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12:16 AM
we catch rabbits around our garden in the backyard. my partners cousin is a hunter/trapper.
I had rabbit tacos a couple weeks ago. Was yummy.
this was a pretty big one
they're probing your defenses. more will come.
war is coming.
12:35 AM
Hey guys, is it possible (with mvc c# application) to make an html button and if pressed, c# code runs, hows that implemented?
!!google c# mvc button click
Ah thanks
1:07 AM
so what are you guys working on?
1:59 AM
rewatching game of thrones
2:47 AM
I'm not sure this is the right place (if there is one, I'm an SO newb basically), but this question... sometimes I worry: stackoverflow.com/questions/36994604/…
3:20 AM
Hi all, didn't know there is a chat room before
3:31 AM
yep, there's a chat room
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5:38 AM
@Amy Before watching S06?
"quick" recap? :D
HI gm
I am new to wpf+mvvm.so just seeking what is best way of testing viewmodels??
either codedUI or NUnit?
5:55 AM
If you're just testing the viewmodel, I would go for unit testing (there's lot of different frameworks, nunit, mstest etc)
ok one more query is it possible to test viewmodels using CoddUI..?
or CodedUI is only to test Views?
I've never used CodedUI, but it seems that it is for testing the UI flow, input fields, validators and other things related to the view itself. If I'm wrong, someone will arrest me shortly :)
hi all,,does anyone has tried to resolve the issue.stackoverflow.com/questions/36955211/…
6:11 AM
hahahah @scheien thanks..
Good morning.
Good morning.,
Good morning rain!
Three days into the sprint, and 50% of the sprint tasks have been canceled and new ones added in their place.
Why? Scope too big/wide?
6:18 AM
Because PANIC
About three times a week I get to work in the morning, VP R&D says "we had a management meeting last night, and decided to refocus on X, Y, Z".
I guess that's something other than People Against Narcotics in the Community?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan oh that's not fun at all.
Startup mentality.
Worse, startup with several big prospective clients that rearrange priorities daily.
I guess you have to be able to change direction in a split second? or let's call it a "dynamic" work environment.
I am trying to access the viewmodels in my unittest class but i am not able to do so...?
Hi guys can you vote my qustion for reopening? Thanks

6:24 AM
@user1474602 Have you referenced the project? Have you referenced the namespace within your unit test class?
yes scheien.. i have added the exe ref in my project..
or is their another way of addding ref?
one more reopen vote :)

@Shift write a recursive method instead of this while(true). It will arrange your code more
also morning
6:42 AM
the code work 50% :)
6:54 AM
Hey all. what is the equal syntax in c# for this statement in visual basic? ByRef snr As Byte
I want to declare it as a parameter in method
ref byte snr or something like that
@scheien can I pass a byte[] instead of it?
ref byte snr
@Elahe Only if your method has an overload that supports a byte array. Or maybe there are some weird stuff in VB that allows it.
Option Strict Off might support coercion from byte[] to int, maybe? I never used Strict Off because I'm not insane
7:08 AM
rowFormat = "<tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td>{0}</td><td>{1}</td><td>{2}</td><td>{3}</td><td>{3}</td>‌​<td>{4}</td></tr>";
Keeping templates in files is a crappy thing right? :(
Way better to have strings with markup in code-behind. That make them so much easier to maintain.
Morning all
one more vote for reopening my question :)
@scheien do you know what is xyz(15) As Byte in c#?
is it byte[] xyz = new byte[15] ??
7:24 AM
why dont you type it in vs c# sample app to test it
does var in javascript create a copy of an object or a reference?
as in if I change the data in the var will the original object change aswell
@Shift I did it, it dosent work! i dont know why
@Elahe are you translating vb app to c#?
7:28 AM
@Shift yes
did you try this
Not yet
let me to check it
one more reopening vote for my question guys
Thanks for the normal vote but click on reopen link below question :)
it serializes to the datatype like System.Byte[]
How to send byte array in xml?
convert it to base64 and send it like that
7:45 AM
I find it weird that SO question like this gets so many upvotes: stackoverflow.com/questions/5667888/…
I mean.. Come on?
@Shift Thank you, It solved my problem :)
@JakobMillah More people find and click the basic questions. There are more beginners than experts.
vague question: Are Chrome Extensions a thing in the world of business?
@misha130 That's not nearly enterprisey enough. I suggest wrapping each byte in a <Byte><Value>5</Value></Byte> element.
7:49 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I suppose.. Kinda sad though.
