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9:00 PM
that feel when $1.76/g
Paying twice as much for a car that does 3x the mpg doesn't sound too bad. Although the EU mpg regime is complete bullshit and not even close to reality
Even without the VW group cheat mode
Could you drive cross-country in a Telsa? Are there enough charging stations?
@Failsafe Feels better when the price tag says $0.80
okay, guys, stop whatever you're doing
i have a question
@mikeTheLiar Yes
9:01 PM
@TravisJ @Failsafe they ain't actually as expensive as I thought over here autotrader.co.uk/used-cars/chevrolet/camaro/…
@SteveG you're fucked, because I was reading your chat comments. bye.
Tesla charging station map
I have an collection within an entity that is not eagerly loaded. When I mouse over this list, it says "capacity 4", which is the total number of non loaded entities, but only 1 is materialized. When i do thatList.Count(), it only returns 1
9:02 PM
Oh wow, they're really amped up the infrastructure since the last time I checked.
That was actually from January last year.
Suck it, Ontario
how can i tell EF to count all the entities, not just count the materialized ones?
@mikeTheLiar bazinga
TBH I haven't checked in probably four or five years. I can't afford a Tesla :(
9:03 PM
We actually have two different locations in Wichita alone, so I know it's probably expanded more nationally as well.
I can't either, but damned if I'm not gonna apply for a loan for a model 3. Fuck carbon.
yeah so the Model S is twice the price of anything I'd be interested in buying and also enormous
I would totally buy a Tesla wagon
They're really nice, and I wish I could be in the market for one because ditching the carbon seems like the moral and sensible thing to do at this point
A car that is electric but also lame is selling the concept short and shouldn't be encouraged, the industry needs to do better
9:06 PM
it's probably because it's a List and not an iqueryable
@SteveG ToList() it
By the time its affordable people will be driving w/Hydrogen
I was listening to a conversation the other day between two old farts, one was quoting an article.. Something like "It is the height of arrogance to think that man can have any impact on the entire earths atmosphere"
the problem i think, is the fact that it's a list, and not an iqueryable
@TomW How is an electric car ditching carbon?
9:07 PM
@KendallFrey I'm with a 100% green electricity provider
I mean, until we get proper renewable energy, electricity is still dirty as fuck
Suck it, smartass
@SteveG I dont think so.
Dirty, dirty electricity
I don't suck asses
9:07 PM
so dirty!
Dirty, bad, naughty electricity
@KendallFrey You're really missing out
so guys drop everything you're doing and tell me why my code doesn't work
its broke
Give it a loan
next problem
9:08 PM
could anyone help with with little SQL query?
Are you coding in Java?
@Amy ah, thanks
just ask your question, @AdrianK.
s/coding/wasting time
yeah, sorry
9:08 PM
@Sidney burn it with fire
how little we talking
ittle bitty
@SteveG wait i think .Count() should cause it to enumerate by default. Thats very strange
teeny weeny
@Michael the problem is, my navigation property is a list, tolist a list does nothing, i think our domain model should have IQueryable navigation properties
9:10 PM
I have a table: entries: id int key auto, tag_id int, content nvarchar(max), date_created datetime Providing currently viewing entry id and tag_id I would like to get 3 records: prev, current, next
sorry I was interrupted
@SteveG I believe ICollection is standard for EF navigation properties
ss means super sport
(and not the gestapo)
@Michael that's correct
@Michael but if i make our navigation properties IQueryable, I cant .Add to it
9:11 PM
@TravisJ Before ze Germans get here
@Michael - Nav properties much inherit from ICollection.
dont make it Iqueryable
I tend to use IList
if i make it an ICollection, and I do a count on it, will it only count the materialized objects? or will it hit the db and do a full count?
it depends on if it has been enumerated
9:12 PM
.Count() should be doing that for any of the collections I believe
if it hasn't been enumerated, it will hit the db
If it is not Enumerated Count should Enumerate it
it has been .ToListed
then it will not hit the db
which, it probably shouldn't have been
9:12 PM
SELECT TOP 1 id FROM entries WHERE id=2401, tag_id = 8 ORDER BY date_created DESC doesn't do what I want
Can I .Add to an ICollection?
either way it should be enumerated fully
@SteveG - Yes
@AdrianK. how do you define previous, current, and next?
@mikeTheLiar live example: I'm viewing id=2401 in tag with tag_id = 8
9:14 PM
huh. i have two classes, A and B. B inherits from A. but resharper says no classes derive from A.
@AdrianK. So that's current. What would previous and next be? IDs 2400 and 2402?
@AdrianK. So you want to Select Where id =2401 && (2401 +1) && (2401 -1)?
yeah we did this wrong
9:16 PM
@TravisJ it's currently an IList, if we don't enumerate it, will it do the same thing as an ICollection?
