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12:00 AM
@Gabe it's a suppressor to make it difficult to locate the origination of the howitzer, yes
@Codeman yeah, rarely used though. In fact I don't think it is used at all. Don't quote me but I think this was a ww2 thing, not modern
Read it somewhere, couldn't be bothered googling right now. Waiting for the division to finish downloading so I can go hame on it
I'm tempted to try The Division but I still haven't beaten Witcher 3
People are saying it's a "Modern Day" variation of Destiny
Hello folks
division is fun
12:09 AM
hi steve
how r u
@Gabe I hadn't heard that, Division is literally about how NY went to crap, whereas Destiny is how the galaxy went to crap haha
I more mean the gameplay of it over it being similar in style :P
Ah I get you :)
4 hours later…
4:33 AM
4:54 AM
you said it
@Amy try saying it too. You'll like it trust me
I dunno, maybe its not my thing.
Say it out aloud and really give it all you got and make sure you drag out the 'e'. Bleeeh
5:05 AM
^ thought that was legit for a second there and then looked at it closer and went.. "wait a second"
6:04 AM
Hello Guys
Can anybody help me with this Question??
Q: Parameters are not working in Google Cloud Print using Google Apps Script

yashI need to send print Job to my printer using Google Cloud Print. It is a Classic Printer Named RISO ComColor 7150. My Code in Apps Script is as follows:- function printGoogleDocument(docID, printerID, docName , type , duplex) { var ticket = { version: "1.0", print: { color: { type: typ...

