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12:01 AM
yea, didnt see the response until now lol
was like $130 or so
so not too bad, has all the parts talked to the guy a bit he said it works perfectly
require(['exports?twttr!external?platform.twitter.com/widgets.js!'], function(twttr) {
/** external-loader **/
var request = require('request');
module.exports = function() {
  var cb = this.async();
  var src = this.query.substring(1);
  request(src, function(err, result, body) {
    cb(err, body);
Ah wait, lazy loading though. I think I'm lost.
Oh! So, it gets downloaded and bundled at build time, but lazy loaded when needed at runtime?
yep. So, I think this makes sense.
@Loktar btw, thanks. Dunno why I didn't show my appreciation for the kind words. It did make me feel better.
oh haha np man
12:25 AM
reminds me of google sky
(a little)
Newcomer's question. Between standard-issue JavaScript an jQuery, where does Angular LS fit ?
That might be a sore subject right now. @NickAlexeev
@m59 It seems that just about anything about JavaScript was a sore subject at one time or another.
In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what stack to use and learn for my personal hobby project.
12:46 AM
@NickAlexeev Angular is a fully fledged framework. jQuery is a utility/cross-browser weirdness fixing library
@phenomnomnominal Does Angular take care of weirdness too? Are the weirdness issues still pressing, or are they gone because browser wars are over? Not that I need support for IE 6.
jQuery is not for applications
1:03 AM
Angular only supports IE9+ I believe
Most of the weirdness is gone, but there is some.
Fuck me, I actually really like TypeScript.
@phenomnomnominal I see what you're trying to do here, and I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm married.
For now.
1:59 AM
The recommended solution is a little ways above, using $script, but I can't see how that's the right way.
@m59 I still kinda feel like it falls outside of the domain of Webpack.
The idea being you have your libs from npm or bower and bundle them up.
1 hour later…
3:31 AM
@phenomnomnominal yeah, but it's just not possible in this case. Seems like anything would be better than that. The suggestion in that thread is to use another script loader, which loses the benefit of chaining with loaders (as in my use case)
Why is it not possible?
What would any other solution be?
Why is it not possible to use npm or bower or download the lib and bundle it?
Ah, because that seemed to be contrary to twitter's intention
Not that their intention should matter, lol. I was thinking they may change something internally which would require an update to the downloaded file
It gets downloaded every build this way, so that wouldn't be a problem.
no module/package/version. pretty fail. platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
3:49 AM
amazon s3 anyone?
@m59 Yeh that sucks, but I imagine it's actually probably pretty stable.
4:10 AM
hah, trippy... it doesn't actually work
in the oddest way..
ok question on finding resources for how to build functions that return an error and a result? Like mongoose does.
so that when using the function I can do
dafunction(thing).then (err, result)
4:49 AM
@phenomnomnominal hahahaha, screw twitter, man. There are 13 timeouts in this script. It tries to bone you every which way possible.
@m59 time to rewrite it yourself
even after including it directly, it requires setTimeout(function() { console.log(twttr) }
otherwise, the object doesn't have properties haha
What could be the purpose of delaying the properties??
Fuck knows, that sounds bizarre.
Is "What the @#$% is Twitter thinking?" an appropriate title for a SO post? xD
5:09 AM
@m59 Science!
Q: Why, O Why does this Twitter library delay the addition of its object properties?

m59The Twitter widget library exposes a global variable twttr. I'd like to modularize this library on the fly using webpack with exports-loader. The problem is that, while the twttr variable is immediately exposed, it's properties are still undefined when accessing it synchronously. console.log(twt...

