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12:37 AM
2 hours later…
2:12 AM
Man I'm at a internet cafe downloading stuff because my net at home shit itself
Limited to 1mb/s on a 40 gb file. Lots of fun
Will be here for like 6-10 hours
Fkin sucks
How did your home internet die?
Repairs at the interchange, will be down for 12 hours but I need this file
(Sorry for any bad english btw, Dutch myself)
Ah that sucks indeed. Do they like compensate you for that? When my ISP was down for 2 days everyone got a free month of internet.
2:16 AM
Your English is fine man :)
Nah it was scheduled outage I just didn't read the email cause it was in my spam folder. I should've downloaded this last night but i fell asleep lol
Ahhh. Well at least there is an internet cafe there. We got like none here (Maybe a few in the bigger cities)
Yeah but the shitty net dude. This place only has a 40mb connection for 40ish computers. Never seen that shit before
And this is a gamers internet cafe. I don't know how they can do this in a packed house if that shit happens, everybody would pag
Try to get in the router and set 90% of the connection to the pc you are on >.<
And wow yeah that wouldn't be to smooth of an experience.
Lol I just got him to push my connection to 3mbs but people complained lol
I think its the upload that's the killer not the download
Is it a torrent?
2:29 AM
But I've payed for 4 hours already, so ill use that then probably go home and just do the rest on my cell. My cell is probably faster but would cost me like 200 bucks in data to complete lol
Nah just a standard http get
Hmm not sure how many people live around you but you could simply take a walk and see if there's any open WIFI networks. Did that when waiting for my ISP to set everything up.
If I had concole access on these machines I doubt the router would have even half decent security so id just blast into it and change things up. But these machines are console limited. I could do some uac hacking but I cbf
My laptop is broken. Dropped it about two weeks bqck. Downloading to a system here and copying the file.to a flash drive
Ah, yea than your kinda stuck there
I could hack the permissions and get console access then break into the router but doing that shir in public is kinda a bad idea lol
Yeah + I assume from where you said the dude upped the connection to the pc you are on, that someone is also keeping an eye on it.
2:35 AM
Yeah he is lol. He just offered me an asdl 2+ dedicated. But I doubt that would do any better than this
I'm just shocked they've only got a 40 mg connection running an entire gaming cafe
Probably to keep the costs low. How much does it cost for 4 hours?
20 bucks, 5 per hour
But I caught a taxi here and need to do one back too
30 bucks each way, probably cheaper just catchnf the train, walking home then doing it with cell data at 3-5 mbs
4g that good now? I am still going oldschool prepaid >.<
4g can do 30+ mbs with ease if the tower is not under too much load
That's pretty nice ;o
I am still waiting for my "province" to make use of fiber >.>
It's only available for companies so far.
2:42 AM
That's strange for eu. Most countries are well ahead on information tech there
I was in finland for about 4 years and that was almost 10 years ago and I had decidated fiber to the house. Sync 100 up down
Well, The Netherlands has 12 provinces. 11 have fiber. I am living in the one without fiber :(
Lol rip
Oh well I guess one day they will have to right?
And yeah finland and sweden seem to be pretty far ahead with that stuff.
Yeah they are but they are small countries so their govs can afford the infrastructure upgrades
God this is taking forever. Wanna kill myself at the moment
Lol yea I can imagine that, what are you downloading anyway for 40gigs o.o
2:48 AM
Probably just going to go "fuck this" and go home and just pay the 150-200 I'll need to do it from there
Its a database I need for a project in doing on the side
You should download 40gigs of porn instead.
Lol I should but why download videos when you can stream it ? :P
^ I never understood why people download porn.
2:51 AM
I mean, other than, you want to watch it someplace where the Internet doesn't exist.
Lol would be good for my home situation right now. But at the same time, streaming is downloading it anyway. So its effectively the dame thing lol
But you don't have to hide it in the folder "Nothing in here"
streaming might increase the size slightly. i dunno how streaming works really
i assume some additional information is embedded in the stream, for the protocol to work.
