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2:00 PM
@Tunaki Java community
find the contradiction there
oh @gunr2171 never change
: )
*secretly plots his demise*
Work on close people.
2:03 PM
^ you and everyone else :)
Everyone should join the ASPCR. It will help solidify your position in the new government established by our future robot overlords.
Glad I inserted a message between those two. Yes everyone should work on close.
^ Indeed
@gunr2171 Im still sporting rivers of salt for that kick
In fact im so salty the SOCVR river of tears is now the SOCVR dead sea
@Magisch sorry, just understand the position I was in. I don't take any pleasure in kicking people or having arguments
2:05 PM
@gunr2171 I know, but my salt is still endless
I'd say "can't we all get along?" but one of the rules here is that you can't agree
Im still curious as to what specific rule I supposedly broke
Let's not open wounds?
Because without knowing, there is no sure-fire preventing
salt aside, I still want to know
no constructive criticism = no personal growth
You were over-enthusiastically forcing using a serious flag against a person, rather than a post, multiple times.
2:09 PM
So if I got angry at the post instead of the user making it, that would not have been bad?
@Magisch Getting angry is bad
Or is what you are saying that I should get less angry overall
We're moderators, not mad people
We're supposed to be level-headed at all times when carrying out our moderator duties
Im a german programmer with a side kick of process auditor
If you're feeling mad, go murder some kittens
2:12 PM
Its my job to nitpick and be needlessly controversial
Sometimes its not that easy to get away from that
Im working on it though, therapeutically naming functions after @Kyll one at a time
@Kyll My home has a 6 degree tilt in the floor. I'm never level :(
sorry, getting pulled away by job
@Adriaan Use programming books as levellers
Its great to nitpick for a living
With the infuriatingly impeccable logic of an absolute tosspot
@Kyll beer crate under a sofa of 2m, and I collected ~800 beer cartons (the one in a bar you put your glass on, w/e the English is for that) in my first week living there, now everything's leven but the floor
2:15 PM
That's what you get for living in a 400 year old house on wooden foundation
@Sally k
You sniped me this time Tuna
Is sally the new SmokeDetector?
1/3 of my helpful flags are spam flags
2:21 PM
Its such a wonder to lurk in this room. Man and machine working together with an efficient English based cross-over language, Angry Germans going rampant, ...
2/5 of my helpful flags are spam flags, 197 helpful spam, 473 helpful post flags
derailed discussions turning to consumption of vast quantitites of chocolate and books of questionably PG content
Less than 10 spam flags here. sad panda
@Magisch That only works if you monitor this chat room
2:22 PM
Brace yourself, Tuna is going to post his flag statistics
@magisch indeed, I challenge you to consume 3kg of nougat chocolate.
@Gimby I'd rather not
@pp_ You should cheat, use a browser extension to warn you when smokey posts post
you're a bunch of amateurs.
You don't have the Ninja spirit if you're relying on scripts.
@Ferrybig or get the 25k rep Google stats. That's a great source for flags
2:24 PM
@Tunaki is a ridiculous flagmonger
he mongs flags
@Ferrybig I knew something like this exists, can you point me to it?
@Ferrybig thanks
lol @ the insulting edit btw
the spammer acknowledged us
@NATO Out of flags, repeat out of flags. Reinforcements needed.
2:31 PM
@Ferrybig This will only work if I have the chat room open, right?
@pp_ Yes, thats true. I always leave the chat open in the background
hi all
2:39 PM
Hello o/
@EricD. just found a potential dupe of the question you just edited: stackoverflow.com/q/35846263/2415822
@JAL Hi :) I edited this one because I thought it had something specific (restore app not in same state as when entered background). But OP has really a hard time to explain, it's frustrating. The dupe may apply, though.
@EricD. No I totally get it, you were right to edit the post. I just think it's generic enough to apply to the general background check dupe. It's also attracting crap answers
@JAL yeah, I've just seen the answers... sigh
That's the problem with FGITW answers, 90% of the time they're duplicates
2:47 PM
@KevinGuan Go ahead and put a feature request in Github. Note that the community is pretty much "meh" on the topic.
A PHP question with an actual real attempt: stackoverflow.com/q/35846779/3933332 am I dreaming?
@Rizier123 Probably has a dupe. They always have.
I wouldn't know one for that one.
Oh hey JAL's here
Plop @JAL!
hola Kyll
@Magisch Plop sits in the Complex plane, not on the Real line
@Kyll This plop is real, by hypnotized by its cuteness!
