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12:31 AM
I'm trying to understand how to manage painting in C# windows forms. up until now I have created my custom graphics objects and interacted with them from click events. I want to learn something about the paint event and how to manage it, but I'm having a difficult time finding sources. where could I look/what are some informative sources?
1:05 AM
why win forms?
1:20 AM
that's what I'm using, are they bad somehow?
@maja outdated technology, not worth using
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2:32 AM
@KendallFrey truth be told, I'm dealing with homework and my TA required us to use win forms. also, since I spent so many hours on them by now: I'm curious
3:00 AM
(btw, I already gave in my homework managing through a click event)
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4:04 AM
2 hours later…
6:23 AM
public List<Article> GetArticle(int articleId) - Worth to mention that all calls to this method is bundled with a FirstOrDefault().
Good news everyone!
It's Friday!
Alright this is driving me mad and I'm sick of restarting Visual Studio when it happens. Sometimes VS gets stuck in this selection mode where it will only select characters but won't let me go in-between them. How do I get out of this?
I have no idea what I'm doing to trigger this function.
You can't type?
or does it overwrite, instead of insert?
@scheien It's stuck in overwrite mode basically, ya. This is Visual Studio 2015/Community if that matters.
Have you tried the Insert button?
That toggles overwrite/insert
Thanks that fixed it. Why did it get into overwrite mode though? My hand/finger never touches those set of keys normally.
6:33 AM
Might be that you hit it unintentionally. Happens to me from time to time.
Maybe. Well thanks.
You're welcome.
does the c# interactive program report exceptions?
I've tried using a timer object (System.Timers.Timer) with an Elapsed event throwing a NotImplementedException.
But I did not get a stacktrace...
7:11 AM
Timers use threads, and exceptions thrown within different threads don't bubble up in the same way
so that might be an issue
or was it Tasks?
one throws an AggregateException, the other fails silently and you have to explicitly look for it, IIRC. I may be talking out of my anus, though.
This is 100% real btw. Not patched in Windows 8.1 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3053711
also good morning, all.
@Squiggle haha, is that real? That's odd as fuck.
Good morning.
@Squiggle You're right.
@RoelvanUden phew.
@Squiggle oh for god's sake
@Squiggle my admin account is named superuser
what do
7:31 AM
Morning guys
Do you know what?
@JakobMillah waaat? lol
@Jamaxack Read
yeah I see, Friday
7:34 AM
It's freakin Friday boroooooooooo!?
then you have 7 socks
for each day
I have too many socks and to be honest.. I just picked a random pair and I got Friday ones
Day off woooo
You mocking with me, huh!?
ohhh, left sock is Friday, what about right sock @JakobMillah?
7:35 AM
Friday :)
@JakobMillah That socks.
I think I have 3 different kind of week socks... Most stupid idea ever
@JakobMillah "Random" :)
We have a few sets of week socks too. Though they're too small for my feet.
@scheien Trust me.. It was actually very random xD That's why I decided to take a picture!
So what happens if you run out of Tuesday socks on Tuesday?!
7:40 AM
@RoelvanUden I usually end up with thursday socks on monday and monday socks on friday.. No fucks given
That's why week socks are stupid. Who puts their socks in week order?
I don't know man. I just have a pile of black socks and pick two.
I don't do white socks. Black > White.
Something something once you go black o_O
Are they so that when they find your body they know when you died?
Y'know....if you were worried about that.
I like white socks. Mostly because they give a nice contrast to jeans.
I...usually have white socks when I want to show them, black ordinary days
7:44 AM
good morning people
We have to change chat room name
Sock Chat
That can be misinterpreted.
It can be.
But then we can go like
Networking...? Packets? Bytes? What? We're talking socks man, ON YOUR FEET.
Happy feet.
7:45 AM
Which is awesome.
I like it
Sock on a Coctothorpe
Coc(tothorpe) sock?
That one was just bad, I know.
Pound sock chat
when events are firing very late
7:49 AM
There was just some lag.
It hurt so bad so the pain came lter
Regular soccer players
talkingdotnet.com/summary-whats-changed-asp-net-core-rc2 <-- good article summarising what the hell is going on with dotnetcore and naming conventions
Had a weird scenario a moment ago with TFS... Colleague called me and told me that I forgot to check in some stuff.. Whrn at work, I saw 1 file in the project that had to be checked in..