1 hour later…
7:13 AM
hello everyone
Hallo Mein freund!
7:31 AM
Yo yo.
Avner! the turtle
7:43 AM
C'est moi.
hallo zusammen
Nice. This train is an hour late. Everyone on it looks really pissed off.
an hour? wtf were they doing
7:59 AM
God knows, not the first time though
8:12 AM
never had that issue with South West Trains unless if there was an accident
github.com/Humanizr/Humanizer looks like a very useful library. I've written and rewritten similar code over the years, but never all in one place, covering many use cases and tested.
8:30 AM
Good morning y'all.
@RoelvanUden Yo.
@StevenLiekens no clue but compared to the 'Deutsche Bahn' that could be considered 'on point'
github.com/Humanizr/Humanizer/commit/… "Include semen and sperm as uncountables"
8:50 AM
@Squiggle Wonder who submitted the ticket.
And under what circumstances.
I'd love to know
TBH it's not an uncommon word, especially on the Internet.
True. I'm guessing the truth is a lot more prosaic - someone went over some compiled list of uncountable nouns and saw it was missing.
9:07 AM
@SteffenWinkler German efficiency a myth, huh?
@TomW heh, sometimes yeah. But this is more of a political fuck up IMHO. A bunch of politicians a few years back had the brilliant idea of privatizing infrastructure.
And guess how that went...
they also privatized a bunch of other stuff but streets and trains are the most prominent cases where the fuck-up is visible to everyone
Aha. We're the opposite, privatised the trains and kept the infrastructure as a quango
so the 'State' manages the tracks but the trains are run by private companies?
that sounds at least not as insane as what they did here
Yeah. Although I'm not sure how mucblh influence the government actually holds
> "{0:N2}".FormatWith(new CultureInfo("ru-RU"), 6666.66) => "6 666,66"
9:12 AM
here the Deutsche Bahn is partially privatized, partially hold by the government (nobody really understands how that is supposed to work and it doesn't work), the Deutsche Bahn has it's own trains and is supposed to manage the tracks. Also private companies can try and outbid the Deutsche Bahn for specific parts so they can run their trains, but the Deutsche Bahn is still responsible for the tracks
russia why
Plagued by incompetence. They recently had to abandon a major modernisation programme because the contractual documents were done so badly wrong they were meaningless. Asked all the engineering firms to re-tender from scratch
the funny thing is that most of the private corps run their trains pretty well, but their schedules are fucked up by delays of trains operated by the DEutsche Bahn (long-distance trains are only operated by the Deutsche Bahn and those things nearly never run on point and have to pass through tracks on which trains of other companies run, and by contract those companies are forced to put their trains to stop so that the long-distance Deutsche Bahn train can pass throuh)
that causes delays for the private corps
then you've freight trains which (for whatever insane reason) also have 'right of way' and boom you've at least 4 trains from 4 different corporations running late just because the Deutsche Bahn managed to (again) fuck-up one of their trains
@TomW ouch.
Me at colleagues desk. "I'll send you this link on Skype Roel so you can test."
*Slides back to own desk*
"Ohh a Skype message!"
I'm like Dory >_<'
@RoelvanUden can you also write in a different language and then forget it?
9:27 AM
The Swiss train system is fucken awesome. The government aren't afraid to invest heavily in infrastructure, and there's some real tough checks-and-balances to make sure things are smooth and efficient.
@Squiggle then again, in hundreds of years, they haven't managed to come up with one language that is understood by the entire country. Which actually makes the whole 'running train on point' thing even more impressive
@SteffenWinkler that's through choice. Switzerland is a federation of Kantons - much more decoupled than your standard country.
eh, even the USA managed to solve that problem. And I'd argue that their states are about the same when it comes to 'decoupled'
think of it a bit like the USA, but much smaller, and with a shit-tonne more personal responsibility and politeness. And mountains and cheese.
interestingly, the USA never came up with a proper public transportation system.
9:30 AM
Hi all, does anyone use Chutzpah here in visual studio?
Based on that I'd argue that the more difficult it is to understand people from another region, the easier it is to travel to them. Which actually is even true for the USA as they've a (military) presence in almost every region of the world. Also the lesser known the english language is, the heavier their presence.
Because private money holds sway in the USA. In Switzerland there's pretty much a direct democracy, so people-power is much stronger.
@SiddharthPandey Not used it, but I'm familiar with most other test runners etc :)
@SiddharthPandey That's an interesting name.
@SteffenWinkler I can forget Dutch ;)
@RoelvanUden does your ability to speak Dutch is linked to the amount of alcohol in your blood?
9:34 AM
@RoelvanUden I've been known to send myself an email as a reminder, then lose track for a second and go "ooh, a new email's arrived".
@SteffenWinkler Geography/language/politics is a fascinating thing to study
@SteffenWinkler Wait what? :D
@Squiggle it seems so
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan So recognizable too :D
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yes it is interesting, pronounced as hutz-pah
@Squiggle I'm trying to use it to run my js tests. Is it possible to use combination of - chutzpah.json config to reference common code and chutzpah_references in test file or any one of the two?
9:34 AM
@SiddharthPandey Yes, I'm familiar with the word. It's a Hebrew or Yiddish word.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I knew (well, believed) it was Yiddish and have a vague idea what it means but maybe there's a connotation there that's not intended? I guess the authors just liked the word
@RoelvanUden isyour ability to speak Dutch directly dependent on the amount of alcoholic drinks you consumed?
@SiddharthPandey honestly, I have no idea.
@SteffenWinkler No.
@RoelvanUden ah, ok.
9:37 AM
I don't consume beverages containing traces of Alcohol
@RoelvanUden meaning you don't consume alcohol or you don't consume drinks that have less than 10% alcohol in it?
I don't drink anything alcoholic, ever ;P
@RoelvanUden yay, someone of my own kind =)
It's OK lads. I drink enough for the both of you.
RIP liver
@SteffenWinkler Yay! Non-alcoholic programming buddies! @Squiggle is not invited
9:41 AM
@RoelvanUden yay us!
the fuck is that?
@SteffenWinkler is what? Sam the Eagle?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan ah so it has a name
aanyone ever tried to load a user control (ascx) or an aspx page into the page dynamically ?

