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22m ago – Caprica Six
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Got a SQL question? Any SQL flavor here, just ask. Indicate your db, quick question: quick answer. Long question... Will need a ---> . Thanks.
24m ago – ARr0w
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Apache Spark

Just a place for random discussions about Apache Spark and coordianting moderation tasks.
31m ago – Queen
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Teenage Territory

In the year of 2015, pioneers ventured north to discover the sacred Teenage Territory. It's quite cold here, so only cool people allowed!
42m ago – Rishav
Rishav: 42m ago, 30510 posts (24%)little pootis: 44m ago, 6617 posts (5%)Andrew Li: 1h ago, 1998 posts (1%)Loquitor: 1h ago, 1196 posts (0%)Simply Beautiful Art: 1h ago, 364 posts (0%)


44m ago – user5348fh8y5
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Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging) without upsetting anyone

Smart Developers' Lab

Try to stick to English, Post your Query elaborate as best as you can and show your efforts, For Code use or, Facebook Group : about-me :
54m ago – SilentKiller
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VBA Lounge

Used for extended discussion around VBA related tags, and a bit of chit-chat now and again. Please do not post your questions into this room they will be ignored and removed. [Rory's drink total: ~22 pints]
56m ago – click here
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 SOCVR Request Graveyard

This room is ONLY to receive action requests (cv-pls, etc.) from SOCVR; it is intended as an archive for easy searching. DO NOT TALK HERE. For more, see
59m ago – NathanOliver
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R Public

A general room for discussion of all things about and related to the R statistical programming language. For the room rules, see:
1h ago – Frank
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A room for those working with the Swift programming language
1h ago – Dilip Tiwari
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Trash can

Like the recycle bin, but trashier.
1h ago – Ganesh Kumar
rlemon: 8d ago, 1070 posts (2%)


Join to become part of the community, not to simply ask questions. FAQ at
1h ago – Dhruv
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friendly bin

If you want to trash message and dont want to offend people, use this bin.
1h ago – Ganesh Kumar
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 Indian iOS->ObjectiveC+Swift & Androi

Should talk about iOS + Android | xamarin development related issues. No language bar, no restrictions.
2h ago – Mayur
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Burnination progress for the apple tag

For discussion and progress-tracking of cleanup for the apple tag per:
2h ago – Guttenberg
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 Python Trash - The Rotating Knives

Trashed messages from the Python room. If your message was moved here, it probably didn't follow the rules:
2h ago – Antti Haapala

HTML / CSS / WebDesign

Read the rules: ▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask, and ask once! ▲ If you need help, post a minimal example ( ) of your issue, please. documentation often helps.
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Unix/Linux shell programming
2h ago – tripleee
tripleee: 2h ago, 2309 posts (42%)Queen: 2h ago, 707 posts (12%)louigi600: 3h ago, 650 posts (11%)Jenna Sloan: 28d ago, 4 posts (0%)

Hybrid Developers

Room for hybrid mobile developers using Ionic2, Angular2 and Typescript
2h ago – Stephen
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