I am 99% sure he is joking
@Squiggle To some extent, I do believe so, ye
atleast I hope so
@JakobMillah I'm guessing there's no business that says "hey, employees - please use this extension! thx" though
Som definitely
7:50 AM
I've seen businesses that implemented their internal corporate tools as IE extensions, so I see no reason why Chrome extensions wouldn't be the same.
But I use firefox @Squiggle
what am I to do
Chrome extensions strike me as more of a consumer thing, unless your work relies on a Chromebook
@misha130 exactly.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan in 2016?
I remember some framework I think that makes all possible extensions out of C++ code
Well, I guess you mean extensions extensions and not plugins? Then not really, I guess
Extensions just do basic javascript code as I remember
plugins are actual addons to the browser
@Elahe You are welcome
Of course, most IE extensions are actually ActiveX plugins which actually do things that browser code can't.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan eurgh
but activex is not supported anywhere
7:53 AM
And good riddance, too.
There are some great chrome extensions out there tohugh
well silverlight...
yeah I've written Chrome extensions in the past, but I've never used any in a corporate environment. I was just wondering if it's a valid platform to target for a corporate app.
was also discontinued
Please click reopen
7:54 AM
Our internal timesheet app is in silverlight.
mornin all
We really should replace it before it's universally discontinued. It's annoying enough to have to load it in IE. IETab helps.
@Squiggle what could you write with it in this day and age that a web app couldnt do?
funny that azure website uses silverlight
not sure for what but it does
@wadry Oh kurwa, morning!! :D
7:59 AM
@Shift nah. It's still not clear exactly what you're asking. Do you mean to ask "please advise on the most efficient algorithm to solve this problem"? if so, it's not really a C# question - and one that has already been answered on SO or Programming SE before
I feel bad for you son, but I agree ^
@Squiggle You should check out how ChromeOS is doing and work from there? I am pretty sure that chromebooks could be a great supplement for many mac users.. Pretty damn sure
The knapsack problem or rucksack problem is a problem in combinatorial optimization: Given a set of items, each with a weight and a value, determine the number of each item to include in a collection so that the total weight is less than or equal to a given limit and the total value is as large as possible. It derives its name from the problem faced by someone who is constrained by a fixed-size knapsack and must fill it with the most valuable items. The problem often arises in resource allocation where there are financial constraints and is studied in fields such as combinatorics, computer science...
@JakobMillah yeah I really like my Chromebook for travelling
@Shift Please stop spamming.
That's the fourth or fifth time you ask for it.
8:02 AM
@Squiggle What kind of explanation you need. The question is clear. I am asking for advice.
I help people here even with a remote desktop connection never complain about questions
@Shift nah, the question is waffling and vague. stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask - it's difficult to know what the right answer is. Also yeah, stop spamming?
Hey guys. We've got multiple computers and a mysql-server in here. For my desktop app I would like to restrict a special edit-function (datagridview) to one-edit-per-time to avoid multiple users editing the same data simultaneously which could cause problems. Whats the best practise for this?

Should I just add a new table to the db and save the lock-state with a bool and a referrence to the member who's locking the datagridview?
lock state is normally doable but when the app crashes or connection get lost or something the state is not updated
you need a control mechanism for that also
Thats what I thought.
We already had crashes in here. Such states are broken then.
I'm not a fan of locking. Is it a serious problem? How atomic can you make your updates?
8:08 AM
you need a session manager or something like that
keep the state an relase lock when the app is back but it will be frustrating for other users the stare at a locked table until the crashed app releases the lock
Croissant for breakfast
I'm so mature
I think a best way is to check the connection with the app that is live
@Squiggle Its about editing schedule-entries for workers. If 2 guys open the view and one guy edits faster then the other....

I mean there a calculations running in the back. The ones for the second guy would result in crap.
@Sippy I had an almond croissant for breakfast, thus making me the victor
when the app crashes or pc shutsdown on edit the session manager on the server looses the connection with the app and auto unlock the table
8:11 AM
@Shift In this case I would need to get into networking with my app.
i've build some apps with sockets for this purposes
@Shift Ye easy said. But in here we've got about 3-4 sub-networks with different IP-ranges and different accessibility.
Wait. I could use the server the db is running on.
that shouldnt be a problem use WCF
host it on IIS
i presume all stations can access intranet or internet
Intranet in different corners except from the database.
8:14 AM
@C4ud3x My preference is to just fail to update with a HTTP 409 if the content was changed since last fetched.
