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12:00 PM
@Gimby Let's say that I failed an audit of my IQ test =D
back.? What did I miss
Hmm the question mark isn't at the right sentence
@Tunaki Hmm...you missed a waffle party.
You're lying.
Guys, can I disable those popups for room events?
@Cerbrus Due to the vast amount of customization chat offers, I'd think not
12:11 PM
Subtle :P
@Tunaki No I'm not - You can ask Smokey for that.
@KevinGuan It's Kevin Guan's fault.
See? Told you.
Boom, that must hurt
12:13 PM
@SmokeDetector Why Smokey why? :(
sd remove- the truth shall stay heddin
and afk
@Kyll Is the keeper of the horrible truth
@Magisch And you too ^
12:21 PM
@TheLostMind ok added the link in my CV to my bosses the website.. see if you can find it :D
I sit here
with Tonsolitis and a broken foot
and wait for the day to be over
any causal connection?
Do I want to know what Tonsolitis is?
I just have no luck
get better:S
12:22 PM
tonsolitis, need to google that
@Kyll special kind of throat infection, inflammation of the tonsils
more commonly known as marble infection
That does not sound any kind of a nice thing to have
Its not
penicillin ftw
12:23 PM
you cannot swallow anything
it all hurts like fire slithering down your throat. And you're sore and weak
@Magisch gargle with insanely salty water
if that makes you throw up, eat nutella with a spoon
good so you have time to review the CV and filter by then
ah, so basically it is the junk that when you're a kid you get your tonsils yanked and you get to eat tons of ice cream
Im still at work
got a doctors appointment after work