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1:31 AM
anyone using sublime?
do they already have a free version
It free if you're willing to dismiss a Register window every once in a while
Just use VS Code, it's the best
hello ken
god you remind me of how long ive been away
I paid for Sublime because it was cheaper than getting extra RAM for Electron
/s but not really
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4:49 AM
TIL: parallel loop in bash script
5:05 AM
Goood morniiiing CeeeShaaarp! Anyone else up way too early?
Hello All,
I am developing an application to capture data from sensors and USB Camera devices.
but in most of the scenarios I am observing huge count of dropped camera frames
suppose I am logging for 2 minutes at 30 FPS then the video file should contain approximately 3600 frames
You did indeed do the maths
but it is having only approx 2200 frames
How about you uncouple everything and leave just a handler that counts up an int so you can just do a count and besure you dont take too much time somewhere and maybe skip frames or something.
and because of dropping frames issue, my video length is around 1 minute 14 seconds
5:20 AM
TBO I have no idea how capturing works
I checked the count of received frames also (without performing any other task)
that is also less than expected.
No idea dude, ask tech support of the camera?
I wanted to ask whether this can be because of the API which I am using. I mean does AForge supports fast data transfer rate ?
No idea. I recommend a mail to AFOrge and then maybe to the cam tech support,
I don't know that it is my application issue or the hardware itself is not giving me total frames ?
5:25 AM
1 min ago, by Squirrelkiller
No idea. I recommend a mail to AFOrge and then maybe to the cam tech support,
Morning Proxy o/
6:01 AM
Q: Fill Model in partial view and return the data to Partial view and bind data in asp.net core

Ram SinghI am filling some data which i require on Partial view only. I am filling the model in Action used for Partial view as below: public PartialViewResult FetchCategoriesForHomePage() { CommonFunctions.CommonFunctions.APIParameters CategoryListAPiParameters = new CommonFunctions.C...

please help me
I can't find a question there
1) what do you expect to happen 2) what happens instead
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' squirrelerinos!
Hola Squirrel
@Rish How can you even be allowed in this chatroom with that profile picture?! :gasps:
o7 kellerino
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7:11 AM
non c# related
anyone into whiskys
You Obviously had to much :D
7:24 AM
I like whiskeys. and also whiskys.
I like my whisky Scottish and my whiskey American, though.
...and I've said the word "whiskey" to many times in a row and it sounds weird now. Hope you're happy.
that is like saying "I like Wietnam, and also Wietlmao.", you like how it sounds, but they mean nothing
No, of course they have meaning. "Whisky" is the common spelling for Scottish whisky, as well as Canadian and Japanese and elsewhere. "Whiskey" is used only in Ireland and the US.
but whiskys? and whiskeys?
If I had said "I like whiskeys but not whiskys", that would be a declaration of preference for certain styles of liqueur that also happen to have a specific spelling.
7:32 AM
> whisky (countable and uncountable, plural whiskies)
Yes, but that plural form loses the distinction between the two, so I went for the alternate.
@Squirrelintraining yea
and i better stop coding before i put in shit
!!xkcd 323
@c0dem0nkey I think it's to late for that
7:42 AM
WHat's your guys take on copying code from SO ISO27001-wise? Officially our boss doesn't allow it, but of course nobody actually lsitens to that.
If you're copying enough code for it to be a security risk because you don't know what it does, just don't.
But how is it different than pulling in a random nuget or npm package?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan thank you for complicating. i was referring to scot so whiskys :P
@Squirrelintraining good thing theres version control.
We dont have random nuget packaes, we have only .NET FW, another framework we bought and own stuff or stuff someone built specifically for us.
@Squirrelkiller Ah, so NIH then. :)
!!giphy Ni
7:45 AM
@c0dem0nkey I miss version controll sooo god damn fucking much :<
Not Invented Here syndrome.
@Cap Bullseye
I've copied whole methods from SO before - usually for very specific and contained domains like converting a byte array to hex strings, but I wouldn't have done it if I didn't understand exactly what the code did.
7:46 AM
More like "We don't know enough about this and are scared" syndrome
im usually like "it does what i need to have done, but it is not written in the same style as our other code, soo..."
@Squirrelintraining sorry, what?
@Default I miss version controll
you don't use it?
was my implied question
or is there some pun in there
No, just sadness.
Ever heard of IBM Notes?
(Former Lotus Notes)
7:49 AM
heard of lotus notes
what about it?
It doesn't really support Version Controll.
Welp one couldn't really say support.
It's possible but you'd be hopping mad to do it.
You'd be hopping mad to try it.
7:51 AM
Because it's insane to have no revision history, but then again, it is Notes, so....
Q: ISO 27001 and copying code from stackoverflow

SquirrelkillerSo ever since we got certified, every time some code from stackoverflow is shown the ISO 27001 argument comes up "we can't copy code". As a dev, I have to say not allowing code form stackoverflow is insane and nobody listens to that anyway because stackoverflow is literally for solving coding is...

