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3:59 PM
This has to be spam, right? stackoverflow.com/questions/29876518/…
Hmm, I guess there's little reason for a multimillion dollar multinational to be spamming their product on SO.
4:15 PM
@klutt Eric (the answerer) seems to have understood the problem. But I agree that it's a poor question.
@AdrianMole Maybe, but I highly doubt it will help anyone else
@klutt I won't argue with that.
@IanCampbell Yeah, and VLQ too
@DavidBuck Should we rollback that edit? It took me a good 45 seconds to realize the OP had edited in the missing second -
@IanCampbell I don't think so? I think that's a second typo. The primary issue seems to be the =. Either way, it's all there in the comments.
Slightly confusingly, though, the first answer was posted two years after the question was resolved in comments, and it uses the same syntax that the question says doesn't work...
4:31 PM
Do you think people are too harsh with this one? It's not a bad question per se.
@akuzminykh why is it useful to know that implementation detail?
@rene I can't tell you because I don't know. But maybe there's just more to it and it truly has a reason, which could be an interesting-to-know.
@rene + I think giving -10 for curiousity like that is just harsh. That's why I've asked. :')
@akuzminykh Exactly. Then that "more to it" needs to be added to the question first. Then it becomes useful.
@akuzminykh I think that is fine for questions that are asked "out of curiosity". Better suited for reddit or Quora.
5:24 PM
Typo (and already two answers) I have this problem at this "else" look at the code below‭ - Detroit‭ 2020-07-04 17:15:55Z
A click on a wiki answer's author link, if there is no revision, opens the revision page, but it works as expected on edited posts. Do you think it is a bug or a feature? This one is not edited: stackoverflow.com/a/301136/5468463, this one was edited: stackoverflow.com/a/300915/5468463
@Vega Can it be both? The edited posts have the extra line/link to get to the revisions, so maybe that's the reasoning?
5:52 PM
Sorry, either I expressed myself not clearly either I don't understand :( Why the author's profile cannot be accessed on the click of the link with their name if the post edited?
Needs Debugging Details (all code is in an external gist with no license visible) Walletconnect Signing Transaction not creating request in client by SAI TEJA CH.
@Vega That is very strange.. It seems that if they are the only editor then clicking on their username just opens up revisions, but if there are multiple editors, then clicking on their username will open up their profile (which is what I would have expected for both)
I think it's a bug.. not a feature :)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad asn for hostname in answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer, username similar to website in answer (64): Install cordova on windows 10 by Khurram Shaikh on stackoverflow.com
6:15 PM
@Scratte Aah, there! ;) thank you :)
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