Hmm I wonder if I can make a winforms application that plays all those Vidzi.tv streams etc
Would that work just the same as playing a youtube video with the shockwave flash object?
2:56 AM
It could be a different protocol.
But the principle of the thing should be congruent.
Going to give it a try :)
Sigh. I'm just going to ask for the two hours and cancle the rest. Too fucking lazy to wait here that long
Get off chat. It's taking up precious, precious bandwidth.
Already talking on my phone instead lol
2:59 AM
I need that extra 1kbs
optimizes the linuxbytes
4 gigs done lol fuck my life
90% to go.
Is it worth getting it faster for a 200% price markup...
Or should I just be a good little boy, stop bitching and stick it out here for 6 hours
3:03 AM
yes, be a good boy.
gonna go back to kerbal for a while
Dude but I don't wanna. Thus place is going to fill up with league players in about two hours lol
@KendallFrey 205 hours of KSP
In 2 hours it's officially morning here.
Yeah I'm going home to do this crap
Dude just told me he has yo throttle the connection more
Copy what I've downloaded and do the rest from home
3:11 AM
I really wonder how he is going to run that cafe with gamers there.
If only one guy downloading pretty much saturates the connection.
Yea uts bad. Copying it now. I'll pay the cell charges instead.
It'll be at least three times faster
1 hour later…
4:41 AM
Much better
2 hours later…
6:23 AM
Good morning! If anyones around, I got quite the interesting issue going on
I am working in C# asp.net, and taking records from a database. I use EF6, and that seems to require that the numbers I am working with is of the type 'double', HOWEVER, a few lines down I got another block of code, that uses the same variables, but needs to be of the type 'string', or atleast, in a format where I can put "" around it.
Making the variables strings, then doing a Convert.ToDouble(); doesn't instantly give me any erors, however, breaks it upon debugging
6:41 AM
If thats the case, your pan is wayy to hot, also easily done
But yes, i've seen that gif earlier myself
@Xariez double.Parse
I will give that a try, one moment
I mean it loads, thats more than it did last time. Thank you!
Kinda interesting in my book how Convert.ToDouble(); breaks it but double.Parse(); doesn't, but not going to complain
Oh hold on
Yeaah, i forgot i hadnt activated that bit yet, "LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'Double Parse(System.String)' , and this method cannot be translated into a store expression"
Also i'm not 100% what i did but suddenly it works. Welp..
6:57 AM
Hi guys !
Oh yeah, I removed FirstOrDefault();
Morning @bhuvin
Morning !
7:19 AM
morning all
long time no see @bhuvin
Does, by any chance, double.Parse(); set it to double forever? Or just for that one occassion?
Because I have absolutely no clue on why this is acting like it is
one occasion.
Like I thought
7:21 AM
string input = "2";
double d = double.Parse(input);

input will still be a string.
Thing is, i am working with coordinates currently, and it seems like I cannot get a query to work, or it to assign itself to variables anyways
Still, I am gonna go have a coffee with some collegues and see if i can get anything out of that. Toodles!
Great woke up to a blocked whatsapp >.>
"Your phone number can no longer make use of the whatsapp service"
@scheien : Hii .. hows u ?
@Xariez I don't understand the question
7:35 AM
@bhuvin I'm fine thanks. How are you?
Convert.Whatever just creates a new reference to the same data, the reference is of a different type but it's still pointing to a string. Parse interprets the string as a double and creates a new value. Obviously (is it?) the representations of a string "1.0" and the number 1.0 are completely different
Doing Great !
Hey guys I am having a bit of a list traversal issue.
what exactly is it @Dimitry
List<List<float>> list; //size 512x512
Another the same size with mostly similar values but a few different
I need to
the bruteforce (exaustive)
7:42 AM
Interview question ?
More like 13th hour of digital processing assignment coding.
@DimitryRakhlei OK. What's the problem?
