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3:18 AM
@Gemtastic Google app script is really just javascript with a poorly designed SDK (most Google APIs suck, this one is no exception).
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4:53 AM
@Unihedron I know, and I suspect that it's the "poorly designed" here that's causing my variables to be undefined for some reason >:(
5:20 AM
And that is why I hate Google :)
Part of why, anyway
Though I do not hate Google as much as @uni but there is no denying the fact that their API sucks
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7:19 AM
Hi Java after long time....
Q: Listing currently executing SwingWorker and Stop it

Black WhiteI have below SwingWorker; public class WorkerTrying extends SwingWorker<Void, Void> { Statement stmt; Connection con; ResultSet rs; String connectionUrl = "jdbc:sqlserver://;" + "databaseName=SomeDB;" + "user=" + "SomeUser" + ";" + "password=" + "So...

7:35 AM
8:09 AM
<--- angry cow
that's some proper British insult, @fge
@Vogel612 yes, again
Their lack of documentation and helpful dev mailing list is nothing short of criminal
Incoming ----- Angry cow...
I am ready with a bucket of ice water :P
Hey, could someone take a look at this?
Q: Maven trying to deploy the same artifact twice

EratesI'm using Maven to build my project, but when I run the command mvn clean package deploy, it tries to deploy the artifact twice. I have the build-helper-maven-plugin plugin configured to attach an ear file that I create using a custom plugin. <plugin> <groupId>org.codehaus.mojo<

8:22 AM
Not me; I don't use maven
Or at the very least, I try and avoid it like the plague
Gradle is hard to learn
8:41 AM
I am stuck pfff
Eh, I have unstuck myself just now
At last!
A full week of trial and error before I could get what I wanted
Thank you SonarQube
@Unihedron Yes it is and I haven't been able to get my head around it :P
@Tavo I've ran the help:effective-pom command and this is the output
Don't quite see duplicates
sorry, can't see pastebin from the office
@Tavo wut?? All pastebin sites or only pastebin.com?
8:52 AM
can't see that link, for sure. I've tried other pastebin links people have posted here with the same result. I guess it's the whole domain
might be some sort of security policy so people don't post company's code
Hmwell, fair enough but that shows a fundamental distrust in one's own personnel
s/morning/good day/
Mrng! :)
I created the google script room after all :P
9:03 AM
Did anyone show up ? :P
I just created it :P


For everyone working with Google App Script (AKA dumb JS)
@ItachiUchiha that one opens :D
@Gemtastic You can follow the tag on google script and call all the people with highest answers to the room ;)
Well, that feels kinda rude though
@Gemtastic No it isn't. Just say that it is an invitation. They are free to accept or to reject it. :)
9:11 AM
I dunno.. I'm no ShaU
9:24 AM
Hello, Java!
hiya user
9:36 AM
hi I have a question on JSF.Here is the question:In JSF datatable,If i mouse over to any data table column i want to display tooltip text.How to do that?
@Mihir Write code. What do you have?
<f:facet name="header">
<ag:outputLabel id="account"
value="#{bundle.admin_person_label_listaccount}" />
<ag:outputText id="accountlist" value="#{person.accountNames }"/>

