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JavaScript Go! Gotta try { ... } catc

Topic: JavaScript, ECMAScript. Read this: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | Documentation™ Helps. Room meta discussions:
17s ago – ndugger
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SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for the weekly close events, discussion(s) about reviewing, and coordination of site-wide cleanup efforts. Read more at


Join to become part of the community, not to simply ask questions. FAQ at
29s ago – Kamini
Kamini: 29s ago, 33008 posts (3%)Dima Rostopira: 29s ago, 5956 posts (0%)MSU_Bulldog: 46s ago, 5422 posts (0%)Amira: 1m ago, 3369 posts (0%)Shubhank: 4m ago, 168203 posts (18%)Olu: 31m ago, 5275 posts (0%)Aarti Wale: 32m ago, 675 posts (0%)PomeGranate: 2h ago, 226 posts (0%)Diva: 4h ago, 416 posts (0%)Ricardo Alves: 8h ago, 4488 posts (0%)Augustin A: no posts


Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Chat Guidelines :
30s ago – Matt Cowley
Matt Cowley: 30s ago, 57 posts (0%)PeeHaa: 1m ago, 122176 posts (5%)Ronni Skansing: 1m ago, 18228 posts (0%)DaveRandom: 3m ago, 86301 posts (3%)JayIsTooCommon: 8m ago, 2310 posts (0%)Jimbo: 11m ago, 25702 posts (1%)Chrys Ugwu: 22m ago, 144 posts (0%)Wes: 26m ago, 24677 posts (1%)bwoebi: 28m ago, 65555 posts (2%)Anmol Raghuvanshi Version 2.0: 33m ago, 3725 posts (0%)kelunik: 37m ago, 8311 posts (0%)Okabe: 39m ago, 5640 posts (0%)Orangepill: 46m ago, 9646 posts (0%)Jeeves: 1h ago, 2029 posts (0%)Ocramius: 2h ago, 24120 posts (0%)tereško: 2h ago, 96919 posts (4%)andho: 2h ago, 5346 posts (0%)Levi Morrison: 2h ago, 54149 posts (2%)Riccardo990: 3h ago, 1175 posts (0%)Sherif: 3h ago, 12292 posts (0%)Epodax: 4h ago, 2320 posts (0%)little pootis: 5h ago, 1242 posts (0%)salathe: 5h ago, 11272 posts (0%)Ekn: 5h ago, 3942 posts (0%)NikiC: 7h ago, 62658 posts (2%)Sergey Telshevsky: 12h ago, 5259 posts (0%)Trowski: 22h ago, 5609 posts (0%)Jon Clements: 1d ago, 185 posts (0%)m6w6: 2d ago, 850 posts (0%)pmmaga: 2d ago, 4 posts (0%)

Documentation Public Beta

Now At A Stack Overflow Near You:
31s ago – A.M.K
A.M.K: 31s ago, 112 posts (0%)Sumurai8: 1m ago, 70 posts (0%)Nina Scholz: 1m ago, 7 posts (0%)bwoebi: 21m ago, 554 posts (3%)Jon Ericson: 23m ago, 775 posts (5%)luweiqi: 28m ago, 66 posts (0%)Kendra: 1h ago, 68 posts (0%)Jon Clements: 1h ago, 19 posts (0%)little pootis: 2h ago, 331 posts (2%)gkubed: 2h ago, 24 posts (0%)Kevin B: 2h ago, 79 posts (0%)Cerbrus: 3h ago, 387 posts (2%)cteski: 3h ago, 1 posts (0%)Jacobr365: 3h ago, 1 posts (0%)TylerH: 4h ago, 555 posts (3%)JRodDynamite: 4h ago, 1 posts (0%)Robby Cornelissen: 7h ago, 2 posts (0%)Adam Lear: 11h ago, 131 posts (0%)Eugene: 11h ago, 67 posts (0%)Koby Becker: 13h ago, 1 posts (0%)zarak: 16h ago, 28 posts (0%)Onur: 16h ago, 371 posts (2%)Shog9: 19h ago, 432 posts (2%)Mike McCaughan: 19h ago, 25 posts (0%)Lewis McGeary: 23h ago, 63 posts (0%)charlietfl: 23h ago, 20 posts (0%)swenzel: 1d ago, 1 posts (0%)Will: 1d ago, 66 posts (0%)Heslacher: 1d ago, 2 posts (0%)bluefeet: 2d ago, 14 posts (0%)

