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2:05 AM
Anybody there?
2:28 AM
There are always people... watching...
usually someone around pending 2am
4 hours later…
6:07 AM
Does anyone know how to get all cache in asp.net 5
It can get by key but how to get all?
7:16 AM
Morning all
7:29 AM
why wasn't List.ForEach marked obsolete when they realized what a terrible mistake it was?
Because nobody cleans up any kind of shit in .NET world.
I wrote a tool that scans a directory for web.config/*.exe.config files and aggregates all connection strings that it can find
then lets you set user IDs/passwords and save
should I put it on github or does nobody care?
7:43 AM
yo bro
nice tool
yeah sounds like handy tool
means you can dump svn to local then scan it
8:32 AM
good morning
@ntohl is it? is it really?!
yes, well. probably. yes.
9:05 AM
@RoelvanUden eh? ... soz busy day yesterday ... @Mathematics did you get your problem solved?
You have no obligation to help people.
9:24 AM
Yeh i know it's just i like to try and bring some occasional c# related chat to this room lol
@MichaelMao You can check out the sources for MemoryCache here: github.com/aspnet/Caching/blob/dev/src/…
@Darth_Wardy lol
@MichaelMao What exactly is your use case here? Writing a tool to help monitor the memory cache?
I would be suprised if you run this in debug and 1 of the Visual Studio libraries doesnt show this
vs windows
Looking at different ways to implement batching
9:32 AM
Doesn't feel right to just call the individual action in a loop from the client (thousands of API calls) ... thinking I want to build a collection then send that to the API so it can wrap the calls in a single transaction
^ The moment C# is dead to me.
@RoelvanUden that's ugly man
@Darth_Wardy it's ok, nope but I don't need to solve it anymore - find an alternative for now
9:40 AM
I am working on something more stupid now though
More stupid than OData? ...
not webforms stupid? .. how bad is it?
well OData is partner in crime....
j*** stupid?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan In my old project there is a page can see all cache and can delete it
I am changing OData Query Builder to display flat tables instead of hierarchical, it works for 2 tables now, but my logic gives up for 3rd join
going to create a SO post
9:42 AM
@Darth_Wardy Why? Because it doesn't allow null?
@RoelvanUden na it just reads ugly, I think it's the js'ness of it
like I give a shit, thats just style you get used to.
lol fair enough
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan private readonly Dictionary<object, CacheEntry> _entries; I think it is the problem. If it is not private maybe I can access it
Look at IMemoryCache. It's a very thin interface. Most of the functions you use, like Get, are extension methods.
You can write an extension of your own which uses reflection to access the internal dictionary, but you'll have to be careful - the default MemoryCache implementation might be replaced with another one, or newer RCs might change the internal implementation.
But with the given state, I don't think there's a way except reflection.
9:48 AM
Have they removed null from C# yet?
Oh! reflection! I did not use this before. I can try it. Thank you
@Sippy No, hence TS > C# at this point IMHO
Fuck nulls.
this is fucking awesome
@MichaelMao I also answered your SO question.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Maybe I can write one and put it on SO cause my question has one upvote maybe someone need it
9:52 AM
@MichaelMao It can definitely be useful. Publish it on github or somewhere.
Man I feel sick
Need more sleep
holy shit
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan OK. I will try that this is my first time do thae :D
got told by a junior this morning ... SRP is not worth following because "its a lot of work" creating new classes to separate sets of methods.
@Darth_Wardy mm yeah. that sounds reasonable.
What was your response?
9:59 AM
@scheien I pointed out that a whole business process implementation in Program.cs where the bulk of the code was in Main was not exactly ideal and asked him to define a set of unit tests for the functional parts of the process.
his response was simply "well I can create some input data and check the output"
manual test, best there is.
I was like ... but that simply tells you "something is wrong in that app" rather than "something is wrong is these particular parts of that app"
and he still didnt get your point?
10:01 AM
Then he tried the whole "but it's time I don't have ... deadlines en all"
That's a classic.
I was like ... "i'm adding a backlog item to the sprint as your top priority, you now have the time"
Q: remove concrete dependency of two classes and access dependent objects of public constructor

stylishCoderI am usnig windsor to remove my dependency i have implimnetd below code but i am not able to access the MEthod name "test" of class "Foo"..what is the wrong thing i am doing below please let me know thanks. Code public interface IFoo { } public class Foo : IFoo {...