@Michael something like this, but those would also have to be filtered out by tag_id
@TravisJ I thought list Implemented ICollection?
@Michael - It does.
it does.
so List should work fine?
9:17 PM
i.e. will it hit the db
@SteveG - If you do not enumerate then the data will not be populated regardless of the type.
@Michael - Yes it should.
@Michael @mikeTheLiar look at the image, providing I'm viewing id = 2401 and tag_id = 8 the proper id's would be: 2400, 2401 and 2403
I seriously dont understand his problem. Count() should enumerate the list.
It will not enumerate the list. It will hit the database though.
9:18 PM
@AdrianK. see if you can adapt this: stackoverflow.com/q/10736813/1015495
left joining the table itself
the problem is, this list is down 2 navigation properties, and we FirstOrDefault the root
Count() is going to execute the SQL representing the IQueryable, and return the count. It will not modify the variable holding the IQueryable nor any of the related properties.
that might do the trick, thank you @mikeTheLiar
9:20 PM
@TravisJ exactly
It should cause the Lazy Loaded properties to fully load by hitting the DB
No, it shouldn't.
context.Root.Include(m => m.FooBar).FirstOrDefault();

and FooBar, is the thing with the list of BarFoo's
the list of BarFoo's is an IList, which doesn't hit the db when we count, but we never actually explicitely enumerate it
@SteveG yeah thats the problem
or tolist it
9:22 PM
@SteveG You can Include all the Nav properties by declaring them in a string instead of the lambda
but we don't want to eagerly load them
only when we need them
But you are already eagerly loading FooBar?
(not really doing a count, we're doing a contains on the list)
@Michael yeah, we want to eagerly load foobar, but the list of BarFoo's could be big, and we want to do a contains on it, before we add other stuff to it
the contains only checks the materialized objects
Can you do that? I feel like you cant.
IQueryable<Foo> query = ctx.DbSet<Foo>().Include(f => f.Bar).Where(f => f.Message = "Hello");
int count = query.Count();
//query is untouched at this point and still holds only the representation of the query.
List<Foo> foos = query.ToList();
//query is still untouched at this point
//foos now holds the materialized query
9:25 PM
You can tell here that both the call to Count() and the call to ToList() will take very similar times. The difference is that Count will not load the nav properties because there is no reason to. If you put a stopwatch, you can see the time that each query takes to execute and no caching or anything will benefit the second call.
@TravisJ okay so it goes to the DB to do the count, but without loading the nav properties?
yeah, but when i do BarFoo.Count() it only returns 1, which it should return 4 (if you mouse over it, and go to raw view, it says "Count: 1, Capacity: 4", so there are 4 things in the DB, 1 materialized, and it only counts the materialized one
@Michael - Correct, no joins are included in a count
@TravisJ I apologize for my hyperbole
she spent a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME AND EFFORT giving speeches :P
9:27 PM
@SteveG I wonder if capacity is like residual metadata or something
@Codeman - Fair enough
this isn't a big deal, just trying to move something out of our application service to the domain layer where it belongs, i can always hack around it, but it's ugly
@Codeman - But don't apologize to me! Unacceptable.
@Codeman ;)
apologize to ME
9:29 PM
or i shall set your thatched roof cottages aflame
Are you a pony or a dragon?
@TravisJ my problem is not necessarily the exact amount of time she spent, it's the quid pro quo implication. I don't really believe someone that says they're going to crack down on abuses in an industry when there is a public record of that person being paid millions of dollars by that industry
@TravisJ When @SteveG tries this: context.Root.Include(m => m.FooBar).FirstOrDefault();

He isnt allowed to continue to lazy load properties inside of the FooBar object he eager loaded, right?
@Michael - He is if the context is still open.
9:30 PM
if I can't make my points without hyperbole, I'm just being a hypocrite :P
@TravisJ hm
And it cannot be closed and then reopened or anything, it has to be the same context.
ohh yeah
the context is open during the entire lifecycle of this, it's injected into the constructor of the service
let me double check that
yeah, i'm actually inside a transaction when that happens
maybe thats the problem
I talk to my brother about this stuff a lot. He voted Cruz yesterday but he's in favor of things like basic income and raising taxes. I don't really understand him.
9:32 PM

then, we want to lazy load properties

then committransaction
@Codeman - Perhaps the industry wanted guidance on how to comply with new regulations. I think the retort to the quid pro quo argument in use, "Obama took money from the banks, and then passed the most sweeping regulation in recent history on the bank industry" is a good example of not being biased towards an agency while receiving its support.
@Codeman then.......why would he vote for Cruz?
@Codeman Because politics have become so partisan, even if you're 85% in line with the party you haven't identified with, you have a hard time admitting it to yourself.
