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11:00 AM
and approaches
@misha130 only planes and airports have approaches...
and github would make for a shitty version of either of those two
@SteffenWinkler work lol
@SteffenWinkler Think it's because we got the source from an older dev branch
Not sure why there are 4 dev branches
I just got banned from the corporate firewall for searching on a TRUNCATE statement; it got all confused and thought I was doing SQL injection. Fuck.
And this is why I hate "smart" firewalls
@misha1 : am back with the same query
Q: Why is a button not showing up on my mvc website?

jubiI am having a mvc website where i use a layout for my menus . On click of a menu i am returning a partial view with 2 text box and a button control. There is a jquery code for the signal R hub implementation. when i click on button send i am expecting to call the hub method. But the action was no...

still couldnot find answer for that
@RoelvanUden clbuttic error
11:08 AM
argh, everytime I need to take a look at the AssemblyInfo.cs I've to look at the project for 10 seconds until I realize that, even though it's a .cs file, it's in that weird 'Properties' node
see also: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scunthorpe_problem "The Scunthorpe Problem"
Ctrl+T 'Ass' <enter>
@jubi does the action method get called?
I went to the zoo yesterday.
There was one dog.
It was a shitzu.
@jubi i dont get it, didn't we solve this yesterday
11:14 AM
The whole layout has to have a renderbody and a simple view inside it
and then you add partialviews to it?
that gives me a duplicate menus
BroadCastNotification is a strange name for an action method. Whats your routing look like?
Yes its more of an api name
@jubi did you check at what line did it duplicate like I told you yesterday?
oh..i could change it then
11:16 AM
@Squiggle it was not exhibitet, was it?
I know you want another solution, but this is best practice
@Squiggle was it supposed to be a haiku?
it was supposed to be a pun.
or a 'joke'
i views the source to identify where it is duplicating
11:17 AM
but no luck with the html markup
what do you mean no luck
its supposed to have the <html> tag twice
Ok so I have tried pdftk and telerik for making a simple, mostly static pdf report. any other suggestions before the pc goes out of the window?
i am not able to view the html markup of the duplicate menu
jspdf :^)
@jubi if you can see it in the html web page then its in the mark up aswell
Is PartialView the right method to use for a normal view that uses a layout? Most mvc sites use a layout page and usually action methods return View()
11:20 AM
I am trying to ween him off of it Tom
@TomW Oh that was rhetorical
@AlexH what's your problem with either of these?
I'm tired.
@Sippy I thought so. I rarely use mvc so I don't want to make pronouncements
Oh it wasn't rhetorical
I'm tired.
11:22 AM
  public ActionResult Index()

            return View();
now i modified this way
and the layout has
Wheres your model?

    <div class="container-fluid body-content">
        <div class="row" id="MyContent">@RenderBody()</div>
        <br />
        <br />
            <p>&copy; @DateTime.Now.Year - FOOTER</p>
public class Notification
        public int NotificationID { get; set; }

