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3:00 PM
!!weather Terra Nova, antarctica
@Michael That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@Michael Conceicao do Jacuipe: 33.23C (306.387K), few clouds
!!weather moon
@mikeTheLiar Mellunkylä: -0.92C (272.237K), clear sky
!!weather magrathea
3:01 PM
@mikeTheLiar Oichalia: 14C (287.15K), broken clouds
!!weather My bedroom, The Netherlands
@ErwinOkken [object Event]
how the hell is Terra Nova, antarctica = Conceicao do Jacuipe?
!!weather the sun
3:01 PM
@scheien [object Event]
Events in your bedroom, nice
!!weather Hell
@Michael Stjordal: 1.57C (274.72K), clear sky
posted on March 09, 2016 by ericlippert

You are atop the west wall of a great canyon, offering a marvelous view of the mighty Frigid River below. Across the canyon, the walls of the White Cliffs join the mighty ramparts of the Flathead Mountains. To the north, … Continue reading →

3:01 PM
More events than I expected tho :')
pretty cold in hell
haha, that's in norway @Michael
!!weather dranglic
@mikeTheLiar Kirkkonummi: -0.57C (272.587K), clear sky
norway is hell
3:02 PM
I wouldn't say that, but you are entitled to have your own opinion.
!!weather my pants
@mikeTheLiar Bemban: 29C (302.15K), broken clouds
!!weather hell, michigan
@scheien Pinckney: 58.07F (14.48C, 287.637K), light rain
@mikeTheLiar almost accurate
!!weather porjus, sweden
3:03 PM
@JakobMillah Norrbottens Län: -1C (272.15K), light snow
Where's that @JakobMillah?
or is that some funny word in swedish?
@scheien Nowhere, pretty much. Just googled somewhere far up :P
!!weather kautokeino
@scheien Kautokeino: -2.97C (270.187K), broken clouds
3:04 PM
!!weather Zermatt
@Squiggle Zermatt: -6.72C (266.437K), few clouds
!!weather siberia
@scheien Ruovesi: 0.98C (274.137K), few clouds
!!weather livingston
oooo icy. Is going to be a good weekend for skiing...
3:04 PM
@JakobMillah Livingston: 5.83C (278.987K), scattered clouds
!!weather La Tuque
@SteveHémond La Tuque: 7.23C (280.387K), light rain
!!weather sahara
@scheien Laayoune / El Aaiun: 23.73C (296.887K), clear sky
!!weather adelaide, antartica
3:05 PM
@JakobMillah Adelaide: 24.33C (297.487K), overcast clouds
Hot in antartica today
I prefer panini warming
IT IS THE END OF TIMES or bad geolocation
!!weather mcmurdo
3:06 PM
@JakobMillah Annan: 6.38C (279.537K), clear sky
I guess there's no weather on antartcica
@Squiggle I'm voting for end of times.
@scheien better choice than Trump
Amundsen - SCott south pole station, currently -27 degrees C
3:09 PM
They should start referring to everything bad that's likely to happen as a result of Trump as the "Trump [x]"
Trump Wall
Trump Riots, when he tries to throw out 11 million people
if he tries, a lot of people are going to get hurt.
and I bet mexico would love to pay for the wall
Naming predictions as though they've already happened might convince people they will happen
Hello, I'm trying to separate my business and data layers to allow for unit testing. Could you give this a review to see if I'm on the right track? gist.github.com/anonymous/094c658e69d704e79a94
Everything works, I'm mostly curious about how to properly go about instantiating the repositories in the business class in order to inject it into the model, e.g. Business.cs line 18... do you simply create/inject every time you need to call a model method? Or would you persist each repo/model instantiation into a properties on the business class to re-use throughout? Thanks in advance.
!!weather madison,wisconsin
3:18 PM
@Jeremy Madison: 50.15F (10.08C, 283.237K), scattered clouds
a real scorcher
why d fuk it doesn't wan to convert from object to int?
@Vlad are you expressing frustration or asking a question?
    var slgdStub = Substitute.For<SaveLoadGameDataStub>();
	var fakeData = new FakeArbitraryGameData();
	FieldInfo[] stubFields = typeof(SaveLoadGameDataStub).GetFields(BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance);
	FieldInfo[] fakeDataFields = typeof(FakeArbitraryGameData).GetFields(BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance);

