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1:02 AM
@rlemon nice Ill check it out
@Loktar just watched it
pretty interesting
1:57 AM
I'm finally working on a new product!
And it's internal, and it's got budget, and enough time to do it right!
This makes me so happy
2:38 AM
Ummm, what's up with Bootstrap's total lack of semicolons in their JavaScript?
@fat is a hipster
some people do it to be cool
  var Carousel = function (element, options) {
    this.$element    = $(element).on('keydown.bs.carousel', $.proxy(this.keydown, this))
    this.$indicators = this.$element.find('.carousel-indicators')
    this.options     = options
    this.paused      =
    this.sliding     =
    this.interval    =
    this.$active     =
    this.$items      = null

    this.options.pause == 'hover' && this.$element
      .on('mouseenter.bs.carousel', $.proxy(this.pause, this))
      .on('mouseleave.bs.carousel', $.proxy(this.cycle, this))
2:42 AM
Oh good, so I'm not the only one
> This is insanely stupid code.
Why would a form still submit with preventDefault?
I'm probably missing something stupid
Maybe it's being submitted by an event handler?
Rather than through the default action
nope, click on submit button
alert in the handler
see if it is being called
we just switched to a click event
2 hours later…
4:32 AM
5:17 AM
5:51 AM
which i felt as a hangover... everybody else told it was an earthquake
now i am being paranoid.
i had a birthday cake
the cake looked like guitar.
Hi guys!
how High!
I am in the process of building a chat application using node and socket.io. I learned about these recently and attempting to explore more using this app. I have installed express and socket.io both but I am getting an error when I do `node app.js`
` Cannot find module 'express'` What am I doing wrong here?
btw, why is this chat not supporting ` character?
6:08 AM
It surely is
well, I mean, it used to show like code
It still does
Thomas woke up
Thomas got hungry
Thomas went to kitchen
__Thomas Cook__
6:16 AM
@argentum47 grammar nazi trap?
i call it english.min.js
I didnt had the modules installed locally, that was the problem
Anybody has links to good vanilla js questions on main site that I can answer?
What are the downsides of using .outerHTML?
help me, i am trapped
in a haiku factory
save me, before they...
6:27 AM
... too late?
@argentum47 i was expecting "penis" at the end.
but you broke expectations :-(
note to self: don't use forEach where you meant to use map
jsperf.com/for-vs-foreach/75 add it in a revision?
6:57 AM
!!invite 29074
How's babysitting her this time round?
@Zirak @rlemon ^
7:15 AM
Javascript sadness #12: String#match returns an array of matches - but, if there is no match, it returns null instead - even if I use the g flag
7:31 AM
I am having an issue with my basic code for node and socket.io:
What I am trying to do is send a message form server to client when the client connects.


var express = require('express');
var app = express();
var server = app.listen(8080);
var io = require('socket.io').listen(server);

io.sockets.on('connection', function(client){
console.log('Client connected!');
client.emit('messages', { hello: 'Hello!'});


<script src="/socket.io/socket.io.js"></script>

Can anyone please help?
@RahulDesai What behavior are you seeing?
Let's start with yet another lovely :-) stackoverflow.com/questions/26502366/…
@SecondRikudo I am getting a 404 on GET localhost:8080
@RahulDesai On what resource?
The server is actually started
7:34 AM
On your io.connect?
@Cerbrus is there a question in there?
@SecondRikudo I just put localhost:8080 in the browser and thats what I got
@DrogoNevets: That was a close-vote request
@RahulDesai I think you're doing it wrong
See the example here ^
You need to pass the Socket IO function the server instance, before you call listen on the server.
@SecondRikudo That worked dude!
The code that I was using from CodeSchool seems outdated!
7:40 AM
@RahulDesai Just a note for the future
I've never used socket.io in my life.
RTFM works, when in doubt, try the official docs.
I will. Thanks dude.
@rlemon already started on the reredesign and new logo :D
For what?
Q: How to find the moments of A and B

user62626 1) A 4.5m beam of weight is 1200N, supported by two points pivots A and B. A is x metres(m). Determine x, given that B is twice A

