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@TravisJ @JohanLarsson CONSULTING IS SCARY
that's not specifically what I'm confused about. Essentially it's the last bit of code that I'm trying to replicate. After picking your successors and assigning costs to each of them, it says to search through the open nodes again and find nodes with a lower cost at the same position which doesn't make sense to me since no nodes share a position?
@Pheonixblade9 how why?
@Pheonixblade9 Why is that?
oh it's just that it's my 4th day and I'm basically expected to know everything already.
but I have a lot of support, I'm more joking than anything
it's scary in a good way - it's challenging me
sounds grejt
12:03 AM
@bug56 better explanation here
basically each square's cost will be calculated numerous times
as seen in that gif
I get that theory
but you see the last bit of code in my original link?
right, she/he couldn't obviously did a better job explaining or whatever you want to call it
it is rather confusing
yeah I mean I get all of it up to the point where he's talking about skipping nodes
he's saying to find nodes of a lower value at the same position, which is odd
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i got it now muwahaha
after your first iteration you'll end up with 8 successors on your OPEN list
and your starting point on your closed list
then you pop off the lowest cost successor
and get 8 more successors...
while doing that, you still have other successors on the open list from the last iteration, and they will have the same position as the current nodes successors
@bug56 make sense?
@NETscape I think so - I just came back because I came to the same conclusion
I think by "position" he means tier - like every 8 successors are on the same tier, so just continue along the least costly part of the tier
I feel dumb now
position was a terrible term to use lol
well it is position
any one want to offer there take on what problem/design angular.js solves
the position is relative to the map
but the 8 nodes (the ones surrounding the initial node) are scattered in every direction. By definition they have different "positions"
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@juanvan Its a pretty expansive MVVM library for the web
not to argue semantics or anything
so it solves the "direct UI manipulation sucks" problem
Lol that is more what I was wondering
so data binding via controllers -
@juanvan also the templates system is very nice
so successor 3 lets say is at x = 4 y = 0, but successor 1 costs less to go to, so you go to successor 1. successor 3 is still on the open list. now when creating next 8 successors, while at the node (which represents successor1)... you will end up creating a node with x = 4, y = 0
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ya it just seems like moving logic to the view - well atm just did an intro video on code school
@juanvan I'm still fairly new to Angular but I love the crap out of it, it's sooo useful.
and that's already on the open list, so then you ask, if the current successors @ x=4 y=0 costs more to travel to than whats on the open list already, you don't want to save the current successor
Shaping up with Angular course?
I get it
thank you
@bug56 they have different positions all relative to one another, but not relative to the mapping as a whole
(not a fan of angular)
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ya shaping up - or learning a jingle like the song that never ends
I am the only one though apparently.
@TravisJ do you have another framework you prefer?
just plain old js
not even jquery?
little bit of jquery
12:37 AM
@bug56 I think I might have to implement that for fun as well :)
@NETscape might as well haha
are you doing it in C#?
I am
I guess it is just for the flash
@bug56 I'm not going to look yet, but it looks like there are projects you could check your work against :) github.com/…
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@Travisj honestly I did plain js for like 3 years and it worked fine for me but then I started looking into jquery and angular and if you're working on something that's a lot bigger in scale it can save a lot of frustration
@bug56 - What kind of frustration?
stuff you want to have already built in like when I was working on some ecommerce stuff I implemented my own quick and dirty system to bind inputs directly to the db but ultimately I would have saved a lot of time and typing if I'd just left it to a framework
one thing I dislike about angular is how weird it is about scope
binding to the db is as simple as name=bound
That is more of an html feature than js
well no, there's also sanitizing, checking data types, updating multiple things based on one change etc
That is all server side.
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not something you can do with a catch-all attribute
Sure there is some checking (jquery validate supports that)
But you can't really trust client side validation.
that's why I'd validate on both ends
Why would this selector: .myGrid tbody tr be overriding actual "class" strings on the tr element itself?
seems like the "class" def should win
@BradleyDotNET - inline definitions take precendence
right, thats my understanding
12:44 AM
but honestly it's just one example. Ultimately using a framework means less coding, which means less overhead and time for a big project
With MVC it is ridiculously easy to allow the back end to define the front end validation rules.
so isn't the second one inline?
@TravisJ And that is what I thought
for example, it has class="offline"
shoudn't that take precedence?
tr class = "offline" versus .myGrid tbody tr ?
12:45 AM
I think you need to read about specificity.
thats quite possible
I do know that "most specific" wins
So reading that (which matches up with my existing knowledge), is .myGrid tbody tr not a type selector?
so my class should then win?
Well it starts off with a class, so it may be a slight corner case
12:50 AM
I see
well, adding the specifics before this class is getting me closer at least
I believe that each part adds to the value
So your class modifier .myGrid adds some weight, then tbody adds weight, then tr adds weight. So you have class + type * 2. On the element, it has class, and from that standpoint it is a little more clear which has more specificity.
I think this article may explain it better smashingmagazine.com/2007/07/27/…
lol paste fail
Well this is annoying then. My cool alternate row selector is beating out my "class override"
Any hints on good ways around it?
.myGrid .offline
works on the normal rows
but of corse the nth:child selector is more specific. So it doesn't work on those :(
I could go the !important route, but supposedly thats bad
plus I need the hover effect to override this
And now I remember why I hate web development
lol that was a short path to hell
.myGrid tbody tr:nth-child(2n + 1)
anyway I could add "offline" to that to make it more specific when I add that class to the tr?
I've tried: .myGrid .offline tbody tr:nth-child(2n + 1)
and .myGrid tbody tr:nth-child(2n + 1) .offline
but neither seemed to even match
Not good, its bad enough that I might have to ask an SO question :(
Q: How to match a class selector over an n-th child selector

