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8:00 AM
Chrome history search sucks.
@A.H. that sounds wrong
@Rapptz I find it odd that you would want milestones for a private repo, but what ever
@thecoshman What? You don't have a list of goals to work on by yourself?
@R.MartinhoFernandes that must be your amazing method of refactoring you and Lightness praised
8:02 AM
notepad @Rapptz
@Rapptz I just wouldn't bother doing 'milestones' for a private repo... not so formal
@A.H. Yeah that's what I currently do.
@BartekBanachewicz Yours would never work here.
@thecoshman Whatever floats your boat.
8:03 AM
@Rapptz I find pencil and paper a good programming tool, get less distracted writing down quick todos by manipulating hardware.
@Rapptz indeed
@R.MartinhoFernandes well moving a lot of stuff around is always a PITA
@R.MartinhoFernandes I get the feeling I will be happier staying ignorant :P
It gets boring fast, too, because I know all the little changes I need to make, but they are so many and so large.
However, it is comforting that if I comment out the "in-transition" tests everything still passes, especially the most complex ones.
8:08 AM
Tests are super cool
huh, it's interesting how much less readable I find code which uses using namespace whatever
@jalf Things stripped out of std:: look weird to me.
@Rapptz yeah. And with other namespaces too, it's a really nice visual indicator of where a name is coming from
playing around with some sample code for C++ addons for node.js, and they had a using namespace v8 at the top of all the samples, which bothered me because it meant I couldn't immediately tell which names were built-in, and which ones were defined elsewhere in the sample itself
Q: C++ ++i == i++ is undefined behavior?

NarekMy particular question is whether in C++11 ++i == i++ is undefined behavior? But in general I want to understand how to detect such undefined behavior cases with increment and decrement operators. Is there a rule to easily identify?

