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2:00 PM
put it near the other wifi, and walk away
but then you don't have your coffee..
so you have to walk back every sip
It will also weigh 23lb
weighted coffee mug
get ripped while you get sipped?
2:01 PM
And you have to lift it over 4 feet from the ground before the lid unlocks and the wifi turns on
Every time you pick it up
I am sweating.. So I'm cold. But if I put my jacket on I'll sweat more. Why the fuck is this a thing
Make your coffee cup solve this problem
Put it on a mobile desk -- get swole while you roll.
And my hands are tingling...
2:04 PM
Maybe I have some weird new ebola
@BenjaminGruenbaum That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
Q: THREE.JS, dynamically shader couldn't compile

deniI'm trying to use particles for showing the falling snow in 3D scene. I don't want to create shaders in HTML page, because my project doesn't allow to add specific scripts and many additional scripts are loading dynamically, not including in HTML page as <script src=''>. I'm getting the next err...

2:06 PM
I'm using Backbone-forms, I'm adding a new field exends from TextField. Is there a way to add wrapper arround the input element ?
@Jhawins That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
I preferred crapped
!!tell Jhawins apocalypse
2:08 PM
Oh I didn't even know that was in there lol
@rlemon is there really no snippet of bot.memory sitting around... I was linked multiple times to gists of it
it was about 2 months old
So steal the command section anyway? I could go through and get rid of what I know is old even
> Difficulty comprehending the difference between objects and classes
^ you might be a JS programmer if...
I mean you can do whatever. I just feel like it wouldn't be hard to separate the commands lol
2:09 PM
I already restored the commands I had
And if it's a time thing I'll do it.
Oh ok
@BenjaminGruenbaum That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@RyanKinal Simple, everything is an object, and objects are everything.
2:11 PM
Mar 13 '13 at 1:40, by rlemon
(Random Fact, when rlemon was 13 he pooped on a slide. he isn't proud of it, but he felt it was time to confess. I'm sorry slide.)
@NickDugger That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
like I said, not everything was restored. not sure why those commands were not in my memory dump. but there was a few dozen lost
2:12 PM
@NickDugger That's the point. There is no difference between classes and objects in JS.
Why did that turd feel like deleting all of the commands? Such an odd way to spend some time.
@NickDugger not primitives! #lawyered
Your mum is primitive
ahh, the classic "you just shut me up, but I can't not say something" retort
I actually don't even know what you just told me. Saved by ignorance!
2:15 PM
1 is not an object.
Hehe, lemon's mom is primitive.
1 has a method of "shutyourface"
Jon Skeet really is a god. He can explain my opinion better than I can o.O
@NickDugger Only if it's coerced to an object...
@Cerbrus John?
2:17 PM
@rlemon Empty regex is empty
2:18 PM
^ fix that
But... it's an empty regex. There's literally nothing to fix.
I know my regex is wrong, it was a joke
@Cerbrus hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (source)
2:19 PM
@RyanKinal it would return a result
Yea, that's better
@rlemon Yea, that's betterhh (source)
@RyanKinal in this case, hOh.hOh
@rlemon Yea, that's betterYea, that's betterYea, that's betterYea, that's better (source)
2:20 PM
@Cerbrus )h (source)
@rlemon I can totally market that shit.
!!> 'whoops'.replace(//g, 'h');
@RyanKinal "SyntaxError: syntax error"
2:21 PM
oh, this is cool
!!> new RegExp("")
@KendallFrey "/(?:)/"
@Sippy pure lead coffee mug
> if the workout doesn't make you thin, the puking will!
2:22 PM
possibly nsfw
I need to find a reason to use some of these
Just for lolfactor
"Oh you like the navbar? Guess what colour that is. I bet you can't guess."
2:24 PM