I have no idea how to perform this loop right. When I start to code I end up with garbage after 20 minutes.
512x512 2d list of pixel values
16x16 search block that moves 1 pixel at a time
@DimitryRakhlei : See the Link you have given it has couple of algorithms ..
Now in that there couple of them easy to implement ..
Well I don't think anyone here is going to be interested in doing your work for you
7:46 AM
if its a Assignment : u are supposed to Code it .. While coding it if u face any issues then let us know.
hmm what would be a good technique then to loop through a 2d array as a 2d array?
nested for loop
Lol, So like 2 weeks ago I had my whatsapp number blocked for using the whatsapp.net api so I emailed them then got my number back things all fine. So woke up 2day to a blocked number so emailed them Haven't used the api since the unblock and now they mailed me that they decided to reblock me again for the thing from 2 weeks ago >.<
When using .FirstOrDefault(); in a EF query, how do you actually set this default?
Or is it just by having a variable somewhere higher up setting it?
@Xariez 'Default' is in the sense of default(T) - null for reference types, usually 0 in value types
7:50 AM
Oh, well then
using this right now for the top level loop
mb wrong one
@DimitryRakhlei Rectangle searchSquare = new Rectangle(16, 16, 16, 16); << what do you think that does?
Starts at 16,16 in array
Yo yo yo.
7:53 AM
because I do not want to go out of bounds later
and the height and width specify the size of my searchArea
Hm, ok, I was misremembering what the Rectangle constructor did.
Is there a particular reason this isn't working, anyone? centerLat and centerLng doesn't seem to get assigned any value whatsoever, and it feels like theres soemthing very simple I'm missing
@Xariez you never set centerLat and centerLng and you never use getMarkerPos
What were you expecting?
That the line below would assign the results into the variables
where p.markerLat == double.Parse(centerLat) && p.markerLng == double.Parse(centerLng)
Buut I am evidently incorrect on that
You know, kind of take the markerLat and throw its value over to centerLat, same thing for markerLng and centerLng
7:58 AM
You're comparing p.markerLat to a double created from the content of centerLat, which is invalid anyway since centerLat is an empty string, then the created double goes out of scope inside the query because it's never assigned
Oh yeah, did NOT think about the whole scope thing. Woopsie.
That's kind of a secondary problem
Hi everyone
parsing "" is never going to give you a meaningful result
Also, reason that is a string and not just instantly a double is because the actual final location for that variable doesn't at all do anything as a double and needs to be a string, interestingly enough
I can give them default values in form of coordinates, if that'd help?
8:00 AM
What do you mean by "doesn't do anything"?
Well, I am working with the Google Maps API, and then obviously having a map on the site I am working on (locally via Visual studio, but nontheless)
If I, for example, switch string -> double, it simply doesn't show the map. Like it would never understand that what I am giving it is the center location coordinates
OK, you seem to have quite a shaky understanding of the notion of types in C#. I'd suggest reading some 'introduction to C#' type material for that
Looking at the code:
Could very well be. I also just got to work, early mornings aren't a thing for me, lol
setMarkerPos is never null. It will always be an IEnumerable<marker> containing 0 to N elements
That is a very good point
8:05 AM
getMarkerPos is also an IEnumerable<marker> but I think that will always have 0 elements since the logical comparison you're doing in the query is invalid
I'm actually surprised that works at all because I'd expect double.Parse to throw an exception
Unless there are no markers at all in the context
I had the same reaction when someone posted that earlier
Since I know for a fact that Convert.ToDouble(); does break it, while double.Parse(); doesn't
Not instantly anyways
What does the type marker look like?
Are we talking about the context.markers here or which one are you referring to?
