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12:29 AM
@Michael is there ever a reason to keep old javas? jdk 8u112 is out, so should I uninstall u101, or u25?
they arent in use at all
@Adrian None that I know of. Updates contain bug fixes and security fixes.
They don't contain changes to the API. Just changes to the implementations.
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4:14 AM
sup mates~!
4:38 AM
Q: My code is showing error

Sagor AhmedI want to implement the following algorithm : If there are less than Config.MAX_ACTION sticks remaining then the chooser must pick the minimum number of sticks (Config.MIN_ACTION). 2. For Config.MAX_ACTION or more sticks remaining then pick based on the actionRanking parameter. 3. The...

Please help me
5:17 AM
is unihedron still alive? miss that kid
5:34 AM
Hello All
anyone for a Optional<T> discussion ? :D
6:13 AM
@Hans1984 can you make this more funny?
I'm writing a post to a magazine. I think you can help me out. :)
how to set notification LED light in Android?
@BKSINGH You should try Android Chat
i want to set LED light blink for few second when notification came.... any idea?
Asking this in Android Chat has more chances you getting the correct answer. believe me
6:40 AM
That's especially true when ignoring someone trying to help you by redirecting you to a better forum
@Gemtastic hey buddy!
what's up?
Hello there
after a long time
Well, seems my fever is up, otherwise it's ok :)
woah, winter is ahead too
6:47 AM
Yup, Brace yourself, never ending cold season is nigh
BTW; I am looking for a good explanation to differentiate the null and Optional.empty()
I cannot copy any content on the internet. Just trying to teach by my own
have you got any idea about a suitable situation which shows the difference between
NOT having a value vs null
Maybe you should have some inspiration from JavaScript and Swft :P
anyone know about oracle?
6:50 AM
I think you need to explains what optional really is
@Gemtastic yes
I am looking for a real world example
Wow my english is busted today. Thank you brain
then the reader will easily understand it
@Jude null means nothing
hey @Gemtastic
6:52 AM
@ColdFire yes,
List<T> list =new ArrayList<>();
List<T> list=null;
what is different between in that
you created an empty ArrayList<T>() and then let the GC to collect it
both will create empty array or first one ?
@Rahul There is no both 2 List<T> references
BTW: your code will not even compile
because of declaring the same variable name in 2 places
6:56 AM
Real world examples are hard, since real world examples tend to contain horrible code
@Gemtastic I don't need the code examples. Just a scenario
In OCP sybex book, they took an example like this one
Let's say you're consuming an API that sometimes is empty?
Think that you are attending for a Java class. It had been 2 months now, and now you sat for 2 exams. You got 100 and 90 marks respectively. If someone asked what is the average marks of the Java class, then you will say it's 95. But think it's the first day of your new Java class and someone in that class ask you, what is the average? Then if you say 0, that is not correct. You are not that much weak student. In such a scenario, you simply don't have any data to reply.
That's an ideal situation to use Optional.empty()
@Gemtastic ^^^ I am looking for a story like that
"Imagine you're in class because 'tis the only time you'll ever use one"
7:04 AM
@Nicktar howdy! do you have any thoughts on what i'm looking for?
Didn't read the backlog yet
Teaching is an art
7:06 AM
@Nicktar I know you can help me :)
<<out for lunch>>
If I had a good answer for that I'd have a famous Java blog by now
well the answer is not sufficient data to calculate avg
@Jude maybe something along the line of having (holding on to) an (empty) cup vs. grabbing thin air looks silly and might harm your fingers if someone tries to pour you another tea...
7:19 AM
Optional<tea> mug = waitForTea();
@Nicktar ahhh haaa... That sounds perfect
hehe Nicktar that was punchline nice
7:31 AM
hello friends ...please see the issue?
Main issue here: "Poster didn't read the channel description"
this is java chat @Adi
ok sorry @ColdFire..
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10:18 AM
morn all
@MadaraUchiha I used the example once you talked in the chatroom. Is it ok?
I think you won't take it much serious thing
@Jude Of course
Thank you :)
11:20 AM
Hey everyone!
12:10 PM
Hey, is anyone here? I'm sort of trying to organize a homeworking assignment, and I am a bit stuck.
12:35 PM
@Xenorosth ask
12:53 PM
Q: Placement of Thread Content. How do you know what goes inside of the thread, and what doesn't?

XenorosthOverall, this is a homework assignment for a graduate level class, so much of the assignment is omitted, but I think I gave enough to make my question clear. In short, the prompt is below. Prompt: Assume that you have a set of files (file_0...file_N) that are accessed by a set of threads (threa...