@m59 opinion based
Not CV ing it myself, curious as to the answer
are you not kidding!?
5:26 AM
Nah, some deletionist will hit it eventually
May want to change the verbiage to " what functionality does this allow" or soneauch
Some such
If that's not a good question, there are no good questions.
hey noders
whats wrong with this
im getting econnrefuse stupid useless error
pls help w. this callback situation on the linked line
@SomeKittens you have any idea?
or @m59
5:44 AM
stack trace?
exports.getWebsite(data.url, function(result) {
if(term === result) {
that part is erroring @m59 when i remove it it works
Do you know what a stack trace is?
@m59 yeah im getting it up
dunno, seems like it's related to something in the callback. Maybe it doesn't like the argument you're passing there.
@m59 ugh yeah im lost too lol
5:49 AM
log the value of data.businesses[0].id and then run the cb function with it independent of the rest of your code
nvm that works, data.url is undefined
https://gist.github.com/tejas-manohar/78461e04016150e18a71 results in http://i.imgur.com/JPunLF3.png
https://gist.github.com/tejas-manohar/aa6a727d070e8a0a4e1a results in http://i.imgur.com/3nCQzaN.png
why does
exports.lookup(searchTerm.substring(0, searchTerm.length - 1), loc, cb);
not work for this part?
@RahulDesai it works on line 11 - gist.github.com/tejas-manohar/…
6:03 AM
not sure
me neither
and that === is true at the point when its reduced to patel
check separately if the arguments that you are passing in lookup are correct
@RahulDesai thats a really smart idea
@RahulDesai added console.log(term) at top of that function
@RahulDesai got this imgur.com/1s8oFvB
@RahulDesai lol hang
keeps making new lines
console.logging ''
ill do a check to make sure param is actually a word
oh shit
i got it
term im passing isnt original lol
so its like 'p'
@RahulDesai are these parameters optional in functions in js
like do i have to pass 3 arguments to a fucntion(one, two, three)
oh i dont nice!
6:12 AM
check the docs for that function
yayyy i got it
js is awesome
6:56 AM
7:12 AM
ideas on how to resolve this?
Morning Folks
how can i change default message for a checkbox with required attribute?
By default it says "Please check this filed if you want to proceed"
I have multicheck box
Hi guys, I'm using NodeJS, and I have a sqlite3 database, that I can open using command line and by downloading it from my server and opening it up in RazorSQL (GUI SQL Browser). However, when I try to use it with node-sqlite3, I a "SQLITE_CANTOPEN".
@udaysagar the validation plugin by bassistance can solve this
Here's an issue that has the same issue as I do: github.com/mapbox/node-sqlite3/issues/371
7:32 AM
I have been doing this
8:06 AM
@udaysagar and?
8:37 AM
Hi, can i use find for 3 classes ?
 $("#datable").find(".mdact .mdel .mddel").hide();
@CustomizedName .one, .two commas are the key
8:55 AM
@CustomizedName or .mdact.mdel.mddel if you want elements with all those classes.
Thanks guys :)
hey guys
having regex issues
not sure how to fix that error
@CustomizedName @RoelvanUden ideas?
well, clearly, it's an invalid regular expression
@tejas-manohar break it apart and find where the error starts
no one is going to manually parse your regex
guys it's working!
9:09 AM
hi, anyone has suggestions on how to handle authorization in angularjs? I already have a userprofile available during config (index.html is server side rendered & includes a variable with the profile). But I have to disable ng-clicks / pages / specific html parts all over the place
is anyone using Inbox by Google?
it's like mailbox by Dropbox
is it?
I like the way it uses mails like notifications in smartphones
oh wait, I'm lying
thought you meant the updated gmail app
@tejas-manohar Think about escaping special characters in JS strings ;-)
9:15 AM
@Dev Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@Busata yeah, the same one, Inbox by Google
!!tell Zirak define didactic
@Zirak didactic Instructive or intended to teach or demonstrate, especially with regard to morality. (I.e., didactic poetry)
9:37 AM
I am using IE8 :( Such days!
Q: Error while building sample C/C++ project using Emscripten

Rahul DesaiI am following the instructions about building a project provided here. I am trying to build the sample project "bullet" that comes with Emscripten. Initially I fired the command emconfigure configure inside the sample project but I got an error: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\emscripten\1.25.0\te...

Just wrote an endpoint for the API of the node app I'm making that checks if a string is a valid JavaScript variable name. Too meta.
so... str.match(/[a-zA-Z0-9_]/)?
reserved words, unicode etc
just found this handy thing: github.com/joelarson4/CharFunk
9:51 AM
looks good!
10:02 AM
Please install updates -> restart -> restart -> preparing to install updates -> restart -> installing updates -> restart -> installing drivers -> restart .... @Windows... seriously???
I have stopped installing updates on my Windows machine since I got some issues with the Firefox device
fuc* that
> You need to have .net Framework 3.0 installed to run this file. Installed .net Framework 4.0. Would you like to go to microsoft site to install .net Framework 3.0 now?
!!tell Zirak define phlegmatic
@Zirak phlegmatic Not easily excited to action or passion; calm; sluggish.
10:17 AM
Guys, please help me out:
I am getting the required message even after checking some box
I am removing "oninvalid". Still I couldn't proceed
@udaysagar I would have done that... if I wasn't on IE8 :(
you can use browser stack
10:34 AM
i have some troubles with svg file...
When i use it in web mode i handle images with <image tags and xlink:href attributes... i use only svg image files
But now i have to generate a pdf with this svg. So, i need to convert my <image tags to the svg image file contents.
For this, i parse my svg global file, search for image tags, and then i have to replace it by its href file contents. BUT i have to manage the initial image attributes to set them on the "new" image (which is a svg... in fact, it'll be a <g tag
Guys, I need multicheck box with same name and with required field.
I have been trying but couldn't arrive at my requirements
10:54 AM
@udaysagar What is a multicheck box?
You mean a list with checkboxes?
@udaysagar fire event on click on submit. If not any box checked, then show message. If a box checked, then submit ;)
@udaysagar get your checkboxes. On click on submit, check if one of these is checked. If so, you can submit, if not, you show your message...
i have a post submit
couldn't link onclick with that
why isn't this working?

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