@Amy I think he likes being contrarian
@SteveG I havent really worked with transactions explicitly like that. It seems weird that that would be the problem though
9:34 PM
@Codeman - Ugh, Cruz :( I don't really think that someone who is that dishonest has a chance really.
i agree with republicans on somethings, and democrats on others, it's sad i have to pick one
@TravisJ nah, Obama didn't pass it. Congress did :)
Bernie's value is not in the executive power, it's in the bully pulpit
idc what party it is, we need to start dumping massive amounts of $ into science and technology
@Codeman - Same argument, she won't be in a place to change policy so where is the return value
I know this election cycle has forced me to realize I'm a lot more lefty than I would have thought two years ago.
9:35 PM
i mean look at the space program, for 8 years we gave it all we had, and it powered our economy for the next 50
agreed @SteveG
@SteveG stop being thoughtful and moderate!
@SteveG NSF gets $7.5B/year. US military gets $600B/year :)
It saddens me to see NASA's budget shrink and shrink.
@Codeman thats so wrong
9:36 PM
Want to get NASA's budget back up? Tell them there's Muslims on Mars.
I mean, lots of good research comes out of military spending. But lots of it is wasted blowing up brown people who are just upset that we keep blowing up brown people
The trick is to convince the majority of the country that we could launch a lot of bombs from space,
@mikeTheLiar no, tell them there's oil on Mars
tell them mars has reality stars with bigger backsides.
9:37 PM
There is probably rare metal on Mars, which is worth more than oil + prejudice.
@Codeman Where there's one there's the other.
Kinda like the backwards version of what evil-doer Korea is doing right now.
dude, the majority of military spending.... is on service member pay and benefits. It's all because our standard of living is so much higher, so when somebody says "us spends more than all other countries combined", that really doesn't mean weapons and tech
anyone else play Kerbal Space Program? i love the shit out of that game
@SteveG you're correct - but there definitely is a lot of waste
9:37 PM
@mikeTheLiar Maybe tell them there's something they want
@Codeman oh for sure
@Amy I love it more
nuh huh
if we're going to be the world police and enable countries like Belgium and Netherlands to have no military, we should at least get some compensation for that
@SteveG - Gotta have people using the weapons and the tech
9:38 PM
How many hours do you have logged
@KendallFrey the implication being that the military will start subsidizing space exploration in the interest of killing brown people
i dont know, i can check when i get home
@MikeEdenfield Big-booty aliens? I saw a movie about that once.
@TravisJ but if we dumped trillions into science and technology, we could just pay gamers to pew pew with robots
forget building a wall around Mexico, start sending invoices to our allies if we're gonna talk about accountability
9:38 PM
@Amy more or less than 500?
i really don't know
or, have the robots automated
Maybe tell president Trump that there's illegal aliens on Mars
@Codeman - That would result in significantly less allies.
and then kill without conscious
who knows, english, hard
9:39 PM
@TravisJ fewer goddamnit
@TravisJ probably :P
@SteveG - I agree, science and tech funding is important.
if my Steam stats are available online, look me up, Rincewind455 i think is my steam name. i can't do that here
I'm not actually advocating for it, I'm just saying the only reason our military is so big is to ensure our global hegemony.
OMG Rincewind I love it
Yes, but we also benefit greatly from that.
our military isn't THAT big
google have my babies
if we didn't have global hegemony, our allies would actually have to have their own militaries
9:39 PM
North koreas military is massive compared to ours
@SteveG - It's just one shark with a massive laser strapped on its back.
but they're using squirt guns from the 50's
their military is just most of their male population between 18 and 35 :P
lol yeah
@SteveG and just going "bang bang bang"
9:40 PM
North Korea needs to stop being so aggressive.
yeah they do
Did you see that the "satellite" they sent to orbit actually flew over the super bowl?
every time North Korea threatens to shoot nukes, they're just posturing for foreign aid
@TravisJ no!
i didn't know that!
@SteveG - True story!
9:41 PM
man, thats scary
@Amy not found
@Amy I was also disappointed in the wording of that pop-up. Apparently SO/SE chat has "the appearance of being unmoderated", though in my experience it's over moderating that usually causes the problems. but shrug
@mikeTheLiar guerrilla!
9:42 PM
i'll look it up when i get home this evening
@MikeEdenfield agreed, overmoderation is more of a problem than undermoderation
@MikeEdenfield - I was disappointed in the flag everything outlook.
but over on the SE side we are repeatedly told that people should feel absolutely free to flag anything that they find offensive and we are not to complain about it. :\
basically, "don't say anything offensive and it won't be a problem."
I already see mods reversing the flag bans from the flag everything examples.
I saw it yesterday where Madara reversed a chat ban.
