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7:00 PM
@ReedCopsey I haven't got the exact details of that context down, but it's in a UI library so I haven't got much interest in using it. Besides, I wanted something like Task.Run but that would run a continuation on the same thread. :-)
I like when an English major lectures me about the importance of syntax.
This is so messed up :(
Wow I got an upvote on this answer
A: How can I find the last element in a List<> ?

Spencer RuportUse the Count property. The last index will be Count - 1. for (int cnt3 = 0 ; cnt3 < integerList.Count; cnt3++)

It only took six years haha
7:03 PM
i have a control that's becoming null at runtime, wtf, any ideas?
Are you trying to access it before InitializeComponent?
debug it?
Q: What is a NullReferenceException and how do I fix it?

John SaundersI have some code and when it executes, it throws a NullReferenceException, saying: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. What does this mean, and what can I do about it?

Why is ETW such a piece of fecal matter
or something
@KendallFrey nope, really strange, example:
    public BranchSiteEditorView()
        ValueTable.BackColor = Color.AntiqueWhite;
works fine
    public TableLayoutPanel ValueTable
            Console.WriteLine(this.valueTable == null);
            return valueTable;
            valueTable = value;
7:06 PM
Today's xkcd could be renamed: Why Linux is such a pain
when i try use that accessor from another class it returns null
@Steve let's run away to Siberia
and when that accessor is called this.valueTable == null is true
thats where putin hunts tigers with tooth picks, i dont want to go there
7:07 PM
sounds good
I just realized I have music playing
I'm so ragey I don't even realize what's happening around me
you're angry?
lets go fight isis
slaughter some terrorist ass
7:12 PM
I went to a trampoline park. I did well.
did you see isis there
Not unless the kids there were being recruited and they were doing obstacle course training or something.
@BradleyDotNET - Do you use angular? If so do you know much about value providers?
oh right you're learning angular... ahh.. i feel for you when 2.0 comes out
7:17 PM
@ton.yeung - Have you used a value provider? I'm curious if it's safe to do something like .controller("mycontroller", ["myValue", function(myValue) { myValue.NewProperty = "hello!"; }])
@SpencerRuport never used that
ah ok.
I'm not even sure if it would work yet. Suppose I should try that.
@ton.yeung I Was a Fan of Isis till those idiots stole her name ! :|
I do use angular
I haven't heard of value providers though
Value Recipe
and what I'm doing seems to work. Just not sure if it's supposed to work that way.
7:25 PM
anyway, Anyone know if i can Make a Database in my Website hosting .... and connect from WinForm to it ?! lol
@Pedram that's something you need to call techsupport for
@Pedram - Most likely not directly. You could probably write/find a web application that exposes some raw database actions though.
Your sample is similar to the docs
so I guess so
Of course that's considered to be pretty insecure.
7:28 PM
so it is possible but with some changes ? hmm , i made a program , it get List of Games from Steam Site from Json , BIG list , 16k AppID , then i can scan them all and get info also % of Discount , then i can show the result and sort them etc
but as u can guess ! it is not something easily and FAST done , its big list , so i don't want to give it to all my customers to check for themself each time , i want to put it on my server and check it like once an hour , then update a database , and the users just connect to database and get the newest info !
you guys got any better idea for me ? or any idea on whats best way i make an online database ?
@Pedram - Have you written a pure ajax driven web application before?
i am using MS TFS and i want to move a project in my solution to git. i know MS TFS support both . anyone done something similar?
7:33 PM
        private static string GetColumnValue(this IDataReader reader, string column)
            int ordinal = 0;
            var content = String.Empty;
            if(int.TryParse(reader.GetValue(reader.GetOrdinal(column)).ToString(), out ordinal))
                if (!reader.IsDBNull(ordinal))
                    return (content = reader.GetString(ordinal));

            return content;
Is that redundant, or a good extension method?
@Alundrathedreamwalker - !!google migrate tfs to git
@SpencerRuport no , this app i made is all C# , i did some small test on ASP.net Web App , but nothing more , then i did work on html / php / css too but they are all another matter
@SpencerRuport 10x
@Greg Off-hand, seems fine
@BradleyDotNET Basically get the ordinal value of a column through the name, then see if that ordinal is null, if not get the value otherwise return an empty string.
7:35 PM
the first search result is a winner : blogs.ancestry.com/techroots/…
@TravisJ huh maybe it's a resharper thing
or maybe VS2013? what VS do you have?
oh resharper is good ? i got a 1 year free coz of being student lol
I can't imagine life without resharper
7:39 PM
Ctrl+Shift+T is a R# thing
<- bought a R# license recently
well i got 1 year free amd 11 months left lets use it then
It's hard for me to articulate what features I like best since I sometimes don't notice them unless they're gone
@MikeAsdf - Can you name 1?
VS without ReSharper is like car without engine >_<
The most prominent one
7:44 PM
lool ok installing it now :P
btw guys , any idea on how to Search on a datagridview w'o a Datasource ? lol i add the data to it by NameOfMyGridView.Rows.Add(...) , i Googled and i figure a way is to copy the datasource to a bindingsource and then filter it ! then copy back ! while this not work for me coz my GridView Datasource is Null !
@RoelvanUden agreed
I find it to be a love hate relationship
Yeah, that. Sometimes you can strangle it.
But most of the times, it's lovely.
@RoelvanUden should i let the Resharper Add to my Visual Studio Shortcuts ?
WooW installed Resharper and Opened my Project , on right side it show me 112 Warrning :|
8:01 PM
@TravisJ "Inspect incoming calls": provides a nice tree of all the layers calling some code, helps greatly with finding possible impacted areas of a code change
VS2013 has some built-in find-usages functionality, but it's probably still cumbersome
lol all warnings are saying i need to have First name of my stuff Big and the Rest Small :D i got like lots of class with total of 112 item in each ( string or int or such ) and all their name is full lower case :P

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