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6:00 PM
@rlemon I didn't CW it, must have been edited or whatever
@KendallFrey thats lame honestly
what is
> Post Made Community Wiki by question having more than 15 answers
yeah, that
fuck me -- this is not working out
6:01 PM
One of my questions on Programmers got so popular there was a ragepost on meta.
Hey, is there a js module that solves systems of tw equations with two unknowns ? Input { x: "5 * y - 10", y: "3 * x + 1"}, then the output will be {x: ..., y: ...}
@SomeKittens LOL I remember that
inb4 copy says to use Python.
irritated me since I was the top answerer
Wait, you were?
6:03 PM
@IonicăBizău afaik no
use python.
wait... shit nm
I was thinking codegolf
Q: Why do programming languages, especially C, use curly braces and not square ones?

SomeKittensThe definition of "C-Style language" can practically be simplified down to "uses curly braces ({})." Why do we use that particular character (and why not something more reasonable, like [], which doesn't require the shift key at least on US keyboards)? Is there any actual benefit to programmer ...

@Loktar Was there a meta ragepost for codegolf?
there was a rage post on there too for your golf question wasn't there?
it was put on hold
eh maybe I'm just remembering being irritated over it being put on hold
6:03 PM
@darkyen00 This is interesting: github.com/Zolmeister/js-solver, but doesn't work for this input... :/
but I thought there was a post on it
@IonicăBizău github.com/Zolmeister/js-solver yeah found it.
typeof 1 = "string";
@copy I found a gif of you
6:04 PM
Is this considered a leaked nude? ._.
he isn't the folder or the paper
he's the act
That spoke to me on a whole new level.
@SomeKittens Pretty much
@Loktar Can't find it
ohh and is everyone excited for Civ tomorrow?!
I might just take the day off work
6:06 PM
@SomeKittens yeah maybe I just misremembered
This weekend is Oculus + BE + Pre-Sequel
@Loktar Darn, that'd be awesome - TWO posts that were so popular it made neckbeards rage.
I already have a raging neckbeard
Im excited for the new Civ.. but cautiously
because I fucking LOVE Alpha Centauri
and I'm hoping its a good enough succesor
My inner 8-year-old is having all of his dreams come true.
6:10 PM
I get VR spaceships AND a modernized Alpha Centauri
man I played SMAC when I was like 17
when it was released lol
I gots all the spaceships I need, bros
Tomorrow is going to be a good day
Its PC Gamers highest rated game still
!!s/good /Fri/
6:11 PM
@KendallFrey Tomorrow is going to be a Friday (source)
:looks around:
Jealous of my opinion
why would I be jealous of your clearly wrong opinion
@Loktar My three favorite games: Alpha Centauri, Rogue Squadron 3D, Homeworld.
6:12 PM
@NickDugger do you even game? I've never really heard you mention it at all
@SomeKittens yeah those are all fantastic games
I'm a big homeworld fan as well
Diablo II and Ultima Online are still my top two
@Loktar It's been a while since I was really into gaming. I do own an xbox 360, a wii U, and a ps4
was the first game I purchased for the first PC I purchased lol
@NickDugger PESANT
Id pay $50 again for Homeworld
in fact.. Im going to pay like $90
6:13 PM
@NickDugger But do you game?
@Loktar Gearbox is re-releasing it
for the collectors edition
@SomeKittens I can't afford a computer right now, but I'd buy one in a heartbeat if I could
ohh and earthworm jim is a fantastic game
wish they would make a modern one
6:13 PM
yeah can't wait for that @SomeKittens
@NickDugger you own a PS4?
@KendallFrey define
@Loktar yes
didnt expect that
but I understand why its been a while since you've gamed :?
PS4 releases are disapointing so far imo
I bought it because I thought it'd be cool to have a white one... lol
ah yeah the white one looks really nice
the last truly amazing game that I played was HL2
Halo 3 was pretty good as well. 4 was alright, but kind of diasppointing
Holy hell, HL2 is 10 years old...
