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9:00 PM
@SterlingArcher I generally fly, but today I took the bus.
I wouldn't mind a Google Inbox invite
And by fly I mean that the black spheres behind my back provide lift.
I really hate email. It needs a tuneup by some smart minds
@taco Mail doves bro.
Let's burn all the computers in the world can go back to bows and arrows
9:02 PM
@Jhawins Yeah, that stuff happens - shouldn't be a black mark on you.
@SomeKittens Jhawins is afk: shared too much personal info
I kind of like the messenger pigeon idea to replace email. But then I'd hate working from home as my car would get covered in bird shit
We've reinterviewed people after 4-6 mos
Flaming arrows with a papyrus roll should only be used for overnight delivery
it already did get a tune up you just are not using the latest version @taco
9:04 PM
its called aim 6.0
lol ok
9:19 PM
Q: Answering with jQuery

Sterling ArcherGoing off this question here... Is it ok to give a jQuery answer if the OP has tagged jQuery, but does not use it in their code? It screams "mis-tag" to me, versus "gimme dat jQuery". More or less, should jQuery answers be valid on a mis-tagged question? (I use the term valid loosely here, as ...

I'm conflicted.
Topic: I need to unwind after a two-week period of complex thinking. To put it another way, I need to erase the chalk from my mental chalkboard. Please suggests methods for accomplishing this task.
@Shmiddty vodka ?
old folk told me thors hammer can get that task done too.
@Shmiddty - Sleep is the body's way of moving short term memories to long term ones. It will refresh your "mental chalkboard".
Start napping
small vacation helps aswell
@Shmiddty Lift weights
9:25 PM
@user629545 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
.. and drop one on your head, mathematically calculate the correct angle and speed of approach to erase exactly 2 weeks x)
- personal experience : I can never do that.
Haha, I find it physical exhaustion clears mental exhaustion.
God is really nasty.
What's the time limit you guys give other answers if they aren't a copy of your answer, but give the same answer?
I don't wanna downvote and be a doucher but 3 minutes after my answer? iunno
I just ignore it, it happens all the time
9:31 PM
@TravisJ I suppose I could nap more. Do you have studies that substantiate this claim?
@TravisJ good idea
@user629545 I like this idea
@Shmiddty - UC Berkeley did a lot of research on the topic, although I cannot find any exact publications from them on short notice. Here is a news article with some of their findings newscenter.berkeley.edu/2010/02/22/naps_boost_learning_capacity
@Shmiddty afaik nap's help to convert your RAM to CLOUD Storage
@darkyen00 It's kind of amusing how the brain and common data storage patterns can be explained with similar terms
9:41 PM
I rox at LaTeX
I learned about "Grandma Cells" today, which are basically indexes.
I mean, LaTeX fucking rocks
@Shmiddty =)
I am thinking of joining Psychology on side, should be interesting to study.
At this point, I feel like everything is interesting to study
It's just a matter of managing my time effectively
I always feel that.
Psychology is attracting me towards it. Way more than computer science does anymore.
^ should there be a comma ?
9:43 PM
Yes, but after the "but", not "it"
"but, Psychology is attracting me toward it more than computers are currently."
something like that
Really doesn't need a but at all :)
the "But" is just a transitory phrase indicating that the topic is changing
oh dear the edit history