Tcl Documentation Discussion

Tcl Documentation Discussion
35s ago – Brad Lanam
Brad Lanam: 35s ago, 17 posts (54%)Peter Lewerin: 4m ago, 14 posts (45%)

VBA Lounge

Used for extended discussion around VBA related tags, and a bit of chit-chat now and again. Please do not post your questions into this room they will be ignored and removed.
35s ago – Macro Man
Scott Craner: 1m ago, 123 posts (7%)Forward Ed: 3m ago, 202 posts (11%)Jeeped: 1d ago, 161 posts (9%)Savya: no posts


The *productive* programming cabbage. Room rules:
1m ago – JGreenwell
JGreenwell: 1m ago, 4233 posts (0%)idjaw: 2m ago, 12320 posts (1%)Kevin: 4m ago, 74696 posts (7%)Jon Clements: 5m ago, 82243 posts (8%)Andras Deak: 6m ago, 13697 posts (1%)Wayne Werner: 9m ago, 4966 posts (0%)Programmer: 18m ago, 2674 posts (0%)davidism: 22m ago, 23888 posts (2%)corvid: 22m ago, 15311 posts (1%)Antti Haapala: 23m ago, 45565 posts (4%)Withnail: 24m ago, 1712 posts (0%)PM 2Ring: 1h ago, 14240 posts (1%)DSM: 1h ago, 21584 posts (2%)Morgan Thrapp: 1h ago, 14561 posts (1%)IntrepidBrit: 2h ago, 14376 posts (1%)Bhargav Rao: 3h ago, 11703 posts (1%)Games Brainiac: 3h ago, 13485 posts (1%)Martijn Pieters: 4h ago, 28571 posts (2%)Ffisegydd: 5h ago, 53238 posts (5%)Marko Mackic: 8h ago, 1735 posts (0%)Will: 13h ago, 14 posts (0%)mgilson: 17h ago, 5730 posts (0%)Byte Commander: 18h ago, 156 posts (0%)thefourtheye: 2d ago, 11507 posts (1%)Peter Varo: 3d ago, 30195 posts (2%)edwinksl: 6d ago, 5 posts (0%)click here: 6d ago, 395 posts (0%)rlemon: 17d ago, 454 posts (0%)ThiefMaster: 17d ago, 1897 posts (0%)Fuchida: 25d ago, 173 posts (0%)


We'll evaluate your fitness for committee work
1m ago – Puppy
Puppy: 1m ago, 259393 posts (5%)ThePhD: 1m ago, 23150 posts (0%)Ven: 1m ago, 20070 posts (0%)Bartek Banachewicz: 9m ago, 192757 posts (4%)Shoe: 11m ago, 93808 posts (2%)Tim Post: 15m ago, 344 posts (0%)Mysticial: 17m ago, 57160 posts (1%)Xeo: 20m ago, 132460 posts (2%)milleniumbug: 34m ago, 22329 posts (0%)Rapptz: 1h ago, 131716 posts (2%)Jerry Coffin: 1h ago, 53124 posts (1%)wilx: 1h ago, 16619 posts (0%)R. Martinho Fernandes: 1h ago, 302936 posts (6%)Griwes: 2h ago, 26831 posts (0%)Mgetz: 2h ago, 6504 posts (0%)Ell: 2h ago, 97905 posts (2%)Abyx: 5h ago, 15408 posts (0%)Andy Prowl: 5h ago, 36727 posts (0%)набиячлэвэли: 5h ago, 20948 posts (0%)Khaled.K: 6h ago, 4027 posts (0%)StackedCrooked: 9h ago, 98021 posts (2%)Johan Larsson: 18h ago, 14179 posts (0%)Etienne de Martel: 20h ago, 78834 posts (1%)ScarletAmaranth: 3d ago, 21510 posts (0%)OneRaynyDay: 7d ago, 826 posts (0%)Cubbi: 9d ago, 155 posts (0%)bluefeet: 24d ago, 66 posts (0%)JNat: 35d ago, 11 posts (0%)rlemon: 100d ago, 2293 posts (0%)Neal: 1033d ago, 298 posts (0%)


A friendly room for discussing WPF and other things.