@Kyll Plop is a belgian TV show for kids about a leprachaun :P
@Adriaan I taught everything to that one
3:02 PM
Hi o/
Hiya @BhargavRao @Jal o/
hola Tuna
hola Jal
@JAL Already requested above I think
removed ty
@Tunaki I cast the final CV on that
the horror is no more
@Tunaki Someone bypassed the CV grace period manually to answer that
3:05 PM
I cannot
I have lost my ability to can
weird, I just got the "welcome to SO chat" modal when I joined
@TylerH cc @Mogsdad
Seems like SO chat likes to welcome people today
How nice of it
3:07 PM
@TylerH Same, just got it when joining another room
@JAL same here
@JAL That makes me uneasy, how do I flag that?
I feel sorry for the people who haven't gotten it. Obviously, they aren't welcome.
@BhargavRao meta?
@BhargavRao No flag - it's not for moderators. If anything, a bug or a transient data inconsistency.
3:09 PM
I just refreshed the page and got the popup
Yay me too
I feel special now.
@JAL was just about to ask about that
I'm glad it's not a personal insult aimed at just me:P
@AndrasDeak nah, they're targeting all Hungarians, especially under point 1 ;)
I wonder if all this came about from that other room indecent from a few months back
You mean where they almost deleted the lounge?
3:13 PM
there would be chaos, no more free snacks
so @Magisch how's your health bar?
@Magisch Yes. I didn't want to call them out explicitly.
What happened that they almost deleted that room? Sounds pretty bad
@AndrasDeak Got a doctors appointment 30 min after I get off work
which is in 15 min
@Magisch awesome
may the odds be ever in your favour
(doesn't seem like that so far, but whatever:P)
3:17 PM
@Magisch wow, the voting on those answers
@AndrasDeak Its pretty awesome not having to pay for healthcare
well I do pay for it in a way, but in a way I can easily afford
@Tunaki the Magisch cv-pls above
@Magisch same here, except the system's been impeded for a while, being on the brink of collapse
did you try the saturated salt water trick?
or you don't trust these Balkan black magic tricks?:D
Not yet
I've literally been sitting at my work desk since you left
coding and stuff
that can help too, I guess...
3:20 PM
I hate taking sick leave (we have unlimited paid sick leave but still it looks and feels lazy)
so just to be clear: is your broken leg also a new development?
@Magisch code a vaccine
@AndrasDeak a week and a half ago
some moron ran over my foot and fractured it
that sounds like it could have been a lot worse
shoulda pressed charges
3:23 PM
@Magisch 'Murica! We gonna save the ** day!
@Magisch with a car?
@AndrasDeak yes
or was it rekd by a train?
@Magisch don't worry, I don't think anyone else will consider it lazy if you were run over by a car
@Magisch dam....shit!
3:24 PM
failed to heed the stop sign and swerved the curve
I could probably have sued
but im not litigious
@Magisch I'm pretty sure
probably gotten like 500 quid out of it if that
was a mom with kid
well it doesn't make sense
"thank you for info", but he's coming up with it, right?
3:27 PM
@Drew disagree
I'd say spam, but I'm not an expert
Where is that link that he mentioned, mentioned in that page, other than the place he mentioned.
@BhargavRao exactly my point
@BhargavRao I flagged as NAA rather than spam, but it's probably spam
3:27 PM
I can't find either
I flagged as spam
What is Spamnaki doing when we need "EXPERT" opinion.
"sufficiently low-quality answers are indistinguishable from spam"
@BhargavRao disagreeing
That's spam... When I clicked on it, it got reported me to the Tech Desk! :(
You guys know that is a dead link right?
@NathanOliver you dared to click on it?
3:30 PM
@TylerH Sure. I click on most of them. I have pretty decent security.
stackoverflow.com/a/35847083/424903 that's a triple link only answer. Now I'm meta'd out about what to do. Is that an NAA case? Or is that an attempt to answer and I should at best downvote?
@NathanOliver I'm not actually paranoid about links on SO, I just wanted to yank your chain a bit :-P
@Gimby I'd say DV at the least, NAA possibly, since if this were FGITW it would've been edited by now
3:34 PM
@Gimby It's an attempt to answer, clearly, but it's link-only, which is discouraged
and from such a high-rep user; he should definitely know better
It isn't FG since the author took the time to edit the question
@Gimby I added a comment and a down vote. hopefully that gets it fixed
I'm choosing to let it go :)
@BhargavRao spam indeed
@Gimby If you are unsure of what way to flag but you do not like the content you can always down vote and comment. For most people with rep(ie active) that is enough to get it fixed.
3:38 PM
@Tunaki Lol, tell that tomo :P
@Gimby VLQ.
I voted to outright delete.
