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1:02 PM
[ FireAlarm-Swift ] Potentially bad question: Sending mail by using ajax jquery and php (filter score: 29)
Hello. First time here. How does the filter score work?
@Cœur Hullo, welcome to SOCVR
@Cœur click the link "FireAlarm-swift" to see a brief description of how that bot works
without intimate knowledge I guess it means the Bayesian filter arrived at a 79% confidence
Oh thanks.
1:06 PM
@M.A.R. Did you metamor into an inse?
@QPaysTaxes Wut
@Cœur ^ that's yours
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 15 mins ago, by Cœur
May someone add a close vote for missing code in-the-question-itself on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9151365/set-same-date-in-diferent-inputs-wit‌​h-multiple-date-format ? I've put my vote 10 days ago and still no other voter.
oh, arigato @tripleee
@M.A.R. It's a Kafka reference.
1:07 PM
@Cœur hello. I'm one of the developers. You may wanna come to SOBotics or FireAlarm Dev so that I don't spam this room with the explanation ...
@QPaysTaxes Ahh. Actually, 'kaf' means 'foam' in Persian, and it flows better in the mouth than 'afk', so that's why I usually say it after someone says 'afk'
@M.A.R. "Kaf" is also 3/5 of Kafka's name, so presumably you 3/5 of metamorphosed into 3/5 of an insect
BTW, guyses, @Cœur came in to ask for VTC's on this question:
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 20 mins ago, by Cœur
May someone add a close vote for missing code in-the-question-itself on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9151365/set-same-date-in-diferent-inputs-wit‌​h-multiple-date-format ? I've put my vote 10 days ago and still no other voter.
That's why I said they should come here. Be gentle
@Cœur due to the many questions that need close votes, we normally focus in this room on the fresh or active questions. The q/a pairs from years ago without recent activity or meta attention will be left alone. That is a pitty but priorities , blah blah etc
1:12 PM
already quoted by triplee, but thanks M.A.R
@M.A.R. read up the transcript
@rene Are you asking me to read?
no, to pay attention
Are you asking me to pay attention?
1:13 PM
Well, that's hard work. Sorry
bring us the money, M.A.R
Brings the money
Are you all limited to 50 (or a bit more) close votes a day, or some of you got unlimited close votes?
@Cœur 50, except mods.
@M.A.R. Wake up you need to make money
1:16 PM
So I guess it's a hard task to get this 10k queue empty.
@Cœur Yep
Get 3k and help
If you already have 3k, do your 40 reviews
(SO is slightly ridiculous like that)
...I'm not blue here. O_o
You're not a Stack Overflow mod.
You're a mod on the Stack Exchange network, though, so Chat.SE blue you
I know
46% changed: question - req
1:19 PM
@QPaysTaxes I don't use the review queue, it has too less filters. I either cv on the cv-pls, or go through unclosed firealarm reports
*inaeinsert pluplug ffor Literature.SE here*
@AshishAhuja ...You realize you can Skip items, right?
@Mithrandir flags for spam
OogOog, itsit's deadead agagain
1:20 PM
My phone sometimes does that :/
It doesn't matter how or where you close vote but please do use them.
@QPaysTaxes yeah, but you can't cv on q's which have like 4 cvs, and are going to expire. I prefer to cv on q's which have cv's which are going to expire so that those cv's don't get wasted
@AshishAhuja Fair enough
I'll be helpful. I flagged this as a dupe, still open.
@Mithrandir voted
1:29 PM
@Mithrandir made it a formal cv-pls ;)
Hiya gunr
@gunr2171 \o
1:31 PM
Welcome back to your regularly scheduled schedule.
@rene thanks ;)
@NathanOliver well, mostly
you have a meeting?
6am-10am meeting every Wednesday from now on
not thrilled about that
1:33 PM
@gunr2171 4 hours? O_o
I have 1- and 2-hour meetings every day
6am? o.O
They're called class
@gunr2171 what on earth will be the topic that will take 4 hours every week ...
1:34 PM
@rene grooming user stories for the following week
[ FireAlarm-Swift ] Potentially bad question: vb-How to get all the files inside a folder? (filter score: 27)
@gunr2171 what is your backlog like? 1000 stories?
no, like 8
you're kidding right?
