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You want your hobby ruined and corrupted?
22m ago – Polymorphic Potato
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JavaScript :: the sword without a Hilt

Read this link: Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem | Angularjs is on topic here. stop asking. Reg room here:
19s ago – Moderateur
Neil: 2m ago, 14877 posts (0%)Caprica Six: 3m ago, 46749 posts (2%)Abhishek Hingnikar: 54m ago, 99409 posts (4%)Abhi: 1h ago, 48 posts (0%)Datsik: 1h ago, 13345 posts (0%)cbednarski: 1h ago, 26 posts (0%)Aaron Siciliano: 2h ago, 1110 posts (0%)copy: 2h ago, 13487 posts (0%)Loktar: 5h ago, 75840 posts (3%)SomeKittens Ux2666: 7h ago, 37567 posts (1%)Adam Barak: 8h ago, 463 posts (0%)Benjamin Gruenbaum: 10h ago, 65291 posts (3%)Florian Margaine: 11h ago, 79435 posts (3%)Second Rikudo: 11h ago, 6899 posts (0%)ircmaxell: 15h ago, 7966 posts (0%)Shubham Goyal: 22h ago, 11 posts (0%)Kendall Frey: 1d ago, 19651 posts (0%)Jimmy Hoffa: 2d ago, 84 posts (0%)DrogoNevets: 3d ago, 4481 posts (0%)phenomnomnominal: 3d ago, 30041 posts (1%)tereško: 4d ago, 8440 posts (0%)Cerbrus: 5d ago, 611 posts (0%)Roel van Uden: 5d ago, 520 posts (0%)ThiefMaster: 5d ago, 8603 posts (0%)Kippie: 18d ago, 2366 posts (0%)Respectech: 20d ago, 27 posts (0%)Enijar: 28d ago, 5 posts (0%)Zhegan: 157d ago, 9 posts (0%)Kenjin: 182d ago, 94 posts (0%)m_73: no posts


Discussion for all things PHP, and stuff. Chat Guidelines :
8s ago – Florian Margaine
Florian Margaine: 8s ago, 1748 posts (0%)Joe Watkins: 11s ago, 30210 posts (1%)Ja͢ck: 18s ago, 35873 posts (2%)salathe: 5m ago, 7878 posts (0%)derp: 12m ago, 92 posts (0%)akhilesh: 14m ago, 107 posts (0%)Naruto: 16m ago, 979 posts (0%)Alma Do: 43m ago, 17397 posts (1%)tereško: 2h ago, 68284 posts (4%)Second Rikudo: 10h ago, 44973 posts (2%)bwoebi: 11h ago, 18084 posts (1%)ircmaxell: 12h ago, 83209 posts (5%)Benjamin Gruenbaum: 13h ago, 9318 posts (0%)Dan Lugg: 2d ago, 25728 posts (1%)ThW: 2d ago, 2248 posts (0%)Sergey Telshevsky: 3d ago, 543 posts (0%)Prasanth: 5d ago, 616 posts (0%)kodeart: 6d ago, 17 posts (0%)Mysticial: 10d ago, 97 posts (0%)Enijar: 35d ago, 85 posts (0%)Bijendra Singh: no postscbednarski: no postshwlau: no postsMonika: no postsuser3852826: no postsvrnithinkumar: no posts

 Smart Developers' Lab

Don't Give Uncessary Ping and kindly try to stick to English, Post Query Directly, and elaborate as best as you can with showing what you already tried, For showing Code use , Facebook Group
18m ago – Unity Beginner
Unity Beginner: 18m ago, 1981 posts (0%)Dhruti: 19m ago, 12655 posts (5%)SweetWisher ツ: 34m ago, 15108 posts (6%)Harish: 35m ago, 810 posts (0%)SilentKiller: 35m ago, 15940 posts (6%)Shadow: 38m ago, 1945 posts (0%)Priyanka: 38m ago, 1078 posts (0%)PG_Android: 42m ago, 1804 posts (0%)shihab_returns: 1h ago, 1995 posts (0%)Abhi: 2h ago, 409 posts (0%)Prabuddha: 2h ago, 876 posts (0%)QuokMoon: 2h ago, 6706 posts (2%)Anil Prasad: 2h ago, 104 posts (0%)sanjeet: 2h ago, 263 posts (0%)Top Cat: 3h ago, 2008 posts (0%)hotveryspicy: 3h ago, 463 posts (0%)johnrspicer: 3h ago, 26 posts (0%)maven: 4d ago, 2052 posts (0%)ItachiUchiha: 4d ago, 596 posts (0%)B.rohit Nare: 4d ago, 431 posts (0%)sakthi: 5d ago, 638 posts (0%)cbednarski: no postsuser3636519: no posts


