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12:01 AM
@rlemon did she make lemonade?
congrats :)
on what? not fucking it up in five years? :P
Found a really shotty way of extending native objects in ES6...
class DocFrag {}
DocFrag.prototype = Object.create(DocumentFragment.prototype);

class Something extends DocFrag {
It's more like classical inheritance than prototypical, but it gets the job done
Prototypical inheritance is usually annoying.
Nah, I prefer it
12:24 AM
@rlemon i would consider 5 months a milestone achievement
@ʞɔᴉN You should make your gravatar the reverse of @Nicks. It would be hilarious.
@Lalaland it was, for like a month. untill he changed it :(
anyways it confused and enraged people
I'm gonna drop IE8 support in my polyfills; it's too much retarded to try to get working
do it
I changed my avatar to a better one
rapey thomas the train engine
12:34 AM
dropping ie8 is the best thing you can do for any project
( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
What about the bounce rate?
Isn't IE 8 the last version of IE for Windows XP?
I wanted my polyfills to be able to reach that far back, but not having proper getters/setters is unbearable
Think of all those poor windows XP users out there.
12:35 AM
it was the shipped version on Vista as well
which is why It's stuck around longer than it should have
ie9 is ES5. That's way better than es3.
@user148098 what about the children??
Yeah, but Vista shipped with IE8
12:36 AM
yea, only xp is stuck. but.. chrome.
lots of 'normal users' use chrome now, anyway
Microsoft's latest browser is actually quite decent.
To the last XP user: Fuck you.
Edge or whatever.
We just had someone on Lounge<C++> who was clinging to windows XP.
12:37 AM
Are transitions and animations well supported now?
"But, ..., nothing is good as XP!"
@Lalaland was probably me
@ʞɔᴉN Not unless you have legions of sock puppets.
And very good acting skills.
snipe was me
sino was.. nvm I can't even act that bad
12:40 AM
Hey all, I'm trying out React for the first time, and I'm a little tired of this message:

> You are using the in-browser JSX transformer. Be sure to precompile your JSX for production

I figured that since I'm using Node, there has to be some node module that I can use with Express that just hooks some URL and compiles all this stuff on the fly (ideally with caching), but I can't find one. The best I can find is [this](http://christianalfoni.github.io/javascript/2014/08/15/react-js-workflow.html) big blog post that talks about gulp.
I am asking because I was having strange behaviors. But it could be on my part.
And then we discover, everyone in this room were secretly ʞɔᴉN's sock puppets all along. He really just likes to talk to himself
@Sidnicious you using some tool to build your .js?
like babel?
you are my only friends
or webpack, gulp, grunt, bwoserify, etc
12:42 AM
@Luggage Nope. Right now, I've just got a minimal Express project and some static files… I'm not really up to speed with modern build processes :).
Darn, that would actually be a great idea.
Make a room "Chat simulator"
so react works best when you run all your client .js files through a transpiler.
And have bots say things based off markov chains from the rooms.
A 'modern build process' is needed here, but there are some quick ways to get set up.
@Luggage That's the impression I got, but so far everything seems to be fairly complex, and generally a separate tool that you run. I was expecting something I could just drop into express, point at a directory, and have it build stuff on the fly.
Okay, yeah, what's your preferred 'modern build process'?
12:44 AM
@Lalaland then I could use the room's messages as raw data for my spam operations
gulp is pretty popular and the babel plugin you'll need has a complete working config as an example: npmjs.com/package/gulp-babel
Has someone had problems with transitions?
depending how you want to package up your .js files into bundles, you can add on some fancy tools like webpack or browserify
but that gulp-babel config will give you a "compile all these .js files into another folder" setup
@Sidnicious Oh yes, you don't need a seperate jsx transformer when you use babel.
Hey guys, can someone help me out here ?
12:46 AM
@LuluthoMgwali Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Q: HTML5 audio element with source being audio stored as varbinary bytes from database

Lulutho MgwaliThis is a normal audio player, but if i wanted my source to be audio stored in my database how would i go about achieving this ? <audio controls="controls" autoplay="true" loop="loop"> <source src="WhiteChristmas.mp3"/> </audio> This how i am currently reading the audio files from my database...

