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3:00 PM
Are sprint cars push-started?
so you cruise around the track before the start, and never stop?
ffs cap
3:01 PM
@Xariez you could make your selector more specific, e.g. $('#my-view').find('button.someClassName'), or whatever, although I kind of suck at jquery so that's just a cheap solution
@KendallFrey yes, and we usually have to try several times to get it out of gear after the race is over, so we just randomly come to stops in the pits when trying to get to our trailers and have to have someone push us the rest of the way :P
which is why we are constantly killing people who walk in front of us in the pits and whatnot
because sometimes you just cant get it out of gear and the brakes can't overpower the engine
yeah, I don't think iRacing can do any kind of push start
so the clutch is kind of a workaround
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@Xariez Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
And that didn't format for some reason.
well i mean most racing games for sprintcars you just load in adn you are in the car and idling around the track
3:02 PM
@HatterisMad Can you not just cut the ignition?
@rlemon the solution was missing Access-Control-Expose-Headers on the server
yeah if you can find the killswitch
Right, lets do it like this then. gist.github.com/JohannesSundqvist/… - Can one make this into one line using jquery?
@HatterisMad oh, my guess is iRacing never needed that, so never implemented it
@HatterisMad What, do they hide it in a different spot before every race?
because once you need to check about 20 damn buttons, that code is not gonna be pretty
3:04 PM
@KendallFrey no but you race at night and are so tied into the car that you can barely reach it in the first place
@Xariez bind one click handler to all the buttons. The callback will have the target (the button clicked this time) as a parameter. You can hang onto those, put them in a map or something, and use your same logic later.
What's the point of a killswitch if you can't reach it?
its what turns the car on
3:04 PM
it also just happens to function as a killswitch
we don't shut it off with that unless its a real emergency
and if you are at a track where they take safety into mind then you wont ever use it for that
I've never actually tried to start a car in iRacing
we have a fuel valve right under the steering wheel
delegation + somewhere to keep the state
There's an ignition keybinding, so I guess you probably can
3:05 PM
note: the dom isn't the best place, but works.
and we just shut it off and starve the engine of fuel to shut it off safely
But the engine starts and stops automatically based on context
haha yeah figuring out how to start the cars is not the game
@HatterisMad Hang on, so you can turn it off while driving?
turning the cars on and off will be the next big feature in forza
3:07 PM
@KendallFrey you can turn the fuel valve off but the engine will keep running for as long as it takes to starve it of fuel
usually takes 5-30 seconds
depending on how good your fuel valve is
Once you've turned the car off, you can get out and punch passer-bys
Forza will be the new GTA
oh right, you don't want to get stuck half a lap from the pits I guess
GTA with realistic physics would be awesome
I think that's called life
cc @SterlingArcher
3:08 PM
@KendallFrey well we normally pull the car out of gear and then check the engine after the race and when we are done with the engine then we turn the fuel off
I'm going to buy the new Ghost Recon game cause it looks vaguely like that with some Mercenaries and Just Cause mixed in
that new game is on my wishlist
tried it at my friend. I liked it
did you get to play much? impressions on the combat?
eg at mission, you can choose which approach you take. And you can wander arround
I just got my first paycheque... I need something fun to buy/do to keep myself from being so depressed
3:09 PM
did you ever play Mercenaries?
Thanks! Looked at that and solved it by doing the same but using $("button").click(function(event) for the listener! @rlemon
@rlemon turbo tanning
@ndugger throw a party? get some games and play coop?
@ssube no
Throw a party in my tiny apartment? nothnxpls
3:10 PM
@ndugger hookers and blackjack
@KarelG aw, that game was awesome. Classic open world go wreck shit game: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercenaries:_Playground_of_Destruction
whatsup guys
JC2 with MP mod was super fun
@ndugger Get the new Zelda game
for just going around wrecking shit*
3:11 PM
@BenCraig That would require getting a nintendo switch, which is impossibru
Mercenaries was definitely the inspiration for JC
if you like one, you'll probably enjoy the other
I still prefer JC2 over JC3
@ndugger I guess - I got mine as a preorder, so I haven't had that issue
JC3 was fun, but JC2 was insane
Mercenaries lets you pay the russian mob to drop bombs for you
3:12 PM
@BenCraig thanks for rubbing it in :(
@ndugger Im sorry :(
I would say it's mildly insane
I liked JC2 and JC3 about the same. Great games.
@KendallFrey does iracing actually take peoples comments to heart? like if dirt track drivers complained about the cars not being remotely accurate would they do something about it?
The wingsuit was definitely a welcome addition
3:12 PM
it seems like they have a decent start but they need to work on the cars not acting like they are on pavement
@ndugger buy a slapchop. I bet you'll love its nuts
I have one already
@HatterisMad They'll probably be updating it heavily for the next little bit, they release patches at least 4 times a year. I don't know that they do everything the customers say needs to be done, but they do try for realism as much as practical.
i felt that just cause 2 was somewhat better than just cause 3.
3:15 PM
@KendallFrey i just checked out the rfactor implementation and it looks like it has the same deficiencies
@KendallFrey i guess i will try to check in on it occasionally and see if it is closer to a place i would think fun to play
JC3 felt like all the other open world shooters. It was just another storyline for that genre.
It's kind of amazing what has only just been implemented. For example, dirty/dusty track was only added less than a year ago
JC2 was like, "what?! I can ride ON the plane?!"
^-- ridin' planes after grabbling
3:16 PM
haha i feel like that should be implemented on launch
or from the seat going on plane and do stuff
They're always tweaking the tire/temperature model
the whole reason I'm interested in the new Ghost Recon is because the first video I saw was of a guy bailing out of a plane, parachuting down, and getting creamed by the crashing plane
the story is slightly better, but whatever
3:16 PM
which happens so much in JC2
@ssube I think I saw that one
cleaning my project of ALL synthetic default imports. tedious
jumping out of the super secret jet and falling into the city was always great fun
Imma die soon pretty sure. Been getting crazy sick every 4-5 days
> remember when he died
I've died before
3:17 PM
if you die then we will burn your challenger as a sacrifice to appease the gods
It was alright
@Jhawins I gotcha burn your body if you die because you felt sick. There must be something sick disease you may have
(in case you die ofc ... doing that alive is ... sadistic)
if we're burning the body and the car... we can just do them at once and push the whole thing down a hill
like some sort of viking situation
but .. i want to see fire
@ssube sick... @jhawins where is the nearest large river?
3:21 PM
@HatterisMad Missouri river is the city border...
We got bigass rivers for days
That wouldn't do much in the way of fire tho.
I don't think the car would float
I think we need a tall hill and a long freeway
So Maintnence walked into my apartment while I was working here 2 weeks ago. I flipped my shit and said you gotta give me notice for this legally. They left and gave me notice that they would come on the 28th
we could even tow it up to speed, then light it on fire (obviously somebody would have to light it and jump over to the tow car)
3:22 PM
I assumed they came on the 28th... Nope, just barged in on me working from home sick right now.
He doesn't really speak English.. Maybe doesn't do dates either?
you could do him one
probably not
what language does he speak
that is one of the reasons I rent from a property management company made entirely of lawyers
they never actually come out themselves and they always email us days ahead
Well yea man Idk these guys are silly.
National Hardware

