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4:00 AM
God knows why their user agent is that long..
Firefox's is "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:39.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/39.0"
I am not sure if the same holds true for Edge, but Windows Phone IE used Chrome's user agent (or something like that) so apps that checked for IE and disabled the site couldn't do that. Maybe MS is doing the same with Edge.
I was in a comma :D
it appears to be so @DemCodeLines
else why would navigator.userAgent in the Edge console give me AppleWebKit, Chrome, and Safari along with Edge. heh
4:04 AM
@ʞɔᴉN Still haven't figured this out lol
Is this a static page or is it really informing me that my browser is out-of-date?
@Shea Static, I hope.
If it's static, I'm pretty sure it's wrong
fuck me, it's not,
4:07 AM
Chrome's about page says I'm up-to-date
I think it isn't, anyway
so they're pushing for es6 for js. i suppose this is because of oop?
05:08:52.125 getBrowser()
05:08:52.129 Object { n: "f", v: 39, t: "Firefox 39", donotnotify: false }
Okay well, all of my browsers are apparently out of date, even the freshly installed Firefox. So yeah, I'm not gonna worry about it
I'm assuming there's a bug.
4:19 AM
when is es6 supposed to be ready?
Judgement day, I've heard. Specs are released, and browsers have started implementing specs though.
4:42 AM
Motorcyclist hits big patch of water, you won't believe what happens next! --> youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=lDi9uFcD7XI
I don't believe it!
Dear bros & sis...anyone know how to make sense of the styles tab in chrome developer tools...?
@DanieClawson ES6 is ready right now. BabelJS works quite well.
You can track the support of your favorite features with: kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6
4:57 AM
^ I meant that
Which part of it do you not understand?
how to comprehend it...looking for some tutorial of sorts...
Styles -> Defined by website
element.style indicates inline style, you can see the "left: 3%" right in the html.
The rest are simply the css rules.
Computed -> What the browser interprets and uses
Event Listeners -> ehhh, event listeners
5:01 AM
in that particular e.g. the span element is selected...but the section after elements has all sorts of classes there (not present on the element)...what are those?
Other classes which the rule applies to.
oh...I think I got it...
it refers to the css rule as defined in the file...
so .ui-widget-content .ui-state-default & .ui-state-default have the same definitions...
Mhm, but you can make multiple definitions for the same selector.
5:05 AM
@deostroll Those show all the CSS rules that are applied to the element, and where they came from
your span inherited its border from that first rule on the list
Hmm...okay I am going to try to mimic that in pure js...
you mean inheritance in general or styles inlined in js?
no i mean...a slider in html5/js/css
so you're aware of the fact that the slider on that site is part of jquery UI, right?
you want to implement that from scratch?
Q: MEAN stack file uploading app throwing unreadable property error

DemCodeLinesI am learning the MEAN stack and was trying to build a simple file upload app. However, I am continuously hitting errors and I may be heading into the wrong direction. My latest error is the following: <h1>Cannot read property &#39;file&#39; of undefined</h1> <h2></h2> <pre>TypeError: Cannot rea...

Any help would be appreciated, literally any help at this point.
5:16 AM
I can offer some comforting words :)
And a general advice against the MEAN stack
And what's that?
Don't use it :)
@DemCodeLines Because things like your question happens ;P
Things like that happen in every language.
5:18 AM
Seconding that advice. I like stability.
MEAN isn't a language, it's a very complicated mix of frameworks
I also like it when I can point coworkers at a project and they know what's going on.
setting up express and mongoose yourself makes it far more likely you understand what the stack actually does and how
making debugging easier
and both mongoose and express by themselves are easy to set up, there's no need to add a complication-layer
Also, MongoDB's kind of uniquely awful.
yeah, but maybe they don't need reliable data storage
mongo is fine for reading data
5:20 AM
5:41 AM
The app I am working on only stores the uploaded image for a limited time before deleting it, so...
nah, it's not those apps, it's a module for something, and I wanted to just use PHP since that's what I am comfortable, but I felt that this was a good opportunity to learn something new. But it's proving to be very time consuming and requiring way too much effort for the smallest things.
go to sleep nick you're disgraceful
close next/ajacent tab or any other tab from current tab using jQuery or javascript is that possible
5:58 AM
6:27 AM
that...just has potential to be awful
@Simply can you imagine how inconvenient that would be for your users? :P
anyone knows why it alerts only after clicking several times?
	close.onclick = function(){
		//dbRequest("server.php", "action=delete&id="+this.parentNode.id);
forget about that.
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