darkyen00's attempt to form a meaningful sentance

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9:46 PM
that funny However. i ithnk, it was not's bad at the try number ones
No :-(, I used to top my english class then I found the Internet.
Don't Nazi me bro
nd diz w@y 0f sp3@kz
CMOS brah.
9:48 PM
!!urban CMOS
@darkyen00 C-Mo Captian Morgan Spiced Rum
CMOS was an early graphical OS, right?
!!define CMOS
@darkyen00 CMOS (electronics) Acronym of complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor.
9:49 PM
@Shmiddty even before that ^
face book and not facebook.com
damn, that is like a super one box
Gigantic One Box is Gigantic.
On a side note, does anybody know how to sleep ? (with a hand hurting like being shot)
pain killers aren't helping.
Guys help me out here
Where's the documentation that says what input elements will return?
If there is input, it's returned always as a string, else, undefined, right?
It will not return integers, booleans, etc?
9:51 PM
@darkyen00 The pain is just your brain indicating that something is wrong. You already know this, so you can just ignore it.
@Shmiddty there is no | /dev/null
in brain :-(, brain why u no run on Linux ?
sure there is
You just haven't found it yet
I think this room will agree my brain is running on Windows.
You've got a popup that you can't dismiss?
That popup is named pain.
and shutdown is disabled by administrator.
9:55 PM
Good afternoon, all. I am encountering a problem when implementing the pagination example found here in angular: jsfiddle.net/2ZzZB/56
I have copied the filter on that page and added it to my solution, but neither the array of items I am ng-repeating nor the argument for the start of the returned array ever arrive in the filter function.
My ng-repeat looks thusly:
ng-repeat="contest in HistoryContests | startFrom: (historyCurrentPage * pageSize) | limitTo:pageSize"
I have a breakpoint in the filter function and when I query either the input or start parameters, both are 'undefined'.
Am I passing parameters wrong or what?
@darkyen00 ur still here?
@darkyen00 - If you cannot dismiss your popup after 4 hours you should probably seek administrative assistance.
@SterlingArcher - input elements are typed "text" by default?
@SterlingArcher - Shouldn't return undefined, just empty string. See here: jsfiddle.net/mdg29kah
@TravisJ Friends !
@TravisJ even if the input type is a number, it still returns a string
10:10 PM
lol it literally says string
ah, missed the typeof on your first line
Yes you will need to parse the value returned as it is always technically a string when in the input
But it should never be undefined
I knew that Malencia guy was full of shit
@Anarion This doesn't mean that .val() will always return a string. It's returning a string in this example. You don't seem to know much to be telling me what's important. There's nearly nothing carved in stone. In this piece of code a == would work just fine. — MelanciaUK yesterday
Normally I wouldn't care, but "You don't seem to know much to be telling me what's important." is so condescending
my solution of staggered media-queries styles with webpack.
let them be the way they are --- there are other things to fix because of webpack.
Ok, time to install yosemete
now comes the hard decision on the system76 laptop i bought whether to wipe it and install windows 8.... or just install windows 8 in a vm or dual boot
10:17 PM
gets fire shield
@HatterisMad - Is it solid state?
Wipe it imo
it is a machine intended for ubuntu though and thats what comes with it from factory
Yeah, windows is definitely not used to working with intel chipsets and nvidia graphics :)
10:20 PM
i don't want to miss out on the opportunity of having either... so the decision is which is going to be the primary os and which the secondary or vm
sarcasm noted and disregarded
The only reason to keep Ubuntu is if you were actually going to use it. Do you have a use for Ubuntu?
If you come across one in the future, you can always reinstall
very true. i don't have a need that windows 8 doesn't fill at the moment.
chrome OS :)
it just feels like debauchery putting windows 8 on an ubuntu intended machine
10:22 PM
@mia - Have you used chrome os?
yup its lame
i looked at one in a store and got scared and scurried away
@mia you still need to reply me..
i used the vanilla and but chromebox sucks flash doens't even work
I haven't. Are there many programs/applications for it?
flash doesn't work? lame
10:23 PM
@darkyen00 i sent u message
havent received yet.
@HatterisMad wipe it. you will regret if you are not gaming ... just use ubuntu .. if you are using it for gaming then kep ubuntu.
its still sending wtf
is ddlj still playing in india theatres? does anyone know? :)
@HatterisMad - What are you going to use the laptop for? Prod server? Dev server? Dev machine? Gaming? Business?
10:24 PM
@HatterisMad yes
the audiences have not gotten tired of it yet?
I am getting ready to move overseas so it will be my everything :/ only computer
as far as linux/unix goes i think ubuntu is the best OS ever
it is probably the most user friendly ever
Would our chat room name technical give a multiply by infinity error? :P
10:28 PM
i used ubuntu server its same as any other specially when dealing with commands same concept
my google chrome is kind of making me angry. It crashes any time i right click
@TravisJ halp ?
it same concept for almost all of the os like windows it doesn't matter which version u use same commands lol
My window.app object has information about almost everythin gin the app
@darkyen00 - wat iz happen
10:30 PM
though it is composed by multiple sub-classes
@HatterisMad reset to default settings should help :)
too much gin
would it be a God Object ?
clear those cookiessss
the anti-pattern ?
10:32 PM