@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Thanks for the effort, at the beginning of the year I did allot of research and came to the conclusion thats it's not worth the effort.
@Squirrelkiller Maybe you should mention your company's policy against using any package repositories.
Team Leads, CTO and Lawyers talked way too much like a year ago and just said "we'll discuss it later" and then forgot about it kinda. Since then it's "We just don't use any code frmo external sources, so it doesn't really matter".
Will update
7:54 AM
Aswell one of the major problems avni: answered May 29 '09
It got internt links from friggn 2009
Most of the provided answers didn't work anymore in 2018
I still managed to get things to work somehow.
I always say "A good developer is not measured by their skill to copy, but rather by their skill to paste."
@Squirrelintraining There's one answer there from 2011 saying that openntf can use git.
@Squirrelkiller IIRC you are not allowed to copy stackoverflow code.
let me search a bit for it..
^ there is your bit
Legally speaking, all posts in SO are CC-BY-SA 3.0.
7:56 AM
Q: Plagiarism and using/copying code from Stack Overflow and submitting it in an assignment

user5654873What is the view on the ethics at copying the code you find on Stack Overflow? My issue is that I posted a whole source code for a short project where I could not find a small bug that was causing my program not to work. The next day I saw a fellow student using identical code and even asking me ...

SO copyrighted it so noone else does it but basically goes "just use this stuff, it is literally meant for you to use".
So there's no copyright restrictions on using the code, while giving attribution (I usually just put a link in a comment above the method)
Oh nice
@Squirrelkiller No, it's not copyrighted. All user contributions are licensed as creative-commons.
Well the method I did copy does have the SO link above so. all good for that part.
7:57 AM
Oh git is possible - I'll spare the details but roughly it works like this:
You enable Version Controll for project.
Notes creates physicall textfiles for version controll to version controll
Notes links the physicall textfiles to it's own files in-some-what-working-not-always-kind-of-way

