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11:00 AM
@SecondRikudo Beautiful :D
vomit => warm it
That's a plaque though, not a trophy :/
Any ways, any one here who have worked on scroll related javascript issues ?
@ImranBughio Atleast 800 times, I have.
@ImranBughio Yes, don't hijack scroll.
11:01 AM
Q: Scrollsection Plugin stops inner scrolls

Imran BughioDEMO Problem: I ma using ScrollSection plugin & having a problem with inner div scrolls. i.e inside a section there is a div with scroll but when i hover over it to scrolls the div, it scroll the page instead. What I have tried: I have added a global Boolean variable(named disableScrollSectionM...

*anyways, anyone, who has, scroll-related
stop it Jan -- seriously :/
@SecondRikudo hahahaha
but... why?
11:01 AM
@JanDvorak running a bot or something?
@AwalGarg now that would be nice if a bot could do that
I really think its beautiful and poetic how low this channel became. Its so much fun around now :P
!!nudge 18
11:02 AM
@SecondRikudo Nudge #3 registered.
@jAndy *it's
!!mute JanDvorak
@AwalGarg That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
11:03 AM
@AwalGarg checking
@AwalGarg you're not even a RO
through, threw, thru
you're, your
right(2 meanings), write, rite
English sucks :D
@JanDvorak AFAIR, it can work if 2 non-ROs do it... but it is now scraped
11:03 AM
their, they're, there?
And that
Ihr könnt mich mal alle am Arsch lecken, besonders @JanDvorak
a lot, allot
@Sippy to (42 meanings), too, two,
11:04 AM
@ImranBughio would be handy if you add a link to the actual plugin, not the demo.
@jAndy english, please
@SecondRikudo Where's the 42 meanings? I wanna read it
Google translate: You can contact me any time to lick on ass, especially @JanDvorak
@JanDvorak I don't think you want that in English.
there ya go. Lol
11:05 AM
ok... that's flaggable
Don't be sad ..
I wonder how many people would like to talk here if Jan continues being a grammar nazi lol.
Just ask him to remove it.
google translate became a lot better since the last time I used it
You've got two minutes to remove it
11:06 AM
!!nudge jandy 2
@AwalGarg Many things can be labeled Not a Number; a delay should not be one of them.
@mikedidthis That is also there -- 4th word after "Problem:" on 2nd line
@jAndy Not entirely true, but close enough :P
@JanDvorak @jAndy
11:07 AM
> I ma using ScrollSection plugin
@jAndy Ihr könnt mich mal alle am Popoloch lecken, besonders @JanDvorak (source)
lol "ma"
thats less offensive
11:08 AM
@AwalGarg yeah another typo... -- i am on it
we should have language weeks around here
is there a grammar room around here?
@ImranBughio this is
Russian week, spanish week, Japanese week will be fun
11:09 AM
stack grammar flow
@jAndy after flagging gets fixed
thats like saying "when duke nukem forever gets released"
point taken, though
11:11 AM
I like my words better
but they're incorrect
where comes that quote from actually...
ahh lord of war
@ImranBughio which links to the demo site, not the code for the plugin. The demo is near useless, the code for the plugin is not.
@ImranBughio you know, this: github.com/guins/jQuery.scrollSections
@mikedidthis This is the code link: github.com/guins/jQuery.scrollSections
11:13 AM
@mikedidthis yes, you found it
@ImranBughio stick it on the question. If someone has to google to find code to support your issue, they aren't likely to help you.