12 hours ago, by Adan Ramirez
@mikeTheLiar uhh how do i know the code is server side?
that same guy predicted the future of programming, right?
@Squiggle That could really hurt.
@Squiggle Some of this guys are working for 30 minutes and up before going for saving.
@C4ud3x you could mitigate it by monitoring for changes and warning the user
eurgh that's nasty.
I'd fix the user process, then
They have to plan the day for about 20-30 ppl. All of them got different skills. So it takes some time to get a good balance.
Sure I could work on an AI but yeah..... not.
8:22 AM
@Sippy Mr Fatman!
@TomW <3
All passwords in a customers user table: Password is compromised! Change it via UI ASAP! xxxxx
what, that's the password?
the "xxxxx" is the password xD
Kinda hilarious. We use hashing of the passwords, but then use this way to work around it
@TomW rofl
8:28 AM
@TomW Haha that was pretty nice :D
@JakobMillah haha
@TomW hilarious
@JakobMillah I've seen a customer/user database with a fifth of the norwegian population as members, with all the passwords in clear text.
@scheien Shiet.. Well, most of our passwords are tbh in clear text...
My first response was: That's a bad idea, that should be fixed asap.
Reply: yep, it's bad, but it's not like anyone knows it...
Some of our passwords we use are increadibly... risky?
Norway has laws about data protection, right?
8:34 AM
I feel sad, that people dont think more about security.
Doesn't the EU have laws about data protection?
We have no law in Sweden that passwords should be protected using hash
Have any of you read into this TTIP thing btw?
@TomW To some degree yes, but it's not illegal to store them in clear text.
@TomW you normally know about such things
8:35 AM
A friend was brought in as a consultant a few years ago for a credit card company here, to help with performance issues. His analysis? "You shouldn't be loading the entire account table to memory every time someone tries to log in so you could compare the password to the password in the DB. Also, why the hell is the password stored in the DB?!"
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Mmm yum
Free money
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Who wants a cookie?
The UK Data Protection Act has wording along the lines of 'all reasonable technical measures'. So it doesn't explicitly say you must do this or that, but laws about negligence don't specifically say you must not let pushchairs roll off cliffs either
It's still negligent
The laws are there to help a judge and jury decide whether something was negligent or not
Negligence is usually fairly obvious
@TomW It's actually a good thing that the law doesn't explicitly state what technical measures are necessary. Laws change very slowly. Technical best practices evolve faster.
8:37 AM
In security engineering, security through obscurity (or security by obscurity) is the reliance on the secrecy of the design or implementation as the main method of providing security for a system or component of a system. A system or component relying on obscurity may have theoretical or actual security vulnerabilities, but its owners or designers believe that if the flaws are not known, that will be sufficient to prevent a successful attack. A system may use obscurity as one layer of a defense in depth strategy, which involves layered security. While all known security vulnerabilities should be...
An implementation which is obviously deficient technically and contributes to a breach, you could be liable for if you wrote it. Even though the law doesn't prescribe an approach.
@Sippy storing passwords in plaintext so that they can easily be stolen, for example
@TomW i guess.

Oh well. The web shops we manage does not contain any credit card information or anything. It's all just order / point based, so not like they could steal peoples money. We have hashed passwords for customers that really demands it. Like SAS
@TomW We have a system that does that lol
I made a fuss.
@JakobMillah addresses and phone numbers are personally identifying information
@JakobMillah That's the best sort of security - not to store data you don't need. You can't get hacked for information you don't keep.
8:39 AM
Protip: If you work as a consultant, make sure you have the appropriate liability insurance
@TomW True, but then.. Should you hash the entire db?
I have adresses, names, phone numbers, emails, passwords and what not. I can wreck havoc if I want to.
@JakobMillah You can't hash addresses and phone numbers, because you need their plaintext, not just comparisons. You should consider encrypting the whole DB in case a hack resulted in someone copying your DB store files, rather than gaining process execution privilege and copying the data out.
@JakobMillah 'reasonable technical measure' is a properly implemented username+pwd mechanism. You'd have a strong defence if you just do that right
8:40 AM
couple hundred thousand users. Not like I would EVER do anything with it
We inherited a system that had a hard-coded "skeleton key" password that let the admin log into anyone's account.
But if someone has a copy of your DB files, even encrypted, they can take their type to crack it.
@Squiggle Someone had a good time
@Squiggle do people actually consider that a valid approach?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Alright. I am pretty sure we do something like that. But what do I know, I am a filthy casual!