6:16 PM
Another PoS from me: erikroyall.github.io/evento
HL3 is coming soon
speaking of that.. @SomeKittens you can play TF2/HL2 with the rift
6:17 PM
I want to try and get TF2 working with my HOTAS for teh lulz
TF2 is a terrible game now. Once they introduced hats, it went to shit
@SomeKittens nope haven't tried that
@NickDugger O.o
@erikroyall I cannot find the test cases
You won't find the test cases.
Destiny is my current game flavor, its pretty fun
Can't play it from a browser though
6:17 PM
Destiny has really fun PVP, but the questline is garbage
TF2 #3 most played game on Steam
yeah that game definitely went to shit O.o
Yeah the pvp is the only reason to play it
The halloween mode or something in tf2 lol
yeah that just started
my daughter was pretty excited to see it started
she plays TF2 more than me now
I just play counter strike :-(, and battle-field 3 :-(
6:20 PM
!!afk TF2
I miss the first playstation era. Those games were great.
There was a time, when i didn't knew how to use git... those days i used to click and download / copy paste stuff from github :-x

--- Stupid Me
@erikroyall welcome back to India.
PING www.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
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^ For me :P

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
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^ Me at home :-(
6:27 PM
@SomeKittens Got the job + an automatic promotion
applied for associate web dev, but they said cus of experience and interview they're gonna make me web dev
@Whathaveyoutried D'arvit.
I am upset that you got the job
!!afk TF2
6:30 PM
is associate web dev a jr web dev?
you would not believe the talent war going on right now.
Seriously, reconsider going with LinkedIn
@SomeKittens man.. I've even been getting calls/emails from people in SF
You will learn more, write better code and be better off at Runnable.
with relocation allowances ect.
if only I wanted to go to SF
6:31 PM
@Loktar Yeah - you could pull down a LOT
@Loktar It's not really junior, it's .... idk it's above junior and between web dev
@Whathaveyoutried ah interesting
@Whathaveyoutried You'll be a Software Engineer here.
just had never heard that term before
no "measly webdev"
6:31 PM
I think my office should block imgur
I can't stop
@Loktar Associate web dev is a made up title that I would assume equates to junior.
Im fucking Senior Lead Frontend Engineer
thats a cool title imo
@erikroyall why is google different for us ?
@darkyen00 erikroyall is afk: TF2
6:33 PM
"Lead" is also a made up title.
Means nothing
@Loktar Is fucking part of the job title?
well... considering I am the head of all the front end development @NickDugger it is most definitely not made up
@copy yep
@SomeKittens Tbh I don't think i would have gotten in there
My title is literally just, "Front End Developer"
6:33 PM
HR didn't like it
@Loktar i was cloud architect
@SomeKittens I wasn't gonna say anything but you guys are really advanced, and use tons of platforms and frameworks i've never touched
so I made the concession to have it lower case
I know a guy named Kul, his business card says All Purpose Ninja
beat that :P
eh thats lame imo @darkyen00
6:34 PM
@Whathaveyoutried Dude. Seriously.
I knew a guy. he died
if my job title had ninja/rockstar/rebel any shit like that id be out lol
@Loktar xD that person is definitely not lame
Our entire platform is Docker-based. I knew exactly 0 Docker before starting here.
his other one is Director of Mobile Business something something @ Wikimedia @Loktar
6:35 PM
@Loktar Same here. Also no-hire if someone has that on his CV
Yeah, give me a real title. If you try to make it sound like they're doing me a favour by giving me a special title, I'm done.
(the something part i forgot_
@copy yeah definitely, its too cringey
> Why was I not hired I'm a Rockstar Ninja!!
> go apply to some craigslist jobs then Rockstar.
My alt title is Vice Duke
@Loktar better yet, go apply to Rockstar
6:36 PM
My personal title is butt
I'll interview for the hell of it @SomeKittens
my personal title is Loktar
@Whathaveyoutried thanks - we'll move fast.