And voila you can do git on those textfiles.
I won't start on distributing and multiple users working on one repo.
I do it the same.
Especially for miself if i want to recheck the answer provided
what's with the double L in control?
@Default and physical.
it's super.
I'm guessing it's a german thing?
Might be.
Maybe i just suck at grammer.
That's more likely I think ^^
8:02 AM
any consultants here
@nyconing hello mate.
@nyconing late for today
maybe because programmers rely too much on intellisense
and you cant just tab irl
@c0dem0nkey Whisky consultant?
@Squirrelintraining it consultants
@Squirrelintraining funny i had to backread to even remember asking that
i should stop talking really
Writing is fine though? :D
good morning
8:07 AM
should stop chatting
No, Im not late today. Just didnt talked
@nyconing you asian
We also say control because the german word "Kontrollelement" is just to...bureaucratic.
Also "Kontroll-" word family goes with two L'l
8:13 AM
Why are the EF Core guys encourages users to do a raw SQL? In defeats the purpose of their product
What do you mean raw sql?
iDunno EF Core yet, can I have an example?
@nyconing Are you ok? Anything happened lately?
@Squirrelintraining u mean Andy Grammer?
Infected by virus L
8:15 AM
I see
@Squirrelkiller raw SQL looks like this: void Genocide() { var sql = "DELETE EarthPopulation WHERE 1=1"; ...}
@mr5 No
@nyconing Infecdell*
@mr5 but why would you do that
Why not just query the EF objects
Because of reasons!
8:18 AM
Ah, right
Ask EF Core guys. The whole essence of EF Core is to use a strong-typed and extensible queries using Linq yet they encourages users to do raw SQL when they can't solve the issues
Where do they encourage them?
@c0dem0nkey Yesell, Im Asianell Chinesell, butell notell fromell China.
9 mins ago, by mr5
8:30 AM
How do companies protect their software from being stolen, we have a small program that generates serial numbers and passwords for our applications. that software has been stolen!
@nyconing oh i see
@nyconing halfie :P
...the key generator has been stolen?
Then there's only one way, the modern one: Have a database of all serial numbers, let the program check an entered serial number against a web service from you that checks the database.
@mr5 That looks like a very specific case though
First at all: No software is perfectly protected from being cracked.
Web services dependent software will having strong defend based on their characteristic.
Or, actively updating/ maintenance/ developing software will have strength to attacking/ strike back to the whom is cracking own software.
Using modern asymmetric encryption on your critical license control.
@Squirrelkiller Can still be hacked easely.
8:39 AM
patch the clients
i guess you can run a security patch on that
how about making another one
@Squirrelkiller and it does what, sends back "all OK" ..not exactly hard to fake.
Baisically none.
Just do the legal way I'd say (but don't trust me I am no expert)
and the generator*
Still, no software is perfect from being pirated. You can only increasing the difficulties from being cracked.
Photoshop i.e.
Change a .dll
Edit your host file
And you're good to go.
8:44 AM
so while you patch it, at the back of your head you konw youll be doing it again
just a matter of time :p
At least the online method isn't as easily hacked as uploading a. exe file to my google drive
I mean, if an actual dev decides to hack the thing, there isn't much the company can do to even find out it's him. But anyone else, you can hinder seriously with the online method.
Looking at JetBrains's license server
ALso maybe make a login with credentials or something
Hey friendos
@Squirrelkiller Unless the dev gives out a tutrorial
Still can be hacked,cracked, what evs.
Redirect to local running server wich always returns true.
8:57 AM
@mshwf if the algorithms are well implemented, because of the assymetry, it shouldn't be a problem. Without the private key it should be still safe.
@Squirrelintraining That's basically how dodgy Windows KMS activation works
The Organisation sets up a KMS server, and it responds yes or no to clients it recognises, so dodgy activation just runs the KMS service on the local machine which always responds yes
Handshake - identity - check if has activated before - exchange public key - generating token - respond dog or cat instead
Doesn't matter what you respond, it's easy to work out what is a "good" or a "bad" response
@LeeButler Yeap straightforward
