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1:00 PM
@JakobMillah oh yes. I just lack the creativity currently. We've tunnels now
All the "It needs OGL 4.3 yada yada, MESA 4.1.."
I used to do the invincible spider crossover.
@JakobMillah oh...you learn to deal with it. Part of the reason why I'm learning C++ and C
I completely bugged out the traffic
HI guys
Just a general question
what is exactly is a developer conference
Iam waiting for Roller Coaster Tycoon.
1:01 PM
@JakobMillah it still annoys me that cars will just disappear when they aren't reaching their destination in time.
@Codester You go to the conference, attend sessions that talk about technologies you might use in the field, you learn a lot about different API's and frameworks
or you learn alot about 1 specific framework depending on the conference
C:S is too much of a traffic sim to pull shit like that
@SteffenWinkler Really? nice :P
I never played too far. I usually get bored after 5~ hours
@Failsafe Oh so if there is a new API say facebook API then the presenter will discuss about the various methods and classes ?
@Codester Depends on what the session is about.
Maybe the session will be "Authentication with the Facebook API"
1:03 PM
oh, also Natural Selection 2 is nice as well, even though I think movement could be handled better
@Failsafe Well I quoted that as an example
In which case it will be a session on different types of authentication and examples/live code of the API
so we were all talking about CVs....
Alexa Scordato on May 4, 2016
The Stack Overflow team is beyond excited to welcome Adrianna Burrows as Stack Overflow’s new Chief Marketing Officer. She’s an industry veteran of everything from global product launches to partner development and she is as laser focused as we are about empowering developers.
@Codester Are you attending a conference?
1:04 PM
good morning
MFW google isn't star wars themed
fuck you google
talk about CVs and they all run away !
@Failsafe Well no, actually I just now saw a Google I/O and understood that it is from these developer conference people do understand the API's. Though the documentation may tell everything but still the developer conference tells you much more.
@Codester If you get the chance to attend GIO then you should totally go
@Failsafe So without developer conference and without proper documentation is it tough to understand the API's ?
1:07 PM
@Feeds SO has a marketing department?
Developer conferences are for developers to share ideas
You go to learn more about technologies
they are not mandatory
Oh how do you understand an API if there isn't proper documentation ?
@Codester either you poke around or you don't
@Codester Welcome to programming
I know programming but I had the misunderstanding of this thing called developer conference
@SteffenWinkler I wasn't intentionally disturbin
Just a doubt
1:09 PM
If you are looking at it as some sort of manual for an API you will be dissapointed
When you go to Google IO it will mostly be about new android features/api's that you will be able to manipulate
@Codester I'm pretty much agreeing with you. But even without a documentation you can still try to poke around and figure out what does what. It usually doesn't make sense but it's certainly a way to understanding a program/interface
i.e. If they released some new widget feature there will be sessions called "Manipulating the Widget Feature with Android Studio and Android N"
thats hypothetical obviously
@SteffenWinkler Oh sorry I misunderstood your comment as an irritating beginner asking questions
I am sorry
@Codester uh...right ;)
I thought that my question was irritating to you and you were warning me LOL..
But the Google I/O was awesome
1:12 PM
We aren't scheduled to rustle jimmies until Friday.
lol even .NET knows ComponentModel is some messed up shit ... stackoverflow.com/questions/37028182/…
hey guys
I thought conferences was a place to get drunk and to scope out the next ting
those are bars
1:16 PM
do any of you worked with microsoft forefront TMG?
Holy shit my Arqade question was tweeted
Hey guys can some help me understand the signature of a method in C#
Answer I found on SO was TLDR
Not a good start
1:18 PM
well, what is the signature?
more context around the question is that I am trying to refactor a piece of code ( one method only really) and the requirement is not to temper with the signatures of some of the methods included in the solution
I dont understand if forefront TMG actually downloads the file as its scanning it or if it just analyzes it
Yes that's my question what is the signature
@Jawad what is the method signature
@Mr.Toxy that's not really a programming question, let alone c#.
1:19 PM
When I said this room was for plebs
I didn't realise the implications of my actions
I am sorry.
@Jawad also a Link to the answer would be a good idea as well I guess
@Sippy pleb
!!urban pleb
@SteffenWinkler That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
Q: Method Signature in C#

UsmanWhat is the Method Signature in the following int DoSomething(int a, int b); Return type is a part of signature or not???

