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1:09 AM
@AndrasDeak yes, yes it does. And I was elaborating
"yuck, yuck in dog" ;)
Does [mcve] work in chat?
Hmmm... nope
it doesn't, and we've linked it to Sebastian a dozen times
any elaboration beyond "get your act together and come back with an MCVE" is wasted on him
Guess I should go to sandbox to test that kind of thing
I only know of [ask] and [sistersite.SE] that work here
1:12 AM
You should know by now that I have a bad habit of repeating myself
I guess I should :P
if it wasn't Sebastian I wouldn't mind at all, redundancy can be helpful, and I myself do this often
Ooo... that's a good one!
Are the shortcut links documented anywhere?
on main there's [edit] which is exceptionally handy
only the ones on main, I don't think the chat-compatible ones are documented, perhaps in a faq on meta
tags and meta-tags work too but that you surely know
1:15 AM
Cool. I just learned about the one for mcve like last week
I finally learned tag syntax a few months ago
1:30 AM
good night
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2:49 AM
is it possible to check who is downvoting every my questions on SO?
someone gave me 6 downvotes
A: Update multiple records in a Model with Waterline on Mongodb

SuisseIf someone has the correct answer, don't wait. I found a workaround: The find() function can take criteria like this: var bookCriteria = [ { id: '1', status: 'pending' }, { id: '3', status: 'pending' } ] But the update() function only works with a...

and here
Q: Paypal single payout: TRANSACTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED API Error

SuisseI'm trying to make a singe payout with the REST API of PayPal with Node.js and get this error: //... "errors": { "name": "TRANSACTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED", "message": "Either the sender or receiver exceeded the transaction limit", } //... What I do: I use this example Code: var pa...

not really constructive
someone is trolling around
3:05 AM
No, votes are private, even to moderators. Serial downvotes will be reversed automatically if they trigger the serial limit; beyond that it's not worth worrying about. There are lots of posts on Meta about people who have experienced similar things. Not really Python-related, though..
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5:57 AM
Has anybody observed a weird performance problem with taking DFT's of large 2D images (3 gigapixels) using python? OpenCV's cv2.dft is taking like 40 minutes while MATLAB does it 20x faster. I think I saw something similar with numpy(or scikit...)...
6:44 AM
2 hours later…
8:51 AM
HI, I am self learning programming I have learned python ,data structures and algorithms ,currently I am doing computer architecture , But I have not done any project yet can someone tell me some projects(in python) which I can do with my current knowledge ? I have some ideas but after pondering upon them I realise I need more understanding on topics to implement my project idea . I do not go to college nor do I have anyone to guide me or talk to about this .
This is the only friendly community I know and ask for help .
John, check this out reddit.com/r/dailyprogrammer
9:11 AM
@Dzjkb I checked that out but in my opinion they are fun to solve problems not project
I do these types of problems on Project euler and on competetive programming websites
9:26 AM

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