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12:01 PM
..or Al is very, very small. Like a little diddy democrat :)
Dunno. Looks like the typical US flag in the corner of every senator/congressman office to me.
Should there not be more stars?
is it openid which so uses to log in?
^ oh my, php AND oop badges
@Ell yes
12:05 PM
@Gordon if you're going to start enforcing that, you might as well close this room right away.
I was thinking along the same lines
Lets close this room and go somewhere else
Gosh you guys scared a mod away, good work!
We're good at that :P
@Borgleader they are already here and everywhere
I'm not sure why, but I'm off researching US flags. Aparrently, there is a "Star-Spangled Banner" flag with 15 stars and an earlier flag with 13 stars for the original 13 member states.
12:09 PM
@Abyx amazing, isn't it?
@TonyTheLion I think it might be good if we actually could close this room and move to some other chat platform
@Gordon not really.
@Ell problem is, there isn't one that's as nice as this one
@jalf we don't care if rooms become OT from time to time as long as they find back to on-topic eventually.
@TonyTheLion Yeah :/ I'm looking at openid now :P I wonder how difficult implementing a chat would be :L
12:10 PM
@Gordon ... you haven't seen much of what actually goes on in this room, have you?
@Ell this chat has oneboxing for SO stuff, I doubt another platform can do this
We don't need SO, we just want the chat.
@jalf I know that it's a constant source of flagging, but I don't sit here and monitor it line by line.
@Ell The first 90% are easy. Then you just have 90% of the work left in all the polish
12:11 PM
@Gordon what? "on-topic"? do you mean "The worst social network ever."? well yeah, we're always ontopic here
> constant source of flagging
we do try to limit that
@Abyx no. on-topic means programming related chatter
@Gordon but you have some funny notions, that there is actually such a thing as "on topic".
Who cares about topics anyways
Ahahaha who wants to talk about programming
12:12 PM
Apart from all my other problems, Tesco only had one croissant left last night, so I had to buy pain au chocolat as well.
LEt's all talk about GDI+ !
@MartinJames <3 pain au chocolat
@ThePhD NO.
@Gordon uhm, well you see, we don't want to talk about programming here. like for last few years.
we do just not all the time
12:13 PM
Note the "Lounge" part of the room's name :p
Ok, so all of you are telling me that this room is not for on-topic discussions, right?
SO dumb ~policies~ about chat could not be further removed from reality.
It either never was or has been OT for a long time, right? That's what you are telling me?
Jul 25 at 13:58, by Xeo
Greetings, Lounger! New here? We have some newbie hints and an acronym list for you.
inb4 meta
12:15 PM
Inb4 we finally migrate somewhere else.
Yay!! let's go
Also you made me say "inb4"
Lounge <no C++>
@CatPlusPlus lol
@Gordon Yup. Ask your fellow mods.
12:15 PM
@Gordon It sorta varies with time. There are occasional outbreaks of C++ punctuated by Java-bashing, banana sandwiches etc.
You guys really like to stir shit up, inb4 Lounge<NoMore>
@Borgleader Welcome to The Lounge :)
Yes, kill the biggest and the most active room on SO chat.
That will give validity to your policies.
Gordon has frozen this room.
12:17 PM
Meta Stack Overflow
12:32 PM
casperOne OF ALL PEOPLE has unfrozen this room.
Sorry about that. Enjoy.
Thanks :>
thank you
@casperOne I am sure, Gordon had some valid reasons
12:33 PM
Thanks smurf. Much appreciated.
C++ you got all the attention of SO now
Telkiity got us banned.
@Simon_eQ He took the (troll) comments of the cat as gospel and swung the bannhammer =/
it was the swiftest mod action ive seen since i joined so
@Borgleader Well one shouldn't mess with a mod ;p
Cat is gospel. Cat is love. Cat is life.
12:35 PM
hey, we're alive again :D
Oh hush the flame didn't even get pinched long enough to be snuffed out :P
Let's see how long. Lounge had to come up as a seperate thread on meta one day, I guess.
Gordon has got some huge cojones.
/me grabs the popcorn
12:37 PM
@jrok Ahem
A: Lounge C++ frozen by mod?

casperOneI've unfrozen the room. Let's just say it shouldn't have happened. Who thought Lounge would see the day where I was their savior. =)

Whatever that was I'm not the one flagging :)
Someome tried to -2 him
That was pretty lulz.
@CatPlusPlus That's the best idea I've ever heard in my entire life.
damn, I messed up gcc install now I gotta build the whole thing again :(
12:39 PM
We need IRC with replies and a /star command.
@rightfold Make it :P
well, that was fun
So, I now know who's going to be the penultimate villian in Bolt Clock v. The World .
@rightfold postduif!
@ThePhD Wasnt it Alf Pilgrim vs the world?
12:40 PM
@Simon_eQ sure, but @casperOne knows what this room actually is about fairly well. This was effectively Gordon's first encounter with it.
@Borgleader Alf is like, dead or gone or something.
@Ell I wouldn't mind writing it.
Besides, Bolt Clock is a unicorn.
Well that escalated quickly
Way better main character.
12:41 PM
@rightfold but use openid pl0x :3
But don't blame me if you don't get a Windows client.
@jalf Thanks. To be fair, let's recall what my first encounter was like. So if you cut him a little slack on this, it would be appreciated. =) The mods are talking about the action now in general.
But yeah, M. Gordon will be the main villain in Bolt Clock v. The World, and now Konrad Rudolph will be part of the United Kingdom hero characters along with Tony, DeadMG, MartinJames and Tomalak.
Whatever if is, I really suggest you guys read this:
A: Definitive rules on chat rooms with non-technical discussion

balphaFirst of all, thanks a lot for your help in this. Really appreciated. Now, while there's obiously no clear-cut answer to this, here are a few tell-tale signs I can see. You already identified much of this yourself, and I agree with your reasoning so far. All of these are merely hints that should...

