego-shooters. Your reaction times would've been good enough to plug the cable back in before the USP ran out of power
Way back when I was in IT, we had a catastrophic power failure take out the entire server room's power. It was a big org - we were the PC IT team, and there were Unix teams, Mainframe teams, DBA teams, etc. Suddenly everyone burst out of their offices at the same time and rushed down to the basement.
About 30 people, none of them particularly used to running, heading down three floors at breakneck speeds.
how can 30 people fix one problem
8:15 AM
extension cords
@Squiggle had a new server was setting up next to my desk, and a client came in with his kid and the kid stepped on the powercable taking the new server out while it was in the middle of a restore :<
@misha130 you can't be the one guy not seen to be doing anything when the boss knows the servers are down
@SteffenWinkler haha
@misha130 Took a while until everyone found out it was a general problem and not only their servers that were down.
8:30 AM
what I love is the Comcast does not have power backups on the switching stations for company cable lines. The power goes out, you go down
Regex how do you match - or not. I thought it was -?
but that doesnt seem to work
nvm it does indeed work
Make up your mind!!
if(!(Something == true))
8:36 AM
U mad today boro!?
/me punches jake in the head
As I thought!
You guys have a day off tomorrow too?
regex = mind asplode
That panini conversation yesterday was hilarious hahaha
@JakobMillah what is the day off for?
8:40 AM
@juanvan the Ascension of Christ
It's just about time before they remove all these days
Getting closer to more muslims in Sweden than Christians
Anyone know how I can match both -0 and -0.
but not 0
@JakobMillah that is a day Christians' celebrate but don't take off in the US
@Asheh You sir, got issues
@juanvan Shieet
why does this seem bad in so many levels
Set the permissions to allow anonymous access: FTP
I need to match:

8:46 AM
@juanvan anonymous access: FTP? Hrmpf...
@Asheh -0|-0.|0.|0.0
ntolh LOL u funny
!!doge anonymous, ftp, anonymous, ftp, anonymous
                      such anonymous
so  ftp
               very  anonymous
                         many  ftp
much  anonymous
8:47 AM
but you are right, iwas just typing somthing like that but a bit more complex
only for read function.. ahh good old best practices guides
When I want to read in an input, like time, how can I read it / interpret it as HOUR : MINUTE?
DateTime.Parse have a format parameter
OR better
You have ParseExact
I've not learnt parsing yet
8:51 AM
ez pz lemon sqzy, you fix @MaartenWachters
Fix what exactly?
RegeX is eye and brain cancer. Why does this tool have to be so powerful, yet so confusing
@MaartenWachters z parzing
@Squiggle :D
Did you get fired?
@MaartenWachters You need to be very much more specific in what you mean.
@Sippy Well i'm trying to read a time set by an user, said time is then my clocks alarm time
8:54 AM
@Asheh uhh. I'm more involved in Vim regex. In vim regex You need \ before + also. Do You need ^ at the beginning? Whole input should be matched, or just the end?
oh thats what I thought $ did
@MaartenWachters What do you mean by read, what do you mean by time, what do you mean by set?
But from the link @ntohl posted,
dateString = "18/08/2015 06:30:15.006542";
      format = "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.ffffff";
      try {
         result = DateTime.ParseExact(dateString, format, provider);
         Console.WriteLine("{0} converts to {1}.", dateString, result.ToString());
@Asheh $ is at the end. So asdfasdf 0.0 still matches
@ntohl according to regex101, ^ asserts position at start of string?
8:55 AM
@Asheh Yeah. ^(\-\d\.?|\d\.|\d\.[0]+)$ EZ
@Sippy Well I've made a class Clock. It just runs as a normal clock. A user types for example 12:30 in an textbox. This is now the alarm. If clock = 12:30, the alarm will go off for x seconds (also chosen my user, default 10)
@ntohl ^(\-\d\.?|\d\.|\d\.[0]+)$
yes ! works :)
i seeeeeeeee
regex is nice when it works
@MaartenWachters ok
The part where I'm stuck at is how I can let the user type "HOUR:MINUTE" and make my code interpet it as such. Making 2 textboxes would be an easy solution but you know, lazy.
8:56 AM
Convert 12:30 to a timespan
!!msdn datetime
@Sippy Something went on fire; status 403
caprica I don't have time for your shit today.
!!msdn datetime.parse
@Sippy Something went on fire; status 403
8:59 AM
Ok so
From that I can see that your clock's DateTime object would have msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/…
So convert your alarm time to a TimeSpan, check if TimeOfDay matches your TimeSpan
A less important question though, is a dispatcher timer the best way to make a clock? Or are there easier / more efficient ways?
Clocks are not inherently easy.
wow. following not working>
        string input = "21:32";
        TimeSpan parsed;
        if (TimeSpan.TryParseExact(input, "H:mm", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.DateTimeFormat, out parsed))
            // do good shit
debug point in do good shit not stop
@ntohl shouldn't it be HH:mm because of the input string format
9:08 AM
@wadry HH doesn't work either. H is "The hour, using a 24-hour clock from 0 to 23."
ah fair enough
Good day everyone!
that's one method I can't say I've ever used
I think i use TryParse though
seems to work fine
@scheien happy star wars day
oh, is it star wars day today? I forgot my storm trooper costume :(
wow. may the forth be with us!
9:10 AM
What's this TimeSpan parsing?
Happy Star Wars Day all!
@scheien same as datetime parsing but for timespan strings
yeah I know, but why the discussion. Whats the problem at hand?
@scheien my code above should work, but apparently it's not going into the block
oh that's a good point actually ... can you parse just a time with datetime.parse
I don't think you can
I'd parse the time to datetime, then fetch the TimeOfDay property.
9:12 AM
exactly that. Maarten Wachters needs hour:minute format parsing
you would have to specify a date ( just a guess )
With ParseExact? and format "HH:mm"?
DataTable dtSelected;
var dr = from row in dt.AsEnumerable()
where row.Field<string>("ItemID") == "strigVariableValue"
select row;