then all i got was ... but, but, but ... oh ok
That's usually the response when one reach the end of the list of excuses.
10:08 AM
@Sippy If you need more sleep, play less overwatch ;)
Not an option
Certainly is an option, just not a fun one
If the junior doesn't understand, make the junior understand @wardy @scheien
He a junior he don't know better
He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior He a junior
Sippy is a fake Brit confirmed
Hmm I've got a logic error and for the life of me I cannot figure it out
10:14 AM
I done did that on purpose
List<Pokemon> Pokeman = new List<Pokemon>();

        private void btnVechtT1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            string naam = "";
            bool duplicate = false;
            for (int i = 0; i <= 6; i++)
                naam = "Pokeman" + i;
                Pokeman.Add(new Pokemon() { Name = naam });

                if(lbTrainer1.Items.OfType<Pokemon>().Any(x => x.Name == Name))
                    duplicate = true;
doesn't display ANYTHING
List<Pokemon> Pokeman = new List<Pokemon>();

        private void btnVechtT1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            string naam = "";
            bool duplicate = false;
            for (int i = 0; i <= 6; i++)
                naam = "Pokeman" + i;
                Pokeman.Add(new Pokemon() { Name = naam });

                if(lbTrainer1.Items.OfType<Pokemon>().Any(x => x.Name == Name))
                    duplicate = false;
Displays it but doesn't do what I want (not write it again when it is duplicate)
For some reason I have the urge to go spam every question on Main frontpage with a "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" comment.
I wonder if SO has an API for that
yeah well juniors are just that so help....if that's your job...or throw to the wilds..... as long as he doesnt leave and you have pile of horseS**t to fix
@stylishCoder hopefully my answer covers it ... it's quite a vague question though
10:21 AM
Can someone please explain to me
why resharper has an option to install dotmemory
in a context menu
in visual studio
@Sippy yeh "make" or "explain why" ... i'd rather go with the latter so he is onboard and I don't have to keep correcting him, at least if he knows why he can better understand how to avoid the problems it creates going forward
Or you can sack him for refusing to be assimilated
@Sippy does it make an API call to downloadram.com or something?
I don't know or care what it does
I wanna know why the hell it's in my right click menu in solution explorer
That's the dumbest place I can think to have it
Resharper sounded like magic to me before I started using it
Now I realise it's fantastic in theory and woeful in practice
@Sippy he's not refusing as such ... bit annoyed by me constantly correcting his work perhaps but that's expected i suppose
10:23 AM
@Darth_Wardy Then his perspective is wrong
You're better than he is whether he likes that or not
Opportunity to learn etc
I'd have killed to have a senior babysitter when I started lol
Anyone who'd rather ignore SRP and write 10,000 line classes filled with random shit would raise a red flag to me
Single Responsibility Principle. S in SOLID.
Oddly SOLID isn't something I have committed to memory
Hopefully I follow all the shit it means though
never heared about SOLID, but 'single responsibility' is kind of the basis of object oriented programming
10:29 AM
yeah solid is good
Yeah I follow SOLID
remember I was bitching about having to do stupid config file manip?
Still working on it.
What are the chances ey.
although if you only write some small helper project for a specific thing it's 'okay' to just write the functionality without following a paradigm or something.
10:31 AM
Not sure what Dependency Inversion Principle actually means
Might not follow that one
@Sippy same thing as inversion of control I think
@Sippy yeh SOLID is definitely like some sort of reasonably golden bullet if you want high level general rules of thumb in programming
seems to apply in prety much all OOP situations
I've always known of SOLID
Just never committed its meaning to memory haha
I just don't code like an idiot
Well shit I don't code at all at the moment
@Sippy well like logger method you pass in the interface type
10:32 AM
So you can use anything that implements the interface
IDatabase i = new Customer(new EmailLogger());
class Customer : IDiscount, IDatabase
private Ilogger obj;
public Customer(ILogger i)
obj = i;
That code looks like you have a confused notion of variable names lol
@Sippy Yeah, it's not as if I have a SOLID checklist, but I find that all its principles have been drilled into me by experience.
We have opened the constructor mouth and we expect someone else to pass the object rather than the customer class doing it. So now it’s the responsibility of the client who is consuming the customer object to decide which Logger class to inject.
So now the client will inject the Logger object and the customer object is now free from those IF condition which decide which logger class to inject. This is the Last principle in SOLID Dependency Inversion principle.

