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C stands for Control. [ About the room: | Collected questions: | Explain C in english: | Everything about pointers: | Full C reference: | C11 standard: | Unit-testing macros: | How to ask: ]
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A place for Android wizards to show off their magic, or drown their sorrows. We can teach you to fish, but we're not giving out free tuna. Free pictures, but not free tuna. Rules:
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Google Never Provide Solutions For Every One.Learn Here How To Google Your Question....Use or or for long code and Images on, catch us on facebook
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 Smart Developers' Lab

Try to stick to English, Post your Query elaborate as best as you can and show your efforts, For Code use , Facebook Group : about-me :
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Java, Spring,JPA, PHP, jQuery & Javas

This room is for Java, ,Spring Framework, JPA, Javascript, jQuery and PHP beginners. Feel free to post links to questions that you want help with, or even specifc issues.
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Room dedicated to the Java programming language. And no, Android is not Java (does not use the Java VM; runtime environment and base SDKs differ; et cetera)
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Join to become part of the community, not to simply ask questions. [use to share code longer than 10 lines in chat]
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Discussion for all things PHP. Chat Guidelines :
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I am not really understand
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HTML / CSS / WebDesign

Start by thinking; then google before asking ▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask, and ask once! ▲ If you need help, post a minimal example of your issue, please. documentation often helps.
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 IOS Developer Family

This is iOS developers family. Visit You can be members, write your own blogs, participate and can have support from iOS developers here as well.This is Not rule site. Its more informative for iOS Developers.
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Woe unto thee who doth not program with sharpened C
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A place to learn and teach.
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Read this: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | Documentation™ Helps
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CSS Shapes and Designs

Here we're all about making the most out of CSS, creating shapes as well as contemporary designs. We welcome all who have an interest in the CSS (and related) tags.
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The *productive* programming cabbage. Room rules:
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Euro time zone general chat. Over 1k rep - gets writing access. Over 10K rep can ask for Ownership
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SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is solely for the weekly close events and discussion(s) about reviewing. Please visit our FAQ:

The SO Tavern (Free Snacks)

Here we have our fill of bytes and bits, and then tell of tales of other times we've had our fill of bytes and bits. To register a complaint, press Ctrl + W (Mac users ⌘ + W).
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