I want to do so in a html file which will then be loaded back to master page (which is written in aspx)
9:48 AM
@SteffenWinkler Sure. He's a fantastic character muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Sam_the_Eagle
Not only am I on legacy
I'm on legacy VB.NET webforms
And I have to add new features
big features
@Sippy Ouch.
/me shoots self
@Sippy D:
9:49 AM
Never written VB before
Lemme guess - .NET 2.0 as well?
So this is gonna be hilarious for htem
You moved to the new job to get away from this crap huh?
Yeah I did.. :/
It got worse rofl
@Sippy You'll get frustrated with the verbosity, probably, but other than that it's not much different than C#.
9:50 AM
@Sippy thats close to classic asp
I'm gonna have to look at the bright side
At least it's not VB6
@Learner Rewind. What you're asking there either doesn't make sense, or doesn't conform to the recommended approach of designing web applications.
@Sippy don't tempt fate
If they give me VB6 I will quit
I have no intention of sabotaging my career quite that much
I definitely will not be putting VB on my CV lol
@Sippy Yeah, just write it down as ".NET" without specifying the actual language. It's a lot less relevant than the frameworks and architecture used, anyway.
@Sippy put it in as 'employed as a software archeologist'
9:53 AM
I'm pretty sure that's a term not used as of now.
or 'decyphered and translated ancient language'
I've done that. I remember coming up to a veteran team-member and saying
- "I was digging around the codebase and noticed something - why does the system do *x,y,z*?
- "Does it?"
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan nice
@SteffenWinkler And the funny part was that it wasn't that old of a system. 1.5-2 years old or so.
Always fun to find 'features' like that.
9:56 AM
"For Historical Reasons" means "We did it 6 months ago and don't remember why".
Nobody in my team has been here more than 3 years. I play archaeologist on a regular basis, trying to figure out arcane processes that exist in production.
"Hey, this project references an internal dll. Do we have the source code for that?"
@Squiggle "Err....why not?"
^ pretty much
Uhm.. so an actual question: I have a Code First migration that needs to add a non-nullable FK, and I basically just want to default it to a specific value during the migration, but not always. How to do that?
9:59 AM
@TomW it was a dll copied from a specific version of a webforms application. The source control systems were changed, history was lost, the code was updated.
@RoelvanUden Code First means you've an old database but write the code for the new application and when it's finished you want to convert the old data, right?
@SteffenWinkler EF Code First with code first migrations and that bollox
@RoelvanUden uh...sure mate :)
I just noticed the Israeli IKEA site is written in Classic ASP. *shudder*.
(at some point I've to figure out what EF means)
10:00 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan vat
@Squiggle well you do keep backups, right
what, they couldn't figure out how to make their new site render RTL languages or something?
With ugly GUID-based identifiers for everything.
@TomW only for a few years, for non-important systems.
"important" things get put in archives, which costs lots of money
10:02 AM
@SteffenWinkler EntityFramework
@RoelvanUden (at some point I've to figure out what that is)
@SteffenWinkler Are you a fan? Lol
@Sippy You lucky bastard. I have VB6 assigned last week...
I have to
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan what the fuck lol
10:05 AM
@Sippy uh, Supernatural? Yup.
IKEA first opened in Israel in 2001. It was legitimate to have a Classic ASP-based site then.
I'm wondering if this falls under "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
@SteffenWinkler New season good?
haven't started it yet
@Sippy only watched the ones on Netflix. I think it's up to (and including) Season 9.
"if it ain't broke, don't fix it" does not apply to software
all software has bugs
@SteffenWinkler oh you ages behind
think it's on 11 now
Oh no it's 10
You not so far behind
10:08 AM
yup, just checked, Season 10.
@Squiggle so what happened?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Classic ASP was broke though
@TomW we left it as-is and prayed that it didn't break again. Currently rewriting it.
@Sippy Most server-side languages in 2001 were, to be fair.
10:09 AM
loved the 'Killing Death' part.
@Sippy 2001 had PHP 4.0 - "New, now with user sessions!".
wtf is wrong with azure today
slow as shit
@Squiggle I think I'd actually enjoy doing a forensic rewrite of that
Decompile it, replace with project reference...gradually extract interfaces and cover with tests
@TomW as would I, but there was really no business value for doing so. It was a Webforms app anyway, so there was only so much investment I would want to do.
Hey lads
I got a bit of a weird one
10:22 AM
Whoever invented exception suppression
Die in a fire
@MaartenWachters go see a doctor?
good morning
@Squiggle nice meme
have a query on mvc partial view
@MaartenWachters that's a meme? I thought it was a dad-style witticism
10:23 AM
@Squiggle A dad meme perhaps?
Anywys to get to the point
I'm trying to make it so it shows the array data in the right column / row
@jubi that's cool. Just ask your question - but if you're going to share code, use gist :)
Xaml : https://gist.github.com/themaawaa/b95c80c4987579fb213d
Code : https://gist.github.com/themaawaa/770ee238bf58fce788bc
My query is about Viewing the source code of a page by simply right clicking on the browser window.When you right click you will get an option to chose "View Page Source" , which will infact gives the HTML code of your view/page. In my case when i use a partial view the html code for the controls in the view is not appearing
Unfortunately github is blocked for me here
but i have added code to my stackoverflow question
i am a beginner in mvc, you may feel it s a stupid question .please bear with me
Q: View page Source - html code is missing

