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12:34 AM
@Michael Check chat ..
@ItachiUchiha k
Shutting down. See you later.
OakBot Online.
1:34 AM
Anyone here experienced with Sockets in Java?
2:21 AM
@fge: I read the source, and it mostly redirects the work to some method.
Seems that most of the date logic has been taken care of elsewhere, so IsoChronology only implements a few extra ones, like proleptic leap year and era
2:34 AM
anyone know what the error means in my code ? I have posted it above
String words = Arrays.asList
You might want to write String[] words = new String[] {"your", "list", "here"}
@nhahtdh does the rest of my code look right ?
No idea
idea of program is to find a char like "v" in a sentence
Are you a student doing some coding exercise?
2:43 AM
yep its a program from code academy
There are many ways to write, but it depends on the level you are at
beginner level haha like 1 week into java
People would usually use a resizable List to store the list of words that fulfills the criteria, or in Java 8, they would use Stream and functional programming to avoid that altogether
okay dont think i know how to do it that way haha
Install Eclipse or some other IDE - it will point out some of your errors or redundant code.
2:50 AM
okay sweet thanks
For the rest, you would need someone to coach you. I don't have the resource for that, though.
that's alright :)
2 hours later…
4:24 AM
anyone alive?
4:54 AM
@MadaraUchiha I am stuck on a Java Generics problem
I have two methods
which are almost the same except it accept two types of concrete classes
5:27 AM
@MadaraUchiha ok. Sorted the problem :)
1 hour later…
6:56 AM
7:17 AM
8:03 AM
I dunno how to feel about that when my track-pad freezes up I can just use the touch screen on my laptop.
I get a workaround, but I still have an annoying issue
8:15 AM
hovercraft cat
Also, wat?
Why can't you wish a happy friday just because you're not Michael?
its his phrase
he has copyright on it
He's not paris hilton, he can't copyright that!
damn you re right
Happy friday!
8:20 AM
my eyes
8:44 AM
Not sure what to make out of that
is it enjoying it
or hating it
@Hans1984 you do know that the links after deboing aren't going to the actual image, right?
8:50 AM
i know
its always a new one
everytime you click the link
It was a gif of Simba as a cub crouching into the grass after mufasa rescued them
very weird
everyone should see the same gif
9:10 AM
The issue is that Caprica unboxes to the random gif link instead of the recieved image link
Feel free to patch it if you want to
yes i get it now
i didnt know that before
i though everyone sees the same gif
You see the same gif when it's showing
you dont
i just tested it in another chanel they saw different gifs
But when Caprica changes the gif to a link she changes it to the random link
Let's try it then
9:12 AM
I see a cat in a bag and an image not found
i see 2 gifs
Oh, that's kinda cruddy then
cat on table
9:13 AM
Everyone should see the same
and laughing cat
Well, we can still submit a patch to her fixing that
@Hans1984 put you cat shit all over the place in the room :(
WHy "ugh" fridays?
You just happily claimed the ability to greet us happy friday XD
9:54 AM
theres only one good day
its saturday
@CrazyNinja mehow?
want more ?
@Hans1984 wrong. It's caturday!
hehe right!
10:18 AM
hows the cat? @tavo
or did she ran away yet
she is getting used to the house
she cries less, plays more and feels more confident
thats good
she is learning how to communicate
10:19 AM
where did you get her from again
I now know when she wants her litter changed
a rescue
i see
thats why shes probably scared
traumatized evtl
and she understand that when I take her food plate, it means there's more food on the way
well, she had two kittens before we adopted her, and she probably misses them as well
first she thought you ll eat her food
it doesn't really look very yummy despite she loves it
10:31 AM
well a dead mouse doenst look yummy to us
but maybe it does to the cat
11:10 AM
11:23 AM
poke poke
@Hans1984 can i ask a quikc question about my code
im so close to solving it but one of my test cases don't seem to work
or if anyone else can check :)
11:49 AM
whats the question
My method takes an ArrayList of integers as a parameter and returns the average of the elements in the ArrayList.
so it works when i have integers in my array list right
but when its empty it comes up with Nan instead of 0.0
why isn't it coming up with 0.0 instead of Nan?
I tried to investigate into it haha
if you pass no parameters
its NaN
not 0.0
how do i get 0.0 ?
11:54 AM
lets say if you pass parameters like
then it should return 0.0
but if you pass no parameters
maybe with
if (data=null)
what if i tried isEmpty() ?
{ average=0.0;
hehe cat
11:55 AM
then return average
im getting errors but ill try solve it :) thanks for the tip
public double averageArrayList(ArrayList<Integer> data) {
int sum = 0;
double average;

for(int i=0; i < data.size(); i++){
sum = sum + data.get(i);
average = (double)sum/data.size();

return average;


it should work that way@ross.c

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