	// act
	for (int i = 0; i < fakeDataFields.Length; i += 1)

		var field = fakeDataFields[i];
        Debug.Log(field.FieldType + ", " + field.GetValue(fakeData));
		stubFields.SetValue(Convert.ChangeType(field.GetValue(fakeData), field.FieldType), i);
SaveForWebTest_CreateFakeSaveLoadObjectAndRunSaveForWebFunction_PassesIfPlayerPrefsStateIsEqualToFakeSaveLoadState (0.039s)
System.InvalidCastException : Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Array:SetValueImpl (object,int)
at System.Array.SetValue (System.Object value, Int32 index) [0x00046] in /Users/builduser/buildslave/mono-runtime-and-classlibs/build/mcs/class/corlib/System/Array.cs:601
at Assets.UnityTestTools.UnitTesting.Editor.SaveLoadGameDataTests.SaveForWebTest_CreateFakeSaveLoadObjectAndRunSaveForWebFunction_PassesIfPlayer
!!urban ftfy
3:27 PM
@AdrianK. FTFY [FTFY]Fixed That For You
@Vlad gist!
!!urban yellow journalism
@AdrianK. yellow journalism The use of cheaply sensational or unscrupulous methods in newspapers to attract and influence the readers.
I use yellow journalism? haha
I shoudl create a question for this? :)
@Amy hey, stop turning me on!
3:36 PM
but it says in your users manual to flip your power switch to On
... Since when do people read manuals?
that's why RTFM exists
Release The Feral Monkeys?
Soooo @Amy isn't people? @CapricaSix any thoughts on that?
you're only now catching on that i'm not people?
3:38 PM
Real Engineers never read manuals
@BrockHensley Run Till Feet Merge
Ponies read manuals?
@mikeTheLiar with unbridled enthusiasm.
It behooves us to read the manual.
Real Time Funny Moose
3:40 PM
!!xkcd rtfm
@Amy I'm kind of lacking when it comes to people skills
@SteffenWinkler what is your people skill level?
go slay boars in a forest until you level up
3:42 PM
no, thats how you level up your slaying
I just found a useraccount in this thing called rongwang
Scale 1 to 10 maybe 5, more 4.
Speechcraft is a dump stat anyway
you need to conversate with people in town
Try haggling
3:42 PM
levels obviously dont go from 1 to 10. they go from 1 to 100
work on your mindreading to offset people skills
Nick Baguette
@Michael No, no, you spend the gained experience on .NET, not slaying.
lol thats an alternative
3:44 PM
Hello good people
could someone look at my stackoverflow question: stackoverflow.com/questions/35895708/…
@Amy is not people
you should all spend gained experience on Experience Point Allocation
you're all bad at this
Anyway, I'm off. hides power switch from @Amy
3:45 PM
@Syler 19 minutes too long to wait?
Syler was a bad guy on Heroes
bad guys = badass, mostly
sometimes bad guys = just plain silly
@AdrianK. divide both sides by bad, guys == ass, mostly. Hmm.
3:47 PM
woah syler was an asshole in heroes
an ass hero if you will
season 1 of Heroes was fantastic. after that it was horrible
@mikeTheLiar I won't judge. I'm into women lol.
@misha130 he had a panini in him?
everyone has a panini inside of them
how prevalent is SSIS? I know you need VS 2008 with BI something or other to do SSIS packages, and where i'm at currently, they're creating a lot of packages, but only a couple people have the tools to do this. Just wondering if it's worth my time figuring out SSIS
3:50 PM
@Squiggle did not know that. Thanks. How 'custom' is custom?
@Bardicer RUN NOW
I've tried using SSIS for merging DB Changes. Didn't work out pretty well, we've purchased one of RedGate's tools
SSIS is a pain in the ass, but I know way too many database admins that like it.
Mar 4 at 16:29, by mikeTheLiar
Hmm. Stop using SSIS or stop receiving a paycheck. Decisions, decisions.
3:51 PM
@Bardicer you can create SSIS packages in any "normal" version of Visual Studio and the SSDT-BIDS add-on, or you can use the stripped-down version that come with SQL Server (which is just called BIDS).