@SteffenWinkler [pleb](http://pleb.urbanup.com/500218) Actually defined as a member of a despised social class, a commoner, a member of the plebs of ancient Rome. Also low-born, undisinguished, vulgar, and my personal favourite: vulgar-looking.

Other words with similar meaning: Scrut, Townie, Kappa-Slapper, Rude-Boi, Scum, Greb, Scav, &c.
@Sippy pleb.
1:20 PM
> Kappa slapper
@SteffenWinkler kappa slapper
@Amy I know just askinn, someone could know
!!urban kappa slapper
@SteffenWinkler Kappa Slapper Female equivalent of the Nike Pikey. Found all over the British Isles usually congregating in large groups at bus stops and parks. Dresses in sportswear (not just Kappa) drinks cheap cider or supermarket vodka. Constantly smoking fags. Chav scum.
kappa slappa
!!urban nike pikey
1:21 PM
@Mr.Toxy ask on server fault.
@CapricaSix I think most of those words originate in the UK
@mikeTheLiar Nike pikey A [pikey] bedecked in Nike clothes.
And I can tell you now, a pleb is not the same thing as a scav.
!!urban pikey
@Jawad you said you wanted help understanding a method signature. what is the signature you want help understanding? we can't help if you don't tell us what the signature is
1:21 PM
@SteffenWinkler [pikey](http://pikey.urbanup.com/724708) From the English "turnpike", the place where itinerent travellers and thieves would camp near a settlement.

Pikey is not a racial group, the term is used to describe anyone who lives in a caravan or shares the same values and "culture" of "the travelling community", and whose main sources of income are as follows:

Stealing cars, flogging roses in pubs for "childrens' charities", nicking lead off roo(snip)
> Constantly smoking fags.
@Amy no need It was just a curiosity :)
> nicking lead off roo
@Sippy Pleb.
1:22 PM
so we can say you can't add more parameters for instance or you would be changing the signature
@mikeTheLiar Lead(metal) roofing is expensive
People steal it and sell it.
you can't change it's name or the names of it's parameters?
@Sippy oh gotcha, that's roo(f)
@Jawad the parameter names can be changed. if you change the types or the method name, its a different signature
@Sippy sounds like something a pleb would know.
1:22 PM
!!youtube dog_meme
@Failsafe Something went on fire; status 403
@SteffenWinkler I will stab you
@Sippy Yeah that happens here too. Well, not roofs but generally
plebs do that too
1:23 PM
RIP api
@amy sorry i think i misphrased my question I was asking what is the definition of a method's signature
has anyone used Tsql120
the sql parser
@Jawad name and paramaters
@Sippy hah, there is no knife long enough to get anywhere near an important organ #fatisprotection
@Jawad the name and the parameter types
1:23 PM
@mikeTheLiar The other one that happens here is people steal original roofing tiles from country homes in the Cotswolds
Where parameters = types and orders
Rich people who want to renovate their house with original tiles pay a fortune for them
how can you parse a command using Tsql120? can't find any good info on that
ah right, the order of teh parameters too.
@Sippy here people just break in to electrical stations and steal the copper wiring
1:24 PM
I think that happens here
Not sure
@Jawad importantly not the return type
Ok so name, parameter types and the order of parameters
The return type is not part of the signature
1:24 PM
Yes @mikeTheLiar thanks
@mikeTheLiar unless the signature is cursive
Thanks @Amy
So anyway, Cruz is out, vile little shit that he is
1:26 PM
thank god
Who's talking about home renovation? :p
Anyone looking to renovate their house?
I wish I had a house to renovate... damn apartments
@CuddleBunny lol
We're currently in the process of automating our house. All the downstairs lights are automated now, as is the A/C and shop doors.
Not exactly renovation.
1:27 PM
@CuddleBunny a house can be a pain
posted on May 04, 2016 by ericlippert

This room smells strongly of coal gas. Narrow tunnels lead east and south. There is a sapphire-encrusted bracelet here. > go east This room of course explodes if the burning torch is brought into it. I note that this game … Continue reading →

