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12:00 AM
Start 2d.
@Lalaland You think that was bad? Someone there broke their frustum culling implementation. They're rendering a shitload of geometry that never appears on screen and wasting draw calls. :D And a few such mistakes is what is destroying performance when you're in the densely packed downtown Boston.
I will
Use sfml.
        printf("%s \n", si.strformula.c_str());
        printf("%s \n", formula.c_str());
        printf("%s = %f \n\n", si.chosenCalcStr.c_str(), result);
You should have seen what it looked like before code review
12:00 AM
@exitc0de You the best way to learn C++? Implement a red & black search tree in C++, it will massively improves your programming skill if you could done that perfectly ...
@TonyTheLion :3
Sfml has a good 2d API.
@exitc0de D:
@chmod666telkitty Good one
Too low level for a game
also no timers
12:01 AM
@chmod666telkitty trolling again?
@exitc0de Fire the reviewers. All of them
Q: Speed, distance and time calculator

exitc0deThis is a speed distance and time calculator - the comments should explain most of the odd looking code if there is any. I am looking for suggestions to improve the efficiency of the program and how better to structure it - is my approach the best from a 'best practices', efficiency and OOP point...

@sehe What?
Now that was ugly ^
I was trying to use a function pointer that would point to a function according to user input
That took a while
Q: Calling a function without explicitly refering to it that changes according to input

exitc0deI am trying to create a speed distance and time calculator that is as efficient as possible and would like to refer to call a function using a pointer that changes according to input but am not sure how to do so. I have tried many different things: My best attempt: // Inside class Math double c...

12:03 AM
std::function > function pointers 99% of the time.
I am not sure why I find creating this install script so compelling.
@exitc0de Function pointers are shit dude
@Puppy What else could I have used?
@Puppy Install scripts are super important for usability.
@ThePhD Of course! Why would I devour your soul after I've spent so much time corrupting you? :3
12:04 AM
Pointion Functors
or boost::function
or std::tr1::function
How, I have no idea what I'm doing
I just want to call different functions efficiently according to input
efficiently? lol
> efficiently
12:05 AM
And function pointers seemed like the easiest way
With the least lines of code :)
outputting a string to the console will take a thousand times longer, or more, than the most inefficient implementation.
Efficient purrformance ahah, beat me to it. Next up, he'll make a string-based API.
C++ isn't that bad
OK, guys we need to tone down on the negativity.
12:06 AM
@exitc0de It's a mistake to make microoptimizations that ruin the readability of code before you measure the cost of the alternative with clearer meaning and which is easier to use (in this case std::function) Write, Measure, Optimize. Don't Optimize, Write and then assume it's all fine.
Its unforgiving but that's helpful
@exitc0de Nobody said that, we are saying you're bad.
@Lalaland I can take it, I play CS
@ElimGarak I know
@exitc0de ur mum
That was unrelated
@jaggedSpire cyka bylat idi nahui
12:07 AM
What you need to do is log off from StackOverflow, go study C++ and return in 3-4 years.
why not Zoidberg
And this is why the Lounge has a bad reputation ...
I'm going to be taught C++ at a university anyway, I'm a hobbyist at the moment.
12:08 AM
@exitc0de AHAHAHAH
@Lalaland and why you love it here, admit it. <3
I have yet to meet a single person who actually learned C++ at university.
they mostly learn C that is saved with a .cpp file extension.
@exitc0de universities don't tend to teach shit.
there's no way that you will actually learn C++ at university.
12:09 AM
> uni
> taught C++
I'm aiming for a full house on the star board
@Puppy But you'll meet a lot of people who think they learned C++ at university.
@Lalaland No but jobs require a degree or equivalent experience
@exitc0de nice going so far, do responses to you count?
12:09 AM
@jaggedSpire I managed it two years ago without noticing
@exitc0de Given your performance in the Lounge, you'll probably be an assistant botanist.
How should I learn C++ then?
I know some very basics
get a good book
At least I know how bad I am
@exitc0de that's because of the signaling effects, not the actual knowledge.
12:10 AM
also program, program, program
@ElimGarak I would say burned, but here I suppose the turn of phrase might be flytrapped
I read accelerated C++
@exitc0de book + practice + time.
The Lounge<C++> is the worst place to learn C++, but for many, it is a good place to get better at it. Especially if we like you.
12:11 AM
> creator of cprogramming.com
@ElimGarak I know
mostly because any bad practices you have will eventually be mocked here
and thus will you discover why they're bad
@milleniumbug ?
@exitc0de c programming =/= c++ programming
@ElimGarak You didn't suggest Botany?
