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8:00 PM
I went from streamlined server to generic win10 install
@TravisJ when you say "on the surface" do you mean "superficially" or "on the tablet/laptop hybrid known as a Microsoft Surface"?
@mikeTheLiar - Ah, yeah I can see how I should have capitalized that. The Surface.
The Surface Pro, when it first came out, came with Windows 8 Pro and a decent set of free features as a result. All was lost with the whole Windows 10 fiasco. I had setup a small environment for fun on the Surface Pro, because I took it to conferences to work on demos and whatnot.
Now it can't even fucking tell if the mouse is plugged in or not.
why people love c language more than java
@MikeAsdf have an upvote
C doesn't take 2GB to write Hello World
8:06 PM
you mean the procesor is better with c
that isn't at all what he said.
yes but it is faster with c to execute
yes. and?
less memory
looks like you're answering your own question.
8:09 PM
yes because kendall said that before
he siad : C doesn't take 2GB to write Hello World
@DfgfHgh Also, don't forget... loving something "more than Java" isn't a very high bar to set for yourself
@DfgfHgh I meant source code
yes kendall
@ReedCopsey Technically I'm not wrong
8:11 PM
That's the best kind of correct.
;) wasn't at all suggesting you were
@kendell what program system you use to execute c code ,, for example I use eclipse in java
@Amy The best kind of correct is not wrong? Well I never
no, technically correct
@DfgfHgh I don't think you use eclipse to execute Java
@Amy I got the reference
8:12 PM
but i passed it by value
you passed a reference by value
@kendall yes I do brother
@DfgfHgh are you asking about C or C#? This is the C# room
@DfgfHgh No you don't sister
8:13 PM
The Moment of success when the databinding is working - makes me feel happy every time to see the result in the view :D #itarethesimplethingsinlife
@DfgfHgh Eclipse doesn't execute Java. The JRE does.
You probably use eclipse to edit Java code, and the JVM to execute it
And I don't execute C code
I haven't touched it in months
which is more than can be said for myself
I mean wat
I execute Java code for crimes against the Empire
8:15 PM
I have nightmares where Java kidnap me :(((
It stops at kidnapping? You lucky duck.
It doesnt get to any kinky shit
I wish I had onion rings.
8:21 PM
AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH I pulled out of our company's coding competition due to a lack if interesting projects and our "fill-in-your-own" was rejected. No fan-fare, no "Well screw you guys" just a nice "I'm not interested or experienced enough to take on the proposed projects, so I'm withdrawing my entry into code-games" . Now I've got a line of managers coming by my cubicle to try and talk me back into it.
@Sidney did you get the memo about the new cover sheets for TPS reports?
I Need a 2cnd Screen for coding, any suggestions?
a big one
a really big one
like 100"
no, bigger
8:23 PM
at least 101"
over 9000"
@MatthiasHerrmann Learn to code in portrait mode. It is the best thing since ever.
Do you get a free copy of Screens > 101 then?!
@Sidney That doesn't Change the fact that I Need a new Monitor :D
8:26 PM
I need a new chain for my chainsaw.
@MatthiasHerrmann Yes it does. Your monitor becomes at least 177% more useful.
He can still have his new second monitor in portrait anyway. Is that a win-win?
i read that as "i need a new chair for my chainsaw"
was confused.
..... Yes, yes it does.
I need a new chain for my chairsaw
@Amy The man just likes applying chainsaws to chairs. Is that so wrong?
@mikeTheLiar Do you use that chair when you want to tear someone a new one?
mmm, depends on the chair
@Amy obviously the old chair isn't very useful after applying chainsaw.
8:29 PM
y chair, y u no like chainsaw?
@scheien I prefer handling that task the old fashioned way
old faithful
I bought a new case on Amazon, my pc is now looking like a Little Server :D
does SQL Server have an aggregate that works like .Any()?
e.g. SELECT OrderId, ANY(lineItem.IsBackOrder) ...
that's not really an aggregate function.
I might be able to make it work
I'm trying to avoid having to do two subqueries to look up date that's already in my result set but not aggregated properly.
oh. duh. I bet I can just use MAX().
At least you got to do some rubber ducking.
