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12:00 AM
Never trust an operating system. (source)
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4:30 AM
I made a new pure XAML magic here: stackoverflow.com/a/78650383/6859121
Make TabControl be Accordion~
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6:35 AM
@ntohl , :57449886 ; Thanks for the name drop. I also had Hangfire on my list. I'll propose an MVP for each and see what feels better.
6:50 AM
@OakBot amnesia
@Mr.Squirrel.Downy I’m sorry, but I don’t have the capability to forget or erase specific data based on commands. If you have any questions or need assistance with C#, feel free to ask!
@OakBot just find a image have a squirrel with fish
@Mr.Squirrel.Downy I'm unable to search for images or provide specific images of squirrels with fish. However, you might be able to find what you're looking for by doing a web search with those keywords on an image search engine. If you have any C# questions, I'm here to help!
7:56 AM
goat moaning
🐟 ntohl throws in a line.
8:38 AM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
🐟 ntohl caught another Hellfish!
oh. I wanted to try /fish again
🐟 ntohl throws in a line.
you can still use
/fish again
8:47 AM
🐟 Captain Obvious throws in a line.
if you don't have a line out, just just throws one
yeah, just I can't "/fish" twice fast. So I don't have to type a random thing between them
Hello friends!
Hi, Botler.
/imagine an image with a red squirrel and a fish
9:00 AM
I'm going to use this prompt instead: Visualize a vivid and lively outdoor scene. A small red squirrel, with sleek fur and bright, twinkling eyes, is in the picture’s foreground. The squirrel is scampering about, showcasing its agility and swift movements as it climbs around on a sturdy branch of a sprawling oak tree. Nearby, a shimmering clear stream flows with a swift current. In the transparent water, a single fish can be seen, its scales reflecting the sunlight as it effortlessly swims ...
upstream. The fish’s fins and tail are in motion, symbolizing its energy and vitality.
What is the thing on the shore?
@ARr0w It's very uncommon because it's an absolute nightmare to deal with regarding tax implications. Look up what countries the country you live in has tax agreements/treaties to get an idea of what options might be available. If you live somewhere shit it's entirely possible you might have to move to get a better role
I have no idea, but the squirrel looks pretty decent
@Oak why are red squirrels endangered
While I'm not a biologist, from what I know, the red squirrel's population has declined due to several factors:

1. **Habitat Loss**: Deforestation and urban development reduce their natural habitat, making it harder for them to find food and shelter.

2. **Competition from Grey Squirrels**: In some regions, the introduction of non-native grey squirrels has led to competition for resources. Grey squirrels are larger and more adaptable, often outcompeting red squirrels for food and habitat.

3. **Disease**: Grey squirrels carry the squirrel pox virus, to which they are mostly immune, but it'
yeah greys are shit
@CaptainObvious There are some companies. But yes - usually it's uncommon. I knew a guy who worked at a similar global company (based in South Africa but had people across the globe working, including the guy I knew). What he told me was that he actually had to register his own company, so his "real" employer actually did a contract with that company. It side-steps some of the legislation, since they don't have to do care about all the local laws.
9:08 AM
Yeah that's usually the way it ends up working, but then you have all the admin of dealing with all that yourself isntead of it being handled by your employer
Yep. Which just takes the load off the employer. Also means the employer doesn't have to deal with local worker's rights.
But also there are implications for the employer too paying for offshore labour sometimes
9:21 AM
🐟 Captain Obvious' line quivers.
🐟 Captain Obvious caught another Gupp!
double fuck
/fish again
🐟 Captain Obvious throws in a line.
Hello friends!
9:33 AM
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
grey squirrels are often criminals
9:35 AM
9:59 AM
Hi folks
I encountered something odd
On 19-20.06.2024 all of our physical test machines encountered similar problem
One of our 7 windows services suddenly crashed under different circumstances and at different time
Only similarities are:
1 This only happened with one service
2 There was no error logs anywhere - all I can find is APPCRASH record in event log referring to exception code 0xe0434352 (unknown error I believe)

