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7:01 PM
bluebird docs... ^ cc @BenjaminGruenbaum
The ads you get say more about you than the website you are one.
@AwalGarg link?
I get the same ad.
They're disqus ads..
@AwalGarg Ads injected by Disqus
7:10 PM
See.. high-brow ad for a high-brow person.
Hi Guys, I have a quick question seriously it don't worth a post in SO... so if someone could just point me a lecture or something....

I have an array like this : ["30 ml", "50 ml[+7.00]"]

and I want to search an entry with 50 ml

if I do indexof('50 ml') i got -1 instead of the position...

Any idea ?
I just realized I have alsa set to 150% volume and my earphones are deep inside my ears. And I am wondering on every ping why these suckers are so irritating.
@JonathanLafleur indexOf only matches exactly
It's because it's not an exact match. Make a more custom find by looping over the array.
!!> '50 mil[+7.00]' === '50 ml'
7:13 PM
@SomeKittens false
Thank you @SomeKittens i'll check that asap ! :)
man.. i really want to make a terminal-based monitoring tool, now: github.com/Yomguithereal/react-blessed (react-blessed, a react renderer for terminal apps)
Does it depend on libjs-react?
holy shit, that thing actually exists
@littlepootis what about libjs-vanilla?
7:17 PM
@AwalGarg Didn't get the same ad, got curious, searched for it. Boring. Women went hiking near hunting grounds, felt pain in her chest. Later, removing her bra, found a bullet impression. "[She] immediately alerted the hunter about the incident".
If it doesn't, I am packaging it right now and requesting immediate inclusion in all distros' repos.
"Internet weirdo unimpressed by woman's bra"
The picture you saw had as a description: Woman nearing nice bra illustration
I found no visible bra in said picture, suspicion ensues. Zoomed in until saw her DNA, found her address, asked if she wore a bra. She was not co-operative, instead asked me unrelated questions like "how did you get in" and shouted things like "get out of my shower".
The plot thickens.
who wears a bra in the shower?
7:21 PM
@Zirak I am a member of anonymous and one of their senior hackers. I traced your actions through my custom Visual Basic hacker app and I have found that she also said "holy shit" when she saw you.
I mean, sure, wear your favorite mumu or even a paisley hat, but a bra? That's like wearing Cheddar to the Munster ball
You wear cheese?
You don't?!?
7:23 PM
aur.archlinux.org/packages/jquery huh. they do retarded things on aur too now?!
wait.. why is that an arch package?
> It would be nice to install jquery to a more standard location like /usr/share/javascript/jquery/ so that all javascript libraries can be installed into a common location (/usr/share/javascript/)
there is jquery-ui in there too...
@Luggage Some packages use them.
someone wanted to say "I maintain the jQuery package for Arch"
Like fish for documentation
7:26 PM
just bring your own .js libraries with you. Using an OS-level package manager for that is out of place, I think.
@SomeKittens all package managers for JS bring node as a dependency which might not be ideal
That's a tad irrelevant. There're lots of python- packages, as well as emacs- and vim- etc even though they all have package managers.
yeah, os level packaging for language specific libs is fine. but... jquery...
@Zirak if this was some system-level tool, sure
7:28 PM
@AwalGarg but I want my package's html doc to be a SPA
So I use Angula and jQuer
if you include jquery and angular, you gotta makes packages for all the popular packages in npm.
so redundant.
@littlepootis Actually fish used it for their config generator app, not docs. try running an http server in /usr/share/fish/tools/web_config
You don't gotta do anything; AUR is user contributed, those things will never land in the repositories
they better not! :)
Debian has libjs-(jquery|angular|react)
official repos, yeah
7:30 PM
btw, did I ever tell you about my dream? No? Here's my dream: mwelab.com/en
@Zirak you like weird porn.
They used to have two products
@Zirak scroll hijacking... Y THEY NO GET IT!
@Luggage Masturbating to that would be awful, the orgasm would shatter your pelvis
7:31 PM
And reduce life span?
I'd happily die in that chair
In fact, if I'd ever get it I'd probably die in that chair
EU laws force you to declare cookie usage, and here people are freely hijacking browser scrolling. our world is deeply flawed.