This column will display comma separated account names and if name exceeds more than 7 then i want to display all the names on mouse over to that field.
10:01 AM
hi @Mihir
1 hour later…
11:23 AM
Small Java quiz: why doesn't == work when you have double or float arguments, and what should you use instead?
because you're doing it wrong, and to use an integral data type instead if equality is to be compared
jokes aside I've never tried to compare precision types because I know it won't work, but never knew why :p
I did say "double or float arguments" :p
OK, I should have said "on both sides"
Well, anyway, the answer is: because NaN
Double.NaN is a valid double value, and Double.NaN == Double.NaN is always false
What should be used instead is Double.compare(d1, d2) and check that the result is 0 -- this works with NaN
The same thing is true for floats
Hmm, I wonder how JS handles it; and in fact I don't even know whether JS has a constant for NaN
^ And this is why, right?
@fge JS does come with NaN, but NaN !== NaN, and isNaN is there
!!> console.log(NaN, NaN == NaN, isNaN(NaN))
11:34 AM
@Unihedron "undefined" Logged: "NaN",false,true
Well, Double also has .isNaN()
The web page you linked to is nice; except that it misses some cases
For any valid double value d (and that includes NaN), Double.NaN == d is always false
ermagherd... while we're at floating point numbers..
@fge All boolean operations involving 'NaN' results in a false value, no exceptions. ;)
does anybody here have a really clean way to strip thousand separators of an unspecified locale of a string?
11:39 AM
I was only talking about equality via == :p
preferrably without replacing the floating point?
Why are we discussing JavaScript here?
@Gemtastic I have no idea
But I think what I have is needlessly complicated..
@Gemtastic It's not Javascript. It's IEEE-754 floating point arithmetic, which Java uses.
@Gemtastic I was talking about Java
11:40 AM
@Unihedron Interesting
it's such advanced Java it looks like n00b JS
@Unihedron IEEE 754 base 2; funnily enough, IEEE 754 allows other number bases
Personally I've never even witnessed that
@fge == is a boolean oepration :) In fact that applies to > and <; For all values of d in Double.NaN < d, Double.NaN == d, Double.NaN > d are false; same with Float.NaN
@Unihedron OK, but then my initial question was referring to == only :p
well NaN aside, other precision values can fall out of expectation at all
11:42 AM
@Vogel612 from a string input I gather?
@Vogel612 any chance of a decimal "point" appearing as well?
coming from some html form with some needlessly complicated JS attached that relies on these...
well.. I called it floating point, but.. yea
soo basically:
should result in a String that can be used to construct a big-decimal / double
--> 123456.02
Well, provided that you can only ever get either of , or . as the thousands or decimal separator, what I'd do is grab the .lastIndexOf('.') and .lastIndexOf(','); if both are different of -1, strip all the characters from the index which is the lowest of the two
While we're at floating point trivia, anyone willing to guess if !(a < b) is identical to (a >= b) for precision types of a and b?
11:45 AM
@fge that sounds like a nice Idea, but since that stuff is user input I cannot assume that thousand and decimal separator are actually different :(
@Unihedron no it isn't, because of the delta..
If only one is not -1 then see whether the .indexOf() that character (ie the first) is the same as the last; if it isn't, strip them all
@Vogel612 you're kidding me, right? I mean, are users that stupid? :p
@fge well.. hopefully not, but.... I've seen some really really stupid users.
and better safe than sorry
currently I have following working gist:
And no validation performed on the JS side?
@fge just the poor basics for mandatory fields..
Rule #1: The user is stupid. Rule #2: Never trust the user. Rule #3: Implement client side checking always.
11:49 AM
@Unihedron I dare not touch the client side..
It's js stretched across 3 different jsps
pukes blood
where the validation is partly performed by a DIY framework
and some form fields have to be disabled, but submitted
and if the submit fails they have to be redisabled, because you have to undisable them for submitting
did I mention people are using this to calculate company profits?? on the CLIENT SIDE?
That's a nice job you have there. It'd be shame if anything happens to it
11:53 AM
@Vogel612 well, if I were you I'd just apply the algorithm above; and otherwise just give up
Guessing the user's intent is beyond a programmer's capacity :p
meh. assuming the users intent is just fine ;)
it's not like the people are complete morons.. it's just better to be safe.
@Vogel612 but there is something as too many heuristics
Keep it simple ;)
ya I will just hide it behind a static method:
public static BigInteger bigIntegerValue(Object object) {
    // mess here
now if somebody could explain to me why the crap I thought it a good idea to handle decimals in the long version of this but not for integers, I'd be really happy!
Err, there is no decimals in integers...
Thousands separators maybe, but no decimals
12:01 PM
yes, fully correct
but I still did that..
then again I cheated for the longValue thingie...
You are too much influenced by crappy code; write your own little project where you do what you think is sane :p
I have plenty of ideas if you want something to hack on :p
public static long longValue(Object object) {
    if (object instanceof Number) {
         return ((Number) object).longValue();
    // mess here
@fge What's the most difficult idea for a project youi have? :P
<- curious
eh well.. weekend. need to prepare a smallish party at home
@Unihedron HTTP/2 is very high up the scale of projects I deem difficult, and speaking of it I don't see much progress :p
12:03 PM
... what's the second most difficult project? :P
I have more difficult than HTTP/2
Two projects come to mind
1. a multi-dialect interactive regex engine, accounting for optimizations
2. a semantic patching tool for Java
3. indy for grappa :( I still can't wrap my head around it
@fge Is that a seperate project (indy4grappa) or just an upgrade?
12:07 PM
An upgrade
In short I want the generated classes to generate indy calls instead of the current mechanism
And I just can't do it
I am missing some fundamental pieces of knowledge to get started :(
@fge The lookup will be more expensive in the long run if you don't cache the objects. It's also why JooR doesn't use MH.
/javadoc HashSet
@Unihedron java.util.HashSet: This class implements the Set interface, backed by a hash table (actually a HashMap instance). It makes no guarantees as to the iteration order of the set; in particular, it does not guarantee that the order will remain constant over time. This class permits the null element. (1/7)
Eh, since I have a HashSet with only one element, which one should I use?
for (E first : hashset)
  return first;