I checked again a couple of times, since he received x amount of errors.. I could see no file in the project that had pending changes..

My colleague called me again and told me that I still had files to check in... I did the same thing again, right clicked the project -> check in... Now I suddenly had x amount files to check in
really weird... Especially whenever you check in stuff, you get pending changes on projects that are not even active...
Of course. TFS.
!!urban tfs
7:59 AM
We recently had one where there was no log of a file being modified, other than the file coming from a branch operation, but the file was an older version that then one that was branched. All hail TFS.
@JanDvorak TFS I've heard it stands for team foundation server, but having used team foundation server, I now know it stands for Total Fucking Shit.
and on that bombshell, webforms just killed my IIS. Did a iisreset, and now it wont start. Thanks a lot. :(
Restart your PC
Buy a new one
kill webforms.
Fucking retarded framework.
8:03 AM
kill the author of webforms
I use webforms in our current project. The templating engine isn't so bad.
You what now.
also w00t - aspnetcore has dependency injection built-in.
@scheien Find the w3wp process being run by your site and end it
Then IIS will start again
allo @Sippy
8:07 AM
allo @Sippy
allo @Sippy
fu @Sippy
Wow @JakobMillah
What the fuck man
8:08 AM
@Sippy still needs to play concerts
I need to what
Play concerts.
Under the sea.
I do.
I slept 4 hours
Brain not working
Need copious amounts of coffee
guys, is there a way in wcf to control how long my method is executing, and abort it, if it takes too long?
8:11 AM
@mikeTheLiar Wtf bro. I have received over 100 upvotes for my post.. I did not expect
@JakobMillah ?
@Sippy could you elaborate your answer?:P
@Sippy Reddit
@user3662546 Timer.
And before you ask, yes it is a bad idea.
@Sippy that's a good idea
I should get up soon.
8:15 AM
@Sippy eh I was hoping for somekind of timeout
You can't abort a method per se without writing the method itself to be aware of elapsed time, by doing a periodic check against a timer for example
morning everyone
@Sippy It decided to start working again on its own.
You can abort the thread it's running on, but seriously never ever do that
Tasks can be created with a cancellation token that you can set to end them prematurely, but the task logic has to look at the token, it's not magic
@TomW the problem is that, I have this one line of code, that sometimes, 1 in ~50 requests is hanging, I mean, I have log message before that line and after, the one before executes, and the one after does not - wcf is hanging until it timeouts
8:19 AM
@Sippy That's no excuse!
plays music
The seaweed is always greeeenah, in somebody elses lake
@JakobMillah Thats a popular saying over here, but our version has a chicken and the neighboor
@JanDvorak but there are other things that are bad. Like that it tries to maintain a state, and that hidden viewstate can (and will) get really big.
@Mr.Toxy Grass is always greener on the other side. Is z standard version
8:25 AM
@JakobMillah It works fine yeah :D z standard popular sayin
The weed is always smellier in someone elses garden.
The neihboors wife is always hotter
I have to disagree on that one.
"z" added to the list of word letters. Current list: "2 3 4 a(legitimate) B C I(legitimate) R U Z"
@scheien proceed
8:26 AM
@scheien 's waifu will always be nicest
@Mr.Toxy I'm not into post mature women.
@scheien who said your neihboor is not a saudi rich man with an 18 year old "wife" thats a super model???
You've the wrong side of Norway
@Mr.Toxy My neighbors are certainly not rich or have trophy wifes.
8:29 AM
Bunch of 60+ that saved moneyz all their life to drive around in tesla cars and live life
@scheien just imagine ok?
fuck tesla cars
get a damn GPOWER ///M 6
@JakobMillah Meh, I like the stable weather the south has, rather than the windy/rainy west coast weather.
The environment comes fiiiirst
@scheien Definitely!
@scheien It will after a while
It's a locked thread or something
@Sippy It just broke, due to a stackoverflow exception.
Someone forgot to close a tag.
8:32 AM
The first time that happened to me, I restarted IIS and then it didn't start up again
webforms <3
Sat looking at the screen like wtf for a while
Opened task manager and there's a w3wp process sat there
I wtf'd
anyway time for coffee
feel like shit.
let's see if you can pump up the rage-o-meter
winforms are fucking AMAZING, yeah thats right winfS2rms
so noone knows how to help me?:P
now we just need a "Discussion room for c#"
@user3662546 whats ur problem?
8:36 AM
@Mr.Toxy "I have this one line of code, that sometimes, 1 in ~50 requests is hanging, I mean, I have log message before that line and after, the one before executes, and the one after does not - wcf is hanging until it timeouts". Is there a way to control how long my wcf method is going to run before it aborts?
never worked with wcf swy :\
Is there anyone that actually understands WCF on this planet?
!!urban wcf
@JanDvorak Wcf "women crush friday" when a guy is "thirsty" for a girl and can not wait until wednesday the make them there
8:40 AM
maybe I'll create a question
@CapricaSix You've got all the answers ma lady
            var  updateSql = new CdpsiUpdateSql(new OracleConnection("User ID=ORCA30; password=teste; Data Source=ORCADB1_QLD; Connection Lifetime=30; Max Pool Size=256; Min Pool Size=5; Pooling=true; Persist Security Info=true"));