JetBrains's license server may have much mature than KMS
That server are now get modified even by anyone else.
9:04 AM
Analyse the Traffic
And you can open the door to any world.
Microsoft have been battling activation piracy for 20 years
They're probably better at it than JetBrains
Until now, it only has only 1.4MB exe file to run license server
I need a .NET decompiler, what do you recommend?
Injection technique technically will crack any software
@mshwf Resharper
@mshwf ILSpy supposed to be good.
9:17 AM
Deobfuscate or unpack will be different
9:27 AM
Resharper Ultimate has DotPeek which is so far the best one I've used
I can't install Resharper
you can use virtual machine
if youre mac user
Why can't you install resharper?
@mshwf dotPeek
available via chocolatey
9:46 AM
I don't like when people just don't answer to a question after actively seeking help. Nobody knows if they're gone, afk, or just don't like the question.
@Squirrelkiller +1
How about pinging them?
Maybe busy getting scold by boss about he software is getting stolen
Or about hanging in a chatroom
.NET application is easy to decompile
95% of the code in an average app isn't a secret, it's just work anyway, so there's no real reason to hide it.
9:50 AM
Yup, agreed. And I may increase it to 99%
Tried again and installation in progress
I'm looking at ILSpy now
We have a whole other method: Nobody actually understands the code, so even when someone gets our source he has no idea what the hell is going on
You mean obfuscating?
@nyconing I heard this term from a colleague minutes ago!
Security through obscurity
9:58 AM
I mean 25y/o code ported to C#
Oh, its the only technique that can protecting .NET application. But still can be easily deobfuscating.....
I've learnt to despise that saying, because it's always true.
As soon as you understood the cipher algorithm works, its always breakable only more obscure,
FYI I have no idea if my choice of words actually amke any sense ^^
Almost all expensive accounting system wrote in .NET, they do not protecting their code at all.
Just because Avner said: its not secret.
The thing with expensive accounting systems is: They usually need at least some support and maintanance from the developer. Can't have a cracked version then.
If someone decompile your code and reproduction and gain profit, you can take lawsuit way.
Then you make money by sue them
@mshwf Hey make sure you have read.
10:08 AM
morning all. I've been trying to find a service that would allow me to input a url and receive a report of the type of content that may be on there, does anyone know of anything like that?
mostly I just wanted to be able to filter out links that may have sexually explicit or violent themes.
Pretty sure you'll need either a blacklist or an AI for that
Its called 'Adult content'
What you trying to do? Firewall with content blocking isnt expensive nowaday, you may have just buy it instead?
no this is for a web application
and is open to the public
if you think forum style, where people can potentially leave links, id like some service that can automatically let me know if its something I want others to be able to click
@E.LDunn Wait, wait, I had something like that. I can't remember the service's name, though.
There are lots of products that give you the option to block, and they usually access centralized block lists/categorized catalogs that are maintained by a 3rd party, which usually demand money for access.
how would it block a link? doesn't the browser control that
I mean if im sat here and someone posts a link on stack chat, stack cant prevent my browser from redirecting if I click it, can it?
10:22 AM
It can choose not to let that link get to chat at all after receiving it
Your message goes to the server first. The nthe server checks whether or not the link is ok, THen the server either posts the message, or removes the link and then posts the message.
The brwoser just shows stuff
yea that's where I was looking for a service, but I was wondering if there was something that would actually check a urls content. A blacklist is never fool proof as it can only black list sites that have been reported
Then you need a kind of AI
if(HasTits(Link.Load()) dontShow();
haha, if only it was that easy
it actually is that easy
thanks Ill have a look
Hey Vrate has 7500 pics a month for free. Use that to train your own AI.
Q: Fill Model in partial view and return the data to Partial view and bind data in asp.net core

