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10:00 AM
wtf Rust does not allow phantom types
Yes, the x86 architecture is named after the x86 architecture.
The Taj Mahal is named after that Taj Mahal-shaped thing in Agra.
If only there was a less painful way to turn a switch...
Jesus fuck Wikipedia.
Yeah, whatever, ask for donations. But please, please, don't pierce my eyes while doing that.
10:03 AM
Woo paycheck
> 0e1_e+0 is a valid pp-number, so per max munch it must be parsed that way, as a single preprocessing token; it then fails to convert to a valid literal token.
I don’t understand the explanation.
how do you go from 'I parsed a number' to 'UDL op not found'
.@urmel291 It was a cunning plan to get folk to realise you don't need covariant arrays if you have generics. But then Gilad designed Dart.
In Dart, all generic types are covariant in all their type parameters.
@LucDanton Apparently it thinks +0 is part of the UDL name
@Elyse lol, modern language 101: fuck up everything, but make it shiny.
10:10 AM
@CatPlusPlus and the explanation for that behaviour is lacking, is what I’m saying
(I’m the reporter)
@R.MartinhoFernandes The reasoning was to make it "more intuitive". I.e. idiot-driven development.
@Elyse Yeah, that's what I mean by shiny.
TypeScript performs similar shenanigans for similar reasons.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ok :p
10:11 AM
hi @chmod
"Intuitive" is turning into a weasel word to mean "I like the way it is broken".
@Morwenn yo
o/ @Morwenn
@CatPlusPlus makes more sense after looking up what pp-number is
@R.MartinhoFernandes Runner up: "no-nonsense" which really means "like scissors but for children".
That was badly worded
pls infer what I mean thanks
With rounded edges and things
"Like scissors but plastic and blunt"
@Ven Problem with structural types is how do you make them recursive? Fixed point language structure?
@Elyse yes
10:19 AM
@AndyProwl Woot, solved.
I want "crazy cube lady" in my calling cards.
I saw sehe's live stream today, and I remember it involved lambdas, rocks and pebbles.
actually, what was sehe trying to make?
Q: How to set various sound effects like bass, treble, echo, stereo, mono etc in android?

developerI am trying to set various sound effects for my audio player project in android but none effect is working properly as of now. I am setting them like this:- public class FragmentStereo extends Fragment { public static Virtualizer virtualizer = new Virtualizer(0, MusicService.mPlayer.getAudi...

please help in it
+100 bounty on it
No one is engaging you, have you noticed?
@Ven type List = fix l. Λ a. [ Nil | Cons a (l a) ] this is terrible
10:24 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes me ?
@developer LOL, what an idiot I am - I looked for it under the C++ tag :(
@developer there is 100 bounty on the question, yet you have 92 reps ... that mind blowing ...
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
@chmod666telkitty 192 - 100 = 92. π = 4.
10:26 AM
^^^ maybe not in Java
i asked a simple question if anybody knows
@R.MartinhoFernandes bounty offered by someone else
i never pointed anyone i think
Goodbye worthy contributor
@developer Umm.. we don't like Java in here, (or question dumpers).
10:27 AM
lol, I didn't even notice it was Java. Haha.
i guess it was a c++ lounge
wait a minute, I could potentially answer that question, have looked into something similar before ... but ...
I am going (grocery) shopping instead ...
@chmod666telkitty Replenishing wine/tinnies grossly more important!
I usually order wine online nowadays - you can get pretty decent wines for less than $7 a bottle (2011 merlot/shriaz)
you pay $10-$20 a bottle for those in retail liquor stores
10:33 AM
I don't drink alcohol.
oh, I wasn't implying that I wanted your wine @chmod, I was just saying that because your comment about buying alcohol related to my prior statement.
edition -Wall -pedantic
@edition Oh but you do
@GregorMcGregor No, I don't.
3 messages moved from Java::chat (Fish and chips)
@edition Soda, fruit juice, lots of other things
Try again
10:36 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Just to remind you, Android != Java :)
Have a great day ahead guys!
@ItachiUchiha Oh shit, didn't notice the android tag. Sorry about that.
ping pong
move to android room
@R.MartinhoFernandes np :)
Take a look at this code @AlexM.
Q: Avoid repeated use of string literal without assigning a new variable

JoeI'm currently trying to learn Haskell by cleaning up some code against the GHCi options-fwarn-incomplete-uni-patterns -Werror. The code I'm attempting to clean is: infoM, warningM :: MonadIO m => String -> m () [infoM, warningM] = map ($ "Events.Reading") [L.infoM, L.warningM] This is causing...

