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12:37 AM
@ItachiUchiha I meant push. Wrong command :/
12:49 AM
Hey @Tavo
how's it going?
Workin' on @OakBot
adding new features?
sweet. What's new?
12:52 AM
/help learn
@Michael Teaches the bot a new command. Syntax: /learn commandName output
didn't that exist already?
OakBot is running 24/7 now, thanks to the @Uni cloud
oh, sweet
No xD
12:52 AM
good job mate
1:22 AM
@T test
@Ta test
@Tav test
Ah, three letters.
@Michael poke poke
You're a dead fish?
1:50 AM
I sure feel like one today after my class
so tired!
2:31 AM
Shutting down. See you later.
OakBot Online.
/afk sleeping
@Michael Cya later.
@Michael you suck
@Unihedron Michael is away: sleeping
2:35 AM
/afk but even if he was he wouldn't care about you
@Unihedron Cya later.
@Unihedron You're awesome! :D
@Michael Unihedron is away: but even if he was he wouldn't care about you
Weird problem guys
I was creating a BufferedReader and wrapping it around a Reader (FileReader in this case) and that process can throw a FileNotFoundException
2:46 AM
@Unihedron Welcome back!
@Unihedron Saved.
2:47 AM
So I caught the exception, printed a short statement, then throw that exception so the program would terminate, and the compiler yelled at me about an unreported exception
/afk but even if he was he wouldn't care about you
@Unihedron Cya later.
I got rid of the line that threw the FNFE back out and it works again
why did that happen? my issue didn't show up on SO or other forumns
3:11 AM
@Ungeheuer Maybe your IDE has a grudge against you
@JennaSloan I use Vim. I hope it doesn't have grudge against me.
IDEs are for the weak
I prefer to absolutely terrified every single time I try to write a single line of code.
You were probably catching the exception incorrectly then
When I'm pressed up against a deadline I either right genius code, or shitty code. Right now I'm writing shitty code.
I did the same catch then throw set up for another exception in the same method and the compiler was totally fine with it. Java just hates me.
I like C better, mainly because my professor is really good at teaching us how it works, and actually knows the language, unlike my Java instructor last semester
If you're throwing an exception, then you have to have something like void foo() throws AnException {}
Is it hard to learn Machine Learning?
3:24 AM
A wild random appears
@O'Skywalker I would think so skywalker. But it wont matter for you. I have the high ground.
@Ungeheuer If you just want to exit the program, you should use System.exit(); not throw an exception.
@JennaSloan That's what I ended up doing. I've got to get this finsihed and tested in 20 minutes so im fucked
3:38 AM
@Ungeheuer what's you advantages?
@O'Skywalker I practice Soresu, I have a handful of sand, and I'm standing on the high ground.
@Ungeheuer oh, it seems you are a fan of Star Wars
@O'Skywalker Of course. It comes with the industry. Plus, Star Wars is fucking cool as fuck.
@Ungeheuer May I know your salary?
@O'Skywalker 0$ I'm in college. But looking for an internship this summer
3:51 AM
@Ungeheuer what's your major? May I know your age?
@O'Skywalker Computer Science major Neuroscience minor. My age is confidential. I would have to kill you if I told you what it was.
@Ungeheuer r u female?
@O'Skywalker Are you?
The questions are odd. Short questions and vital information. Gender, age, salary, major. Why are you asking these questions young skywalker?
4:07 AM
No one ever asks me questions. 😕
@JennaSloan How are you today Jenna?
@Ungeheuer I'm good, how about you?
@JennaSloan Meh. drowning in work
Regex isnt working either
That's not good.
Nothing is ever good for me :/
4:13 AM
That's college.
I should have been a history major
