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10:06 AM
just discovered a php file with the next

echo 'test foreach';


i was like "lolwut"
hi there am trying out less without any precompiling
in chrome and now realize that it doesnt work with local less.js
people have recommended to add switch google-chrome -allow-file-access-from-files
but I dont know how to add
any help
I don't see any valid reason not to precompile less files
its that it cannot access local JS files
here it is :
Q: Quick sort implementation in JavaScript in prototype style

Gelo VolroI have implemented quickly the quick sort algorithm in JavaScript using prototype based style. The code is rather little ( http://jsfiddle.net/b8mfY/ ): <script> "use strict"; var Sort = function( inputArray ) { this.arrayTest = undefined; this.init( inputArray ); }; Sort.prototype.in...

@Mahesha999 You mean you don't even use an http server ? Do install a http server, you can't develop without one
10:13 AM
Am just learning it in restricted environment, so cant install anything. So just want to get it working with browser
between it works with IE8
and the problem is that the less stylesheet url starts with file:///
which chrome does not accept
just want to know how to add that switch, in fact not aware where am supposed to add that switch google-chrome -allow-file-access-from-files
@dystroy any idea?
@Mahesha999 I already told you you must install an http server. It makes no more sense learning as you do than learning to use a bicycle with just a picture of a bicycle
Can anyone help me....???
I developed an installer type mini game using jquery+html.
Now I need login and register. Can anyone tell me, how to do this? bcz its an application, so anyone can install and play. So I can't install local database for all. So my need isI need to install all systems without any need of local database. How to do this???
@Illaya do you ask the same question every time your ban is lifted..?
Can we ban him again ?
ok but seems that even IIS has some problem
10:18 AM
@dystroy ok
A: LESS file does not load (404)

Diogo CardosoI solved the problem adding the MIME type in IIS.

@Illaya code it. That's how you do it. If you do this again I will request a mod to suspend your chat priveleges
@dystroy I'll be owner soon. then I'll ban you.
anyways anyone know, just for my knowledge, where to add that switch?
We help people who show effort
10:19 AM
@Illaya good way to ask for aid
@RUJordan do what you can or shutup
Bye bye
please guys
stop this and see my effort :p
@Mahesha999 : which switch ?
!!mute 2452810 24h
10:20 AM
@RUJordan Muted user 2452810 for 24h
I have written html, included styles.less and less.js, and in html I get error as cant locate styles.less
@ThiefMaster can you do something about this guy? He's been muted like 3 times now for the same crap and now he's a feisty guy
@Mahesha999 I'll repeat again : for security reason your scripts can't read files accessed using file://. This means almost any JS development must be done using an HTTP server. Hopefully this is very simple to do and should be the first thing to install after your favourite text editor.
context: I have written html, included styles.less and less.js, and in html I get error as cant locate styles.less
reason: security feature of chrome to not to access local files
solution: switch google-chrome -allow-file-access-from-files
ref: http://stackoverflow.com/a/7350858/1317018
problem: I dont know where to apply that switch
I tried: adding a switch in chrome console window
yess but still cant I know how and where to add that switch?
10:24 AM
i wouldn't encourage it
but well, that video helps too
@KarelG It's clear that using that flag is losing time to learn the worst possible way to work. But we can't refuse this small token of knowledge...
ff has that too, but i don't recommend to edit, unless it's important
install a server. but it got mentioned i thinkk
yes, twice.
I think somebody mentioned it, yes
guys the problem is am using some org's machine
which doesnt allow me to do all this stuff
between my org's network also blocks that video
seems that I have to launch chrome thru cmd line
or .... add absolute path in the file but that's an awkward solution for me
// off lunch
10:40 AM
!!design my website or work on dastul or watch game of thrones
@t1wc work on dastul
this room is getting empty day by day
any1 up to some opinion giving?
@derylius Orange goes well with bright green. You're welcome.
@Neil thanks
exactly what i was looking for
10:46 AM
I'll bet
+1 +accept +kudos
anyway maybe some1 will find this and tell me:
	"GET": {
		"tablename": [
				"COLUMNS": [
					"columnname": "value"
					"columnname": "ASC|DESC"
	"tablename": [
			"columnname": "value"
	"SET": {
		"tablename": [
				"COLUMNS": {
					"columnname": "value"
					"columnname": "value"
	"PUT": {
		"tablename": [
                "columnname": "value"
an opinion
Oh OH..
is that your opinion?
10:51 AM
Well before I can formulate an opinion, I need you to explain to me what it is
No, I'm normally like to give opinions without being asked, but in this case, I'll withhold my opinion for more information first
@Neil I guess it's python
or ruby
I'm just starting to work on a js/php module that maps the database to a javascript object dynamically through async json
Why would you need to specify column names in a delete request?
@Neil thats the where clause of the delete
Ah, I see
10:54 AM
im trying to avoid any redundacy
If I were you, I'd make a point of putting such things in a "where" clause so it's clear
Not just for deletion but for any request
You can do as you did for selecting fields maybe
Or for deciding which fields an insert/update gets applied to
But I wouldn't mix and match, or it could be misinterpretted, imho
hmm that switch worked finally simply modified a windows shortcut to point to chrome.exe followed by that switch: **chrome.exe -allow-file-access-from-files**
Now chome browser instance started by double clicking that shortcut loads less correctly
@Neil it will be clarified in the documentation, i just try to make this human readable, so one can intercept it to may use any site on its own purpose, but this will be mainly internal communication
What's the difference between set and put? insert and update?
10:58 AM
wait... I can flag my own messages?
@derylius I think human readable is a very ambitious goal, however it is reasonable for a programmer to read
too much sense in this works
@Neil hmmm, maybe you are right, maybe i was getting too counter intuitive here
@Neil sorry to still be here :P
@derylius : /waves
11:00 AM
im also affraid about API consistency in further extensions, and actually those few more tags could help ensure that
@Neil thanks
@KarelG yes they are :) clever ;)
@derylius No problem. I don't think it's hard to read though, all the same
But when I criticize myself for such things, I try to be overly critical
i was just waving to say "hi"
@Neil do you think theres anything missing from it?
@derylius If you're looking to simplify, I would make SET and PUT the same
i mean obviously ill have to handle the operators in the where clause, but apart from
11:03 AM
If you want to be sure not to insert if there is one already existing, you should do a GET or maybe pass an additional parameter which will ensure not to create if it doesn't already exist
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Also, maybe you'd want to include an additional error code
@Neil simply by not passing the where clause its obvious that its a creation
Sometimes the message comes from an exception or something, and it's handy to pass along the error code in addition to the message (leave it to microsoft to give shitty error messages)
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11:07 AM
@Neil im not willing to expose the backend to the interface that much, in case if its handly i might pass the code with the message for debuging
anyway gotta go now, lunch time, ill be back, thanks
a nightmare D:
no documentation on a large controller file in PHP. No comments. No sherlock
Y did i got this job/project
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@derylius Happy break coffee pause time lunch
Anyone explain to me as to why it matters what an 'object' is in history.pushState
What it is defined as*
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11:20 AM
hi can I see LESS compiled CSS in chrome?
Q: How to get the values in $_POST array from the fields which are appended to the HTML table using JQuery after form submission?

