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11:00 PM
@BartekBanachewicz dafuq?
@BartekBanachewicz that was sudden
@jalf If I understand you right you're saying you'll ignore the 'site governance' as long as they don't push you away. To me it looks like you're pushing them away or asking them to push you more.
@BartekBanachewicz Is... is there no way to get him back? D:
@BartekBanachewicz I don't blame him, if he got any part of today's drama.
@BartekBanachewicz Cue him returning as daknok or Zoidberg or something.
11:01 PM
I'm happy to detach from SO ASAP.
@BartekBanachewicz All of them?
I am fucking afraid that he got angry for us saying he won't finish anything
@sehe GH seems a bit strange though
@sehe I'm pushing them in the direction of considering what's good for SO, rather than blindly enforcing the rules Meta has come up with
because if he did
11:01 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Nope. Not a chance.
@BartekBanachewicz The fuck happened?
@BartekBanachewicz as if
@sehe no, there FUCKING IS A CHANCE
@BartekBanachewicz Calm down.
@Xeo He's got more than one IIRC. Also, he's routinely trunking his repo's
Hmm, shouldn't have had that much caffeine.
@Borgleader it does look like delete request
his Twitter account's gone too, btw
Can we intervene?
11:02 PM
that's not funny
What the fuck in the fuck.
@ThePhD Why? He's entitled to his privacy, you know. He's got a life.
this again? Why does everyone freak out any time anyone leaves SO?
But... but all the asnwers. D:
@jalf precisely.
11:03 PM
Despite SO's best efforts we have a kind of community here.
@jalf You mean when someone leaves the Internet?
Welp, I guess we're a really toxic community. 3 high-profile departures in recent memory
@ThePhD Answers are never lost.
... I can't ping @rightfold anymore
Let's see if he deleted his email, too.
11:04 PM
@CatPlusPlus He's done this before. Maybe this time he decided it's really time to move on
I'm pretty sure he didn't die, and that he wasn't forced to delete his account at gunpoint, so chill out. He did what he did out of his own free will, because he thought that was the best thing for him to do. Who are we to argue?
3 mins ago, by Xeo
@BartekBanachewicz Cue him returning as daknok or Zoidberg or something.
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: No more kitty grenades [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq] [goobye-zoidnok] [no-helpdesk]
Ooops, I think my PGP key expired.
11:05 PM
@Borgleader I wouldn't say we're toxic.
@CatPlusPlus we won't have soon. :/
But we do have abrasive cats, dogs and frowny faced asshats.
Less toxic and more lethal, really.
And 3 months ago at that.
wtf is lethal about this community.
11:05 PM
@Borgleader Which ones?
Good thing nobody depends on my key.
@Xeo I'm only kidding. :c
@sehe luc, domagoj and rightfold?
4 hours ago, by rightfold
If this shit gets frozen I can finally move on with my life.
I think the key of PGP is web of trust, right?
@Borgleader Wait, Luc officially left?
11:06 PM
Hey, you can't have a WoT without a key!
IIRC, Luc was only here for the C++, not for the Lounging.
@BartekBanachewicz The room was frozen 11 hours ago
idk, nobody has seen him in a while and kinda ssume he did
Domagoj leaving resembles rightfold leaving and is ... basically "thanks for all the fish" in my book
@BartekBanachewicz he missed one
11:07 PM
@Xeo he said that, then rambled for a while about PostgreSQL, then left.
@sehe He hasn't said anything to that effect, but he hasn't said anything at all (at least here) in quite a while now.
@MooingDuck That gets auto-cleaned-up
or rather, is linked to his main account and can't be seperately changed
4 hours ago, by rightfold
@ScottW I know, but not perma-fucking-nently.
@Borgleader Wokay. We're so toxic, we jump to all kinds of conclusions.
@JerryCoffin Rightfolds last message is chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/10?m=10974614#10974614, a mere 4 hours ago
11:07 PM
Luc was active 15 hours ago.
@MooingDuck Yes -- I was talking about Luc.
He's reading on SO but that's about it
No comments, answers, nothing
Hmm, too serious for me.
11:08 PM
@sehe Or maybe I'm just a pessimist. That's also a possibility
Guess Imma read myself to sleep then.
Maybe he's busy or something.
rightfold nuked himself, same as domagoj
Well, the mail to daknok didn't bounce.
@R.MartinhoFernandes G'night.
11:08 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes hf
So maybe he'll reply.
His other twitter (daknok) is also still alive, so eh
@Xeo prolly forgot about that one
Although it's private for whatever reason. Why do people do that again?
@Borgleader Or maybe you're just overreacting, like some others
11:09 PM
but seriously, his account shouldn't get deleted :/