Gotcha, so I still need to run a separate tool? Would I be shooting for something like this (scroll down to "The Solution")?
Thanks @CapricaSix
yea, something like that. that's gulp+browserify which isn't bad
@Sidnicious Yeah, something like that.
12:48 AM
I feel like building a version of this that's integrated with Express and has sensible defaults for react/es6/etc. :). Is there a reason this stuff is separate (like, a reason this is a bad idea)?
express is a server, not a build tool.
you build once, not every time someone requests a file
2 reasons I can think of . 1. Transforming code is expensive. You only want to do it once. 2. Less dependencies for shipping your app.
that said.. there are ways to build ont he fly in express, if that is what you deetrmine you need
but you probably don't really want that.
@Sidnicious My only change to that guide would be to swap out babelify instead of reactify (github.com/babel/babelify). Only do it after you get everything working of course.
@Luggage The only time I can think of when you want to build on the fly is if your app runs client submitted code. Like jsfiddle or something.
just to give an idea, with gulp, using babel and browserify, my build process is 1.3 seconds... if your server has to wait 1.3 seconds before it actually starts doing any real work, you're doing it wrong.
12:51 AM
my build process is almost a minute
yeah, I'm working on something really small
our build process at work is a few minutes
In my head there'd be an express middleware that takes your source dir and a URL at which to serve the compiled code, it'd fork off a process to handle builds in the background, compile once at startup, and watch the directory to recompile when things change.
things like that already exist; it's called gulp
@Sidnicious you solve that by having a start script that runs the gulp (or other build system) process, then starts your express app
and that allows it to restart the app when a file needs to recompile and other such fancyness
also.. you'll soon want a build process for the server, which would rule out that plan
Maybe I'm just bitter that there's no 'hello world' for this stack that doesn't involve lots of lines of config and writing your own start script.
12:57 AM
that link i gave has a complete example
takes all .js files from /src and compiles them into /dist
Oh, the npm page?
thorugh babel, which will convert JSX among other things
Lemme spend some time reading that before I say anything else.
And thanks for all your help so far :).
(Both of you)
i'm closing my laptop. good luck. once you get a build process, you'll reap the rewards. having tools to transform (or just validate or otherwise process) your JS is damn useful
Thanks! Lookin forward to it.
1:11 AM
> Here's what you think after playing a lightly modded stock KSP: *Why haven't we been to mars yet?*
> After playing Realism Overhaul that changes to: *How did Sputnik even happen?*
can confirm
1:32 AM
the grammar in the DOM spec is just bad... I don't understand what half of this shit says
I'm fucked
> Let FRAGMENT be the result of invoking the fragment parsing algorithm [DOM-PARSING] with the new value as MARKUP, and the context object as shadow host
explain that bullshit
nevermind... I think I get it
now get to mars, you slacker
I'm not even in orbit, and I'm broke
At least I have an orbit-capable rocket
1:49 AM
hii, i'm using featherlight on my site, and i can't seem to figure out how to edit the content before it gets put in the lightbox. github.com/noelboss/featherlight. I know I need to use beforeOpen but that's all I got. Can anyone take a quick look and see if I"m missing something?
I love the way this game makes me hate it
This is different.
@CorwinAshley Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
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3:07 AM
@rlemon The meta post in question: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/229913/…
3:23 AM
@SomeKittens did you do a misdirect.ion.land think?
@phenomnomnominal Have idea, don't have time
@SomeKittens what was your idea?
Create a "Personal image" for the user (along the lines of RSA and/or banks), but the URL is the key and so a request for the image gets sent to my server
oh nice, that's really good
why does a promise start resolving immediately outside of a function, but if it's declared inside a function, it doesn't start resolving until the function is called?
3:27 AM
@NathanJones replace "promise" with "console.log"
@SomeKittens oh...duh. thanks.
@NathanJones hah, no sweat, happens to all of us
If I have array:
currentHoliday  = [months[currentMonth], 'none');
How would I go about making currentHoliday[0] equal to whatever the currentMonth number is with months, so it would change.
currentMonth = 2;
which would be march, but It says January.
can I ask for an upvote?
@Micaela Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
3:28 AM
@CapricaSix ok thank you
@Micaela not generally, no
4:12 AM
xup hos
not the stock market!
no wurt
Hello, does this src path look correct to a webservice. just want to make sure that thats not where im having problems
audio.src = 'WebService.asmx/PlayAudio?id=' + id;
yes i mean
lol @taco you not helping.
4:20 AM
k ok
@Lulutho huh? He's definitely, maybe unsure or not... it's perfectly clear :p
you say that I love you is not the words i want to hear from you
its not that i dont want you not to say it, but if you only knew
you'll help now @taco
4:36 AM
Q: HTML5 audio element with source being audio stored as varbinary bytes from database

