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3:00 PM
my bad i'll switch
The World Wide Web ("WWW" or simply the "Web") is a global information medium which users can read and write via computers connected to the Internet. The term is often mistakenly used as a synonym for the Internet itself, but the Web is a service that operates over the Internet, just as e-mail also does. The history of the Internet dates back significantly further than that of the World Wide Web. == Precursors == The hypertext portion of the Web in particular has an intricate intellectual history; notable influences and precursors include Vannevar Bush's Memex, IBM's Generalized Markup Language...
@rlemon telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
1993 was when WWW took off
@Failsafe old
When 4chan was theorised :D
3:00 PM
@Sippy there is no place to argue. Internet: International Network. It's the physical layer plus basic communication via telnet or something similiar
@rlemon So is telnet haha
@SteffenWinkler the web is basically anything you can do in your browser
@SteffenWinkler TCP/IP is not IP
if it contains dank memes, it is the web
@KendallFrey for the most part, yes. But that's not always true either and that's where we get into the grey area @Sippy meant
argument over
3:01 PM
There are other protocols besides TCP
@KendallFrey yes, I know.
Well I'm on about www
Stop pinging me I cba :D
@Sippy what does cba mean?
Every time you edit a message with my name tagged in it I get another ping
@KendallFrey fixed it
You edit your messages a lot
we need to bring back IPX/SPX
spring is so awesome.. but for people who dont have allergies
now that's a protocol pair you can get behind
!!urban cba
3:02 PM
@Sippy cba Can't Be Arsed. Unwilling to expend energy on the task in hand. May be used more generally in reference to the state of mind where nothing at all seems remotely worth doing.
IPX is something ancient...I only ever encountered it in Stronghold: Crusader... @Amy @Sippy
Stop fucking pinging me seriously.
yeah it was a competing protocol to TCP/IP
@Sippy why
Sippy: sorry, couldn't resist
3:03 PM
back to BUS tipology
@Failsafe ah, let him be.
@Sippy listen
@mikeTheLiar Hey mike
@Sippy Hey apple
@Sippy apple
3:05 PM
get's popcorn
@Sippy hey apple
gad damn plebz
3:06 PM
what was the name of tha network tipology with ring on it's name
watch kendall have a backdoor
@Mr.Toxy token ring?
into the mainframe
3:06 PM
oh, are we having a purge?
wich had exapanded, star expanded
@Sippy that's where he keeps the panini
Guys I messed up my linq query yesteday haha
3:06 PM
@Amy Sippy is annoyed
@KalaJ yes. yes you did.
@KendallFrey oh yeah thats it xD
I get annoyed when people ping me 10 times a minute
More headpalming to ensue
Sippy I am not pinging you this time
3:07 PM
@Sippy honest question: Why not disable the ping?
@Sippy We'll keep it to 9
@Sippy maybe 9.5
@KendallFrey per minute or second?
9 pings per second is doable
per Sippy
3:08 PM
@KendallFrey per minute or per second? 9pings/Sippy/?
per se
per Sippy weren't you paying attention?
9.81 mentions/Sippy squared
@mikeTheLiar ohhh
So 9.81m/s^2
there's a command for that?
3:09 PM
@mikeTheLiar -9.8m/s^2
@Failsafe unless you're standing on your head
@mikeTheLiar are your feet not attached to your head?
    I was trying to implement this in the Global.aspx but I get an error saying that Session state is not available in this context.

            void Application_BeginRequest(Object source, EventArgs e)
                if (Session["termsAccepted"] == null || Session["termsAccepted"].Equals(false))

any better solution?
!!convert 9.8m/s/s to feet/minute/minute
@KendallFrey Unit s/s not recognized. Did you mean:
* speed: fps, kts
* length: ls
* mass: lbs, st
* time: sec, secs, hrs
* solid_angle: sr
* volume: tbs
* information_rate: bps, Bps
3:11 PM
@Michael at that point in the Asp.Net request lifecycle, the Session isn't available
@KendallFrey the convert command is fucked, I've never been able to get it to work correctly
zirak rewrote it recently
it's fancy now
@Amy any way around that? or better place to use this logic at the beginning of a request?
not fancy enough though
3:12 PM
@Michael take a look at the Asp.Net Application Life Cycle overview, it tells you when the Session is first available.
!!convert 9001 g to lbs
@mikeTheLiar 19.8438 lbs
yes mam
Oooh that's nice
!!convert 17 miles to degrees C
@SteffenWinkler Cos I like to be able to hear it when someone pings me for an actual reason lol
3:12 PM
@mikeTheLiar Unit degress C not recognized.
degress I'm a moron
*degrees ?
@mikeTheLiar Cannot convert <mile> to (<degree>*<celsius>).
