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12:00 AM
OH LOOK THE BUILD FAILS DWJHDahkdawdffwefgrth4234723978423748
Fuck it. 01:00, Lounge-frozen-no-rightfold-day and too much London Pride. I'm going to sleep.
@MartinJames G'night. May tomorrow be a bit better...
@StackedCrooked it was you who scared the zoid away !
5 hours ago, by StackedCrooked
@rightfold Wilt u een dikke lip, meneer?
^ that's a physical threat!
"Would you like to have a fat lip, kind sir?"
What? Zoid left us?
For real?
Wow, what the hell happened here? I leave Lounge<C++> for a day and there's already a bunch of Meta posts about it.
12:05 AM
@MonadNewb Right...fold up your tent and go home.
We fight the system and the system doesn't like it.
Grandiosity refers to an unrealistic sense of superiority - a sustained view of oneself as better than others that causes the narcissist to view others with disdain or as inferior - as well as to a sense of uniqueness: the belief that few others have anything in common with oneself and that one can only be understood by a few or very special people. Grandiosity is chiefly associated with narcissistic personality disorder, but also commonly features in manic or hypomanic episodes of bipolar disorder. Connection with narcissism Pathological grandiosity has been associated with one of the ...
He folded, right
15 hours ago, by Jerry Coffin
Well, I'm off to bed. Be good -- especially if a mod shows up with a flamethrower.
They didn't listen.
@JerryCoffin starred retro-actively
@sehe Too late to do much good though...
12:11 AM
@JerryCoffin I considered pinning, but I already gave that honour to announcing zoids departure
Oh don't bother to pin stuff, a mod just showed up and had us unpinn half the stuff on the starboard
@Borgleader Funny. I also unpinned one other thing. It'll be okay.
@Borgleader He didn't make us.
He asked why we had so many things pinned, someone made a joke, then someone unpinned it.
Well, idk, "does this stuff really need to be pinned" seemed like an indirect request
Who here was soiling the proud name of cats?
12:17 AM
> "less than 20%" of women reported to have been involved in threesomes
Wait wtf. That shit is mainstream now. I'll have to talk to my wife I'm sure the respondents thought it meant when their partners slept around.
@SomeKittens Nobody, cats do that themselves
@Rapptz And there were some rather inane things pinned, which is exactly why I tossed one. I thought it other things more relevant
I was trying to debug some code in our program that copies a file, 4019 bytes at a time and shows a progress bar. It always failed exactly halfway through. After several hours of debugging I finally noticed that the source and the destination are the same file :/
> You don't have to talk about C++. FWIW, you can talk about PHP in there.
Okay...I officially have permission from a mod...
12:22 AM
I'll still talk about PHP all I want.
@MooingDuck Hmmm. You alright?
I want to go home :(
@MonadNewb ...now countermanded by an owner.
@Praetorian wins the power-lurker award for 2012 Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 as well as 2013 Q1 and Q2
@JerryCoffin What's the best way to learn PHP? =p
12:28 AM
@MonadNewb Start with a Frontal Lobotomy. It's all downhill from there.
I'm making 0 traction with UE4 and everything else.
@Borgleader SO comments can race nicely. You can get a multi-collider notification even if a comment was semi-immediately removed.
My internship is coming to a close.
I'm running out of time.
I can't keep spinning on this deadlock. I don't know what else to do.
My team members are going to want presentations and results. I don't have any to speak of, or any worth noting.
I... am well and truly fucked.
@sehe Thanks ... I guess :P. (I'm usually logged in from work, and can't chat, but I do like to check in on what you guys are up to from time to time)
So maybe the award is well deserved
12:30 AM
None of my team members have experience with UE4. The entire studio does not have experience with UE4. The only people who can help me are in England and Canada.
@Praetorian Like getting our asses frozen? :P
@Praetorian I'm amazed at your persistence. And I'm not really surprised: it is a nice place
@Borgleader ... You seem to have missed the scope of his power-lurking
I'm going to get horrible reviews, and this is going to go horribly badly, and I'll never be able to come back here again.
I'd also like to point out that lurkers are deprecated. It's swarmhosts now.
... Fuck this gay earth.
12:31 AM
@sehe That's all thanks to Firefox's pinned tab feature, doesn't take up much screen real estate at all, so no penalty for having the window open eternally
@Borgleader I'm old. I'm exempt from modernisms
@Borgleader yeah that was interesting to read through
@sehe Its an obscure starcraft 2 joke
if you can call it a joke :P
@Praetorian lol. I should do that instead. In fact SO chat is one of my non-pinned tabs. Supposedly because I don't want to keep it open all the time :|
Hi, just wondering, is there any way to have the min and max functions from the algorithm library work within a loop by passing it one value at a time and then when the loop terminates it returns the min and max...or do i have to pass it an array ?
12:33 AM
@AmberRoxanna hmm?
@AmberRoxanna huh?
currentmax = std::max( currentmax, nextvalue );
@AmberRoxanna ^ make it happen
@AmberRoxanna Are you looking for std::min_element and std::max_element?
foldl1 max
@sehe yes
12:34 AM