Lulutho MgwaliThis is a normal audio player, but if i wanted my source to be audio stored in my database how would i go about achieving this ? <audio controls="controls" autoplay="true" loop="loop"> <source src="WhiteChristmas.mp3"/> </audio> This how i am currently reading the audio files from my database...

more than words
more than words?
4:54 AM
will the way we calculate median change is the array is sorted in descending order? gist.github.com/caseyjustus/1166258
@deostroll I don't see why it would
(values[half] + values[half+1]) / 2.0
noted that the code is sorting in ascending order...my input array is already sorted in descending order...
so I kind of don't want to sort again...
Well, the two middle numbers in a sorted list would be the same two numbers no matter if you sort ascending or descending? They'd just swap places?
And since you're averaging them anyway, it doesn't matter if they swap places
so I should go with (values[half] + values[half-1]) / 2.0
You shouldn't need to change the formula
Consider [1,2,3,4] and [4,3,2,1]. Which two numbers are the two middle numbers in those arrays?
5:00 AM
which is better? This: audio.src = "../../WebService.asmx/PlayAudio?id=" + id; or this? document.getElementById('test').src = PlayAudio(); This is the funtion that i use to reac the Webservice function PlayAudio() {
var id = $("[id$=hiddenWord_id]").val();

url: "../../WebService.asmx/PlayAudio",
data: "{ 'id': '" + id + "'}",
dataType: "json",
type: "POST",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
success: function (data) {
//If you want to add more functionality when the method is called successfully(when do they click, before or after the match.
okay...point noted...thanks...
@deostroll The reason they do half+1 is that they found half using var half = Math.floor(values.length/2);
So the sort order doesn't matter, it's all about finding the position
@LuluthoMgwali You cannot return some data from ajax call. You need to set src in the ajax onsuccess.
And if you ask me to pick, I will pick the direct url assignment to audio.src. Much simpler. I do not see the ajax adding anything new.
Woot, I just hit 1m reached on SO.
@ssube but Angular is great for getting rep haha
I have 11k rep just from Angular answers.
@Sheepy they both seem not to go trough to the webservice.
5:08 AM
@m59 I used to farm a bit there but once it really picked up popularity the quality of questions gave me headaches and I had to stop :)
Yeah, I only answer one on occasion now.. I finally found one tonight that I hadn't seen before and was a decent endeavor.
A: Dynamically generate select menu options for each unselected item in an array

m59Here's one way you could do it. Live demo (click here.) <div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="MyCtrl"> <div>Selected: {{selected}}</div> <div>Available: {{notSelectedHours()}}</div> <div ng-repeat="item in selects() track by $index"> <select ng-model="selected[$index]" ng-options="hour fo...

I wish there were better questions - only 18 answer away from gold angular badge ;D
Your jsbin demo doesn't work for me
but answer looks sound :)
Chrome 44
@LuluthoMgwali Then you need to debug that. First check whether server return anything. Then check whether what is really returned. Not much we can help from the JS side.
5:12 AM
Strange. Anything in the console? @ivarni ?
Getting some errors from JSON.parse for some reason, possibly not related to your code at all
I run HTTPS Everywhere plugin, could be the culprit
Nah. jsbin is just boney like that.
Yep, that was the problem
going back the the URL and adding HTTPS works
You could have put that into the link from the answer ;)
5:35 AM
Q: Console is not showing any message in log

Nafees Anwari am using following script to test something $(document).ready(function () { function calculate() { var myObj = { x: 1, y: 5, z: 3 }; console.log(myObj) } $('#calc').on('click', calculate); }); but i don't get anything i...

6:07 AM
A: Are C# arrays thread safe?

Jon SkeetI believe that if each thread only works on a separate part of the array, all will be well. If you're going to share data (i. e. communicate it between threads) then you'll need some sort of memory barrier to avoid memory model issues. I believe that if you spawn a bunch of threads, each of whic...

^ So read operations from a c# array are always safe...even when two or more threads are trying to access the same array element...?
morning :D
Oops wrong room :0
Yeah, this is what I just thought
6:22 AM
Q: Migrate a windows 8.1 app to windows 10 universal app

Aman Khatrii am trying to migrate from an existing 8.1 app (working perfectly fine) to win 10 universal app. There are a lot of obstacles like MSApp.execUnsafeLocalFuntion being removed. There are a lot of js errors. Some of errors being- The app couldn’t resolve ms-appx://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js ...

Mornin! :D

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