Anyone from sweden
I'm from Norway. Is that close enough?
i know where sweden is on a map
8:44 PM
I love Sweden. Can I help?
svenska ikea sverige
no i figured it out, im retarded
Thanks guys :)
Story: basically, a friend in Kurdistan asked why it was red for me tomorrow
And I was clueless
I checked the date, and for some reason i checked for TODAYS date... But tomorrow is
Ascension Day, 5th not 4th
So i didnt find shit for 4th, and then i looked at my notepad and realized i was retarded #Confirmed
@JohanLarsson hwat
Stay up late programming or go to bed early and feel refreshed for work tomorrow? hmm
@BrianJ get your sleep. you'll write shitty code that you have to fix tomorrow if you're not well rested
coffee and code
1 hour ago, by mikeTheLiar
From the importance placed on Stop Drop and Roll in my childhood I really thought I'd be on fire more.
@mikeTheLiar similarly, I thought quicksand would be a way bigger problem than it actually is
train yourself to have lucid dreams every night, then code in your sleep
9:05 PM
yeah good point, I'll try to have a lucid dream about coding a background task that updates a locally stored variable periodically
@Codeman and killer bees.
ok you can sleep when your dead, that changes Everything!
why have I bothered sleeping at night all this time
haha @Amy if them guys were in my house in the morning I would bundle them all into the washing machine
9:09 PM
I'd cage them up in front of a solar panel or a grow-op
they look like they emit sunlight
lucid dreaming is cool
yeah it is
although I tend to focus on superpowers when I do
And not locally stored variables :P
i've lucid dreamed only once. as a teenager
9:10 PM
I might try to get the concept of what I need to do straight before I start coding
i tried doing DBZ stuff in my dream
I got really good at it. All you have to do is picture yourself with the abilities as you go to sleep, and in your dreams if you start to get to the point where something would wake you up you can often go back to being able to do the things you envision prior to sleeping.
It may sound far fetched, but it really does work.
I've been able to fly many many times
also had dreams driving a car out of control downhill and I couldn't stop
Yeah, that is common when you have that feeling of falling.
Most people think flying would be fun in their sleep, but I have found the most useful things are time travel and teleportation. Something went wrong in your dream? Just go back to the part right before it went wrong :D Falling? Nope, in a bar.
9:15 PM
I have a stopwatch that runs in a Win Phone 8.1 app, this stopwatch elapsed time is subtracted from a timespan that the user selected.

The difference is then saved to a live tile. So after I close my app the timespan value shows on the live tile. Only problem is obviously after closing the app that stopwatch stops running and the live tile doesn't update with new values.

Can anyone suggest what my options are in getting around that? Interested to hear... I'm thinking store the initial stopwatch time in a local db, then run a background service periodically to update the stopwatch against
@BrianJ - store the initial stopwatch time in a local db
Anybody know anything about Membership Reboot?
@TravisJ so store the datetime.now initially and the selected user's timespan..then when the background task runs again calculate the current datetime now against the original and subtract from the user's saved timespan........then call the update live tile method and pass down the updated time span
I'm trying to get the concept correct in my head first
@BrianJ You got 5 seconds to react to the suspended event
but haven't done anything with background services before
9:20 PM
Does ListDirectory return all files and folders in a single directory? Or does it return all subdirectories and subfiles as well?
There you should register a Background Task and it should work, but be carefull
@MatthiasHerrmann by react what do you mean?
@BrianJ overrite the suspended method and Register a Background task
in App.xaml.cs
oh so in app.xaml there is an OnSuspended..let me check
void Application_Suspending(object sender, SuspendingEventArgs e)
9:24 PM
@MatthiasHerrmann I see a suspending method
private void OnSuspending(object sender, SuspendingEventArgs e)
            var deferral = e.SuspendingOperation.GetDeferral();

            // TODO: Save application state and stop any background activity
anyone knows if it is possible to do a propertyGroupDescription with mssql tables
like you can do with enums to set a groupdescription on headers in listview
@BrianJ Yep it is called everytime the app is getting suspended, I think you have 5 seconds to react to this Event, so you should not do cpu intensive Things, but registering a Background Task is ok
ok any helpfull links on registering background tasks on Win Phone 8.1?
The background task is a separate project attached to the app solution, correct? @MatthiasHerrmann
@BrianJ this might also be helpfull bing.com/images/…
so I'm not 100% clear yet, my background task can call methods that are contained within my app solution?
