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Need to be more specific. We are coders. I don't think we'd say that.
I don't say that :D
hehehe dont take it on your,, now what i was thinking..i have committed some sort of crime asking a question
Though I do professionally identify as a fire juggler. Coding is just my "pay my rent" job
you are checking a word like every word that i have written here is just to pin point the group members
Well, precision wording is pretty key in programming
5:04 AM
it means i have to use prefix and postfix with every word or teerm i am using i my sentence ..come onn
@stylishCoder "Coder" is definitely too board and need to be more specific. For example I can identify that Chinese programmers love to say HTML5 as H5, or that many senior member in this room don't think jQuery is necessary now. I can also say most real life programmers I know in Hong Kong and UK pronounces MySQL as My-See-Qual. These are much more specific groups than "coders".
Alright now i got it @Sheepy the term precise.. will use that
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