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@набиячлэвэлиь s/funny//
if you remove common words from dictionaries etc., you wouldn’t have much left would you?
@LucDanton Yeah. I hate the term "forwarding refs" for some reason. I guess I settled with "universal refs" too quickly and nothing else rings true anymore
@Nooble Ewgh double space
@sehe ring-a-ding, baby
@LucDanton I don't know the history of that folder name
@набиячлэвэлиь DEVICE=STACKER.SYS!
2:01 AM
@sehe Back in nineteeen seventy six...
In obscure tech references
@sehe rewinding back to my initial question: are those parameters intended to be rvalue refs or collapsible refs? :)
@LucDanton rvalue only
I'll make the ctor private some day
much nicer way to go about things or what
@sehe What'd STACKER.SYS do?
2:02 AM
@LucDanton I'm not sure I would have gotten your intent without the intervening discussion, but yeah. This is nice and to the point
@sehe right, gotcha :) it's pretty interesting how you did that, I'm going to read up on the keyword auto
Stac Electronics, originally incorporated as State of the Art Consulting and later shortened to Stac, Inc., was a technology company founded in 1983. It is known primarily for its Lempel–Ziv–Stac lossless compression algorithm and Stacker disk compression utility for compressing data for storage. == HistoryEdit == The original founders included five Caltech graduate students in Computer Science (Gary Clow, Doug Whiting, John Tanner, Mike Schuster and William Dally), two engineers from industry (Scott Karns and Robert Monsour) and two board members from industry (Robert Johnson of Southern...
@OneRaynyDay Read up on C++11; Stroustrup has a nice summary
Also, consider 'A Tour Of C++'
@sehe ooh, nice
@sehe hmm? but compiler is C++11, yet it doesn't support the keyword auto in some places.
@OneRaynyDay Sometimes you have to enable C++11 in the command flags. Which specific compiler+version are you using?
2:03 AM
@OneRaynyDay Ohhhhh. I might have dropped on in a lambda. Just s/auto/std::string/ there
@Lalaland ^
@OneRaynyDay auto your_moms_mass for example becomes an int64_t.
ahhh, gotcha. Idk if my mom's ass can be represented by an int64 though
you're gonna need to do some PCA reduction for that
@Nooble That's int256_t at least
Eh~, it' already 3am. I'll wake up late again ç__ç
2:04 AM
@Lalaland I'm using g++ I think
We have reached the point where I can barely tell this chat apart from Xbox Live.
@OneRaynyDay When you use auto, the type is deduced from elsewhere, which is useful.
@Morwenn Waking up is for pussie-- oh carry on, then
@Lalaland ur mum
2:06 AM
Well, good night everyone then.
@Lalaland OVAR NONE TJOUSANT!!!!!!1111!!one
@Morwenn requiescat in pace
@OneRaynyDay just checked, I used generalized captures too :( It's c++14 :)
@Lalaland guess who did that
@sehe So, like, C++?
@набиячлэвэлиь T'oussaint.
Toussaint makes some nice wines
awaits for slowpokes
2:07 AM
@sehe Ahh okay, gotcha :) Thank you so much for taking the time to write something like this though! I saved in my desktop and will consult others and look on documentation later
:D have fun
@Morwenn Night.
I'm too tired to follow "collapsing refs" but I'm very interested
@Ell There is a special case for template && arguments to help with specializing templates for all types of references.
2:11 AM
So this is a game that exists gfycat.com/InfamousLimitedArrowworm
@CatPlusPlus You didn't know about Rocket League?
It's been all over the Internet for several months now.
what is this wizardry
@Lalaland no deduction is taking place
2:14 AM
I only skim RPS
As typical for any new OEM system, it's full of shitware.
@LucDanton Wasn't that the issue though? when you write template<typename T> void foo(T&& x);, you might not actually get an rvalue reference.
Even though this is meant for gamers which are computer-savvy.
@Lalaland no
@Mysticial You underestimate how wide a spectrum of the population gaming covers.
2:17 AM
Damn, this this is fast as my overclocked 4-core Haswell.
Anyway, I need to wipe it.
Wayyyy too much shit on it.
While it might have used to be imply some sort of familiarity with computers, it is now completely mainstream.
The cost of success.
There's no laptop without shitware
which reminds me I need to spend another 30 minutes tonight on removing random unneeded stuff from my laptop
@CatPlusPlus The corporate purchases maybe?