jubiMy query is about Viewing the source code of a page by simply right clicking on the browser window.When you right click you will get an option to chose "View Page Source" , which will infact gives the HTML code of your view/page. In my case when i use a partial view the html code for the control...

@jubi what are you asking there?
@jubi you're confusing server and client side. The browser (client) has no concept of controls or partials - it's just the markup.
10:28 AM
Are you asking why that is happening? Or how you can fix it?
my question is both
and yeah, as @SteffenWinkler says - there's actually no question there to answer
@jubi then you should put that in your question. Because currently it's on hold because there is no actual question.
Why am i not able to see the html markup of my paprtial view
@jubi hint: Questions end with a question mark "?"...
10:30 AM
because of that some of my button click event not firing at all
i will update my question
@jubi uh...what? I'm pretty sure that the reason you can't see the HTML of your controls has nil to do with a non-firing event...
I mean, I'm not a web-dev, but that would be pretty stupid.
if i look at the page source there is no button in the source
so i am guessing that the page is not rendered
I have 2 collections: A and B. I want to overwrite the elements in A that are also found in B(with their values from B) and the rest of the elements to keep their value. Can I do this with LINQ ? or do i have to do it manually ?
since no button , the event didnt fire
this is my guess.
@Adrian collections in LINQ are immutable, but you can return a new collection that conforms to those requirements
10:34 AM
If you look at my partial view there are 2 text box control and one button (labelled send). Why html mark up of these controls missing on the view page source
@jubi can you see the button if you look at the page itself? Because if not, that should be the question: 'Why is a button not showing up on my website?'
Or something like that.
i am not able to see those text boxes and the button
@TomW so how would I do that with linq ?
@jubi that should be the subject of your question then.
thank you...updated.
10:36 AM
do I have to make a collection with A - B and then add the intersection of A and B to it ?
posted on March 09, 2016 by Scott Hanselman

I have a small problem. I'm always looking for great computer mice. I've tried a number of mice (and keyboards!) over the years. Here's the current line up. The two mice on the right are the Arc Mouse and Bluetooth Arc Touch Mouse. The middle weird one is the Anker Vertical Mouse which, by the way, is an insane deal at $19.00 at the time of this writing. I'm a big fan of vertica

