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12:06 AM
I be back :D
12:23 AM
welcome back
I just got 0/7 ad lulu top
fun stuff
I usually play viegar mid.
He used to be a notorious trouble instigator until they changed the damage calculation for his ult :P
I usually play riven top
1:10 AM
Beware her broken blade!
1 hour later…
2:11 AM
Being able to program a computer is the coolest thing ever
how do you do that
2:33 AM
I can't find out what is wrong with that XAML
3:24 AM
What do you all preferred?
    (a.View == null ? (Action)delegate { } : () => SetFragmentParam("Tax", "" + a.View.Cast<TextView>().Text))();
    if (a.View == null) { SetFragmentParam("Tax", "" + a.View.Cast<TextView>().Text); } else { }
my colleague said the first is good
i prefer the second
actually wait
both are same but first one are confused by too many operators, ternary, delegate, lambda
yeah second
3:41 AM
@hsimah yes, I wrote that reversed.
the second one condition are reversed by the cat
3:52 AM
both are unreadable
if they were properly formatted the second is okay
if (a.View == null) {
    SetFragmentParam("Tax", "" + a.View.Cast<TextView>().Text);
} else {
though SetFragmentParam("Tax", $"{a.View?.Cast<TextView>().Text}"); might be nicer
depending on what a.View is and other logic outside the scope
nah, the target is making operation in a terminator
you forgot the $ sign
3:55 AM
@hsimah nope, SetFragmentParam cant be called when View is null
I did
I forgot a lot of things
@mr5 explain that operator
$"{string}"; = string.Format("{0}", string);
in C#6
It helps the compiler recognize that there's a code inside a string
string interpolation
3:57 AM
just like in php
this are making two terminator
what's the @ string called in C#?
it's a Here-String in powershell
but SetFragmentParam() cant be called when View is null
verbatim string literal
A: What's the @ in front of a string in C#?

Richard EverettIt marks the string as a verbatim string literal - anything in the string that would normally be interpreted as an escape sequence is ignored. So "C:\\Users\\Rich" is the same as @"C:\Users\Rich"