12:12 AM
There's some good courses in Botany
@jaggedSpire I know.
At least read a chapter before you judge
@TonyTheLion We did, actually. He doesn't want a luxurious career in botany. :(
Better than C++ primer which is terribly explained at least for me
@ElimGarak well he may come to regret not taking our advice
12:13 AM
@exitc0de it's actually where I learned about the intricacies of c-style function pointers. It's good for the commonalities between c and c++.
Is steam down?
inb4 "oh that's why you're shit at them, jagged!"
@Ell Hmm, what do you mean?
@jaggedSpire wut
12:13 AM
Yes it is down.
@Jefffrey I don't have one at hand and don't use them often so I could be wrong about things
Anyway, I'll read up on C++ and I'll make some other projects
@AlexM. I sent it btw
@exitc0de true. the cleanup is hardly better though
but for example deleting something in the applications folder uninstalls it
12:14 AM
@Borgleader :P probably more "And so you're shit at them," since I haven't actually posted any c function pointer stuff here.
I had no idea Steam had routine maintenance.
installers have that gimicky drag-n-drop application into the applications folder
I hate visual studio
And that's "hiding under the hood"?
You can access application files just fine
@exitc0de now you're just taking cheap shots
12:15 AM
Its like a MOBA, too many buttons
@Jefffrey well, the applications folder isn't actually a folder
> too many buttons
you knew that would get stars like jelly on the floor after you drop your toast
@Ell .app are really just budles and represent just a folder
I knew that would be starred. I tried to start a C++ SFML project with Visual Studio and I couldn't link the dependencies at all.
12:16 AM
@exitc0de You're doing very great
And if you ask a stupid question on SO you get question banned :/
@exitc0de The trick is to not ask stupid questions.
@Ell I'm sorry. I have to correct myself. An .app is really just a folder.
@ElimGarak That narrows it down a bit
@Jefffrey but I mean, there is no dependency checking, no triggers, no other stuff that needs doing before the programme is removed?
No removing from the menu, no removing file associations etc.?
12:17 AM
I really like Rust, but I can't learn any of the game libraries because the documentation is awful
@Ell What menu?
What file associations?
@Jefffrey when you double click a file
I'm going to bed now, because I didn't get enough sleep last night and before I went to bed then I confused the conversion between T* and const T* with the conversion between T** and const T**.
Night all.
May everyone who isn't exitc0de have fun making fun of his coding, and @exitc0de, may you have fun in your attempts to fill the entire starboard.
@Jefffrey the dock I meant sorry
or spotlight
12:19 AM
Those are automatically removed
@milleniumbug Didn't even realise. I would seriously rather use sublime text than VS.
Spotlight is research, so their indexes are updated when needed.
@Jefffrey right, but how?
@jaggedSpire night jagged
@Ell What do you mean?
12:20 AM
@jaggedSpire Already done it, no need. I hate the term 'coding'.
How is the item removed from the dock?
On Windows you have an uninstaller. On Mac you trigger the uninstaller by removing the .app file for some applications.
@Ell It just disappears.
Apple prides itself on creating application sandboxes which contain most of the app shit, which can be just deleted. Stuff that the app creates outside the app sandbox is considered program output and therefore is not automatically deleted (obviously).
@exitc0de so responses do count then
@ElimGarak <3
@Jefffrey which is very "under the hood" to me
12:20 AM
@jaggedSpire What?
there's not really an uninstaller process
is order of elements in xml significant?
@Ell How is that restrictive?
it's not restrictive
Why would you want to control how the menu icon disappears.
I don't understand.
12:21 AM
@exitc0de dammit man my eyes are physically hard to keep open
Also, why do all jobs require a compsci degree if they are useless?
Then let me explain :)
@JohanLarsson if it's nested, yes, otherwise, probably not unless the program that needs it to read it in sequential order
Is that even possible?
Does Windows just leave a dangling reference to the application?
I don't use windows vOv
12:21 AM
@jaggedSpire Its only 0:21, I should really be more tired.
I prefered XCode to VS
I don't want to control menu items in particular, my point was that upon deleting the .app folder, I would imagine some other processes must be completed
Watch out that windows menu are really (or at least were) links
Nicer colour themes
if that was true, then the applications folder isn't really a "folder"
And links on Mac work the same (they don't automatically disappear)
12:22 AM
but it appears not to be true
@chmod666telkitty yeah, I guess it depends
@Ell Other processes?
I'm not sure how that implies that an .app is not really a folder.
also you still need to get one more starred post
@Jefffrey for ex removing from menu, deleting configuration, removing files not stored in /applications
12:24 AM
sup puppy
@jaggedSpire No, check a couple years ago or something in the archives. I refused to learn non-statically typed languages and filled the star board just with my comments :).
