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google it
@Unihedron did, im just asking if there is any other way that might be better. I also found something named observable listsß
There is no such thing to my knowledge. Even if there are I doubt it is reasonably performant.
In implementation, I mean.
@Unihedron so just go for the straight up MVC, and let the model notify the view whenever something changes via PropertyChangeListener?
ok, thanks
12:09 PM
@Shiuyin in JavaFX there are Observable* collections indeed
Or even values
No idea for other GUI frameworks however; it just happens that JavaFX has this builtin
@fge Well i'm doing this via Swing, so there is no JavaFX option in this project for me :D
<- not a javafx person
@Unihedron BTW: When i have a custom data structure which for example contains two attributes a string and a list of another custom object, which again contains a list of strings as attributes how am i supposed to implement this? I guess i have to implement those listeners on every level of custom class (aka attribute of the main data structure) ?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Huh?
12:12 PM
It's a meta issue I wanted to bring to you guys' attention for feedback
Yaay; another refactoring craze coming
@Unihedron thanks for participating ^^
My pleasure ;)
@Unihedron look at stackoverflow.com/questions/24987896/… for example - it has links to the source code but it works without them too. Had it linked to master it would have been broken by now.
This kind of answers makes me feel like I suck at Javascript. :P
Then again, it's not like I'm good at Javascript.
12:22 PM
JS is quite a cute language. :)
@HassanAlthaf cute but deadly :)
I think ><> is the loveliest programming language.
@Unihedron you mena html?
12:29 PM
@Rizwan impossible, it doesn't even fit in the sentence
@Unihedron Never heard of fish
Is fish Turing complete?
It's not 'fish', it's ><>. esolangs.org/wiki/Fish
As to esoteric languages my current favorite is brainfuck
12:30 PM
Yes, it's an actual language
I use it to use the word 'fuck' when my parents are around.
nothing about it is lovely
@Unihedron Ahan! I didn't know about it
6 operands/operators in all
posted on July 04, 2015 by Artist

If you're new to Java or programming in general, here are a few things that I wish someone had told me before I figured it out the hard way: Databases are server software. If you're making a desktop application, do mot use databases to store information; write to a file if there's something you wish to save. Most databases don't hide inside your jar/application and get installed along with you

12:31 PM
Whenever I use the word 'fuck'
And get caught,
I say my parents I am discussing about the language, 'brainfuck'
And save my ass
no it's not funny
cut out on the jokes please, they have a rather high cringe quotient
what? your last two words dont make sense to me. never heard them ever before in my life.
You need a dictionary. I know where you can get one.
Could we just stop there please? It's not a path worth following
12:33 PM
@fge Well, that's your opinion.
Is there any SO network site which gives advice to deal with bullies?
Whoops, didn't see the 'imho' :P
It is
Well, typing on a mobile device is hard.
I'm being bullied like crap
12:34 PM
im forreal
@HassanAlthaf And by the room leader itself. You're privileged!
I didnt mean you
im being bullied by my dad
12:35 PM
And when do we have some serious java questions/talks?
@fge never
@fge Never ROfL
Btw, guys,
@fge Once in three days.
@HassanAlthaf social services in your area are there for this kind of problems; this room, no
12:36 PM
there aint in my country
or i'd be there years ago
None that you know about
wish SO had a site for that
Things change
dude, there aint any law and order in my country
SO does not eliminate bullies
12:37 PM
people pirate stuff infront of cops
Define "pirate"
12:38 PM
Ok lifehack is not the best idea I think
i meant computer piracy
You define it, not the bot.
illegally download sht
such as by passing licenses
some eg would be like
Do you think that is specific to your country?
Get real
downloading a game online from a torrent site for free instead of legitimately buying it from the developer
12:39 PM
It happens everywhere
i thought other countries had very strict laws
lol fge is getting serious
SOme people are just more open to it than others, that's all
such as the US, where i heard you could be liable to pay a fine of upto $10,000 for piracy
Then we have the people who both buy and pirate it XD
12:40 PM
@HassanAlthaf like that would stop people trying
my bro bought the legitimate version of a game
Sometimes the anti-piracy software on the discs makes software unusable :P
he didn't like its restrictions. so he downloaded the pirated version
Um, NSA? Yeah, we have a committer of piracy admitted here in an online chat room
12:41 PM
who is the person who commits piracy here?