@TomW My guess is "if it doesn't work first time, it's probably custom" - I'm not really familiar with it though
@mikeTheLiar talk about a no-win situation.
SSIS has all the reporting features in it already
which are pretty verbose
Reporting in SSIS? I've thought SSRS is meant for that
go to Integration Services
3:52 PM
SSIS is useful for very specific situations where you only need bulk, not-very-complicated data movement and transformation.
Right Click -> Reports -> All Executions
boom whole execution report
But some people try to use it for way more than it's any good at.
real damn detailed too
3:52 PM
@MikeEdenfield and you don't need version. Or merging. Or sanity.
or safety.
@TomW but according to msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms996497.aspx the specification is a standard supported by MS...
or error recovery
or free time
@mikeTheLiar yes they are
unless it's being especially dumb and expecting the namespace prefix of 'mtom' rather than @syler's 'wsoma'...
3:54 PM
Our SSIS packages are slowly just becoming giant script blocks
@Syler what are?
Anyone drive a 2015 or 2016 VW Golf?
Might go test drive one today :^)
@misha130 what do you mean by your comment??
Yesterday someone mentioned 23GB SQL script on server. That might have been SSIS.
@AdrianK. that was me
3:54 PM
I think he meant @squiggle?
i was talking about the heroes tv show @syler
woah syler was an asshole in heroes
an ass hero if you will
@Jeremy: couple of my coworkers drive 2015 golfs, both the 1.2 tfsi and the e-golf
they're quite happy with them
The tv show mate
not you
@scheien Lots of favorable reviews out and about, for sure
Though, our base model is a turbo 1.8L
Because 'murica
3:55 PM
It's a safe choice, if you don't need more room/space.
@misha ah ok
@Squiggle The issue I've had a while back is that svcutil won't import policies and therefore a service imported by wsdl doesn't work. Message to the effect of "don't understand" on the policy elements
@mikeTheLiar and those really had 20GB? I can't imagine plain text sql script files so big
@scheien Yep - looking to replace my commuter, don't need space (yet)
@Squiggle so svcutil will not import these out of the box?
3:56 PM
@Jeremy: Are they that different? the 1.2 tfsi is 4 cyl 150hp
@Jeremy guy who used to work here has one too, they're nice.
So svcutil probably doesn't support it
I prefer Mini Coopers though.
@AdrianK. no idea what was in it, just that it was taking up space on one of our QA servers and it wasn't supposed to be there
@scheien mmm, not sure. I think the 1.8 turbo is around 170hp
3:57 PM
yesterday, by mikeTheLiar
This morning started with an very irate email from the sysadmin: "$drive on $QAServer is full. This drive is only to be used for the OS. Please remove anything that should not be on $drive." Me: "$drive has a 23 GB SQL script in your user folder."
@Syler I've never seen it do anything useful with policy but my experience is limited
@Jeremy: You'll be throwing your money at the dealer after the test drive :p
@mikeTheLiar I recall back in the early 90's (?) there was a DOS/Win3.1 program Drivespace. It magically gave you 120%+ of your hard drive capacity creating a single file on your drive that occupied entire space o_O
@scheien That's why i want to go to VW first - I'll make myself try a few other things before I drive :^)
@TomW i spent two days on trying to figure out how to import the damn policy, apache cxf supports it
3:58 PM
Also looking at the mazda 3 HB and the Elantra GT
@Jeremy: What others make/models are you looking at?
And the new civic, but probably will pass on the civic
@Jeremy I ride a 2004 Mazda 6. Really great car.
I had a civic, regret that I sold it
I'm buying a camaro soon
3:59 PM
the civic type-r are so fucking amazing
< 1.5 years
@Failsafe you'll be hosting "Diners, Drive-ins and Dines" soon? lol

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