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12:00 AM
@Prismatic I don't think it was a stray cat. It probably belonged to a neighbour.
@ScottW there's a wave about once or twice a day now
it's normal that cats are alone at night
> Steps to reproduce
> Write any non-trivial code. It also works with some trivial code.
they need to rush for mice
@R.MartinhoFernandes is my spirit animal
12:01 AM
how the foo did we get from tensors to cats in a blink?
@Jeremy beautiful
@OneRaynyDay C? That's the reason why real programmer s ignore user input.
@ScottW yes it takes a bit of time to gather them and unleash them on the chat, and Borgleader isn't present for some reason.
True. But unfortunately our teacher forces us to do a ton of user input
getline/get/cin>>/cin.ignore/cin.clear() is so unintuitive i hate it
@OneRaynyDay: Send him here. He may give up such deprecated concepts after that visit.
12:06 AM
haha, I wish I could do that - however he's been teaching beginner C++ in UCLA for about 10 years. Old people don't like to change
lounge should draft a friendly but serious letter about how teaching bad c++ is bad for students and they should stop
And also he makes us read "Absolute C++" instead of bjarne's books...
every time someone comes here and complains about c++ practices considered wonky, that prof's name should be added to a giant list and the message can be forwarded to them
@OneRaynyDay ah, and he has a set course that he put in place in 2005, two revisions of the C++ standard ago, and was probably outdated then. Fun!
The first thing in the letter would be of course STOP USING using namespace std;
@Nooble Noo it would work for that but you have leftovers in the buffer. I'm using a while loop and the next iteration of the while loop takes the leftovers in the buffer
Also lol I dunno how to use stdin from the command line.
std::string wastebin; while (std::getline(std::cin, wastebin) { wastebin.clear(); do_real_work(); }
@jaggedSpire yeep. probably pretty deprecated
And any reason why no using namespace std?
12:10 AM
@OneRaynyDay Because fuck Nab.
No idea what Nab is LOL
using namespace std; is alright in TUs
@OneRaynyDay @набиячлэвэлиь is Nab
I remember our C course in engineering school: « C has no boolean type, let's write our own ». Me: « sorry but it has had a boolean type for 15 years now ».
@jaggedSpire Wow, you're able to read. slow claps
12:11 AM
@Morwenn BUT that's C99, not C!
@набиячлэвэлиь You will notice I was explaining to someone who might not have known
@набиячлэвэлиь When we were taught C++, we didn't learn about TUs or linking or anything like that at all. All the assignments were single c++ files... I was so confused at my first job using c++ lol
Ah I see.. so why do we want to fuck nab? I didn't even buy him dinner yet
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ Oh right: « don't use C99, it isn't widely supported by compilers! ».
@OneRaynyDay He doesn't need to be wined and dined.
@jaggedSpire If you read the names on the left top-down you'll, funnily enough, find a name that starts with "nab"
(or, well, наб, but that's the same thing)
@sehe Off the top of my head, it is indeed a C++03-style opt-in trait with no possible reasonable default implementation. It’s good that you link to those discussion, R. Smith and PotatoSwatter bring up the important arguments and OP should question what they are doing—but the fact that you attempt a default impl undermine that imo.
@OneRaynyDay Now you're talkin' business
12:13 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь do you think I just typed in your name
I start liking OneRaynyDay.
@jaggedSpire Nah, it's under @-completion
@LucDanton Yeah, it's just what I tried, and I don't like wasting the effort.
@набиячлэвэлиь exactly
@OneRaynyDay Can you give an MVCE?
12:14 AM
@+tab or @+tab+tab
wait hold up, I'm a broke ass college student
can I have the no-penny-spent service
@LucDanton I'll make the caveat reflect on the OP's question a bit more
maybe it’s just an ordering issue, since you put the code at the top
woah! is this MCVE thing new? I thought the SSCCE was where it was at
12:15 AM
Gotcha, making replicable error rn (I actually solved the problem while you guys were talking about namespace std)
(but I'll give it to you to do anyways)
@OneRaynyDay Please don't
@OneRaynyDay Please do.
Don't listen to Nab, he's too young to know anything.
std::is_same<student_traits<wine, dine>, pizza_and_coke_light>::value
@LucDanton I reordered the answer, indeed :)
12:17 AM
@decltype_auto warning: condition always true
std::is_same<student_traits<wine, dine>, netflix_and_chill>::value
and<netflix, chill>
Some realism, pl0x
@Prismatic It fulfills the roofie concept checks
12:18 AM
Who cares for compiler warnnigs?
@Griwes The not-so-cool answer to my overall problem is that I probably rely on g++'s specific behaviour and the code shouldn't probably compile.
@набиячлэвэлиь type_sequence<netflix, chill>
@jaggedSpire koalas are better
@decltype_auto bye :)
@decltype_auto Yeah I know right.