thats it
string literal
3:58 AM
just like <pre></pre> in html
yeah, I use it all the time but never remember the name
it should not used all the time
string literal is any string without owner
okay, I won't use it all the time
thanks for the tip
4:00 AM
C# is good in 7.0 there has method in method implementable
but still not preferred by 95% developer
where did you get your stats?
wait a minutes
I find myself before dreaming to find a job using C# now I'm here
I have one of those
Its named by "Top programming languages 2017"
4:06 AM
who on god's green earth is excited by java
by JAXenter survey
@hsimah me.
fair enough
I like the way Java manages the namespace using directories (packages)
the code is more compact
and the @annotations as well
Im feel that all strong-typed language are mostly same
4:09 AM
i dont dislike java
i dont wouldnt call myself interested in it
I love Intellisense than Intellijava-Idea
Kotlin are make by Brainjet who make IntelliJ-Idea
I still can't figure out what is so special about VS's IntelliSense
so Im not so optimistic on Kotlin
It's nothing compared to IntelliJ-Idea's
4:13 AM
IntelliSense making good Fuzzy search on reference, and good classification results
Sure you can configure the IntelliSense but I find the default behavior, most of the time, not doing what I am expecting
IntelliJ-Ideas make namespace included automatically
but not so realible on searching reference
yeah, that's one thing I love about intelliJ's
IntelliJ-Idea also a good name than IntelliSense. I prefered the name of 'IntelliJ-Idea'
@Feeds this is funny.
but eagle can get killed for sure to fight with strong drone
@nyconing so you hate IntelliSense now?
4:25 AM
What, Im with IntelliSense .
but both still need improve
C# is slowly evolving into C++
look at this fancy syntax: stackoverflow.com/q/4737970/2304737
lol C##
it is generic type, I used them on my database engine
Method<d>() where d:struct
the generic type constraint syntax is not very readable for me.
it is very usefull when on data processing
we always need to cast the object many time
but generic type wont
I dunno C++ :P
I think it is more lower API
and its faster.
look at what I have come up:
private async Task<T> LoadFromFile<T, U>(string fileName) where T: IList<U>
the syntax is very complicated
@nyconing C++ can be a very simple language to a very complex language. Depends on how you want to use it
4:38 AM
public List<p> Predicate<p, o>(ref List<p> list, List<Func<p, o>> properties, Func<o, bool> predicate)
I don't want to work with someone who does that
hahaha, Why, its simple to use
same like the linq Where()
newlist = Predicate(
new List<Func<string, bool>>(){
The way modern language is being modeled is to become more human-readable as possible. That's looks like an alien language. Although we may understand it'll take sometime for new devs to study it
newlist = Predicate(
    new List<Func<string, bool>>(){
        x =>x.ItemCode,
        x =>x.Description
    r => r=="IWantThis");
nono, it wont compiled
It using same like this
newlist = Predicate(
    new List<Func<DB.StockItems_Master, string>>()
        x =>x.ItemCode,
        x =>x.Description
    new List<Func<string, bool>>()
    r => r=="IWantThis"
I hate shift+enter
since I involved in android API, "WTH is this/that", "Why th is this/that" just daily
you know android?
4:58 AM
okay. there are nightmare by custom derived class all the day
Android libraries are fragmented the same as the OS's releases
that's the downside of supporting compatibility across hardware and software
1 hour later…
6:29 AM
6:52 AM
7:07 AM
already up?
since 2 hours!
now Im at work
ohayou gozaimasu!
ayo @Euridice01
hey how's it going?
7:14 AM
pretty good
Im assigning priorities to products
display priorities*
I'm working on e-commerce app
noice, what exactly?
Morn all
7:32 AM
good morning
does anyone know how to make a Devex GridControl validate all rows? It validates only on changed rows' lost focus...
// does not work>
the ItemsSource is a custom DataTable (inherited from DataTable) with custom row types (inherited from DataRow)
@ntohl im sorry i dunno :(
Though I would run a test try and see if it works with the default DataTable class and default Datarow
if it does, then maybe it needs an override for the updater somewhere
just ideas
@TomW haio
with default DataRow I would not be able to implement IDXDataErrorInfo on the items
7:46 AM
and that one let me use the SetErrorInfo
ah oke
I thought it came with its custom DataRow and DataTable classes that already implement those
8:10 AM
This is also about today, ignore the fact that it says tomorrow
you have no rum
Other people are bringing me rum
8:18 AM
I have ginger rum, does that count?
@Kieran eh hmm
item.Order = DBs.AllDetached<DB.StockItems_Master>().Select(x => x.Order).Aggregate(func: (a, b) => { return (a > b) ? a : b;  });
need help, for Aggregate()
in Func, a and b , which one new?
I want Aggregate the maximum available value
all over is using sum in google
.Max is not sufficient?
@ntohl you re pointing me to the heaven, thx!!!!!!
+1 for .Max. Learn your linq :D
8:25 AM
btw a would be the maximum
@ntohl a will be Aggregated value right? thx.
@Squiggle :(
@nyconing yes
@nyconing hey, I'm still learning new ways to use linq even now :) but it's totally the best feature of C# :D
thanks alot
@Squiggle delegate make Linq in C# done
I cant even imagine how C# runs without delegate :P
8:30 AM
If I know correct creator of Deplhi worked a lot on making LINQ possible
it makes me happy to hear someone say that
@nyconing I am so nicking that for "the cat jumped on my keyboard" stuff :-)
its moderator! I been here for 2years and seen the blue name in first time!
can anyone comprehend what those magic numbers and arithmetic operation does in this Math.Power C source code
I am reading an article about Google Maps and somehow I end up in that source code
Uhm yeah, I find out why. Because of this 256 * 2ⁿ
@nyconing we say hello now and then :-)
8:37 AM
@nyconing madara comes by from time to time as well
@mr5 L1...ivln2_l are polynomial coefficient I believe...
@mr5 I wonder why won't they just simplify it to 256 * (n + 1)
@ntohl I'm thinking of coffee every time I hear coefficient
@mr5 uhh.. n = 3 the first returns 2048 the latter 1024
@Kieran Yeah... good idea - don't want to be tempted for another 10 hours or so... bring it back then :p
8:43 AM
256 * 2*2*2 vs 256 * (3+1)
@ntohl yeah. I quickly judge the algo. my bad
@JonClements .....maybe
oke see if my magical code works
seeing lots of new faces in this room and lots left, not saying just for today, but since last few months now
That's normally the nature of chat...
8:53 AM
007 is gone, possibly forever
@JonClements I am talking about permanent members and not so surprised of new faces but old ones leaving or not talking much now :)
hey guys
Also not complaining, just an observation ;)
you might want to waste your time
try this:
^^ what is this
8:55 AM
the address tells itself
not much
map style with google
Happened in Python as well... I spent years building that room... old faces had other things to do, and I'm not there so much as I use to being a mod now and etc.... there's still a good regular crowd though... Noticed the same thing on IRC 25 years ago
or style your own google map
@Mathematics new comers will dominate this room
noone's replying. I guess they're making their own map styles
@mr5 tbh url looks dodgy to me so bit hesitant
8:58 AM
I checked it. Nice...
@ntohl you've wasted 5 minutes of your life. gratz
^ :L
@Sometowngeek also - IMPORTANT: Your viewModels for each of those subViews should actually be created on the MainViewModel startup (in ctor) and passed to the property accordingly on button press. They should not be created every time a button is pressed, as these views are singletons
It boggled me in my sleep and I just remembered
well. We work with google maps a lot. I have checked if we can make use of it
@KamilSolecki what about multiple window with same class of viewmodel?
should all window have the same value?
his case is as follows:
He has a big view, and a contentcontrol for a sub-view
its dependent on which button is "selected" (pressed)
Kind of like tabs that correspond to different views but with buttons
I wrote him code yesterday, but I did it in 10 mins and I created a new VM everytime a button is pressed
worst case scenario, it should wipe the model and not create a new VM
9:04 AM
Q: Why are three properties in DbParameterCollection abstract in reference assemblies but virtual otherwise?

Jon SkeetI'm moving a project from project.json to the new-style csproj format, and it includes a class derived from DbParameterCollection. In my real project I'm using multi-targeting, but for the purposes of this question we only need to care about net45. The compiler is telling me that I have to overr...

Jon Skeet question, unanswered.
@KamilSolecki wut
why can't I edit Jon Skeet's question. Do they think I would even dare?
@KamilSolecki I have the same, just I create ViewModel each button press, when it's multiple windowed stuff, and just have a big empty <ContentControl Content="{Binding CurrentPageViewModel}" /> on the main window. Whenever I set the CurrentPageViewModel, it is of type FormBase, and FormBase is an abstract class, with possibly overridable Init, Free func. You can fill Your basic stuff in Init if You like, and the VM is singleton scoped.
But is there really a need for him to create a new VM?
Like, what will it help with
@mr5 I can

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