I was given an offer at the end of my interview.
that's ridiculous
6:37 PM
why do companies insist on doing that? rockstar and ninja!
@Whathaveyoutried That's par for the course here.
Admittedly, that wasn't the phone screen
@SomeKittens I didn't realize it was this serious but yeah things are really tight
@SomeKittens Right, I'd need the phone screen then the interview
I'll probably get 2 weeks to decide, dk yet - the official offer comes at 11 AM tomorrow
FYI, "two weeks to decide" isn't a thing.
My Runnable phone screen was Wednesday, full interview Friday (offer at end), accepted offer Saturday morning.
You can take all the time you want to decide. They just throw that in to try and pressure you to come to them.
6:40 PM
Oh are we talking jobs again?
@Whathaveyoutried it was honestly the same thing here
@BenjaminGruenbaum Yep!
I went to an interview Friday at noon, they gave me the offer at 2pm
if they want you.. they want you
decent front end devs seem to be hard to find I guess
I accepted quickly because it was everything I wanted and I was tired of eight-interview days.
I got metarain offer at a lunch no interviews i was pushing code 2 weeks later. (2 weeks time to move)
6:41 PM
I got an offer to write an article for a website about JS development, wondering if that's worth my time. Will update if it becomes more relevant.
@Loktar Hard to find? It's easier to find an albino Waldo.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Id love to read your articles
@BenjaminGruenbaum which website ?
@SomeKittens good ones?
6:42 PM
Everybody is a frontend dev now
@darkyen00 if it formulates I'll let you all know, don't want to discuss parts of a non-existing deal yet. I was just contacted.
You can still be a bad frontend developer
@Loktar decent devs are hard to find.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Okay :-)
@NickDugger most are.
6:42 PM
good luck
@BenjaminGruenbaum same here for the Canvas video
so I've discovered, unfortunately.
Cool :)
I also got an interesting offer from a large tech company, but I'm not taking it. Pretty commited and stuff.
Oh, and I got my first (real) offer through SO careers, that was a first. I might even send someone I know their way.
I get contacted a lot but almost never through careers.so
I just got contacted though careers this week
Was it confirmed that the War Memorial guard who was killed was a terrorist attack or am I confusing 2 separate events?
It's so sad :(
6:45 PM
Anyone in Ontario want a DBA job?
Almost teared up at work
@KendallFrey I got a couple contacts from Careers, I have it set to not looking right now.
@SterlingArcher why would it be anything but a terrorist?
One turned into a real offer, another seriously interviewed me
@SomeKittens I think mine is not looking, but open to contact
6:46 PM
@SterlingArcher that sucks. We had plenty of that here.
I'm full to the brim.
Just two days ago a terrorist ran over a 3 months old baby.
Was he actually a terrorist, or are we just calling him one? I don't watch/read/listen-to the news
i believe we are just calling him one
@KendallFrey well, it could have just been a murder, but regardless, absolutely terrible.
@BenjaminGruenbaum oh jesus :(
6:47 PM
I haz a question
It's a fucking baby. Wtf did a baby do..
At least the news story i read had like a 1 liner in each of the articles covering each incident that said that these suspects had within the past year converted to islam
so, you have a spiral
@SterlingArcher true, but that would be odd
a square spiral
6:48 PM
which i believe is in the media what is setting off the terrorist flag. With no other research done as to why they would like to claim that.
@towc more specific
@HatterisMad Islam isn't the problem though.
square spiral isn't quite a spiral, but go ahead. :P
@KendallFrey leads on the shooter/group associated?
6:48 PM
News is a bunch of scare tactics, political bullshit, and lindsey lohans
@towc that burns my OCd
I'm pretty sure @BenjaminGruenbaum knows what he's talking about when it comes to terrorists seeing as they're actively trying to kill him.