Customer class has delegated the dependent object creation to client consuming it thus making the customer class concentrate on his work.
10:34 AM
Nice, thanks :D
@Sippy But i stands for "interface"! It makes sense!
Understanding “D”- Dependency inversion principle
@Ggalla1779 'if a method takes a parameter it either needs to specify the exact type or be able to operate with whatever is coming down the pipe'
10:36 AM
Did @Ggalla1779 just give me the D?
@Sippy and you loved it
or specify an interface ...ILogger
I did
@Sippy don't lie now
maybe I should have started with that
in solid
it was the last D
10:40 AM
@Sippy read this ...
In object-oriented programming, the dependency inversion principle refers to a specific form of decoupling software modules. When following this principle, the conventional dependency relationships established from high-level, policy-setting modules to low-level, dependency modules are reversed, thus rendering high-level modules independent of the low-level module implementation details. The principle states: A. High-level modules should not depend on low-level modules. Both should depend on abstractions. B. Abstractions should not depend on details. Details should depend on abstractions. The...
Can never understand that shit without seeing code
sometimes people understand code samples better....I know I do
^ what @Sippy said
It's about understanding the connections between abstractions
and how to bolt modules that work together / depend on each other together
its basically the bit of solid that says "use a good IoC container properly"
FOR FUCKS SAKE why won't this project debug
10:43 AM
@Sippy have you set it to Release instead of Debug?
It's in debug mode, whilst debugging, optimisations turned off, debug constant is on
Just dont fall into the whole no-interfaces-because-too-much-work thing
It keeps compiling to release even though it shouldn't
I hate VS so much rn
@Sippy have you checked the build configuration?
sippy reboot
sometimes it loses the plot
10:44 AM
I'm 2 stories up
@Sippy where you select Any CPU/x86 you can click on configuration
Might just launch PC out of window
Seems like good solution
@SteffenWinkler I do know how VS works :P
or try turning it off then back on
check if the configuration column is set to 'debug' on every project
oh also check where the starting project pulls it's references from
also how do you know it compiles to release? Does it just throw the files into the release directory? That doesn't mean much.
bye every one
10:57 AM
@scheien I've actually set a coding standard that SOLID must be adhered to (within reason unless fully justified) in our code and I enforce it in code reviews.
sometimes though juniors don't like me telling them to make more classes / break it down and make it readable
I like that.
we also had at my last job a coding standard that was "within reason all methods should be able to fit on the screen"
that meant a max general method size of 30 lines or less
I'm fighting my own battles. It's tough
generally speaking, this is possible but there are a few places where it isn't
its not a hard and fast rule
@scheien battles huh? ... with coding standards?
yep, with coding standards and principles
I see the same kind of resistance
and have heard the "too much work, too close to deadline" and whatnot like 3 billion times
11:01 AM
I just create backlog items and throw them straight in the current sprint
and I'm the one who have to maintain that crap, and refactor it into something usable and readable.
when we sprint plan now we basically only plan for 50% of the sprint time
because of this kind of crap
We're "agile".
"overhead because of devs creating technical debt"
when I say "sprint" in our case we appear to be completely agile and in a single sprint based on a kanban board only atm
the CTO wants to do sprints but realistically we can't until we are all on the same page and estimation is possible
I estimate most the works dev effort and our head tester estimates the testing effort
but essentially everything is just project level priorities and we do whatever tickets need to be done to get a project delivered
good morning, they forgot to put creamcheese into fridge, now we get only bagel and butter :(
11:04 AM
with "ideal deadlines"
@tweray What? No donut?
@scheien donut is pretty random, and sometimes you only see empty box if you're late
@Darth_Wardy We're into the "release when done" mentality.
@Darth_Wardy should be 4 lines
@ntohl including the method signature?
11:09 AM
no. That's the body
@scheien yeh we are atm
one function should do 1 thing and 1 thing only
@ntohl thats a general rule for MAX number of lines in a method
for example every try catch's body should be in another function
atm? can i withdrawal on you guys?
11:10 AM
@Darth_Wardy Yeah. I talk about the MAX also
but yeh ... excluding try catch too
check Uncle Bob's series
@tweray You just withdrew 1 donut.
that's generally a scoping issue and we tend to try catch at the controller level mostly
so the logic is just the logic
@ntohl sure, but common sense do also apply.
11:12 AM
I had to program a simple solver when I applied to this job, that I'm working at now. I did 4 lines rule, and it's feasable.
The trick is to know when to deviate from the general rules.
if you try catch at controller level anyways, why don't just have global handler
I only did more than 4 lines of code in test code, when filling the expected data
@tweray: like the UnhandledException() in global.asax?
Isn't that a bit late?
@ntohl yeh it is in many cases but I have found situations where that's just simply overkill
11:14 AM
@scheien no, in MVC you can have global filter
if you only try catch in controller, it's too late anyways
@tweray I do, the try catch in the controllers is to catch business logic issues, the global handler catch applications / infrastructure level issues
@scheien I use owin for my app initialisation code but yeh ... generally speaking that way too late for business logic caching
how do you specify the charset in HTML emails?
in head i think
@StevenLiekens put it in the html header like you do in a web page
meta tag in <head>
11:16 AM
html4 or html5?
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta charset="utf-8" />
that's html5
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1">
^ html4
Hey guys.
Is anyone here experienced with visitor pattern?
11:18 AM
I may have visited the visitor pattern.
There is a main-object (for example employees) and there are visitors which are visiting this object. Which of them is holding my values after the visit? The visitor or the object?
Im a bit confused.
you know, learning a pattern thru description context is always hard
just read the sample code
@tweray oh Im far behind that.
Im reading it since 3 days.
11:21 AM
"visitor" pattern is an incredibly stupid name tbh
I have a full own code written.
Now my values are "null".
Read the sample lol. Kind of guy whos answering "check the documentation" on every question.
I dont get the sample.
it gives you some more context
you will understand the pattern better once you understand the problem it solves
i think the sample on wiki is pretty straightforward: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visitor_pattern#C.23_Example
@C4ud3x The visitor pattern is really quite simple. Imagine you have a church, and there are many people in the church (Rare, I know). Each person is registered as a visitor at the church. Since the church needs donations, a donation box is passed around. Each person in the church gets a chance to act on the donation box (That is, he gets a Visit(object item) call where item is the DonationBox). The person can act on it, or not, depending on his generosity.
Now the church might want to pass around something else, too, say a candle. Each person can act upon that said candle. I don't know what they can do with it, perhaps extinguish or light it. Either way, each person gets a chance to act on it. That's the visitor pattern, really.
Well yeah that makes sense. My view on this wasnt very wrong then. But that should also answer my question.
The visit itself is just an action. The values are maybe changed, but still accessible through my main-object which would be the donation box or the candle.
Right in that second my code is working (why ever).
Thanks for clearing that out :)
11:34 AM
The main object wouldn't be the donation box, it would be the church.
Oh yeah for sure.
But the main object, that is the church, would hand out an object it contains (the donation box) to people (the visitors).
No problem! :)
Yeah right. Thats in fact what I've coded for myself in here.
Not the church lol, but that kind of objects.
Visitor pattern usage is rare though. You rarely ever really need it.
This is the first time in i guess 8 years.
11:36 AM
what is a good tool to automate image hotspoting
I can't recall myself ever having implemented Visitor pattern.
@juanvan what is "image hotspoting"?
@RoelvanUden That's a great explaination.
No need to inform me about that ^^. Im very sure this will be the first and only time I've used it.
clickable links on an image
11:37 AM
image maps, oh god
ya that is what I say
@juanvan how does automation come in to this?
don't know - but its a pita to do 20k images
so figure has to be some kind of automation
Do they all have the same map, or different?
11:39 AM
@scheien Thanks :3
@RoelvanUden Most implementations of Visitor I've seen were by people who were fresh out of Design Pattern training and wanted to use it, regardless of simpler alternatives.
To paraphrase: "You have a problem. You decide to use the Visitor pattern to solve it. Now you don't really know how many problems you have".
but... but it's a lot of fun
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan In my case it was a problem I couldnt imagine how to solve. Thats why I asked a mate if there's a pattern. Visitor pattern was the answer.
@C4ud3x can you explain what exactly is the problem if you want/can? just curious what type of problem may need that pattern
Give me a minute.
11:47 AM
I have an example, where I should use it
but ended up not in visitor pattern
1 sec. I will tell the story
Gather 'round children, y'ol gran' papa @ntohl is goin' to tell ya stories!
once upon a while
or once upon a DateTime
once upon a TimeSpan
Grandad's slurring his syntax
Has he been drinking again
wait wait. My children. Where are my glasses. I have to find my Context
11:52 AM
am not telling stories!!
Imagine there is a documentation every employee has to fill out for his work. But there are a lot of different workers with different to-do's. The basics of the documentation will stay the same (quality, how much done, how long taken, used the phone? and so on). *BUT* how this points are defined is different for workers.