Tales of the fight between green robots and nyan cats, in the realm of Unicornia. We can teach you to fish, but we're not giving out free tuna. Read the House Rules!
17s ago – eski
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Java and Android era

Important: Please use English only. Drop your long code in and save images in Read common chat FAQs here - . We're on [Facebook]( too! Make this room as your favourite to stay in touch with.! :)
6m ago – Anil
Anil: 6m ago, 10410 posts (4%)berserk: 11m ago, 2253 posts (1%)maven: 16m ago, 100 posts (0%)PG_Android: 25m ago, 7117 posts (3%)Rufus: 45m ago, 1698 posts (0%)sakthi: 48m ago, 132 posts (0%)Ali Ashiq: 49m ago, 49 posts (0%)Harish: 56m ago, 3796 posts (1%)Ketan Ahir: 59m ago, 3747 posts (1%)Pankaj Sharma: 1h ago, 911 posts (0%)rekire: 2h ago, 7621 posts (3%)Abhi: 2h ago, 194 posts (0%)gIrL: 2h ago, 179 posts (0%)neeraj kirola: 2d ago, 180 posts (0%)B.rohit Nare: 4d ago, 147 posts (0%)Appu: 4d ago, 12175 posts (5%)Shyildo: 7d ago, 1206 posts (0%)KeTaN: 10d ago, 242 posts (0%)Kalpesh: no postsvrnithinkumar: no posts

 IOS Developer Family

This is iOS developers family. Visit You can be members, write your own blogs, participate and can have support from iOS developers here as well.This is Not rule site. Its more informative for iOS Developers.
1m ago – iCodeAtApple
iCodeAtApple: 1m ago, 1579 posts (0%)SKT: 6m ago, 331 posts (0%)sanjeet: 30m ago, 358 posts (0%)satish: 1h ago, 931 posts (0%)Nitin Gohel: 1h ago, 48182 posts (13%)sanjay: 1h ago, 252 posts (0%)iShwar: 1h ago, 4962 posts (1%)mahesh chowdary: 1h ago, 854 posts (0%)pooja_1205: 2h ago, 972 posts (0%)Sport: 2h ago, 328 posts (0%)Leena: 2h ago, 18787 posts (5%)Harshad: 2h ago, 459 posts (0%)Anil Prasad: 2h ago, 167 posts (0%)Mits Bhadeshiya: 2d ago, 276 posts (0%)square: 4d ago, 424 posts (0%)Dany: 4d ago, 919 posts (0%)Jaimin Modi: 7d ago, 2018 posts (0%)Rahul Saini: 323d ago, 70 posts (0%)


iOS/Cocos2d/Android questions help desk! . [please use to share code longer than 10 lines in chat] *Most Active Users are of Indian origin. so it is highly likely we would be found talking in Hindi. you shouldn't mind and if you will ask. we will converse technical chat in english.*Please don’t request to become owner of this room.
1m ago – iAnum
iAnum: 1m ago, 3313 posts (0%)Shubhank: 1m ago, 94266 posts (20%)Saphira: 2m ago, 6257 posts (1%)Bunny: 5m ago, 509 posts (0%)all: 6m ago, 19609 posts (4%)Swap-IOS-Android: 14m ago, 5530 posts (1%)Dilbar: 23m ago, 34049 posts (7%)Rufus: 29m ago, 6184 posts (1%)Rajat: 32m ago, 26294 posts (5%)Misty: 1h ago, 251 posts (0%)iShwar: 1h ago, 3581 posts (0%)Unity Beginner: 1h ago, 13044 posts (2%)neeraj kirola: 2h ago, 84 posts (0%)Rahul Saini: 331d ago, 22 posts (0%)Bijendra Singh: no posts


