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on May 20 at 19:00  Eurovision 2017, on Oct 17 at 9:00  Happy Birthday WPF!

Teenage Territory

In the year of 2015, pioneers ventured north to discover the sacred Teenage Territory. It's quite cold here, so only cool people allowed!
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This room aims to test different bots moderating questions, answers, badges and comments. Follow us @SOBotics on twitter. Handy Links- FAQ: | Github: | Redunda:
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The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on. Rules: Blog:

Burnination progress for the apple tag

For discussion and progress-tracking of cleanup for the apple tag per:
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A friendly room for discussing WPF and other things.

New Answers to Old Questions Headquar

Where the New Answers to the Old Questions are logged. If you have any problems contact us in Sobotics room (/rooms/111347). Link to the github project
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General discussions about the c# language | - For Easy Code Pasting | - Please read the flagging rules before flagging a post as spam | aGFyYW1iZSBkaWRuJ3QgZGllIGZvciB0aGlz
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In Rust we trust! Rust is a systems programming language focused on three goals: safety, speed, and concurrency. Please respect our Code of Conduct:

 SOCVR Request Graveyard

This room is ONLY to receive action requests (cv-pls, etc.) from SOCVR; it is intended as an archive for easy searching. DO NOT TALK HERE. For more, see
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SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for support and discussion about reviewing, and coordination of site-wide cleanup efforts. Read our FAQ at
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Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Username auto complete is *tab*, not enter. Chat Guidelines :
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Topic: JavaScript, ECMAScript. Read this: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | Documentation™ Helps. Room meta discussions:
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to make it simple: building [ blocks ]
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FireAlarm Development

A room for the development of the FireAlarm bot.
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Euro time zone general chat. Please read the FAQ if you want write access or room ownership
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The *productive* programming cabbage. Room rules:
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C++ Questions and Answers

Solve problems and approach solutions
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C stands for Control.
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RegEx - Regular Expressions

Discuss about Regular Expressions. Learn at: / / / / Database: / SO Reference: / Online tester:
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Room dedicated to the Java programming language, yummy food, and cats. And no, Android is NOT Java (does not use the Java VM, runtime environment and base SDKs differ, etc). And no, Javascript is NOT Java either. -_-
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