I don't know what it is with me and the NAA/VLQ flags, I should just pick the one I think it's not :p
inb4 Tuna posts his GH link
Don't worry. I'll soon post a Meta to merge them.
... and ninja'd :D
: )
Heh, Who would even like to have a queue named Ideas are welcomed.
Jon made the same remark!
BR apparently people love such a queue. It is called Page 1 questions
@Tunaki "hell no" flag
unless it's offensive language
3:45 PM
@Drew Page 3 questions are better. :P
@AndrasDeak then you need to replace "declined" with "ain't nobody have time for that"
Heck I don't get flags on Meta.
I flagged a comment as too-chatty and it was declined. This comment: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/318426/…
Welcome to meta
Mwarf, my Meta flag statistics are low as hell.
3:50 PM
Votes don't mean what you think they mean either
@Tunaki Meta comments are different, there is a huge post on it.
Err, upvote for NAA: Flag please stackoverflow.com/a/35847628/2025923
Meta, where the actions don't matter
Pending flag since 5 days ;_; i.sstatic.net/KW6rS.png
@Tunaki who was the JSF guy you mentioned recently ?
3:51 PM
@BhargavRao custom flag?
@TylerH Yeah.
@Tunaki ...
could be a while if it's the only flag on the item
@Tunaki ...... cc @MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW =D
@Drew BalusC
3:52 PM
@BhargavRao meta.stackoverflow.com/q/318146/2415822 (had a similar experience when flagging a bounty question)
@BhargavRao NAA also: stackoverflow.com/a/35742197/1743880 It's a tricky one. It's thankins another post but not saying thanks, it's copy-pasting its code.
@Tunaki that's plagiarism, innit?
I just knew it had to be BalusC when someone refers to "the JSF guy" :)
Low Quality Posts reviewer don't agree: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/11474270
3:54 PM
@JAL Yeah, that's sad.
@Tunaki is all that code in the question really necessary
problem Tuna is that that answer almost looks standalone and fine
@Tunaki Robo-reviewers there and this too ----^
@Drew yep, tricky one.
3:55 PM
Hi Dmitri
It'll be disputed anyway
@Tunaki on that same question... stackoverflow.com/a/35839193/2756409 :-/
someone protect that question pls
guys dont fixate :p
@Tunaki Doesn't that raise an automatic moderator flag?
3:57 PM
@Tunaki It has a delete vote
@Ferrybig it does
@BhargavRao Wrong, has 2.
to be fair it does look like an answer unless you read the other answers to see he's just thanking someone else
@Tunaki Has 0 now
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW Wordpress error pages, everything is showing up inside of a pre tag and displayed as code.
Plop @DmitriPavlutin !
4:03 PM
@KevinGuan I'll work on it.
Plop! @Kyll
Plop Tiny!
@BhargavRao actually, still has 2 but for some reason, you don't see the delete votes when the answer has score >= 0.
@Tiny o/
@NathanOliver thoughts on this ... I already have a DV on it, hoping to change that
Hai o/
4:07 PM
@Tunaki Hmm, Yeah. It has 2
@Tiny Turns out Bergi hates you
> (too much magic) Source =p
@BhargavRao Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.
Howz the winter there @Mogs?
@Mogsdad 5 is right out
Lovely! Had some great skiing weather on the weekend, probably the last of it for me, though.
4:10 PM
"I might be wrong, but I don't see a reason for a downvote" Genius of the day.
@EricD. Flag as Not Constructive. He's giving you free flags
@EricD. No need to make fun of them. They probably get enough of that at [school|work|home].
@Drew 1.. 2.. 5! (Three, sir!) 3!
5! is 120, 3! is 6
It all circles back to Hovercraft
@BhargavRao Well played. Now, stop it!
4:14 PM
Seriously? B)
@Tunaki why???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
@DmitriPavlutin Dang, turns out the whole thing is a bad idea.
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW Because I... I... I don't like you
I'm absolutely not able to reply to this comment without being terribly sarcastic. So... moving on. :p
@Tunaki so sad sniff flagged my comment
4:16 PM
oh and I have my firing tank working!
it was declined so...
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW do you ride horses>
@Drew I love horses. :D used to own them. why?
@Kyll There is never too much Magic™
4:17 PM
old nick
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW !
I'm not talking to you, you flagged my comment
@Drew nice :D
4:19 PM
I told the mod to decline it! It was an honest mistake.
Big huge misunderstanding
I deleted it, and on that sad note, I am going to work out how to make my gameobjects last longer in collisions
sigh, you could have done that before it was declined. You're working against my statistics!
