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7:00 PM
A: A cause for self moderation and query on the events of 20 May '16

Undo I'm going to be frank here, with my thoughts as a user. Everything that follows is my thoughts as a user, and in no way official. This isn't a stance of the moderation team or staff. Okay, I'll bite. I'm deliberately not addressing the specific problem at hand, but rather the constant use of...

I've not once seen that guy try to do anything in here
@MartinJames because this site is for everyone, not just those who don't care about that group of users. – ArtOfCode 1 hour ago
And the only mod we have any trouble with is the one who powertrips every time we see him and treats us as less than equal
Except those people who like to jab at each other with sometimes colorful language.
technically we are less than equal.
i think you meant he treats us like children
7:01 PM
Guess so.
I came to lol?
aaaaw fuck did I miss it?
by like 3 hours
We are an hour ahead so does that mean I missed it by 4?
7:03 PM
@Katler yup.
5 hours ago, by TheLostMind
Bottom line. @Failsafe , @Sippy , @Amy , @rlemon , @RoelvanUden - You can take this up on meta. I will not stand and watch rude content and links circulating around this room just because you don't find them to be rude / vulgar. And you are welcome to contact SO directly.
@Sippy Whenever you imply that the mod did the wrong thing, you instantly become the bad guy.
Is there a list of mods anywhere
@Sippy I lold, sit down you!
I'm trying to think of the name of one of them
I can think of 3 mods who at least occasionally come in here and are perfectly comfy around us all
7:04 PM
No one has had more run in with mods than me though
@Amy for my MVC project I have a class library as well as the MVC project. Is it best to keep the DataContexts as part of a class Library or as part of the MVC app project?
The answer that Undo gave I actually find offensive
I used to get perma banned
"So, in my opinion, what was being said was vulgar. "
see, opinion. We need better, more clear, guidelines
@SteveG in HTML room we would get randoms popping in and flagging me for being vulgar
7:05 PM
in all honesty, it was vulgar, we all know this. But, taking this occasion out of the discussion, there are still issues
@SteveG you're fighting the good fight.
I got 3 bans in one day
Like everyone on that thread has missed the point completely.
We're just a bunch of classless animals in chat, got it.
@Michael it depends on the size of the project. small projects it doesn't make as much sense to separate things out into different projects.
7:06 PM
If you notice (you probably didn't) I played no part in getting the room locked. It was the people who talked back to the mod, not about the vulgar language.
bluefeet is pretty cool :)
If you don't want to lose your chat room, don't be snarky to mods
it's pretty simple
i can agree with that
i'd argue that rolling over and letting the mod do what he wants is also a form of losing the room.
i wasn't here, and i felt like some were overly snarky
7:07 PM
@SteveG so much
I think my general guidance of "if you wouldn't say it to a coworker, don't say it here" applies. Even if some of you have awful coworkers.
@Amy What did the mod do that was really out of line?
@Amy well its already separate. the library vs the MVC project, so that we can make use of the library for other types of projects in the future (perhaps a desktop app for instance). So it it weird then to create a DBContext that is always part of a shared library?
having said that, most pople in all chat rooms on SO want something, we want the more leeway in the way we talk, and i feel like SO prevents that. I can understand their point of view, where it's part of SO and it is public
@Codeman If I did that, I'd be the boringest guy here
7:08 PM
@Michael in that case just stick the dbcontext into the shared library
but there has to be a happy middle ground here, and what we have now is no ground at all, every mod doing what they want, following no generalized rules
thanks :)
@KendallFrey well you don't count, your coworkers locked you in a box to keep the ugly from being contagious :P
@SteveG No, no, the correct response is: "He's right, we should stop cussing so much in here, even if it's just for fun."
if thats what the rules are, i'll agree with that. but it's not. the rules are ambiguous and vague.
7:09 PM
We don't need to crack down on bad language, but don't pretend that you have the right to say whatever you want when other people are around.