Oh that's real nice
thats fancy
3:14 PM
!!convert 9.8m/s^2 to feet/s^2
@KendallFrey 32.1522 ft/s2
oh yay
can you convert like binary to hexadecimal? @KendallFrey
!!convert 1 furlongs/fortnight to km/h
@KendallFrey 0.0006 km/h
3:15 PM
it has fff
@Sippy ah ok. Have a nice remaining working day
!!convert 760 mmHg to atm
@Mr.Toxy that's not the kind of thing it converts
@mikeTheLiar Unit mmhg not recognized. Did you mean:
* pressure: mmHg
* speed: mph
See y'all on Monday =)
3:15 PM
@mikeTheLiar 1 atm
@KendallFrey what does it convert?
!!convert 0xFA to binary
@KendallFrey Unit xFA not recognized.
Praise be to zirak
3:16 PM
@Mr.Toxy read the damn conversation
!!convert 1001b to decimal
@mikeTheLiar Unit decimal not recognized. Did you mean:
* logarithmic: decibel
@KendallFrey ping and stuff I've read it
!!convert 2000db to black hole
3:16 PM
@KendallFrey Unit black hole not recognized.
!!convert kendall's mom to classy lady
@mikeTheLiar Unit kendall's not recognized.
!!convert 1000 panino to paninis/asshole^2
@Failsafe Unit panino not recognized.
!!convert java to c#
3:18 PM
@mikeTheLiar Unit java not recognized.
!!convert 1gee to m/s2
Damn straight
@KendallFrey Cannot convert <gram> to <meter>/(<second>*<second>).
As it should be
@KendallFrey 9.8067 m/s2
3:18 PM
I get the feeling that everything is about to catch fire here.
fucking sweet @Zirak
@Sippy turn down for what
This is pretty nice
Does anyone know how to turn off automatic brace completion in VS? I'm in 2013 and when I change the setting in "All Languages", it automatically checks it again when I close the window. All the individual languages have it turned off, but it still autocompletes.
!!convert 0k to c
Our authentication API is doing something really odd.
3:19 PM
@mikeTheLiar Unit k not recognized. Did you mean:
* mass: kg, lb, Da, dr, st, tn, ct, oz
* speed: kt, kn, kph, kts
* time: wk, yr, hr
* length: mi, in, ft, yd, ls, ly, rd, pc, AU
* counting: nt, bp
* luminous_power: lm
* volume: pt, tb, cu, qt, bu
* resolution: px
* charge: Ah
* activity: kat
* prefix_only: dz, gr
* logarithmic: dB
* solid_angle: sr
* energy: th, Wh
* luminosity: cd
* power: hp
* pressure: Pa
* viscosity: St
* radiation: Sv, Ci, Bq, Gy
* frequency: Hz
* magnetism: Oe, Wb, Mx
yeah @mike did you mean all those things
@Sippy lol I'm not even sure what some of these are
!!convert 0K to C
@KendallFrey 0 degC
!!convert 1 beq to rads
3:20 PM
I bet Kendall can name 99% of those
@mikeTheLiar Unit beq not recognized. Did you mean:
* angle: deg
* time: sec
* acceleration: gee
* volume: bu, bsh
* pressure: bar
* energy: btu
* information: bit
* counting: bp
* information_rate: bps
* rate: bpm
* magnetism: Oe
* radiation: Bq
@Zirak bug alert, 0K != 0C
!!wiki Becquerel
The becquerel (symbol Bq) (pronounced: /ˈbɛkərɛl/ BEK-ə-rel) is the SI derived unit of radioactivity. One becquerel is defined as the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second. The becquerel is therefore equivalent to an inverse second, s−1. The becquerel is named after Henri Becquerel, who shared a Nobel Prize with Pierre Curie and Marie Curie in 1903 for their work in discovering radioactivity. == Capitalization == As with every International System of Units (SI) unit named for a person, the first letter of its symbol is uppercase (Bq). However, when...
!!convert 1Bq to rads
3:22 PM
@KendallFrey Unit rads not recognized. Did you mean:
* length: rods, yards, rd, rod
* angle: rad, grads, grad
* time: days
* mass: drams, grams
* radiation: grays
* pressure: bars
the connection string for Oracle is differente than the one used for SQL?
I feel like convert could just be farmed out to WA
> * radiation: grays
yes @Mr.Toxy
!!wiki grays (radiation)
The gray (symbol: Gy) is a derived unit of ionizing radiation dose in the International System of Units (SI). It is defined as the absorption of one joule of radiation energy per kilogram of matter. It is used as a measure of absorbed dose, specific energy (imparted), and kerma (an acronym for "kinetic energy released per unit mass"). It is a physical quantity, and does not take into account any biological context. Unlike the pre-1971 non-SI roentgen unit of radiation exposure, the gray when used for absorbed dose is defined independently of any target material. However, when measuring kerma the...