2:20 AM
@Lalaland They get wiped anyway
discovered Sunday that there were MSVC versions 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 on it for some reason, in addition to 2015
@lala that sounds like forwarding references
Laptop manufacturers are unable to produce quality things
Man systemd, why the hell would you use binary logs
Of all the things to make binary, logs are the last thing I'd do
what about stars
2:21 AM
@jaggedSpire a "friend"? :P
You should be using a tool like journalctl to comb through logs anyway, grepping is mostly a waste of time
journald is bad but not because it's using non-plain-text storage
People freak out about it way too much
@Borgleader Yep. I spent too much time panicking for TOR while I was in college
chickpeas are 5 minutes in to cooking and they already smell amazing
@jaggedSpire Shadow of Revan expansion was awesome
@jaggedSpire Get new laptop.
Paint a bluer stripe.
2:24 AM
Get a desktop
@Borgleader he kept trying to get me to play for a while after I started LOTRO. :P
@jaggedSpire Is it Windows?
@CatPlusPlus been thinking about it, actually
Or yeah get a desktop.
@jaggedSpire Youre running CCleaner right?
2:25 AM
@jaggedSpire Totally should build your own.
@EvgenyPanasyuk hence the attempted removal of random uneeded stuff, to put it politely
@Borgleader facepalms
I should have mentioned I was doing this before I removed all the random stuff that came with IIS 8
Hahahahahahaha, I can't stop laughing xD
I should get a new mouse.
A fancier one.
yeah, that was a jagged thing to do
@jaggedSpire you can also run spacesniffer to see whats taking all the space :)
2:27 AM
My testsuite passes with g++ and clang++ for no fucking good reason but it passes anyway XD
@jaggedSpire hint: NTFS supports transparent compression on per-file/folder basis - check out folder properties. You can even compress stuff like C:\Windows\Installer.
@Morwenn all hail the cargo demons
@Borgleader @EvgenyPanasyuk thanks
@jaggedSpire You don't even imagine. I think that it is exploiting different compiler-specific behaviours in g++ and clang++ to achieve things that were never meant to be achieved.
@jaggedSpire And another hint - use WinDirStat or similar to draw treemapping of space usage. It helps to find big things on filesystem.
A: How can I visualize the file system usage on Windows?

Ludwig WeinzierlWinDirStat is a port of KDirStat for Linux. It's lightweight, small (650kb installer), fast, portable (as a standalone .exe file), and works on multiple versions of Windows. Besides showing folders and percentages (for the entire disk or any subset of folders), it also displays an (optional) grap...

@Morwenn well, that's going to be fun to fix when the next updates come out for them
2:29 AM
But still, not even a warning: layers of crazy upon layers of crazy and it works like a charm.
@Morwenn they're left speechless with awe
submit it to codereview.se :3
@jaggedSpire Not a chance xD
But seriously, I have no idea how it even compiles, let alone giving the expected results everytime.
@Morwenn waves hands maaaaagic
It slowly evolved from heavy wizardry to black magic.
2:33 AM
What? Your Library is evolving!
Now I think I can really go to sleep :')
@Mysticial concur'd
@Mysticial Asus > MSI. ;)
@Morwenn night
@jaggedSpire And thanks for wishing me good night a while ago :D
@Borgleader Thinkpad > *
2:33 AM
@Borgleader Thanks too ^_^
@Morwenn :P
P.S. : I have this monster
@Nooble a wireless one?
@Borgleader They're also a lot more expensive.
And last time I looked, it doesn't have support OCing. Not that I want to OC per se, but I do want to lock down the turbo for the purpose of benchmarking.
First thing I need to do is wipe this system and install my own on it.
2:35 AM
@Morwenn night
I'm not even gonna try to clean it up as it.
@Mysticial Why do you want to OC laptop?
@EvgenyPanasyuk Not necessarily to OC, but I want to lock the turbo boost down to a fixed speed without completely disabling it.
Ok, I see.
God damn it
I was going to answer that question @MartinJames
2:36 AM
@VermillionAzure eh?
There was an assembly to C question for x86
that involved recursion
I am afraid of sudden death
But I am happy
@Ell er
The laptop has a 128GB SSD. But it's already 50% filled up - fresh out of the box.
2:41 AM
I'd ask if you were anticipating sudden death, but that would make it not sudden.
@Mysticial gross
That's ridiculous. I'm sure some of it is the pagefile and hiberfil. But still...
and at least 8gb of bloatware (inb4 the os)
That'll be fixed when I put my own Win10 on it.