Tried to play with custom handling for unhanlded exceptions
Works fine on my VM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
/fish again
🐟 Hans1984 caught another Slavug!
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
10:26 AM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
now we re talking
/fish again
🐟 Hans1984 caught another Slavug!
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
Hello friends!
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
🐟 Captain Obvious' line quivers.
10:50 AM
/fish again
🐟 ntohl caught another Projelly!
🐟 ntohl throws in a line.
/fish inv
@ntohl 🐟 Your inventory: Gupp (x13), Slavug (x10), Hellfish (x8), Chlam (x6), Charp (x5), Chrustacean (x5), Scuffer (x5), Seamare (x5), Knucklehead (x4), Projelly (x3), Mati (x2), Stonewhal (x2), Flameater, Scyllascion, Voidskate
wow 3 projellys
I havent even caught one
11:16 AM
@Hans1984 Bribe Oak
that wont help :(
/imagine projelly
I'm going to use this prompt instead: Create an image of a playful jellyfish floating in clear blue waters. The jellyfish has a unique coloration pattern resembling a vibrant set of mixed colors - a deep emerald green body with bands of bright yellow and pink spotted throughout. Its long tentacles gently sway with the current, giving it a sense of life and movement. Some small tropical fish can be seen swimming close by, curious about this unusual creature. The bright sunlight filters ...
through the water, creating a beautiful, radiant atmosphere.
they gave ntohl the fake one
It was jelly for scrubs. This is the real pro
11:19 AM
11:37 AM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
/fish again
🐟 ntohl caught another Slavug!
🐟 ntohl throws in a line.
what I caught is just not playful... The AI one is...
Hello friends!
12:10 PM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
/fish again
🐟 Hans1984 caught another Flameater!
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
Hello friends!
12:25 PM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
🐟 Captain Obvious' line quivers.
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
12:44 PM
/fish again
🐟 Hans1984 caught a Projelly!
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
HA !
you know what that means ?
1 fish to go
/imagine a friday where people are happy for the weekend, but aren't dreading the return to their job on monday
I'm going to use this prompt instead: An idyllic Friday scene where a diverse range of happy people from different descents including Caucasian, Middle-Eastern, Hispanic, South Asian, and Black are eagerly anticipating the weekend. Each person showcasing their excitement in their own unique ways. The aura is notably positive, none seem to be worried about the emotional burden of their work resuming on Monday. Preferring instead, to relish in the pleasure of their present moments of joy.
Second row, left-most. Wat?
12:52 PM
Also: shout-out to bottom-left lady. She must be paid on Fridays and is celebrating that
...yes, apparently I've forgotten what left and right are. Both the ones are to the right
@VLAZ I was going to say...lol
Look, left and right are both concepts many thousands of people struggle with
...thousands of children but still - children are people, too
12:56 PM
To this day, the way that I tell left from right is to imagine my Sega Genesis controller when I was a kid lol
The left button on the d-pad was less worn out because of all the side-scrolling games I played
Heh, I go for my watch. I really struggle if I don't have it on.
I was talking to somebody at work. Must have involved left/right because I had to stop and go get my watch to stop calling one the other.
I'm also wearing it right now... :/
@VLAZ Hi also wearing it right now, I'm Oak!
Hello friends!
/fish status
1:01 PM
@ntohl 🐟 Your line doesn't have anything. You should wait until it quivers.
/fish inv
@Hans1984 🐟 Your inventory: Gupp (x16), Slavug (x15), Chlam (x14), Hellfish (x13), Charp (x11), Knucklehead (x10), Chrustacean (x8), Flameater (x7), Scyllascion (x6), Scuffer (x5), Mati (x4), Seamare (x4), Stonewhal (x2), Projelly, Sturgeon, Trout, Voidskate
you have Projelly
oh. You have it just today
just now
1:18 PM
oh wow it's been busy in here today
and not just with fishing
yes you got some fish catching-up to do
yes but actually work
too bad
/imagine i.sstatic.net/kELIH7ib.jpg with a projelly
every fish can be the final fish now
thats great
1:28 PM
oh nos
i should have asked oak to get me a kaffee
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
6th fish today already
/fish again
Hello friends!
1:31 PM
oak is keeping that one
bad Oak
im sure it is the final one
wait why didn't oak imagine
web sockte ded
@OakBot wheres my fish ?
1:33 PM
must have thrown a new exception this time. he's alive in all the other rooms
[Captain Obvious] <@1253042010965803088> are you here too
@oak are you alive
wait it's tagging someone else. @oakbot are you alive
Hmm does Botler not relay other bot messages maybe?
he;s never had to worry about it
they aren't in the console so I guess so
Discord Oak is responding to messages posted in so-chat-csharp
I should probably block that lol
@OakBot Can you see this?
1:44 PM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
/fish again
Bear in mind botler doesn't tag oak either because he's not a user
[Captain Obvious] or he does?
[Captain Obvious] wtf why didn't he before
maybe it's case sensitive
[realmichael] Botler is not relaying the messages that Discord Oak posts in this room
[realmichael] anyway, i'm going to tell Discord Oak to ignore this channel and the other relay channels
[Captain Obvious] probably reasonable
2:08 PM
Hello friends!
/imagine i.sstatic.net/kELIH7ib.jpg with a projelly
it seems to just print the text prompt somewhere in the image
2:15 PM
It certainly is with a projelly
/imagine i.sstatic.net/kELIH7ib.jpg with a hot cup o' joe
I'm going to use this prompt instead: An image showing a steaming hot cup of coffee ('Joe') placed on a table. The cup is ceramic with a handle on its side. Fill the rest of the scene with a naturalistic environment suggesting early morning, with warm, diffused light touching the surfaces.
@CaptainObvious Bad human! You are over quota and can't make any more requests right now. Try again in 19 hours.
/imagine i.sstatic.net/kELIH7ib.jpg with a hot cup o' joe
@Michael ERROR BEEP BOOP: HTTP 403: content_moderation: [Your request was flagged by our content moderation system, as a result your request was denied and you were not charged.]
2:16 PM
I've imagined like once in the last week
🐟 Captain Obvious' line quivers.
/fish again
🐟 Captain Obvious caught another Gupp!
🐟 Captain Obvious throws in a line.
Hello friends!
omg go away
@Botler stop crashing
lmao he crashed
sqlite suuuuuuucks
2:19 PM
@CaptainObvious it should let you do it twice per day. did you do it in any other rooms?
Hello friends!
maybe it counted the original imagine call
plus the one I did earlier for squirrels
oh, that's 2 then rip
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
2:50 PM
/fish status
@Hans1984 🐟 Your line is quivering. Better pull it up.
/fish again
🐟 Hans1984 caught another Hellfish!
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
1 hour later…
4:07 PM
🐟 Captain Obvious' line quivers.
🐟 Captain Obvious caught another Chrustacean!
see yas next week maybe
4:22 PM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
1 hour later…
5:24 PM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
🐟 ComplexSymbol throws in a line.
/fish status
@ComplexSymbol 🐟 Your line doesn't have anything. You should wait until it quivers.

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