Isn't Foldable (a, a)?
10:44 AM
@sehe Its awesome isnt it? Heres a 96KB game to go with it. :)
@BartekBanachewicz C preprocessor!
Not Foldable, Applicative?
The one that can map.
@R.MartinhoFernandes excuse me?
@R.MartinhoFernandes the one that can map is Functor
@Borgleader it's insane :(
10:45 AM
@LucDanton Gee fuck I'm an idiot.
I blame the 3x3x5 cube.
that one is quite foldable though
I thought I was making a joke
Apparently the flight control service at the Orly airport in Paris uses Windows 3.1
stop ruining it
@GregorMcGregor ORLY?
10:46 AM
10/10 original joke
@sehe Turn that frown, upside down :)
@R.MartinhoFernandes btw I’ll stop either when the regex have killed me or I manage raw string literals
But Functor for pairs is that second-biased thing, IIRC, so don't mind me.
@Borgleader no. it just shows too much about what's wrong with the industry
Consider how far our space advances would have come if everybody learned to code with frugality
@GregorMcGregor ty I'm good at those
10:48 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes the one that can bimap is Bifunctor, and there’s Join
inb4 sexual orientation joke
@GregorMcGregor everybody knows Profunctors are more fun anyway
they know how to funct you good
Q: Retain undo history if file is edited outside of Vim

Steven LuThe Vim undofile is purged when the file is edited outside the editor. How can I get it so I can revert the file to older versions even if it was edited outside of Vim? Is this possible?