National Hardware V806 Keyed Chain Door Lock in Brass
so at least he can't barge in on you when you're like taking a poop
or have ladies over
3:25 PM
I just hope he didn't note the washers and dryers I have illegally lol
or both
Well not ilegally. They charge you like $45/month for them... I don't pay that, but they forgot to remove them when I moved in lmao
@rlemon you know what I'm ordering a chain right now. Good call.
I had one when I lived in the apt.
If I'm here they should not be opening my shit. If I'm sleeping they can't be barging in here. I'll keep it locked
also might be a good idea to buy a cheap motion sensor camera
if you've got nice shit in your apt
3:27 PM
or just so you can complain and include pictures of people busting in
you can rig a pi with a camera and distance sensor to take pictures, can't you?
yea, but all of that will be more than $50 if you don't have the pi or the camera
@rlemon Not good enough to identify people :/
I made the mistake of buying cheap, buy twice
I'm waiting for the NEST ip cameras to go on sale
I missed the last sale.
they're like $200+tax, and I want three of them
3:29 PM
if you want nice hardware, the ubiquiti stuff seems to be it right now
I bought one of those for my brother and his wife since they just had a baby
@HatterisMad FYI, this video shows the settings for the car: youtube.com/watch?v=7DIIjwDaLZ0
nice babycam
or something
@ssube I've already got other NEST stuff in my house
3:30 PM
single app/account is preferred
I think the ubiquiti cameras are more for recording than checking from your phone, too
@rlemon They have ones hidden in light bulbs I forgot to get one for my garage
I wanted to stick it in a motion security light so there's both a deterrent and a cam
I need a good repeater tho. Wifi doesn't quite get out that far :/
yea, I need to adjust my motion lights.
I turned them off because bunnies kept triggering them
just put poison in your yard
I enjoy the bunnies
they eat the bird seed that falls.
@KendallFrey they have everything that i would ask for setup wise.... but they made it so much more complicating than it needs to be lmfao
@ssube Those need a good line of sight don't they?
usually yeah
I mean... I might be able to. I can see the number above my garage from the balcony but not the garage door itself
they're mostly for the outdoors
3:34 PM
@Jhawins powerline
you don't need intense bandwidth
@HatterisMad Yeah that tends to be the case when you're pushing buttons on a screen rather than actually playing with the car
hang one off the balcony and put one above the garage door
You mean the ones that run through your electrics?
just make sure you get them on the same circuit and you'll be good enough
The garage isn;t attached. I don't pay for or have a connection to that wire from here
3:35 PM
@Jhawins yea
nvm then
Yea kinda sucks

Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 5GHz NanoBeam AIRMAX 16dB World version, Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS 74KC, 560 MHz, Networking Interface: 1 x 10/100Base-TX (Cat. 5, RJ-45) Ethernet Interface, Gain: 16 dBi Dual Linear Polarized.
I just need to switch garages to this empty one RIGHT in front of my door anyway. It would get my wifi
oh, they have really tiny ones
That's what I'll do next weekend maybe
3:35 PM
@KendallFrey well no, i mean they just have no organization, all the like minded changes are scattered across the page instead of grouped together as ride height or shocks or torsion bar preload and whatnot
if they grouped them and labelled them then someone would be able to google them and get informational videos on how to set the car up from dirt track guys
They group by location for suspension settings, idk why
it makes it almost unuseable
i cant focus that long dammit
I'm used to it
probably because I never really did anything different
3:38 PM
i would be able to recite off a decent set up to start off with for a track and car if you ask btw

Brighten Your Way Home ! 3 Intelligent Modes of Operation -1. Strong Long Light Mode The solar light will turn on automatically at night. -2. Dim Light Sensor Mode When people go through the light sensoring area, the light will be strong. And the light will turn to dim after people leave the induction area. -3. Strong Light Sensor Mode When people go through the sensoring area, the light will be strong. And the light will turn off after people leave the induction area. The light can be extended for 15s after inducted. Apply with repeated tigger induction function,start timing with the last induction. Brighter Lights Last Longer This Mpow light is now equipped with 8 bigger LED lights, which is far more brighter than other similar LED lights in the market. And what is more, we increase the battery capacity from 600mAh to 800mAh ,thus getting some two more hour duration. Better Sensor Ballhead When received this Mpow Solar LED Light, you will find distinct difference compared to its previous version or similar lights in the market, We update the PIR motion sensor and ray sensor, so it becomes more powerful that it can detect people within 26 feet ! Phenomenal Overall Quality To improve the waterproof level, we now add two layers, tightly sealed inner loop to its back case,hence, this Mpow light becomes more durable and weatherproof.And we also update the solar panel, thus getting a high-efficient, frosted,anti-scratch solar panel. Specifications: -Solar Panel: 5.5V 0.44W -
actually @Jhawins I might just get these
or explain how to tune those, if they are comparable to real life sprintcars
wonder if they have enough power to run my rpi..
Yea I don't own any property outside of the apartment so I can't do that stuff
But those look nice
@HatterisMad thanks, I probably won't, at least not unless I decide to buy the sprint car
3:38 PM
I was wondering if I can have a cam on my balcony recording the entrance to the building?
Anybody know off hand if that's a nogo
you have to buy the sprintcar :(
apartments suck
@Jhawins you can record any public space tmk
All the good cars and tracks
That's what I thought.
3:39 PM
@Jhawins mostly depends on what you do with it
@KendallFrey i didn't even see a good track lol
recording public areas for your own use is usually ok
you get like 15 tracks or so, and 10 cars or so free with subscription
@ssube easier solution is to not record it
just seems like a cash grab
3:39 PM
live feed, and no data store
Yea just for me. I'd know who to leave angry notes for not picking up their dog shit, etc
@HatterisMad it is, lol
i really want to make my own sprint car racing game
I'm like 99.999% sure that's fine in all states
Hi guys
3:40 PM
but i just don't have the resources to do it alone
I wanted 1 suggestion from you
quit programming
become a shoe shine
stop using jquery
they laser scan tracks and cars themselves, so that's partly why they're expensive
@rlemon Needs to be recorded tho lol
3:40 PM
Posting object or array is better or converting object or array in string and then posting is better
@KendallFrey that shit doesn't need to be done.... just make a realistic car and it doesnt matter what track it is on, or let the users make their own
@Learning everything you post will be a string at one point
a decent 3d modeler would make a perfect model of a sprintcar in a day or two tops, they are super simple lol
@HatterisMad you have to tie the model to your physics engine. You don't just need the shape
i never said that you didn't?
3:42 PM
Well I'm js it's not as simple as making a 3D model of something
im assuming you mean make rigidbodies for the 3d model?
!!afk 23 minute round trip
But my concern when i post my data to web service as string or object or array
in which case i will have good performance?