The *productive* programming cabbage. Please do other members the courtesy of reading
34s ago – Abhin
Abhin: 34s ago, 2 posts (0%)Jon Clements: 7m ago, 55411 posts (12%)Ffisegydd: 13m ago, 13718 posts (3%)thefourtheye: 26m ago, 6147 posts (1%)Antti Haapala: 55m ago, 7583 posts (1%)user994572: 1h ago, 41 posts (0%)cbednarski: 1h ago, 1 posts (0%)Peter Varo: 2h ago, 22998 posts (5%)DSM: 4h ago, 4311 posts (1%)MattDMo: 14h ago, 222 posts (0%)ThiefMaster: 8d ago, 1659 posts (0%)copy: 61d ago, 96 posts (0%)hwlau: no postsuser1299508: no posts


A place to learn and teach.
2h ago – AshtonKJ
AshtonKJ: 2h ago, 1495 posts (11%)Frank Krueger: 1d ago, 24 posts (0%)Ruben Bartelink: 2d ago, 26 posts (0%)Jimmy Hoffa: 3d ago, 5 posts (0%)jruizaranguren: 3d ago, 97 posts (0%)Maslow: 3d ago, 883 posts (6%)NETscape: 4d ago, 591 posts (4%)JeroldHaas: 5d ago, 503 posts (3%)weismat: 6d ago, 150 posts (1%)MastaBerry: 8d ago, 19 posts (0%)Tarmil: 11d ago, 28 posts (0%)Artem Koshelev: 19d ago, 4 posts (0%)Jack Fox: 24d ago, 1 posts (0%)ItDepends: no posts


I can't believe it's not broken!
6h ago – David Khuu
D3l4n0: 9h ago, 10 posts (0%)Darek: 14h ago, 3439 posts (0%)Dread Pirate Peter: 2d ago, 125 posts (0%)NETscape: 2d ago, 6748 posts (0%)Greg: 2d ago, 19609 posts (1%)Kendall Frey: 2d ago, 97432 posts (9%)Victorio Berra: 3d ago, 261 posts (0%)Roel van Uden: 3d ago, 14021 posts (1%)Denver: 3d ago, 50 posts (0%)Sebastian L: 3d ago, 8 posts (0%)Pheonixblade9: 3d ago, 27401 posts (2%)Spencer Ruport: 3d ago, 10160 posts (0%)Caprica Six: 3d ago, 2934 posts (0%)bhuvin: 4d ago, 916 posts (0%)


Welcome to ASP.Net Room. Don't ask to ask just ask your question.Make sure not to ping other users randomly and have some patience. Use don't paste it over the chat.**GOOGLE YOURSELF**
1m ago – Gotalove
Gotalove: 1m ago, 2904 posts (6%)Shell: 7m ago, 6164 posts (14%)Caprica Six: 12m ago, 655 posts (1%)Just code: 23m ago, 8812 posts (20%)user3386790: 26m ago, 108 posts (0%)vishu minhas: 28m ago, 119 posts (0%)sona: 32m ago, 453 posts (1%)Arijit Mukherjee: 1h ago, 252 posts (0%)yash: 1h ago, 1078 posts (2%)Vikas Rana: 1h ago, 1156 posts (2%)Sabilv: 2h ago, 371 posts (0%)NETscape: 2d ago, 1 posts (0%)Jakotheshadows: no posts

HTML / CSS / WebDesign

Please use Google before asking! ▲▲▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask! ▲▲▲ Support room for HTML, CSS, DOM and WebDesign. If you need help post an example of your issue please. Religion and Politics are off-topic! documentation often helps.
2m ago – k111ky
k111ky: 2m ago, 3273 posts (1%)Wesley Crushed: 5m ago, 34295 posts (11%)Timothy: 2h ago, 56 posts (0%)Caprica Six: 9h ago, 2724 posts (0%)Second Rikudo: 14h ago, 3506 posts (1%)easwee: 15h ago, 10181 posts (3%)Loktar: 1d ago, 6766 posts (2%)Just code: 2d ago, 788 posts (0%)ThiefMaster: 9d ago, 297 posts (0%)hwlau: no postsjmort253: no posts

