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9:00 PM
We are worried that if we try to fix a bug, it might break something else.
regression tests are the solution
Also, is the latest .NET Framework 4.7.2's System.Workflow.Runtime a popular technology.
You probably will. As @Kendall said, why change it if you don't need to? If you attempt to "pay off" your technical debt you'll inevitably end up with more than you originally thought
@crazyTech Aren't you already using WF? I don't understand.
As far as I know, features are rarely removed, so you should be able to upgrade to 4.7.2 without breaking anything
9:02 PM
I'm trying to start with !Any(x == y), which is "none", and figure out Any(x == y), Any(x != y), and !Any(x != y) in English.
That said, my experience with WF is reading about it in a book years ago and never hearing about it since.
if we do try to do a rewrite with .NET Framework 4.7.2's System.Workflow.Runtime then will we find developers out there in the market who have experience in said technology
@crazyTech What makes you think you'll need a rewrite?
3 mins ago, by crazyTech
We are worried that if we try to fix a bug, it might break something else.
Presumably that.
@lee-butler are you sure that features are rarely removed? AngularJS is very different from Angular Version 6 ?
is it not?
9:06 PM
Angular isn't .NET
. Net is by Microsoft
even ASP.NET MVC 5 is quite different from ASP.NET MVC 1
Isn't MSFT famously (and sometimes tragically) backwards-compatible?
Microsoft love backwards compatibility
.NET very very rarely introduces breaking changes
9:07 PM
@crazyTech think as of new tech as an egg. The egg become a chicken and eventually the chicken die.
Go find some random 16-bit application from the 90s (maybe even the 80s) and there's a good chance it will work just fine on Windows 10 (32 bit only though)
yep. true anecdote ; we still use winmm.dll even if its a vestige from the 90. It work
I mean sure, a whole load of new shit is added all the time, but it's rare that anything is removed.
9:10 PM
I realised a couple of weeks ago that I've kinda done the same thing with the core library for our business apps
In theory I could drop a new copy of the dll on the first versions of most applications and it should work just fine
Except I've only been developing these apps for 3 and a half years, not 30
as many before me said; don't repair something if it is not broken and if it is broken, repair it, don't start over
Tldr @crazyTech try the upgrade to 4.7.2 without changing anything else and it might just work as is. Even if it doesn't there probably isn't much that actually needs changing
@User23332 99 bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code. Fix a bug, push the commit, 103 bugs in the code, 103 bugs in the code...
starting over always looks a better option. Personally I think its because of cognitive dissonance; our human brain is wired to prefer the unknown because it fails to calculate all the variables
@User23332 Well, if you've had an application evolve over time, as they tend to do, a rewrite allows you to structure it with the desired result in mind.
9:14 PM
@Sinjai I can't tell for other language but in c# one bug equal 200 bugs but fix that 1 bug and you fix the 199 others
@Sinjai as a matter of fact I have
part of the app I'm working on is from the late 80
from before windows had a gui
I just don't think it's right to say starting over is usually not the better option. There are positives and negatives to either approach, yeah?
Also, a start over will possibly give us a chance to use new technologies that are more efficient, but I might be biased because I'm a software developer, and I'm always eager to try new technologies, but our management and customers will Unhappy about starting with a clean slate
I did a partial rewrite of a couple of parts of our system a few months ago and it was amazing. I highly recommend it
we are all like that but I think its because we see a trill in the unknown
I tried starting entirely fresh and it was a terrible idea, so much time and effort and it just wasn't really usable.
9:17 PM
The problem is that the application is so huge, and written so long ago that we do Not have any of the original developers, and we have No strong expert for this particular Hedge Fund application
rewrite part I agree, to me its code refactoring, but the whole thing? meh
@crazyTech people come and go but code stays. Maintaining code is probably like 70% of what I do
We are scared of changing code because it might break something, so we just have a workaround by updating sql tables whenever data is wrong
If anyone's day was too fun or productive, here: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/…
@crazyTech my guess is your situation is not unique, you just need a good strategy to address the challenges
"some" == "not all" ?
Not all should be none
9:25 PM
good night everyone
I hate my life
G'night User.
any C# library around for calculating betweenness centrality for graphs?
Googles betweenness centrality
@tempidope Does it need to be C#?
@KendallFrey Save me from my torment of logic
well, ideally - to coexist with other pieces of code.
@Sinjai not all is some not
9:31 PM
Trying to put them all in English and find equivalencies that way.
you could combine the equivalent expressions into the same row
with two columns, one for Any and one for All
and two English, one for all and one for some
I don't know which are equivalent, that's the point of the exercise.
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