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10:00 PM
What is bounty?

A bounty is a reputation reward you can put on a question to get it more attention for exactly one week.
When should I place a bounty?

In order to get good answers, you have to put effort into the question. Edit the question to provide status and progress updates. Document your own continued efforts to answer the question. This will naturally bump the question and get more people interested in it.

However, if after doing this, you feel a particular question still isn't getting enough attention, adding a bounty may help.
I assume organizing bounties between members that are organized within a chatroom is similar as agreeing to up vote a specific user. If rep is still seen as a form of trust it should be earned not be mob-ed. SE calls that fraud. Can't blame them for that
@rene me neither, but it's also very unclear
I mean, all of our points began with "I assume"
that's definitely a signal of deficiency in the system
Any action you take in favor of a user instead of a post should make you think twice
I can't say I'm clean, so ...
well, in principle nothing should be user-based, should it?
10:02 PM
the basic unit of truth on SO is content
(unless it's NAA, then fuzzy logic applies)
rep points rep points rep points.... not the first time this create's problem
But, honestly, if the question is not closeable, what's to say that the user is not bountying an answer that they think deserves a bounty, regardless of the user?
The subjectivity of what the moderator thinks is a good answer or not?
Well if you can find stuff in chat... I guess its not subjectivity anymore....
10:06 PM
@TinyGiant I guess it's unlikely that someone will find 3 answers by the same user so overwhelming that they assign 3 top-rep bounties for them at the same time
context matters
Entirely subjective. What's to say that user didn't find those three answers and assign a bounty that they deemed fitting?
I'm spam flagging that
It is all b.s. and the mod ought to roll up his sleeves are fix all the ridiculous upvoting on all questions everywhere
@TinyGiant sure
@Drew I'd love that!
10:09 PM
My point is that what was done by that mod is completely unjustified, and when the mod in question was asked for justification they gave a vague one word response.
reverting thousands daily rep on worthless crap questions and rep whore answers... SO would be a happier place
Bye all, going to bed :-)
play the Fraud card. No one can question ya
just remove all rep and let SO be a world for communists...
real cute
10:10 PM
@PetterFriberg Jon Skeet would still have 800k+
@Drew shouldn't this then be the reason to at least have doubt? Justifiable or not?
@rene we were all here. We know how it came down. Sure. But it is his rep
I understand that reasoning as that is what seems to fit our goal. I only try to find a balance
It does Jarrod and pp_ and kevin and tiny and everyone a disservice to the way this came down
Because words matter. And they work endlessly it seems to make this place a good place
Can anyone confirm this as spam? stackoverflow.com/a/35854560/4099593
10:17 PM
@Drew Yes, from their POV that is understandable and the users try to stretch the limits of the system
ahahaha my comment was deleted
20 minutes
@BhargavRao yes
Ok, Bye again o/
If you want to stop users from stretching the limits of the system, you can't just slap them on the back of the head and walk away, you have to actually educate them on the limits of the system
10:19 PM
I agree on that
So. Apparently, according to brad, the only reason that the bounties were revoked was because Jarrod openly admitted that he was posting the bounties in order to allow the user to access moderation privileges they had not rightfully earned. If Jarrod had said nothing at all, or that he simply thought the answers were worth the bounty, there was nothing they could have done.
There is no consensus. At least that's what I'm reading.
@TinyGiant At this point, I'd say yes.
well there you go
But we don't know what would've happened if he'd insisted on it being a quality-based decision
10:25 PM
"use your common sense"
@TinyGiant yes, and that is because it is the right of the bountier to award it.
@JAL That comment I do not agree on... but thats how the system is...
@PetterFriberg I agree, that's why I asked
@JAL So only Your Common Sense is allowed to post / award bounties now? Sheesh </sarcasm>
Well, I like that the user chose to be honest and admitted that it was a rep transfer. But I'm still curious what would have happened when he said it was to improve the question's qualities :p
10:29 PM
Well, I'm trying to find that out now.
So far, Martijn is the only mod who has responded to me, and only once.
I ask tough questions
@TinyGiant it's really hard to defend "it's clearly fraudulent" if the "clearly" is subjective
Robert responded, with an equally vague and useless response meant to brush me off.
10:33 PM
@TinyGiant: The situation is already clearly described in the comments above. — Robert Harvey ♦ 10 secs ago
problem solved:)
Your reason is in another castle.
@TinyGiant: Moderators are neither compelled nor required to write a dissertation about every decision they make. This isn't the Supreme Court. — Robert Harvey ♦ 43 secs ago
Looks like he has no intention to answer you :p
Isn't it odd that I fully agree with his message, but the way he phrased it puts him onto lower moral grounds than before?
@TinyGiant: Take it up with SE. See how far you get. — Robert Harvey ♦ 35 secs ago
ooooh ^
or do they mean with SE, the company?
oh, he does mean that
I thought he meant discussing on meta...
Nope. He told me to use the contact link
10:42 PM
I hoped he meant discussing on meta, but now I'm sad :(
You could still discuss. Or, request a FAQ for bountying?
because essentially that's what we're missing, right?
I mean, it's not far fetched to accept that those bounties were uncalled-for, but we still need a sign to point to.
yay, Shog's joined in!
That's a pretty neat mod/users ratio there:)
and OP is being a nice guy
They seem to exist, yes
ok, I've had enough of this.
10:47 PM
Shog9 has frozen this room.
@TinyGiant, this room stays frozen until you come clean on meta about what's been going on here. I don't particularly appreciate you playing games in public with the moderators when you know good and well what's been happening and why. Either come clean and let folks discuss it, or stay out of the discussion, but pretending to play one game while playing another is unacceptable.
cc @Qix
sorry for the disruption, @rene
11:31 PM
Please take any further discussion of the bounty matter to meta. For example:
Q: What exactly is "artificial inflation of reputation", and where is the line?

Tiny GiantThis is in reference to a chat discussion prompted by this meta post. The backstory here is simple: a high-rep user on Stack Overflow recently decided to start offering bounties on questions with the express intent of increasing their authors' reputations so that they could use it to moderate ...

Shog9 has unfrozen this room.
Nice weather today, eh?
Thanks @Shog9 we will
To much popcorn will kill me
chokes on popcorrgrlglbr
11:33 PM
Apologies for any popcorn or lithium overdoses. <3
TIL this room exists. I'll be sure to pop in from time to time.
sorry we made a bad first impression
Well I'm going to go get some fresh air, and no there is no hidden intention behind this message.
Take care @TinyGiant
@gunr2171 Nonsense. I never intended for my post to get that out of hand. Had I known this was an ongoing investigation I wouldn't have posted in the first place.
👍All good.
:) welcome to the internet
11:36 PM
bye @TinyGiant, sorry again
haha no kidding
I just have one question: How come I didn't get any of these points allegedly being traded? ;P
I believe this should be a no--zone for the time being
^ yes
Where's the Smokey log again? Anything from the time this room was frozen?
11:41 PM
@Thaillie Of course
I'm out, it is way into tuesday here ... keep this room unfrozen, will you
@rene we'll try, good night
who am I kidding, it's way into tuesday here as well:P
good night...
11:57 PM
Maybe this room could be split into one room, where everything is discussed about moderation(questions where you are unsure what to do, close-vote-pls, ... other moderation stuff) and one room where everything is a bit more "relaxed" where you can talk about programming in general about SO questions in general, so that we can keep the one room clean and just talk about moderation there and take everything else into another room. (Random idea.)
@Rizier123 SOCVR should be the first, right?
it would be more like adding a lounge, if you will, to SOCVR

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