Yea, I'd like the header to have the colour "ass", with a touch of "coocoo"
pull request by [dev1]: Lots of changes in this one! RBAC, identities, and more
comment by [dev2]: You broke all the e2e tests
morning guys
Geez, this guy is trying to defend a question he's answered that got closed as off-topic, by linking to highly upvoted questions from 2008
@Lankymart again let's go back to our 2008 example again. please tell me what code does it have, and whether it helps SO to be an information repository without any code or not... — T J 3 mins ago
@RyanKinal Hahahah
@Cerbrus Dedication to the cause.
Offtopic doesn't mean useless
It just means closed
The best example of a more recent one is some guy asked how to think in angular
Oooh, his profile says:
> Rarely at times gets into arguments with help vampires and rep farmers (Might be the reason for you ending up here wink)
2:30 PM
Got closed I think due to not actually being a programming question
Yea, but he had to make a meta post about it to defend his opinion that the topic is perfectly fine
Which completely backfired, of course :D
12k nab
I wish I could have that
Maybe I need to get off my ass and do something :D
The moment you get the rep you'll realize it's not that big of a deal.
2:35 PM
Mjölnir, on the other hand...
That shit never gets old.
I thought it was intercourse that never got old :/
oh wait no its high schoolers nevermind
Well obviously
When you get older you cease being a high schooler
One-day flies never get old.
They just die, instead
... That's actually kinda depressing
2:38 PM
But.... i guess those flies don't have the same problem we do.
Old flies don't get up earlier and beat them to the buffet :P
Maybe they do, just old is judged at the magnitude of hours instead of decades
yeah but it's all good because if the old fly was old at the beginning of the morning then it will be dead by the noon rush
PHP + jQuery + SCSS. Dollar signs everywhere.
@all, that script finds the bada55 words and replaces them with a span with the background color set to the css
badass coffee coocoo dildos
lol nice @rlemon
2:50 PM
Hahaha no fucking way
you can start associating works by their css colours
omg that's so SIIIIIICK
How do you add shit to the chat page?
Never figured that out.
dev console
or userscripts
var mapping = [];
$('[data-color]').each(function() {
  var obj = {};
  var tmp = JSON.parse(this.getAttribute('data-color'));
  obj[tmp.label] = tmp.name;
console.log( JSON.stringify(mapping) );
is how I pulled the codes from the main page
2:52 PM
@Sippy did you figure out how to run it?
I'm just running it in dev atm
yea it isn't a userscript or anything
So cool
I could make it a bookmarklet I suppose
2:56 PM
@Anarion This doesn't mean that .val() will always return a string. It's returning a string in this example. You don't seem to know much to be telling me what's important. There's nearly nothing carved in stone. In this piece of code a == would work just fine. — MelanciaUK 18 hours ago
waking up to these comments D:
MelancialUK is bad
@rlemon your script dun broke
> MelancialUK is bad;">bad
did it again, while I was quoting it lol
working for me
It only breaks on the word bad
broke again
wat. Why is mine broken?
2:59 PM
@NickDugger i see what you did there
@KendallFrey wasn't meant to be a joke, but that's funny
Oo so it does
Oo so it does
it seems to break for the user of the word
Nah yours breaks on mine too
3:05 PM
my script isn't even running anymore lol
I like how lol is just black
That might be problematic hahah
huh, seems fixed
Maybe I had an old version?
I think mr lemon changed it :3
Is it a spider?
3:18 PM
Q: Yo-Yo code is bad, but how?

user13107I was reading http://www.yacoset.com/Home/signs-that-you-re-a-bad-programmer It mentioned - "Yo-Yo code" that converts a value into a different representation, then converts it back to where it started (eg: converting a decimal into a string and then back into a decimal, or padding a string ...