Java::chat ><> & Chips

Room dedicated to the Java programming language , yummy food, and cats. And no, Android is NOT Java (does not use the Java VM, runtime environment and base SDKs differ, etc). And no, Javascript is NOT Java either. -_- Neither are chips.
1m ago – ItachiUchiha
ItachiUchiha: 1m ago, 21657 posts (4%)DarkV1: 2m ago, 6 posts (0%)Caprica Six: 4h ago, 675 posts (0%)Michael: 4h ago, 14909 posts (3%)fge: 23h ago, 38211 posts (8%)Madara Uchiha: 1d ago, 12700 posts (2%)


Test if we can make a difference - GH readme
4m ago – queen
queen: 4m ago, 17329 posts (32%)ryanyuyu: 51m ago, 148 posts (0%)Andras Deak: 3h ago, 1543 posts (2%)Bhargav Rao: 3h ago, 3163 posts (5%)Drew: 2d ago, 662 posts (1%)Sam: 3d ago, 2940 posts (5%)FrankerZ: 4d ago, 2 posts (0%)Cerbrus: 9d ago, 54 posts (0%)Wayne Conrad: 24d ago, 30 posts (0%)Andy: 24d ago, 22 posts (0%)

Java and Android era

Important: Please use English (As much as possible). Drop your long code in and save images in Read common chat FAQs here - . We're on [Facebook]( too! Mark this room as your favourite to stay in touch with.! :)
4m ago – berserk
berserk: 4m ago, 21442 posts (4%)Dev: 6m ago, 5513 posts (1%)TheLittleNaruto: 39m ago, 65400 posts (13%)Caprica Six: 1h ago, 2550 posts (0%)PomeGranate: 2h ago, 239 posts (0%)Arif Nouman Khan: 9h ago, 1335 posts (0%)Kanth: 3d ago, 13505 posts (2%)Denver: 43d ago, 6 posts (0%)

JavaScript Documentation Discussion

Room for discussions about
4m ago – Sumurai8
Sumurai8: 4m ago, 77 posts (8%)Anirudh Modi: 6m ago, 18 posts (1%)Kevin B: 11m ago, 1 posts (0%)little pootis: 5h ago, 170 posts (18%)Neal: 4d ago, 6 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 5d ago, 5 posts (0%)Mike McCaughan: 7d ago, 17 posts (1%)


A place for Android wizards to show off their magic, or drown their sorrows. We can teach you to fish, but we're not giving out free tuna. Free pictures, but not free tuna. Rules: Blog:
5m ago – Pablo Baxter
Pablo Baxter: 5m ago, 502 posts (0%)Carl Anderson: 7m ago, 26964 posts (2%)John Boker: 57m ago, 1231 posts (0%)Menelaos Kotsollaris: 1h ago, 3228 posts (0%)Raghav Sood: 1h ago, 26633 posts (2%)McAdam331: 1h ago, 38363 posts (3%)cygery: 3h ago, 5674 posts (0%)eski: 3h ago, 14119 posts (1%)codeMagic: 3h ago, 47412 posts (3%)FoamyGuy: 4h ago, 22302 posts (1%)OcuS: 8h ago, 7640 posts (0%)Den Rimus: 10h ago, 2546 posts (0%)trevor-e: 2d ago, 12334 posts (1%)mkorcha: 2d ago, 1031 posts (0%)TheLittleNaruto: 2d ago, 13883 posts (1%)rlemon: 3d ago, 2565 posts (0%)nil: 7d ago, 40896 posts (3%)jlindenbaum: 14d ago, 6492 posts (0%)DaveRandom: 749d ago, 281 posts (0%)Neal: 1274d ago, 21 posts (0%)

Documentation Review

Seeing as there's no review queue yet, post links to your drafts here so reviewers can find them.
8m ago – Onur
Onur: 8m ago, 31 posts (1%)Sumurai8: 13m ago, 16 posts (0%)Mike McCaughan: 18m ago, 24 posts (1%)Anirudh Modi: 39m ago, 33 posts (1%)Okabe: 53m ago, 1 posts (0%)DarkV1: 1h ago, 31 posts (1%)Kevin B: 2h ago, 3 posts (0%)little pootis: 2h ago, 279 posts (11%)Jon Clements: 3h ago, 7 posts (0%)Cerbrus: 3h ago, 236 posts (9%)Will: 10h ago, 149 posts (6%)zarak: 15h ago, 7 posts (0%)bwoebi: 18h ago, 40 posts (1%)A.M.K: 18h ago, 57 posts (2%)mhatch: 20h ago, 19 posts (0%)Blubberguy22: 22h ago, 48 posts (2%)Kendra: 22h ago, 7 posts (0%)Lewis McGeary: 1d ago, 26 posts (1%)Shog9: 2d ago, 2 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 2d ago, 74 posts (3%)Praveen Kumar: 2d ago, 15 posts (0%)Ben Arvey: no posts


