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10:10 AM
ok, C# now you did it
.Select(it => DoStuff(it)) // returns IQueryable<T>
.Select(DoStuff) // returns IEnumerable<T>
now you went completely mad
oh i thought the squirrel went mad
10:34 AM
how do I create an EF core initial create migration without connecting to a database?
@Squirrelkiller I have one silly qs to ask
how can i create custom log to see all sql queries are running and their runtime error
I tried with elmah but it didn't work
Entity Framework?
DBCommand to sql server?
File.WriteAllLines into csv into excel?
10:52 AM
object[] { 2, 4, 5, 2 }
my try:
return array.Aggregate((a, b) => a.ToString() + "," + b.ToString());
error CS0266: Cannot implicitly convert type 'object' to 'string'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)
What I did wrong?
return string.Join(",", array.Select(o => o.ToString());
@Squirrelkiller I did this to, but CodeWars has problems with this
> array.Aggregate("", (current, next) => current + next.ToString())
A wait, comma
This was the solution on CodeWars:
string.Join(",",array.Select(x=>x is Object[]?PrintArray(x as object[]):x));
> array.Aggregate((current, next) => current + "," + next.ToString())
I don't know why yours doesnt work
10:58 AM
public static string PrintArray(object[] array)
return string.Join(",",array.Select(x=>x is Object[]?PrintArray(x as object[]):x));
Is that...an indefinite recursion that just kills your stack?
The challenge was, that there are arrays in your arrays.
I thought input was {2, 4, 5, 2}
@Squirrelkiller There was different input. This was just one example. Sorry
Sometimes the input was object[]
iterative programming
you give me one input, I give you code for the desired output
want the output to a differnt input, gotta give me the different input
11:08 AM
:) Yes
@Squirrelkiller in my web application I want to catch all the running sql queries into a text file
@ratna you could use log4net
there's setup tho
@ratna But what actually runs the sql queries?
If you have access to the actual db, you can let the db write a log for you
ok . i have db access
If you have a wrapper somewhere, you can put log4net or serilog in those wrapper methods
If you want it temporarily for debugging, you can make a trace and watch what queries get to the db
(although I have only done this with MSSQLServer, no idea what you're using)
11:14 AM
im using mysql
ok . i'll try with log4net
Why is asp so damn inconsistent
@CaptainObvious what are you doing wrong this time ;)
NRE at ViewData["Title"] = "Schedule";
How can that fuck up
@CaptainSquirrel sorry felt asleep
11:17 AM
public class pocoData {
	public int id { get; set; }
	public poco1 p1 { get; set; }
	public poco2 p2 { get; set; }
	public poco3 p3 { get; set; }
If it isn't obvious this is my first netcore and first asp project
then I need still to send the whole object for each pocos
@CaptainObvious what's your issue?
I'm a desktop dweller
@Suisse no you don't :D
11:18 AM
55 secs ago, by Captain Obvious
NRE at ViewData["Title"] = "Schedule";
I don't?
Your FromJson thing will only populate the relevant poco
so if you pass through a json object with id 1 and poco3 is populated
it is doing it automatically?
p1 & p2 will be null
11:18 AM
no exceptions and so?
aha null
nice nice nice
so you just check for which one isn't null
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