Whether or not you follow the rules now, read it :)
Every discussion in this room is on-topic.
12:43 PM
Because of the definition of "Lounge<C++>".
@Manishearth We did. Your assessement of the "Yeps" and "Nopes" is completely uninformed and biased.
@casperOne I know, and I remember. ;) And don't worry, I'm not going after him with a pitchfork or anything
I'll probably stick Manishearth on the villain team too. >.>
@Manishearth FWIW you can find someone else's (not a regular) assessement elsewhere on Meta that is the complete opposite of yours.
oh god, minor panic then, came on to "this room is frozen"
hey, @StackedCrooked you're on a ps3
12:44 PM
@Ell :lol:
@R.MartinhoFernandes So? Let it be uninformed. My point is that you should read it and try to evaluate the room yourselves.
@casperOne in general, I really don't blame moderators who are tempted to close this place down sometimes.
@rightfold let's have a race.
I have gone through the transcripts. Not all of them, but partially. Twice.
Sup guys did I miss something
@ThePhD I am
12:45 PM
@Ell wat
You missed the action
@BoltClock you could say that
@BoltClock We got put in the freezer for 5 min :P
@rightfold writing postduif :P
@BoltClock The villain for your game is going to be M. Gordon
12:45 PM
@ThePhD Torches or clubs either. We talked about this =)
@Ell I will win.
@casperOne It's just a game ~~
oh, so shit did go down? what happened?
You'll already fail listening on a TCP socket.
@rightfold I challenge that
12:46 PM
@jalf Oh, I'm still shutting this place down, and the book question, and the FAQ. It's why I've been so low-key lately, when it happens you'll never see it coming. =)
Lulz J/K
@thecoshman random mod decided to freeze the room based on our troll comments
rightfold created repository postduif 2 minutes ago
@casperOne I would be disappointed if you weren't scheming and plotting evil acts ;)
@casperOne Admit it, you'd miss us if that ever happened :)
@thecoshman lounge felines troll mod, mod swing the banhammer
12:46 PM
@Manishearth We did. We meet all the "ok" points, and meet none of the "ugh" points.
@TonyTheLion Well, it would get me a bunch of new twitter followers spewing nothing but hate, but any pr is good pr
@rightfold inb4 "rooksignalen/trommel"
@casperOne haha
@ShuklaSannidhya oh gawd :/
anyway, I guess the free entertainment is over. I should get back to work
... I don't suppose anyone here has any experience with HTTP Negotiate authentication and/or gssapi? :p
12:48 PM
so, is it time stack exchange started to consider de-modding people who clearly do not understand what they are moderating?
@jalf This is the C++ room. Go away noob.
@thecoshman I think it should take significantly more than one "offense"
Are people flagging things again
Err.. hello? I was still moaning on meta..
haha dat flag
12:49 PM
@jalf best work out details, and make it clear that it can happen before it has to happen.
@MartinJames haha, don't you look silly now. Eggs on your face etc
inb4 ban
inb4 not-rightfold
@thecoshman It happened before.
@rightfold what was it?
12:50 PM
Will stepped down because he messed up something (well, and other shit too, but that was a big factor in it, it seemed).
Alright, laters all, ping if you need anything.
@BoltClock Sadly, the more accurate question is "when are people not flagging things here" =/
@thecoshman I think the problem is at the other end: better preparation for "new" moderators. No one wants to screw up and upset people
@BoltClock OHAI!
12:50 PM
@casperOne Thanks for stepping in for me
@R.MartinhoFernandes well, it's nice to know that some people can admit mistakes, but that does not cover people who abuse their power who need to be stopped, or at least made to change
awww, that's so adorable :)
@thecoshman closing it down for a couple of minutes is not that bad is it?
@jalf I like to think so... but I wouldn't be surprised at the effort someone would go to to be a dick.
@JohanLarsson itwas only a couple of minutes because someone else re-opened it
12:51 PM
@JohanLarsson IMO, yes
@JohanLarsson it was intended to be permanent (but overruled by another mod)
While it was frozen I trust y'all got some actual work done?
But like I said, no pitchforks and torches for me. everyone screws up sometimes
@TonyTheLion I didn't :(
@TonyTheLion Yes, polishing my pitchfork
@TonyTheLion spam refresh meta
12:52 PM
wat @FlorisVelleman said
@thecoshman ok, imo it was mostly fun
@thecoshman We need the right to bear arms.
i was about to write an answer but the room got unfrozen
@TonyTheLion I'll have you know I didn't even notice it was frozen... because I was on reddit the entire time :(
12:53 PM
@Xeo Buzzaxe!
@jalf indeed
@R.MartinhoFernandes @sehe has bear arms
@JohanLarsson fun... that we were shut down?
@thecoshman hahahahaha
@TonyTheLion I was working while you guys teased Gordon into freezing it.
12:54 PM
@Borgleader well, that's good. Would be silly to have the right to bear arms if no one ever exercised it
I should get myself a bear arm as well
@thecoshman yeah, a mild form of fun the lasted a couple of seconds
Anyway, I sold my last pitchfork on eBay last month, and my torch needs new batteries.
@jalf As a penguin? Haha, what an idiot.
@JohanLarsson ಠ_ಠ
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh I see.
12:56 PM
hello, is there anyone who is familiar with simplescalar?
no, but it have to be simple thing, right?
I got a nice answer badge for that answer that made me go to bed 3 hours late \o/
@stonestrong no
12:57 PM
believe me that there will be one who come out to say yew ;-)
@thecoshma, have you been any research about computer architecture?
oh wait, I did that thing again where I say 'yes' but mean 'no'

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