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12:18 AM
@BradleyDotNET are you around Brad by any chance. It's Moday here in Oz but you should be still enjoying your weekend :)
seems you are... Sorry for interrupting... I'll ask what I have in mind tomorrow. Have a good one :)
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3:11 AM
whats up
4:05 AM
Hi guys! if anyones there I'd like your help
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5:39 AM
5:55 AM
good morning all :)
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7:19 AM
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9:20 AM
morning all
9:31 AM
As the earth rotates and different timezones enter their respective mornings, so does the room receive its progression of "good mornings" from around the globe.
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11:16 AM
thanks @PeterKiss
Anyone here worked on PCLs? How does one go about getting device information from a PCL?
11:29 AM
@RahulMathur What kind of device information?
11:56 AM
@RoelvanUden Operating system, screen resolution, device id, carrier info, etc
@RahulMathur You don't do that. Abstract it. PCL doesn't have that info at all, because it can run anywhere. OS might be possible, but screen resolution, device id, carrier etc don't necessarily have to be available.
i was hoping Environment class will have the OS version atleeast but it doesn't
@RoelvanUden thank you!
12:23 PM
i'm writing a custom filter in asp.net mvc
is it possible to get a list of other filters applied to the current Action Method being executed?
12:39 PM
hi everyone
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3:14 PM
someone can help me with Regex? I'm trying to find the word "$name" and replace for pName(), but I guess that the Regex isnt working because of the "$" infront of my "main word"

string pattern = String.Format(@"\b({0})\b", wordToFind);
string ret = Regex.Replace(original, pattern, replacement, RegexOptions.None);

Where worldToFind = "$name"
replacement = "pName()"
original = "message($name)"
Hello Jasper
Anyone can help me in binding of DP property ?
@Jasper What is your question?
hhmmm.. this is a strange situation - because everything is working but only once :(
3:17 PM
I have a custom user control that has a DP property
In my main window I use this control and bind DP property to my local window CLR property with TwoWay binding
Do you have INotifyPropertyChanged?
3:34 PM
this work on the very first time: I can see in DP 'PropertyChanged' callback function
next time I update my local CLR property and RisePropertyChanges on it but DP doesn't enter to 'PropertyChanged' callback :(
It seems that DP property does not 'see' that underlay collection changed and it should pull a new values
I defined TwoWay and UpdatePropertTrigger and all that jazz...
@Jasper Do you have INotifyPropertyChanged?
What is the type of the property?
Could it be that IEnumerable<> does not rise 'CollectionChanged' event ?
Is your issue with the property changing, or the collection changing?
3:39 PM
Property changing
I compltly replace the collection at runtime
Because you need INotifyCollectionChanged for the latter
Hmmm... So I should replace IEnumerable<> to ObseravbleCollection<> ?
Not if your problem is with the property
though it probably should be ObservableCollection regardless
So - could it be that CollectionChanged event will trigger all that binding to DP ?
If PropertyChanged isn't running, figure out why
3:42 PM
I mean - DP 'PropertyChanged' working only on very first time when DP pull the data for itself
next time when I switch collection it (DP) does not pull the 'new' data
Could it be because of collection - CollectionChanged event ?
I don't know
I can't read your mind or see your code
Less words, more code. Code is everything. Code is law.
Q: Failed to correctly exports wpf view to xps if the data is "too many"

Moses ApricoTHE PROBLEM So, I am building my application so it's view can be exported into and Xps document. The application is literally just an ItemsControl of a UserControl. It works fine until I add some more data to the ItemsControl, the exported file is just shows an "unfinished" loaded view. Thi...

