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The SO Tavern (Free Snacks)

Here we have our fill of bytes and bits, and then tell of tales of other times we've had our fill of bytes and bits. To register a complaint, press Ctrl + W (Mac users ⌘ + W).

Indian Enthusiastic Programmers

Anyone can join, it's not only for indians. Room is most active in IST. Welcome for discussions, problems. Lets discuss, let's solve.

SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is solely for the weekly close events and discussion(s) about reviewing. Please visit our FAQ:

Hello World

For beginners of programming, Developers help the new comers. More about this room: INTRODUCE YOURSELF IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS ROOM (Technical stuff like technology + experience) Rules: 1. Try to talk in English. 2. Use for showing code.


A friendly room for discussing things related to WPF and other things.

Java and Android era

Important: Please use English only. Drop your long code in and save images in Read common chat FAQs here - . We're on [Facebook]( too! Make this room as your favourite to stay in touch with.! :)
1m ago – Indiandroid
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Rules → —  Discussion for iOS and OS X developers. Our aim is to help you help yourself. This room is a machine, a machine for programmers: fit only for the rambling of programmers.
2m ago – Maximilian
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Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging) without upsetting anyone
2m ago – Awal Garg
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The *productive* programming cabbage. Please do other members the courtesy of reading
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JavaScript: It's Got Electrolytes!

Read this: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | SheepHerdingJS is on topic here. stop asking. Reg room here:
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HTML / CSS / WebDesign: 18 years of CSS

HTML / CSS / WebDesign chat room - Start by thinking. Then google before asking ▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask and ask once! ▲ Support room for HTML, CSS, DOM and WebDesign. If you need help post an example of your issue please. documentation often helps.
7m ago – Wesley Crushed
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iOS/Cocos2d/Android questions help desk! . [please use to share code longer than 10 lines in chat] .Please do not ping individual people with random questions. Just ask your question, with the relevant details, and if anyone knows about that, then they respond.
8m ago – 007
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Welcome to ASP.Net Room. Don't ask to ask just ask your question.Make sure not to ping other users randomly and have some patience. Use don't paste it over the chat.**GOOGLE YOURSELF**
9m ago – vishu minhas
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Casual chat

This is the room for casual chat in english, hindi & gujarati. Long lines of code will be moved to respective rooms. Enjoy your stay!
12m ago – N-JOY
N-JOY: 12m ago, 177 posts (0%)Parag Chauhan: 3d ago, 3277 posts (2%)Narendra Prajapati: 5d ago, 76 posts (0%)

Android For Life

( My Erudition of Programming Languages) A Programming Paradise for Android ,Struts and Spring and Hibernate, BlackBerry,Symbian, Java, J2EE , A Place
12m ago – N-JOY
N-JOY: 12m ago, 5595 posts (9%)

Top Room

Room for Top
13m ago – Top Cat
Top Cat: 13m ago, 1272 posts (33%)Ker p pag: 13m ago, 194 posts (5%)


Discussion for all things PHP, and stuff. Chat Guidelines :
14m ago – Joe Watkins
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Two Crowns

Where we discuss personal projects written in terrible languages like C and PHP.
28m ago – bwoebi
Ronni Skansing: 8h ago, 390 posts (3%)rdlowrey: 8h ago, 5455 posts (48%)


Discussion about project
32m ago – Harsh Bhavsar
Harsh Bhavsar: 32m ago, 391 posts (2%)The Dictator: 34m ago, 884 posts (6%)varsha: 35m ago, 6880 posts (46%)
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