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PhoneGap Framework

Welcome to phonegap dev's hub, catch us on facebook
3s ago – Imran Khan
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 Smart Developers' Lab

If you have query ,First search on google. If not found, then only ask your query and Try to elaborate as best as you can, Use for long code, catch us on facebook , If you want to play with android system visit this
4s ago – Roshan Jha
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Read this link or we'll eat you: Before asking a question inform yourself on the XY problem
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Maharashtrian Code Warriors

Purpose of room is to understand the technology in native marathi language, so that it will be better to understand the technical concepts. Discussion will be in Marathi. But, Of Course, coding part is in English.
4s ago – Mohan Chaudhari
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The *productive* programming cabbage. Please do other members the courtesy of reading
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Android Developers
9s ago – Venu
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iOS/Cocos2d/Android questions help desk! . [please use to share code longer than 10 lines in chat] *Most Active Users are of Indian origin. so it is highly likely we would be found talking in Hindi. you shouldn't mind and if you will ask. we will converse technical chat in english.
14s ago – Beeblebrox
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A friendly room for discussing things related to WPF and other things.


Discussion for all things PHP, and stuff. BEFORE chatting in this room read :
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 IOS Developer Family

This is iOS developers family. Visit You can be members, write your own blogs, participate and can have support from iOS developers here as well.This is Not rule site. Its more informative for iOS Developers.
1m ago – Stunner
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Android buddy HMK

only for limited guy and conversation on hindi
2m ago – Shweta
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You fail logic forever


Tales of the fight between green robots and nyan cats, in the realm of Unicornia. We can teach you to fish, but we're not giving out free tuna. Read the House Rules!
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Java and Android era

You might be a droid or you might come with a java cup.Drop your long code in and save images in Read common chat FAQs here - . We're on facebook too. Find us here :
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 Canadian Android Dev's

Programming is like sex if you don't enjoy it, just get experience from it...Use to post long code...
4m ago – Dev Carlsberg
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Android Coders

Google Never Provide Solutions For Every One.Learn Here How To Google Your Question....
5m ago – nondoo
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try { java(); } catch (TooHorribleException) { csharp(); }
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.Net Devs

Post your question here regarding winform, crystal report, sql server, c# or vb language. Ping me if you have any question related winforms in .net.
8m ago – Nimesh
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Red Development Team

Red language source code related questions
9m ago – qtxie
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Web Developers

Room to discuss javascript and jquery, php and mysql issues. before asking to any one please try to search your issue in google and then read this
9m ago – Vicky
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