@mikedidthis I think its a dead plugin -- the guy is not responding to bugs and changes... -- & yes thought i have shared the plugin link instead of demo -- which i have fixed now
then drop the plugin
@mikedidthis o/
^ that.
11:14 AM
can you draw me something in vector :?
can you pay me?
@ImranBughio Outta super wild curiosity, why do you use -- for separating sentences? You know there is ; and .?
I joke, what you want?
@mikedidthis i drew this yesterday .. (uploading)
@AwalGarg yes but fullstop is too small to create separation that's why sometimes i use double dashes like this "--"
11:16 AM
@darkyen00 if it is your penis, I won't be happy.
@AwalGarg I couldn't find any other plugin with same functionality.
@ImranBughio For the sanity of people who speak English properly, please don't do that.
@ImranBughio please stop breaking punctuation.
@ImranBughio You use a plugin to write --?
@AwalGarg no
@AwalGarg OMG did you even read the question that i posted?
11:17 AM
between bold links and -- I want to cry.
@ImranBughio I think its a dead plugin, the guy is not responding to bugs and changes. And yes thought i have shared the plugin link instead of demo, which i have fixed now.
For clarity.
^ that
@mikedidthis its just a haunted painting
@ImranBughio Tag anything jquery and I don't like you. No, I didn't read it.
@AwalGarg jQuery is sexy
11:18 AM
@AwalGarg ok, just that you know the question is not about "--"
@Sippy jQuery is a lot of things.
Sexy it is not.
@Sippy jQuery is great for fast development.
@ImranBughio No.
@ImranBughio Abs. not lol
@ImranBughio yeah, fast development for those who don't know vanilla.
11:19 AM
@SecondRikudo YES, it is
jQuery is good for one thing, and one thing only
slowing down web pages
Not having to deal with the ugliness of DOM with older browsers.
I use jQuery a lot. The reason I use jQuery a lot is because it's the only JS 'framework' I know how to use.
11:20 AM
@mikedidthis ^
@SecondRikudo nudge
i suck at drawing :D
Right, time to go home.
jquery = a fast car for those who can't walk?
@darkyen00 roflmao! You made it?
11:21 AM
Talk to yall later folks
@SecondRikudo cya :)
@SecondRikudo bai
@JanDvorak More like a bus.
For those who can't drive.
@JanDvorak Can or cannot walk, Car is faster for all.
there are no buses where I am going
11:22 AM
jquery is a wheelchair
@AwalGarg yeah :-(
@AwalGarg lol, no it's a car Jan also agrees on that
@darkyen00 urm..
i can draw good with a pencil but sketching is impossible hard xD
@ImranBughio @JanDvorak do you really? Must be a toy car then...
11:23 AM
@darkyen00 I can try.
@ImranBughio He wasn't agreeing in the way you think he was.
thank you :D
@Sippy Well he did use Car as a metaphor for jQuery.
Me: Hi
jQuery: Hi
Me: Are you a Car or not?
jQuery: WTF?
@ImranBughio Congrats, he used it in a different metaphor than you did.
Also you don't need to capitalise the first letter of a noun in English.
Unless it's at the beginning of a sentence, or is literally someone's/something's name.
@Sippy Really i don't?
11:27 AM
You don't.
@Sippy Oh ok.
It'd be like me saying you are a Person.
You're a person, and your name is Imran.
jQuery: Yeah, kind of. Horse-drawn.
@erikroyall That's a cart ;D
I hated Jquery, now im okay with it and in some cases i love it
11:28 AM
@NickH Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@erikroyall I take that back.
^ Haha
Ugh, I wish I could flag answers for being terrible semi-efficient workarounds to extremely simple problems.
A: Trying to pass in an object as a parameter for an innerHTML function