this returns no rows but the datatatble contains value.... what will be the reason.. I have also tried datatable.Select method... not working ... filtering is working with Int values but not working with string alues
used trim() to to string variables
@SRJ isnt it "from row in dt.Rows.AsEnumerable()" (been a while mind since I worked with such things)
        string input = "21:32";
        DateTime parsed;
        if (DateTime.TryParseExact(input, "H:mm", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.DateTimeFormat, DateTimeStyles.None, out parsed))
            // do good shit
            int k = 3;
just the day part of the parsed datetime is today
9:15 AM
why is that it works with DateTime.TryParseExact and not work with TimeSpan.TryParseExact?
@wadry ths one is right
sup peeps
but not working with my datatable values
@ntohl Timespan's format strings are different than DateTime's.
9:18 AM
@wadry @ntohl Sure it does work with DateTimes TryParseExact dotnetfiddle.net/NoZntp (not saying you should do it like that, but it works)
is ther any problem with the coulture value
@scheien Yeah. I have stated it works
ah, I might have missed that
Ehh the parsing is all fine and dandy, but first I got to get this dispatchertimer going.
9:21 AM
That moment when you try over 10 answers and this one is the only one that works
@ntohl: You should've used the "g" format specifier. dotnetfiddle.net/NYoWbs, and as @AvnerShahar-Kashtan said, the format specifiers are different than for DateTimes.
A: Cannot implicitly convert type System.EventHandler to System.EventHandler<object> error

user5823232Just write mytimer.Tick += then press TAB Key two times it will fix your bug.