return hashset.iterator().next();
I've seen the latter in our codebase here..
12:19 PM
the first won't even compile because the method expects a return
@Unihedron but indy does take a MH as an argument
12:37 PM
@fge i'm aware - which is why caching the MH-related objects are important
as well as releasing them where appropriate
An attempt to reduce the code clutter when exploring Pattern class: ideone.com/EMAdSc
@nhahtdh getField is a candidate to be converted into a recursive function
@Unihedron Hell no
curses SonarQube again; and again; and again
After I converted my code to use ReflectedObject, the code is less messy, but it's still big
12:47 PM
changed room topic: Deleted room name
^What's the deal?
Just testing.

Room dedicated to the Java programming language. And no, Andro...
@Unihedron I didn't even know you could outright delete the room name but, just a guess, this is what users will see first and foremost
So I do hope it is just a test
12:51 PM


Room dedicated to the Java programming language. And no, Andro...
@fge I added it back.
You can still join the room anyway
@fge No, you can't delete the room name. I edited it to a zero width character, thinking it won't work, but it did.
Hmm, U+FEFF?
The zero-width space (ZWSP) is a non-printing character used in computerized typesetting to indicate word boundaries to text processing systems when using scripts that do not use explicit spacing, or after characters (such as the slash) that are not followed by a visible space but after which there may nevertheless be a line break. Normally, it is not a visible separation, but it may expand in passages that are fully justified. == Usage == In HTML pages, the zero-width space can be used as a potential line-break in long words as an alternative to the <wbr> element. However, the zero-width space...
Although I shouldn't be the one telling this, but... For the recall you can create your own sandbox chatroom :p
12:53 PM
Do you have to reinstall intelliJ when the evaluation runs out? It keeps quitting on me >:C
@fge I have several sandbox rooms at my disposal, this is one of them. ;)
Do you ever, you know, value anything? :p
I used to.
And now you wonder why I wouldn't make you RO ;O
@Gemtastic Not my loss :)
12:54 PM
@fge He used to before teenage angst took the best of him ;P
@Unihedron I'm very good with my room having a title thank you very much.
@Gemtastic although this is public knowledge, but I do have a hack (a runnable Java source code, at that) allowing you to use the full version
What full version?
oh... I'm not really a pirate, so :P
@fge Can't do that on work computer.
So, do I have to reinstall it to make it stop or can you downgrade it?
Google only gives me the haxx version or "how to buy ultimate"
Seriously google wtf?! "How to downgrade intelliJ to community verision" results: How to upgrade to ultimate!
1:05 PM
@Gemtastic y u use google? ddg ftw
It's better but still not giving me what I want; now I get "how to download intelliJ"
@Gemtastic hahha
So, How does one go to community version when one is done with the evaluation period?
I believe to uninstall it and grab the community edition.
Sane software normally do it on its own...
I suppose that's how it has to be :/
1:10 PM
Good mornevenight everyone
ahoy @Dustiny
good eve (India 6.41pm)
@Tavo yarrr let's plunder these scalleywags and get us some booty!
I'm up for the booty part
1:13 PM
I knew you would be
@Tavo Be careful of what you wish for, remember; there are no women at sea
@Gemtastic The figure-head is pretty hawt though
you were all waiting for something like that to jump right away
Wait what?
are you not entertained?
1:14 PM
@Tavo nope
@Unihedron I meant normal people
I don't understand what you went on about with figure-head and jumping away
@Tavo Define normal? I'm not a mirror.
You know what a figure head is right?
Oh, well in that case. Since I'm not normal it wasn't directed at me anyway.. ;P
@Dustiny The head of a figurine?
1:15 PM
@Unihedron people that can be excited about stuff
@Tavo Oh, you meant users
wrong place :P
He meant people who aren't angsty teens ;P
@Gemtastic same thing :P