4:21 PM
@Drew I don't like it as it talks about using a pre packaged git. That side steps the question. I don't know if that deserves deletion but it is not an actual answer to the question
yeah I was just hoping to maybe salvage it if it matters. And I was on a tear
function isNewable(func)
    if (typeof func !== 'function')
        return false;

    if ('__proto__' in func)
        return true;

        return false;

console.log(isNewable(() => {})); // true

console.log(isNewable((function(){}).bind({}))); // true

console.log(isNewable(function(){})); // true
almost to 100 flags
4:22 PM
@TinyGiant Oh.
God dangit. More edits to make.
Obvious noob here. Can't you write that return typeof func === 'function' && __proto__' in func?
@Tunaki Errr. Actually yes, probably?
@TinyGiant wat? You say () => {} is newable?
@Tunaki + typeof* and a '
Too late
// console.log(Object.getPrototypeOf(() => {})); // function() {}
4:25 PM
You get it the idea :D
Yeah but still returns true when it shouldn't (isNewable(() => {}))
@Tunaki I used to write code like that, the problem is that when you get lots of code like that, it becomes much more difficult to read. I now opt for the most readable code.
Funny. I find this is more readable.
VTC'ed as POB
@Kyll Yeah, that's weird, reading more
4:28 PM
Object.create(() => {}) // {}
How to learn more about JS prototypes and edge cases: Mix 'em up 'til you throw up
It's not newable, but the __proto__ is used in Object.create
> The __proto__ getter function exposes the value of the internal [[Prototype]] of an object.
> For objects created using an object literal, this value is Object.prototype. For objects created using array literals, this value is Array.prototype.
> For functions, this value is Function.prototype.
> For objects created using new fun, where fun is one of the built-in constructor functions provided by JavaScript (Array, Boolean, Date, Number, Object, String, and so on — including new constructors added as JavaScript evolves), this value is always fun.prototype.
Mh yeah
But how would you know if a you can use new with a func, without executing it?
4:34 PM
Hiya o/
Tunaki o/
Any idea about my question ?
console.log((() => {}).__proto__ === Function.prototype); //  true
@TheLittleNaruto Plop! Yeah, that happened today
@TheLittleNaruto Yep me too, can confirm
@TinyGiant Uh
Aren't all functions' internal proto (__proto__) Function.prototype?
4:36 PM
So how does that help distinguishing newable from non-newable?
It doesn't
@Kyll Thanks to confirm. @Tunaki
Weird conversation there @Kyll @Tiny.
4:38 PM
@Tunaki Obviously you haven't done enough JavaScript if you find this weird
That makes two days in a row where I actually go to do some physical work and come back not to the close vote reviewers, but to the javascript lounge :)
RO left, throw all the one-bo-- oh wait Tiny's here ><
@Tunaki This doesn't even move the weird-o-meter when it comes to JS
> P1: I want do to X
> P2: Look `some random code`
> P1: How does that help?
> P2: It doesn't
> P1: Okay
4:40 PM
@Tunaki Yeah. Normal.
@CodeCaster @TheLittleNaruto Might want to clean your now obsoleted comments on that MSO post
Okay, CodeCaster is faster than me
Come on, even the upvoted one :p
It's in the question now, no need to keep it around
4:42 PM
So.... it must be an internal thing blocking arrow functions from being new'ed
@TinyGiant Waaaait wait wait wait wait. Maybe a well-known Symbol can help!
Because, by all rights, an arrow function should behave the same way as a bound function when new'ed
Except that it throws an exception
Meh, no luck
4:46 PM
When in doubt, throw the entire ECMAScript specification at it, lol. waits for the page to load
So, actually brb now
yo yo @TheLittleNaruto can you work a java-ish batch for me, reviewing about 20 questions?
batch167 count=20 cv3,4 is in the beehive
^^ that ^^
@Tunaki deleted since, dunno if you've discussed it later
@Drew Sure! Let me do it.
@Mogsdad @TylerH @Tunaki Pop-up mystery solved
4:50 PM
I think someone was really drunk last night.
Either that, or he got hacked.
@Kyll So... now that we've all clicked on that, chat will be a happier place! Yay! Nothing but rainbows and unicorns from now on!
@Mogsdad And now chat is moderated!
@TheLittleNaruto that would be great. Thanks.
4:55 PM
Fire them off then I go back to look at c# stuff
Fire all teh thingz, shoot your votes, take cover!
@Mogsdad But apparently "damn" is now "bad language"
PS: Canadians can still talk about Beaver Dams, right?
That's nice
@Kyll duh
4:57 PM
Hiya @CodeCaster
@TinyGiant Ouch.
And for everyone's reference, bot means a parasitical worm or maggot, or a worthless, troublesome person, so don't be calling anyone a bot now.

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