user2578535What you could do is just have a caseswitch within the function. function choice(choicePicked){ switch(choicePicked){ case 'first': aCell.innerHTML = first.a; bCell.innerHTML = first.b; break; case 'second': aCell.innerHTML = se...

OP wants 1 function that uses 2 different objects. Simple solution: pass the proper object to the function.
@Cerbrus there's a downvote for that
Answer: Use a switch!
I did downvote it, but someone else +1'd it
11:31 AM
Maybe the caller shouldn't have access to these objects?
I'm wondering if someone could give me a quick hand, I have this regex to replace html comments /<!--([\s\S]+)endif]-->/g but I need to make the \s\S exclude the string endif. I've tried looking at negative lookaheads (which I think is what i need), but I'm getting completely lost with it.
The objects are global, and the OP even posted the required function
My guess is that the OP didn't know how to call the function that you pass the objects to.
(Also: yay, chat/meta effect)
@BenjaminGruenbaum: :reads:
> When called on to fix a bug in a deployed program, you try prayer
I do that
11:36 AM
That's a sign of a good programmer..
"(Relational) Treating a relational database as an object store and performing all joins and relation enforcement in client code"
Relation enforcement, fine. Joins though??
@Sippy I did that for about a year when I learned PHP when I was 12.
Does it mean literally grabbing object arrays and joining the arrays?
Didn't quite get databases. So if I had a user DB and a comment DB I'd perform two mysql_querys, one to get the user id and one to get the comments for the user.
Anybody got a list of phone formats globally ? preferrably in JSON
Didn't know what a join was.
11:37 AM
Hi Benjamin !
Yeah that's bad.
I must be a good programmer cos I didn't even understand how to do that wrong lol
@darkyen00 hi
@Sippy yeah, then again the whole MySQL and PHP thing was really new and I didn't have any understanding of how DBs work.
I'm probably guilty of 2.5 :/ I don't get generics really. Need to read up on em.
Or how network traffic worked, or how the web worked for that matter. I was surprisingly effective :P
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh I wasn't judging, I probably did that when I first learned databases as well.
11:39 AM
It's fine to judge. I was quite a horrible programmer when I started and I still have a long way to go.
Checking to see if a boolean-typed variable is something other than true or false
Generally, I agree with what this guy is saying.
> Owns a book written by a guy called Martin Fowler
Although he has a lot of shitty stuff in addition to the gold
> Puts finger to lips, furrows brow and says "hmm" when faults in their work are pointed out, while looking at the code and not the critic
> Knows what ATP synthase is. Has extracted DNA from a banana in their kitchen
Haha, I did that.
> Owns a book with a dragon on the cover, especially if they don't write compilers
I have met so many people who always get ragey when someone says their code is wrong
11:43 AM
I get ragey sometimes, but I listen
I only get ragey if a client changes their mind and then says my code doesn't work, "It does work, you just gave me the wrong specification for it. Idiot."
If it's actually broken then I love getting feedback on it
> You seriously consider malice to be a reason why the compiler rejects your program
This article keeps getting better xD
> Doesn't take the spec by its word and tries to find out who wrote it and what they were thinking
Hunts down and talks to the people who will use the program each day
Owns a book written by a guy called Martin Fowler
Tends to express extreme like or dislike for popular technologies such as XML, ORM and REST, and has also switched positions on one or more of these in the past
Likes to use abstraction layers, but doesn't like to add more than one layer on top of what's already in the language or platform
I don't own a book by Martin Fowler :(
Both Refactoring or Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture are worth reading.
I shall have a look.
11:49 AM
> Creates their own tools
> For a programmer an equally superior resource is Ward Cunningham's Wiki, which deserves weeks of your life.
Trying to get VPN set up and the guy came up to me and said "What's your login name? I only ask cos there's 4 people called Richard Cane in this office..."
"Oh .. my bad, I was testing something with AD..."
@BenjaminGruenbaum you recommended Azure to me yesterday. It appears I cannot use my own domain on a free website. Is this correct?
@KendallFrey to be fair I have no idea since I have never tried to do so. Willingness to pay 9$ for a domain usually means I hope it to hold business value at which point I'd spend a few dollars a month on hosting. I apologize if what I said yesterday was misleading in some way though.
I just have a very positive experience with Azure, both for PHP and for other things.
I don't really want to pay for hosting yet, as I have basically nothing to host
Well, isn't their basic hosting free? They advertise that very clearly.
11:57 AM
Select Inputs :-/
@BenjaminGruenbaum right, but I have a domain I want to point to it
Yup, sorry:
> Custom domain names cannot be used with Free websites. You must configure your websites for Shared, Basic, or Standard mode, which may change how much you are billed for your subscription. See Websites Pricing Details for more information.

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