PHPLoverI've one HTML form. This form is containing HTML table. The actual HTML table is very large. For your reference I'm showing below the HTML code of a form with tablw containing only two records: <form action="rebates.php" role="form" method="post"> <div style="margin-left: 12px" class="col-xs-4">...

I am not using any webserver
directly running less.js in chrome
can I see compiled CSS
in F12 tools
@DavidH do you mean the object itself ?
I can see the resultant css styles when I click the element, but I want to see the whole LESS converted CSS file
@PHPLover : you have cloned the form elements without replacing the name. Use an array instead
11:24 AM
@KarelG Yep, I read it over and over again but I don't get it
IIRC the object holds the history of the window before it's pushed/popped?
If that's right than I get it
@KarelG:Actually the array name I'm using is necessary. I want the dynamically appended elements' name in same fashion only.
@Mahesha999 See lesscss.org/#using-less-usage-in-code If you invoke it with the parser, you can try outputting the css to your console and look at it that way
@Illaya: Stop being annoying and maybe even stay out of this room. Thanks.
^-- late reply ?
11:29 AM
!!afk don't bother me, Caprica
@DavidH : if you visit a page, then the browser creates a new History object. That will be added to the window.history automatically after its creation
But what can it be? I mean ultimately you want the 3rd property to be your link
Ive seen so many articles leaving the object empty or defined as brackets
did you have read the doc. pushstate() <-- explains well for me
I have actually but yea it doesn't clear my mind, my code works but it sucks having something you don't understand
W-why is this room closed?
Oh, I was worried because I couldn't see it and I thought I was banner or something, nvm.
11:36 AM
@Kippie does that page specifies how I can make less.js to explicitly output css from less file when I use it in browser; not just stick the resultant style directly to the elements?
@Mahesha999 If you can't install any software like the lesscss compiler or an http server, try to find an online converter
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@DavidH : an example. I hope that you gets it
1) user visits www.foo.com -> history pushed
2) you add www.bar.com in a new history object using pushstate's parameter url.
3.1) user goes to new page -> new history object, nothing done with the added data
3.2) user refresh the page -> page becomes www.bar.com
3.3) user uses back button -> browser checks the history of the *previously* added history object in the stack, then goes to that page. In this example, www.foo.com
Oh wow yea,got it!!
Thank you so much !!
oki. now le work
11:42 AM
Good luck : )
!!poison the intern or be kind to him
@Oleg be kind to him
@CapricaSix will try, thanks
eh who's the intern ? :p
Some guy my boss assigned to me.
11:51 AM
is it not your responsibility to keep an eye on him/her ?
The responsibility's mine.
Just wanted to know Caprica's opinion on his fate.
well, var b = poisoning === responsibility; // false
What's b?
a variable. name it as what you want
if it's a female, i could have picked the d
That's very semantic.
12:04 PM
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oh god, i lost the game.
back to u
Need help looking for a good QA to close as duplicate:
Q: Javascript auto inference using .toString()