oh gawd
8:24 AM
gonna vote as dupe
@jalf It can get a little old with deeply nested namespaces though, especially with a template that ends up something like A::B::C::D::E<A::B::C::D::F> e;, where A, B, C and D, E and F are all really much longer names.
@jalf yeah, explicit namespacing is much more readable. I tend to write std everywhere, too
@JerryCoffin true (although then I'd throw in a few namespace aliases)
Also long namespace names. If your namespace name is longer than ~5 characters, it's bad and you should feel bad
log4cplus, that's 9, if I count correctly.
8:28 AM
@wilx log4cp ?
@JBL or just log? :p
or lcp
Yeah, more like lcp.
(although again, that could easily be a namespace alias)
point is, if I had to type log4cplus::log(...) every time I want to log something, then I would probably want to kill someone :p
8:30 AM
Have anyone here used Boost.Log already?
log4cplus is a terrible library name
Because I figure I could start adding some logging to my projects
you did
hahahah, I missed that one
that's hilarious
Apparently the lounge is fireproof.
@ScottW The guy's profile is... disturbing.. meta.stackoverflow.com/users/1228/wont
8:44 AM
Full of love.
There are butterflies in my stomach, how do I become calm?
You should've flooded this meta post, so the OP would've been proven wrong.
@ScottW hey hey hey
Don't cheat on me
facebook.so is just a special redirect now :D
I don't have an affair with him
he was visiting
Oh baby, I didn't know you were heartbroken with me
How can I make it up to you?
I don't even want to know what that means
8:48 AM
You don't know what skeet means?
Well it's slang.
Not really valid English.
he is a SO hero
oh I see
@Rapptz I only knew it was a name of a guy rather famous on SO for garnering rep
Well, I'm off to bed. Be good -- especially if a mod shows up with a flamethrower.
@A.H. Because he's the hero SO deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
@JerryCoffin We'll try. Good night :)
@JerryCoffin Haha ! G'night ! :)
8:50 AM
@jalf: Well, you can always wrap the existing functions into your own, or us namespace alias.
@JBL thats a really weird profile
@JerryCoffin night
@Rapptz It's a form of clay shooting!
@ScottW Since you like that, you might like this:
I'm thinking this is what happens when Cat wants Puppy to do something
@wilx sure, I'm just saying it is something to consider when designing a library.
9:01 AM
Do not disturb the inherent laziness of programmers and they'll like your lib
9:11 AM
someone is snoring on the train, lolz
Could someone offer me some advice on this problem: I wrapped GLFWwindow* into a unique_ptr with glfwDestroyWindow as the deleter. GLFW also requires glfwTerminate to be called on the end of the app after all of the windows were destroyed so what happens is that glfwTerminate() gets called first and then the unique_ptr goes out of scope (destroying the window and raising an error). Should I wrap glfwInit and glfwTerminate into a RAII object or something? :?
Make a singleton.
Any other way? :/
I'd like to avoid singletons if possible.
I was joking.
@Tuntuni Yes, that should work.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I was about to say "Are you trolling me?" but I though it might sound disrespectful because you took the time to read it. :P
9:31 AM
I find singletons quite interesting.
OK, launch time. Starting my software-upgrade-stuft S3....
9:49 AM
can stream_iterator be used with a struct?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh boy
I am installing website blocker in chrome
so well, yeah, prolly won't be hanging here that much
What is that?
9:53 AM
@BartekBanachewicz Are you trying to become more productive?
@TonyTheLion yeah
I spend too much time here
And Puppy being a dick made me really angry, which shouldn't happen. I shouldn't get angry over events in internet chat.
Especially chat where I want to, per rules, have fun and discuss programming.
@R.MartinhoFernandes basically a popup "fuck you no lounge for you until the evening"
I'm available tru all other channels (GH/mail/skype/whatever)
see you around.
Have fun
lol, that's the kind of thing that would never work for me.
"fuck you no lounge for you until the evening" "oh yeah? fuck you dumb machine, I am human"
9:57 AM
no, you're not
inb4 robot
@R.MartinhoFernandes me neither, I'd just bypass my own system
@R.MartinhoFernandes A few people in here do seems to have trouble staying productive while in the lounge.
I remember @MooingDuck saying that.
My beard makes me unproductive.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'd like to know the exact intricacies of that process?
10:16 AM
What about mustache?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Do you spend too much time stroking it?
I used to do that a lot. Then I got married and wife likes me shaven better. :)
I don't think I will ever marry if I get told to follow orders.
@EtiennedeMartel Indeed, and funny too! :)
Q: could we use bit field for an array which is member of the structure in c?

selvaIs it possible in c? could we use bit field for an array which is member of the structure in c? enter code here typedef struct convert { unsigned char data[7] : 5; //5x7 };

Is this English?
I think so.
10:25 AM
Maybe it's not English that we know in C.
@TonyTheLion: I thought you changed your name to "Tony the Pony" until I rechecked again. lol
I laughed.
@TonyTheLion It's weird.
I keep... mapping it.
10:31 AM
... mapping?
I really should shave it off, but that would undo eight months of "work".
Wait, I thought you shaved before?
Not in forever.
I don't remember when it was.
TBH, I do not like the way some questions are handled. While there should be some rules or quality concerns, it should be possible to ask a question and get answer through a decent dialog rather than the question being closed within seconds or getting responses that can be perceived as hostile.
Q: Why do we let hostile users dictate the perception of Stack Overflow?

JaredParThis question is a great example of why Stack Overflow is getting a reputation for being a hostile environment these days Possible to convert C# get,set code to C++ This is clearly a developer used to C# who is trying to apply existing concepts to C++ and failing. You can see from his com...

