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3:03 PM
BoltClock has unfrozen this room.
Thanks :-)
3:05 PM
user image
@ntohl Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
nice choice, @mikeTheLiar
@ntohl ಠ_ಠ
3:05 PM
@Amy it seemed appropriate
@mikeTheLiar Welcome back. How does it feel to be the one banned before the entire room was frozen?! :D
> Welcome to the JavaScript chat
@RoelvanUden Like the spark that starts a revolution. Except it's a really stupid revolution.
i blame @mikeTheLiar, who is probably John Zoidberg in disguise.
Stackoverflow down O.o ?
3:06 PM
Quite a pointless one yeah.
@CapricaSix Silly bot.
Oh come on, we are JS in disguise. We're all using it. You can't deny it by saying you only work on desktop apps, because you don't.
I don't believe you.
Well shit.
Anyone care to explain the last half hour to me
@Failsafe u here?
3:07 PM
o/ me me me. I don't use JS
@Sippy b&
Whats up in there?
@AndréMarques Yes
@C4ud3x that would require an essay
@Learning unfortunately the room is unfrozen, no need to tell the WPF room C# room deserves to be frozen for a few hours anymore.
3:08 PM
I don't like this chat room anymore. Something something make a new one with blackjack and hookers.
working on WPF and WinForms projects only
So ye... Happy.....
Seems so @C4ud3x - Won't load
Down for me too
goddamn it c# room.. even when i'm not in the room, you've managed to distract me from work!!
3:08 PM
ya'll removed me from RO, booooo
@C4ud3x Man that browser looks like something out of the 80's.
anyone used LinqKit?
@Sie Its called firefox and is up-to-date.
is SO down for anyone else??
I can't access
SO is down for me as well
3:09 PM
@C4ud3x Never heard of it.
Oh the huge-manatee
how come
hey guys
@Sie Np. No common software.
are you getting 404's on SO ?
Q: OData v4 Function always returns 404

MattTrying to move from OData v3 to OData v4. Why do I keep getting a 404 when trying to use OData Functions? Web API Config: ODataModelBuilder builder = new ODataConventionModelBuilder(); //etc builder.EntitySet<LocalizableString>("LocalizableStringApi"); //etc var getComparitiveTableFunction = bu...

3:09 PM
@Failsafe wait i found the error
SO is down for me
Q: Web API 2: OData 4: Actions returning 404

MattI have an OData v4 action method which is not working; note however that it was working fine in OData v3 (I am obviously in the process of trying to update my project) OData Action Method: [HttpPost] public Translation Translate(ODataActionParameters parameters) { // Implementation } Conf...

Oh no, the software development productivity loss right now must be staggering.
Q: OData routes return 404 Not Found

Ivan-Mark DebonoI've started including OData in my WebAPi2 project (currently hosted in IIS8 Express on my dev machine). My OData config class looks like this: public class ODataConfig { private readonly ODataConventionModelBuilder modelBuilder; public ODataConfig() { modelBuilder = new ODa...

@Failsafe can u help me fix it
3:09 PM
dont flood the room with questions pls
all 3 of those ... 404
just wondering if its me?
no, SO is down
@C4ud3x Only Safari and webkit can save your impure soul.
Not getting any 404s except the ones in the questions you just linked (which, somehow, manage to onebox anyway)
@Sie ha
3:10 PM
@AndréMarques post it
@Amy ah ok
Just 522s
@Failsafe it doesnt equal the values i realized
what was with the timeout earlier?
@Bmo if that was for me, yes! just lost millions of zeny :P
3:10 PM
@Sie >.< no comment.
@Maverik just a comment in general. lol


public ComboBox Data = new ComboBox();

public void SetupDataGrid()
	DataTable dt = new DataTable();
	dt.Columns.Add("Col1", typeof(ComboBox));
	dt.Columns.Add("Col2", typeof(ComboBox));
	dt.Columns.Add("Col3", typeof(ComboBox));

	var row = dt.NewRow();
	row["Col1"] = Data;
	row["Col2"] = Data;