        public string Message { get; set; }

        public bool? Status { get; set; }

        public string LogonID { get; set; }

        public DateTime CreatedDate { get; set; }
        [DisplayName("Sent By")]
        public string CreatedBy { get; set; }
this is the model
You need to pass a model to the view or it won't have anything to render
Also do you have a view called Index?
No, no it would throw an exception if it really needed the model
11:24 AM
i have a view called index
It just makes the model null and moves on
@misha : trust me .there is no duplicate code in the page source
Can you screenshot your web page?
including url
can i add screenshot to chat
try ctrl+v
11:27 AM
or the upload button
ctrl +v ddnt work
where s upload button
besides send
oh..i dnt have the upload button
proof that cats are ass holes
11:28 AM
does it need some reputation to enable the button
nice clickbait thumbnail
yep.. the thumbnail man.
@jubi just use some image hosting service
I questioned to open that link at work when a friend posted
let me try
my URL is localhost:40742
thats it
11:32 AM
@Squiggle sorry was away. PDFTK seems like too much of a ball ache to maintain as our pdf designers can't embed the right fonts, telerik seems to be a bit opaque... eg: I want pagination. No idea how to set it up, docs are almost worthless.
no way to attach
ok jubi lets do something extreme
delete everything from layout and write <html><body>@RenderBody()</body></html>
see how that works
I think you just need to read some more about MVC .NET before continuing
cause I am just debugging your code and this isn't very productive in the long run
hmm..beginners life is bit hectic with mvc
i am watching some videos to learn it
hope that makes easier
thanks Misha
now it is giving me the html markup
for my controls
11:41 AM
but not the layout
add the layout back part by part
@*<div class="row" id="MISAContent">*@
@* </div>*@ the div is causing the issue
if i remove the div it is working good
i am using these divs to load some of my other views from jquery ajax call
@RoelvanUden I used to hit a lot of firewall blocks when I was working on a DirectX filter. A lot of useful information was on gaming forums, which were blocked.
that div is giving me the duplicate menu as well
well I guess you solved it
i just commented the div now
have to find out the probelm with the div
its strange a div cause a probelm
is nt it
11:54 AM
bugs are bugs
Nice, I can restart explorer.exe immediately from the Task Manager now
that awkward moment when you can't find the webpage that is shown on a screenshot in the bug report
Good afternoon
How are you all doing this fine day?
12:10 PM
@jubi sounds like that div is getting overwritten
Or its content, rather
@AdrianK. Sup! Headache this afternoon :/ Hope it goes away, otherwise I'll be home tomorrow! You?
Although View Source should show the markup as it was before any js runs
!!youtube gogol Bordello - Start wearing purple
@JakobMillah just responding to some emails. And I'm already exhausted. Fortunately the weather is good
12:22 PM
Weather is fantastic here as well!
Can't be a better time sitting indoors working!
yep, it is overwritten some where..i am trying to find out where
Start wearing the purple wearing the purple!
Howdy all
Hello meistro
What's up?
12:29 PM
@jubi are you using selectors for the part where you load content using ajax? Presumably the code has to find the right div to insert the content into
meetings all day pretty much. Starting to feel sick
Not much. Home with sick kids today
Oldest one has chickenpox
Much fun
@scheien hope you've had it before! Otherwise not fun for you at all
yeah. I had it when I was a kid. I've heard that it really really bad to get it as an adult.
one question, how do i use a database from old project in new project ?
12:32 PM
@scheien I was 15. And yes. Bedridden for 3 days.
do i just need to add the dll to reference or do i need to do more?
@moji create a new .edmx file using it. I have 3 of those in one of my projects
@moji what's "the dll"? Databases don't come as dlls. So what do you really mean?
(supposing you're using entity framework)
@TomW ouch :(
12:33 PM
yeah true sorry
but u right click on reference and i choosed the database name as a reference
should it work ?
My current project's solution looks like this:
@scheien and it can hide out in your cells and re-emerge, often in late middle age. That disease is called Shingles, and can cause paralysis.
@AdrianK. do u mean in the new project create new .edmx
good morning, butter or cream cheese, that is a question
anyone knows C++? I am trying to learn design patterns implementation in it
12:35 PM
@TomW: So I've heard. In norwegian it is called "helvetesild" which is directly translated to "hellfire".
and getting a compiler error.....
Doesn't sound good at all
good morning!
Proj1_DataLayer: 3 .edmx files, Partial folders for the Metadata
Proj1_ViewLayer: ViewViewClasses folder with classes representing the flat data targetly used in the web app, Services folder with classes that contains entities and have CRUD methods handling transport from ViewViewClasses to EDMX-generated classes
Proj1_Web: ASP.NET MVC Telerik web app
@tweray cream cheese if more refreshing for me so I'd took that
@misha130 have you read GoF design patterns book?
I am doing a pluralsight based on it
12:37 PM
@scheien That is not fun... :/ Don't google it by the way.. You get the worst out of the worst images.
@JakobMillah: hehe yeah. I've googled dieases before. Some things cannot be unseen.
@misha130 Can't help you with it unfortunately since I'm not good at C++ but the 1st thing I'd do would be simply googling the error if it's not self-explainatory enough
its not :(
hastebin.com/tanuduraxu.coffee here I am getting an unresolved symbol error
on Filter constructor
    QVector<Product*> filter(QVector<Product*> items, ISpecification<Product>& spec) override
12:40 PM
Try this: QVector<Product*> filter(QVector<Product*> items, ISpecification<Product> &spec) override
Why is EF such a piece of shit?
I have no idea, then
I wonder how often I said that by now.
@AlexH Yeah that's a pain. Glad I don't touch that any more. I assume you're doing Html-to-PDF? Paginating tables was always the most painful aspect of that, IIRC.
What's the problem with EF today @RoelvanUden?
Q: Entity Framework - The foreign key component … is not a declared property on type