@Gemtastic No it's the part at the front of a pirate ship, sometimes a mermaid, usually some sort of woman though
@Gemtastic Doesn't angst mean fear in dutch?
1:17 PM
Well, angsty teens are pretty normal
@Unihedron Angst = anxiety
@Gemtastic ... no?
Yes, that's what it means.
It's not a dutch word, it's a borrowed word from german
Like doppleganger and schaudenfreude
Angst means fear or anxiety (anguish is its Latinate equivalent, and anxious, anxiety are of similar origin). The word angst was introduced into English from the Danish, Norwegian and Dutch word angst and the German word Angst. It is attested since the 19th century in English translations of the works of Kierkegaard and Freud. It is used in English to describe an intense feeling of apprehension, anxiety, or inner turmoil. In German, the technical terminology of psychology and philosophy distinguishes between Angst and Furcht in that Furcht is a negative anticipation regarding a concrete threat...
It may also exist in dutch but I can't verify what it means in dutch
"Angst means fear or anxiety"
Contextually, neither of them match, so I had to ask.
1:19 PM
When you talk about teenage angst it means anxiety
I always thought angst was just a bottled up desire to screw everything around you
but maybe I wasn't a normal teenager lol
apathy is one of the versions of teenage angsts
Which is the one you're in atm
@Unihedron that is what you think; people knowing more may have a different answer
@fge ... Which is why I had to ask ;) I'm not going to learn anything new if I don't.
Well, one thing I can say for sure is that the teenage period tends to be an age when your visceral instincts tend to overcome your rational reasoning
Yes, I am old, but I have been a teen too
1:23 PM
^yeah defnitely
And I have done more mistakes than I want to admit...
...And in turn, when I try and convince other people who were my age not to repeat them, I fail systematically
... is that at all relevant to what angsty means or are you just ranting out of interest? :p
For some reason I felt like my teenage years were a dream, like I wasn't actually fully conscious for them.. like reality was less real.
Out of interest for you, probably
@fge Some people (like me) need to learn the hard way unfortunately
1:25 PM
But I doubt that I'll succeed in preventing you from repeating some of the mistakes I "performed"
@fge We won't know if we don't try. :p
@Dustiny as far as I see it, every teenager learns the hard way
@Unihedron exactly...
(gosh, am I old)
Yes and no lol. I knew a lot of brainwashed kids
@Unihedron well, asking is fine, telling people they're wrong when they answer when you don't know...
1:26 PM
@Gemtastic life is not only SO
(at your age you should know better :))
@fge When did I say it was?
I was merely remarking on that I think it was a bad move (and a bit OOC) to tell me I'm wrong when he doesn't know about the matter
10 mins ago, by Unihedron
@Gemtastic Doesn't angst mean fear in dutch?
1:28 PM
@Gemtastic that is very different from the "teenage crisis"
I didn't try to convey the idea that you were wrong by that question. I was sincerely asking if that definition was false. :P
11 mins ago, by Gemtastic
@Unihedron Angst = anxiety
@Unihedron fear of what?
@fge No, this is a real term, an english term and that's what I was referring to all along. I also answered that there may be a word "angst" in dutch but that I don't know or if it means the same
@Gemtastic Which is chronologically after.
1:30 PM
Yes, I answered you
And then you told me "NO"
> No..?
@Gemtastic Not with caps, and with a question mark.
wonders whether he is actually in the Java chatroom
No means no.
I'm not arguing with a recursive definition.
and still waiting from something that starts with R from someone whose handle on this chat starts with a U
1:31 PM
Yeah. Language barrier all over, let's drop it
@Gemtastic context dependent
@fge WTF?
If in "I'd say no" you only pick the "no", then...
You missed the context
You have a very interesting choice of words for what you think of as "context"
It's just like with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
1:33 PM
@fge That's... not even relevant