I would love to learn about security though. Very interesting
8:42 AM
@scheien @wadry The client was enraged when we took this feature away from him, but less so after we reminded him that he'd just had to fire 2 staff for stealing from the business and manipulating warehouse stock levels.
@Squiggle If dixons group (the people that own pcworld, and currys) still use the same point of sale system and intranet I can probably still login to theirs
@Squiggle We also have one of those!
@Squiggle My current project has a feature which allows admins to upload any PowerShell script (and possibly python as well, in the future) and configure the server to execute it as part of a triggered workflow process. I call it the Code Injection feature.
we had the same thing
shitting hell
8:43 AM
The client released the 'algorithm' for it near enough publicly and we had to dive in and catch it lol
This makes me feel much better about the work I did at The Bank :)
@Squiggle The client can be as enraged as he likes, get him to put it in writing that he wants to keep the feature and let him keep it, at least you won't be liable
"Noooo no no no, don't tell people how to hack your software."
"That ain't smart."
@Squiggle Someone just needs to hear it from a 3rd party before they can understand what problems it can lead to.
@Sippy In our case we were the contractor brought in to build their intranet
basically we had all the keys to their system "by design"
8:46 AM
@scheien @Squiggle Yeah. Bring in a high-priced consultant to tell him the exact same thing but at £200/hour. People listen to people at those prices.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yep. I've been both the developer and consultant in these situations - I said the exact same thing in both cases, and got predictably different responses.
you basically get to tell people what they're doing wrong, and they'll sometimes actually listen to you
It amazes me how few business types don't realise the value of the employees they have and would rather trust some consultant than their own employees
@wadry Unfortunately yes
Worse still the people at the top tend to listen to people they respect just because they are friends or know them through a friend or some shit
8:54 AM
OK. Wearing my market research hat again.
hi i want print svg file (taken from hosting website with url) to pdf... using itextsharp... how can i do it? Thanks i'm going to use SVG Rendering Engine.
I've seen situations where companies will change their entire way of thinking because a friend of the CEO is going to provide some system that can't do what they need
Who uses internal mobile apps as part of their business processes?
Lol yeah thatll work
@Squiggle is that even a thing?
8:55 AM
@wadry I'm building one, so I certainly hope so!
itextsharp can't convert svg but i read for this plugin svg.codeplex.com and i want any help to convert image svg taken by url to png and print to pdf.... thanks
@RoelvanUden The company I work for has lost contracts because "We are not expensive enough"
News/social app for shop floor retail.
Could do one for project/time registrations and stuff as well
Hahahaha then crack out a more expensive bill
8:56 AM
uhm anyone interested.... nobody...i see....
@JakobMillah there's loads for that already (and all workplaces seem to have different requirements)
@MarkusWerner I use Gembox for that kina stuff ... its really good at that
@Squiggle Probably. We are using our own
God I hate stupid people
@MarkusWerner why not just go straight from SVG to PDF? What's your requirements?
8:57 AM
Our customers are part of it as well
hi à@wadry
@TomW don't we all
Also the mobile chat is new
8:58 AM
@squi pls
@TomW lol
@MarkusWerner ?
Hi guys ehm i would want convert it into image png before insert to pdf
If nobody here has ever done that, nobody will know
@TomW no don't make me :/
@MarkusWerner ImageMagick looks good and free
9:06 AM
ok i repeat my question. How can i do this: SVG IMAGE => PNG OR IMAGE OBJECT OF ITEXTSHARP.
Jan 12 at 16:55, by Markus Werner
to all stupid put all "Panini" in your asshole
@MarkusWerner I have done zounds of job like this. It's in my pinkie
(no it's not)
We don't know @markus ... It's too vague a question
9:08 AM
Zounds: 500-999 from HOMM 2
The answer is probably 42
Could be 47, have you accounted for inflation?
@Amy the great unanswered question of financial cosmology
No some mice told me it's 42 so it must be @Amy
Inflation is only a human concept ... We must be wrong
But hey what do I know I forgot my towel this morning
9:18 AM
Ooo captain stropmeister is back
Hide your paninis
I've cut my fucking lip
It's the most annoying shit
erm. Thanks, @Sippy.
@Sippy me too :(
I bit my tongue yesterday and today it's sore. Can I be in your club?
9:26 AM
jk u r alwais in r clubz
@Shift I posted a comment to your question
@Ggalla1779 Thanks for posting a comment I am doing the thinking but I am not there yet. The question is still closed
OK folks. Does anybody actually know how to get the result of dnu publish deployed to an Azure website?