@Jefffrey because normal folders don't do things when you delete them
what's that ubuntu command to properly install gcc and libstdc++ and their dependencies?
12:24 AM
@Ell the app preferences are actually not removed
sudo apt-get install g++?
@exitc0de and you just said you wanted to do so again
you're almost there
@Ell It's probably not the folder that does that. It's the operating system that detects the folder is removed.
12:24 AM
@jaggedSpire That was a joke
sudo apt-get install build-essential?
Folder are really just data.
I don't do it intentionally
People just like dry humour
@Jefffrey I don't believe you!
@exitc0de You've been sucking for years?
12:25 AM
@Jefffrey Right, but if the OS is watching /applications and doing actions when it changes, I wouldn't consider /applications a "normal" folder
and now I've hit the extremely argumentative over nothing (more than usual) stage of incredibly tired
@exitc0de k
@Ell It's a special snowflake, just like you, bby.
because 90% of the folders on my computer don't cause actions when actions occur inside of them
@ElimGarak On and off. You said I had to study it for 3-5 years anyway
12:26 AM
Just like I wouldn't consider '~/Dropbox' to be a "normal" folder - it won't continue to function when I move it to my USB stick
@ElimGarak Anyway, haven't touched C++ for a while. Older and wiser now, will be easy :).
/applications is a system folder
Just like any system folder you can't just move it an expect things to work
> Older and wiser now, will be easy
Just older.
@ElimGarak I started learning Rust since 0.8 anyway, not C++
@exitc0de really man?
12:27 AM
@Jefffrey But it is presented to the user as a "normal" folder, which is what I mean by "under the hood"
In that sense pretty much any non-user folder is not "normal"
Why not?
@ElimGarak Anyway, you've seen one project I made a year ago that wasn't even that bad.
wait a sec
what do you mean by "non-user"?
Because if you move /usr to your USB stick then things won't continue to function
@Ell Used by the operating system (not defined by the user, you).
12:29 AM
@Jefffrey That is expected from a "normal" folder even
I gotta go sleep. Don't miss me too much.
just like if I unplug my hard drive it won't continue to function
what I mean by "normal" folder is that it is a directory in which you can store files and other directories
Yeah, so what's your point with "normal" vs "not-normal" folders?
@exitc0de Don't worry, I don't think many would remember you in 2 days time. We get many newbs, you see ...
deleting/moving/copying/etc. the contents of the folder does just that
12:30 AM
@Ell By that definition an .app is a "normal" folder
@exitc0de We don't even remember telkitty and she's here.
It has files and subfolders
@Jefffrey Didn't we just establish deleting a .app does more than just delete the folder?
12:31 AM
The actor is not the folder, it's the operating system
The folder does nothing
@Jefffrey it doesn't matter
my Dropbox folder does nothing
dropboxd does something
that doesn't mean that the Dropbox folder behaves like a "normal" folder
Good, now we are on the same wave length
@Ell So by "normal" you mean that it doesn't have any associated meaning with the OS or any other application?
@chmod666telkitty You should see my old posts. I couldn't go on Lounge for a year, had to lie low.
@Jefffrey I mean that applying an action on the contents of it does just said action
@exitc0de I am touched by your persistence ...
12:32 AM
Now in the case of OS X apparently applications are pretty much just an .app because spotlight does all of the magic :3
@Ell That's pretty much never true for any operating system
@Jefffrey well, how not so in windows for example?
for some reasons, my macbook doesn't allow me to install skype permanently, is there something that I have done wrong?
Removing files and folders for example usually trigger some kind of index update in some OS data structure used to easily find files
12:33 AM
spotlight doesn't do shit
Oh shit I just read old logs of chat, thats pretty embaressing
every time you move a file the system gets notified
the index updates instantly
It's nothing unique to OS X in any way
@Jefffrey okay fair enough, but I think that's different
let me justify
well I have work tomorrow
see you guy slater
12:34 AM
later puppy
@Puppy slater
sleep tight puppers
I also don't see what the problem is with an "app destructor" being run when the app is removed
Ah, it was a steam update
12:35 AM
It's like RAII applied to applications
@Jefffrey It was just an example of something "under the hood", ie protecting the user from the nitty gritty
I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it
I'm just saying that I'd rather see what was happening
ala uninstaller
or package removal or sthng
I mean anything is "under the hood" then.