128GB is nothing
I spent the last weekend toying with Win10 on my sandbox. And I've got it sufficiently under my control that I can use it.
Yeah, Microsoft won't like the things that I did, but fuck them.
The moment I boot up the laptop, I get spammed with a gazillion popups asking to register, activate, enable, subscribe, and to fuck various things. lol
2:48 AM
@Ell you should only worry about it when it happens
I suppose :P
Why does Clang warn about brace elision for std::array<int, N>? It’s unambiguous when an aggregate has one array of scalars.
It looks like video and game data was what was occupying the majority of occupied disk space. I'd act surprised, but I'm not that good an actress.
Wow, I really did not anticipate that a game which allows you to see the individual leaves on trees and blades of grass in a world that takes literally hours to traverse would consume much in the way of resources!
Q: C-Style Cast With Memory

Archie GertsmanHere is an example of a C-Style cast that I am using: *(char*)(0x0FCA41E + (0x280 * i)) = 0xFF; This code is essentially a Call of Duty hack which tampers with the health of the player. By default, the value at address 0x0FCA41E is 0x00 but changing it to 0xFF initiates infinate health. I unde...

@jaggedSpire You'd be surprised. Heres a thing that fits on a 177kb executable.
@Borgleader nice
@Rapptz slow clap
I suppose they don't know the term arithmetic operator
Well, I need to go to bed. I've already slept badly last night, I dont want to repeat the experience tonight.
night all
@Borgleader night!
@Rapptz are you frikin kiddin me man
That question makes me wonder what goes through their mind
I suppose they have no programming experience and don't realise they can compile things or something
without programming experience, what sod told them to learn c++?
3:27 AM
NIght all
@sehe :) Night.
@jaggedSpire I learned C++ as my first.
@jaggedSpire Only someone without any experience would consider learning C++ as a first language.
@Nooble nice, but they clearly lack your common sense
@Lalaland lol
@Lalaland hi
3:30 AM
Wait, that's a tautology.
@jaggedSpire They lack my lack of common sense!
@Lalaland are you saying the tautology is a tautology?
What would you guys consider a good beginner's language?
Maybe Java after that.
3:33 AM
@Nooble hell if I know. darkBASIC taught me control structures at least
Java is much simpler than C++.
In pretty much every way imaginable.
but I only have one first programming language, so I don't know about others. :P
I gotta try rust.
But those questionable syntax choices.
I think the immediate visual feedback helped me, though
3:36 AM
@Nooble Python
Python, definitely
I've never done Python :c
@Lalaland ...except the JNI and C
@Nooble You should
Very important for machine learning and data science crowd
@VermillionAzure JNI actually isn't that bad.
It's R and Python that reign as dynast-kings
Python is a pretty well done dynamicly typed language.
3:38 AM
Python is well done. Not rare, sadly
But Rust.
Rust and Python have entirely different goals.
Also I suck at C++ and would like to keep learning it. Choices.
They are almost opposites in fact.
@Lalaland I know.
Just trying to find something to learn.
3:40 AM
Learn a functional programming language.
Scala, Haskell, Clojure, etc.
You should try Haskell
@Lalaland But but but.
@Nooble You should look into maybe Erlang
3:41 AM
Also, Prolog
Even better, learn Laplace transform
release your inner Gaga
@Nooble Or you could learn about other topics. Computer graphics is always interesting.
@Borgleader IDGI. I had to actually go and download it. Even runs on Wine. Has the music right in there. How did they even get that into 177k. And then there's the graphics + engine. WHAT THE HELL
@Lalaland Did I hear Verilog?
@Lalaland Yeah, I've been reading GDDR5's specs.
I'm gonna get through this...
@Nooble Learn MIPS assembly using MARS from University of Missouri
3:43 AM
@sehe having a nice restful time in bed? :P
No. I'm much to out-bizarred by that demo
@VermillionAzure Verilog requires some physical resources to fool around with.
@VermillionAzure ooh yeah
@Lalaland Not necessarily
You need an FPGA
3:44 AM
I do my homework online with a testbench
@sehe lol
If he's given testbench files then he could learn Verilog
Piggyback a college course and labs, he can go all the way
Or he could just buy an Altera board and do it I guess
@Nooble But seriously MIPS is cool
And then build a MIPS CPU with FPGA and Verilog
@VermillionAzure Or with C++, the perfect tool for every task.