Get a minifridge, attach a catheter...
@AwalGarg Are brownies an acceptable alternative?
7:34 PM
@Zirak have you maybe tried living in a home instead :s
with separation of concerns for all those processes and single responsibility principle etc.
@Zirak Does it make coffee?
@AwalGarg Fuck that the kernel's monolothic all your arguments are bullshit
@Zirak Oh if only there were a better alternative
@MadaraUchiha That's a customization option but coffee is gross
my kernel isn't monolithic.
7:38 PM
I'm making a kickstarter, "Buy Zirak that chair". $6845 sans shipping. It'll probably be $40k after shipping.
plz help
What do we get out of it?
so I've being trying to write a novel with scrivener!
not dickpics please
@AwalGarg windows bsd
@Luggage My everlasting happiness and eventual death
7:38 PM
meh, depends on the dick
but I miss webstorm, so am looking at using it with multimarkdown and hopefully a way to export it in kindle format @ssube
@SuperUberDuper You miss webstorm? What exactly do you miss?
I miss using git with it + all the finding shortcuts I'm used to. scrivener doesn't work well with git (it uses mac archive folders and things change a lot)
just use git on the commandline with scrivener?
git diffs are better than scrivener snapshot comparison
7:41 PM
unless it doesn't store plain text, in which case burn it to the ground.
just use vim
it does but has lots of custom stuff
there you go. vim is great for general text editing.
"delete sentence", "go to next paragraph"
Or, you know, any text editor you're comfortable with
It is just text, after all.
I just don't see the exact advantage scrivener gives me over my coding IDE's
maybe the reason he never gets anything accomplished is that this room is the editor he's most familiar with?
You want to use an IDE to write a novel?
I support using and "IDE" or editor. Since he should only be caring about the text then use whatever you like typing text in. No special tools needed.
7:44 PM
If you use ANOTHER tool then you want to go formatting it.. then whatever.
See? IDEs are so general purpose you can write a novel with them. IDEs clearly win over text/code editors.
I know what you are trying to say, Awal, but what if an IDE just happens to be his favorite editor. Who cares if it's overkill or not as general purpose as someone else's choice.
I wrote an IDE in lisp in under 60 lines.
7:47 PM
in 16.04 you can set unity to be on the bottom of the screen
it'll be more like windows 10 or osx, then.
yea. it might make unity 'good enough to not care about wanting to change anymore'.
So Linux took 8 years to properly copy Windows. Poor Linux.
and windows is copying osx and linux
it's all good, really.
copy-cats everywhere. no originality left in kids these days
7:49 PM
it's refinement. Some ideas eventually bubble to the top.
Sorry to interrupt but i have this question: I know this website which has just a basic index.html with no links. I want to know what else is on the domain. So i basically need a program which could kind of brute-force search the domain for common doc names such as site.php, page.php, about.html, etc. Do you know of any such program?
@ProgrammingMachine5000 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@ProgrammingMachine5000 er, why?
I think it's good that normal OS interactions are stabilizing on a reasonable pattern. MS tried to shake things up and they went to far. There is a system that works. The same way all cars use the same controls and pedal locations.
Do Tesla drivers still call it a gas pedal?
7:52 PM
@SomeKittens tasked to do a school project and create some website and I know another groups domain and want to see their progress
@ProgrammingMachine5000 dirbuster
It's called something pretentious, I'm sure. :)
@ProgrammingMachine5000 uh, ask them?
@Luggage looks like 'accelerator' is the most common
@Luggage Just had to look up what pretentious means:D
@ProgrammingMachine5000 actually, better strategy, take the time you'd spend on this and spend it on making your project better
7:54 PM
@SomeKittens yeah it's actually just to show the other's how much of a cool script-kid i am that i found their site
unless this is an espionage class, in which case go with the first idea.
@ProgrammingMachine5000 "cool script kiddie" is an oxymoron
Hi! If I want to load .ics URLs from different domains like icloud/google into a mashup site; what is the easiest or best way to enable CORS? Would it be a serverside proxy?