yeah. True
I have the following solution
        string input = "21:32";
        TimeSpan parsed;
        if (TimeSpan.TryParseExact(input, @"h\:mm", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.DateTimeFormat, out parsed))
            // do good shit
All roads lead to Rome.
hello everyone
9:24 AM
does anyone know what is this ?
@ntohl: I still hate Date/Time handling in c#.
@scheien me too
@scheien I like the exact versions of the parses. Gives You great control
datetime is always PITA
It should have been Date and Time
So you reckon which one is the best I use?
9:27 AM
@ntohl It sure does, it was still just a poc.
@MaartenWachters use the TimeSpan version
@ntohl This one? Got it. Thanks both Ntohl, @scheien and everyone else who've came together :)
is there anyway to delete in cascade using EF 5 without looping?
Yea.. use cascading delete
@Sippy lol nope I quit a couple of weeks later, then the company imploded because it didn't have any technical staff (and because the boss siphoned off the assets and fled to Kuala Lumpur in the middle of a court case)
9:37 AM
@Squiggle nice!
dodged a bullet there
the definition of a shady operation
@misha130 this was the same place that I discovered was a porn host on my first day of work, after finding a (legit) folder on my new desktop called C:/PORN
@Sippy how?
@Squiggle roflmao
9:40 AM
@Squiggle it's a shame it was so short time >D
did you look through the porn folder often?
@misha130 ...occasionally
it was crappy porn though, but it was a wholesale batch that included photos of the passports of the models
9:42 AM
@Squiggle thanks
@JakobMillah Nice! But I cannot trust a man with a wonky beard.
what do you mean 900k
@Squiggle Please Kappa
creators of what is this?
9:47 AM
very nice
@JakobMillah It will be shit.
@misha130 Creators of what? :P
@Sippy How come?
That's just my prediction.
I want to be an old barbar dual axe welding champion, who pissis in the bed >D
9:47 AM
I mean whats their previous work
Very optimistic @Snippy, very optimistic!
like you have torment planescape creators doing sequels and such
and wasteland 2 whatever
Many have tried, many have failed.
$900k isn't enough to make the game they're talking about.
@misha130 Not sure, but there are great developers. Followed the project for a year from time to time and so far so good. But we'll never know
@Sippy it depends how much is done already
9:48 AM
@JakobMillah that looks actually brilliant - I may stump up.
@Sippy Indeed, but it's a start. I mean, look at Star Citizen pledging...
looking at the pictures, it is mature
Unless they've already done $20m worth of work
@Squiggle Great ideas and they are actually a good team. We'll see
Which I doubt
9:49 AM
"The Spark of Life system also helps reduce griefing. If you kill another character in-game, your face goes up on a wanted poster and a bounty token is created for you. This not only keeps you out of cities, but also means you can be taken to 'jail' which significantly reduces your lifespan, adding real financial repercussions to your in-game decisions. "
@JakobMillah Star Citizen is following and expanding on a model that's already proven to work
wow sippy you are really wrecking this game a new one
Games like Elite Dangerous prove that Star Citizen can be successful.
just give it some hope!
Games that rely on players to provide content en masse never work
You need creators to build lots of stuff, not players to make lots of small things
9:50 AM
It worked decently in Darkfall.
So the questing mechanism they're talking about sounds cool but it doesn't sound to me like it'll work at all.
OK. Getting dnu publish into Azure - 3 days and still not working. Getting Visual Studio 2015 solution published to Azure - 5 minutes and successful.
Considering I've never even heard of Darkfall I don't think it worked that well :P
And it's OLD wtf
And you're just a kid
darkfall was a dead project with an arrogant creator
9:51 AM
@Squiggle Is that your problem solved?
it just got picked up
@JakobMillah You're like the same age as me
4 times
since 2008 dark fall was on and off
@Sippy pretty much.
@Squiggle So VS2015 can do it, gotcha.
9:52 AM
@misha130 Yep, so much potential in wrong hands.. There are 2 teams working on making it the game it was supposed to be right now. And one of teams are doing pretty good
@Sippy Shieeet bro.. Shieeet. At least Mothers would consider me. When they see you, they are afraid of getting sued
@JakobMillah wtf are you on about.
You're about to get frimponged.
I posted a picture of myself the other day lol
9:54 AM
I love you bro :*
I saw :D
@Sippy sure it can do it. It's just the new dotnet/dnx command line doesn't support packaging or deploying builds equivalent to msbuild and webdeploy.
@Squiggle yum
So build support is coming out tomorrow
everyone seen this by now? nickcraver.com/blog/2016/05/03/…
@Sippy tomorrow is a national holiday for me :D
9:57 AM
Didn't think it was chat flag Wednesday :)
Me too, but not for Sloppy :D
Morgen ist Himmelfahrt
Kristi Himmelfärd
@JonClements Who got flagged?
@Squiggle That's ok we had one on Monday ^_^
oh kurwa
9:59 AM
@Sippy M'a aidée?
Bank holiday

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