I put the question in there. I figured it'd be better to structure into a well thought question, which was hard in itself because I feel like I don't know what I'm talking about
1:23 PM
you got your answer
someone already replied
1:37 PM
@ballBreaker Did ya got fired yet?
@Hemlata No, given more work today
So I realize that if I keep doing what I'm doing, they'll give me bitch-work until I die
I'm going to take control back in my life. I feel so powerless with what I've been doing. It's clearly not working, gotta up the ante
For example: I was assigned 4 hours for this task today, so I'm going to do it in 8
Also I'm going to stay home tomorrow
They prob don't want to fire ya I guess
But that sucks
Yeah they don't want the possibility of me suing, and they don't want to pay me extra. Also they'll be understaffed if they do
Prob cuz if they will fire ya then they have to pay ya more
1:44 PM
So pretty much I need to get them so angry that they do it
They're giving me work that they don't want to give to anyone else because it's bullshit, and hoping that I'll get so rattled that I quit on my own
You should do the work pretty slow, whatever they assign ya
Then they might get pissed off
And fire ya
That way they just need to pay me for 2 weeks, and it would be really hard for me to sue them
LOL yeah exactly, that's the plan
Lol try to do every work slow or wrong, then they will definitely get pissed off
Or there are so many ways to piss em off
Plus ya should try for the new job as well.
Yeah there are a ton of ways to piss them off, and I'm going to do them all
But yeah, I'm going to spend a lot of time applying for jobs at work now
2:04 PM
Yea you should, cuz it's not worth workin for em.
Yeah exactly lol
They'll regret not firing me sooner. Fuckin' people.
Nothing is worse than a disgruntled employee lol
Yea I understand
They prob don't want to pay you extra that's why they are not firing ya I guess
Well good luck. Hopefully ya will get good job :)
@ballBreaker yo
Aye buddy
How's your cat crab?lol
2:20 PM
@Tavo You ever see "Office Space"
Just wondering, haha it's a good movie man, you should watch it
It's pretty relevant to what I'll be doing at my work
(not the stealing from the company part, but the other parts)
I'm going to have fun with this
(trying to force them into laying me off)
I've not seen tho I've heard about it. It's about a programmer who's not treated good by management (not sure tho if it's that or not)
Yeah basically
Should be required watching for every dev along with "Outsourced"
2:33 PM
Never seen outsourced
finds trailer
@Nicktar what it's about?
lol it looks like it would be pretty decent
Whats it about?@ballBreaker
Watch the trailer
it's about a guy who gets sent to India because they are outsourcing jobs
and he has to train the poeople
Cool. I will watch it.
2:55 PM
Morning, Java!
@ballBreaker Have you heard about Google code jam?
@Hemlata a CallCenter beeing outsourced to India
Yea I will watch the tralier
Nicktar, have ya heard about Google code jam?
3:03 PM
Hi, I am new to java developement, do you have any reccomandation? :D
@Hemlata heard about it, yes
Is it enough to have knowledge about java core plus algorithm or do you need to know networking as well?
@yessure yeah, quit now while you still have time
I can solve algorithm plus I still have little bit left to learn about java core but I can do it till March (as google code jam starts in march). So I was wondering if it's enough or not?
@Tavo lololol
3:13 PM
I'm particularly sarcastic today. I've been given shitty news at work. Fortunately I have an interview this Thursday
fingers crossed
@Tavo oh man
Switching companies potentially?
I hope I will. This is for a job in Singapore
Ohhhhhhhh nice!!
so it would be a super double combo
Yeah that would be awesome man
3:14 PM
give the middle finger to my company and finally move
lmao yeah man, I feel you on that
I have two phone interviews tomorrow, and an inperson interview next Tuesday.. also that job I interviewed for before has positions opening up in November... wish me luck dude lol
you'll do great :)
best of lucks anyway!
This company keeps pulling the wool over my head. Making me think I'll be laid off, then giving me something inconvenient/insignificant to do
lol should I apply for Google
They have postings on my universities website
To be honest, I wouldn't want to move to California though
or not. Google's not so great from what I've heard firsthand
I mean I would .. but
Yeah I would believe that
3:19 PM
after this one, I don't want to work for a big company ever again if I can help it
Yeah I've only worked for a really small company (~10 or less) and it's good in some ways, but worse in way too many
@Tavo What's the part about a big company you don't like?
I'm looking to change it up this time and work for a bigger company, probably 50-200 employees
politics, egos (or egoes however you say that), stagnancy...
having to follow the process leads to loads of wasted time
while if you can just sit with someone that can fix your problem, or you can fix it yourself, s**t gets done
also, plenty of people that only exist to justify their own positions
Ahh I see so the bureaucracy is a big thing then eh
It's the same for a really small company too