@SomeKittens thats why i used it
7:55 PM
@ProgrammingMachine5000 dirbuster?
@Gersom CORS is a header. Set the header.
wanna be a script-kid? use sendgrid to send emails from your teacher's account to everyone about some exam delays or holiday announcement at 8 in the night.
@Zirak thanks
This is probably a really dumb question, but aren't headers set serverside?
@Gersom correct
7:56 PM
s/set/sent from/
@AwalGarg hahaha
I think he's saying he wants to use urls that he does not control and can no set CORS headers on.
Preferably without a server setup
@Gersom no can do
but... client can send headers to the server too. happens all the time
7:57 PM
@Zirak thanks...what did you search for/how did you find out about it? I just couldn't find one on google, just found spiders but as there are no links, there's nothing to spider after
@AwalGarg CORS headers aren't client.
But lets say I would make a nodejs server proxy
There are proxy sites you can use to set the headers, if you hate security.
oh CORS headers. I thought just headers in general
@Gersom yeah, you can do that
@AwalGarg yeah, context wasn't great
7:58 PM
If I may ask another question: This chat is like really interesting, how do you find an at least somewhat full/interesting chatroom on SO?
Is that not vulnerable to other people using that same proxy?
@ProgrammingMachine5000 I just know about it
or are some of you on some sort of irc?
@Zirak alright thx
This is my IRC.
2 hours ago, by Awal Garg
cool irc channels to hangout in?
@ProgrammingMachine5000 start reading from there
@littlepootis I read that HN thread too :)
Ah, I see now that tools like cors-proxy are using a whitelist to avoid unauthorized use
So then I could whitelist known iCal domains
@AwalGarg same
> 13:30 <xQuasar> | Alright thanks guys, I'll be back later to actually learn
> | some haskell for real
@AwalGarg nodejs-dev is fine, whatwg, promises, erights, there are a bunch of nice rooms
Now to really boost my scriptkiddie status anyone got a quick hint on how to use dirBuster without getting blacklisted?
8:05 PM
> #promises ES2015 promises are in io.js!
@BenjaminGruenbaum 2014 too much? :P
nodejs-dev looks empty to me
What does yield do? All I can find is some confusing talk about generator functions or something..
It suspends the current function call, among a couple other things.
temporarily stops execution
I am using it in the context of nightmare
8:10 PM
javascript is a nightmare indeed
yield nightmare.goto('http://yahoo.com')
That stops execution?
you are probably using some wrapper function to emulate async/await
oh. incomplete example is incomplete.
so.. does yield pause the program until something happens?
8:13 PM
it pauses until the promise returned by nightmare.goto has settled
promise ?
So, in the context of:
yield Nightmare()
  .type('input[title="Search"]', 'github nightmare')
Nightmare() returns an object or a promise?
or .click returns a promise?
8:17 PM
okay.. thanks
so I'm guessing I don't really need to know about them..
week guess
Should I? Are they important?
@AwalGarg lol
8:19 PM
Okay.. but I don't need to use them unless I need to pause the program for something?
do whatever you want
@thepiercingarrow a promise is a value + time
yields are only for pausing programs?
it's the result of click, except you don't have it yet.
"yield" in this context gives you the value afterwards.
8:20 PM
yield is a keyword in a generator, read about generators.
so yield waits until you've clicked it, then returns some stuff I should know?
can I get some help pls, I am coming from c# Background and I'm currently learning JavaScript (AngularJs Framework)
@MatthiasHerrmann I think c# is similar to javascript syntax..
I got this Code:
  $scope.projects = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
in my index file I got this:
    <script>for (var i in projects) {

@MatthiasHerrmann So your $scope.projects is a stack, and you push "ExampleTitle1", "ExampleTitle2", etc. until "ExampleTitle9" into the stack.
8:22 PM
how can I create a new Paragraph containing i for each i in Projects?
use createChild for vanilla. if you use jquery (you shouldn't) then you can use .append
<p ng-repeat="p in projects">{{p}}</p>
@BenjaminGruenbaum thanks
@AwalGarg ty It is working
8:24 PM
@MatthiasHerrmann glad I got my first line of angularjs right.