Yes, the type of that collection
Not sure if its what you're looking for, but thats coming from a class that takes the table from the database via DbContext
8:09 AM
Yes. Can I see it, please
One moment, just gonna grab it
Good morning people! It is yet another fine day to code!
public class kartaEntities : DbContext
public DbSet<markers> markers { get; set; }

public int markerId { get; set; }
public string markername { get; set; }
public double markerLat { get; set; }
public double markerLng { get; set; }

If we are thinking about the same thing, thats that
Right, so the markers do have the coordinate values you're looking for
So you need a query that will pick 1 marker if there is one with that name, or 0 otherwise, then if it exists print its lat and long to the console?
Hmmm...did you cut and paste some code there, or is that literally what your context class looks like?
Correct. To throw it into the whole context, I got a map with a "external" searchbar, if you type in a name of a marker, it should grab its coordinates, and then throw it into the center coordinates of the whole map
Well, as far as the whole kartaEntities goes and DbContext, thats that. Above are usings for the code, below are the Page load classes
8:14 AM
I don't believe you. The marker properties are in the wrong place, the code you have wouldn't compile if that's where they really are
They should be in the body of the markers class
So I got the Index file, with the code that I linked earlier via gist.github
Then a index.aspx.cs , with the different using (eg. using System;)'s, then what I just pasted here, then the auto-generated namespace, index class and page_load
I don't think the asp.net stuff is anything to do with the problem at this point
Morning all
o/ @Ggalla1779
For what its worth, I used a EF Designer via visual studio, if that makes any difference?
@Xariez I do not accept that the EF Designer created the code you've just posted
8:18 AM
It didn't
It created a .edmx and the connectionstrings, as far as i am aware
Hi. I have a big project. Somewhere in code occur assignment NAN to variable of object. I cant find this piece of code with devidion by zero. How can i find this piece of code?
The Dbcontext i added myself
@GLeBaTi Debugging~
OK, I'm pretty sure you don't need that. It's wrong, anyway. EDMX already creates a context for you, it's buried in the generated code somewhere
@GLeBaTi Tip: Make the variable a property with setter, and set a conditional breakpoint on the setter to break when value == double.NaN, then walk up the stack trace
8:20 AM
All i know is, if i remove what i pasted here, i get a absolute crapton of errors, so Yeah
So tell me this, what are you expecting that you're not getting? Without trying to sound irritated? I'm just glad I am getting any kind of help
@RoelvanUden true. Thank you
@Xariez I've been dropping hints about how you can make the code in that gist work properly
You have, and I am working on it as we speak
Shall I be more explicit
Not with many results yet but nontheless,working on it
8:23 AM
To select a single item out of a sequence, use SingleOrDefault, which will return either 1 item if it matches the predicate, or null, or will throw an exception if there is more than one match
That item is your matching marker. If it's not null, print marker.markerLat and marker.markerLng
Right, back to what you mentioned earlier, doesn't like double.Parse(); where it is
But why do you want to do that?
You don't need to parse any strings to doubles. The data you have is already doubles
Because I need to use double in the EF query for it to accept it, however, since I am using Google Maps API (Javascript), it doesn't seem to accept doubles in the center cariable
You already know how the query looks, that requires a Double
Why do you need to use double in the EF query?