not in my experience, but it might be in yours. Although I doubt it takes a week or two to create a new topic in Kafka
I can do that in 5 mins
@Hemlata sorry, no idea
3:26 PM
Yeah, I think the problem is it's very company specific
I mean if you have an issue with a person in a small company, you're basically fucked because you could never avoid them if you wanted to
that's more or less the same in a big company
Yeah so I mean they are very similar is what I was trying to say, but maybe it's just the same for any size of company
your ecosystem in a big company is not the whole company, is the people you work with within the company
if you have a problem with someone, then you won't be able to avoid the person because you still have to live in that ecosystem
That's kind of nice in a way though, I mean if there is always someone above the person you have an issue with, at least you have somewhat of a chance to do something about it?
For me, there is no one above my direct supervisor/boss since he's the owner and CEO
So if there's a problem, it ends there
nope, in general they don't give a s**t
3:28 PM
Well I mean, the worst part is that there is a complete conflict of interest, because my HR is also a co-owner of the company, and the bosses wife
I really wish I knew those two fuckers were married when I accepted the job offer
think about this: you are a manager and a guy comes to complain that someone is being annoying to you. What would you do?
What I meant by that isn't really with coworkers as much as with managers.. like if you had a big issue with your manager, there could be someone above him
But in your situation, it depends
I would listen to what the guy has to say, then see if it's worth my time
in an ideal world, yes. In the real world, the percentage of people giving a rat's ass is extremely low
Yeah I think the kicker there was that you put me in the manager's role lol
you tell me in 10 years if you still care ;)
3:33 PM
I find it kind of hard to believe that I wouldn't care about a person after 10 years, especially after what I've been going through here.. but yeah who knows, right
It really depends on the situation and whether or not if I thought what the person was saying was justifiably bad
I've seen what can happen when two coworkers have a problem with eachother and the manager doesn't acknowledge the problem and try to fix it
Google is really good company cuz you can take advantage of their perks lol
@Hemlata You really can't comment on how good a company is or not, without having been in the workforce
Yea true
But they really have good perks tho like free healthy and gourmet meals, laundry and fitness facilities, generous paid parental leave, and on-site childcare
It's like saying how hard university is without ever actually going to university lol
Yea lol
3:39 PM
But yeah you could have awesome perks, but if you hate your job and you're miserable all day, then what's the point
When I will start workin then I will know prob lol
hii guys
Yea I agree
Looks like work life is so stressfull
Jus few more years than I will also start workin lol
It can be, not always, but can be
3:57 PM
@ballBreaker I would not change it for my years in uni
I love having plenty of money and free time on the weekends
why does java have type erasure? sigh
@Tavo Yeah I'm on the fence about that, university was the most fun I've ever had
I don't think I could do it at this age though, all the partying and debauchery
I'm glad, I'm still in university lol
4:27 PM
@ballBreaker How many highest upvotes you got on your question yet or answer?
Lol I got 8 upvotes. I never got it before lol
lol you have the most random questions
I think 18
That's nice lol
Tho my question are even not really good lol. I've no idea how I even got 8 upvotes lol
I'm tired of Android
and software development
@DineshVenkata why not quit it up?lol
unreasonable requirements man
@Hemlata considering it
4:31 PM
good thing this is not the Android room
Yea it's chips room lol
I've been trying to something for 2 months
still doesn't work
my manager thinks I'm not sincere or serious
my teach lead thinks I'm still not trying hard
but actually I've been trying every trick in the book
and yet life goes on
@Tavo I don't think I've ever seen you this bitter before man, the news must have been pretty bad, eh?
If you feel like talkin' about it or telling me any details, I have WhatsApp again
Understandable if you don't though
nah. They just want me to move to a team that is company-critical and their code was a ticking time bomb that exploded during the Brexit. That basically means mantaining and rewriting a lot of shitty code. That's not what I signed for
and of course, they never asked me. So yeah, pretty pissed
anyway, it's time to go home
catch you tomorrow
4:38 PM
Catch you later man
Sorry to hear about that, that's not very fun at all
Hopefully things work out with that Singapore interview
@ballBreaker Looks like you're very kind man
lol thx
I try to be
Some people make it easier than others, @Tavo is a gem
@ballBreaker Are most of the canadians are kind or jus few?
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7:21 PM
posted on October 24, 2016 by CommitStrip


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