I instanciate that class and pass the connection string in the constructor who stores it in a OracleConnection variable, then on a seconf function I do this:

     Connection = Updater.OpenDb(),

the Updater.OpenDb() belongs to the class I instanciate and pass the connection string, that function is built like this:
one of the guys who works here for some reason managed to set his linkedin email to the alias that sends an email to our whole company
so we all just got his password reset
     public CdpsiUpdateSql(OracleConnection connectionString)
                this.OraConnection = connectionString;

this is the constructor
why the hell is the OraConnection null I I already passed it the connection string in the constructor?
Q: Request execution time WCF

user3662546I have my WCF service in which one line of code is problematic - 1 in ~50 requests, this line of code is executing without end and when that happens, WCF service is hanging until it timeouts. Since it has: [ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.Single, Concur...

He doesn't remember doing it
Think someone here hacked his account and did it for the lols
@Sippy he's trying to get away hahahahahaha bastard
@Sippy link raped?
@scheien maybe, dunno
@user3662546 are you trying to solve the nonresponsiveness, or are you trying to set a timeout so that the client doesn't hang?
9:06 AM
I just joined that C# Gaming Chat and got told off for swearing
@Sippy yeah I saw it now :O what the hell
@Sippy tell him !youropinions
or I could just leave the room
thats the second smartest thing to do
.l.o.l. I wann risk sendind that hahahahaha
considering that option
What a wonderfl phrase!
can anyone send me food pls?
9:11 AM
@JakobMillah Best disney singers, ever.
@Mr.Toxy Gonna eat a fine burger for lunch!
@RoelvanUden I sing Disney all day long :D
It means no worries, for the rest of your days
They made a new tv-series based on the lion king. It's called the Lions Guard, return of the roar.
The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. The TV series was first broadcast with a television movie, titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel. It is the second television series to be based on The Lion King, the first being Timon & Pumbaa (1995–1999). The Lion Guard is a sequel to the The Lion King and a midquel to its 1998 sequel, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. In March 2016, it wa...
@JakobMillah damn you T.T fucking bk is 15 min from here wich means I would take 40min to go and comeback plus 30 min to eat wich gives me exactly 10 min to come to the office
damn risky
@TomW I want to solve nonresponsiveness I guess, the problem is that I can't set timeouts, since there can be a lot of requests to webservice at the same time, and from one side, if I give a timeout, it can solve my problem, but if everything works fine, but there are a lot of requests to wcf, they will timeout in queue
@Mr.Toxy Risky? Damn, your job so damn strict?
9:14 AM
@JakobMillah hmmm nah I come everyday 20 mins late, boss aint even here but in the afternoon he comes aroud 2h6pm
damn son
yes father?
I just count the hours.. y'know.. if I don't have an immediate appointment, and I want to go out for 2h lunch... why not?
damn wish I could do that
9:16 AM
Same here, pretty much
here the companies are a little different
Or the company you are at is a little different.
they are really really but really on the whole "be on time" BS
This ain't middle school.
@RoelvanUden naaah my colegues companies are the same. I start to notice that renoun companies do this shit everywhere.
at least here...
9:18 AM
@RoelvanUden yeah, same here. I just have to have the total amount in the end of the month, because billing and such.
wow thats fancy
well startups do that
@Mr.Toxy I always forget, where is "here" for you?
Pretty much all companies around here are flexible like that ^^^
@RoelvanUden Portugal. the mentallity here is kinda retarded in that matter
@Mr.Toxy Flexible hours are a must.