Android A to Z

Room for all Android developers.. Always use & for largest code. Like us at Facebook Page :
5m ago – Adi
Adi: 5m ago, 2253 posts (6%)PG_Android: 6m ago, 348 posts (1%)maven: 11m ago, 24 posts (0%)Ramani: 22m ago, 134 posts (0%)vrnithinkumar: 1h ago, 1 posts (0%)Ali Ashiq: 1h ago, 800 posts (2%)Top Cat: 2d ago, 810 posts (2%)Mysterious: 3d ago, 105 posts (0%)user1404672: 3d ago, 21 posts (0%)B.rohit Nare: 7d ago, 35 posts (0%)Bijendra Singh: no posts

Unity3D Developers

Any one working on Unity3d can join this room. Those who wants to learn can also join.
5s ago – radical
iAnum: 3m ago, 346 posts (1%)Marine: 10m ago, 757 posts (3%)Nick: 10m ago, 8599 posts (36%)Gamex: 28m ago, 252 posts (1%)Unity Beginner: 1h ago, 502 posts (2%)zanky: 1h ago, 3325 posts (14%)radical: 6d ago, 2193 posts (9%)maven: 18d ago, 21 posts (0%)copy: no postskhakiout: no posts


Holy cow! It's Java!
25m ago – Unihedron
Unihedron: 25m ago, 3039 posts (1%)ItachiUchiha: 30m ago, 2837 posts (1%)priya: 58m ago, 75 posts (0%)Mateon1: 11h ago, 83 posts (0%)user2809564: 2d ago, 4 posts (0%)maven: 3d ago, 3 posts (0%)vikky: 4d ago, 74 posts (0%)Appu: 4d ago, 2194 posts (1%)Oleg Kuznetsov: 4d ago, 261 posts (0%)Benjamin Gruenbaum: 128d ago, 190 posts (0%)


Rules → —  Discussion for iOS and OS X developers. Our aim is to help you help yourself. This room is a machine, a machine for programmers: fit only for the rambling of programmers.
13m ago – Daniel Martín
Daniel Martín: 13m ago, 436 posts (0%)Enrico Susatyo: 24m ago, 33211 posts (8%)borrrden: 46m ago, 41069 posts (10%)Mutch95: 1h ago, 951 posts (0%)nil: 2h ago, 37420 posts (9%)nayoso: 4h ago, 8789 posts (2%)Sport: 4d ago, 207 posts (0%)Shade: 17d ago, 153 posts (0%)Rahul Saini: no posts


Currently we are invite only. Where hobby programmers/chat regulars chill.
1h ago – monners
copy: 2h ago, 86 posts (1%)Florian Margaine: 11h ago, 435 posts (8%)Benjamin Gruenbaum: 11h ago, 614 posts (12%)Caprica Six: 3d ago, 48 posts (0%)Kendall Frey: 3d ago, 68 posts (1%)phenomnomnominal: 9d ago, 48 posts (0%)Loktar: 9d ago, 311 posts (6%)cbednarski: no postsEnijar: no posts

The SO Tavern (Free Snacks)

Here we have our fill of bytes and bits, and then tell of tales of other times we've had our fill of bytes and bits. To register a complaint, press Ctrl + W (Mac users ⌘ + W).

[Rebol and Red]

Lean, mean and fully stacked.
3h ago – HappySpoon
HappySpoon: 3h ago, 1506 posts (1%)rgchris: 4h ago, 7753 posts (5%)HostileFork: 1d ago, 44409 posts (31%)Respectech: 3d ago, 2179 posts (1%)pekr: 4d ago, 1527 posts (1%)Kamiccolo: 11d ago, 3 posts (0%)Oldes: 32d ago, 105 posts (0%)
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