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9:00 PM
@pirabdulwakeel perhaps try this: community.spiceworks.com/topic/…
not sure if that's relevant to IE11 but it looks like theres an option to enable/disable sound on webpages
i am pro jqueryer
@MaryStar how could that grammar enforce the second rule?
@NickDugger dude me too!!1!
I like your avatar m8
thx m8
9:01 PM
It's like our two dolans are kissing
Aren't you both the same dude using two browsers ?
@JanDvorak what do you mean?
In some other dimension, probably
@Abhishrek how did you know??
I didnt !
9:02 PM
@MaryStar I mean, how would you build a context-free grammar that defines this language?
...breaks out colors.php and logs IPs
I'd try the pumping lemma for context-free languages
do we not use the pumping lemma only to prove that a language is not context-free?
Do we know that the language is not context-free?
> all over the world computer
that's some NWO shit right there
two nicks is too much
9:05 PM
computer all over the world pumping lemmas
Not enough nicks
Would have been better if he was a Dick Nugger
@MaryStar We can use the puming lemma to prove a language isn't context-free. We can construct a grammar to prove a language is context-free. At least one of these should succeed.
Duck Nignog
9:05 PM
there used to be quite a few more nicks in this room
Somehow that's probably flagable, but fuck it
@Nick, play sound in web page is checked.
remove before boltclock comes in here and bans all nicks for good measure
The battle for Top Nick was brutal. But eventually, @NickDugger trolls them all away and took the crown.
9:06 PM
trolled* ?
yes that
@SterlingArcher If i am correcting your english you need sleep !
I'll sleep when I'm dead
like RUJordan ?
Plot twist: I die every night.
9:07 PM
I like this other nick, though, so no trolling needed
@SterlingArcher why would you do that?
you just got abhishrekt
@Abhishrek dang
@JanDvorak In this case we want to check if the language is context-free. So, we apply the pumping lemma. If all the conditions are satisfied then we conclude that the language is not context-free and if at least one condition is not satisfied we conclude that the language is contrext-free. Is this correct?
@ssube maximizing potential living time, obviously
9:08 PM
@SterlingArcher how do you revive ?
@Jhawins rolls over and shakes him awake
@Abhishrek when enough flags from the lounge gather, I awaken.
And that kids, is why I don't sleep much
Your move, Lounge. >=|
@SterlingArcher nah, why would you stop when you died?
Don't even worry about dying, just keep doing your shit
bc ded
@MaryStar non-existence of proof does not imply proof of non-existence. I even think there are pumpable non-CFG languages out there - check the wiki article on pumping lemma
9:10 PM
nah man
death ain't nothin but a thang
!!wiki pumping lemma
In the theory of formal languages, the pumping lemma may refer to Pumping lemma for regular languages, the fact that all sufficiently long strings in such a language have a substring that can be repeated arbitrarily many times, usually used to prove that certain languages are not regular Pumping lemma for context-free languages, the fact that all sufficiently long strings in such a language have a pair of substrings that can be repeated arbitrarily many times, usually used to prove that certain languages are not context-free Pumping lemma for indexed languages Pumping lemma for regular tree languages...
I don't even wanna be an old man
@JanDvorak Don't pump the lemurs!
we have an agent planted in the Lounge
9:11 PM
I want to smoke the craziest weed in 50 years of not smoking, and be the first person to OD on it.
That's my exit plan
The sad part is I'm only half kidding.
@SterlingArcher I swear to various gods, if you ruin weed for everybody...
hm thats tough to do
> On the other hand, there are languages that are not context-free, but still satisfy the condition given by the pumping lemma, for example L = { b^jc^kd^l | j, k, l ∈ ℕ } ∪ { a^ib^jc^jd^j | i, j ∈ ℕ, i≥1 }: for s=b^jc^kd^l with e.g. j≥1 choose vwx to consist only of b’s, for s=a^ib^jc^jd^j choose vwx to consist only of a’s; in both cases all pumped strings are still in L.
If you overdose on weed, I will wake you up from being dead and beat you to death with your own cheetos.
@ssube lmao
cheetos forever ruined by chihuahua
9:17 PM
dogs forever ruined by chihuahuas
i live with a chihuahua and she sucks
impossible to train, doesn't shut up, and requires a babysitter 24/7
their brains are too small to be trained i think
@towc lmao.. "come on our girls" i can't tell what's worse... the grammar or the innuendo
@JanDvorak $L=\{w∈∑^{\star} \mid |w|_a=|w|_b, |w|_c = 2|w|_a\}$

We suppose that $L$ is context-free.

Let $s$ be a word of the language, $s=a^pb^pc^{2p}$, where $p$ is the pumping length.

Then from the pumping lemma, we can write $s=uvwxy$ such that $|vwx| \leq p$, $|vx| \geq 1$ and $uv^iwx^iy, \forall i \geq 0$.