Wow. Vim "persistent" undo not so very... "persistent"
@sehe Yeah, that has annoyed me a couple of times.
10:51 AM
ugh what the fuck, airlines
Actually the reverse annoyed me enough to not configure undodir again.
heh, just realized "mutex" stands for mutual exclusion
@sehe Er, what?
What's the reverse?
when you undo a file, it is edited
10:52 AM
@StackedCrooked And the plural of "exclusion" is "icesclusion".
Why is return ticket three times cheaper than a one way ticket? How absurdly retarded is this.
@StackedCrooked You're at least the second one to say that this month.
@R.MartinhoFernandes inverse/converse? I mean, the fact that I would accidentally undo into changes made over a year back etc.
@Griwes "Bulk discount". The pay 1 get 2 sort of thing.
@Griwes they don’t want you back as much
10:53 AM
@LucDanton I'd expect that an external edit could go into the undotree just as well
does for (const T foo : x) look for begin() const or cbegin() const?
@Morwenn Next month I'll try to be first :)
@Griwes I never understood either
@StackedCrooked :D
@Griwes Also, different conditions.
Check things like cancellation/refund/rebooking policies. The expensive one-way probably has cheaper fees for such things.
10:57 AM
But I don't need that shit. :<
It's a bit like "you can get a cheap ticket, but you get no benefits, and you can't buy just one" vs "you can get a more expensive ticket, with some better terms, and you can buy just one".
If you're cheap and don't want those terms, they prefer to sell you two tickets and fill two planes.
why can I never just get the 3rd pizza when it’s buy 2 get 1 free
Spent a week reading this answer. Really really great answer! — laike9m Sep 25 at 8:30
@Ven it just hits the const overloads of the same (begin/end)
Airlines is a racket
But it's a "buy a pizza, get a second and a half of the first free".
11:00 AM
rackets promote flight
in tennis
@Griwes So. Marketing. Offer can dictate, and demand steers
> wordTemp = new char[i];//init tampon
strcpy(wordTemp, word);//copy current word
delete word;//delete word memory zone word
Beautiful questions
word memory zone word
> init tampon
Alright, I'll worry about this if and when I need to :/
This whole pizza discussion made me hungry
Also it's been a while since I last ate a pizza
Would like a 4F now
> Linkede list, inheritance
what a great question title
> typedef class ShapelinkedListPair * ShapeLinklist;
11:13 AM
Oh, "yesterday" (meaning tuesday), a colleague spotted a bug in our code (recent work surely committed untested)
It was like dis:
Honestly, I lost faith at std::pair<void*, void*> (WTF). I stopped caring when it wasn't selfcontained and I swiftly went for protective downvotes at the reinterpret_cast<char*> whatevers. — sehe 1 min ago
@GregorMcGregor Airplane seats are like some pastries for these purpose: at the end of the day they will go bad, so you'd rather sell two than sell one.
Thanks for flying on the new Aircake 380
@Rerito Like what? :)
> A 6% long-term capital appreciation rate is only sustainable if the nominal economic growth rate is close to 6%. (In other words, the per-capita real growth rate plus the population growth rate plus the inflation rate is close to 6%.) Something that cannot go on forever will stop
> Something that cannot go on forever will stop
11:28 AM
std::list<int*> blob;
int x(5);
for (auto i : blob) { /* do stuff */}
@wilx Like this^
Sorry been interrupted while typing
@Rerito Heh,
Nice one innit?
@GregorMcGregor bubble, burst ... only if one short sold all investment banks in the developed countries right before the GFC, one would have made a fortune ...
Is roundtrip one word or is it round trip?
I had a casing accident
That joy when you finally have a tiny « build: passing » image on your repo.
11:39 AM
@Morwenn Make header only libraries: no build, no issue =°
run time UB debugging is the best
@Rerito It is a header-only library :(
But it builds and runs the testsuite.
@Morwenn And are all the test cases successful?
11:40 AM
@JohanLarsson Both.
@Rerito Yes, with both g++ and clang++.
@JohanLarsson A bad trip
WIll take a look on your test architecture :)
@Rerito That's the good. The ugly is that I realized that my code was not standard-compliant.
ugh, my router crashes when I try to play sc2 in Archon mode :|
11:49 AM
maybe trojan is sending out all the spams?
@Ven have you tried getting more minerals?
@AlexM. I constructed additional pylons
@Ven Excellent.
12:00 PM
You deserve it.
@Elyse you say that because I left you hanging in that infinitely-looped portal yesterday :(
portal you fool.
@Ell Yeah.
@Elyse will read :)
@Mgetz kaffo
@AlexM. mustache is off
a woman & a man stuck in one shower supposed to be romantic ... this doesn't look romantic at all, they guy looks grumpy ... iiiiis he cat?
12:11 PM
but you were able to tell what it is!
@AlexM. trying to be, it looks more like an bavarian after a hard night at the pub
@Mgetz cool we need that here
@GregorMcGregor BS, where's that from
@Mgetz wtf is wrong with the nurse
@Mr.kbok I think they tried to turn his wife into putin first
Prelude Data.Function> newtype Fix f = Fix { unFix :: f (Fix f) }
Prelude Data.Function> :k Fix
Fix :: (* -> *) -> *
Prelude Data.Function> :t fix
fix :: (a -> a) -> a
12:22 PM
I probably shouldn't be requesting feedback about any of my projects here. Sorry for posting the screenshot.
edition, so full of regrets
do you also regret posting your name :p
You should change your name to deletion
> David Bennett
12:25 PM
well, I have this waveform rendering application, that uses GLFW, and I would like to get feedback on it. Nobody that I know of is interested in it.
it's the guy from heroes :p
@Mgetz yeah humans are dumb, no bird, cat or dog would kill for a piece of shining rock, but apparently, some people would ... and more will die for it
@chmod666telkitty but it shines really really bright
and it burns too!
12:27 PM
@edition no I think it's cool, but maybe post the code instead
@chmod666telkitty you've never met a crow have you?
@chmod666telkitty That's exactly why being a human is fun.
@Mr.kbok oh thats right, your on github as well.
@Mgetz crows kill each other over diamonds? I think you meant magpies, but even they don't kill other magpie over shining rocks
@chmod666telkitty I think you're right, perhaps over a scrap of mylar but never a rock
12:29 PM
@Mgetz lol cruise ads on that page
@R.MartinhoFernandes I have adblock so I didn't see them
@Ven make Fix a primitive and you can have recursive types without naming them:
Prelude> newtype Fix f = Fix { unFix :: f (Fix f) }
Prelude> data Cons n = Cons Int n
Prelude> newtype List = List (Fix Cons)
Prelude> let cons x (List xs) = List (Fix (Cons x xs))
Prelude> :t cons
cons :: Int -> List -> List
Prelude> :t cons 1 (cons 2 (cons 3 undefined))
cons 1 (cons 2 (cons 3 undefined)) :: List
you're one step away from Free
Holy shit, I had to do a double take, making sure it wasn't I who answered :) — orlp 2 mins ago
12:32 PM
@Mgetz they do? I need proof
@chmod666telkitty I said maybe, I neither implied they did positively, or ruled it out
@Morwenn rocks?
I guess we can thusly say rocks rock
@Ven Being able to fight over silly things.
@Morwenn but rocks!
@Morwenn I thought being human is fun because you can operate machines & I love machines ...
12:34 PM
user image
I almost always find myself between steps 2 and 3
this is not good
The one below 1
@AndyProwl I burned that ~shit~ sheet.
gr, I can't into strike.
shut up Cat you're at the top already
Weird metrics there
@Andy that's good: you're almost sitting down chilling.
12:35 PM
@AndyProwl oh no, that image is slightly applicable.
@chmod666telkitty Nah, the funniest part is being able to get depressed over things that don't make any sense from a logical point of view.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Too much settling
this ladder needs more "just do it" by shia
@Ven But then you can't do the unnamed equivalent of data List a = Cons a (List Int) without type lambdas. :(
@edition eh, quite much
12:36 PM
You'd need Fix (\l a -> Cons a (l Int)).
please post that image on /r/im14andthisisdeep :P
I won't because I'm not 14 and I cannot lie
not on the Internet
it would be immoral
@edition linky?
I'm 15. Dammit
@Mr.kbok I'm writing README.md at the moment.
12:37 PM
then it should be WRITEME.md
@AndyProwl this does not make sense, how can you 'will try to do it', then you 'can do it', then you 'will do it'?
it's about nuances of determination
yes indeed
not much about whether it does make logical sense - it probably doesn't
will try to do it and will do it are two different things?
12:39 PM
will try conveys less determination, yes
@AndyProwl Today I did it.
@Morwenn with whom?
@Morwenn Well done
@edition My cimploler.
you wrote a cimpoler? cool
12:40 PM
@AndyProwl Play Undertale
@AndyProwl Nah, I managed to get insanity to work as I expected it to.
I copied code from Rust kernel tutorial into a Rust kernel directory
@CatPlusPlus Demo downloaded
@Morwenn what may that be?
@Morwenn Sorry went to lunch. Non-standard compliant, how so?
@Morwenn Your cinchloler
12:42 PM
@AndyProwl but what if you try to do it then realize that you can not do it?
shouldn't there be a feedback loop?
I guess you can just step down
> Press 2 or enter
I'll go with 2
I'll take 4
Any film recommendations?
12:43 PM
@wilx Genre?
I need a monkey.
@Rerito I asked the question on SO yesterday.
@Rerito Something that I would like and enjoy? :)
I want monkeyyyyyyyyyy
12:44 PM
@Ven Compiler.
@Morwenn well gz
@wilx Huh, not very helping
@Rerito I know. :D
@sehe you posted an answer where you have a socket in ::asio do a blocking read but with a timeout. I can't find it now. :(
@Cat I don't understand the game
I'm blocked in a cave and that's it
12:45 PM
@Morwenn I think this is a bug in clang 4 -
@TechnikEmpire it's the 5th recent asio answer, approx (from me)
use 3.8
If I could be as dedicated at work as I am at the gym that would be great
lol, the window won't even close
I haven't played the demo
Use door
12:46 PM
no I mean the game window
@sehe thx
hitting the 'x' does nothing
process explorer -> kill
Holding Escape quits
@TechnikEmpire you found it? I dnd'it yet
Where were you stuck?
From the start you just go right
12:48 PM
@wilx Shots in the dark: Hot fuzz (crazy comedy with Simon Pegg), No country for old men (bit of drama, man on the run etc)
escape didn't work
I was trapped in a cave without exits
like, walls all around me and nowhere to go
maybe it's the demo, but not a very clever one
@Rerito Hmn, I have not see the latter.
I think I need to watch 'A Good Day to Die Hard'.
@sehe no, still looking. I skimmed over it the other day, stuck with me cause I remember the huge thread on the open ticket where people are complaining about no timeouts for blocking methods.
:( carn't find my own stuff
I also I was waiting for a good context for posting this but I couldn't find one /cc @R.Martinho
GEB room is frozen
A: boost::asio + std::future - Access violation after closing socket