@Amy I was reading earlier that apparently Fiona was the shortest-lived VP candidate ever
@juanvan it can be, but owning something is better than paying into a black hole
Fiona may be the first candidate to lose the same election twice.
She lost, then became Cruz' running mate for a week or two before quitting again.
1:29 PM
that is the trade off - but cutting the grass an hour every week is a pita sometimes
robots can do that for me
So Trump will be the nominee, cementing the GOP's self destruction
i enjoy mowing the yard.
@CuddleBunny spoken like a true engineer
1:29 PM
I like it too - good to clear the mind
@Amy automated as in connected to a centrally controlled hub or with sensors?
I don't mind mowing a yard, but a metre is just too much.
@Jawad both actually. the sensors are connected to the same hub
I might enjoy mowing the lawn if I get one of those crazy ones the city employees always use that can turn on a dime
@mikeTheLiar Here's hoping. Here's also hoping that America can survive him.
1:30 PM
1 message moved to Trash
@Jawad we can turn lights on/off and change the AC settings using our phones. house motion sensors also turn lights on
the internet of things!
what the hell
just got like 10 kick notifications
10? I got 1
I got 1, but it felt like 10.
1:32 PM
what happened to that guy? What did he do
he said something naughty.
@Amy electric or gas powered?
Very naughty
@SteffenWinkler diesel mower.
you have a diesel lawn mower?
1:33 PM
Have we all forsaken Panini?
@Sippy never
how boring ... @Amy never having to watch out for the cable.
Why is there currently a plague of plebs in here then
@Sippy because only a pleb would want Panini
@SteffenWinkler ahhh, but see, we have an extension cable running from the house to the barn. so I do!
1:34 PM
@Sippy Now that you mention it, you are like a plague.
@KendallFrey insert panini
@Amy yeah that doesn't count as it's not moving while you are moving the mower
@SteffenWinkler ok :)
the amount of cables I accidentally destroyed while mowing during hot summer days ... 12 year old me was even more selfish than current me.
@Amy very nice two of my mates are working on a project in that area too
1:35 PM
@Jawad what do they do?
did you guys hear about docs.microsoft.com
info: http://docsmsftblog.azurewebsites.net/teamblog/introducing-docs-microsoft-com/
MDI has so many bugs they should fix it, nice for management projects but not well optimized
@Michael yeah, maybe in 5 years we'll see some relevant docs up there...
they're full stack devs looking into home automation and also web development automation too
sigh.. would like it sooner
I don't really like that format though. I do like the new docs.asp.net though.
@Sippy INSERT INTO Body (Anus) VALUES ('Panini');
@CuddleBunny i didnt even know there was a docs.asp.net. MS's documentation seems to all over the place
Can someone train the bot to post that xkcd everytime someone mentions a specific cloud service (like azure) or just the word 'cloud'? Similiar to the Hammertime/Stop thing?
@Michael it just for the asp.net core beta, new in the last year or so
1:38 PM
I've created a unit test for a class, ince than I've updated my class and I referenced that dll again in the unit test, but when I run the test (in debug mode) it skips all break lines.
I than inserted a breakpoint on the unit test itself and I got a message error saying that the module was outdated, but I already referenced the dll again. What do I need to do?
I see
@SteffenWinkler I think that requires a code change
But Cap is open source so knock yourself out
should I create another TestMethod?
@mikeTheLiar ah ok
1:40 PM
fucking pugs
@Mr.Toxy - When people say that they don't have the answer to your question, you should leave them alone.
@TheLostMind what the heck? no one even replied...
Who on earth is TheLostMind
Did I miss an election or something
You mods come out of the damn woodwork I'm sure of it
1:44 PM
@Sippy I dont know but he lost his mind in the process of getting here
@Sippy don't know but he has a golden Java badge...burn him!!!
@TheLostMind this was my reply:
@Amy I know just askinn, someone could know
@TheLostMind ur a bit lost aren't you m8?
1:45 PM
@Mr.Toxy Generally when no one answers it's because no one knows.
@Sippy and I stopped asking...
@Mr.Toxy that guy has 25k of rep. I doubt he is lost.
@Sippy - You missed some resignations after the last mod election :P
I'm not sure I see any wrongdoing by @Mr.Toxy. He was kicked earlier, but that was for something else.
1:46 PM
@Sippy Damn, died in PoE couple of days ago..
I was about to ask whether you came in here to address the kicking