@AmberRoxanna Good luck!
@ThePhD i'm trying your method right now to see if it works
Use std::accumulate
That's the standard's foldl.
1 min ago, by sehe
It probably won't.
@sehe oh
12:35 AM
@AmberRoxanna sehe's suggestion is superior
@sehe Sorry, all I saw was foldl1 max.
@Borgleader If she already has an array of elements.
@Rapptz Pay attention. D:<
@ThePhD Too much effort
ok let me go and read the documentation...thanks for the direction. i'll update.
@ThePhD ...or anything that can be read by a forward iterator (or is it input iterator?)
12:36 AM
I find it really funny that TSA was brought up in this room freeze debate.
sleepy Daisy all wrapped up in here towel
Oh Hi DeadMG
Hey, let's validate our dumb, unrealistic policies by bringing up an actual organisation built on dumb, unrealistic policies!
That'll show them!
British version of TSA is really nice.
They let me keep my shoes and hoodie on.
@sehe I would advocate that, if rewriting most loops to be iterators was relatively simple.
12:37 AM
I only had to walk through 1 airport detector thing.
Even when my non-American non-UK friend accidentally left a bottle filled with water inside of his backpack, they just let him drink it right at the security checkpoint.
@DeadMG it appeared that the loop had a sole purpose of finding the max/min element
@sehe ... wat. sehe doesn't do appreciation. i think @Gordan broke sehe ...
If we were in America, they would have tackled the shit out of us.
@EiyrioüvonKauyf calm down. I do a lot of appreciation. Sometimes explicitely. I know it when I take the effort to tell people.
12:39 AM
also i'm in america ...... and i'm pretty sure lots of the people here are :|
@sehe that's like cat and bartek getting along. it's confusing. now if cat, bartek, etienne AND phd got along ... end of the world
Yah Americans be crazy at airport s
> You may have heard that the highest-paid employee in each state is usually the football coach at the largest state school. This is actually a gross mischaracterization: Sometimes it is the basketball coach.
@EiyrioüvonKauyf oh well. be confused. that's your problem
@sehe ok :3
@Insilico I'd have guessed it's the guy running the largest hospital in the area
12:41 AM
@Praetorian this is america; hospitals are private that's maybe one of the reasons everything med is so expensive
... GDIPlus relies on min and max being defined as macros.
... What a bunch of shit.
@AmberRoxanna oh, and minmax_element too if you needed both. See also nth_element and partial sorts
Are all hospitals private in america?
@EiyrioüvonKauyf that and everyone likes to pad their pockets
@Ell Unless they make themselves a free hospital/clinic, yes.
12:43 AM
@EiyrioüvonKauyf We get along just fine.
@EiyrioüvonKauyf lol "maybe"
@Rapptz keeping my career choices open. i want to work in health informatics but getting an MD takes so freaking long T_T
@Ell How do you define "private"? Just for example, where I live (Colorado Springs) Memorial Hospital is officially a private corporation -- but the sole stock holder in that corporation is the City of Colorado Springs. Do you consider that private or not?
@JerryCoffin board of directors usually. treatment order rich > poor :| e.g. look at state of new york
Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers (Saint Vincent's) was a healthcare system, anchored by its flagship hospital, St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan, locally referred to as "St. Vincent's". St. Vincent's was founded in 1849 and closed under conditions in 2010 that triggered an investigation by the District Attorney of Manhattan. Demolition began in 2012 and will be completed by June 2012. Other hospital buildings will be converted into luxury condos and a new luxury building will replace the St. Vincent's building. It was a major teaching hospital in the Manhattan neighborhood of Gre...
also they use C++ so @Gordan this is relevant ;)
@EiyrioüvonKauyf ...
12:50 AM
i'm slightly annoyed
also @sehe what do you use for smart autocomplete in vim ... ctrl n is ridiculously unhelpful -.-
@jerry I would still consider that private
Do US hospitals get funding from tax money?
I mean my definition of private says they don't
@sehe My previous objection still applies. Iterators aren't simple enough that if you don't already have your logic expressed in iterators, it's going to be simple enough to convert them to iterators for such a task.
@sehe i'm working on your suggestion at the moment. Do you know how i can store elements in std::array reading in from a while loop ?
@AmberRoxanna std::input_iterator<element_type>(std::cin)?
@Ell That's been argued about this one for quite a while. I'm not sure they get money from taxes, but they apparently at least get tax breaks compared to others.
12:59 AM
@MooingDuck ok let me look at that.
std::input_iterator<element_type> first(std::cin), last;
std::array<element_type, 15> data(first, last);
@Ell I don't think so, but I'm not knowledgable on the subject by any stretch
also, late again bye
@MooingDuck *istream_iterator
@MooingDuck oh i'm sorry for the confusion, see i'm not taking anything from the stream, i have a variable called average in the loop, all i want to do is store that variable in an array every time i go through the loop and average is updated.
er, yeah, I don't think that input_iterator is really what you're looking for.
3 mins ago, by Xeo
@MooingDuck *istream_iterator
1:08 AM
Q: can anyone explain where the constants or const variables stored?