Who listens to warnings.
12:18 AM
@decltype_auto Did someone say anything?
Who listens to errors?
@Nooble -Werror does
12:19 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь C++17: std::conjunction<netflix, chill>
and Nab you saw nothing above^
@OneRaynyDay const char words[][MAXWORDLEN+1] ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?
@OneRaynyDay Oh my...
What did I do? That's the professor's code
12:20 AM
Have a star of shame, brother
Also lol "professor"
hey quick question, but do you #define variables in the namespace or outside? like where you include stuff
I swear: `In rocks.cpp, a function named manageOneRound with the following prototype:
int manageOneRound(const char words[][7], int nWords, int wordnum);
(Again, instead of 7...`
@Nooble Because he's good at C++ C
12:20 AM
that's his words LOL
@StanleyDharan You don't define verbols
what did he/I do wrong though?
I just copy pasted his function declaration there
@OneRaynyDay Literally everything.
@набиячлэвэлиь isnt that a global variables if I use #define x?
12:21 AM
[US Airforce soldier voice] Incoming help-vamps!
@StanleyDharan Use globals.
@StanleyDharan No, it's a macro
@Nooble Nice newb trollin'
"Define the possible error values defined in the Date header-file as follows:" where my instructions lmao
12:22 AM
@Nooble :( You'll just spawn more questions that way
This situation makes me feel like a black guy just taking a stroll and randomly getting arrested by the police
I've found a bit of goodness in this.
#include <vector>
does it go in the namespace or where the #include stuff go?
@Nooble You're too young to troll; you have your whole life in front of you!
@StanleyDharan It goes up @Nooble's anus
12:23 AM
I like how 90+% C++ homework questions for newbies involve some kind of input/output & string processing/manipulation.
that #include is copycatted
My secret: I've never done much C so anything to do with pointers or raw arrays screw with me.
@Nooble Don't worry, you'll have plenty of experience with pointers after your first C++ course in Uni. :)
@StanleyDharan Something like int i = 0; is also a definition, so there’s a bit of ambiguity.
12:24 AM
@jaggedSpire :P
@chmod666telkitty What else would it be
Most of it's from you @jaggedSpire.
@Prismatic Doesn't that come from math.SE?
@jaggedSpire Most universities don't do C++ any more.
@Nooble oh sush
12:25 AM
@OneRaynyDay Also, single responsibility principle. Also why is that function down there.
Java and/or Python is the current fad for reasons
Lots of C# devs I work with are developing hardons for C++ since 11/14. Be prepared for an influx of us .NET rejects.
@Nooble which function? and I know - but the teacher has a specific program where
@Lalaland My Uni did the intro course and Data Structures in C++, until they switched the intro for Python. I do not envy those that came after the switch--Data Structures needed a massive curve before the change.
he removes every other method from your file except for that one function
12:26 AM
@Jeremy But why? What does C++ offer compared to C# that makes it worth switching?
and does test runs on that
@Lalaland manageOneRound()
Previously I used a helper method for swaps and I got 0/80 on the assignment(later he gave me back my score)
@OneRaynyDay Throw a grenade at him next time you see him
@OneRaynyDay And rightfully so
But that sample code is a pain the eye.
12:27 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь i'd rather keep on good terms with my professor
I'm wondering if this would go through a C compiler.
@Lalaland Well, since 11, it seems to them C++ doesn't just mean pushing pointers around anymore.
@jaggedSpire Using C++ for an algorithms course is the definition of stupid.
I swear I don't write code like this usually
But I don't know the equivalent includes.
12:28 AM
It's the professors who are clearly failing the class, not the students.
@OneRaynyDay You'll be on best terms with him after throwing said grenade
Because he'll be dead
You should write a book
@Lalaland cross platform love!
@Lalaland Unless you want to teachs the joys of iterators.
"Delving into the minds of ISIS"
12:28 AM
> char* currStr = 0; //we point to null first because there's no comparison.
@Lalaland I didn't mention the Into to Algorithms course just now. It was in C++ though.
@Prismatic C# has just announced new initiatives to increase cross-platform support.
If he wants you to properly split your program into functions he should first split his sample stuff , and use some higher level abstractions c++ offers.
@Lalaland Great when its available, not so useful right now.
Didn't MS open source a bunch of stuff too?
12:30 AM
Nov 18 is the tentative release date for CoreCLR 1.0.0 rc1
@decltype_auto But that won't work under C.
Code must be backwards compatible with C because not many C++ compilers support C++.
@Nooble You don't need C++ for a simple header file.
Man I did some Java stuff on Android (I barely know any Java) and I can't believe how much I missed auto from c++11
@Nooble #include <vector> is quite rare in pure C programs, isn' it?