BradleyDotNETI have a standard table element, with the rows dynamically generated by Angular. The page looks like this: <table class="myDataGrid"> <thead> <tr> <th>In Service</th> .... </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr ng-repeat="item in data" ng-class="{'...

if anyone happens to know a way to do it
1:28 AM
Apparently, that space before .offline was killing it :(
at least someone set me straight!
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posted on January 30, 2015 by Scott Hanselman

Within a single week two different friends of mine called me to talk about their job satisfaction. One didn't like the project they were working on and felt that when they were pitched the job they were sold one job but ended up doing another. The other friend felt like review time each year was a Musical Chairs-type parade of employees and they were left wondering "Will I be picked ag

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Hey @BradleyDotNET
if you're around I'll ask a question
5:03 AM
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If C# was a person would he be able to C#
Oldest one in the book :P
lol. Would you believe me if i said i just thought of it while i was walking back home from the shops?
Well, the original one is slightly different: Why do Java programmers wear glasses?
Beucase they don't see sharp
heh! guess mine's original then :P
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7:21 AM
@F4z thumbs up
7:31 AM
Hey guys what is the best place which both users and windows services both can access in windows
8:13 AM
You mean like a folder?
8:24 AM
any idea what kind of project is wisely to make as C# Beginner?
not like Hello World beginner but somewhat further as that
That depends on what you want to learn.
I want to learn the basics of C#
When I got a good knowledge of the language I want to start Windows Phone Apps, but for now, simple desktop applications will do.
You have no goal you're working towards to be able to build?
Ah, then, you are better served with learning WPF.
The concepts of MVVM and data binding.
hmm what about desktop applications first?\
WPF is for desktop applications, but it feels rather similar to Windows Phone.
8:29 AM
ah its with Xaml and stuff?
If you understand WPF, Phone is easy. And vice versa, to be honest. There just are more tutorials on WPF :-)
Yep. That's the one.
but isn't that for browsers?
No, that's Silverlight. It was deprecated, but also used XAML and similar concepts.
ahh I see:)
So you suggest me to take a look into WPF first,
is it very difficult?
I am experienced in html css javascript and php
completly new to .NET or any other object oriented programming
Yeah, begin on the beginner courses on WPF. It will be mind boggling for a bit, if you have no experience with data binding patterns (e.g. AngularJS or KnockoutJS), but once you grasp it a new world opens :-D
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