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Why is touch registration so awful on Android devices?
So you develop in Java, your programs suck compared to Google's and they make more money
It's a conspiracy
You're a conspiracy.
You make no sense
1:13 AM
He makes perfect sense to me
I support monners
Aaron Out
I can into http
@BartekBanachewicz How long have you been working on that project and how much code do you have?
@copy a few days... it's one unstructured server file of about 200 LoC (+ a small helper) and a bit more structured client file of 300 LoC + html
Doesn't sound too bad
I obviously had the http working before, but I've made a first "real" request finally
1:23 AM
We'll see how far you get
gonna be playable soon
it's a really small project
Would have been much faster to write in Python or JavaScript obviously
But I guess you learn quite some Haskell at least
@copy right now, probably.
@copy Yeah I'm encountering new issues pretty much the whole time
and learning Lens in much greater detail
I started making a multiplayer game recently and got tons of shit working already
in what?
1:28 AM
JavaScript both client and server
I started with Python on the server but code-sharing is nicer
I feel that using Haskell certainly feels slower at the beginning, but it's really gonna pay off very soon.
That's what I said about my stamp collection. 10 years later....
I spent a lot of time actually thinking about how to structure the data.
and right now it kinda even probably makes some sense
Let us know how it works out
And code
1:33 AM
Got it
@SomeKittensUx2666 hah awesome, I got Plants vs Zombies warfare for my daughter and BF4 for my younger son
not too bad of a sale, was unexpected
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question: what does pipe(through(null, end)) do? Like do you even need through? Can't you just go to the next pipe?
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Using .replace how can I replace everything in a string, e.g. I have this bit of code

                    fs.readFile('./app.js', 'utf8', function(err, data) {
                        if (err) {
                            return console.log(err);

                        var result = data.replace(/postgresql/g, "postgresql://" + req.body['database-username'] +
                            (req.body['database-password'] === '' ? '' : ':' + req.body['database-password']) + "@" +
Also don't write data into source code files
Should I write it separate and require it into app.js instead? And sorry I don't know what you mean by Parse
In PHP that was done sometimes to avoid re-reading a config file in every request, but even then it was terrible
No, store it in a single file and read that file, but don't require() it
I'm just trying to make the database settings changeable from client side instead of having the end-user open app.js to change database settings
Which I'm sure is obvious
Yes, store it in config.txt or so
4:28 AM
just the plain connection string?
Ok, but what happens if I have a few more settings in config.txt, I could just read/write to config.txt if it contains one string, but eventually won't I end up with my same problem of having to use .replace?
Then choose a format, for instance json, xml or ini
I'd like to have like a config.json or something then just parse the json settings
Note that it might be a good idea not to make your application dependent on the file system
4:32 AM
Can you elaborate?
One less point of failure, problems with different platforms, doesn't work on distributed systems, etc.
Q: javascript - then/ promises can't use variable after for loop

spenfI have this code but I am unable to use this userArray outside of the for loop, not sure why it returns nothing, here is the code: Parse.Cloud.define("test", function(request, response) { var UserFavourite = Parse.Object.extend("UserFavourite"); var queryFavourite = new Parse.Query(UserFavourit...