Ram SinghI am filling some data which i require on Partial view only. I am filling the model in Action used for Partial view as below: public PartialViewResult FetchCategoriesForHomePage() { CommonFunctions.CommonFunctions.APIParameters CategoryListAPiParameters = new CommonFunctions.C...

any idea?
Anyone is Asgardia's citizen?
hey guys, how's day?
awesome, you tell
Good. Going Dinner bye
10:54 AM
bye Nyconing
Q: Simple insecure two-way "obfuscation" for C#

Matt DawdyI'm looking for very simple obfuscation (like encrypt and decrypt but not necessarily secure) functionality for some data. It's not mission critical. I need something to keep honest people honest, but something a little stronger than ROT13 or Base64. I'd prefer something that is already included...

I want to find a good algorithm for encryption and decryption in C# to be secure. I was reading the above question. there is an issue and that is Mr @jbtule commented in any reply "Security Warning: Do Not Use This Code" .so we shouldn't use them? if they are insecure or need an edit why nobody edits it? what's your idea? I'm wondering whether use their class or not.
Why would you use a class like that when the .NET Framework has plenty of options?
Options that have been thoroughly tested.
what are they, William? I'm beginner in C#
and why shouldn't use other classes? they build it once so I don't need to build it from scratch I just need to change it by my needy.
11:10 AM
The OP of that question explicitly asked for an insecure encryption, so obviously you shouldn't use it
There are a bunch of cryptography things built-in to .Net
11:24 AM
5 hours ago, by Squirrelkiller
I can't find a question there
5 hours ago, by Squirrelkiller
1) what do you expect to happen 2) what happens instead
You haven't answered yet
Hey all. Sorry to bother you with a vague request for help, but this is killing me close to deadline and I'm alone in the office. Can anyone help with troubleshooting a 400 error coming from from IIS but with an empty response? Without details I'm clueless as to how to start solving this 0_0
Where does it come from?
DO you have a WebAPI behind it? Or just an index.html? What does the IIS link to?
Are you using the correct HTTP METHOD? Like are you POSTing to a GET request? Or are you not using the correct parameters?
It's a RESTful service that we've written. If you load an object into a form and "put" it (to update), it's fine. If you remove one of its child objects it's also fine. The 400 comes when you add a child object and try to save
It's got something to do with the way that object is being created - it has to. But I can't see what it is
Run the service in debug and find out
11:32 AM
It doesn't reach the controller action
Can you describe "safe" more precisely? Is it a button sending a put?
A button, yes, which pushes the data up to a controller via a put request. The controller expects two parameters, an Id and an object.
So either yotur method, route or parameters are wrong
If your route was wrong though then you'd probably get a 404
It has to be the parameters. But ... I just can't see where the issue is. I thought it was validation at first, but I've ruled that out
Maybe your object is not serialised correctly, and therefore not deserialising
11:36 AM
can it deserialize null? maybe send null to check?
There's no nulls in it .... just to make sure it wasn't tripping fluent validation. Hmm. I wonder is a type mismatch could cause this ...
Aha! That's it. A type mismatch, refusing to accept an empty guid value. Bloody hell. That causes it's own problems. Still, baby steps ...
I mean: if the method takes a class argument, could you pass null?
Say I have a WPF treeview, where I want a different layout between a collapsed and expanded "header", can I change the template with a style trigger or am I thinking about the problem in the wrong way?
initially it feels like the style has to be in the template in the style which thus would need the style itself.. and then it just went circular for me.
11:51 AM
If MatchAll Then
            Return New SkuCollection(Interim.Where(function(Sku) Sku.SearchKeywords.Any(function(Keyword) TermList.All(function(Term) Keyword.IndexOf(Term, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >=0))))
            Return New SkuCollection(Interim.Where(function(Sku) Sku.SearchKeywords.Any(function(Keyword) TermList.Any(function(Term) Keyword.IndexOf(Term, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >=0))))
        End If
Anyone got any idea of doing this with less duplication
Literally the only difference in the 2 Where statements is TermList.All vs TermList.Any
visual basic eh?
Yeah sadly
I feel ya
I guess you can save the lambda as an Action(Of T) and pass that to All or Any?
or Predicate(Of T)
Only saves about a third of it, so would likely end up as more just making it an independent action
baby steps
could you post a complete example so I can play with it over at dotnetfiddle?
i.e. the needed properties
11:56 AM
thanks @LeeButler. The cryptography namespace introduced in .net 4.7.2?
Uh not really, it's trash. I'll do soemthing though old on
public class SkuCollection:List<WhlSku>{}
public class WhlSku{
	public List<string> SearchKeywords;
that's C#
you want it in c#?
I prefer working in c#
It's basic but has what you need. Termlist is also just a List<string> , which contains a search string split into individual words
can I get the ifelse in c# as well?
Just run it through a converter
12:01 PM
ah, sweet
well.. almost. lambda didn't work. Ill figure it out.
12:18 PM
Func<IEnumerable<string>, Func<string, bool>, bool> selector;
if (MatchAll)
    selector = Enumerable.All<string>;
    selector = Enumerable.Any<string>;

return new SkuCollection(Interim.Where(sku => sku.SearchKeywords.Any(keyword => selector(TermList, term => keyword.IndexOf(term, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0))));
would that work?
Possibly but I'm not a fan
Cheers though
12:48 PM
Death to Lee Butler!
!!giphy death to all humans
Caprica drunk
Loool guys, that picture is clickbait!
When you click on the link you don't land at a Bender gif!
I'm not even sure how that could be close
1:50 PM
... sometimes i feel shame for people speaking my language, and then there is Hans Entertainment
2:01 PM
Thanks .NEt
Stop leaking stuff? :P
It's all in lambdas
Specifically the ones posted before
2:35 PM
I don't think it's the Lambdas where did you post them?
Cya guys tomorow
3 hours ago, by Lee Butler
If MatchAll Then
            Return New SkuCollection(Interim.Where(function(Sku) Sku.SearchKeywords.Any(function(Keyword) TermList.All(function(Term) Keyword.IndexOf(Term, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >=0))))
            Return New SkuCollection(Interim.Where(function(Sku) Sku.SearchKeywords.Any(function(Keyword) TermList.Any(function(Term) Keyword.IndexOf(Term, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >=0))))
        End If
And it definitely is, dotTrace said it is
I just reopened the snapshot and now it's saying it's all in System.String, which makes more sense
And the GC isn't showing up at all
2:59 PM
Return New - Is this in a loop?
@LeeButler sorry had a phone call
Anyone know of a way to prevent VS from sorting my class properties? I need it to keep the structure that it receives the data as because I have to parse it to XML
@LeeButler so that runs once and is taking up 41% of the GC?
I don't know, it's not saying anymore
I think it must have been some weird glitch because it runs fine now
Doesn't claim to be calling GC
3:14 PM
Ya GC is a backdoor bitch
@Kramb why are you not serializing the XML?
I am
Using DataContractSerializer
So that's made by the VSIde
Nvm, I think it's fine. My items are in order it's just the nodes that are reorganized. I don't think my problem is a problem

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