Because thats what I got in the database, and i'm not sure how i would otherwise get something like "xx.xxxx" into the database without it just translating into "xx"
8:28 AM
You haven't said anything about putting anything in to the database
I'm trying to show you how you can fix the gist
Well, eventually I will put something in that database, not now, but at some point, and when that point comes, I cant have coordinates (lets say 22.2222 and 22.6666) just sit there being two "22"'s
Yes, at that point, parsing to double is appropriate
But I would do that outside the query. You could make the query do the conversion for you, but as you've discovered, that's messy
And I already got things ni that database, only for testing but nontheless
Like I said, you've seen the query, and now you probably know what I ment by "it requires doubles"
I can see what you're trying to do and I thought we already established that it doesn't work like that
function initMap() {
map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), {
zoom: <%= mapZoomLevel %>,
center: { lat: <%=centerLat %>, lng: <%=centerLng %> },
mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.SATELLITE

See the "centerLat" and "centerLng"? Those pretty much become NULL if they are Doubles instead of Strings, for whatever reason
So thats the only two criterias I am working against
The database probably needs Double or something along those lines to allow decimals and all that, and that seems to require a variable that allows quotation marks
8:32 AM
Still at no point do you have to convert anything to a double. The query in your gist makes no sense and short of writing it for you and saying look, copy and paste this, I'm not sure how much clearer I can be
Okay. So If I remove the Parse, it throws a error obviously, that it cant convert String to double, thats easily fixable, but if i do fix that, it doesn't load the map
You already have a query that gets a list of markers. The marker has properties lat and long of type double
Call SingleOrDefault on that list to get a single instance of marker
Then use the properties of that instance to construct the query to google maps
Tried it, saying that the Sequence contains more than one o.O
Well I'm pretty sure that LINQ methods don't lie
Where do you set markerNameInput?
Got a form higher up with the method post, searchbar + submit, then
string markerNameInput = Request.Form["markerNameInput"];
8:44 AM
OK, so check that isn't null or empty, and check the contents of your database
I can confirm that it does get a value
And my database got two records in it in total
And they have different names?
I am not 100% sure my query is right though
Since i changed it
var getMarkerPos = (from p in context.markers
select p.markerLat).SingleOrDefault();
Yeah, obviously that isn't right
Nothing in that query involves the name of the marker. Why did you change it?
I figured I would for now only pick up markerLat to make things perhaps easier, also I figured since I am not doing any parses i dont either need any where's. Evidently, I am incorrect. Again. I'll go ahead and roll back to what it was before and then just add the SingleOrDefault
8:50 AM
I strongly suggest reading the documentation for Where(), Select() and SingleOrDefault()
I will. A bit rudely though I will have to interrupt us and go on some work stuff, I do however want to say I appreciate what you've given me, as annoyed I can understand you are.
No problem. I do need to get on with some work as well
I won't deny getting a little frustrated but I hope that wasn't coming over too strongly
friendship flawless victory
@Squiggle how did you find that gif of me
8:54 AM
@TomW hax
so I had the option of going to a day-long training for git today.
upside: total doss, get paid for being taught what I already know
downside: sat in a training room all day
/me boots up visual studio and hacks about with Angular again
Colleague has been working on all the same schemas I have...
breaky breaky breaky
TFS merge figured it out. Zero conflicts.
not sure if replaced with git overnight
Schema validation error: Required elements 'FirstName', 'forename', 'first_name' not present.
no conflicts doesn't mean it did the right thing
9:13 AM
I think my boss thinks he's steve jobs
Does he dress like him?
Exactly like him
Ugh. Wanker.
He's a decent enough bloke I think
I went to the pub last night - met my landlord, and a few of his mates
My landlord is worth about £150m and his mates all own more than one aston martin
I felt a bit out of my depth hahahaha
What line of work?
Software development
9:15 AM
Landlord just owns shit loads of businesses
Think the other two were in finance of some sort
Well at least you can get on with your landlord
ye man
Fingers crossed they like polishing their own egos by taking a young whippersnapper under their wing :P
Just look after this multimillion pound business for me for a bit would you
I doubt it but that would be nice
One of the other guys literally just spends all his time on holiday
He's like 35 lol
9:18 AM
Aston Martin are taking him to Geneva this weekend
"Take meeeeeeeeeeee"
None of them are even into racing
How can you be into cars and not into racing
ah yeah half of my workmates have gone to the car show there
Read up on machine learning and be like "Oh yeah, [algorithm] works quite well for trading I think, I've been reading up on it. [Competitor] uses it"
@TomW Machine learning is one of those things that sounds scary-complex at first, but ends up being kinda fun?