@R.MartinhoFernandes pics or...
10:33 AM
@wilx not that again
@sehe it didn't happen
Yes, that again.
I have only now noticed it. :)
Deal with it.
Damn you
I'm not dealing with it, can't you see that?
@R.MartinhoFernandes ... didn't you mention your shaving-fail before, where you forgot a patch on the left side of your face?
10:36 AM
@sehe unBEARable curiosity
ITT Robot confirms his incompetence/reluctance with knives
Or is it a bug in using knives() function!
@Xeo Happens sometimes. I don't remember when was the last time.
@wilx initmate issues? ;) ... I forgot who told me that she wanted the guy to be clean shaven otherwise it gets too prickly when ... eh ... you get the picture :x
There's a picture?
10:50 AM
@Telkitty猫咪咪 That, too. It is apparently not nice to kiss me over the hair. :)
I thought it is more you kissing her over the ... ehh ... you know mouth isn't a woman's most sensitive area?
let's change the topic
let's just reload the page instead
> HORSE the Band have been accurately described as ”The gratest unsuccessful band ever”, by an enthusiastic YouTube commenter with bad spelling.
11:00 AM
Time to look for a Perforce plugin for vim
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Heh, yeah. But I was not going to discuss that in here. :)
Is parsing perl actually not decidable? o.o jeffreykegler.com/Home/perl-and-undecidability
@Xeo hahhahhaha
@Ell Perl can only be parsed using Perl.
Good luck finding something as mindblowingly awesome as fugitive.
11:03 AM
I've heard that but I thought it was a joke :3
@Xeo Perlol
@Ell It is a joke. :3
@R.MartinhoFernandes I just need something that automatically checks out the file on first actual write :s
@TonyTheLion total loss.
11:05 AM
Right. I wonder how I best decouple collision with a falling block itsself
@Xeo That's because you are not spoiled by fugitive yet.
Fugitive is sliced bread with strawberry jam without whole strawberry bits.
So awesome.
Now I'm hungry.
What if the Strawberry bits are what he likes?
What if you're making his sliced bread worse?
@ThePhD Then he doesn't deserve it.
(see the screencasts: vimcasts.org/episodes/…)
Q: What's the best resource to get incredibly fluent in c++ in a year?

Amina Hussaintime/money is no object (in that i'm willing to spend and put in time, not that I was born with a silver spoon)