	dgOutputFormat.ItemsSource = dt.DefaultView;
oh i thought it was in response to you guys distracting me :D
that needs more wpf :P
3:12 PM
Any ideas? Im a bit new to wpf and datagrid.
So are we allowed to curse here or what? I never really got the official ruling on that.
@Failsafe I have in the if an else that inserts the row if it is not equal and he inserts and when he instert the count in the if changes to 3 and he compares the row with itself so it makes the if true and go inside it :/
hmm and yes I can't access StackOverflow either.. but since I'm here..
@Sippy In short: "Vulgar" word, mike banned, people asking questions, room froze. In a nutshell.
@AndréMarques Ahh ok
3:13 PM
anybody has managed to put Asp.Net Core RC3 runtime on their box?
@Maverik RC3 is out?
Seems like none of the networks are up except for chat.
no its in nightlies
aspnetcidev feed
i can get everything to work, but i can't figure out how to deploy rc3 runtime
@Failsafe fixed it thanks
@AndréMarques You're welcome, sorry I couldn't be of more help
3:14 PM
interestingly though, you can run RC3 libraries with rc2 runtime
@Failsafe u helped u maked me think about the thing so i found it
@C4ud3x leave the column type alone, and dt.Columns.Add("Col1", typeof(List<string>));. When the column is of type combobox, and You set the DataTable's data a list of "Item1", "Item2"...
@ntohl Column type of my datatable?
How about a poll for moving regulars over to a different chat application?
3:18 PM
oh it's back
@Sippy +1
The HTML regulars successfully migrated to Slack a while ago.
I think we may have outgrown SO chat.
We shouldn't leave this chat
Q: Binding ItemsSource of a ComboBoxColumn in WPF DataGrid

SlaumaI have two simple Model classes and a ViewModel... public class GridItem { public string Name { get; set; } public int CompanyID { get; set; } } public class CompanyItem { public int ID { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } } public class ViewModel { public ViewMod...

I use Slack for a few things, mainly Angular/Rethink
3:19 PM
Did stack overflow go down?
check this one. Even in the question there is a defined DataGridComboBoxColumn
@KendallFrey We wouldn't be
We'd be supplementing this chat
@kush yes
3:20 PM
I'd like to see that post mortem
It would probably be a lot less bustling in here.
Maybe that's a good thing.
@kush indeed, it's impressive
@ntohl Cant open, still down for me.
dt.Columns.Add("Col1", typeof(List<string>));

var row = dt.NewRow();
row["Col1"] = new List<string>() { "test1", "test2" };

dgOutputFormat.ItemsSource = dt.DefaultView;
Still no items visible.
@Sippy, we had this happen in our WPF room, the supplementing chat became a thing of its own and we ended up diverging and losing many residents
The same thing happened in the HTML room.
3:22 PM
while of course that may not happen here.. but certainly a possibility to consider in risk assessment
I don't like the idea of yet another chat room to hang around in
While that is a shame, what choice is there
especially if it's the same community
Do you have a better idea?
address the problem that causes to consider going to another room IMHO
3:22 PM
i dont want to leave SO.
We made a JicamaJS room but it didn't... how shall I put it
I actually came here because I thought you guys are going to open a meta post for the freeze issue
Amy, what happened with the JicamaJS room?
It wouldn't be leaving SO.
I use Slack and SO
@Amy we don't want you to leave
3:23 PM
@ntohl Now it works. Ok im starting to HATE wpf seriously. How complicated can it be????
and while i wasn't in the room, i'm very concerned about that sort of power abuse
hugs @bluefeet
@bluefeet I don't feel like there is much of a choice here.
@Sippy there is always a choice
Do elaborate.
3:24 PM
wait, why slack? why not hangouts? let's do hangouts :D
yea hangouts
@bluefeet only a Sith mod deals in absolutes /s
up to 100 people and works on phone
@Sippy get lots of rep, run for mod next cycle, implement totalitarianism
problem solved from your end
@C4ud3x join us in WPF room and let us heal you :)
3:24 PM
The same thing happens on a cycle in every big room
@Sippy on?
The culture outgrows what the mods are comfortable with, mods cannot or will not adapt to the fact that cultures grow in their community, drama happens, people get upset.
@bluefeet What our choices are
well we can be thankful that we have elections at least
Our choices again are "Stop being the room we've grown to be or get out"
this sort of thing.. people remember in elections
3:26 PM
ultimately the drama resulted from the mod's failure to listen to the community, and the community's failure to listen to the mod.
@Sippy I don't agree those are your only choices
@bluefeet Then help me out
I don't see the other ones :)
@bluefeet how so?
@Amy yup pretty much. Which leads to bad things
3:27 PM
But no seriously, if anybody is suffering from wpf, do join us over there for specialized help. We do go off topic but generally you can find a lot of wpf specific help in there
1 message moved to Trash can
Oh look, self moderation in action
"suffering from wpf"
@mikeTheLiar hey now, don't call attention to my overreach of power
ima fite u
3:28 PM
I like that. Hope it isn't contagious /gets back into hole
Down with @Amy! Join me brothers!
Ima sigh loudly any minute
Row row fight da powah!
Today has been the worst friday ever.
Despite mike's wishes of wellbeing.
@Amy I completely agree and I only joined back in because I felt mod was in the wrong. While the chat may have offended him and he may have had every right to do something at a personal level, the fact that I couldn't find anything offending in half an hour transcript before freeze but multiple people explaining that it is not really meant to offend
3:28 PM
i've had worse
that's mods fault for abusing the power
Speaking generally.
@Sippy How was your Friday the 13th?
@Sippy @Amy nailed it here. You can still be the room you are, you just also need to be willing to listen and adjust when asked. Having both parties not listening to each other results in issues drama.
@BoltClock Good actually, went to a casino and had a great time lol
@bluefeet And mods needn't? How is that different to what I said above?
3:30 PM
@DanielDawes heh WPF can be a torture when it's not tamed properly :D I've personally suffered at its hands but now its like fire.. it's tamed and I love my roast!
@Sippy It goes both ways which is why the room is now unfrozen. The mods discussed what happened and opened the room. But they need to make judgment calls in the moment, good or bad.
The same shit is gonna happen again.
^ this i can support (bluefeets comment)
@Maverik I like WPF very much. (maybe because I'm working WinForms now)
3:31 PM
@Sippy this is the same shit happening again
No one disagrees with the point that the mod made.
Mike posted a relatively vulgar message regardless of the culture of the room or the intent
okay i've got a RESTful question. i've got a resource identified by /request/{id}. I have a POST method that updates the request resource, and a DELETE that deletes. i need an API method to update requests en masse though. What would that endpoint be? Would /request work with an HTTP verb "UPDATE-THEM-ALL"?
That did not warrant the action taken
ntohl, do join us over there too then. We get a lot of people moving from winforms to wpf so many in there can help with migration whenever you choose to do that
@Sippy agreed and that was kinda the whole point - that civility and vulgarity are distinct concepts.
3:33 PM
or, would an en masse method not be RESTful? it goes against the definition of the resource, imo?
And I wasn't even especially salty about the ban
licks @mikeTheLiar
dude, you're so salty. take a shower.
take it now or no supper tonight
3:34 PM
take it now
off to your room young man.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Questioning of the action taken did not warrant the further action taken
you can have supper if you answer my RESTful question
3:34 PM
I've found the perfect room for us