lol @ the comments XD
Well, that cleared everything up xD
7:52 AM
@SomeGuy your not my supervisor!
he is Some guy
@Cerbrus oh thats ok then!
8:17 AM
lol earning rep is so ridiculously easy
@JanDvorak r u alrit?
i find it so hard. helps
8:27 AM
@AwalGarg wat? English, please
why are people so offensive when it comes to mental health?
@DrogoNevets Because they're retards.
@JanDvorak In which case, capitalize the 'w` in 'wat', which should actually be 'What' and end the sentence with a period (.).
Sorry. It was a low hanging fruit.
!!tell awal urban wat
8:29 AM
@JanDvorak Urban is not English.
Anyways, @JanDvorak did you upgrade to Linux?
scroll to the bottom and pick the "lunatics and psychos" category! annoyingly one of my friends works for this company - though i dont beleive he has any influence on costume names)
You really shouldn't answer questions as basic as this one. Stack Overflow is not a JS api. — Cerbrus 1 min ago
@Cerbrus JS api?
did you watch Shaktimaan @SecondRikudo
@argentum47 Does that air outside India?
8:34 AM
@argentum47 I don't think I've ever watched an Indian show, so probably not.
:D , its an indian anime :v .
It is a POS.
@AwalGarg: If the answer is on MDN, it really shouldn't be on SO
@Cerbrus ...but how will people earn rep now??
By answering questions that are actually challenging?
8:39 AM
^ that
Honestly, @AwalGarg, I dare you to find a JS basics tutorial that doesn't tell you how to create objects
@Psychemaster You mean the extinct question species?
@AwalGarg There is no such thing
@Tream The first thing that comes into mind is that you can use eval() vor variables: eval('arr.' + key)SmartDev 48 secs ago
God, now someone is suggesting eval
Ever tried a website called google.com? — Awal Garg 6 mins ago
That's just rude
Don't simply tell people to google it
8:42 AM
does anybody has worked with timer in javascript?
> marked as duplicate by Cerbrus 7 mins ago
22 secs ago, by Cerbrus
That's just rude
@HardikAnavadia what kind of?
@AwalGarg: Mjölnir isn't rude. Mjölnir is love. Mjölnir is live.
Why do people want to make one language work like another =(
8:43 AM
@JanDvorak simple timer that init from 00:00:00
Posting questions without basic research, that's rude.
Telling people to google it, that's rude.
@Cerbrus removed ;-)
@HardikAnavadia wait for (-now)%1 day
Suggesting the use of eval, that's just plain evil.
@JanDvorak my timer is working! but when i refrsh the page.. it is set again to 00:00, that's the only problem
8:44 AM
@HardikAnavadia This is by design. :)
You'll need to find some way of storing the timer's progress if you want it to persist across refreshes
For some reason, I think sessionStorage would be something more appropriate for his specific purpose.
@Psychemaster @JanDvorak i tried to store in localstorage but its not working! i mean i tried with SET and GET
@AwalGarg let me try session storage!
8:46 AM
Not at all, makes sense to me.
I'd say it is
Q: Starting hotspot via JavaScript on Windows 8

NaftaI want to automatically start a hotspot on my laptop (windows 8). This is done by the cmd command "netsh wlan start hostednetwork". I have to log in on my WiFi before using it, so i want to start my hotspot after i have opened the browser. So i want to call a JavaScript file as start page, that e...

Hah, this user wants to run cmd commands from JS o.O
The first thing i thought of there was the security implications if that would ever be possible ._.
I don't even want to think about it
You just did.
8:53 AM
I dare y'all not to think about the game.
the game!
@Psychemaster Yeah, I didn't like thinking about it :(
...bloody hell why am I debugging crap code from SO!
@AwalGarg Bored?
9:04 AM
enough rep fishing for today... no more now.
@Magikaas rep hungry
9:21 AM
but who is the user, the boy or the girl!! :(
The boy i gues
thats a PT
NO! girl i guess :D
whats a PT ?
9:40 AM
What, are we stalking people based on their SO avatars now?
Speak for yourself.
"Oh look, a girl! Better go upvote and answer all of her questions! Maybe she'll like me, then."
That is if he likes girls...
@Kippie That's how it works isn't it?
9:43 AM
@Sippy Wait, it does?
If you like a girl, you follow her round and upvote everything she says.
Then she will love you.
@Sippy thats a little creepy
Girls like creepy.
Do you even upvote
Has anyone here ever customised jQuery validation?
9:44 AM
how about downvoting all she does and then make a thread about how much you hate downvoters :)
That's negging man
Don't be that guy!
Negging's still a thing?
I dunno, I just remember reading Style's book
Neil Strauss or w/e he's called
what's a style?
@HerbalMart PT is PiTy
9:45 AM
Its a joke
!!urban pt
he calls himself style cos that's a cool thing to do apparently.
@HerbalMart So was what I said lol ...
How about commenting on one of her posts and asking for her contact information?
But i learned a new word today :)
9:46 AM
negging is bad mmmmkay :)
@AwalGarg 'ey baby lemme get yo aim'
Hmm, judging by the direction this conversation is taking, there's a fairly large chance Florian will step in and delete it all
@Kippie Oh well. :D
9:47 AM
Florian will rather kick us all, starting with me :D
It's not like this conversation should be saved in the annals of the JS room haha
we will genjutsu him
wtf is genjutsu
@argentum47 lol you talk like a 5yr kid xD
Don't enable them, Sippy.
9:47 AM
you no watch naruto?
Don't ask questions about their bullshit
Oh fuck
See, now the topic is naruto.
i like being childish
I quit.
9:48 AM
that silly naruto
the crappiest and silliest thing I hear about on SE is that naruto...
I'm not sure which conversational topic scared me more.
negging or naruto...
everyone behaves like 5yo kids circling the naruto story and related comic charaters...
9:50 AM
LOL, click 'check em' and look at the checkbox
Might include that on my next EULA
I've never signed an Apple one though so I think I still have my soul
@Sippy south park humancentipad.
That episode was weird even for Southpark.
15 hours ago, by rlemon
okay, last one
@rlemon hero
10:33 AM
Guys if you make a request using AJAX that has a JSON contentType, how can you return a usable HTML string from the method it calls in the controller? Just change contentType in response context?
Is @darkyen00 Abishek Hingnikar?
@Sippy Yes
Didn't even realise.
Wondered where that guy went.
10:39 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum he lives!
You still in France?
No, back to Israel, not feeling the best but had an awesome trip
@BenjaminGruenbaum Had too much snails?
I like snails :D
@BenjaminGruenbaum Feelin' well enough for a beer?
Not really tbh, pretty bed confined :P
10:43 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum boo
Q: Why WebWorker is firing several times on message event?