I gained a couple of twitter followers from people who are into machine learning
9:20 AM
I hate machine learning
I think it's because I wrote a text parsing library and put it on github
It's annoying
I know nothing about machine learning
I don't either
Might be interesting though
Sounds like it might suit FP, for the lols
new model = mutate(old model, data) goto 10
kinda thing
Meh I could have expressed that better with typeclasses
@Squiggle Mate of mine is totally blowing Support Vector Machines, whatever they are
@TomW I understand some of those words!
"A Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a discriminative classifier formally defined by a separating hyperplane. In other words, given labeled training data (supervised learning), the algorithm outputs an optimal hyperplane which categorizes new examples."
9:27 AM
Yep. You saw the same wikipedia summary I did :)
> discriminative
OK so it's not a wikipedia summary, but it's the first time I think I've ever seen that google search onebox with a result that isn't wikipedia :)
I self-identify along the Y axis. Don't judge me.
ah the wikipedia summary actually makes sense
In machine learning, support vector machines (SVMs, also support vector networks) are supervised learning models with associated learning algorithms that analyze data used for classification and regression analysis. Given a set of training examples, each marked for belonging to one of two categories, an SVM training algorithm builds a model that assigns new examples into one category or the other, making it a non-probabilistic binary linear classifier. An SVM model is a representation of the examples as points in space, mapped so that the examples of the separate categories are divided by a clear...
I knew a company that did that, using that SVM mechanism to re-engineer legacy systems.
stuff like passport controls running on a mainframe. Too expensive/complex to write a new decision-making system, so just feed the historic data into one of those algorithms instead.
Wow. You have to be confident in the method to trust that one.
Or completely clueless and consider it magic, depending on your point of view
A bit of both, I think.
beep beep blorp "Computer says no"
Not only must your system tolerate say 1% erroneous results, you also have to not care which 1%
@TomW It's the only way to get algorithms that aren't simply fast calculations of methods you already know. It allows for emergent links, finding links and similarities in patterns and attribute you didn't even know are connected.
9:41 AM
isnit it magic anyway
Computers aren't magic. They're just really good at doing what they're told.
shhhhh dont break the illusion ;)
Well, I am doing the same thing they did in the 9th century when they saw things they didn't understand
they just called it MAGIC
gods of programming giving us machine learning and we should not question how it works
After the collapse, the survivors won't know what the magic words "OK Google" mean, but they'll know that they make stuff happen
"OK Google, prepare SkyNet" - last words before collapse
9:46 AM
sadly this will really happen one day
not the skynet but the ok google thing atleast
Basically, it's "don't tell the computer what to look for, tell it how to look for things to look for".
Also known as MAGIC.
and then combine it with a powerful neural network :D
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Any sufficiently gross incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.
^ two of my favorite quotes right there
I really rather like fan-theorising about the Skynet/Terminator universe. As they keep re-writing history there's infinite potential
9:53 AM
@Squiggle I like this one too :D
@RoelvanUden but magic isn't real, so if $advancedTechnology == magic && magic != real, shouldn't $advancedTechnology != real?
Whoever said that magic isn't real?
witches exist guys
@RoelvanUden everyone who isn't insane?
Oh, you are one of those. Are you going to argue that alien life is impossible too?
9:55 AM
@misha130 and we got proof!
@RoelvanUden nah, alien life is possible. Everything else would be a huge waste of space
So what makes "magic" impossible?
the fact that it doesn't make sense?
When I grow up I wanna be a technomancer.
@Squiggle not to confuse with a technoviking
fukken love technoviking
9:58 AM
@SteffenWinkler "indistinguishable" != "equals".
@SteffenWinkler That's just because we don't fully comprehend it. But you could categorize medicine into "magic" too. Since ancient times we've used herbs and such as medicine, and even now, that's no different. We don't actually understand half of our medicine. You can still categorize that as "magic", but because it's considered normal you don't think that's true. Idem, "White Witches" still make use of that. So.. it begs the question, what do you classify as magic?
@RoelvanUden eh what? Most meds we've are fully researched and analyzed, we know exactly what they do and why they do it.

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