@decltype_auto :P
Anyways, we are all getting way to pedantic here.
@Jeremy neato
@TonyTheLion Night <3<3<3<3
The professor has requirements, if we provide advice, we have to provide advice following them.
12:32 AM
too pedantic
-Wall -pedantic
The professor is always right as far as requirements go.
@Nooble you realize every time you say that spawns more questions tagged
So many languages I want to learn a bit about... C#, D, Rust
@jaggedSpire D:
12:33 AM
@jaggedSpire :3
Have you seen the tags under the Lounge<C++> team btw?
@Borgleader squeaks
@Prismatic Why?
@Prismatic You can ditch D from that list. It's not that interesting (compared to Rust)
@Nooble no, I haven't looked at the team page in a day
12:34 AM
@jaggedSpire Well you should see.
@decltype_auto for the sake of learning new things?
@Prismatic Try C#. It's pretty nice and useful. And if you have an aneurysm and forget everything introduced after C#3, you can get a job as a senior java dev!
@Prismatic I should take a look at Rust.
@Borgleader imagine how fluffy he feels. :3
12:36 AM
@jaggedSpire about as much as him
@Prismatic Doesn't one learn new aspects of the languages one knows and uses on a daily basis?
@Borgleader dies of cute
@Nooble Make sure not to get rusty though, otherwise it's all for nothing
@Columbo nice
@decltype_auto Other programming languages often provide a different perspective.
12:37 AM
@Nooble You monster
Which may or may not be useful.
For instance, Haskell's monads have somewhat influenced how I think about promises and futures.
@jaggedSpire clear!
@jaggedSpire :D
It was mostly Nab's idea.
@Borgleader that is a warm wriggly bundle of licks if I have ever seen one. :D
12:38 AM
@Nooble What was
@набиячлэвэлиь the tags
@Lalaland. Sure, but I think that C++, python and SQL provide quite a complete picture of what is possible an required in programming.
@decltype_auto None of those are a functional programming language.
12:42 AM
None of those are a lazy programming language.
None of those have intensive macro support (Lisp like is ideal)
Etc, etc.
Is the lounge actually at its peak now or are we all just star sluts?
@Jeremy Both
12:43 AM
@Jeremy The Lounge is always at it's peak once the Europeans go to bed.
Just don't tell them that.
@Lalaland rekt
@Borgleader like fuzzy eels
12:44 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь oh, krakow. are you far from bartek in gdank pooland?
@Nooble sigh; looks at history
@Lalaland Sure, there are other ways of programming; but do those extend the realm of solutions?
If I were a HP witch, I'd want to be an otter or bird animagus. I'd probably wind up as a weasel though. :\
since you can't be a magic animal and I thus could not be a Jarvey
@decltype_auto Immutable data structures allow some interesting ideas.
12:46 AM
@Borgleader ooooh
cant decide between 3rd or 4th from the right
@Borgleader 4
12:46 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь I just wanted to say gdank. Sorry.
@Nooble shallow sigh
@Jeremy What is "gdank" anyway
Gdańsk, you mean
@набиячлэвэлиь Wow, you are only 6 hours from Bartek.
@Borgleader lotr?
@Lalaland But maybe you're right and my old brain has just gotten treluctant to adopt the new. ;)
@Lalaland more like 8, at least
12:48 AM
@Lalaland that implied the mode of transport
that one on the right looks like the urukhai swords
@Prismatic from the comments, i assume so
Oh lol, I managed to get some code to work with clang but it doesn't even make any sense.
@Morwenn congratz?
12:54 AM
any language lawyer awake?
@Columbo is one, though I don't know if he's still here
@decltype_auto What is it
A: "no viable conversion" with lemon for clang but valid for g++

decltype_autoIt's a double dispatch related problem The code in http://lemon.cs.elte.hu/hg/lemon/file/9fd86ec2cb81/lemon/path.h#l443 template <typename CPath> void buildRev(const CPath& path) { int len = path.length(); data.resize(len); int index = len; for (typename CPath::RevArcIt it(path...

oh yeah - so why not namespace std again?
@Columbo ...dragons?
12:56 AM
@Griwes Look, it works with both g++ and clang++ now.
@OneRaynyDay collisions
@Nooble clashes, as kids call it these days
Q: Why is "using namespace std;" considered bad practice?

akbiggsI've been told by others on numerous occasions that my teacher was wrong in saying that we should use using namespace std; in our programs. Hence, we should use std::cout and std::cin and these are more proper. However, they did not even make it clear ever why this is a bad practice. Why is usin...

Ahh, thank you! Let me just read that
So then using namespace is just not recommended in any situation?
@OneRaynyDay It's okay in headers sometimes.
12:59 AM
using namespace std isn't
@Nooble err I thought you should avoid using it in headers
icicle::detail::shader_program::shader_program() got too tiring.
you can use a using-statement in a narrower scope, but the global scope isn't a very nice thing to do, especially in headers

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