Xiaosong Heas we all know,C++ memory can be divided to five blocks:stack,heap,free blocks,global/static blocks,const blocks.i can understand the first three blocks,and i also know variables like "static int xx" are stored in the 4th blocks,and also the "hello world"-stirng constant,but what is stored in the...

In other news, g'night
@Rapptz wat. aren't they stored the same as everything else? the only thing that gives a shit is the C++ access module that checks private and crap
ok nvm
i was thinking returned consts from functions
not const variables
though i don't know if there's a difference with regard to the compiler replacing .-.
1:35 AM
Q: Which compiler should i choose, Turbo c++ or DevC++

Khalid Ahmedwhen I program in turboC++, i have to use commands like clrscr(); , Which is not necessary. in Devc++ , the screen is cleared automatically, Also , in devc++, we have to write int main() whereas in turboc++, only main() was sufficient. Also , the books books from which i am studying at home also...

@Rapptz many of your things i just downvote :|
"Which of these two c++ compilers should i use", tags the question with c
aren't those both outdated?
:| i think only C++ and C guys care that much about exactly where <this> is or how the compiler does <feature>
Yeah.. I was about to say. This again.
i need to get 3k so i can close vote
this is probably a super stupid question but what is 'foo' and how come i see it every where ? what does it do ?
Just a name
The terms foobar (), fubar, or foo, bar, baz and qux (alternatively, quux) are sometimes used as placeholder names (also referred to as metasyntactic variables) in computer programming or computer-related documentation. They have been used to name entities such as variables, functions, and commands whose purpose is unimportant and serve only to demonstrate a concept. The words themselves have no meaning in this usage. Foobar is sometimes used alone; foo, bar, and baz are sometimes used in that order, when multiple entities are needed. The usage in computer programming examples and ps...
1:55 AM
Its the go to name of programming. Like "John Doe
@Borgleader @Ell ok, thanks.
@AmberRoxanna this is a stupid question if you program; if you don't program it's a completely legitimate one
@EiyrioüvonKauyf thanks for mentioning that...i feel a little better now.
2:00 AM
@AmberRoxanna it's a cultural thing :|. though I am judging you for not just googling "foo"
@EiyrioüvonKauyf "An term used for unimportant variables in programming when the programmer is too lazy to think of an actual name."
that's accurate
it's to programming what the variable 'x' is to math
thanks again for clearing that up.
2:19 AM
The great purge of 2013.
WTF a mod froze the room?!!
And unfrozen, as I can see.
There's a discussion/question in there?
Yeah I don't like Gordon. I wish we would stop talking about it.
@Borgleader Thanks.
BTW, yay! Questions auto-update now working for me!
In this room, C++ == meet-ups. :)
Still, Gordon has his valid points.
And @Tellkitty's suspended, again. Great timing posting NSFW with a mod inside.
2:28 AM
IE suddenly decided it, not N++, would open my text files... very bizarre.
why do you have IE anyway
just disable it in control panel
-> features etc
well actually control panel -> programs -> turn windows features on or off
I might.
I use Chrome.
I think the IE is just the default install, which is why it is really odd it decided to do it now.
all the webbrowsers nomnom on my memory :|
i don't think chrome knows the meaning of free. it extensively uses the memory leak operator
What do you use?
chrome/firefox//aurora /opera once in a full moon lynx/links || considering using Palemoon or midori
ie 11 doesn't seem that bad actually
but yeah no
@Chemistpp -.-
3:13 AM
I can't understand at all the mentality that lets so many people think "it doesn't work" or "I get an error" doesn't need to be any more specific.
@aschepler They'll learn eventually as they're being constantly bombed with comments and their questions closed. Such a hard way to learn though.
@MarkGarcia no imho they do it on purpose
when i was learning i at least said; i think it's this so i tried print debugging :| but not working
i think they want a free rent a coder
is my pessimistic opinion :P
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Now I'm thinking if there's some talk out there of Stack Overflow being a great debugging tool.