Just deal with it; big game names companies nowadays were born before the advent of globally available (for some definition of "globally") high (for some definition of "high") bandwidth; they just couldn't react in time to mutate their business model
let me tell, everyone.
The worst offenders of course is the movie industry which, instead of trying to adapt, just tried to coerce the law
And this is why we ended up with DMCA and consorts
Did anyone purchase a license for IDM? :p
IDM may refer to: Science and technology Identity management, the management of the identity life cycle of an entity IDM Computer Solutions Integrated data management Integrated device manufacturer, a type of semiconductor company which designs, manufactures, and sells integrated circuit products Integrated Direct Metering, a real-time TTL metering method for ambient and flash light employed by the Pentax LX Integrated document management Intelligent design movement Intelligent device management, a type of enterprise software applications Internet Download Manager, a closed source software download...
12:43 PM
@Rizwan no need
What's IDM?
But ultimately they are the 21st century dinosaurs and they will disappear -- at least in their current form
Internet Download Manager
Not sure I'll be alive when that happens though
Internet Download Manager
12:43 PM
@Unihedron Internet Download Manager
Who doesn't know what it is.
... What on earth is that? I don't think I even use one
@HassanAlthaf they are a Linux user
and has a fast internet :P
Sounds like a scam
12:43 PM
@deadlydragon00 Oh..
IDM is a windows software.
Download managers, yeah, right
Windows in 2015?
12:44 PM
That's a scam
get real mates
Which boosts your download speed up to a certain extent.
<-- has known it for more than 25 years
If you have slow Internet , we Use IDM
I've had windows all my life and never heard of IDM
12:44 PM
Basically what it does is,
@Gemtastic then you're just as well off not knowing; it doesn't help anything in any way, shape or form
It fkin uses all the possible speed that can be used to download which causes the user not even being able to browser properly. :L
I can't believe it
12:45 PM
I dont use Windows.
I only have it dual booted for Visual Studios 2k15 for C#.
@HassanAlthaf Sounds like any torrenting program to me...
@HassanAlthaf sorry but you don't comprehend what this is really about
I'm laughing too hard here I'm gonna trip and fall off my chair and land and break my left arm
IDM does not boost the Internet speed, it just download the File by chunk per thread same as Super Node
Anyway, I'm also planning to move to linux. I know basic commands. Where to move? Any idea?
12:46 PM
ubuntu is the friendliest linux imo
@Rizwan go with Ubuntu
It Just Works(tm)
1:02 PM
@fge Nope, you never did.
:24263493 And I do.
this seems to not have worked all that well..
But only on experiences which are well reasoned or by people who matter.
Which means you don't believe me... Ahwell, I don't care
1:06 PM
I would believe you if you actually throw out information in a way that's actually convincing.
wonders if a grumpy dad and teenage son waltzed into the chat
^ lol
@Unihedron yeah, right
Just, you know, try and relive everything I have lived through
Although in 2015 the landscape will have changed, of course
@Gemtastic that...
and they said they'd stop....
they didn't
@Vogel612 I didn't say that.
1:08 PM
@Vogel612 which is why I suggested that you thrashed it all
5 mins ago, by Vogel612
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@Vogel612 We could try kicking them...
That oughta stop them :P
@MadaraUchiha hmm.. I don't want to do that...
@MadaraUchiha That's only temporary. And it's not like you can repeatedly kick without informing moderators. :P
Anyway, just shut up and play fez
1:10 PM
then again it's not like the conversation is going anywhere constructive right now...
@MadaraUchiha Already had the game but saw it on humble store
Well, anyway, this is one of the reasons why I'm not an RO anymore
Endless, pointless debates
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶) on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 hours ago, by Unihedron
Cool, there's a limited time offer of FEZ for $2.49 in humble store if you don't already have the game.
Ugh GIFs get annoying after the 10+ repeat.
But I'm still happy to answer any Java questions that may pop up
1:11 PM
@fge pointless[citation needed]
@MadaraUchiha Great game.
OK, for a relief, just go watch "Baccano!"