@Nooble No
I don't think it's viable to design hardware with C++...
@VermillionAzure But you could emulate a bunch of stuff with C++.
3:47 AM
@VermillionAzure That's silly.
Who needs specialized hardware when you have a general purpose processor?
> why does boost give macro options but do not promise compilation with those options?
I smell entitled
(I'm joking)
@sehe Eh, it is a valid question though.
3:49 AM
I myself have had "fun" with the BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS option. (Ah, the glory of linking to chromium)
I've always wondered how emulators worked.
I sorta know.
@sehe Browsing the questions?
@Lalaland More valid would be "why does OP ask questions about edge-case boost facilities without reading up on it". Anyhoops, he didn't even know it was a linker error
@jaggedSpire sehe doesn't just browse. He pounces and answers.
@jaggedSpire Nope. Just spotted "1 new" upon closing my tabs
3:50 AM
@Lalaland lol
@sehe ah
Night now :)
@Nooble Couple of options. They can just simulate the code instruction by instruction.
seriously wtf how is this 177kb
They can also compile the code to equivalent native code.
I'm going to call them wizards and be done with it
3:51 AM
@jaggedSpire There is a lot of interesting stuff like that in the demo scene.
People achieve magic there.
@jaggedSpire Doesn't count assets.
@Nooble It does.
I've just downloaded the stuff.
@sehe WHAT
Sounds, video
It works on wine too
3:52 AM
no way
Feel free to make extra sure by disabling network (I didn't)
This is amazing.
It does my head in, really
I mean, that stuff is good to go on the oldest floppy, single-density, single-sided 51/4 I've had the pleasure to use
Is this done with OpenGL?
And I'm assuming the creator dynamically linked things?
> things
It's windowsy. It's prolly not opengl, IYAM
Let's ask @ElimGarak
3:59 AM
Also the textures are probably generated on the fly.
Or some really good compression.
@sehe He's going to be hard to reach.
He's stuck in the Fallout 4 vault.
@Lalaland ???
You can't stick a Pentium inside everything
@VermillionAzure sarchasm thy name is Cinch
No, but you can reasonably stick a microchip inside almost everything.
4:10 AM
They are darn cheap now.
or not
FPGAs are also more performant
Sure, but most people don't really care about performance.
And cheaper, I'm guessing
They sure do gripe about it though
4:11 AM
I don't really care if my washing machine has a 1 second delay for starting.
Microprocessors are more complex
@jaggedSpire Griping does not equal caring. See what people actually do with their money.
I've met many, many people who are mortally offended by the resource intensiveness of what they perceive as simple applications.
@Lalaland fair enough
@jaggedSpire Yeah, I have seen some of those people as well.
They are idiots.
4:12 AM
Life is a waste of resources.
@Lalaland nice :P
(Sorta by definition with the thermodynamics laws)
@sehe Well, you guys retweet Fabien Giesen often, that's his demo. He made it a year before I got my first computer, so that would be the precursor of Direct3D 9.0c, being b. Well, not his demo per se, but he made .kkrieger on which that demo is based ( the core of it ).
@Lalaland you just made me choke on a chickpea. I hope you're happy.
4:16 AM
@VermillionAzure Yes, that is one argument. However you also need to consider the cost of FPGA development.
Which can be higher than normal software development.
Eventually they upgraded it to 9.0c etc. I remember people making a fuss about it, though, even later when Elim the Peasant got a machine.
@Lalaland Why?
Do you mean the programming or the hardware side?
I distinctly remember Verilog having a very awkward way to specify logic.
Sequential programming logic for a general purpose computer is much easier to understand.
4:18 AM
@ElimGarak It is a very impressive piece of work though. Did he ever release the source code?
@Lalaland Hmmmm
This includes the editor thingy. It was posted by ryg himself, so...
I find Verilog to be better though
It's much less complex to specify things
Better for event-based programming
always @(var or/and etc.) is a better construct
The code is a bit shit even for those days, but that is to be expected for peasants outside the Lounge. But you can express incredible ideas even with broken English, with enough effort. Pretty coolio all around.
Also, the more I play Fallout 4, the more I want to inject proper frustum culling into it and some other techniques, if only I gave enough of a fuck. Would require me to intercept the scene prior to it being submitted for drawing.
4:25 AM
@ElimGarak How can you even tell that it doesn't cull properly?
By definition you cannot see the things that are being drawn.
