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8:00 PM
cue Summer in the City in my head......
doesn't fit at all
@tristan yeah that one.
> Ludlow ran up the stairs but tripped. The adult then grabbed his leg, breaking it and deposited him in front of the infant, who proceeded to kill Ludlow as his proud father looked on.
i tried out my newbie whisperer skills on that "off into the sunset" question
Part of my motivation for that upvote is that the main site shows your updated avatar, chat doesn't
8:08 PM
heh. i mostly answered because "member for 3 days" + 3 questions
Hey everybody [ :
Hey @Andy what have you been up to, man ? It's been a time
Yo idjaw [ :
I took a week off in HK
just got back today
8:15 PM
Almost got stranded in Macau yesterday due to a typhoon class 8
no ferries until 6PM
but eventually, the signal got lowered and GF & I managed to get back
@tristan nice avatar
Man vs Nature, man
Yo Andras [ :
@AndrasDeak thanks :)
@randomhopeful sup
8:19 PM
@idjaw suggestion for beef tacos: get thick cut of beef, sear all edges to kill any bacteria, then cure it with salt, lime.
@AndrasDeak Just some old booze biz. I'd like to think that I deserve it. What's new in Ganz Mavaq land ?
Heh, the usual:D Probably going to demonstrate on a national commemoration of the revolution of 1956, tomorrow...
leaving you guys.I catch you next week
see ya
@tristan I'm going for tacos tonight. What you just said really made me want to make tacos.....and I will succeed
8:21 PM
@AndyK Laterz [ :
@idjaw I would love some ground beef, right now
I've never been to the place I'll be going to tonight, so I'm hoping it becomes the place where I can say, "Hey, Montreal actually has a decent place for tacos".
Spicy, well contained in rigid bread
Nice. Link to it?
Oily, like everything truly satisfying
@idjaw if that's not true so far, then I hope you don't have high hopes:/
or is there a distinct lack of taco places to begin with?
8:23 PM
"Notre menu propose une variété de tacos et de plats d'inspiration latine, composé en majorité sans gluten et il offre de bonnes alternatives pour les végétariens." I understand all of this, but "et il offre"...isn't that "and he offers?" i thought it would be "et nous offrons"
@tristan That's romantic dimension of french, everything is an entity
il = masculine he
that's cheating
I like a challenge:D
@tristan great catch :) But, the il corresponds to the menu here, and the word for menu is masculine.
8:27 PM
and "nous" would be "it" or "us"?
fwiw: my french is tres terrible
nous = us
is there even a third gender in French?
That's french, for ya*. A spoon is a feminine entity, a restaurant is a masculine entity
nevermind, I'll google
"Il offre x" means "X is available"
8:27 PM
@tristan What you were referring to is the "polite" reference to someone you don't know.
@AndrasDeak mais oui, "le flocon"
"il offre x" means "it offers x"
when would i use "nous nous" ?
@tristan When you're talking about yourself yourself
Nous means nous.
8:28 PM
@FlorianMargaine yeah -- didn't know if it was it/he or if it was some conceptual thing
thanks for all the feedback, le gentlemonsieurs
@tristan he's talking about the restaurant there, so it would be "it" in english
@randomhopeful i don't understand. if i was to say "we make", would i use "nous nous préparons"?
@tristan "Nous nous sommes régalés" == "We enjoyed ourselves"
@tristan "We make ourselves ready" == "We're making ourselves ready" == "Nous nous préparons"
Oooooh, "ourselves" is the operative part.
merci beaucoup ami
8:31 PM
was I far off? I don't have the best grammatical breakdown in french
the little french that i do speak was picked up while traveling
looks like restaurant mais could be very good, if not a modern take :)
(sorry for derail)
Have we all decided to visit Montreal? It gets discussed more than any other city around here.
I understand where that comes from, but French people have a "chic" for making raw salad so tasty
@DSM i think it's just a scheduling thing at this point
IIRC morgan and I are going to carpool
@tristan I'll let you know how it went.
8:34 PM
Gorgeous city.
Please do
Yeah, I like Montreal
btw...earlier this week we went to this restaurant and we ordered the entire menu: crownsalts.com/lebremner/index_en.php
that looks delicious
if you are familiar with celebrity chefs, that is Chuck Hughes restaurant.
looks very seafoodish
8:37 PM
yeah it is
that one in is. He has another one called Garde Manger
that is less seafood, but still has excellent seafood as well
@DSM yes....that would be tons of fun
Meat, man. That's the essence of everything
8:50 PM
The further you live from water, the "meater" you are, right ?