I wish the mod hadn't banned him, but y'all need to pump the brakes when bitching out someone who has the power to stop us all from chatting and having fun
i never think that
I cannot believe the whole point of this has been so lost in the confusion
if we don't do a good job of self policing, the mods will have a heavier hand. so let's just try and behave and we don't need language police, etc.
all of this, even the room freezing, is because of a lack of more specific guidelines. thats the root cause of all of this, and all of the drama over the past x years
7:10 PM
But whatever
@SteveG or it's because we're intentionally stepping into the gray area as far as we can
This chat is for C# problems. Do not discuss anything off topic.
@SteveG pretty sure that's by design. just cool it whenever mods come in the room and think of it as a check
It has been made clear :)
7:11 PM
Lesson to be learned: Don't swear for the sake of swearing.
@KendallFrey i admit we can do that, but as RO's, how are we supposed to moderate those gray areas?
C# Chat : Civil War
I used to have trouble seeing but I got glasses and now I can C#
thats the point i'm making
the gray area is too wide as it stands, i'm not saying we can ever get rid of it completely, but we can shrink it down
@SteveG You've got guidelines the Be Nice policy and a guide to moderating chat‌​.
7:12 PM
@SteveG We don't need to keep everyone out of the gray area, but encouraging people to enter the gray area is the wrong idea.
@bluefeet so where does 'shit' stand on that guideline
@SteveG are you a south park fan?
is saying 'shit' acceptable?
am i about to get a 1 hour ban? i literally have no idea.
@SteveG You can't expect a list of words which are and aren't acceptable
the episode where the FCC changed it so "shit" could be said on TV? Don't do what they did in that episode.
7:13 PM
@SteveG you can post vulgar stuff like that on irc at night
@SteveG where you do think it stands? You're a room owner, what do you want for your room?
If you don't know if it's appropriate, don't say it.
i'm not asking to be able to post vulgar shit. I'm asking for clarification.
@bluefeet No. No, no.
@bluefeet see, 'what do i want for our room'.
7:14 PM
You and the other mods have just spent 5 hours telling us that the ROs do not dictate the culture of the room.
(hey, don't ban me for this)

"hey shitfucks, wassup?" - probably dial it back a notch

"ugh... this code is such a piece of shit.." - just fine
@SteveG Almost nobody cares if you say that. But if someone says they don't like it, politely stop.
We put up a meta post and the horde jumped on it.
As I expected.
7:14 PM
@CapricaSix Can't touch this.
The meta post went as well as the hindenburg.
@Sippy sigh Have you read both of those posts? The Be Nice policy and the guide to moderating chat, oh and also this?
what i'm asking for, is not unreasonable. I'm not asking for you to spell out every word thats acceptable or not acceptable.
meta, not even once
@SteveG Use Common Sense™
7:15 PM
i was not involved, at all, in the earlier drama.
@KendallFrey it is not so common
every time I go to meta, I just think "wow... these people are really REALLY opinionated"
so you're basically calling me dumb
ya'll have a good life
im out
@SteveG go take a walk outside for 20 minutes :) you'll feel better
@Codeman This is why I fucking hate meta.
7:16 PM
@SteveG No, I'm calling you wrong :P
<3 u
@bluefeet You need to implement a rule on cursing. I don't want to infer the rules and be wrong 50% of the time.
@Codeman I think there are a lot of passionate meta users. I would assume that's a good thing since it means people care about SO
Word of mouth and "well this is how it is" is not a rule
@Shoe thing is... a lot of the meta users aren't even active on SO, just meta
@Failsafe We can't. If there's a hard rule on cursing, then the argument becomes "but I wasn't cursing, 'asshat' isn't a swear word!"
7:17 PM
10 mins ago, by Codeman
I think my general guidance of "if you wouldn't say it to a coworker, don't say it here" applies. Even if some of you have awful coworkers.
Then someone asks us to implement a rule on what is cursing
Meta is literally cancer.