morning | Not the JavaScript room | Also not the Android room | A Safe Space to 🗣 your 🍞. Home of JicamaJS and the Fields of Justice! Confused? Good! 🐎 💃 - For Easy Code Pasting
11m ago – Greg
Greg: 11m ago, 34226 posts (1%)CuddleBunny: 14m ago, 5456 posts (0%)Kendall Frey: 57m ago, 146928 posts (7%)Sterling Archer: 58m ago, 296 posts (0%)Amy: 59m ago, 26114 posts (1%)Ryan Ternier: 1h ago, 15304 posts (0%)Tom W: 1h ago, 48958 posts (2%)Caprica Six: 2h ago, 8372 posts (0%)milleniumbug: 2h ago, 98 posts (0%)Charlie Brown: 2h ago, 18288 posts (0%)borrrden: 2h ago, 33 posts (0%)Michael Edenfield: 2h ago, 2922 posts (0%)scheien: 2h ago, 13806 posts (0%)Roel van Uden: 3h ago, 37177 posts (1%)Failsafe: 4h ago, 17975 posts (0%)juanvan: 4h ago, 12002 posts (0%)Jan Dvorak: 5h ago, 1676 posts (0%)Ggalla1779: 9h ago, 1493 posts (0%)abr: 23h ago, 296 posts (0%)Samy S.Rathore: 1d ago, 4870 posts (0%)Alex: 2d ago, 701 posts (0%)Sidney: 2d ago, 2724 posts (0%)Branden Boucher: 2d ago, 1318 posts (0%)Avner Shahar-Kashtan: 3d ago, 8426 posts (0%)Denver: 5d ago, 363 posts (0%)rlemon: 8d ago, 10593 posts (0%)ErwinOkken: 8d ago, 1450 posts (0%)bluefeet: 70d ago, 163 posts (0%)Neal: 995d ago, 56 posts (0%)gev125: no posts

Sandbox for Terry and Kevin

A temporary area for testing the room-owner-only features of the rabbit chatbot
15m ago – Terry
Kevin: 58m ago, 11 posts (45%)Ben Arvey: no postsJon Clements: no posts


This room is for (meta-)discussion about the R language via the [r] tag on It is not a help forum for R; it is used to coordinate responses (edits, closures, etc. or plain snark) to posts as well as occasional R-related chatter. Everyone is welcome, but generic R questions belong on the main SO site. A sibling room ("R public") is available for newbies.
25m ago – joran
joran: 25m ago, 4119 posts (4%)Frank: 29m ago, 177 posts (0%)Spacedman: 1h ago, 6358 posts (7%)Andrie: 2d ago, 7461 posts (8%)Procrastinatus Maximus: 2d ago, 12 posts (0%)Joshua Ulrich: 3d ago, 5452 posts (6%)Gavin Simpson: 8d ago, 3603 posts (4%)Matthew Lundberg: 36d ago, 131 posts (0%)

HTML / CSS / WebDesign

Read the rules: ▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask, and ask once! ▲ If you need help, post a minimal example of your issue, please. documentation often helps.
31m ago – TylerH
TylerH: 31m ago, 44413 posts (5%)BoltClock: 35m ago, 10588 posts (1%)click here: 2d ago, 347 posts (0%)Cerbrus: 2d ago, 1573 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 2d ago, 21950 posts (2%)CSᵠ: 2d ago, 8492 posts (1%)Wes: 3d ago, 30167 posts (3%)Caprica Six: 7d ago, 6582 posts (0%)rlemon: 17d ago, 63310 posts (8%)DaveRandom: 46d ago, 453 posts (0%)Ekn: 51d ago, 59 posts (0%)bluefeet: 120d ago, 7 posts (0%)Neal: 277d ago, 1 posts (0%)Ben Arvey: no postsZephyr: no posts
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