anyone can help?
(+100 bounty)
Can anyone tell me how I can convert a string containing binary data to a stream?
Get the bytes from an encoding and wrap in a memory stream
3:49 PM
@Jonathan a string doesn't contain binary data, it contains text
this one does ^^
@Jonathan - you mean Base64 string ?
If you want to treat it as binary data, you have to use an encoder
nah I put a raw pdf in it...
with encoder ?
what does it mean 'put' ?
Serialize ?
3:51 PM
System.IO.StreamReader sr = new System.IO.StreamReader(resp.GetResponseStream());

result.Set("testie", sr.ReadToEnd().Trim());
@Jonathan Yeah, um, you don't want to do that
You want to read bytes from the stream directly
this is wrong way to read data from binary file
what does resp.
GetResponseStream() returns ?
stream of what ?
I guess binary
its an online pdf
no it's not
@Jonathan What are you trying to do?
3:53 PM
it's just binary data with specific format - it's not a text
What you've done so far is converted a stream into a string, and asked how to convert it back
That's very counterproductive
^ That. If you want binary, read it as binary in the first place.
@Jonathan What you've done is a full-blown XY problem
I understand how that sounds but for now I just need to convert it back and forth between modules like this
I can assure you it's not
@Jonathan Don't assure me, convince me
3:56 PM
I'm returning it as XML-node, must sound retarded but I have no choice in the matter
Then, like I said, use the encoder you used to read and decode the bytes again with that. The fact remains that is it indeed counterproductive.
(and dispose your readers :o)
@Jonathan You need to explain what you're actually doing, not just how you plan to do it
Otherwise, it's hard to help you
I know Kendall, thanks. But the problem is I'm c# noob and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing myself :)
Well, learn. Kendall is helping ya
It's a modification to an existing piece of software, I'll try to fix it for now with what you tole me thanks
3:58 PM
If you don't know what your requirements are, why are you trying to implement them?
I know the requirement
Well I don't
anyone ever dealing with XpsDocument? :)
@KendallFrey How's your MVC routing knowledge? Got a stupid problem stumping me for a few days.
4:07 PM
@MrDoom Shoot.
routes.MapRoute("JobService", "Job/Service/{serviceId}/{method}", New With {.controller = "Job", .action = "Service", .serviceId = 1, .method = UrlParameter.Optional})
Got that route
Got this action in a view:
@Url.Action("Service", "Job", New With {.serviceId = "1", .method = "stop"})
The resulting URL: GET /Job/Service/1?_=1416844997141 404 (Not Found)
Meanwhile, the intended controller:
Public Function Service(ByVal serviceId As String, ByVal method As String) As ActionResult
What is the New With and dots prefixed to literally everything?
Welcome to VB.
Jeebus, VB.
4:12 PM
It's like the C# you know, but not.
Not my choice. We're working on it ;)
I understand. Uhm, let me whip out my VB hat.
I don't "whip out" anything when VB is around
Ok, how did the ?_=1416844997141 get in the request?
More VB magic?
looks like a cache buster
4:14 PM
Indeed, but AFAIK the build-in Url and Action helpers don't have them
jQuery is doing that bit. I presumed the additional parameter would be dropped?
AFAIK the presence of a cachebuster querystring value shouldn't interfere with routing or practically anything related to handling requests
The server will just go "meh" and ignore that part
That's what I figured.
while still passing the other querystring values as arguments, if appropriate
Another gem from my talented developers ... This is code behind in WinForms
                            if (uiScheduler != null)
                                    System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>
                                        _clsComFuncObj.fnArchiveInvoice(PrimaryKeyValue, 1);
                                    }, CancellationToken.None,
                                        TaskCreationOptions.None, uiScheduler));
4:16 PM
Yeah, that's the general idea.
And they call it "background processing"
@MrDoom Usually it's easier to spot these things, can you show us the full route definitions?
With a little redaction
Lol. Talented people, thinking that's in the background :-)
routes.MapRoute("JobService", "Job/Service/{serviceId}/{method}", New With {.controller = "Job", .action = "Service", .serviceId = 1, .method = UrlParameter.Optional})
routes.MapRoute("Studio", "{controller}/{action}/{id}", New With {.controller = "Home", .action = "Index", .id = ""},
4:18 PM
You can drop .controller = "Job", .action = "Service", by the way.
That's it, no more routes?
The constraints for the second one should be unrelated.
That's it.
My stuff is one of the first proper APIs here :D
Can you drop those 2 I mentioned and try?
Sure, takes a bit to recompile
Then try to force ByVal method As String into being nullable, or however you call it in VB
(if it still doesnt work)
Ah, now I remember why I added those
I have other things in the Job controller that I need to call through different routes
By not including the controller and action those aren't routed properly
trying the one that was 404ing
4:22 PM
It shouldn't matter. It just goes through the list, top to bottom, trying to match and it will invoke the first that satisfies the conditions. o_o
Fascinating, 500 error matched route doesn't include a controller.
"The matched route does not include a 'controller' route value, which is required."
It's entirely possible there is black magic happening somewhere else
This code base was ported from VB6 to VB.NET 1.1
That's voodoo man. Unfortunately there is little logic in this situation.
The service method I showed you earlier is within a JobController class of course.
One that inherits from controller of course
Well, this needs to be done today which means falling back to non-RESTful calls.
Oh well. I tried.
4:36 PM
Hey guys, really stuck here. If I load controls dynamically using LoadControl: Control fileTrackingControl = LoadControl(typeof(FileTrackingControl), new object[] { custNames });
I am unable to access any of my controls of the loaded control. So in Page_PreRender if I try to grab a GridView and do a .DataSource = it will crash saying GridView is null
Hello, I have this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/27108480/…
Thanks anyhow @RoelvanUden, I've got some more investigation to do on this when I have free time.
@KalaJ you should try emailing telerik, you might get an answer faster
5:15 PM
is my connection shot or is it dead in here?
It's dead in here.
See; Monday.
Q: Controls on Control loaded by LoadControl are null on Page_Load