3:22 PM
@Amy thank you
Well. TIL
Not to be confused with gays which is fabulous radiation
No, they just radiate fabulous
oh the things google will find
3:24 PM
Figured it out. God damn ReSharper.
@Amy Turns out you can use the Global.Session_Start Method for implementing logic when the Session state is ready
@Mr.Toxy Here in my garage...
@Michael yep
but, you linked to Biztalk documentation
@KendallFrey what?
3:26 PM
47 nawlege in my nawlege account
1 message moved to Trash can
@Mr.Toxy Just bought this new Lamborghini here.
@Mr.Toxy please don't joke about suicide. thanks.
@Amy it wasm't a joke about suicide but srry :\
@KendallFrey what are you talking about?
@Mr.Toxy Fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills.
3:28 PM
@KendallFrey Im lost :o
!!youtube just bought this lambo
@mikeTheLiar Something went on fire; status 403
Jeez Cap, pull yourself together
Hey guys is there a way to paste code snippets here?
3:29 PM
@KendallFrey sorry but what lambo what garage? where did that come from xD?
@mikeTheLiar the google commands are broken, rlemon said google turned off the API
@Mr.Toxy google "here in my garage"
yes @Jawad, use CTRL-K to format
@Jawad long code segments should go in a gist instead.
@KendallFrey oh HAHAHAHAHAHA kappa
3:30 PM
@Amy yeah but unless Google underlies a bunch of other commands (which is definitely possible) more than just that is broken
Morning. I'm sorry to ask such a stupid question but, I've started using GIT HUB. So far so good, but whilst updating from my master branch I am informed there are conflicts. I cannot see, within GIT HUB GUI , how I resolve them!
@mikeTheLiar dont worry, all the meme commands are 100% functional.
Do I need a different tool or is there a hidden button? I'm sure this is a stupid question but I can't find it
@MyDaftQuestions you could resolve them manually
!!tell amy panini
3:32 PM
Hey guys. I have a questions
User ID=****; password=****; Data Source=ORCADB1_QLD; Connection Lifetime=10; Max Pool Size=50; Min Pool Size=1; Pooling=true; Persist Security Info=true; for oracle connection string is this the full connection string or I just need to passe the user, id, password and data source?
@mikeTheLiar I don't understand. To do this, I'd need to see the 2 versions "side by side" but I can't see how to do that
Is this facility in GIT HUB?
it's "github"
3:34 PM
to all stupid put all merge conflicts in your GIT HUB
@Mr.Toxy you should not Need all that - but it does not hurt
@Global whats up today
github is just the host, there won't be an interface to merge conflicts. you need a tool on your computer to do that.
@juanvan thx
You should also see them in the conflicted file
@Amy, that is the type of answer I was after. Thank you
3:34 PM
something like
And thank you @mikeTheLiar
ruby on rails it is something that I would like to mess with
<<<<<<<<<< head
other code
I don't remember exactly how they're annotated but it's something like that
thank you good sir @juanvan
3:36 PM
I love git but it hurts my face
@mikeTheLiar , yesa I've seen that. I didn't think about doing it manually
np good Resource to know about
I cant to this day figure why people like so much to do web programming
3:36 PM
@MyDaftQuestions sometimes it's easier that way
it's so boring
@juavan I used this.lBBindingSource.RemoveCurrent(); to remove row from gridview and db instead, also added update all dataset in the remove button as well.
However, I also want this to be working in the menu selection search. So when user press menu selection search, db/gridview should automatically update and view 0 row if empty.
@Mr.Toxy it pays bills
When I used Visual Studio and TFS, the merge tool is built in. Does any one know if I install the 3rd party GitHub tools in Visual Studio that the merging is then built in?
3:37 PM
@Mr.Toxy it's not a difficult thing to figure out.
@Mr.Toxy I like it because it's productive and tangible
you can do some cool stuff but b4 you do it you break your head on the wall over and ove again
like MVC for example
@Amy the toolchains can be monumentally retarded, though
Sorry, my comment was addresssed to @Mr.Toxy.
3:38 PM
Anyone here works in London? :p
@Squiggle not productive if you're programming in ASPX...
that explains why i'm in SO chat while working on this aspx
@Amy haahahahahahaha wp
@Amy u must be bored to death T.T
@Mr.Toxy ASPX? egads, man!
@Amy sadpony.jpg
no, i have you wonderful people to entertain me.
3:41 PM
@Amy are you ok
@Squiggle hahahahaha
are you ok @Amy
god bless @Amy for this whole ASPX suffering
@Jawad she's not, she's programming in ASPX T.T
ask me if i'm okay a third time, i didn't quite hear you the first two times.
Amy you okay, you okay Amy?