config.json is a pretty standard approach, but if you don't want to use a file you can use environment variables instead
You can deploy your whole application read-only, which might be an advantage too
Say I give the app to blah company, and they host it on heroku, if it was read-only they wouldn't be able to update their DB information on the client-side, or would they?
4:35 AM
Heroku will pass configs in via ENV, iirc.
And handling both cases makes it more complicated again
Lets just go back to my original question for now, is it possible to .replace an entire string with regex if you don't know what the string will be at the time :)?
Not really sure what you're asking. If you're going to replace the entire string why not just write a new string?
4:40 AM
!!> 'postgresql://this:isa@test/string'.replace(/postgres/g, "postgresql://new:line@for/database");
@Datsik "postgresql://new:line@for/databaseql://this:isa@test/string"
I know postgresql will be in the string every time, but I don't know what will come after it, so I can only replace for postgres but that leaves the rest of the old string
So you want to replace postgresql+anywhateverelsecomesafterit ?
Solving the problem this way is terrible and will get you killed by a raptor
4:41 AM
Your reggae match will look something like: /postgresql.*?$/
What about if I split/join? will that get me killed by a bear?
Which says find a pattern starting with postgres and then (maybe) followed by any number of any character, until the end of the string.
Pop it into a regex tool and see if it does what you want.
!!> 'postgresql://this:isa@test/string'.replace(/postgresql.*?$/g, "postgresql://new:line@for/database");
@Datsik "postgresql://new:line@for/database"
Neat, but according to copy I should have my pee pee slapped
4:44 AM
@Datsik It will get you killed by a @monners
I think I'll just make a config.json for now, maybe that's less life threatening
Is BadgerGirl / rlemon / Phenom still here?
I haven't been in this chat in ages
No, it's just @monners and me
4:46 AM
@Datsik If you want to use ENV it's pretty easy: var thingy = process.env.THINGY || null;
Expressing complicated configs in ENV is a bit of a pita though.
Well, thanks anyways I gotta go to bed I'll think on it
Actually one last thing, when heroku runs node.app does it refresh when there are changes to the files? because if they change the database information won't the app have to restart to get the new config?
So either... your current config fails, your app crashes, and they boot you a new one, or they may have some graceful restart function if your configs change. Not sure.
5:17 AM
@cbednarski See my original plan was to have that appear at first launch, then after hitting create, make the necessary tables, fs.unlink the setup route / view page and just carry on as normal
Datsik yes all of those users are still active/around occasionally in this chat lol... Just not at the moment
Kinda volatile / insecure, though. A model I've seen in the past involves two steps: 1. you fill out the form (as you have) and it spits out the content of the config file. 2. In a separate step you create and upload the config file, then the application detects this and turns off install mode.
In node.js you can probably rig something up to poll and see whether the file is there, but if not you have to restart the node app, and you don't want your node app to have permission to do that in your OS permission scheme, because it means someone can tamper with your process listing.
I'm using fs.existsSync('./routes/setup.js');
Yeah that part is OK.
in my app.js to make sure it doesn't exist as a security measure, though I'm not sure how secure it is, first app I'm making that is this in depth with the client side
5:23 AM
The part I don't like is having your app write its own configs to the filesystem.
I'm kinda modeling the initial setup after like a drupal setup or something you know? I don't know how they do theirs I'm just doing mine how I'm capable of doing it or what I think is right, but I guess I'm wrong haha
The tradeoff of convenience might be OK for something like a kiosk. But if it's exposed to the 'net it's likely to be tampered with at some point.
Yeah the drupal form setup is slick / convenient but if you're doing a serious deploy you'd just upload the config yourself, and set read-only permissions on the filesystem.
See my buddy asked me to write a app to keep track of his mechanics (he owns a mechanic shop that deals with refrigeration / air conditioning and what not) he's not computer savvy at all so if I give him the files and say, "oh after you setup this and that open config and write in your postgresql information" he'll just look at me like I have 999 heads
So you set it up for him and charge him a fee. ;)
Good idea :D
5:28 AM
You can do what you're describing. Just be cognizant of the security implications.
I think the simple way is to send json to your server, json.parse it, iterate over the keys you know you need and create a new dict, and then json.stringify and write it back out. Then you can just read / write json and you don't need to regexp anything.
Yeah, I'm thinking maybe making a config.json or something and have app.use(function(){}) fetch from the config.json and assign but I don't know how efficient that is, performance and security wise
Reading the config from the filesystem is fine. That's a pretty typical scenario, and (assuming you write it this way) is only going to happen once when you boot the app.
That's why I use app.use to read everything something happens but I don't know if I want to do it like that
expressjs.com/api#app.get - for get requests
app.get("*", fn); // for all ur's
i know but i want .use for parsing before going to actual routes
5:36 AM
then do app.use("*", fn);
i know this haha ty
All of that app.use and app.get bootstrapping that happens before app.listen is basically "boot time" and only happens once.
@cbednarski Maybe on first launch, get the info, use it to make a connection string, store information in database after created under settings table somewhere, then build the string from the database from then on out, dunno brain storming still thanks for the help im out
morning guys
@AbhishekHingnikar Nice Hair Style :)
@Abhi lol thx
6:21 AM
> Whatsapp Support Through Third party App (ConnectA2)
^ Not a good sign
@Neil i don't use whatsapp
its too much work for me to pickup phone and type... i use Telegram
works on desktop... keeps me happy
works on iPad ... even better
I don't use smartphones. Desktop FTW \o/
works on phone too .. meh
uses the same number everywhere .. and is insanely fast /// even has a web-login
and laptops are cool too.
super awesome <3
@Neil give it a try :P
6:23 AM
I honestly don't use my smart phone to do much else than make calls and play spider solitaire
it smokes whatsapp for speed :P
which is shame ;p cause whatsapp has gigantic fb backing it... tut tut tut ..
6:41 AM
@Jhawins incase u haven't bought something yet ibuypower.com/Site/15-Inch-Gaming-Laptop
@AbhishekHingnikar None of those come close to the specs I'd be looking for in a gaming rig
7:21 AM
fuck facebook supports ie6 and browsers without javascript... disgusting.
Big companies spoil users.
!!afk fucka all big companies
7:32 AM
@AwalGarg A site of that size is all about percentages, so they want everyone to be able to use it, even those who use a dorito chip as a CPU processor
@Neil AwalGarg is afk: fucka all big companies
Doesn't mean we have to
anyone has experience with sublime text? it isnt highlighting html tags when I set syntax highlighting to HTML
maybe I should do something extra I missed but I didn't find anything neither on SO neither on GOOGLE
@AdamBarak congrats on your new nick.
Also - no. HTML works for me when syntax highlighting html.
@BenjaminGruenbaum thanks, it has a meaning :-)

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