How offensive is the c-word? It all depends on where you live.
I swear at my coworkers.
If we make a black and white line, we'll keep getting asked to make new lines which we just can't.
7:18 PM
@ArtOfCode So? I don't want the rules to be based off of different personal bias'
They swear at me.
It's not practical.
@Sippy You should take a walk too
@Failsafe Then don't come to chat. It's that simple.
Would be interesting to see a programmer who have written anything nontrivial without using profanity.
7:19 PM
I'm bored of this
There's nothing left to discuss
raises hand
ohai @Undo
We have a slack channel to avoid offending people
We will continue to solve C# problems in here.
There is no need for further discussion as it will solve no problems.
I disagree.
7:21 PM
Then go disagree on meta cos it's off topic here.
I think that there's room for discussion
Enjoy slack.
7:21 PM
But I suggest we wait for a day or two until everyone cool down
Don't make promises when you're happy, and don't argue when you're upset, and all of that.
You don't speak for everyone here. I am tired of the group being taken out of context by this idea of being rogue.
For once I agree with Travis
May 5 at 15:17, by BoltClock
Just because we cannot have someone in here supporting civility at all times doesn't mean it should run rampant when there is no oversight. This is the primary reason why moderation from escalation continues to be present.
If as a room owner you are not capable of enforcing civility in the room and coordinating with the Stack Overflow moderation team, then you should not be a room owner.
7:26 PM
Anyone who feels upset by this - come back on Monday when things cool down. You will thank yourself for it :)
And I'd pin that too.
So Friday, huh
I occasionally say things that aren't bad puns
I am judging an all-day magic: the gathering tournament tomorrow, whoo
@MadaraUchiha sonofa...
@Codeman nice
@MadaraUchiha Are you @KendallFrey
Should join us at board and card games sometime @Codeman
@Failsafe I am the being you refer to as "the world"
7:28 PM
@Failsafe He comes to us from the JS room
@Waterseas chat? with a bunch of neeeeeeeeeeerds?
And "god", and "truth", and "all", and "one"
And I am also, yourself.
Ehh, chat is typically slow anyways XD
@Waterseas go ahead and link me, but I am pretty much only here when I'm bored at work
I'm only active and causing trouble ATM cause I got my next 3 weeks worth of work done in 3 days...
@MadaraUchiha Jokes on you, Madara dies more than once
7:29 PM
Love going afk for 10 minutes and then seeing (234) C# | chat.stackoverflow.c...
That's fine, I think that's almost everyone else in that chat @Codeman chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/49/board-and-card-games
@Failsafe And I revive every time.
in Lounge<C++>, 46 secs ago, by sehe
If you leave people only one small opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot, they will build a foot cannon and blow everyone's feet off.
@MadaraUchiha Nice edit
ninja, if you will
1 message moved to Orphan GIFs
7:35 PM
@JohanLarsson So true, it hurts
@JohanLarsson - Kind of a literal interpretation of the garbage will do
7:51 PM
So apparently my problem with timeouts for messages larger than 65536 chars stems from a custom IModelBinder used on our API
It defines a non-async method public bool BindModel(HttpActionContext actionContext, ModelBindingContext bindingContext)
and it calls content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result
@MikeAsdf - There is also a cap on the size a request can be if using HttpGet
this is POST
As near as I can tell, ReadAsStringAsync nondeterministically decides to hang based on something something buffer-ability
And my local machine is inducing different buffering behavior, maybe due to more memory
If I increase the size of the request by a factor of like 16, I can sometimes get it to hang locally as well
using .Result without await in order to mimic synchronous behavior can backfire, I cannot remember the underlying specifics at the moment though
I experienced something similar in a Dispose method though
7:54 PM
The prescribed approach is always "make your shit async top to bottom all the way no matter what"
But this interface affords no such option
@TravisJ I deadlock all the time doing that
Yeah, that is basically the route to go. Either take the async all path or the no async path depending
@TravisJ backfire in what way?
