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12:12 AM
dumb question
doesn't the middle condition of a for loop get executed every time the loop iterates?
@Codeman it does
that is... if you put a function call in your 2nd condition, its result will be different each time?
for(int i = 0; i < Random.NextInt(); i++)
the random will be different each time
not guaranteed, of course
well yeah
but it will re-roll the die each time essentially
yes it certainly should
12:19 AM
@codeman yes, it does
you can see it if you do:
int next(Random rnd)
	var result = rnd.Next(100, 200);
	return result;


	var rnd = new Random();
	for(int i = 0; i < next(rnd); i++)

@ErwinOkken Sorry for the silence. If you are going to do polling from the client, I wouldn't bother with websocket. However if you would rather do websockets, you can send updates from the server to the client instead. Essentially, in whatever method on the server you get data to put into the database, call a method that will send those updates to interested (subscribed) clients.
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5:37 AM
Hi guys
can anybody help me with this linq query:
Q: Getting wrong output with linq join query

LearningI have this data:Users UserId Name 42 Abc 43 Pqr 44 lmn 45 xyz Mappings: MappingId User1 User2 1 42 43 2 42 44 3 43 44 I want to get all user that is user2 which is not in user 1 and so the output will be below consider...

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8:36 AM
Goooooooood morning guys :)
8:49 AM
i want to do something like this
string item = @"checkin.Contains(""Microsoft"")";
public static void Dynamic(string item)
string checkin = "This is Microsoft";

any possible way ?
What do you mean by "something like this" ?
strng item = ...Contains() cant work. Contains() returns a boolean.
i mean, i want to dynamically pass the condition
Ah wait.
I havnt seen dynamic.
Dont know about it, sorry.
Wait. Its just a method.
Lol my bad.
If I understand right: If checkin contains "Microsoft" you want to pass what?
8:56 AM
i want to pass the condition in the form of a string and the if evaluates that
But you cant pass a condition. You can pass the result of a condition, called boolean.
bool item = checkin.Contains("Microsoft").ToString();

public static void Dynamic(bool item)...
Then you can do if(item)
what if i have multiple conditions like checkin.Contains("Microsoft") && checkin.Contains("this"
Its just like you've written it. bool isBothTrue = something.Contains("a Word") && somethingElse.Contains("another Word")
bool twoConditions = text1.Contains("foo") && text2.Contains("bar");

public void Func1(bool areBothConditionsTrue)

bool cond1 = text1.Contains("foo");
bool cond2 = text2.Contains("bar");
Func2(cond1, cond2);

public void Func2(bool isFirstTrue, bool isSecondTrue)
    if(isFirstTrue && isSecondTrue) ...
Both ways are legit.
Beginner in programming?
@Learning good morning btw.
9:16 AM
@C4ud3x:good morning sir
@user2511798 yeah, as a string won't work, but what you're talking about is called a delegate
Func<TArgument, TResult> is called an anonymous delegate. You can create one of those representing the condition to apply and pass that
Func<string, bool> condition = item => item.Contains("Microsoft");
When I grow uuup, I want to be a foresterr, run through the moss on high heeeels. That's what I'll dooo. Throwing out a boomerang, waiting for it to come back to meeee
gud eve all
when i get response with chunked type of transfer-encoding , i can't able to read the response format.. System.IO.StreamReader Reader = new StreamReader(req.GetResponse().GetResponseStream());
var results = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(Reader.ReadToEnd());
9:32 AM
Coding in wpf since yesterday. Its awesome.
@Dinesh_Dini is the stream also compressed?
What happens instead of what you're expecting?
Also, you know for sure the content is UTF-8?
yes the content is UTF-8 but reader.readToEnd() returns null string ..
Content-Type →application/json; charset=UTF-8
Date →Sat, 30 Apr 2016 06:46:40 GMT
Transfer-Encoding →chunked
Null, now that's kind of weird.
9:44 AM
this is what i'm getting response from restclient along with data,but i can't read the data in c#
When you say 'this' - do you mean the text you just posted or were you going to show the message body as well?
just posted above..
So is there a response body? If that's everything you're getting, the problem is right there - there's no data
"TOKEN": "123",
"SNDR": "dsddC",
"RCVR": "Esdss",
"MGTM": "2016-04-30T06:46:40.206",
"VEID": "100",
this is response data...
That doesn't look chunked to me
9:55 AM
but the tag recieved as transfer-encoding=chunked..
I've only looked at it once before though, maybe I'm not understanding something. Anyone else here ever used it?
@RoelvanUden you were doing a gzip stream thing over HTTP once, I think? That's chunked, right?
Perhaps it's just a quirk of the webserver. Your client should just wait until the entire payload is received before trying to do anything with it, typically. Right?
unless you're specifically consuming a stream
> The data transfer is terminated by a final chunk of length zero.
this is entire code looks like HttpWebRequest req = WebRequest.Create(URL) as HttpWebRequest;
req.ProtocolVersion = Version.Parse("1.1");

req.Method = dbresources.dbresouces.Method;
req.ContentType = "application/json;charset=UTF-8"
req.KeepAlive = false;
req.Accept = "application/json; charset=UTF-8";

byte[] r1;
string jsonString = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(ediconstant, Newtonsoft.Json.Formatting.Indented);
r1 = GetBytes(jsonString);
while using the URL in rest-client app.. it gives response and works like charm.. but i'm not able to receive in c# above code
which rest client?
google restclient & mozilla
10:09 AM
Unless it's automatically unpacking chunks and showing you the decoded response, I'm leaning toward the webserver lying, the response is not chunked, if it actually looks like that
10:22 AM
Dreadnought is hard :(
@TomW any solution? regarding how to receive the response data ..
@Dinesh_Dini I don't know, sorry
10:42 AM
@Dinesh_Dini this sounds like something that should be handled invisibly by the HTTP client. I guess this endpoint isn't publically available for us to replicate the problem...?
10:52 AM
@TomW Not by default.
@Squiggle the URL was set as confidential,may i know what type of details you want?
Just any url that transmits chunked messages
it's difficult to solve an issue when you can't replicate it

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