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8:00 PM
@Ffisegydd have you read up... is it just me, or does the room seem more strange than normal? :p
I have read up, that's why I suggested hot choc :p
Please - if you can slip a bit of brandy in with no-one looking that'd be great :)
@ExoticBirdsMerchant ah... don't think I can help you. Although, github has a nifty desktop application that seems to work with windows well
well when i manage to learn Python i will go to Linux. First we take Manhatan then the worls
Manhattan's safe then? ;p
8:02 PM
yeah, imo developing is muuuuch easier on linux
I'm tempted by buying a mac for development
@Ffisegydd do it, I use a macbook air and it's great. Although I'd say go for the pro if you're going to get one
@JonClements for now absolutely
I can only really afford /want an air
I have a windows tower which is fine for power etc. I am looking for a portable laptop and the 12 hour battery sounds sexy :p
air is really portable, it weighs next to nothing and is still sturdy
8:05 PM
Just think of the time you can spend chatting here! :)
Exactly! I won't have to use my phone all the time
yup! It's nice. Python is an amazingly challenging feat to learn...12 months ago i believed computers where electricity purification filters but then Internet came!
have you used any other languages?
I started with VBA but it sucked amazingly!
8:20 PM
that's to be expected from VBA
Umm, I feel like a game of MTG
I started with fortran...
@Ffisegydd you and @mgilson could wile away the hours together then... :)
@Ffisegydd ooo, 13 to go
I know. I'm gonna push it tomorrow
Then edit all of the things.
"all of the things"? :)
8:30 PM
Yep. Everything. Gonna edit you to give you a 4th leg
Gonna edit Kevin to change him from a gravatar
Gonna turn @Crow into a Pigeon
Think that's done it
@Crow yup so much time wasted on VBA
I've reproduced 80% of the functionality of a 90k LoC PHP system... with 176 lines of code, and 300 lines of HTML
Think I'll just do the rest tomorrow
Urgh you still on that? Gonna need to add more brandy to that hot choc
Pretty much done now... taken long enough to deconstruct it and get a few bits confirmed by the client, but now I've got the task fully spec'd, I've pretty much smashed it out since Thursday
Probably finish it tomorrow, then sit on it for ~2 weeks so it looks like I've spent more time on it cough :p
8:36 PM
@Ffisegydd crows are basically just goth pigeons anyway
@Ffisegydd so... why haven't you edited yet?
Guys i put ;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd on path in environmental variables and still the cmd does not recognize...could it be that i have a 64bit system?
<_< >_> :p
are you using github, Exotic?
8:42 PM
@crow i installed it and now i am trying to setup the path variables
so that i can use it from cmd
@Ffisegydd Just pass us the bottle... :)
but these days i get lemons all the time :P
I mean if you're using windows and github, I'd say just download this because it's easier windows.github.com
@Ffisegydd here's a good one for your first edit: stackoverflow.com/questions/23186691/…
@crow yup windows and github...i'm checking the link now
@crow thats what i downloaded
8:44 PM
I'm on my phone so it's not that easy D:
I thought as much... that's why it's relatively easy - just a couple of code blocks :)
8:57 PM
I need some help related to mysql
you aware with mysql ?
It's possible the python room is not the best place to ask :)
9:01 PM
Gonna run for a bit... bbl
so, when a setup.py runs and you extract the tarball, does it install the dependencies you need?
Cbg @JonClements
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