@AwalGarg Now I'm Feeling noobish
how does that work?
is it angle specific?
It is starting with ng-repeat so yes :D
sry not good with angles :P
@AwalGarg and how to repeat this more complex html?
 <li class="mdl-list__item mdl-list__item--three-line">
            <span class="mdl-list__item-primary-content">
                <i class="material-icons mdl-list__item-avatar">person</i>
                <span class="mdl-list__item-text-body">
            <span class="mdl-list__item-secondary-content">
                <a class="mdl-list__item-secondary-action" href="#"><i class="material-icons">star</i></a>
8:35 PM
I don't know angular, sorry.
Projects, and descriptions are simple arrays
I'm new to dotchains.. would this work?
Nightmare = require('nightmare');

exports = function(username, password, thread, message) {
    nightmare = new Nightmare();
      .authentication(username, password)
      .type('.cmty-post-text-area', message)
      .click('.cmty-submit-button btn btn-primary')
wait lemme run it on my PC and see if works and tell you the answer
got it working:
  <li class="mdl-list__item mdl-list__item--three-line" ng-repeat="p in projects">
            <span class="mdl-list__item-primary-content">
                <i class="material-icons mdl-list__item-avatar">person</i>
                <span class="mdl-list__item-text-body">
            <span class="mdl-list__item-secondary-content">
                <a class="mdl-list__item-secondary-action" href="#"><i class="material-icons">star</i></a>
dont use href='#' - its confusing and if you forget to return false it scrolls to the top
8:39 PM
just don't know how to iterate descriptions
actually i suck at js so do whatever you want ;)
@thepiercingarrow Don't worry I won't publish that like this ;D I just C&P it from Google material design lite ....
9:05 PM
Hello can someone help me with PHP and mysqli? PHP chat is dead.
@user2877144 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Hello. Can someone help me use $result that stores mysqli result object as a table?
$sql = "SELECT * FROM wine WHERE wine.winery_id =".$wineryid;
$result1 = $db->query($sql);
$sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$result1." WHERE wine_type =".$winetypeid;
This statement doesn't work: $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$result1." WHERE wine_type =".$winetypeid; because $result is not being considered as a table. What other ways of doing this are there? Thank you.
@user2877144 uh, wrong language
Should anyone give him a small lesson on SQLi or should we let him realize when he loses his first job?
@MatthiasHerrmann if you're using href="#" to ensure that it still looks clickable, just add a { cursor: pointer; } to your CSS
9:26 PM
@SomeKittens Ok will do that, ty
9:50 PM
@AndrewCay The multiplayer one. I liked the idea and the technology
I got it, Towc.
10:25 PM
hi anyone here?
have a question
Go ahead.
how do i convert 00:28:53.23 to 28 minutes 53 seconds
in angularjs
i have been looking all over the internet
btw i am using ionic
@Gothdo can you help?
any help?
one other thing i forgot to add is this i want to show in the following format: 0 hour 28 minutes 53 seconds
here is what i have tryed
            <p>{{ vodsincat.length | date: 'HH hours mm minutes and ss seconds' }}</p>
but even that did not work
!!> d = new Date('1970-01-01 00:28:53.23'); d.getMinutes().toString() + ' minutes ' + d.getSeconds() + ' seconds'
@Luggage "NaN minutes NaN seconds"
you b....
!!> d = new Date('1970-01-01T00:28:53.23'); d.getMinutes().toString() + ' minutes ' + d.getSeconds() + ' seconds'
10:37 PM
@Luggage "28 minutes 53 seconds"
Do you know any library to convert a string like "5 minutes" or "3 hours" to the number of milliseconds in the specified period of time (respectively 1000 * 60 * 5 and 1000 * 60 * 60 * 3 in this examples)?
!!> can you help
10:53 PM
@TheBeast "SyntaxError: missing ; before statement"
any solutions
at all
@JayS. Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
11:02 PM
and @Gothdo
@JayS. thanks you for you respond but i need it to change when i am listing it i am pulling it from a api
@TheBeast, sorry, that was meant to answer Gothdo's question, tagged you by accident. I don't know angular.. Sorry;
o ok
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