It's as though they think the error message or the unexpected behavior is not really that relevant to the question. Maybe they view compilation+execution as a black box that either does what they wanted or mysteriously refuses?
@MarkGarcia cough that's what i think they think it is. why bother learning why code works when i can just rent-a-coder
3:20 AM
@aschepler I'm more on the side where I think we need to enforce more the idea where a question should be helpful to more audience than just the OP. Syntax errors and trivial mistakes doesn't help much people besides the him. Those questions are just relevant as FAQs.
i'm thinking i should rep monger till 3k
so i can close vote freaking 1/2 of the questions on here T_T
You should.
but rep whoring
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Rep whoring (mostly being a FGITW) is actually good. Just don't be a SCITE.
Good in the sense that you learn to know your limits on what topics you can answer.
Fast-drawing on easy questions is not a good thing, but it's fun and a little addicting.
3:29 AM
@aschepler its annoying. some easy questions should not be answered. it encourages the "help me fix my ( error"
And then there's pointing out when other quick answers are inaccurate or could be improved. Probably more useful, but no rep.
But hey, if you know the correct answer to the question, then why not answer it as fast as you can. Though I'm against not having to elaborate and improve your answer afterwards.
err guys, issit possible to compare the current element of a vector to the next element of the said vector?
@MarkGarcia You should have seen my answer from last night, as time went on it just kept growing. When I was done: BAM wall of text
@JoelSeah Yes.
3:31 AM
@JoelSeah Why would it not be possible?
@Borgleader This one?
yep that one :3 took me like 3 hours to finish it
silly gcc
hmm okay then. there must be something wrong with my coding seems it gives me a huge int value when instead of s small value
Sounds like you should make an SO question out of it
Sadly though, I wasn't able to keep up here yesterday. Work and bad internet connection just popped up simultaneously. The the connection disrupment was worth it. Now I'm enjoying fast auto-updates.
3:34 AM
Internet connection issues suck
In the way of rep-whoring. :P
alright, but i will try to solve myself first. thanks borg
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix lollll XD
That pun... deeper than... awesome.
3:50 AM
I hope to reach 10k rep in the near future
I want to see all these flags and deleted questions
4:13 AM
A: Optimization: why is < more expensive than multiple !=

undefined behaviourYour notion of speed is not in the C standard. In fact, there are no guarantees with regards to speed, here. There are fast compilers and slow compilers, and even fast and slow C interpreters. As a result, your question with regards to speed is invalid. If your C compiler doesn't produce identica...

Is he saying that just because the standard says nothing about speed that it is pointless to discuss performance?
yes. he's stupid
all of these answers
dat moment when linux can't find the difference between

inline void GetPitchYawBetweenCoords(glm::vec3 &source, glm::vec3 &target, glm::vec2 &output)
inline glm::vec2 GetPitchYawBetweenCoords(glm::vec3 &source, glm::vec3 &target)

Just one big reason why I love coding on windows, not on unix...
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Oh ok... For a second there, I thought I was misreading it.
4:30 AM
They've made online MSDN docs' headers black...
@MarkGarcia Yeah, I saw that.
@Mysticial yeah i'm not using SO again
so much stupid
Submitted a feedback to MSDN praising the new headers.
@EiyrioüvonKauyf I looked up that user, and I recognize him. He's one of those... I remember getting into a heated argument with him over practical vs. pedantry.
I ended leaving in the middle because anymore and the mods would've showed up.
Q: Reading in extended ASCII with cin.get()

MarkI am trying to read in single extended ASCII characters with cin.get(). I want to use cin.get() so that I can also read in spaces, etc in the input. I figured out that I need to use unsigned chars to store the characters but unsigned chars and cin.get() do not seem to work together. Is there a...