I just tried it a couple hours ago with HttpClient and I deadlocked every time
I usually use Result for sync code
7:55 PM
But HttpContent seems to have no non-async methods to get its shit
You have to async chain all the way up
@Failsafe But this System.Web.Http.ModelBinding.IModelBinder interface affords no such option
@KendallFrey - In the way I was using it, the disposal of the connection would hang, it was a long time ago. Do you await before using .Result?
You have to unwrap the async somehow
No, you can't await in sync code
7:57 PM
"One last remark: you should avoid using Task.Result and Task.Wait as much as possible as they always encapsulate the inner exception in an AggregateException and replace the message by a generic one (One or more errors occurred), which makes debugging harder. Even if the synchronous version shouldn't be used that often, you should strongly consider using Task.GetAwaiter().GetResult() instead." - Pinpoint
hmm smart
In this case, the indefinite hanging is a bigger concern than exception clarity
@KendallFrey - I can't find the offending code I was using, I deleted it
Task.Run(() => mymethod()).Result
@MikeAsdf - Yeah that was the issue I ran into also
7:58 PM
I remember seeing that somewhere
@Amy - Kendall answered a question of mine similar to that once stackoverflow.com/questions/23766808/…
Hey Guys refresh my memory
EF follows inserts with select scope identity
IF the key is generated by the db.
ok that's what I thought
it is
DB first
8:00 PM
if the key isn't generated in the db, i dont think it does that.
it's definitely generated automatically
otherwise i will need to talk with the dba's
home time
see ya'll on monday
Did a deploy to production today
its now 9pm ... finally sorted
some people on my team will be fed their internal organs on monday
8:02 PM
no ... forcefully
that's how the machines did it in the matrix
im not that polite
oh, less polite than a machine? that's pretty impolite
@Darth_Wardy Deployment go awry halfway through?
at 5pm on a friday afternoon the last thing I want to be doing is sitting down in front of someone else project and fixing it
then having to fast QA it
then deploy to our UAT envirnoment and work with the tester to ensure its all good
then deploy it
I should just hit the dam button and 1 click later job done
8:04 PM
It could be worse. Our deployments happen @ midnight on Saturdays. It's pretty unhappy when a deployment goes south.
1 team member couldn't be arsed to add 6 lines to a config file
another just ran his code on his local machine against the UAT api and deemed it "passed testing"
and im trying to setup whole new sites and services including a new SSO server
@Darth_Wardy A tester or a developer did that?
I did not appreciate it
@Waterseas developer
Ehh, that's a bit more reasonable
if he was there I probably would have slapped him there and then
8:23 PM
Sometimes I hate working in teams.. It is a bit irritating when a co-worker is the one tasked with creating the class objects and they name properties differently than how I would -_-
naming is hard
1.Not leaving my room 2.Not leaving the house 3.Missing someone's birthday party My childhood punishments have become my adult hobbies.
I just always rather "ClassID" instead of Id
programmers struggle with 3 things: 0) naming things 1) off by one errors
or more descriptive names and abreviations
8:24 PM
Id is the EF suggested convention though
@Amy 2) off-by-two errors
those are real, somehow
@TravisJ It is convention, but... blah.
Imagine if I need to do some manual SQL joins on my own at somepoint.
There is bound to be confusion and conflicts
Then you have to follow convention :P
Or change the convention to ID and make sure everyone else follows that, either way. As long as everyone is on the same page it seems like a minor detail overall.