MrBlizI have the following Model public class FilanthropyEvent : EntityBase, IDeleteable { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public DateTime EventDate { get; set; } public string Description { get; set; } public decimal Target { get; set; } public ...

its slow
and clunky
Duplicate question, surely?
and its unoptimiziable
12:43 PM
@scheien It's doing magic again. Black voodoo! When you mark an entity as delete, all the entities referencing to it in the current change tracker have their property set to null (even if it is non-nullable) while everything that's not in the change tracker can happily choke in during the SQL statements. This kind of bullshit is exactly what makes EF so sucky.
the yearly "upgrades" completly changing its implementation
@Squiggle I have a little bit different.
@RoelvanUden yep, arcane shit is EFs middle name.
and yes what is the point of having an object tracker if this shit doesnt work
@RoelvanUden do you mark the entity to delete by context.Entity<myobject>.State = EntityState.Delete or context.myobjecttable.Remove(myobject)?
12:45 PM
@AdrianK. Entry(obj).State = Delete
@misha130 something fishy. Should the template be on a class or something?
the template is an interface
why would I get 401 Unauthorized (Access is denied due to invalid credentials.) in a web forms app that has <authentication mode="None" /> ?
to note it is a linkage problem
this is weird
12:47 PM
I feel sick
yeah, I had some problems using that. Try the other approach. I managed to make it working using .Remove(myobject) long time ago with one of my projects. @RoelvanUden
not a syntax
@StevenLiekens Maybe it has some sort of custom authentication?
@Sippy Go sleep
VB is basically causing me physical pain
12:47 PM
@StevenLiekens can you try setting it to Anonymous instead of None?
@Sippy What? Are you trying to kill yourself?
@AdrianK. That's not the problem unfortunately, I'm aware of that one, it's a 1-1 relationship that's causing the referencing side to be null'ed ~_~
@scheien Nah things keep getting worse in legacy land lol
@Sippy how do you keep getting jobs like this, is britain vb/webforms land?
@StevenLiekens wouldn't it be amusing if 'None' meant 'don't authenticate anyone'? XD
12:50 PM
@TomW : now my controller is just returning partial view. It is not finding the correct div to insert
Ah, I see. I feel you. I remember I had to set up the FK update action to cascade/set null and that partially helped. Also, I had to iterate through the code like foreach (Person p in division.Employees) { context.DivisionEmployees.Remove(p); }
i need to see how i can find the correct div to render my view
@RoelvanUden vOv
@AdrianK. I've ended up on that kind of solution multiple times too. :(
12:52 PM
if You add after the definition of IFilter `template struct IFilter<Product>;`
, does it work?
@GLeBaTi sorry, are you doing TPT inheritance?
@scheien it kinda sucks, but I'm not sure if there's a way for EF/any ORM to iterate through dependents and delete them cascading down.
maybe this will give you more info
About one year ago we've stopped actually deleting the data from the database after client rages when they actually requested deleting the records. Instead we've started to add everywhere is_active int default 1 and deactivate the record on deletion action.
12:56 PM
yea, that's great if you need historic data
@RoelvanUden FWIW, the dot com bubble was huge in the UK, and this was when business systems of that time were generally written. MS had a huge presence. There's little incentive for businesses or developers to change technology once they're settled on it. WebForms prevailed for a decade. Sad times.
it's hell of a lot better than restoring a database temporarily just to restore a single record
Most of them wanted, but that came out on the last phases of development :/
@misha130 hmm. My suggestion should have helped. That should give a hint for the compiler, there will be a IFilter with Product initialized with.
so its a compiler problem you mean
and not code
12:58 PM
it's a linking problem I think
most of the time when templates are created, they are compiled easily, but they are stupid to realize, which type is the concrete type, they should use
well there is inheritance in Filter that should specify the T
Ill just give up
Being a remote worker gives me that advantage that I can now take a break and practice on my guitar <3. Be back in a few
I have implemented all behavioural design patterns, and most of them with a version that uses template
12:59 PM
@Squiggle many shops doesn't see the benefit of updating / refactoring / rewriting their codebase, because they don't get money off of it. Until they hit the "sorry, we don't support X anymore".

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