deniTrying to get image in base64 from web-worker. All is fine, except worker is replying several times to .onmessage event: main.js part: var worker = new Worker( 'js/ww.js' ); worker.onmessage = function(e) { console.log( e ); }; worker.postMessage( { url: '/api/aerial?x=159&y=94&zoom=8&bas...

@deni Really? I hadn't even been a minute since you asked.
hello everyone
need some help with acessing a variable css class...i have this function: $varQuartos.click(function () and inside the function i would like to acess my varQuartos .css class...how is the syntax?
@copy we passed
What did we pass?
10:57 AM
the thing from yesterday night, I have to book the next appointment
Oh, very nice
@BenjaminGruenbaum when are you having kids?
@SecondRikudo Do you live near @BenjaminGruenbaum?
@Sippy We work relatively close.
speaking of which i have 25 tabs open in each of my two chrome windows
11:01 AM
Using laptop fan to keep porridge warm. lol.
@SecondRikudo that's cool ^_^
By coincidence or do you guys know each other?
As in did you meet on here
@argentum47 My C# chatroom tab was using 1.2gb of RAM the other day :D
Had like 100 tabs open
In 4 diff instances of chrome lol
I'm a tab hoarder T_T
@BadgerGirl two years, same time you and copy are having them
copy is a girl?
Yes, and BadgerGirl is a badger
11:08 AM
what gender is Badger
must have 'been summoned by Summoning Jujustsu
i see
11:22 AM
That oneplus pre-order is dumb as shit
350USD or 270GBP
gee I don't know which one to choose .....
(270gbp is closer to 450 usd)
@copy make food, I'll be there in 1 hour
What? Make it yourself.
@SecondRikudo @SecondRikudo is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
11:27 AM
@copy >:(
@copy Your mum will be reported.
@BadgerGirl Okay
No, I'll make pizza
kungfu panda spotted
panads!! -_-
11:51 AM
is cap down?
for long time
12:02 PM
in HTML / CSS / WebDesign: 18 years of CSS, 10 secs ago, by Patsy Issa
he accepted that he is looking at the wrong place.
He's asking for an explanation for the source code
Better suited for IRC/chat
too broad for SO
@CSᵠ FF didn't persist the logs, what did you run? can you log an issue on github with the command
!!ban CSᵠ
@rlemon I couldn't find CSᵠ.
12:12 PM
with Firebug we can persist logs
!!ban 731947
@rlemon 731947 added to mindjail.
its like..
(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。 ᵐᵃᵍⁱᶜ
why you ban him?
12:13 PM
I can test some possible regexes for you, if you want
I know how to make a regex explode
:P :)
how do I host my own instance of the bot in dev mode?
javascript:(function(){var a=document.createElement("script");a.src="https://rawgit.com/Zirak/SO-ChatBot/master/master.js";a.onload=function(){bot.activateDevMode();};document.head.appendChild(a)})();
howdy anyone familiar with getting gulp, jasmine and requirejs to play nicely together?
12:23 PM
@rlemon I just broke my dev bot
@KendallFrey can you start an issue on github with what you did?
I'll try to get that soon
cool thanks
@CSᵠ is banned for the same duration the bot was down due to his shenanigans
so, like 12 hours
I'm not sure what the solution will be
Zirak is clever, I'm sure he'll figure something out
even if that is silently swallowing the error and moving on
12:26 PM
> You could evaluate the regex in a thread and abort the thread after a given timeout
Taken from a -3 answer on SO, but I think that would work
Or fix the regular expression
Oh wait, this is about !!s, isn't it
no, about !!learn
!!s may or may not have the same problem
@KendallFrey s may
Hahaha :P
12:33 PM
yes, !!s is also susceptible
Why would jQuery validation accept 31/October/2014 and not 31/10/2014 ..
Oh it's chrome's fault.
@Sippy It's your fault.
@SecondRikudo Chrome forces validation in US format
I don't wanna use US dates because they make no sense.
And I'm not from there lol
If that was sarcasm/being facetious then !!whoosh
12:56 PM
how come you comeby that regex?
@argentum47 How come you what now?
come by that regex (.*|.*)+
that one is a 4^N regex

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