Victorio BerraI have a user control loaded by LoadControl, and on the code behind for said user control I try to access a control thats null. Default.aspx: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){ // ... List<String> usersCustomers = custRepo.GetUserCustomers(currentUser.ID).Select(s => s....

1 hour later…
@Pheonixblade9 sounds like a typical kanban pep rally
@ton.yeung something like that. But maybe a bit more than that.
@Pheonixblade9 i just skimmed it, but it seems to be pretty typical of why teams switch from scrum to kanban
a big part of the lure of kanban is that you optimize the process
really I think our problem is our PM's inability to say no
"no, we can't spend a week of dev time on this problem for a single customer"
that and Unclear requirements
I have to write my own requirements
a lot of the time
6:51 PM
@Pheonixblade9 yea, sounds like you guys might need to spend 60K on a BA to write value props
@ton.yeung lol like we have money for that
@Pheonixblade9 then someone needs to take charge of it
we've never had a BA. Remember, I've told you this before. I'm the DBA, developer, designer, and BA
well.. you can do what I did and assign a dollar value to the time being wasted
I had no idea how much anyone was making, so i arbitrarily put them into pay grades
then I calculated how much time everyone was spending on what based off of what I knew they were working and my access to the PM system
when I was just saying that we needed to change because of x,y,z, no one listened, when I said we were loosing 200K a quarter because of x,y,z suddenly i had everyone's attention
all of sudden 60K a year for a BA didn't sounds so bad
7:16 PM
a ba?
7:37 PM
@TravisJ business analyst
8:04 PM
every developer should have someone shielding them from the customer
like a force field?
@JohanLarsson customer service and/or architect
in Lounge<C++>, Mar 1 at 10:39, by Cat Plus Plus
Seriously, whoever calls themselves an "architect" in context of softdev is an idiot
in Lounge<C++>, Mar 1 at 10:39, by Cat Plus Plus
Everyone, no exceptions
@JohanLarsson - Only the sith deal in absolutes.
8:17 PM
@TravisJ Well Lounge -> Sith, we all knew that
@Pheonixblade9 - Do you make your varchar columns nullable?
9:07 PM
Going with no then


Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging...
Also, hi
@TravisJ depends
I was at lunch. Mmmm fried rice
Yeah, depends, but not always.
hopefully not panda :p
9:13 PM
I very rarely have direct contact with customers. Our main problem is constant context switching, "always-late" syndrome, and lax gathering of requirements
@TravisJ if something should be nullable, make it nullable :) There's an argument for never using nulls because it suddenly makes everything N+1 state, but that's a separate thing
That is a null argument.
Your mom is null
god dammit microsoft. I must have spent about a day trying to get fucking asp.net 5 working on linux, before I discover that there's a bug in kestrel and it won't work for anybody
fix the damn thing before you announce
lol :(
there are people talking about a fix, but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to implement it. The description is too terse for me to know what they want me to put where
9:22 PM
wait, .net is already working in linux?
well, apparently not.
I mean, the current impl is in mono
it's claimed to work and doesn't
10:10 PM
You're writing a method to look for something in a grid.
The location of something in the grid is then used for other things.
If your something is not found in the grid, would you raise an exception?
The intention of the method is to find the something, not determine whether something is in the grid.
I'd say yes
Otherwise call it TryFind and return some null or default
It's an "exceptional" condition
TIL Abort-Retry-Ignore is still a thing
So, now I have a secondary function called Contains, which is meant to determine if something is present in a grid.
In my opinion, no. Exceptions should not be used to control the flow of execution.
However it relies on the find location method, and is relying on the exception.
10:12 PM
@TravisJ Best exception name ever: DoNotRunTheRestException
Should the second method be rewritten?
what really bugs me is finding "MethodNotImplemented" exceptions during runtime.
10:13 PM
no kidding
I came across a "NotSupposedToBeHereException" once in a GitHub project.
Trying to convince a coworker to rewrite this Contains method to not rely on the exception.
well, does it work?
Wait, this guy expects the exception to be thrown?
Thats definitely a bad idea.
10:15 PM
@BradleyDotNET I see this kinda thing quite a lot in production code
I agree though
although sometimes it's the simpler solution and therefore better
Not in my production code :)
I write try/catch blocks as a failsafe
As with everything, it depends really
But frankly, if it works, and there's no other issue with it (performance etc.) then I see no reason to change such things.
Any exception incurs a large performance penalty.
Everything has to stop and then the stack trace is generated
then the exception needs to bubble through any try/catch blocks and such
then once it's handled it can proceed.
10:19 PM
Yes, but that doesn't always matter.
If it does in your specific application, then yeah ask to change.
And if in doubt, profile it.
Needlessly throwing exceptions scales poorly, is hard to read, violates OOP, is hard to debug, and can almost always be refactored.
Yes, but if it works, and there's no "real" cost (i.e. you wouldn't notice the difference), why spend your time changing it when you could spend it elsewhere?
Because Duty Calls: xkcd.com/386 :)
The cost comes in maintenance and future friction of making changes.
10:23 PM
and that
I'm not saying it should be written like this, just that changing it gains nothing for a small cost
in certain cases
It comes down to the value of refactoring in general
There are those who think thats useless as well
But we gain value by adhering to good practices, which is why we change working code to follow them
@BradleyDotNET - I know how you like to post the automated comment bot xkcd, I wrote a meta answer along those lines meta.stackoverflow.com/a/277792/1026459
I read that. If I hadn't already posted the XKCD comic, I would have as a comment to that post
I thought it was very good.
10:25 PM
@BradleyDotNET in the case I'm thinking of, it literally IS useless
Refactoring because it doesn't look idiomatic and for no other reason is a terrible idea
@JohanLarsson Bahahahaha, that's hilarious
Thats not a very common thing to occur though
Just because something looks useless doesn't mean it is
Been bit by that enough times to know
@JohanLarsson aahahah
@BradleyDotNET agreed

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