Asking that question should also be in the list of reasons you're a bad programmer
Hi there, I'm having a bit of trouble with an error occurrence that I do not understand. For some reason, this: pastebin.com/t9xZJa7Z Is giving me this error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < even though there is no "<" on the line
9.5 times out of 10, the word "hacker" is used incorrectly.
@Loktar did you make bada55.io?
3:20 PM
lol no @Shmiddty I wish
found it on /r/web_design
I wonder where the idea came from
Does anyone know what could be causing the error?
#bada55 probably, I've watched vids where people have used that and #b00b55
3:22 PM
@Jhawins broken link,
wait wtf
their site has a broken link
maybe he removed it?
I can't find it in his repo list
Yeah I just copied the github link off their footer/last grid cell
There we go
@SecondRikudo need that character which reverses direction of text...
3:28 PM
@Sippy dafuq?
@Sippy are you alright?
@AwalGarg Google "reverse text character" and click the first link. Jesus
You jackass LOL
@Jhawins madowat?
3:35 PM
Idk you're just weird
@rlemon this script breaks my ability to star or reply haha
Does it do that for you as well?
working on it
Ah reet
In #Backbone-form how can I change the template for a custom field.
Backbone.Form.editors.MyField = Backbone.Form.editors.Text.extend({});
!!xkcd 1137
3:38 PM
I keep getting unexpected identifier for this line: $("div.question-post > form").submit(function(e) {
Anyone see anything wrong with it? Cause I don't...
If I know what I'm going to parse is going to be a whole number, is parseInt faster than parseFloat? Is there a better alternative to turn a string into a number?
I've tryed: template = _.template=('<div class="test" data-editor></div> ');
but nothing new!
Whoa .. Lots of questions .. I'll wait.
3:42 PM
@InkhSuTesou 2...
Inc. yours
@elhoucine I think it's template = _.template("your code")
in other words, with double quotation marks, not single ones.
thought it was 3 . cuz demcodelin elhoucine and me
Yeah it is 3
Didn't see el's question above.
no no, without the _.template= just _.template(
you don't need the second equals
3:44 PM
oh lol never mind hehe
Okat thanks I'll try it right now
After that, your variable template becomes a function which will pop out div.test as you like it
@InkhSuTesou Is this helpful?
/me clicks
Doesn't contain parseFloat
I'd assume it's faster.
Not noticeably though
3:46 PM
nah ..
I guess I'll stress test it myself.
you can also use bitwise
I think
:(, bits aren't real!
mapping.forEach(function(obj) {
    var inner = node.querySelector('.content .full') || node.querySelector('.content');
    [].forEach.call(inner.childNodes, function(n) {
        if (n.nodeType === 3) {
            // obj is always mapping[0]
            var t = document.createElement('span');
            t.innerHTML = n.textContent;
            t.innerHTML = t.textContent.replace(obj.regExp, '<span style="background-color: #' + obj.value + ';">$1</span>');
            n.parentNode.replaceChild(t, n);
why is obj always the first index of mapping
3:48 PM
@InkhSuTesou Thanks
@Sippy ooh much
@InkhSuTesou I'v tried this but nothing change
define(['jquery', 'underscore', 'backbone', 'backbone-forms', 'datetimepicker'],
function($, _, Backbone, Datetimepicker){
var Form = Backbone.Form;

Form.editors.DateTimePicker = Form.editors.Text.extend({
initialize: function(options) {
Form.editors.Text.prototype.initialize.call(this, options);
_.template('<div class="hh" data-editors></div>');
// this.$el.datetimepicker({});

// .on('changeDate', function(ev){
// $(this).datepicker('hide'); //close when select a date
// });

getValue: function() {
template = _.template('<div class="hh" data-editors></div>');
_.template outputs a function
What if you make u+202e the subdomain for your domain
nobody visits your site then
3:53 PM
what is good way to market a website?
Talk about it
how so?
@mia buy cakes for everyone.
i currently have like around 400 some users i tried facebook and twitter
@mia pay LOTS of money for advertising
3:55 PM
!!> '‮'.charCodeAt(0)
@Jhawins 8238
does youtube help?
@mia wats ur website lol
I can't seem to find cheaper air fare from Houston to Pittsburgh, PA than $315. Still affordable, but sucky.
@BadgerGirl im having one issue lol
@NickDugger Running from Ebola?
yes, youtubes help. always add youtube to everything. also add jquery.
im trying to play safe
@Sippy reply works
stars work
links should work
3:59 PM
code is NASTY imo
Good job dude
it has movies u know but we made it work on every device you can think of
Ah well
We can do this now: booobs
@mia LG Optimus One? I bet not.

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