9:28 PM
you Need also check it in the app manifest
ok and my background task registration code replaces :

var deferral = e.SuspendingOperation.GetDeferral();

// TODO: Save application state and stop any background activity
you can Access values by using localSettings, I guess you wouldn't call methods which are only running when the app is displayed to the user ;)
excuse me, did you just use bing?
Let me guess you are using Win phone? @MatthiasHerrmann
me too..well kinda
I'm using edge, it was not intended :D
@BrianJ Windows 10 mobile
9:30 PM
nope 8.1 still, but being using an Android more often lately
Sorry, but I am not used to the windows phone environment. Do you absolutely have to update the live tile with a background worker?
doing most dev on win phone
not sure
@TravisJ you can update it when the app is in the foreground, but I don't know which sense that would make xD, the Background Task is running when your app is running and when it is closed
@MatthiasHerrmann you wouldn't want to, but can you? ;)
is easy to remove bing on edge go to settings advance setings and then change that search in adress out
9:32 PM
Yep, I know how to Change the search engine :D
@MatthiasHerrmann - So there is an event that fires when the tile comes into view?
bing is crap :P actualy the most searched stuff on bing is how to remove it :P
what do you mean when the tile Comes into view?
so if I had a method in my app that creates the live tile, could that be called from the service? I'm trying to figure out how it could be implemented. I do know I can save the time span and datetime values in local settings that's easy
@BrianJ on your first Launch up, you can Register the Background Task which is updating the live tile
9:33 PM
I've heard on Reddit that Bing is most excellent for porn searches. I mean I don't know why or what kind of porn you'd have to search for but... that's the rumor.
I'm an MS whore, so I like to leave it on my browser occasionally. For fun.
@SeventhSon That is why I'm using it lol xD
@MatthiasHerrmann I'm going to start by creating a service and go from there
!!bing google api deprecated
@BrianJ Hf when you are missing one Little Piece of Code your Background Task won't work :D
OK, I have a Q that's only sort of C# related. I AM coding it in C# but it's really about WebForms but I guess no one uses WebForms anymore cause there's no forum here for it except the ASP.Net one and it's pretty dead...
I have several items added to my page using code like this...
How can I ensure that one of them is run last?
This is for TinyMCE (fwiw)
@CapricaSix that might be the laziest response I could possible imagine
where's best to start then? @MatthiasHerrmann
I guess I should start by persisting the time span values to local settings
if caprica is only going to support Bing from now on, and no google, we should do the humane thing and put her down.
9:35 PM
then worry about creating a background task
@BrianJ Your time span Needs to be >15 min
or your Task is only called once
You hear that, Cap? You're going down
@MatthiasHerrmann ok it will be a datetime
that will be stored
A full line would look like this.
Where EndRequestHandler_End() is a javascript function.
the timespan will only be computed each time the live tile is updated
9:38 PM
I have several of them on a page, and need one to execute last.
so the flow is...a user selected a parking duration say...30mins
FYI: The add_EndRequest is "Raised after an asynchronous postback is finished and control has been returned to the browser."
@BrianJ The Task can be fired on a SystemEvent, you maybe want to use that instead of a timer
System event hmm
so this fires every..?
@BrianJ - So you made a parking app?
9:39 PM
!!tell bing zoidberg search engine
@bing The search engine is bad and you should feel bad
If you Register a Background Task for Datetime 2017 it will fire on 2017 :D
@TravisJ kinda there there abouts
one last tine teenie feature to add
which seems kinda complex at the moment but I'll figure it out
@MatthiasHerrmann so do the system events run every half hour, hour or?
The adage about not asking to ask your question seems mislead. I think it helps to engage folks who find your question interesting before posting it to a room full of otherwise occupied individuals.
@BrianJ System Events are for example triggered when the timezone is changing or on datetimes or on other Events, you might see it with the help of IntelliSense which SystemEvents are available for Windows phone
I guessed they are used for example for alarms
9:42 PM
@BrianJ - If I were to want a parking app, I would want to be able to take a picture in order to start the process. Taking the picture prompts for the time left and implicitly stores the lat:long of your location. And then the tile live updates the time overlayed on a small map with a pin on it from you to where you took the picture, and every few minutes the tile would switch to a picture you took to start the process, and switch back and forth. Food for thought.
ok I need to research more may be a task for the weekend
@BrianJ I'm developing currently an uwp app, I will Need to implement there Background Tasks as well in the future
scope creep... @TravisJ :P
actually sounds like a really good idea though
maybe I'm just being lazy
@BrianJ - Scope creep? That was all inclusive :P Maybe a little gold plated, but still. It would have to be fancy to compete with either my natural intuition to find my car where I parked it, and also if I am travelling and I park I almost always take a picture of my car anyway so if the app paired with that existing behavior I feel like it could maybe get used.