@CatPlusPlus Maybe -- I hope so.
Everyone chill out.
He had a 20k account deleted before, so eh
(And by "everyone" I mean "everyone who is not currently chilling out")
11:09 PM
Yeah he'll be back either way.
It looks like I have missed some drama!
you tell him
@Xeo because how wants to use it to tweet to chicks he diggs 9and also have private profiles)?
i am going to sleep
see ya
11:10 PM
@EtiennedeMartel but I just hit 20k rep today :(
@BartekBanachewicz Of course it should. If he so wants, it should.
She's sending me e-mails in Japanese and quizzing me~~
Man, people freaking all kinds of out all over the place today.
@MooingDuck Congrats!
11:10 PM
I never knew this could be so fun~~
@MooingDuck gratz
@ThePhD Who?
@sehe until rightfolds votes get rolled back....
@ThePhD Just fuck already.
@MooingDuck won't
Are we still talking about the meta incident? :/
11:11 PM
@MooingDuck Bwahaha. (a) it shouldn't happen (b) rightfold used votes sparingly
@Xeo oh. nevermind then.
Votes from high-rep users aren't rolled back
@Rapptz nope, rightfold is gone, maybe
@Xeo =l Can't I be excited and it not be about fucking? :c
or high-activity? whatever
11:11 PM
@Xeo wierd
@Xeo really?
@MooingDuck I'm pretty sure they won't be. It'll just get turned into an "anonymous", inactive profile.
@ThePhD are you male?
@MooingDuck Conga rats
@MooingDuck Maybe....
@MooingDuck he's gay
11:12 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Yes, they changed it precisely because of all those "-1300 rep, user deleted"
@BartekBanachewicz I am?
TIL: I'm gay.
better late than ever
ITT: Nothing changes.
@ThePhD That looks vaguely familiar somehow.
11:12 PM
@JerryCoffin Tee hee~
'cept Puppy will likely put even more distance between him and the derpstorm
Whaat? D:
Hold on a second, all of you thought I was Gay? D:
@ThePhD lol, no
That's the third time now I closed the browser with ^Q. I must have repositioned my keyboard subtly...
11:14 PM
Jul 4 at 4:09, by Jerry Coffin
@Borgleader Conga rats.
@ThePhD That's a funny name. But no, I I have no idea who you are IRL
^ I stole the idea.
> When we delete highly active users upon their request (i.e. they no longer wish to participate in Stack Exchange), we preserve their up/down/accepted votes by moving them to our Community User.
@sehe We should meet up then!
Nov 24 '10 at 13:31, by sbi
@JohnDibling Oh, rats! Erm, congrats!
11:17 PM
@BartekBanachewicz But we can't do that for all users, no sir!
Someone give me a tasty baked treat I could make
Better special case every extremely broken case!
@ThePhD I'd have said "droll", perhaps "funny", maybe... oh, you meant homosexual? That's the one real problem I have with homosexuals and such -- couldn't give a shit less about their sexual proclivities, but dammit, making a perfectly good word like "gay" unusable for its original purpose is unforgivable!
@Ell search youtube for nerdy nummies
11:19 PM
@JerryCoffin Fuck those word stealing mother fuckers in the ass!
.... Wait, maybe they'd enjoy that. :c
@ThePhD omg. that was lame
@sehe You loved it. :D
Ooh those things look yummy
Glad. Thank google's first hit. I didn't actually look at it. I did skip the gluten-free non-allergic link, though
Buttermilk Berry Muffins... hm.
Should be Buttermilk Berry Bars instead.
Triple B, baby!
11:22 PM
-4 on meta: 'One worry is, if you take away the safety-valve provided by rooms like the Lounge, you have to let the boiler fire go out, and much valuable and helpful input to SO proper, as provided by the many highly skilled and technically competent Lounge regulars, will be lost.' Oh, look what happened...
@MartinJames link? I don't feel like searching for context
@ThePhD ...and if they somehow don't come out good, "Bury buttermilk bars".
And if they cook too long... Burned Buttermilk Berry Bars
About 10 answers down.
11:26 PM
@Borgleader And if you make them large, Big Bad Buttermilk Berry Bars!
Ohh, YouTube oneboxing.
Moar stories
C++ room is kinda dead
The Real C++ room?
11:28 PM
Needds more newbie ads
@CodyGray who said it's bad? I learn more from 40 min of them grumbling about OpenGL then an hour on SO. which has a lot of crappy questions nowdays. quite to the contrary. — Eiyrioü von Kauyf 8 hours ago
@ThePhD the new real c++ room
@Eiyrio something you've redeemed some points ^ in my view. Thank you for appreciating the true value of the lounge
@MartinJames You know. I still haven't found it. It's not hard to link to an answer, or a comment :(
11:29 PM
@sehe *lounge
@sehe It's greyed out. I don't know how to link it :(
@MartinJames Oh. It's deleted then? That's a good description to add
@sehe Sorry - I did not mean to mislead/offend. At this time of night, I miss stuff :((
A: Lounge C++ frozen by mod?