Unless you live up the north, then you are bone and sinew (sorry, too much GRR Martin)
Yeah, I can understand that, snow is just another kind of desert. You have h2o, but you get it frozen. Good luck with that in a thermodynamics reality
9:10 PM
president clump (can't take credit for that)
that....is unsettling
but frankly, not as much as Trump
every time I look at it I feel like one feature is more dominant than the other, but no. They are both equally present.
if you take out the ear ring, it looks like a fine gentleman
oh my
@idjaw cant its half term and its due straight after, can you help below, now it only prints the same solution ffs — alex bwithtek 20 secs ago
ffs indeed
today is not a healthy day for SO
must be the weather.
saturday feature request. 2 cv per question :P
@AndrasDeak "joke's on you" is not a good way to start a comment, especially when linked from here, especially when the op already sounds argumentative
I've already been called a "troll responsible for The Decline of SO" as well as a "pretentious ass hat [sic]" today
@davidism sorry, argumentativeness was exactly that triggered me. I'll edit and be nice
9:32 PM
ahhh yes, it works now. thank you so much bro — alex bwithtek 32 secs ago
Hmmm what kind of icon do you guys think best represents "finishing" something?
@MarcusS check mark or checkered flag?
getting the bro respect. The ultimate respect.
depends on context
9:33 PM
Finishing a workout in this case
check mark, thumbs up?:D
"don't forget leg day bro" note?
green checkmark
hahaha yes!!
my impressions of workout might be biased by the internet
9:34 PM
if the workout is not explicit about leg, just simply say "did you do legs, bro?"
if you confirm then you get checkmark
Wavy ribbon torn in the middle. #cardio
Hmm, found a flag icon for Material Design but not checkered: androidicons.com/assets/images/ai-mdpi-black/ic_action_flag.png
I don't think checkered flag fits in with that context
I'm not a big fan of checkered flag
9:36 PM
I would expect that to mean a task that's finished
running job, compile, etc.
I love this guy
True -- checkered flag to me implies some kind of time trial
@idjaw yeah, says i have to wait 2 mins, dw i got u bro — alex bwithtek 27 secs ago
not even my answer though :P hehe
9:37 PM
he got u fam
Found a thumbs-up icon too but I associate that with "like" more than anything else
4 mins ago, by idjaw
green checkmark
listen to the person who Can (adian)
Found a checkmark, i think this'll do
Thanks everyone
icon name is literally called "ic_action_done" so it appears to be standardized as well
You could also find the 15x15 pixel equivalent of this
9:39 PM
@idjaw are you a wizard? D:
yes. yes I am.
I think if I can get that Rocky gif when I accomplish things, I'd be happy
IoT Rocky
let's make this happen
Actually, I do feel like being an asshat today. But I'm certain it's not me, it's all the other people forcing me to react this way:P
9:41 PM
I mean, they all started it... :(
the world is out to get you, Andras
here's the latest iteration now in trash, you can judge for yourself if you're more curious than who-gives-a-crap:P
I honestly don't believe that I started being an asshat:P
mobile picture ftw
9:45 PM
and if you get your message thread trashed in the matlab room, you're doing something very wrong:D
TIL - There's a matlab room
TIL - Andras wasn't the ass this time
haha, I can't guess which one was more surprising:D
unfortunately that room is not very active nowadays (part of the reason why I started sticking my nose in here)
and it's a very informal room
@idjaw shillary chump
@AndrasDeak I'll add to things said about you today: you're a highly intelligent man and a great addition to the room's culture
that's a very sneaky way of manipulating me to behave like a nice person:P
but I guess it's working:D
generically nice people are boring
10:00 PM
says the generically snarky person;)
and if I may add something. I think you're really fun to chat with :) and my comments to you are jokes that I perceive as you being able to handle. :)
and I'm sure IRL you would be equally awesome to chat with
aww <3 I love you guys in a completely non-awkward way
And yeah, never worry, I don't offend easily:)
I mean, anybody as cynical as me loses all legitimacy if they take themselves seriously
and my snark is not to be taken seriously either, needless to say I hope:P
(I even respect poutine)
on that note
Have a great evening everyone
rhubarb, take care:)
10:11 PM
Time to go do things I need to do that are not on the internet
We lost him...
We should rule the world is all I'm sayin'
Try calling main() again?
@randomhopeful totes
take care idjaw, enjoy the restaurant
10:13 PM
thanks :) I'll let you know how it goes
10:46 PM
good night, folks
I'll try to reduce some of my chronic sleep deprivation:)
11:01 PM
11:19 PM
I had no idea SO chat existed
this is great :D
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