i could bs about stuff and make money doing it
i'm frustrated, I have been doing programming as a C++ programmer for more than 5 years. but found that recently, Java programmer can get higher salary than C++
it's unfair, C++ is harder to learn than Java. why is that?
@O'Skywalker That's because C++ has pointers and headers
And a preprocessor
Java has a way cooler name than C++
Java is more commonly used, and thus more demand. As for why it's used more often I have no idea
Can Golang get higher salary than Java?
4:21 AM
An option is to be extremely proficient in C++ and negotiate a higher wage by arguing that you are more productive now, and thus more valuable
I have no idea what Golang is
!!wiki golang
Go (often referred to as golang) is a free and open source programming language created at Google in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It is a compiled, statically typed language in the tradition of Algol and C, with garbage collection, limited structural typing, memory safety features and CSP-style concurrent programming features added. == History == The language was announced in November 2009. It is used in some of Google's production systems, as well as by other firms. Two major implementations exist: Google's Go compiler, "gc", is developed as open source software ...
What is this supposed to be?
A GOpher
4:27 AM
It looks like a sack of potatoes with eyes.
@JennaSloan in fact it is Japanese Cartoon
good lord thats hilarious
sack of potatoes with eyes - description of a programing language
Our room needs a mascot
wait, really?
1 hour later…
6:06 AM
wait who changed the chat room name?
6:40 AM
@ColdFire It was Itachi
i didnt see a message saying the room name was changed
The message was edited
oh no wonder i couldnt find it
7:03 AM
i see thanks
@ColdFire The name was not very welcoming for people who are new :P
Moreover, nobody was paying attention to the extra detail.
@O'Skywalker Your informant gave you wrong details..
C++ devs are pretty well paid.
@ItachiUchiha it's not good when compared to Java devs
7:25 AM
@O'Skywalker It is a lot better than Java devs. You just need to look at the right places.
@ItachiUchiha yeah true
I hear developers make a lot in the US
@JennaSloan how much can they get after tax per year?
Like $100000
That's a rough estimate
7:31 AM
@JennaSloan Aren't you from US?
@ItachiUchiha Yeah
"The lowest 10 percent earned less than $57,340 ... the highest 10 percent earned more than $159,850." - Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor
@JennaSloan are they after tax?
@O'Skywalker Probably
hi guys,,can you tell me time complexity of a loop with two indices travelling from farther ends like...for(int i=0,j=length-1;i<j;i++,j--)
@JennaSloan I think the highest salary is Java deps
7:44 AM
Developers still make less money than surgeons
@JennaSloan woh awesome
ohhh :o
finaly the right chat room name
thumbs up
@Vishal Wouldn't it be O(N/2) ?
8:10 AM
@JennaSloan I am not sure
8:25 AM
17 messages moved to bin
@Unihedron Welcome back!
@Hans1984 don't swear.
he loves it when i call him that way
I don't care.
then why did you remove the msgs
8:27 AM
1 min ago, by Unihedron
@Hans1984 don't swear.
you can't read?
in bin, 36 mins ago, by Hans1984
8:44 AM
that's not a cat, that's a ball on legs
9:03 AM
looks like a seal with a cat's head
it's confirmed by kiheru it must be true
a seal with a cat head
2 hours later…
11:19 AM
is there a more elegant way on changing the background color of a JTable cell based on an external value which is not part of the modal?
In my case the specific cell is green when my server is online and red if it's not. When I am shutting it down I want it to be gray until the server is down.