Oh oh oh oh
4:37 AM
That user is so ridiculously pedantic that even litb would bow to him.
@Mysticial You should have invited him here.
We're good at flaming people.
fuck it
i'm making an account to flame his ass
No you don't.
It won't get anyone anywhere.
Drop it.
That guy will not learn.
4:41 AM
If you really want popcorn, then invite him here while puppy and jalf are around.
The OP or commenter?
@EiyrioüvonKauyf A discussion of speed for a program that doesn't solve an actual problem is trivial. Which problem do you hope to solve with your fibonacci? Perhaps there are more significant bottlenecks to focus on. That's why profilers exist, isn't it? I have added a paragraph to the start of this answer to address this. Is that what you were trying to say? — undefined behaviour 10 mins ago
@Mysticial Oooh yes.
Especially jalf.
OP's question is moronic.
No SSCCE just a bunch of whys
i've invited him here
@DeadMG are you there <3
4:45 AM
@EiyrioüvonKauyf It's the middle of the night for both puppy and jalf.
same for me :| but i live on the east coast
@Mysticial early morning.
it's 1 am here atm
12:46 if you want to be pedantic
But yes, both of them care about performance, and both of them are very well equipped to discuss things in depth.
^ i know :|
4:47 AM
@Mysticial Do you know a thing or two about vtables?
sadly that guy will probably chicken out
@Borgleader yes
Do you have an idea as to why gcc would have both a non-deleting and a deleting destructor in their vtable ?
Can you define "deleting" and "non-deleting"?
> The entries for virtual destructors are actually pairs of entries. The first destructor, called the complete object destructor, performs the destruction without calling delete() on the object. The second destructor, called the deleting destructor, calls delete() after destroying the object. Both destroy any virtual bases; a separate, non-virtual function, called the base object destructor, performs destruction of the object but not its virtual base subobjects, and does not call delete().
MSVC only has the one destructor, gcc has pairs
im wondering if there is an advantage to gcc's method
4:49 AM
Would someone show me where in the C standard it is mentioned that an implementation must use a "stack"?
@EiyrioüvonKauyf :)
Why can't a graph be used, instead? Wouldn't a graph be more suitable, given the atomic operations defined in the new standard?
yes a graph would be perfectly reasonable for a computer
because graphs are how the world works and are perfectly simple structures
show me a quantum computer too
@Borgleader I'm not entirely sure how they do it. We know that all the destructors from child all the way up to the base class need to be called in that order.
4:51 AM
Stackoverflow is forever...
and that's not how atomic operations work
they're either done via kernel locking or hardware
that IS in the standard
You can either call them from the v-table one-by-one, or create separate versions that "include" the destructors of all the base classes above it.
"The implementation makes use of processor-specific instructions where possible (via inline assembler, platform libraries or compiler intrinsics), and falls back to "emulating" atomic operations through locking.
" copied from the boost library
i can reference the standard next if you like
That saves v-table indirections at the cost of more code.
@MarkGarcia dammit we need to do the think we do on @BoltCrank or whatever
4:53 AM
@Mysticial So you're saying MSVC's approach favors speed where gcc's favors code size?
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Does that mean a stack is required, according to the standard?
@Borgleader Maybe? It's hard to guess their intentions.
Have you had a look at tail call optimisation, yet?
@Mysticial Alright, I was just curious because the robot didn't know either when we discussed it yesterday
@undefinedbehaviour show me a turing machine that using a graph
@undefinedbehaviour the same look you "had"
4:54 AM
I might make an SO question out of it, once I've done a proper analysis
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Is it impossible? Yes, or no.
@undefinedbehaviour you don't discuss impossible in theoretical cs. by that reason so are computers. they're impossible
@Borgleader But yeah, either the child's destructor calls the parent's destructor -> chaining it all the way up to the top. Or you inline it completely.
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Answer the question.
@undefinedbehaviour define your graph
undirected, directed and with cycles or not
4:56 AM
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Which part of the C standard permits optimisations?
in a complete graph you can have a turing machine, it's a crappy version of a stack
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Define your recursion.
A stack isn't required by the C or C++ standard.
Then again a lot of things aren't so it's an irrelevant point.
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Consider that some edges might correspond to atomic locks.
@undefinedbehaviour this is not at all related to your comment on performance
and redefining a stack as a crappy graph doesn't make you right
4:58 AM
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Neither is the stack, nor "recursion vs iteration"...
@undefinedbehaviour do you want to speak english?
@EiyrioüvonKauyf What is relevant to performance in regards to C, is one specific section of the standard. Which section is that?
If you can't quote it, I think this chatroom should laugh you off of the planet.

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