Martin JamesOne worry is, if you take away the safety-valve provided by rooms like the Lounge, you have to let the boiler fire go out, and much valuable and helpful input to SO proper, as provided by the many highly skilled and technically competent Lounge regulars, will be lost.

@Borgleader thanks
@MartinJames Okay. I think your 'answer' is really enigmatic. The analogy seems a bit far fetched and it appears to be a rant. My guess is 'haters' will auto-downvote for being a disorienting rant and others will just refrain from vote because they can't make heads or tails of it. If the pirate's interpretation is somewhat on-target, why don't you just state that in English? (keep in mind not everybody is a native speaker)
11:35 PM
Yeah - thanks @Borgleader. I don't know why they deleted it. It didn't have the words 'fuck' or 'PHP' or 'JavaScript' in it.
@MartinJames It's not deleted. It's just low-ranked
I dont thinks its deleted, low rep answers get greyed out automatically
@MartinJames In particular "safety-valve" has thoroughly negative connotations in my ears
i think it starts at -3
@KonradRudolph ROLFMAO at edit
11:37 PM
Manishearth's answer is pure moronic.
user image
@sehe OK. I was just so pissed off that I had been deprived of my Lounge fix that I reverted to 'English' mode. It's no fun going cold-turkey, or cold-pizza.
That answer made me laugh.
The edit did :)
@sehe I don't understand. It's a piece of steam-boiler safety equipment.
11:39 PM
I think this is the only sensible and realistic answer here. — Rapptz 4 hours ago
Shog9's answer @Rapptz ?
@sehe Well he had a point. I was actually very close to flagging the comment because I thought he was insinuating that I was a racist (using blanket terms for minorities) before it clicked what “retarded” actually means
@Rapptz Shog9's answer is excellent imo
Someone just downvoted it
But it's the only good one there.
@MartinJames safety-valves implies pressue build-up. I'd hardly say a community functions well if it relies on safety-valves in order to keep people from running away. If you'd have said "relaxation channel", "side-channel", "chill zone" or whatever, then yeah, maybe
11:41 PM
Well, misintepretation/metaphors aside, it got sorted, (mostly, except for Zoidberg).
q_q RIP Zoidberg
@KonradRudolph I didn't see his comment. retarded is obviously not an acceptable word in polite conversation (except, maybe, when discussing under-developed individuals). In that sense, the funny part of the edit is the extreme rewording and the fact that the edit came 11 hours late :)
@sehe There is always pressure in dev work - bugs, milestones, deadlines. If we didn't have a bit of fun now and again, we would burst.
@MartinJames Mmm. I don't disagree. Just the wording doesn't need to imply "danger" or "violence".
I think most of your downvotes came from the word retarded
11:43 PM
@Rapptz +1 from me too
@sehe Same.
@Rapptz Should be a mod along with @JerryCoffin <3
@sehe OK, bad metaphor that could be misconstrued. I only apply violence to mice when I get 100+ linker errors after one innocuous change.
I believe you
Sometimes I get the impression some of the regulars don't realise how much C++/programming/suburbs we discuss there compared to other drivel/life/garbage. It's not like you get screenfuls of messages without any "on-topic" content (well, not accounting for the chains of 30 "lol"s or something). We put on a mask of "Lounge first, C++ second", but the truth is that we are programmers and end up talking programming naturally, even if we try to stick to a casual atitude :| — R. Martinho Fernandes 11 hours ago
^ needs more upvotes
This day was unjustified to the point of being offensive
11:46 PM
It wasn't. Life happened. It's always justified.
I want rightfold repositories back
You'll never get them back.
I know I laughed at him the most but I would love to see him really build something to the end
@ThePhD just heck off
Hahaha this is golden /cc @KonradRudolph
@BartekBanachewicz Wait, what did he steal from you?
@BartekBanachewicz Schadenfreude. Forget it, it doesn't fulfill
@sehe he took them from gh
11:49 PM
wtf happened that got the lounge frozen anyways?
Q: Lounge C++ frozen by mod?

