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4:00 PM
doesn't break images
we are using html5 player with videojs
Right I'm out
Seeya tomorrow bros
so yes @AwalGarg
@Sippy I had it checking children of the text but it was crashing
also later
@mia doesn't work on the moto 360/samsung live/LG Round ! :P
4:01 PM
hmm lol
Boss says I gotta work from home this weekend :(
@mia I don't believe you. Post link to site.
dont they have web browser thats supports <vido> tag?
@SterlingArcher tell him HE has to work from home this weekend too
@SterlingArcher lucky... wait, why have to?
4:02 PM
one thing we are missing are HD movies
here is the link ccloud.us/app for movies
@mia wow this site is amazing mia
@mia distorted ui in lg optimus one...
i've always wanted to watch heavenly sword instead of playing it ..
we spent almost 6 months first 4 months we were focused on testing so currently it's working with chromecast, apple tv, smartphones, tablets, xbox 360/one , ps3/4/p, wii u/mini
@InkhSuTesou thanks it's a lot of hard work:)
pirated movies?
4:09 PM
we are indexing
indexing illegal sources?
> Look man I just provide a map of houses that are unlocked to the burglers
> I don't burglarize I'm innocent!
@loktar XD
One is legal and one is not :P
4:13 PM
@KendallFrey big project deadline due, still so much to do
In the meantime..
@rlemon dude that's awesome! Great job!
so wht do u guys think though?
eh, looking at it objectively I mean its just a gallery of images (with a fancy css3 animation) that links to sources you don't own
Hi guys..
@mia I think your website is very nice .. If you feed it enough Ghysal Greens, it'll grow up to be big and strong and you can use it to defeat other websites
@InkhSuTesou LOL
its missing things that I've seen other indexing sites have such as ratings from imdb/rotten tomatoes, user lists, saved lists, recommendations
steep hill to climb
4:19 PM
im not able to dynamically add Tab4 with the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">

$(function() {
$("#tabs").tabs({ collapsible: true,
event: "mouseover"
}).tabs ("add", "#tab4", "Tab 4");
$("<i>Contents of the fourth tab</i>").appendTo ("#tab4");


am i missing something?
@Loktar i taught my neighbour a lesson
by taking him to court :-), that too on diwali 8-)
DragonÞorn <- How you read this word says a lot about you.
Although i have added:
<link rel="Stylesheet" href="jquery-ui.min.css" />
<script src="external/jquery/jquery.js" ></script>
<script src= "jquery-ui.min.js" ></script>
@Retsam what ? who ?
man there's a diwali celebration today that I can't go to :[
4:22 PM
The word I'm pointing at. How did you read it?
@Loktar hi
@loktar i have some plans for adding imbd/rotten tomatoes which will be done through modal as well as trailer and about the movie but before getting there since it involves a lot of owkr i would like to have some a lot of unique visitors
@BadgerGirl have u seen it yet? @darkyen00 hey u :)
Hi you
@Retsam Dragonthorn?
@BadgerGirl happy diwali
4:23 PM
@mia yeah
> Erik of all, master of none. Web Dev (JS, PHP) and a Nerdy Geek.
whts diwali?
@erikroyall That's the "correct" way to read it, yes.
70% less pollution this year.
thats deep
4:23 PM
@mia Make sure your modal come out while the trailers play. people love that.
!!tell mia google diwali wiki
so wht do u guys think though is it worth it?
and reading abt diwali?
@copy ccloud.us/app
Diwali is like... legal bombing, rocket launching.
4:24 PM
Deepavali, Diwali, Festival of Lights interesting so its like xmas?
@erikroyall and indian food
Diwali is like... time waste
@AwalGarg and indian food
I ate a hot dog today.
@BadgerGirl hey
@mia thats a catch 22
implement great features to get users
don't wait for users to use it before doing the work
4:27 PM
i'll build a website if i get 10k users for it first.
hell, i'll build two
@Loktar It's not really a catch-22; they just have the relationship between features and users backwards. /pedantry
@Retsam yeah catch 22 maybe wasn't the best phrase.
@InkhSuTesou thats wht im planning to do but for trailer it will open in new tab so that way i could save some time and in modal it will jus have the basicis or else its going to get too confusiong too many modalls
In before arrested by FBI
@mia Whooosh
4:28 PM
@copy lol
yeah I wish I didn't click on any of the vids at work
I just had no idea what they linked to
but better at work than at home :P
browser aids
you mean what IE has?
honestly with digital services I don't even see the allure of these sites anymore
like before netflix/hulu/amazon prime I understood
IE comes pre AIDs
4:29 PM
but now.. I mean unless you're a poor college kid who can't afford $9 a month then the risk of pirating isn't even worth it
even though its still a crazy small risk there are those crazy ass companies who go after everyone
like the stupid expendables movie lol
@loktar you have point :)
@mia obviously you aren't in the US
@mia is going to put hulu out of business.
but running a site like that Id be worried anyway
im in US :)
4:31 PM
then i'd be more worried.
yeah definitely :?
I bet at most you'd get a dmca takedown notice, maybe a scary letter but who knows
make more money running a porn site and less legal issues.
sometimes they like to make examples out of people
i think its only illegal if the videos were hosted on our end but we are just embeding them
@mia lol tell that to all the torrent sites who get shut down
/me misses them
4:32 PM
That's very naive
what was that great torrent site years ago.. sonic something?
shit can't even remember now
piratebay is still alive
I think thats what it was
yeah thats the one, man I loved that site
@mia piratebay owners are always doing crazy shit to keep it going
its not like no one has gone after them at any point lol
posted on October 23, 2014