AFAIK nothing special happens when you delete an app bundle
App preferences remain
And the OS GUI is the above the hood, by that definition
12:36 AM
@Borgleader I don't think Cat needs to be defended from Robot. :P
It's not restricting anyone
Anyone with any basic knowledge of how to work in a bash terminal can figure out the inside of the application, the manifest of the application and the location of the executable, resources and uninstaller.
You as a developer and not "restricted" in that sense
Of course - but then you are not using OS X for OS X are you?
Chat rooms are way too addictive, I need to sleep now. Good night.
I would approximate OSX - hiding stuff = linux/bsd
@Jefffrey Or you know, right click, show package contents :P
12:38 AM
@ElimGarak That too
But yeah I haven't used OS X wrong
I didn't mean to say "restrictive" per se
Listen, I'm not saying OS X is perfect. Upgrading OpenGL to something that Apple doesn't like is a pain in the ass if not impossible, for example.
I wasn't saying that it was bad, even
Just saying that I personally don't like it
I don't gain anything from the fancy interface
But really "restricting the developer" except for very rare cases like the OpenGL one is really not one of the OS X cons.
And unfortunately it's one of the ones I hear the most.
I didn't say "restricting the developer", but whatever I said, I meant that the pretty GUI does not give me anything I want
12:39 AM
That's why I'm so, perhaps, aggressive about it
that I can't have in a way worse than the one I'd use naturally
The fancy interface is optional
If you want to do everything by terminal you are free to do it
@Jefffrey of course - but at this point, it's bsd
@Columbo Hated the ads too.
12:42 AM
Content is not the problem I think.
@Ell If you ignore everything else, then yes.
AHAHAHAHAHAH. Man, this is embarrassing.
@Jefffrey well, what else is there besides the "fancy interface"?
I don't know much about linux distros, but if you strip the "fancy interface" they all look the same, I would imagine
Au contraire, they vary quite a bit
Such as?
12:45 AM
Package management
It's available on Mac too
I'm sure there is other stuff if you let me think for a while :P
@Jefffrey I mean, the package manager varies across distros
@Jefffrey you must keep in mind that I'm not trying to claim linux is better or that mac is bad
you sound defensive for some reason
Because the initial position was that you don't like OS X, while using Linux, because it's restrictive and has too much stuff "under the hood".
And I'm trying to argue that that is not the case.
@Jefffrey With some distros, technically-knowledgeable customers can install software and get it working in under a week.
Impressive :P
12:47 AM
@Jefffrey I retracted the "restrictive" thing btw
Oh, ok. Then we are settled.
and my reason for not using it isn't that it has "too much stuff under the hood", that was my reason for not liking it
my reason for not using it is that it doesn't offer me anything that linux doesn't
and that it costs a lot of cash :P
and that I don't like the ethos of the company
That's funny. If you reverse it it's the same reason why I don't use linux.
And that it's unstable as fuck.
Unstable as fuck?
what kind of "unstable" do you mean?
Last time I tried Ubuntu (like 1 year ago) it just wouldn't make the fans work.
12:49 AM
also do you really mean "linux"?
or some distro
@Borgleader :3
@Jefffrey that is a fair reason to not use it :P
I had to set the fan speed manually via terminal to make them work.
It has never been my experience, so I can't comment
@Ell It's stable enough, It's just an unstable sort of stability...
12:50 AM
I havent had that problem and ive installed ubuntu on multiple machines.
I mean come on. I understand you have to work with many different hardware combinations and shit, but fuck me. Not even one of the most important components.
You got unlucky, I say
sup greggy
Yeah, a linux driver that does not work. Shocking.
But that's something I would never witness with an Apple product for example. Nor with one of those Windows computers they are giving birth to these days.
The stability that comes with predefined hardware is just too comfy for me.
Never had any hardware issues whatsoever. More than 5 years with this Macbook, pretty much never turned off.
12:54 AM
@Borgleader linux doesn't have great support for fan control on macbooks
Never had to clean the OS up. Never had to run an antivirus on the background, get pop ups from it, get updates daily to update the virus registry or whatever.
@Jefffrey +1 to this
@MartinJames but it's open source, is it not?
I would buy from a vendor which wrote drivers or w/e for preset hardware for linux
I'm on a rant at this point, but...
12:54 AM
you can always debug the hack heck out of it :p
I see those people saying that if you know how to treat your Windows machine well, it will last just like a mac if not more, at the same level of those that say that if you know what you are doing, manual memory management is the same as RAII memory management if not faster.
Well, I have not re-installed any Windows version since W95, (apart from upgrades or after disk disasters).
well, to be fair I've been running the same build of windows 8.1 for the past 8 months and performance hasn't degraded at all
It should?
I disabled all auto-updates too because I'm a terrible person. and I have no antivirus other than windows defender

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