I know, 4 hours should be a bit insane
1:35 PM
They are doing user novels instead of stories
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not much I can do besides roll with it
On the plus side due to this kind of preparations your planning meeting only takes 15 minutes?
Where do you work?
@rene uh, how about 2 days?
when do you work then?
as in, write code.
1:38 PM
that's a great question
during lunch breaks? lol
I'm often hired to ask these kind of questions
now granted the "planning meetings" are 2 days because it involves the entire Org. and will plan for 15 weeks of work
That is not so agile ...
1:40 PM
^ that's the new thing we're following
so, you tell me
oh my, the consultants took over
very yep
I like how it even has an expand a level to even reveal more crap
wow, I didn't see the expansion... :'(
Crap rain
1:43 PM
@gunr2171 ahahah that's damn funny, page source:
> WP Content Copy Protection Premium (YOOPlugins Copyright Protection) script
We add DRM to all teh thingz!
Which of course won't work in the end :<
@gunr I see one problem with that. There's no step anywhere for fixing bugs
"Powered by Visual Composer - drag and drop page builder for WordPress." rofl
@gunr2171 so how many teams do you have at that company again. I recall they weren't that big.
8, about 5-8 people per team
- We only program using the mouse
1:46 PM
@kayess LOL, where does it say that?
@TylerH "fix bugs as you go", but right. Bug fixing isn't planned very much
@gunr2171 lol
@M.A.R. in HTML source
Ok, well, you might need some coordination but not something that comes with a flow diagram
wow 101 chat comments...what have I missed? :D
1:47 PM
@Lankymart gunr at a meeting - surprise!
We're redesigning the agile workflow of gunr's workplace. He is going to present that on Wednesday. It will be awesome.
Meeting? Is that just an excuse to drink coffee and fill a few hours? :p
Yes, that are the ones.
@rene When he walks in, he'll shake his fist at us and sneer "You rebel scrum"
Too Broad Making a modular MVC 5 project - rpfc‎ - 2017-03-20 15:38:59Z
1:52 PM
@Lankymart Smoke Detector merged with Fire Alarm to form SmokeSkyNet. It's now terminating all open questions on SO
YES!, please let it be true
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, no whitespace in body: hihvjxsasdfsdfdsfsd by Kyle Murray on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector v
1:55 PM
sd v
i'm gradually catching on.
Join the club :p
it's like "I lost the game". lol
I lost the game
1:57 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, no whitespace in body: PYTHON Why does this for loop print every other line by Kyle Murray on stackoverflow.com
sd v
ok now its a habit.
someone have a good autocomment for that post?
i think a flag is in order?
multiple rollbacks are auto-flagged
1:58 PM
sweet. see. learned something else today.
adding that to the knowledge graph.
Don't vandalise your question. — ArtOfCode 2 mins ago
I was hoping for something with more words
> Don't vandalise your question, please
2:01 PM
> Or expect rene at your doorstep
na, in that case we would sic Kyll on 'em
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: How to implement Telenor easypay API in Android by Nain Kazi on stackoverflow.com
(today I learned to correct spelling of "sic")
2:04 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: updating configarable option in magento cart page by Corrie on stackoverflow.com
[ FireAlarm-Swift ] Potentially bad question: Snap to the nearest highway in google map api (filter score: 27)
@yam stats
I'm currently watching 282 posts.
@Samey \o
2:17 PM
No MCVE why A local or parameter cannot be declared? - Zaki‎ - 2017-03-27 14:19:26Z
@gunr2171 I was just about to respond to your previous line before I saw this one :-P
@gunr2171 that has 3 stars? we've become mundane
2:25 PM
@Machavity you're hilarious
@gunr2171 yo yo
yo yo yower yangers
yo yo yuge yogi yoghurt yodels
we're all crazy
[ FireAlarm-Swift ] Potentially bad question: How to get all databases in pervasive from C# code? (filter score: 31)
hey I just noticed, I passed 12k rep
that means 7 delete votes :-)
2:32 PM
@TylerH congrats.
use them wisely. they disappear just like that
I just passed 4k, which means... 0 delete votes :(
you should perform the fusion dance with gunr
then you will have 10k
2:39 PM
power overwhelming
@TylerH Or I could see if Jarrod is gonna decide another answer of mine really deserves 500 rep :P
@QPaysTaxes lets not discuss that here ?:) There were meta fires earlier about that..
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