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} Music! Nerds! Me! Kelly! It's NERD NITE BLOCK PARTY tomorrow!

Including sitting in prison
4:35 PM
Somebody noindex this chatroom.
If I recall correctly
@copy yeah cofounder was arrested in June apparently
@copy yeah ..
but the thing about them is they had servers where all of the files were stored for magneto link for users to download from
> Sunde and three other people connected to the Pirate Bay were sentenced to a year in prison with a $4.8 million fine, though an appeals court later increased the fine to $6.9 million and cut down the prison sentences. The charges against the site were first filed by Swedish film and music companies.
LOL dat fine
4:36 PM
Thats like a US medical bill
69 is fine
there needs to be another word for it after it exceeds 200$
heh something along the lines of financial slavery
4:37 PM
@mia lol anyway man idk I'm definitely being critical and maybe nothing will ever happen but its a sketchy site all around man.
I'd talk to a lawyer
@FlorianMargaine LOL
it's not like 99% of websites aren't sketchy
4:38 PM
@KendallFrey 99% really?
I would assume proxying illegal content is as bad as hosting it.
im a woman @loktar
@Loktar dark web is deep
4:39 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum There's a contradiction in the article. It says both that I should trust my code (#6 in section 1) and that I should distrust it (#4 in section 2).
How accurate is console.time?
accurate to 7 accuracies
7 accuracy units
agree already
currently everything there is on there its word to mouth no seo at all so playing safe like i said earlier heheh
4:41 PM
there are some results for it
That's good @mia if you get too big too fast, you run the risk of your website exploding. Then you have to start from scratch :[
@InkhSuTesou eh just use aws elastic it stretches REALLY WIDE
my site almost blew up, now its gaping monster
> cCloud Movies Beta - by COMODO Security Solutions
4:46 PM
needs more jpg
@erikroyall genius right lol
most of the users will search jus for ccloud first thing they are going to see is .com's
@loktar that's why i hate google specially for search even though i did meta its still finidning it
> 5. Difficulty seeing through recursion
@KendallFrey I can drive a day and still be in Ontario :/
I could drive a day and then be in Ontario
I could drive a day and be home
12 hours one way, turn around, 12h and be home
4:54 PM
that's a lot of driving
well, a day.
I would fall asleep
No one cited their projections
@FlorianMargaine a day of driving isn't 24h
a day isn't 24h?
4:55 PM
no one in their right mind drives more than 12-15h in one day
I've done it
would not recommend
I've done your mom
would recommend
my mother is pretty old
also s/old//
@Zirak I'm afraid this title will hurt your feelings...
Q: Unicorn is killed automatically

JaniI'm using unicorn in a staging environment (Ubuntu), when a build process is started unicorn is killed automatically with the following logs. I, [2014-09-23T06:59:58.912673 #16717] INFO -- : reaped #<Process::Status: pid 16720 exit 0> worker=0 I, [2014-09-23T06:59:58.913144 #16717] INFO -- : r...

4:58 PM
you're pretty
...pretty cool
and pretty sexy

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