seheThe other answer addresses what went wrong. On a higher level, though, you're using futures, just to immediately await their return. It struck me that this is actually not asynchrony at all, and you should be able to do: without threading, and joining without .stop() without work and work.res...

The keyword for me: await_socket.
@CatPlusPlus When I walk to the right the guy moves up within that cave on the left
as if hitting wall
oh wait
@wilx Haven't liked this one
I'm an idiot
it does move up but only for a while
when it stops, I can move right
ITT people who can't into platformers call themselves idiots
12:52 PM
That's not a platformer :v
@sehe hmm, I thought it was a diff answer. You made a comment about it being the equivalent of an async method. Thanks, was just trying to give references to the most recent asio question.
That first screen was redesigned in full version probably because it telegraphed the way badly
@TechnikEmpire the more recent one just linked to this: stackoverflow.com/questions/33459322/…
@Cat lol the game is sick but nice
will play it later - gotta work now
The demo is just the tutorial part afair, there's more :v
12:56 PM
@ Help , boost error. :(
No, no PR because I actually butchered all the winsock stuff. Just to get a tester to compile/link — sehe 5 secs ago
People desperate for PRs
in unordered
@Ramy provide hash<> and equality; make it correct too :)
12:58 PM
@sehe Yes that's the one. Thanks :)

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