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2:00 PM
@Squiggle wow nice. i'd like to study this someday, but bdd a very new thing where i live :(
well, is jasmine bdd right? maybe i can begin with it
@JúlioMurta Jasmine is a javascript-based unit test runner. It's more like a tool for TDD.
if you talk about BDD, you'd typically be using a Gherkin-like notation for describing data, interaction and outcomes.
which is parsed/translated by code into steps that insert data into the database, interact with the UI and assert truths about the state of the system
thanks @Squiggle. do you know the book "bdd in action"? what do you think about? can you recommend another book/author?
@J├║lioMurta the specflow site has a lot of information
2:16 PM
@ton.yeung yeah, i'm Reading right now.
@JúlioMurta I don't know of this book. ^what @ton.yeung said - Specflow it's self is good for resources, and practical experience is what matters.
Anyone good with Kendo ui?
ok @Squiggle. thanks a lot :)
@Squiggle i wonder who this is replying to ..
Apparently I was gonna ask you something but I forgot :)
2:31 PM
@Sippy the answer would have been sarcastic anyway.
You guys are still flaming TFS?
we're always flaming TFS
2:34 PM
lol ok
@Obviously, what are you using kendo ui for?
I had to flame TFS earlier for auto-merging yet more code out of existence.
lol what? ^
"Oh this code was committed in a changeset higher than yours? That must mean you don't want it."
oh that sucks
It does it a lot lol
2:36 PM
i usually manually merge
automerge is flakey
I've never had code merged out of existence - it always highlights conflicts to me
and VS's merge tool is pretty good
I don't use automerge but I like to remind myself how retarded it is.
For me it often merges newer code out of the file.
i'm using tfs since two weeks ago. before i was using git. at this moment, i didnt have problems (yet)
No idea why
2:37 PM
aye. Although isn't there a context-aware merge now that uses Roslyn?
We're still on 3.5 man I don't know these things.
but when you merge, shouldn't it tell you that you have a conflict?
I'll get back to you when we join you in this decade.
@KalaJ It should yeah.
@JúlioMurta you're really asking for it...
2:50 PM
responsive email templates wooooooookillmenow
That gives me an idea
I wanna see if there's any cool shit in LingsCars source.
@KalaJ I want to know how can i see my view model in the console when using kendo ui grid
@Obviously wpf?
asp .net mvc
browser's developer console
You want to see your viewmodel in the console?
what do you mean by that?
2:55 PM
console.log('@Model') ?
if you mean like @JúlioMurta, that should work.
but I think he means Console.WriteLine?
@Sippy hah! Why am I not surprised?
@Squiggle Hahahaha
2:57 PM
@CuddleBunny why do we care?
@CuddleBunnym lol cool
@ton.yeung could be cool
or disgusting.
@CuddleBunny oh i thought you were saying its cool
why disgusting?
I wouldn't write office add-ins, I would use it for web dev so it might be too bloated
I wanted to like WinJS, but I felt like it made me conform too much
3:03 PM
@CuddleBunny app.js?
@CuddleBunny are these for win8 apps?
WinJS is actually pretty sweet.
@ton.yeung yeah, you can use it for the JS Win8 apps or regular web apps
there are some pretty slick components and nice data binding features
how well does it work in an angular app?
!!google winjs angular
pretty well it looks
MS wrote the integration themselves
I don't know about adding yet another UI lib though
everything MS has release lately has pretty tight Angular/Knockout integration
@CuddleBunny jeeze they should just give up on knockout already
its going the way of silverlight
I think knockout has a few strengths
I'd much rather use that than React
but I like Kendo-UI/Angular most
@CuddleBunny i won't use telerik unless i'm forced to
having to deal with their xxxforms controls was a nightmare
deprecated stuff every quarter
shitload of bloat
markup was crazy
customization was nonexistent
3:22 PM
I was wary of telerik because of those reasons
Yeah, they've gotten much better since then. Most of the webforms/mvc stuff is just wrapped around Kendo.
But I don't use any of their other products
sup y'all
@Pheonixblade9 I broke Umbraco :(
but I think it is just my workflow that broke it so I have a gameplan.
@CuddleBunny how so? I broke it a couple times
the caching stuff is... fragile
@RenderBody stopped rendering 2 of 4 default document types
none of which I ever changed the code for
and I still had the starter kit views in there
3:30 PM
I backup umbraco all the time because it seems so fragile
it is
though still the best cms from what I have seen
but I think I am missing files, I wanted to run it on free tier app services in Azure. If I install it from the marketplace, working from VS is harder. If I create it in VS getting everything to deploy to Azure is also hard.
but I think I'm just going to do more work from backoffice because it works better when it knows what I'm doing rather than files changing behind its back.
Doesnt a save trigger a recache
If you're working with the files directly it wouldnt do that
Thinking about templates and masterpages
3:45 PM
nevermind of umbraco, what are you using it for? @CuddleBunny
*neverheard I mean. I just watched the video. It seems pretty cool to use for a personal blog vs. wordpress
Hi Guys when inserting using link and ef.

If pass across an existing complex type inside my class (i.e. just set the ID of it)

its inserting a new instance of the subclass? do I need to explicitly load the instance based on the ID before the insert?
e.g. in this pastie
if I create a new DeviceType and set the ID to an existing tye id such as 3
when I pass to the api to insert it is creating a new DeviceType and not just hooking up the devicetype with an id of 3.
@user3545438 yes, you need to detach the original entity and reattach the new one, or just modify the original entity
if you're using identity inserts, you should get the original entity. If you're inserting with a natural key, just detach and reattach
@Pheonixblade9 thanks so API side I would need to lookup and attached the DeviceType form the db based on the ID?
@user3545438 you can do something like this:
using(DbContext ctx)
    var e = ctx.First(o => o.ID == myID);
    //change values in e
I think that should work
if your changes are setting new values for another class, you should use the navigation property (assuming a recent version of EF) to set the values and it should get hooked up automatically, though I'd have to test it to be sure
do you know what a navigation property is?
(though DeviceType looks like it might be an enum?)
4:03 PM
@Pheonixblade9 no that fine I thought so I just wondered if I could get it to hook up automatically somehow
it should hook up automatically if you use a navigation property
!!google entity framework navigation property
@Pheonixblade9 your right I did a get on the device it to a var
and then set it to device.devicetype = pulled device type
and this inserted a new one again?
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