3:42 PM
@Amy are you ok
Okay guys i'd like to discuss some suggestions on refactoring this cs code
@Jawad what are your concers exactly? jsut trying to improve the maintability or just optimize it?
3:44 PM
@Jawad redundant else at line 20.
It's quite simple and I have a few ideas in mind but i thought it'd be good to get some cs gurus :D
@Jawad Can you at least remove all the whitespace first
That's horrible
I said the same thing twice hahahahahaha
Yes @Mr.Toxy maintainability and SOLID principles
and testing as well
where, there's no whitespace bro
@Jawad also I'm not a fan of the "instantiate this variable as null then perhaps assign it later" - unless it can't be avoided.
also /// <summary> comments plz - tell us why this code exists and what it should do
3:46 PM
@Jawad well I always like to declare my vars at the beggining of the function instead of in the middle of it, it makes reading alot better imo
aha ok
public Customer GetCustomer(int customerId, bool isCustomerArchived)

     Customer archivedCustomer = null;
See that extra line
After the bracket
Fuck that line
@Jawad the foreach (var failoverEntry in failoverEntries) can be made a one-liner instead of a loop
Hahah sorry @sippy
hahahaha sipy
3:47 PM
do you really need to know why the code exists?
@Squiggle it's better the way he has it
It's test :p
@Mr.Toxy what's wrong with failoverEntries.Count(e => e.DateTime > DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(-10)); ?
I am not looking to cheat with exact answers i'd just like to get you guys opinions :D
The GetCustomer method is responsible for executing the following logic:
• Based on the isCustomerArchived parameter retrieving Customers from the archive
• The main Customer data store is a3rd party service (which doesn’t have particularly high SLA), so therefore a Failover data store has been created which stores a backup copy of the Customer records
• The method evaluates if the system should be in failover mode based on a given number of failed requests in a given time period (currently 10 minutes)
3:48 PM
@Squiggle what do you read better? failoverEntries.Count(e => e.DateTime > DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(-10)); ? this or

foreach (var failoverEntry in failoverEntries)
if (failoverEntry.DateTime > DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(-10))
sorry for the spacing in that
@Mr.Toxy mine, with a comment that says "// how many failovers in the last 10 minutes?"
@Squiggle wll opinions XD
that foreach looks nice to me
@KendallFrey can I get an assist with Cap in the sandbox? please and thank you
@Jawad aside from the vars declaration I wouldn't change a thing
@Mr.Toxy the only complicated thing there is the DateTime comparison. Linq is a beautiful tool and should be used throughout if possible :)
3:51 PM
@Squiggle yeah I like Linq just can't figure it out yet
been using it not long
@Mr.Toxy didn't you say you're an intern?
@Amy yup
So first off should I add two classes extending that class and override the method?
Isn't the if at line 40 too long?
All that method is doing is to say: "fetch archived users from the archive, attempt to fetch all others from the external repo, resorting to the local cache if it's down".
there must be a way to make it compact
3:53 PM
@Jawad don't see any advantages X D
that's a 3-liner, with some private helper methods
@mikeTheLiar That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@Jawad yes it is xD
and the general idea is that the method is too long imo can't we portion it into smaller methods? too many lines all saying if and else
3:53 PM
@mikeTheLiar wat
return isCustomerArchived ? FetchFromArchives : (FetchFromExternal ?? FetchFromCache);
in Sandbox, Mar 29 at 12:12, by rlemon
!!learn wecomeseesharp <>'Sippy has crabs'
yes conditional is an option
Sippy has crabs? Sippy is a crab
3:54 PM
I am a crab confirmed
no / I don't want no crab / a crab is a guy who gonna get no love from me
@Squiggle thanks yes I was going for that :D
@Squiggle sure you do ... come over to the dark side
@Darth_Wardy why not @Darth_Wadyr ?
3:56 PM
@Squiggle cuz
Jan 12 at 16:55, by Failsafe
♫so no one told you life was gonna give you crabs♫
is tomorrow going to be called "Revenge of the 5th"?
@Squiggle It was Darth Waydr
@Squiggle that's what I call all of my hangovers
@Sippy lol ... yeh @Squiggle ... noob ...
3:57 PM
@Sippy i tipe fernetickly doant mok me
@Squiggle god that was hard to read
I have a friend from leeds who types phonetically
All hail @Darth_Wardy!
It's fucking annoying.
3:58 PM
@Sippy that doesn't sound like a friend. That sounds like an abonimation.
can you guys check that function and see if you think of a better solution
"I don want out"
"I don't want anything"
@Amy fo sure! ...
I need it to ignore comments such as /**/ and -- even if they are in the middle of the sql statements
@Squiggle indeed
3:59 PM
@Sippy i haf a frend from leeds that tipes fonetically
why are you parsing sql?
shut up meg mike

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