He called it "unfair"
9:45 PM
@KendallFrey there's guerrillas in those woods
where do you see such bans, let alone their reversal?
I pretty much abandoned Mos Eisley (SF&F) partly because it has become essentially a kindergarten where I'm terrified to saying things I'd be happy to say to my own parents or bosses.
@MikeEdenfield I think the policy in this room is "say something if something offends you" and only flag it if it's just straight up trolling/inflammatory on purpose
you shouldn't flag something that is in good faith but happens to offend you
Is it okay to ask a question here (I don't think its worth making it a whole question on SO)
9:46 PM
@R593B read the room rules
if someone just starts spamming HEIL HITLER yeah flag that
@codeman you "shouldn't" but SE policy is that you have every right to
Thanks going to read it :)
if someone says a slightly off color joke, just maybe... be an adult and ignore it if it slightly offends you?
@MikeEdenfield I mean, of course you have the right to. That doesn't make you less of an oversensitive dweeb :P
9:47 PM
and of course, on SE, every site moderator is a moderator in every chat room, so room culture and context flies right out the window. you just have to say what you want and cross your fingers that the room doesn't have someone with delicate sensibilities in it
the general rule here is "if you wouldn't say it to a coworker, don't say it"
@Amy - I is places
or, alternatively, keep your yap shut.
@TravisJ very impressive
@Amy What exactly do they mean with : Don't ask if you can ask, it is recursive
9:48 PM
just ask your question
don't ask if you can ask
@MikeEdenfield I mean... this is a community, and communities are built on intentions. There have been cases where people scan through old chat logs to find mildly offensive things that long time users have said and get them temp-banned from chat
the contributing users being banned does more damage than those users saying something that might offend 1% of other users, on the whole
I view it as an egalitarian system - if you are consuming more value than you offer, you can go away
What about me?
@Gabe go away
9:50 PM
jk <3 u bby :*
Full homo ?
nope, removing the transaction didn't help it, i think it's not lazy loading because we load one of the entities that belong in that list, separately, and EF automatically attaches it
Regarding the offensiveness discussion, I have low tolerance for sexual/racial slurs directed at anyone.
Hmm alright. Well I have this "Login&Register" thing going where I pass a string back to the main form (The username) Now I want to make it so that when that string is obtained by the mainform it edits the text of an label (Pretty sure there is a simple way to do this but pretty new to C#)
@Amy oh i didn't know that, i've definitely said some sexual things in your direction -- only joking -- i'll try not to in the future
not really a slur though
9:52 PM
@SteveG i mean things like "faggot" -- please don't flag this
@SteveG if you eager load it and it works, maybe that will confirm that it is a LazyLoading issue?
@Amy yeah, a slur is different from a mildly offensive joke
@Amy ohhhhh okay, yeah, we're on the same boat then
What are you doing on the boat? :D
9:52 PM
that totally said slur...
i've been called such things IRL, don't want it here.
@TravisJ shitting off the side, mostly
i agree
IRL is overrated. Online is where it's at
9:53 PM
i might be vulgar, but there are lines
@Codeman - That doesn't sound very sanitary.
@Amy isnt faggot a type of slur?
yes, @Michael
okay, we're done
9:53 PM
She was making it an example xD
but you said not to flag it?
@Michael she meant "don't flag this comment I was using as an example."
even if we're talking about the word, having people come in here and see that is not okay
i meant don't flag that comment.
not "don't flag this word"
9:54 PM
I was discussing a slur, not using the slur.
unless you're British and just mean cigarette
i know, i'm just saying, people would have to scroll up to see that you're discussing it and they might not
or a bundle of sticks and twigs
it's the same in aus a "fag" is a cigarette
9:54 PM
it wasn't directed at you @Amy, just in general
@Gabe and here I thought all ausies were ... happy all the time
I'm happy >:(
you all are probably so confused, because some days i just come in here and melt down with the most vulgar shit ever, and then other days -- like today, i put the hammer down
I'll get @Codeman to protect my honor
@MikeEdenfield Those crazy cunts always diminish the meaning of words
9:55 PM
We're all about making up words
Nobody can understand aussie slag cause it isn't even english.
@KendallFrey funny story there... one time Mos Eisley got almost shut down because someone in the room quoted Loki from Avengers calling Black Widow a "mewling quim", because they actually knew what it meant.
but the MPAA apparently did not, because the line made it into a rated-PG movie
I've tried watching the Aussie buzzfeed videos, and there were definitely a few WTF moments, but then again in the us we have garbage like "On fleek", so I can't judge.
9:58 PM
"Choco chip bicky wicky" lol... I don't even think brits call it that. Racist.
@Gabe you got that far before realizing that?
don't judge me
I was done at wundahbahboxes
I even misspelled it >.<

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