@BenjaminGruenbaum But that is my point. They used the word terrorist and the only reason they were inclined on using the word is because the two guys that did these things had been recently converted to islam
given the size of the spiral, an X and a Y (which specify the cell), is it possible to get a formula that tells whether that point is part of the spiral or not without needing to calculate the position of other cells first?
@HatterisMad that, and the fact they performed an act of terror.
6:49 PM
@HatterisMad it's not Islam's fault. It's the blatant mis-interpretation/abuse of vague definitions. Islam is a violent religion, it's quite the opposite.
You don't have to engage in Jihad to be a terrorist. We have plenty of religious terrorists here, racial terrorists etc.
@BenjaminGruenbaum which no one else had performed without it being called an act of terror?
actually I was looking for something more like this:
@SomeKittens yeah I need to back it yet
I paid for the alpha
6:50 PM
@HatterisMad if you perform an attack at a war memorial with the aim of provoking a fearful reaction from the civilian population - that makes you a terrorist.
where the left-side actually touches the border
Why are you guys going off on me when i am the one trying to say that their conversion to islam (as opposed to their radical group affiliations) should be their concern for using the term terrorist
I was just curious if it was possible
@BenjaminGruenbaum I could very well agree with that
(the spiral's size needs to be an odd number, not like the one shown in the ascii)
6:51 PM
@HatterisMad no one is "going off on you" - we're having a discussion about your and our opinions. Please make that distinction.
frankly, when i see a bunch of arabs cheering when a terrorist kills people...i can only distance the two so much
On a commercial scale, would you say that applications do indeed have a lifetime, and rewriting them after a certain amount of time is acceptable? I'm talking like, arbitrarily, a decade, not just a few years. Opinions? I'm just curious
@towc in that situation, the spiral is actually a bunch of squares with a few tweaks
@KendallFrey explain the tweaks
@BenjaminGruenbaum However the articles clearly include the information that they were recent islam converts. Which makes me believe they are trying to group the two together, otherwise there would be no need to include that aspect until they had proven that they had radical affiliation
6:53 PM
oh wait..
#   #
# # #
#   #

### #
#   #
only two pixels changed
@BenjaminGruenbaum "going off on" was poor phrasing, i just mean why are you thinking i am saying that they are terrorists because they are islam, that is the exact opposite of what i am trying to imply.
@NickDugger rewrite? generally, no. eventually, though, i wouldn't be surprised if each piece gets replaced a few times, but a rewrite from scratch is generally a bad idea
@cHao the other side is a problem too. A lot (say 10-20%) of Arab-Israelis here support terrorism as a way to obtain political goals, there were parties in some Arab villages after 9/11 and after other terrorist attacks. It's not only a handful of terrorists and the rest are sane and peaceful - it's a significant problem - one that bothers the sane Arab majority the most. The fact that a lot of Arabs are after all living under various forms of oppression doesn't really help.
@KendallFrey that explains me a lot about spirals. But it didn't answer the question
6:54 PM
Do you see how you can use squares to solve the problem?
@KendallFrey my mind is not evoluted enough yet
I'd know how to do it in programming a lot more efficiently
there are two different pixels. that's two special cases outside the solution for the squares
how do you know if a pixel is on a square?
but still not with a true false given X and Y and spiral size
@darkyen00 Solved with Crammer stuff... It wasn't that hard. :-)
Is a pixel on a paint program directly correlated to the size of a pixel on the monitor, or is that just way off?
6:57 PM
@KendallFrey it's a simple xor((x+1)%2, (y+1)%2)) or smth like that
@SterlingArcher at 100% zoom, (usually) yes
@Loktar how was the alpha?
something doesn't seem right at all
@SomeKittens it wasn't bad, but ED blows everything away
6:58 PM
that doesn't depend at all from the size of the spiral
@SterlingArcher - It depends on things like dpi
@Loktar haha - worth getting the 4-pack?
@TravisJ DPI? (don't say dicks per inch)
lol well now I have nothing to say
it's just late I guess
6:59 PM
@SterlingArcher - Dots per inch?

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