What this principle says is not at all that you can't be certain about your measurements!
I believe this has nothing to do with that
A particle can be moving at two places at one time
@Unihedron on the contrary, it's very relevant
@fge That's like saying indefinite calculus shows us how there are many judgement to be made for each case.
1:34 PM
@fge In that case I must ask you what you're even talking about
@Unihedron and here you fall into the layman's trap again -- who ever said that a particle was a physical object as you casually understand "physical"?
Seriously, what is your topic because it's not what us other seem to be conversating about atm.
@Unihedron I feel ya
@Unihedron that's not what Heisenberg's principle says at all
1:35 PM
@fge no it's not
In fact Heisenberg himself tried and corrected the name to the indertemination princple
But it was too late
And you are witness of that
You understood it wrong!
@fge I understand nothing, to begin with.
My sense of recognition is nonexistent.
the OCD in me is upset about that I'm getting paid for hours from may not only april this wage.
The view of most people about this principle is that it limits the power of knowledge over the physical world
That's not it at all!
I like my wage divided into months and paid monthly
1:37 PM
But to explain what this principle really is I'd need to delve into... Uh... Wave functions
I like my wage delivered per project.
@fge I can assure you we are in the Java room now, not:
@Unihedron I don't work project-based
@Gemtastic ... That's my way of saying part-time, if you didn't get it. :P
@Gemtastic simple; you only understood "no" in "no...?", just as a vast majority of people understand "uncertainty" is "Heisenberg's uncertainty principl"
No, I did not get that because I've never ever heard someone refer to their part-time like that :P
1:39 PM
And by the way, the curve in the image above is the graph of the Higgs field's potential
It's stupid to you
It's very important to me
And I really couldn't care less
@fge It's life-changing to you, but we as mere commoner code monkeys lack fundamental knowledge to gauge even the slightest sense.
Fine, but then don't qualify it as "stupid" :p
1:40 PM
so I'm not even gonna humor you and pretend I'm even reading what you're writing about that particular topic
I was merely making an analogy
I'm a dumb n00b, don't waste your time on me
Why are you so worked up over that?
@fge Analogies are like statements in that I am making one right now.
I'm not worked up, I'm just trying to communicate with you in a way you can understand
1:42 PM
@Unihedron look up the definition of "analogy" in a dictionary :p
And clearly so there will be no more misunderstandings because this entire conversation is based on them
@Gemtastic then try and make it impartial... People will react all the more strongly to partial opinions, you know
@Unihedron I do hope like you don't view xkcd as an actual dictionary :p
@Unihedron Another way to describe analogy is "likeness" it's making a simile that matches something else.
1:44 PM
@fge What do you want? I don't have an actual dictionary.
By the look of you putting that comic here, it looks like you entirely missed the point of the comic :P
So meta.
note: looks like. I can't tell if you did or didn't since I'm not you
2:00 PM
Lol went to the bathroom and came back to such a confusing conversation
Drop table conversation;
2:16 PM
can I ask something?
You just did, so I guess you can.
Q: File Excel From Apache POI Cant Open by Ms Excel (corrupt)

ketelagorengI don't know why the file I write using POI cant be opened by Ms Excel 2013, but the file is still readable by POI. (cell value can be changed) this is the error from file here is the code FileInputStream fis = null; try { fis = new FileInputStream(fileUri); //not error at fileUri ...

I have been stuck at this error
2 days
hmm sorry sir, but what is it?
its java basics link for beginers
2:25 PM
Why are you linking it?
thats the point, why are you linking it
@ASR I've seen better guides than this.
Looks like shameless spam for self promotion
That's why I'm not clicking it
No clicks from me!

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