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Don't Bully The Chooks, Please
5s ago – sehe
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Read this link or we'll eat you: Before asking a question inform yourself on the XY problem
6s ago – bjb568
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The *productive* programming cabbage. Please do other members the courtesy of reading
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Discussion for all things PHP, and stuff. BEFORE chatting in this room read :
18s ago – reikyoushin
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[Rebol and Red]

Don't rejoin us. Combine with us.
49s ago – Jacob Good1
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Two Crowns

A place for developing A+ quality software (mostly in PHP and C).
3m ago – Levi Morrison
Levi Morrison: 3m ago, 804 posts (16%)bwoebi: 5h ago, 1331 posts (27%)kelunik: 3d ago, 201 posts (4%)Benjamin Gruenbaum: 22d ago, 14 posts (0%)

The SO Tavern (General)

Here we have our fill of bytes and bits, and then tell of tales of other times we've had our fill of bytes and bits
17m ago – Laszlo Papp
Laszlo Papp: 17m ago, 120 posts (0%)Shog9: 4h ago, 35 posts (0%)Johannes Kuhn: 8h ago, 6 posts (0%)Louis: 9h ago, 5 posts (0%)Doorknob: 10h ago, 1 posts (0%)Flexo: 57d ago, 2 posts (0%)

HTML / CSS / WebDesign

Don't ask to Ask! Support room for HTML, CSS, DOM and WebDesign. If you need help post an example of your issue please. Religion and Politics are off-topic! documentation often helps.
18m ago – hLover
hLover: 18m ago, 7 posts (0%)Zach Saucier: 38m ago, 3268 posts (2%)Dave: 1h ago, 28 posts (0%)Some Guy: 4h ago, 7276 posts (4%)Loktar: 1d ago, 659 posts (0%)easwee: 1d ago, 3784 posts (2%)SomeKittens Ux2666: 2d ago, 45 posts (0%)Stewartside: 2d ago, 189 posts (0%)TylerH: 2d ago, 1633 posts (1%)ThiefMaster: 2d ago, 189 posts (0%)laggingreflex: 3d ago, 4 posts (0%)Benjamin Gruenbaum: 5d ago, 342 posts (0%)Pheonixblade9: 12d ago, 1 posts (0%)Ravimallya: 16d ago, 26 posts (0%)


Tales of the fight between green robots and nyan cats, in the realm of Unicornia. We can teach you to fish, but we're not giving out free tuna. Read the House Rules!
40m ago – Noah Huppert
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Rules → —  Discussion for iOS and OS X developers. Our aim is to help you help yourself. This room is a machine, a machine for programmers: fit only for the rambling of programmers.
1h ago – mattsven
rage: 1d ago, 9961 posts (3%)Enrico Susatyo: 1d ago, 25634 posts (8%)Noel Cower: 2d ago, 29603 posts (9%)borrrden: 3d ago, 33079 posts (10%)Daniel Martín: 4d ago, 373 posts (0%)Charan: 5d ago, 7782 posts (2%)Shade: 28d ago, 149 posts (0%)


Discussion on the Java programming language.
1h ago – aliteralmind
fge: 8h ago, 1496 posts (1%)kiheru: 14d ago, 638 posts (0%)user2245634: 235d ago, 4 posts (0%)

Trash can

Like the recycle bin, but trashier.
1h ago – Zach Saucier
bjb568: 5d ago, 2 posts (0%)Benjamin Gruenbaum: 6d ago, 209 posts (1%)easwee: 18d ago, 2 posts (0%)


Ruby on Rails
1h ago – mrudult

SO Close Vote Reviewers

See scheduled events here: For more information, see:

Functional Programming

fmap fmap fmap ~> (.).(.)
3h ago – Johan Larsson
Code-Guru: 72d ago, 26 posts (0%)Shredderroy: no posts


Wikipedia is always left.
3h ago – Tom W
Benjamin Gruenbaum: 3h ago, 1163 posts (0%)André Silva: 4h ago, 15165 posts (1%)Steve: 5h ago, 25317 posts (2%)The Red Lou: 16h ago, 50 posts (0%)Pheonixblade9: 2d ago, 22911 posts (2%)Spencer Ruport: 2d ago, 9178 posts (0%)NETscape: 2d ago, 4343 posts (0%)Shift: 2d ago, 583 posts (0%)CC Inc: 3d ago, 18864 posts (1%)ton.yeung: 3d ago, 29452 posts (3%)Michael Dunlap: 5d ago, 358 posts (0%)Ninja Echo: 9d ago, 551 posts (0%)Code-Guru: 26d ago, 754 posts (0%)Gui: 99d ago, 706 posts (0%)Aviatrix: 389d ago, 2 posts (0%)

Spring Mvc & Hibernate

Room for spring mvc programmer, and hibernate
3h ago – JqueryLearner


You can ask your question. Responses may take a while. Please be sure to include all relevant information.
3h ago – kirti avaiya


iOS/Cocos2d/Android questions help desk! . [please use to share code longer than 10 lines in chat] *Most Active Users are of Indian origin. so it is highly likely we would be found talking in Hindi. you shouldn't mind and if you will ask. we will converse technical chat in english.
3h ago – PiyushMishra
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Russian talk on DerbyJS, a full-stack web framework. English:
4h ago – Vladimir Makhaev
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