@Michael Agree! But gets frustrating after being stuck for a while
I beat it already (I think)
I'm having a lot of fun with the irony that the "mature" one is the one who can't just stop replying when the younger one replies to what he said before.
or review that attempt I made at getting the conversation into a java direction
1:13 PM
@Vogel612 My answer of 'more final fields plz' didn't make it into the 30 char club
hmm.. so how would you make them final?
@Vogel612 Are they gonna change? Do you WANT someone to be able to change them?
Maybe I'm already mixing up with the future plans ... and thus keep stuff mutable that doesn't have to be
@Unihedron Yeah, I got to that point. I stopped playing it, but re-visited after like 3 months and finally beat it. xD
Well, I didn't get all the cubes, but I got to the end of the game.
The story is cool but there's not really much to mediate about
1:16 PM
It's just a cool game mechanic...the 2D to 3D thing.
nah I don't think it's cool, just gives me a serious headache
It's the part about actually solving challenging things that makes it fun :P
Whatever floats your boat.
And the fact that I can run it on my 7 year old iMac is a plus too. xD
Just recently Compare java and c++ syntax, --> and it was a bad experience now I know how does madara feels when working on Java.
I know how he feels :/
1:32 PM
I know that feel bro.
@deadlydragon00 how so? All three language have very different philosophies
In particular with regards to typing
And scopes, too
mixing coconut drink with herbal tea wasn't bad
There is only one language worse than JavaScript with regards to scoping that I know of: the language I am currently working on
OK, even though it's a little obvious, here's a little Java riddle...
How I really wish that Java is as fast as c++ .
final List<Integer> l = new ArrayList<>(); l.add(0); l.add(2); l.add(1); l.remove(1); <-- which element will be removed, and why?
1:42 PM
@deadlydragon00 dream on :D
@Unihedron until that day come, :)
@fge The element 2, right?
@deadlydragon00 depends on the workloads; for some workloads and given that Java has the JIT, Java can be faster
@Unihedron define 2 here
And define why
l.add(2)<-- this element
OK, but why?
1:44 PM
since remove() takes index
and indices starts at zewo
Well, that's only partially correct
nice answere
[0, 2, 1] <- 2 is the index 1 element
But then this is a List<Integer>; then why isn't the resulting list [0, 1]?
@fge How fast? is it competable with the c++ speed?
1:46 PM
@fge It should be...?
Im refering to competetion
@deadlydragon00 again, it depends on the workload; the C++ compiler is most of the time static (although LLVM changes that), whereas with the JVM optimizations can be computed at runtime
oh, compete
/javadoc Collection.remove(Object)
1:47 PM
@fge Sorry, I never heard of that class. :(
/javadoc List.remove(int)
@fge Sorry, I never heard of that class. :(
/javadoc Collection#remove(Object)
@fge boolean remove(Object o): Removes a single instance of the specified element from this collection, if it is present (optional operation). More formally, removes an element e such that (o==null ? e==null : o.equals(e)), if this collection contains one or more such elements. Returns true if this collection contained the specified element (or equivalently, if this collection ...
changed as a result of the call).
/javadoc List#remove(int)
1:48 PM
I couldn't find a signature with that parameter. Did you mean one of these? (type the number)
1. java.util.List#remove(int)
2. java.awt.List#remove(int)
My Groovy console tells me a.remove(1) leaves a as [0, 1]
@fge Object remove(int index): Removes the element at the specified position in this list (optional operation). Shifts any subsequent elements to the left (subtracts one from their indices). Returns the element that was removed from the list.
@fge Im not sure what does time static!!!
In short: the reason why 2 was removed from [0, 2, 1] is because [0, 2, 1] was declared as a List
Whereas if I had done: final Collection<Integer> l = new ArrayList<>(); /* etc */ l.remove(2); <-- then the result would have been [0, 2]
1:50 PM
doesn't polymorphism come to play here?