if you think that's a problem, profile it and find out
the structure is probably less important than how you're fetching it from the database or something else
But how to profile it?
3:45 PM
@Learning AFAIK, you can't just send random chunks of memory as JS objects. You need to send a valid format, like JSON, or a blob/buffer
I mean from where i can know the performance gain is more in case of posting data as string or object or array?
@Learning Performance doesn't matter if you can't even do it to begin with
you need to run a cpu profile against your server
it will almost certainly tell you that format is not your problem
@ndugger :I mean suppose i have 1 object which contains array ok
Your question is wrong
3:46 PM
So i have 2 options to post :
Stop asking it
I can post it like this :Json.stringify()
If it's JSON, it's no longer a javascript object/array
so it will send data as string
JSON is a string
3:48 PM
yes with json.stringify data will be posted as string
So if i do json.strigify and post data as string it will be more better or i should post as object only?
Stop asking
> more better
and it doesn't even matter
because if you tried to serialize a JS object, you would get JSON
@ndugger :But i am able to post js object to web service
you are wrong sir
3:50 PM
post the code
Show us your magic code that's impossible
Otherwise, you can leave
It isn't doing what you think it is.
That's what I'm going to prove
Objects aren't strings, and therefore cannot be sent over http
@HatterisMad They're more about realistic tracks than physics that can simulate any track. I think one of their goals is to allow you to learn real tracks in the sim, and vice versa. It's more of an issue for hard tracks than dirt, cause dirt tracks can change so much.
3:55 PM
var array2=
      "variantId": 100,
      "tests": [
          "testId": 15,
          "flag" : true
      "variantId": 200,
      "tests": [
          "testId": 15,
          "flag" : false
      "variantId": 400,
      "tests": [
          "testId": 15,
          "flag" : true
      "variantId": 500,
      "tests": [
          "testId": 15,
          "flag" : true
Consider above is my array right
So now i can directly post it
showing us the data is irrelevant; show us how you're sending it to the server
@Learning stringify it
@rlemon read the conversation; he's claiming that he's sending it to the server as a JS object, without stringifying it
I have a meeting in a couple of minutes; someone please school this scrub for me
Js controller :
  myService.save({ data: array2 },
function (response) {
17 mins ago, by rlemon
@Learning everything you post will be a string at one point
@ndugger I'm aware
3:59 PM
Factory :
  save: {
            method: 'POST',
            url: '/api/save',
See i am directly posting array
That's not enough information
But also, no, you aren't. What library are you using to send the data?
Angular? What is this?
I am using angular js
@Learning what library you using? Most will stringify it for you
There you have it
Angular is more than likely converting the object to JSON before it sends it to the server
You cannot send a JS object over HTTP
I can only say it so many times
@ndugger Couldn't you send it as a string though?
4:02 PM
@JennaSloan Yes, but a string (JSON) is not a JS object
that's the only thing you can do
that's the point here
anything else is just angular converting it to a string
But then when i send it as array so at my receiver end why it doenst require string?
Doesn't JSON mean JS Object Notation?
it does
@JennaSloan It doesn't matter what it means, It's still not JS
4:04 PM
When i do json.stringify then and then only at my receiver end i am able to get data in string
otherwise when i post it as array it doenst accept at my receiver end when my accept parameter is of type string
@Learning angular likely doesn't touch strings and automatically converts objects to strings
And the receiver might also be doing magic.
Libs do that sorta thing
@SterlingArcher gfycat.com/LargeScientificGannet holy my beer
4:27 PM
yo yo yo, question for Angular4 Dev:

I'm running into an error using Angular2-Jwt where on the serverside, it keeps throwing an error: TypeError: this.http.get(...).map is not a function when I make an API request.

I've already imported:

import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';
import 'rxjs/add/operator/catch';

into my service.

Here's an example:

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { Observable } from "rxjs";
import { AuthHttp } from 'angular2-jwt';
import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';
import 'rxjs/add/operator/catch';
@rlemon Is that moving square in the image a space saving thing for gifs?
Looks like only a small area of the image is actually animated (the necessary bit), but gifs are full frames so I'm not sure how that'd do anything?
Ah, not a gif

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