I'm going to try to implement the background task and timer update of the live tile for now, which is fired on a button press. Should be easy to replace the button press for a camera task in future
9:47 PM
@BrianJ Are you using mvvm pattern?
really like the idea though, it's a side project so don't have loads of time at the moment to work on it
man this big data stuff is so cool
can't wait till you guys get to use it
Azure has some really rad stuff :D
@Codeman - Azure just hasn't been a good fit for me I guess. It is too expensive to use in my opinion in small scale. And in large scale I wouldn't want to have my proprietary stuff hosted by another company :(
@TravisJ man, preaching to the choir. that's the #1 argument I hear against Azure
it's an uphill battle to get people to trust our cloud
fact is, MSFT is probably better at security than 99% of companies and you data is likely more secure in the cloud than sitting on a rack in your office building
9:51 PM
what about Sony?
I am not worried about someone getting in to Azure. I am worried about everyone who already is inside Azure with access, such as developers and MSFT employees (no offense).
@BrianJ cloud computing and security are not Sony's core competencies
@TravisJ nobody here has access to your data
and there's talk of "bring your own key" encryption at some point in the future
which I think is the future of cloud hosting, personally
@Codeman - If someone wanted the data, they would get it.
@TravisJ that's true whether it's in the cloud or in your data center
if your device is connected to the internet, somebody can get at it
9:53 PM
We started using Vertica and Hadoop seems really interesting
Well, anyway, goodnight all, office is closing!
@Codeman - Yes, but I would rather handle in house stuff than worry about policy from someone else's in house on a large scale. If you look at large online presence, they are all self hosted.
I was kinda creeped out when I talked to a guy from xbox support and he was somehow able to see how much stuff i had in my onedrive
i don't know if he could see the actual file names and whatnot
I can't speak for other services
but I can tell you that my dept takes security VERY seriously
and I imagine all of MSFT does
these days, your source code is basically your business
we have internal teams that try to hack into our systems and it gets harder each time, which is pretty cool
but I'm gonna stop talking about that stuff :P
@Codeman I'm trying to find my Google Advertising Profile but they've moved it. IIRC it was quite inaccurate
9:59 PM
I went to Troy Hunt's talk yesterday on making hacking child's play
@Codeman - MSFT definitely has a lot of built in security that does well, I still use their membership code for my user base. However, the security is outward facing for the most part, not inward facing as much. After being forced on to windows 10, the amount of trust I have definitely diminished as well.
but really all he did was show us how to inject a script tag into pages that makes all divs do the harlem shake
@BrianJ Are you familiar with storyboards in xaml idk what I'm doing wrong:
 <StackPanel x:Name="OutStackPanel">
                                <VisualStateGroup x:Name="CommonStates">
                                        <VisualTransition To="PointerOver" GeneratedDuration="0:0:0.5"></VisualTransition>
<img src="lol.jpgface" onload="allYourBase();" />
Doesn't trigger...
10:02 PM
@MatthiasHerrmann try using blend and doing it from there
@BrainJ not working in Generic.xaml
@MatthiasHerrmann - Oops :) Had the event wrong
@TravisJ Doesn't trigger wasn't referred to your Code haha xD lol
<img src="lol.jpgface" onerror="alert('hi');" />
that Looks like html
10:05 PM
@MatthiasHerrmann - Oh, well it actually was the wrong event, so there's that :P
It is a script injection through an img tag
@TravisJ -.- It is not funny anymore
It was in response to Steven's remark about "hacking" just before your snippet. I wasn't suggesting that you use it.
that reminds me he also showed something about stealing authentication cookies by injecting img tags with a src that has the cookies in a query string param
which is pretty clever but still not really hacking imo
just clever use of the APIs that are available in the browser
ah, that is interesting
you could use that on facebook probably
1 hour later…
11:36 PM
Does someone know a fontsize which number representation look like that from an old digital watch?
Hi americans

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