A developer in non-flexible hours.. that's a productivity killer right there.
9:20 AM
It does not matter where you work, as long as you get the work done. At least in my book.
For, like, customer support service or something? Yeah, of course.
criticalsoftware.com/pt/homepage like this big companies
1950s factory? hell yea
they all tend to do that
it's all the same
If you work shifts, deal with customers/support, etc, then time is a must.
9:21 AM
@Mr.Toxy Do you work for them?
If you do, like, accounting or development or creative work.. no. Just no.
that last one... treats people like shit
I can't believe all companies are shit.
@scheien wish I would. best company in portugal for software. they do projects for NASA and all
Best is relative.
I don't do any kind of groundbreaking high profile work at all, but it's suited for me.
9:22 AM
@RoelvanUden not all but companies that already have a name for themselves do that type of stuff. Dont ask me why
It wouldn't be "best job", but it's best for me ;-)
I really wish I could work for Critical Software
the carreer oportunities there are amazing
@Mr.Toxy That doesnt mean that you would participate in those projects if you worked there. I bet that they have lots of old crappy legacy shit projects too.
it's just an amazing company, the only down-fall is that they are always evaluating you and are always on top of you
@Mr.Toxy There are much more things to life than a career. :)
9:24 AM
^ This so much.
Dont live to work, but work to live.
@scheien you're so right :D yes they are, I prefer to build a family than to build a carreer
I dont wanna become those people who just live to work
So, when you're at that point, find a company that suits you.
thats just... naaaaah
Career is nice as well, but it should be something you enjoy
9:25 AM
Hey there, thats my first time i use visual studios. I made a c# console application. And wrote Console.writeLine("Hello World"); into the main. RIght after i launch it the cmd pops up and instantly closes ... why ?
You can still be awesome and hold lots of knowledge, even when doing small projects for the local community, rather than work for NASA or whatever big name company.
... I left my first company in less than a week because it didn't suit me at all.
@RoelvanUden yes I will :D I wanna go to uni first tho.
@genaray Because the application is done.
9:26 AM
This company is one of the best agencies in the UK, wins lots of awards and shit
I currently work on VB.NET WebForms
Not everything is as it seems.
But shouldnt the window stay open ? O.o
@genaray No, if an application is done, it closes. This applies to all applications.
this is the biggest constructuion engeeniring group in Portugal
they operate almost everywhere
Oh ok thanks ... I think i need to look up some tutorials ^^
qatar, bahrain, europe, almost all the african continent
9:27 AM
@genaray The difference is, say, with a GUI (like your browser) is that it is looping something called a 'message pump'. Basically, instead of ever being "done", it's processing clicks and key strokes. Your application doesn't process anything. One simple trick is to make it wait for a key stroke, so just add Console.ReadLine(); and it will stay alive until you stroke enter.
I dont undersatnd something about executing this commands, he said that for executing we wouldnt be using beginTrans if so I cant use rollback wich means that if a command fails I cant "reset". isnt that a little weird?
I should be able to Rollback imo
In a transaction? Of course, if you don't commit it, it won't become "live".
Thus just disposing a transaction is a rollback.
yeah but he doesnt want me to use transactions to execute the commands, wich I find a little weird
That's a bit weird, but might be viable depending on context.
@Sippy I am working on one of the most successful WMS companies, I do work with Win/Webforms as well
9:31 AM
> I too like to live dangerous.
but and if a command throws an error? I wont be able to execute the rest it will be done half, its just stupid IMO