@MaartenWachters You shouldn't present it in a Grid, but a GridView, and give it a source, which is enumerable of an enumerable
in the item, You should store a command, and use that with the right binding to the command
@Adrian you might be able to do that with a join
guys , are you clear abt my query
I guess LINQ join can represent an outer join over B, which I think is what you're asking for
10:39 AM
the thing is that I also care about order. A is an array and I want the elements to be in the same order after the join
the layout and the partial view code is updated with the question
hope that will clear my query
@Adrian do they have anything that governs that order?
the objects do not. The order is given by the index in the array
If not, you could project them to another type that includes their place in the sequence, I think TakeWhile has an overload that passes an index
Fuck the system! FeelsGoodMan
10:44 AM
Ah no that won't work, doh
But Select has an overload with an index, so...
/me bares cross and garlic
A.Select((a,i) => new { Index=i, Item=a }).Join(things)
@Squiggle Do you need my help sir
1 hour ago, by Roel van Uden
@SteffenWinkler Yay! Non-alcoholic programming buddies! @Squiggle is not invited
@Squiggle We'll have our own party with beer and hookers
@jubi you should probably also update the introduction text of your question.
@Sippy can I join?
10:48 AM
@Sippy yeah but don't come crawling to @RoelvanUden or me later, asking for a ride home!
Fuck sake
This VB project is the one with the home grown VB ORM that fires a million requests at the database
@Sippy plz. So long as the party is in the UK. Alcohol here is frightfully expensive.
will update
@Squiggle I'm thinking we go to like Prague or Denmark
Their beer is cheap
Dunno about the hookers
10:50 AM
I'd be cool with Germany, too.
Sorted - we're not picky
@ntohl where you from? Want to join us?
@SteffenWinkler hah
only nerds go home from parties!
@Squiggle I guess skype party is the most I join with. I'm from Hungary, Budapest
10:51 AM
Ooo let's go to ntohl's house!
Budapest is nice too
drunken sightseeing!
I did that in Rome a few weeks ago dressed as a Crusader rofl
I have move from VS2013 to VS2015, after that i have found this error everywhere in my cshtml code
You are welcome here! just half an hour from the BUD airport!
Went to the Vatican with a pint and directed traffic with the police as a crusader
Putting that on my CV
10:53 AM
what should i do guys?
@Sippy VB shudder Long ago, glad I switched to c#
@Smit Fix them?
What kind of question even is that ..
@MaartenWachters I remember lol
@Sippy stag party?
visual studio related
good lad.
@Squiggle Nah just rugby lol
10:54 AM
do you know how can we solve this?
Going as roman gladiators next year
Were you here Sippy when I came here first?
And I wrote VB in m y C#code lol
@MaartenWachters I've always been here.
Always present nerd init
@SmitPatel what's the actual warning message you get in your 'Error List'?
10:54 AM
@Squiggle Don't do it
@SteffenWinkler : i have updated in detail
You know how this ends.
are you getting any clue on why is it behaving like this
I'm gonna cry
@Sippy which is why I wrote 'crawling' as in 'crawl because you are too intoxicated to walk'.
10:55 AM
Broken code in source control
Gonna turn green and smash soon
@Sippy aka "it's friday evening and I'm done with this"
Q: WPF - Listview with button

Filipe Sguarizi Pancerii have a listview template and one column is a button. I need selected item when i click in this button. How i can do this ??

you probably also won't find a comment on the changeset containing the buggy code
what do you fellas think about open source programming?
I am kind of butt hurt my country has no such thing
10:57 AM
I wonder if this place frowns on working drunk
@Sippy you mean the C# chat or your work place?
@misha130 ??? not such think in a country? Just go to github and contribute
productivity (seemingly) goes up with alcohol by 150% to be honest
I guess :(
you are right @ntohl
with 1 beer, it's not just seemingly
(also github sucks as of late with their new rules)
10:59 AM
@misha130 just because you write something in your .cs file and check it in, doesn't mean you are actually productive. See chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/29222252#29222252 for further information.
hahaha what
github has rules?

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