ZEEWhy doing this 123.toString() gives an error... but this (123).toString() Works OK if possible and "at low level" answer (JIT/Interpreter parsing tokens decisions)

hi all
12:18 PM
@Sid hi
I need to understand Javascript Parasitic inheritance : stackoverflow.com/questions/23239234/…
why would you even do that :|
I am learning js and stucked here at parasitic inheritance
azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/… <- my eyes, my eyes, they burn, help ! what did i just read ! UGH ... since we can't resolve dependencies for you commit your depndencies ? microdicks are you serious ?
@Sid this is really high level JS. you should first learn basics. not that deep prototype stuff..
12:23 PM
I know Prototype inheritance but confused in parasitic
@Sid KarelG's comment is valid though : I don't know if it's advanced but it looks useless. And a big word for a kind of factory.
Parasitic, hmm!
@dystroy did you see that ?
i mean what microsoft recommends ?
@AbhishekHingnikar did I see what ?
what i linked
What does MS recommend ? Parasiting ?
12:24 PM
adding your dependencies to your git-repo
that parasitic thing, it's like doing one steps back and two forward to do one step forward.
and pushing them to the server directly shrugs
basically xcopy /s C:\Python27\libs*
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yeah, i've seen the cmd commands too
and then git add .
12:25 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar I know nothing regarding django (any cms btw) but when the dependencies ecosystem is very bad you have no other solutions than adding them to your repository. Of course you don't have to do this if you code for node or in go.
If parasitic inheritance is that much complex than I will leave it for now.. :-)..Any ways thnx guys
@dystroy doing that for python with pip
@Sid it's not really complex, it's rather useless and fancy
um sounds a lil bit horrific to me.
@dystroy ok
12:26 PM
especially when microsoft has the compiler installed on the server :-/
@AbhishekHingnikar it is, but the only solution there is when you can't be sure to grab a relevant dependency from the net
bah anyways i am probably gonna have to do that
i'm curious why microsoft doesn't include parameterized bash scripts to publish py websites
oh in Azure its their primary way to deploy
or you know, you could opt for an ecosystem less flawed
12:27 PM
then you don't have to do these cmd steps.
also, they are still using cmd while PS is the future
@dy 50k dollars on line
i can deal with it.
at the end i will just make a linux vm and praise the lord.
hey all I went to the facebook developers page to get the code for a like box, however when I click get code....nothing happens except a brief flash of a loading spinner (this is on facebooks page not mine.) I noticed in the chrome console that there was a couple of 500 errors....could anyone help me get the code I need?
> C:\Users\Abhishek\work\Azure\snapick1>git log
commit e66838330dea1846b13dd540829707dec8f0c0c3
Author: Abhishek Hingnikar <abhishekhing@live.com>
Date: Wed Apr 23 18:05:29 2014 +0530

Worst commit in my life
my commit is 109mb now
committing or pulling?
12:37 PM
wow man... @PseudoNym01 you mean this: developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages
@JohnnyJS Yes I do, that is the exact page I am having trouble receiving code from
kickstarter has some really stupid stuff... but I see how this kind of kickstart can work...
something wrong at their servers.. why didnt you write this on your own?
doesnt seem too hard to me... =|
@dystroy actually not a bad idea
i'm thinking of rigging up a few servos + laser pointer + arduino to keep my cats entertained during the day
for imaginary cats, maybe
12:41 PM
@rlemon i love that idea!
i have a treat dispenser that when my cat meows will release 10 dreamies, 3x a day but no more
@dystroy ohh I wouldn't buy that product. but the idea of a automatic cat player wither while you are not home isn't a bad idea
@DrogoNevets I have all of the parts, and lots of mecano
a cat is able to play at their own ...
problem is ambition
@JohnnyJS I'm honestly I'm being somewhat lazy, and since this is for a client I thought I would use the pre-built tool available to save a bit of time and to ensure compatibility, it looks like its just an iframe or some such, so I guess I'll have to work it out myself
or maybe I could just bug the FB developer page or something
@rlemon i used my 3D printer to make a nice-ish enclosure, etc
rapid prototyping for the win!
12:43 PM
no 3d printer for me
meccano FTW
@rlemon printrbot, nice and cheap
but surprisingly good
gist.github.com/rlemon/11198858 for anyone who missed this last night.
tab complete snippets for the chat input
!!/urban knf
@dystroy No definition found for knf
is using empty elements just to place a decoration image (eg. glyph-icon) an acceptable solution or it should be avoided?

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