@darkyen00 - Well you are making something that is custom and not very large, so it makes sense there is something that has access to all the information. Further, you did name it "God" so that could have led to design decisions allowing it access.
Try naming it Blind and see if you change the way you use it
is he still working framework
I believe so
ru doing anything exciting @TravisJ
Right now I am writing a deeply nested sql projection with several groupbys and hoping it works
i wish i was that smart
10:37 PM
I don't suppose some one would be kind enough to take a gander at this glitch i have in my code: jsfiddle.net/d3k0yg0b i've been stuck on it all day. Can't work out why its happening :(
@Dave What is the problem...? what is it not doing that it should be? P.S. I can't help, since I'm not that good with JS.
at step 4 on the fiddle ull find the circle "jumps" rather than moves smoothly with the mouse
@TravisJ on the other hand
the App objects creates something awesome
[serialized the whole object, and de-serialized it]
app state untouched.
who knows how proxy?
i use chrome app called ZenMate
10:46 PM
for jw_player ^
easy to proxy
@Dave programatically she means.
@darkyen00 thanks for explaning
@SomeKittens reading reviews stating Beyond Earth is not like Alpha Centauri :(
and that SMAC fans will be disappointed if they go in wanting thinking that
makes me sad.. not sure if Im going to be a day one buyer now
civilization is a good game whether its like alpha or not though
i bought it earlier today
10:50 PM
bleh yeah I love SMAC though
creating your own units was awesome
sad to see thats not in the new one
they did say they were thinking hard about alpha centauri though
maybe this game will inspire them to do it now
@loktar do you know how to proxy?
proxy what?
do you internets?
@Dave the coords are probably off initially from the zoom
haven't looked at the code at all, but thats what it feels like
10:54 PM
@darkyen00 can you explain it @Loktar
hmm so i might need to recalibrate canvas center x,y
@Dave the boundaries aren't being set when zooming out, and seem to get set once you drag
@Loktar she wants jw_player to play some website video.tt source or something needs plugins etc and a proxy script.. Just suggest her ways.
@darkyen00 thanks:)
hm strange because it sets for zoom in and i use the same function with a simple bool check for direction
ill try move my boundary calcs to my zoom rather than drag then
11:00 PM
yeah All I did was duplicate the offset calls in the start() function
I also had it draw the boundary just so I could see it
offsets just need to be reset when scrolling
which lines have u changed?
hmm I still don't think its quite right..
I added stuff in the start() function
didn't actually change anything
just copied some of your code from the scroll function
it seems like its working for me
you still getting a glitch ?
well not a glitch but the position isn't accurate
I draw the center of the circle just so I can track it
if you notice it doesn't stay on the boundary where you place it like it should when scrolling
yeh on the zoom in but zoom out is fine
11:04 PM
@Loktar Yeah, I'm aware it's not just a SMAC clone
Preordered (and saved 33%)
well not even the fact its not a clone
its not at all like smac
people are saying it looks like a civ 5 dlc
I don't see why they're surprised....
It's built on the Civ 5 engine
eh thats not an excuse
Just with totally new factions, tech web, aliens, satellites, etc
11:08 PM
lots of games are built on the Unreal Engine
yeah idk, the early reviews I'm seeing just aren't impressive
I'm already dissapointed
was watching Total Biscuit play it earlier
he slaughters all games
eh I like his vids, for example he gave Shadow of Mordor a really great review
and I loved that game, it was great
I love the youtube/lets play era of gaming
I can actually watch someone play it and not have to take their word if Ill like it or not
yeh its better than the likes of ign/gamespot in my view
yeah definitely
@loktar so ?
11:15 PM
@mia so what?
u have time now to help?
@Dave so basically you need something like you do with the mouse positions
but instead you need like oldOffset - newOffset
so before you set the offset get the new one, then recalc the circle position
ok ill have a fiddle after my dinner see if i can get it to work
11:17 PM
@mia I don't even know exactly what you want, but I'm about to eat soon anyway
also I feel uncomfortable helping you make a site for users to watch pirated content
I dont want to get fucked by the FBI/Homeland Seucrity
the website is for personal use
nah Im not actually worried about that
im trying to learn stuff
@mia there's a zillion legit ways to learn
give me 1?
11:19 PM
read a book
Make an AirBnB clone
Do a barrel roll
@SomeKittens seriously lol?
@mia In what manner do I not appear serious?
no need to be paranoid loktar , they already parked outside :P
11:22 PM
i like to learn codes fun way
you dont learn to code by hacking the military.. etc so learning to code related to pirated content isn't smart
@dave that's what i enjoyed because there are a lot of challenges involved
you mean like avoiding jail ?
thats one hell of a challenge that isn't worth it
@dave yes it is
well SO isn't in the business to encourage illegal activity so your not really on the right website
try an underground hacking forum
11:27 PM
@mia Cool, well if you want to learn how to code by making a website for pirated stuff, go for it; but don't be mad if we don't want to help you.
Got Gmail Inbox!
noo worries :)
So the Razor Blackwidow Chroma sucks
Im about to take it back to bestbuy
After typing on this for a week straight I still mess up all the time
its so frustrating
going to replace it with the corsair k70 rgb
So Runnable crashed three times during a demo to an interviewee
he still loved the idea

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