Yes and no
Both List and Collection are interfaces
thanks and please explain
Therefore, the invocation to remove() would have been an invokeinterface
In the first case, since l was declared as a List, the matching remove() method would have been called -- which accepts an int, primitive, as an argument
Therefore remove by index
In the second case, l is a Collection
The only matching method in this case would have been .remove(Object)
And given that autoboxing applies, it would have meant .remove(Integer.valueOf(1))
Which would remove the last element of the list
oh boy
@deadlydragon00 static time compile means that at runtime the program execution has no chance to collect runtime data of the code being run, and therefore has no opportunity to reorganize it to make it better; and that is in contrast with the JVM's JIT since the JIT collects such information
But then again there's LLVM
2:02 PM
brb heading home
@fge Thankyou for clearing that, I might throw again another question about VM's ..... soon
Well, the ultimate picture is even more complicated than that but let's not go there
2:16 PM
@Unihedron whats wrong in telling you 'smart'
Never knew compliments also offend people
'smart' can also mean "duh"
@HassanAlthaf I'm not that stupid. Calling me smart isn't really a compliment.
Just don't, okay?
'having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.'
But okay..
Being smart is a horrible thing. I would never ask to be smart.
2:28 PM
Can you define smart?
Having to know and be fed up with everything in real life?
That didn't make sense to me. Can you re-word it for me? Sorry, my english is just too horrible.
@HassanAlthaf smart == intelligent -- sort of
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Hey man, Vogel.
You on?
2:41 PM
@HassanAlthaf don't drop videos with spammy / catch-line titles into a (more or less) professional chat
Oh okay.
What would you recommend me to code next in Java?
I was hoping to get stuff done today, but I can't even deploy to a wildfly server properly.
What is a Conway?
@Mourdos what are you using?
@HassanAlthaf use google
2:44 PM
I have no idea. I think it was set up a a group of maven modules.
I'm used to war deployment to tomcats
and this is using ejb
don't remind me..
if you have maven set up properly deplioying should boil down to: mvn deploy-wildfly-as
or something along these lines
I'm running maven through eclipse.
set the build goal then
also hook up eclipse to the server
@HassanAlthaf Chess interface
To complicated.
2:52 PM
I think Fox is building one in C#
Never made games before. :P
@HassanAlthaf no way
I aint that smart. :P
Checkers could be easier.
Is there any easier game I could start off with?
paper scissors rock
@Mourdos lol that's tough to generate randomized puzzles
2:53 PM
Sudoku! \o/
I remember a university assignment where we had to solve sudoku with genetic algorithums.
i like calcudoku more
And then explain why it did or didn't work.
more puzzle solving, less maths
Okay, so time for a dumb question. I'm running a wildfly deploy on the top level pom. I have previously set up a wildfly server, but I don't know how to tell eclipse/maven to use that server.
2:57 PM
@Unihedron Cool!
@Unihedron calcudoku was fun
But for a quick win? Binary Sudoku.

1 ?
? ?
@Mourdos Simple. Just ask politely.
give it a cookie and make it happy
Can anyone let me know how to associate the two?
( Note: Wildfly server is set as targeted runtime for the project)
Why does
public void update(TeamWrapper teams) {
teamList = generateDataList(teams);
not update my UI effectively? When debugging I clearly see, that the data has been updated, but that is not visually updated.. I also used revalidate() and repaint() in the main frame, with no effect at all
3:02 PM
because you're not using revalidate() and repait() properly
@Unihedron How am i supposed to use them then? I fired an update() call and updated the list. How should i use repaint(), revalidate() there or is this completely wrong?
@Shiuyin update the list first then fire repaint
public void update(TeamWrapper teams) {
teamList = generateDataList(teams);

Did it, like that
@Shiuyin What is teamList's type?
@Michael JList
3:11 PM
@Shiuyin You're creating a new JList. You have to remove the old one from the window, then add the new one.
What you probably want to do is clear the data on the existing JList, and then assign new data to it.
You don't want to re-create the JList object.
@Michael ye, that has to be it! Thanks
@Michael Hm, but if i have to JList object, i can't just simply use add() on that. And even if i try to get the model via teamList.getModel() there is no add() method...
@Michael i guess i have to keep a link to the DefaultListModel and use that to alter the list, correct?
/javadocs JList#setListData
Which one do you mean? (type the number)
1. javax.swing.JList#setListData(Object[])
2. javax.swing.JList#setListData(Vector)
@Michael void setListData(Object[] listData): Constructs a read-only ListModel from an array of items, and calls setModel with this model. (1/2)
3:18 PM
Hm, ok... O,o thanks
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