Tony The LionSeriously why is Lounge C++ being frozen by Mod Gordon? I mean really? Because we're not on-topic?

Damn ipad keyboard
Anyway, I guess what I got out of all this is I find Gordon to be ironically my least favourite moderator.
@Rapptz +1 for irony
We're using 'Retarded' to describe an action we don't agree with now then? That's nice and grown-up, well done, nice way to bring gravitas to your argument. — JonW 9 hours ago
'course we do.
11:50 PM
@sehe its funny indeed. Eh, time to focus on surviving tomorrow
Addendum: fuck you!
@sehe yah, I'm reading that thread.
@CatPlusPlus What is the chat being programmed in? :O
@BartekBanachewicz Good luck. Without rightfold gh. It's gonna be tough. Anything special to wish you good luck with?
11:51 PM
Gordon sits all day in the PHP room; go figure
And how will you be sending your packets? TCP? UDP?
@ThePhD We don't know yet.
It's less important than selecting a feature baseline first.
@BartekBanachewicz Can't blame him, then.
@BartekBanachewicz Well, that explains a lot.
when I should be filling out the app for a new apartment...*sigh*
11:51 PM
I want to get my hands dirty in some TCP.
And some UDP.
I doubt it'll be this, unless we pick XMPP and decide to implement XMPPd from scratch.
fuckin' property management doesn't use HTTPS for an application, though? Wassup with that?
@ThePhD Wait. Average TTL on packets would make that ... illegal in most jurisdictions
I'd start with researching existing servers.
Also this is funny:
11:53 PM
Existing Servers?
A: Lounge C++ frozen by mod?

ManishearthTo be clear, I don't totally agree with the freezing, but here is what I think of it See: @Gordon uhm, well you see, we don't want to talk about programming here. like for last few years. And the surrounding conversation. Then read @balpha's answer on non-technical chatrooms: Signs of...

What do you mean?
@ThePhD So far the focus has been on important things like one-boxing and color coding.
Because ahahaha this is the whole of the dumb SO policies I keep pointing out.
@sehe life. I'm ok. I guess. And really tired. And got new responsibilities at work if you didn't notice me posting that. So i should put this technological fruity marvel away and go to sleep
11:53 PM
I'm tiiired, I'll do recon on servers tomorrow.
@CatPlusPlus Yeah that answer was pure idiotic.
@CatPlusPlus shut up and write stories :)
@ThePhD ejabberd 'n' stuff
@BartekBanachewicz Yup. Shall we call a mod and freeze this room? Make it easier for you to break away :)
... Oh... oh my god
My UE4 stuff looks like its going to build
11:55 PM
@ThePhD What is UE4?
Unreal Engine 4
@Rapptz Is there some torrent with it?
Like, beyond retarded, especially when it comes to building.
11:56 PM
Damn. I'm still a newfag
But, like. You don't udnerstand. They do crazy, super duper retarded shit with their engine.
@ThePhD OK, built. Now is the time for opening the bug list.
No 4chan.
@Mikhail No it's a proprietary product given to triple-A game developers.
UE4 is pretty new, but I bet it'll be an UDK update in a year or two.
11:57 PM
@Rapptz Anti-Aircraft Artillery?
The reason its proprietary is because it's so fucking SHITTY that no real person in their right mind would ever want to use it.
@MartinJames Term for big budget game developers.
I'm glad I figured out on the inside how fucking terrible this whole thing is. I will never touch UDK or its children or its childrens childrends for as long as I live,.
Oh it's not even released yet I don't think.
How is the UE4 code, any experiences that you can share?
11:58 PM
@ThePhD Probably, yes. That's why all my stuff is NDA'd :)
No, UE4 is only being demo'd to other people VIA videos that don't show the blood-sucking leeches living in its repositories.
@CatPlusPlus Only a select few companies have licensed it afaik
UE4 hasn't been released. It won't be released for a while. I hope they retconn the whole damn thing

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