Im not even understanding where this is coming from
I think he's come to make sure you're not gonna do something to get yourself booted again.
Mods are helpful like that.
We could pre-emptively boot. It's the Bush Doctrine applied to SO Chat.
1:48 PM
you guys are misspelling nucular.
inb4 autoflag
@Amy N-U-C-U-L-A-R
nucular wessles.
!!youtube nucular
1:50 PM
@SteffenWinkler Something went on fire; status 403
Nuclear = fallout = chernobyl = 3 head dogs and crazy old women
Cap has been acting weird lately with the youtube command.
Well Google is broken. Maybe youtube is broken, too
@Amy huh. looks outside nope, earth is still there.
@Mr.Toxy - 1. Don't pass rude / abusive comments about US presidential candidates. 2. Don't keep asking when people say that that question doesn't belong here and don't reply.
@Others - Have a great day :)
1:51 PM
thanks, you too, @TheLostMind.
o/ Mr. Mind!
Great Hump day to all
Anyone seen 10 Cloverfield lane yet?
Deadpool ain't amused by your shenanigans.
1:51 PM
@TheLostMind i hope you find your mind someday
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
@TheLostMind 1- Don't really care about prez, he could be my dad I wouldn't give a damn f*** 2- Ijust asked once, 3- I reply if I feel the need to do so
ohhhhhh someone just got told
@Mr.Toxy I recommend just saying "okay, I will, thanks" and let it be.
@Amy but this is way more interesting/fun from an outsider's perspective
@Sippy watched deadpool last night
@Mr.Toxy mods == gods
@SteffenWinkler indeed.
Let it be, Let it be. Let it be, Let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it beeeee!
@Amy but it's dumb I did nothing wrong apart from commenting trup situations as already other member mentioned.
1:53 PM
@JakobMillah you fucking asshole, I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for a week now
@mikeTheLiar Assssss hooooooooooooooooooooooool
@KendallFrey watched in a nearly empty cinema, was awesome
@Mr.Toxy - Probably. And that's why you are still chatting with people here :)
@JakobMillah take a sad song and make it better
@TheLostMind is a Drama killer :(
so, what did you guys think of the last Game of Thrones episode? spoilers: i can't believe ██████ and ██████ went to ████████ and ████████████████ the ██████.
@TheLostMind yeahh ur riht. btw and if it was a spanigh president? XDDDDDDD
Does anybody use Gulp tasks in Visual Studio 2015?
It doesn't/can't support ES6, right?
@Amy BIG #PLOTtwist
@Amy interesting.. I want moooooar
1:55 PM
@Amy I can't believe █████ J█n S██w!
is there a good tool to test web api endpoints without actually having to make another application?
@Amy I haven't actually watched the show (read the books) but the further it goes the more it seems to be that the tale isn't actually about anything
I still prefer Sons of Anarchy. My favourite series, just amazing the ambience and the plot as well
I havent watched it yet. going to step out of this chat for a few ..
@Mr.Toxy - If I see another flag on one of your messages, I will have to do something about it. So please keep your views to yourself.
1:56 PM
GRRM is just an awful writer.
@mikeTheLiar game of thrones is actually a very long Ovaltine commercial
@mikeTheLiar someone once wrote that GoT is basically what happens after the words 'and they happily lived ever after' in a fairy tale.
but srsly, nobody has used gulp in VS2015? It's too cutting-edge for y'all?
@TheLostMind what did I do now? -_-'
@Squiggle n'yet
1:56 PM
@mike dont most shows go like that
@Squiggle nope never
@TheLostMind that cliffhanger...
@Squiggle VS is too uncutting edge
they get to a point where people just start making things up all willy nilly
hmm. I might play with it at home, then. See if it's up to much.
1:57 PM
I think what I hated most about those books is the characters that got long, drawn out story lines but they never actually contributed anything to the story at all
@Squiggle phrasing
@KendallFrey yeah, it's a first-class feature in VS Code. Swings/roundabouts I guess...
no one uses a tool like this?
@mikeTheLiar like side quests in video games
Crystal Reports updates... still looks ugly af
1:58 PM
@Sippy curses!
Catelyn comes to mind
@mikeTheLiar reminds me of the first pages of lord of the rings. I never got past the 4th page because the author just kept on describing that stupid hole where the hobbit lived in
calling httpcontext.current in foreach will always return null?
@Michael except there's usually a reward for side quests
@mikeTheLiar Caitlyn Jenner?
1:58 PM
@KendallFrey her too
@NicolásCarlo the loop is irrelevant. that thread of execution doesn't have an httpcontext.

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