@Lalaland He's Elim Garak, that's how
Are you using your debugger thing?
@Lalaland Took it apart, have existing tools and also my custom built ones. It does thousands of draw calls which just dump geometry outside the frustum, never to be seen again. I became curious when strolling through highly populated areas, it would start to stutter.
Also, isn't frustum culling a tad complicated?
4:27 AM
It's trivial, actually. :D You're talking about more complex culling methods which take into account occlusion.
You need to query the world for that weird shape.
Frustum culling is taking the shape of what the camera sees, left right, top bottom, near far and dumping everything outside of it.
Yes, but you still need to run that query against the world space in order to determine what is getting culled.
Acceleration structures come in handy there and many tests which can reduce the set of manually tested objects, and even then bounding boxes and shapes which reduce geometry complexity.
I guess an Octree like structure would probably help you with that.
4:30 AM
@VermillionAzure There's a synthesizable subset of SystemC (which is really C++).
I can imagine them doing frustum culling, but not really well. And culling the shit that is pretty far off at a high level doesn't really present you with a high performance gain. The stuff nearest to you is the highest level of detail (in terms of triangle processing and, moreover, drawcall wastage especially in D3D11 land).
What other acceleration structure would you have?
Sorry for the delay, just came to the Institute, amazing cutscene-ish stuff. It's ermagherd amazing, but won't spoil. It really depends on the type of virtual world you want to create, for Fallout 4, with its 2008 meets 2015 graphics, even the simplest octree + AABB done proper would do the trick.
Some of the ye olde approaches actually employ a sphere-based hierarchy due to its trivial intersection geometry, but it can be cumbersome.
Botany lives on in Fallout 4.
lol LOTRO consumes about a fifth of the occupied space on my C:/ drive now.
4:53 AM
Actually, if I recall correctly I do remember another technique for faster fulstrum culling was to mark all the rooms and the areas you can see between rooms ..
5:19 AM
@Lalaland Has many names, but portal-based culling is a common one.
Fallout 4 does a lot of misses as far as efficient rendering is concerned, it doesn't even try to render front to back to take advantage of early z rejections and for an open world game, doesn't do much to alleviate depth buffer precision issues (non-reversed). I am writing up a small technical overview of how it works right now (with pretty piczors). Also, making breakfast/lunch/whatever.
6:16 AM
I think I'm going to get an external hard drive.
thanks for the brand advice. I probably only need like 250 GB, but I think I'm gonna get a 1 TB just so I can fling around storage if I need to.
I downsized the occupied space on my hard drive to 77GB tonight, gonna go down some more when I remove LOTRO
I'm planning on backing up my computer with an image so if I (somehow, last time seemed straightforward) mess up the Debian install on another partition I'm planning, I don't lose windows.
@ScottW I'm sorry. :(
@ElimGarak what should I do with all the power armors I'm hoarding?
@melak47 I carry spare parts with me so I can retrofit it when I am away from the home base. Right now, I'm a T-45 + 60 combination, old plus newish parts.
It gets rekt way too easily, tbh. But great for penetrating radiation infested zones. Have you had a chance to experience a radiation storm in Diamond city yet?
I haven't even gone there yet
right now I have four T-45's in different states of disrepair :p
@ScottW well, have a good night, and again, thanks for the advice. :) I'm off to bed so I don't feel rekt tomorrow.
I guess the bare one doesn't count as a T-45 :p
6:29 AM
Yeah, also RadAway yourself. :D
maybe later :p
mawning, Tony. How's your luxurious career in botany treating you today? <3
@ElimGarak ugh I'm grumpy today <3
hilariously, a guy I know who's studying CompSci at Uni is having as one his mandatory related subjects to study "plant biology". I would say "it has begun" :P
6:49 AM
@Lalaland lol oh my god look at that revision history though
edited 4-5 times to remove personal attacks and he just kept adding them back
7:01 AM
> Haskellites live in a fantasy world of "fast and lose reasoning", while at the same time they spout false propaganda about purity and equational reasoning. That is what they get for not having a reasonable definition of the language.
7:16 AM
Warning: Plot Twist
> Well, excluded middle either holds or it doesn't hold. If it holds then I am trolling right now, but if it doesn't hold then I am only not not trolling.
This guy
7:59 AM
Editing the question (to remove const) is not very classy after you got an answer. Of course, just drop const in various places from my answer, then — sehe 18 secs ago

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