11:07 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes: Sometimes your laugh also seems serious to me. Maybe it's just me I don't know. :/
^ The answer is "None, because it's impossible to be incredibly fluent in C++ in a year". :-P
Can robots laugh?
incredibly fluent
I think my laugh is hard to mistake for seriousness.
According to this French chick I met, it's a greasy laugh.
11:10 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes you mean you only laugh for fun? :p
Ok. Serious question. How do I make myself not hate vi?
I am saying vi, not vim.
I have to work on AIX, Solaris, HP-UX machines that do not have any other editor installed.
A suicide method is any means by which a person commits suicide, purposely taking his or her own life. Suicide methods can be classified according to two modes of interrupting one's life processes: physical or chemical. Physical modes of interruption typically act by incapacitating the respiratory system or the central nervous system, usually by destruction of one or more key components. Chemical modes focus on interrupting biologically significant processes such as cellular respiration or diffusion capacity. Chemical methods of suicide produce latent evidence of action, whereas physical ...
@wilx alias vi=vim?
@jalf bash: vim: command not found?
11:12 AM
@jalf: There is simply no vim, only some implementation of vi.
@R.MartinhoFernandes but then it is a different problem. It is no longer vi that is the issue :p
> Tie ability to code c++ to your existence, i.e. if you don't code something you'll get punished and/or left without food etc.
also, don't they have any other editor install? No nano, or emacs or ed or anything?
(I guess just learning to use vi would be the obvious answer)
@jalf: If there were emacs, I would not be asking this.
@jalf No, really, vi is horrible.
11:14 AM
@jalf: I have learned enough that I can edit files but still, I cannot get used to the modes thing.
The "improved" part of the name of vim is not a joke.
Especially because the non-vim vi has no visual indication of the mode.
@wilx :set modeline
modeline: No such option - 'set all' gives all option values
@R.MartinhoFernandes sure, but if that's all that is available
holy crap I made something that uses kerberos and actually works how crazy is this
11:23 AM
nice edit
@Telkitty猫咪咪 I wont click that link...
I support gore only in video games.
Damn, using Scons, I wonder why the hell I stuck to Cmake for so long....
I just noticed that gVim has "shift+arrow keys" for selection by default
Flagged? Really? Couldn't people just, you know, not click the link?
what happens when one flags, is there another dialog are you sure you are sure or is it possible to misclick flag?
How was this innapropriate, spam or offensive... ?
11:36 AM
@JohanLarsson The first one requires two clicks for everyone. If you have 10k+ rep, validating is one click.
ok ty, always wondered, never dared to click the first one.
never had a reason to flag either
@wilx Hmm, wow, that must be one goddamn old version.
'modeline' 'ml'		boolean	(Vim default: on (off for root),
				 Vi default: off)
@DeadMG similar to dynamic in C#?
I need to know PHP, Java, HTML and some more SQL! In which order should I learn them?
@cpx In this order: .
11:42 AM
Y'know, I've been wondering if C++ actually has some sort of overload resolution / "type matching" at runtime.
@rightfold oh
Since exceptions are a runtime thing.
@Xeo The closest thing I can think of is catch. :V
@rightfold Yeah, exactly
11:43 AM
Go has type switches to switch on the dynamic type of an expression.
It goes from top to bottom like pattern matching in Haskell, but is matched on types.
Everybody hide, I hear a mod
All I see is a smurf. :P
@Telkitty猫咪咪 not cool!
11:44 AM
Oh it was Telkitty's message? Damn I should have validated that flag.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 be more considerate with what you post here please. Next time, I won't unsuspend you.
lol we need chat rules
No we don't.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 there you go: chat.stackoverflow.com/faq
I hardly know what is acceptable what's not
11:47 AM
> This site is an extension of Stack Overflow, so discussion should more or less revolve around the same topics you'd find at Stack Overflow — but in an interactive, less strictly Q&A focused way. Do have fun, but please keep it professional and always be respectful of your fellow community members.
Don't give me that.
You knew what you posted.
You did it completely out of the blue too.
I assume you clicked the link?
out of blue? my post ... like ever? :x
I don't see what the problem was if she tagged it NSFW.
The URL had "gore" in it. Can't you fucking read?
My swear words were edited out.
Oh well.
I didn't need them anyways~
No they werent...
11:50 AM
Yes, they were.
@ThePhD: Well, in my book, that is only a notch above, say, cp. Would cp links be acceptable? I do not think so.
Half of them?
@wilx cp ?
Child porn.
(also removed)
@Gordon hey gordon, you reckon that video is real or not?
11:51 AM
cmon guys no need to attract the NSA :P
@ThePhD man.cx/cp
@JBL Email to all customers: 'Please don't ask me to support 'gore'. I don't even know what it is but I will not be using it. I have enough trouble with the gruesome code, dodgy libraries and outdated hardware that you've already saddled me with. I just can't take any more!'
@Telkitty猫咪咪 I don't care if it was. The content was inappropriate. Watch your Gore and Porn at home. Not here.
@rightfold >_>
Really, this is the only gore that is acceptable here.
11:52 AM
@Gordon it was not pornographic! ... it was about mexican drug war!
Is al(l) gore forbidden?
He kind of looks like a douche.
@rightfold Dat double pun
11:53 AM
@TonyTheLion ppuunn
@TonyTheLion No.
double pun;
oh ok
@MartinJames Well, 'support' isn't the correct word indeed. s/support/tolerate
@TonyTheLion Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.
11:54 AM
I have that printed on a tile on the wall at work.
Geez who the hell flags that.
We got flaggots again.
Fliggity Flaggoty Floggity Flags!
11:55 AM
var shouldStop bool // it's a flag!
Case of blatant flaggotry
Hehe someone flagged Al. Maybe if he had worn a better tie?
The joys of not being a 10K users. :D
@Telkitty猫咪咪 the linked site was graphic and inappropriate. Not what Stack Overflow is about. Putting NSFW on it doesn't make it any less inappropriate. Now stop argueing please so we can continue with normal life. Thanks.
@Gordon I don't think she is arguing.
11:56 AM
Ssh ...
@MartinJames That was useless. There's already a flag in that picture, duh !
Oh so it's a 'she'.
I forgive you newblet
@JBL Now you come to mention it, that 'Stars and Stripes' does look a bit odd - it must be huge!

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