There are the following cases:

1. $vwx = a^j$ for some $j \leq p$.
2. $vwx = a^jb^k$ for some $j$ and $k$ with $j+k \leq p$.
3. $vwx = b^j$ for some $j \leq p$.
4. $vwx = b^jc^k$ for some $j$ and $k$ with $j+k \leq p$.
9:28 PM
@towc probably got promoted for
@MaryStar I don't think I can be trusted with a proof read right now, sorry.
@towc "dingleberry" is not bad...
I can think of 2 things called dingleberry that have to do with camping and not poop..
As well as ice cream
So meh!
!!google dingleberry
Oh my fucking god shit wow there are google results... IN THE CHAT golly that's so damn useful I totally don't wish !!google never existed
!!afk lol I'm done for the day it's been long
9:36 PM
You need sleep, J. Go take it.
take yo sleep
9:54 PM
Before sleep, check this out
What I meant to paste:
bird is what
damn @FlorianMargaine so many stars dude
I think thats the most I've ever seen
10:13 PM
cannot shim google as a global with browserify-shim
@SomeKittens Best comment on that video: Shut the hell your mouth!
Does anyone have chrome os here?
Opinions on the system?
I've used it
very good at what it does
which is what
Browsing the web
10:26 PM
chrome OS is only for browsing the web?
You can get a real Linux on those boxes
I don't see the real purpose of chrome os
so chromebooks are just for browsing the web??
That's what 90% of the population does
and you'd want an entire computer
just for that
why isn't it super-slim and super-cheap?
It is
10:33 PM
since all it does is web-stuff
Much better than a tablet
@Sterling I saw that lego sculpture you posted of the yellow guy ripping his chest in the exhibition. It's remarkably small for what I was expecting! The whole exhibition was amazing though. The value of those bricks... crazy.
@afonsomatos what I don't understand is why anyone would want a chromebook to store their personal files in Google's hands. Here, google, read all my tax notes. Have some love letters. Would you like to see my doctor's correspondence?
@Polyducks yeah, since "nothing is stored in the computer" right?
just a way for google to become more powerful and sell information to the government
Shit, I left my tinfoil hat at home today
10:42 PM
@afonsomatos Hence, install Linux
@copy I have ubuntu :)
anyone familiar with chrome apps here?
when I try to use the command --load-and-launch-app, it says there is no manifest file. But when I load it in the browser, it doesn't complain.
The command:    google-chrome --load-and-launch-app=/chrome-app
Where chrome-app is a folder.
I'm afraid I've not used them before, afon. Sorry mate!
We are aware of the issues with some people having issues access our site and are working on it.
11:03 PM
We're sending out a workaround for the routing issue now - access to sites should be normal within about 5 minutes.
Q: Converting Excel formula into javascript format

Christine DamonI'm trying to convert an Excel formula into jquery. Excel Formula: a1 * (a2/ 12) / (1 - (1 + (a2/ 12)) ^ -(a3* 12)); However, I'm stuck where the operator "^" came out. I researched Math.pow but I'm not sure how I'm gonna set values inside that method So far, I have this var temp = $('#temp')...

Lol, Two almost identical answers quoting W3Schools withing 30 seconds of eachother. nice
Hi, does anyone know what's going on here? stackoverflow.com/questions/31149836/…
@James Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@CapricaSix Thanks :)
Q: Browserify-shim using google as a dependency

vamsiampoluI use a couple of libraries from google viz. google-maps google-picker google client api for authentication I would like to shim L.Google using browserify-shim: "browserify-shim": { "google": "global:google", "L.Google": { "depends": [ "leaflet:L", "google" ] } ... } I get this...

11:24 PM
@James what do you mean?
Does anybody have solution for this issue ? stackoverflow.com/questions/31148039/…
@James isArrayLike is testing undefined
@James speculation: look for your data being undefined
@DougGale Don't worry man it's sorted now, was some weird jQuery error by the looks of it
Vamps are out early today.
@DougGale I'm only using a library, none of the jQuery is mine so I didn't really know what to look for
11:32 PM
@SomeKittens as a highly experienced frontend engineer
@James You're not really programming in this case then...
what do you think my hourly rate for contract work should be?
@nick A million billion dollars.
true true
Where's the client?
11:33 PM
but lets be realistic
US based
@SomeKittens Not on this occasion, well done for noticing :)
this is a theoretical client btw
very good
$100/hr this work better cure cancer ;)
11:34 PM
@James That's the average cost of a JS programmer around here
@SomeKittens do excuse me, I'm not really experienced in the world of work - still 16 haha
@SomeKittens That's crazy though, very impressive.
my wallet thinks so too
i should probably charge $110 so it doesn't look like I just made up a number
don't negotiate on price. It shows you don't value your time, and those that try to negotiate such a thing aren't clients you want to have.
Are you thinking of dropping out of the salaried rat race?
considering it
11:53 PM
@SomeKittens yeah I was gonna ask you about that
i half finished my application like 2 weeks ago and was too lazy to finish it
i got an email a few days later congratulating me on my admission
unexpected but not unwelcomed
@KendallFrey i got an email a few days later congratulating me on my emission (source)
anyways, looks like theres plenty of jobs. what's your experience on landing a gig?
I just got an email about an "Exceptional PHP Developer Opportunity".

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