I'm a real noob with Azure, and all the guides are either "pull from Git" or "manually deploy in Visual Studio"
a) We need to push, not pull and b) we're not using necessarily using Visual Studio
9:42 AM
what kind of data
@Squiggle maybe something interesting for you here
@Shift yup prob will remain closed, have a think try again repost if stuck
@Shift it's a web application, build using dnx/dotnet.
and no, that's not so handy - that talk is about pushing data. I need to publish a web application.
I'm informed that there's a powershell extension I need to use, so I can do it from the commandline. However, relies on there being a .cspkg created (via MSBuild).
dnu publish doesn't have the ability to create a cspkg
Is your project expensive?
or is it as simple as just pushing that directory to Azure using SFTP?
Microsoft have a support metric based on how much money they'll make out of it.
9:50 AM
@Sippy currently it has no value :)
u screwd
but it's being demo'd to Microsoft as soon as it's in beta so they can help with the marketing
MS likes us
ask microsoft then :D
they help us with Azure
azure forms maybe
anyone had issues with chrome dev tools ?
9:51 AM
@Mathematics nope it's awesome
why call stack is really confusing then /
@Squiggle given this article docs.asp.net/en/latest/publishing/web-publishing-vs.html is the problem really 'we don't have visual studio available to create publish profiles'?
@TomW exactly
I loose a textbox value on postback, any simple workarounds / solutions ? This textbox value is datetime specific & gets inserted by user input into a Ajax CalendarExtender that targets the textbox.
@Squiggle the expected format should be documented somewhere, no?
10:06 AM
nvm, im retarded - figured it out.
i think.
The star board reads like a typical conversation in here
@Mathematics write better js
@Froxer welcome to programming
@Froxer That's because postback is a sick, sick joke perpetrated on unsuspecting developers.
Ok... now the troll part is that... It KEEPS the value no matter what after i have inserted it once.
Its Kappa 123ing all over the place.
Either, it wont hold the value, or it will say fuck you and keep the value no matter what.
This code is gonna make me quit
I can feel it
10:20 AM
no dude
i believe
in what
In you ofc.
I'm waiting for the "Well the box is in a winforms component loaded in to wpf and the value comes from a COM call that gets requested on the other side of a pinvoke in to a c++ lib"
what could possibly go wrong here
@Froxer To quit?
I'll do it in a minute
10:22 AM
Webforms can suck my ass
I'd rather write PHP
@Sippy rebuild the form using MVC
@wadry I would but they won't pay me.
sounds like it might be less work
mind you if its that bad just put a seriously ugly hack in on top of it and then put a recommendatio nthat they get you to rewrite it later
they either choose to follow the advice or not ... but that recommend could come with a side comment of "unmaintainable going forward, required action"
I handle loads of crap that way, and when they ignore me I put in ridiculous quotes like "2 weeks to restyle that text box"
then when they complain im like ... well you were told about the ball of mud and haven't resolved the situation
I'm not rewriting an entire flagship application.
Hey if you're getting paid ... why not?
10:26 AM
Because I know the people who they made it for and they are a CFH
I'm doing my best to avoid projects for them lol
Resharper wat r u doin
It's complaining that it can't resolve a resource
But I'm looking at it.
The seaweed is always greeeeeeeeeeeeeenah, in somebody elses lake!
Q: SVG Rendering Engine DLL & iTextSharp.text.Image - Convert image svg taken by url

Cristian Capanninihow can i wanna convert with c# image taken by url and convert it into a into iTextSharp.text.Image object or image png to use here instead image directly: iTextSharp.text.Image jpg = iTextSharp.text.Image.GetInstance(IMAGEOBJECT); How can i do it? Some one can help me please. Thanks very muc...

@JakobMillah so true, so true.
10:43 AM
@MarkusWerner what makes you think it's possible?
10:53 AM
iTextSharp.text.Image image = iTextSharp.text.Image.GetInstance(Convert.FromBase64String(theSource));
something like this?
@misha130 where would you get the source data from?
cant the svg be converted to a base64 string?
I don't know, can it?
I looked it up and there are a bunch of algorithms for that
Just take the byte[] of the image and convert it to base64 is what I normally do for png's
For turning svg markup into raster? Really?
Where do you get byte[]? It's the same question. You need an svg renderer
10:58 AM
I looked it up wrongly ;_;
sorry I've tried

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