In real, I've got about 20 different processes that should end up in the same documentation. When starting, the worker is picking up what his work is about. Then he'll get a form that fits his job.
A bit longer >.<
@tweray Just to tell: The process-tree is having up to 3 subtrees (differences for the same job)
there a way to hide content from a source of a page? but still show the text on screen, or could it be some javascript clear after the display function? like a garbage collector
Hide content from source of a page? No.
Hide content from the initial source of a page? Sure.
(Because it's not there yet)
What exactly is your goal?
**Short explained**:
=> Worker picks department, skill, company...
=> ControlVisitor -> main-object (documentation) // picks necessary controls
=> worker fills out until everything is done and clicks "Done"
=> OutputVisitor -> main-object // every control (userControl) is deciding how the output looks like for itself. So the outputVisitor is just collecting (string) the output from each control and returns it as a single big always-the-same-looking documentation.
This way, I dont have to care about what kind of controls are shown once I finished setting up the structure. Its always about "Output". :)
Does this sound as a good use for you guys?
not sure if i completely get the point, but sounds like some decorator target
it's all about if one of your process need to overlay some result above previous processes
if yes, i think decorator is better, if no, i think visitor is good
12:08 PM
Observer is also possible, but I'm not sure
btw the story telling will be cancelled for tonight. I have lost the code
@RoelvanUden am looking at a site for some information - seems to be in some javascript figuring it out
Oh, then you either figure out how the page asynchronously gets the information and replicate that behavior, or just scrape it using an actual web browser (e.g. load the page in phantomjs and wait for it to be 'ready'/'loaded' and fetch the source then).
@tweray The workers are documenting incidents in different departments. So he tracks multiple incidents on his workday. Dont know what you mean by overlay. Wich each incident, the process is restarted. Every final output of a documentation gets saved. So there is no overlay between documentations.
was looking more for structure then content - found it
Each userControl is using the same interface to stay on the need having "string Output". The OutputVisitor is therefore taking away a lot of work as my documentation is holding all controls for that documentation.
12:19 PM
Weird... Can calling a method inside string.Format cause issues?
deja vu
@JakobMillah if You forget the ()'s than it will accept the Func<> as object
and try to write the void' thing
lblInformation.Text = string.Format(
                    Translate("Order {0} has been registered and an order confirmation has been sent to your email address!"),
                    string.Join(", ", orderNumbers));
That caused a problem. So I had to add the translate to a variable
@C4ud3x sounds like you need to just to try it.... you will prob fail first time but gain insight into what may work in v2
The problem was; No translation were made
12:25 PM
@JakobMillah did You want to translate the orderNumbers items too? Or nothing got translated?
    @ntohl Only that text. It didn't get translated. But writing:

                    var translationString = Translate("Order {0} has been registered and an orderconfirmation has been sent to your email address!");
                    lblInformation.Text = string.Format(
                        string.Join(", ", orderNumbers));

Don't mind the orderNumbers. That's irrelevant
Hello all , I am getting this error while requesting the data from different domain --> No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.
@JakobMillah ok. That's odd
Can anyone please help me. I have added the property in response from server side. Respone.AddHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Origin", "*"); But I am getting the same error.
How can I use a control under the context of an interface?
My control was declared with an interface. In code (at this point) its only accessed as a "control" which makes my methods (from the interface) not accessible.
12:33 PM
ok. Visitor story>
- I had to parse an XML, which was versioned and typed. in a format of int key xml value. Like > {1: "value", 2: {11: "yolo inner structure first item"}} The problem was that in 1.5 version _2_ was a valid tag, but in 1.3 it was not valid. The definition guide of the xml only described the delta from version 1.2 to 1.3. So You had to parse through all the versions with different set of dictionary.
-the solution I had first parsed the version info, and instanced a 1.3VersionBuilder and included all the dictionary, that was in the delta from 1.2 to 1.3 like
private readonly Dictionary<int, string> _executionXmlTagMapping = new Dictionary<int, string>
{ 8, "FixInterfaceVersion" },
{ 37, "OrderID" }, // OrderId is required to be unique for each chain of orders.
inner yolo structures were 1 level deep maximum, so they had 1 - 1 relations to some _... Mapping dictionary
they were parsed after each other
Ahoy there
after the parsing the rest of the unparsed key value pairs went to 1.2VersionBuilder
interface IExtend
    string Output();

partial class MyControl : Usercontrol, IExtend

/ ...

List<Control> myControls = ...{ myControl1 } // wrong type used?

myControls[0].Output() // not available.
all way down to 1.0

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