That is pretty stupid, yeah.
Whoever is "teaching" you sounds more and more silly by the day. :/
yeah :\ I will do it the same
if he says anything I will remove it
but I will use transactions dont care
If I do things better as well do them right
You can try to get his reasoning about why transactions would be bad.
It might be valid.
If not, you can defend yourself. Asking "Why" is a powerful argument
I always try the why :D
hasnt worked much XD but np
9:34 AM
If it's valid, add it as a comment and move on. If not, choose to either do it anyway or add a comment about it and let it go.
If you want to finish your internship anyway.
I execute all the commands and in the end I commit. if it throws an error I cathc it in the catch and do Rollback() correct?
I will do it and add a comment
I think this is the best way to do it than just leave the execution by half if any command fails
Not sure on the semantics, I don't think you need to rollback if you commit and it errors. But test it to be safe.
Wait, I don't think youd even reach commit if it errors.
I would commit when all the commands finish and theres no error
Therefore making it moot.
Also, you're an intern right?
From uni working for the company I guess?
I would rollback in the catch if theres any exception
@RoelvanUden yes Im an intern but from a 3 year vocational course
/ professional course. (dunno how you guys say it there)
9:38 AM
Right. Just a heads up, not doing what your direct superior (or, the one that gives an evaluation) wants may backfire. It's a nasty affair that can affect your continuation in the course. I've been in a similar situation (I talked back and was fired on the spot) and it's not fun.
uni yeah... they know nothing (the students). because they come from the regular teaching and are confronted with programming for the first time, plus in uni they do what I did all the 3 years but in some cases they even learn less
@RoelvanUden thx for the advice :D I always try no to, I question somethings sometimes just to really understand what he actually wants and start from there
@RoelvanUden wow what happened after? that was harsh
Oh yeah. In retrospect, those people were absolutely terrible at their jobs, programming, and dealing with people. It was the most unproductive environment I've ever seen; developers talking to each other was a no-no. Leaving there was a fantastic and great thing.
(Albeit it wasn't that fun at the time)
Anyone want to throw their weight into this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/37323555/…
Hey its me again. So i fixed it now using a loop ^^ But i've got another question. I saw on the microsoft page that c# also can use classes like Texure2d or SpriteBatch. Do i need to download a library for that? Because if i just type SpriteBatch batch; c# tells me that there isnt a class named this
You need two things; a reference to the library containing the class, and a using statement.
Right-click References (in the solution tree) -> Add Reference
And make sure the thing you need is added.
Then just make sure you have a using System... statement at the top.
(ReSharper can do all this with one key stroke for you, so it's a nice plugin to have)
Huh, wait, VS2015 may be able to do that too, try right clicking the class name and look at the quick fix, it may offer to add a reference and using statement, too
9:52 AM
First time i use VS ... Ok thanks im gonna try that ^^
@genaray btw it's monogame You are after
download it from nuget
hey guys I've solved the "size doesnt matter" thing
I have a gr8 theory
Already got it installed .... But how to use it ? O.o
Oh.. you're doing MonoGame as a first time C#'er?
9:56 AM
@genaray new project -> game project
if size doesnt matter why girls ask you to go deeper? (wonder)
@Mr.Toxy I have never heard that request :D I only got. "It's painful"
Ahhh there it is, thanks :D
@ntohl hahahahaha GG WP, I see what u did there

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