Conventions change
8:26 PM
@MikeAsdf - Heh, such a good time waster
@Amy silly :P
@Michael i've got a variation of that on a t-shirt :)
I need more nerdy shirts
I dont have any programming t-shirts
8:28 PM
I'm wearing my nerdiest one
I have a Tardis t-shirt
guys could u help me with a for cycle i need this to my friend i really have to help him do this could u see what its wrong? this is my code https://gist.github.com/anonymous/4f4f61863f85ae22026222956c7e42c5

this is suposed to insert in a datagrid that but if the something is already inserted with that text it sums the lines
@KendallFrey - lol you gotta catch em all right?
its kind of minimalistic and abstract, so only the nerdiest nerds will understand
could anyone help me help my friend
8:29 PM
@AndréMarques for cycle = for loop?
yes i dont know if i typed it correctly not very good at english but i do my best xD
@AndréMarques what is wrong with it?
For one thing it looks like you are not going to loop through each row because you define:
int count = dataGridView1.Rows.Count - 1;
@Michael hmm let me send u a print but basicly instead of change the line values so it doesnt have the same line twice it change and add another one
@Michael that part is working fine
@Michael let me send print
@Michael may be right, @AndréMarques, it looks like the - 1 shouldn't be there.
it may be skipping the last row
8:35 PM
@Amy @Michael imgur.com/alB56vo this is an example i only inserted one time the Dado3 and it inserted 2 times
@Amy @Michael imgur.com/ixKrtPm and here is another example i inserted Dado2 again it sums the value like it should but in the end it inserts again..
@AndréMarques this is going to be tough to help with. I dont understand what the program is actually suppose to do.
@Michael imagine like a shoping cart u insert a value to times u dont want it to replicate the value in 2 lines u prefer it to group it in 1 line
My interpretation: When this method runs, it's supposed to look at the input the user entered in the grid, and group the data by the first column. Any groups with more than one row get consolidated into a single row with the sums of the numeric columns.
@MikeAsdf yes mike its that thanks for helping me express my self :)
so do you guys think u can help me :/
@AndréMarques literally I think the issue might be because of:
int count = dataGridView1.Rows.Count - 1;
Change it to:
int count = dataGridView1.Rows.Count;
8:46 PM
@Michael ok ill try
not working @Michael its doing strange things like i put name,3,3 and in grid it fill name,6,6
@AndréMarques actually leave this alone: for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
i think its sums but it shouldnt
you had that part right
@Michael but still doesnt work
8:50 PM
its sums
dont know what is wrong
i will but it -1 again
@AndréMarques because you are summing here:

int inteiro = Convert.ToInt32(valorbox2.Text) + Convert.ToInt32(dataGridView1.Rows[i].Cells[1].Value);
double real = Convert.ToDouble(valorbox3.Text) + Convert.ToDouble(dataGridView1.Rows[i].Cells[2].Value);
and i have to
"group the data by the first column. Any groups with more than one row get consolidated into a single row with the sums of the numeric columns."
@AndréMarques so if you start fresh.. and you put name,3,3. In the first row it is putting name,6,6?
@Michael no
@Michael but if i change this dataGridView1.Rows.Count - 1; to this dataGridView1.Rows.Count; in seconde line does
If I have an enum like this and want to get the integer value, is this the way to do it?
8:53 PM
@Michael but if it is like this dataGridView1.Rows.Count - 1; it doesnt
public enum EmployeeStatus
	Inactive = 2,
	LeaveOfAbsence = 4
int employeeStatus = (int) EmployeeStatus.Inactive;
@AndréMarques keep this dataGridView1.Rows.Count; and then type in name, 2,2 and send me a picture of what happens
@Michael send you a pic after insert the first line or the second?
@AndréMarques after you do the first
@Alex try it
It worked :)
8:57 PM
@Alex Yes I do that a lot
It just seems weird when you look at it
To have to cast it to int
We have a bunch of enums representing things like states and entity types and creatures, and whenever we need to write them to a database we cast them
@AndréMarques okay so that worked as expected
@Michael yes but second line doesnt
8:59 PM
Due to SQLite being happier with 64 bit instead of 32 bit ints, we defined all our enums (that can have possibly anything to do with the database) as longs
@AndréMarques so now add name, 1, 1
@MikeAsdf Great! Thanks

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