currently I am setting a shutdownflag in the db and my renderer accesses my internal servermap (a simple hashmap that periodically updates from DB inside my controler)

..Mh during writing this I think I really have to access the data in my controller from the guiclass :)
Gooooooooooooooood morning Java
morning :)
12:00 PM
Morning, Java!
Hey @DRich @motta @Hans
12:18 PM
meh cat
12:35 PM
i want to store lambdas that take void as params and return void in an arraylist
that's nice
no it's not idk how
Idk how to manage shutdowns
12:43 PM
what do shutdowns have to do with Lambdas in ArrayLists?
I was thinking about each component/module/whatever to register with the main app a function that closes everything properly
stops, whatever, when you close the application
yeah so the list gets thrown into the garbage collector and is gone
What do you need to shutdown? Maybe a concrete example is in order?
12:44 PM
I got an app that opens files
i want to close the streams when i close the app
same as close my DB connections before i close the app
IO streams are not the same as lambda streams ...
open them within a try with resources, close them in finally
and as @dcsohl said, that has nothing to do with your originally stated intention
I keep the streams open though
12:47 PM
why not not?
why not not not?
because it seems to cause problems I yet have to understand
Uhhh... because if you keep them then you run into the sorts of questions you're describing?
I have a problem
This is somehow turning into a "My car is getting damaged. I keep running it into a tree" - "then stp that" - "why" kind of a discussion
12:49 PM
In my Java program, I am specifying path to pictures/logos to the actual directory in my computer.
If you really must keep them open, I would wrap your whole file-access-thingy in a separate class/API, something which knows how to clean everything up, and then--if you really must keep them open--you can use a shutdown hook as described here: itsiastic.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/…
!!tell dcsohl why
@dcsohl because you touch yourself at night
@Hans1984 hah
12:50 PM
How can I let java find the actual picture in other computers?#
@RaduStefanPopescu If you want the behaviour where the lambdas survive the shutdown, you need to make some kind of state saving operation on shutdown and save required state for restoration later. Note that lambdas can be made e.g. serializable by casting into intersection type
@Helvijs What searches have you done?
I'm still not clear what lambdas have to do with any of this, though.
12:51 PM
hey@Michael some stupid troll unsummond your bot from another chat
@Hans1984 o.o
can you block this guy ?
hes a troll hes been causing trouble for months
What room?

Java and Android era

Important: Please use English (As much as possible). Drop your...
Also, you can summon it back with /summon
12:52 PM
@DRich Searching now, it's just an urgent thing i need to fix, that's why I asked here and then started to search
/summon 19132
@Hans1984 I'm already there... -_-
yes he is there already
strange he wasnt reacting
now hes back
well nvm then@Michael
12:53 PM
Can't ban people yet anyway. Will work on it.
ok cool
@Hans1984 Someone summoned him in Sandbox. xD
i ll have a look
ah its ok
this guy is just testing his commands
@Helvijs "find" as in, like you find stuff with the windows explorer search bar?
1:09 PM
@ColdFire Because I'm using RandomAccessFile and I want to have access to that file until I actually close the thing that I'm vieweing. When I open the file i create a tab with it. I want in this open file to register a hook in an ArrayList something that can be called like arrayElem.apply()
it's convenient to keep the RandomAccessFile open while the user does visual IO on it and when he closes the application i'd just call all the functions from that list with hooks which would include closing this file
idk if this is the right way, do you get what i'm trying to do?
and also, if i have different parts of the program that require some shutdown stuff, i'd love to add a hook in an arraylist that can be called with void apply()
Why not just keep your file handles stored somewhere and close them when necessary, for example in a shutdown hook?
Yes, that works, but then my main application would own the responsibility of knowing what has been opened and what hasn't
otherwise I can just pass this ArrayList shutdownCommands in every separate part of my application and delegate the responsibility of shutdown to each module thingy
Any BEST | WORST | AVOID or more in-depth comments about performing Java CI @ GitHub (for an open-source project) from the plethora of integration options available?
1:24 PM
the shutdown hook exists, I just want a list of no arg functions to call so i can do the shutdown as simply as shutdownHooks.forEach(WhateverThisIsCalled::shutdown)
For example, I want to display an icon on JButton, setBtnNext(new JButton(new ImageIcon("C:... IMG/button_next.png")));
~Thiss works on my pc only, but with runnable JAR file in other pc it's not working
@unserializable I already have this done. I can see everything on my computer, but when I take the JAR file to other computer images are not working
Load it from the classpath and make sure .jar contains it.
1:43 PM
@unserializable .jar contains it. I don't understand what do you mean by link it from the classpathload
Read the link. Use classpath You paste a code where you load an image from a freakin' C drive. Other environment might not even have C drive, not to mention the particular image there.

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