Trash can

Like the recycle bin, but trashier.
@kush my life for you
I'm not Oscar the Grouch
bumpity bumpity bump
living in a room of garbage isn't the life for me. i'm more... Ernie.
@Sippy At that time, the mod felt that was the right action - right or wrong, they made a judgment call which is part of their job. But seriously, I'd strongly suggest discussing this on MSO. Most mods are more than happy to explain their reasoning for actions.
3:36 PM
@bluefeet I think the issue at this point is the whole "We have no comment on the issue at this point in time" stance that's being taken.
@bluefeet Well I don't feel like I wanna discuss it
i dont think that's the stance being taken, @mikeTheLiar
I fucking hate meta lol
@Amy it's at least exacerbating things
"How to get talked down to and embarassed by the meta horde"
3:37 PM
kick sippy y/n
> Post question to meta
> wait 5 mins
overall i trust and respect @bluefeet, because i feel he/she respects us
@Sippy that's is surprising considering the rest of our conversation. :)
@Amy she
I should be working.
and i dont think she wants to just silence the issue. its more a change of venue
3:38 PM
I don't mind talking to someone who will respect my views lol
Meta does not do that.
Meta is a criticism platform.
By my experiences anyway.
@mikeTheLiar while that is how it seemed, you can continue the discussion on another platform like MSO.
@BoltClock is cool too, in my book. (its a short book full of plot holes and spelling errors)
Boltclock isn't even a mod
He just has a blue name klolololool
3:39 PM
@Amy is it crumby?
inb4 b&
If I have a poco:

public class Order
     public int Id { get; set; }
     public decimal Shipping { get; set; }
     public decimal Tax { get; set; }
     public decimal Total { get; set; }
     public IEnumerable<Product> Products { get; set; }

If I'm doing a SqlDataReader call, and I simply do:

if (matchColumnToProperty != null)
                if (!reader.IsDBNull(reader.GetOrdinal(matchColumnToProperty)))
                    typeof(TEntity).GetProperty(matchColumnToProperty).SetValue(model, reader.GetValue(reader.GetOrdinal(matchColumnToProperty)), null);
@Sidney are you still putting together a meta post?
@Greg It sets the value of the property for the given instance (in this case model). Basically as though you were setting model.<whatever the property name would be> = reader.GetValue(...), except dynamically using reflection
@mikeTheLiar I left the tab open since the room got unlocked, but it seemed a moot point. It'd be mostly useless for now.
3:42 PM
@Sidney I don't think that's the case. See chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/112519/c-sanctuary
Somebody clearly needs to raise the issue
@RoelvanUden Interestingly, "vulgar" isn't even bad english.stackexchange.com/a/325926/63067
And I feel like if I'm the one to raise it, it's going to get lost in a barrage of "you're just butthurt because you got banned lol" comments
@mikeTheLiar I agree, but my meta post was more about getting the room unlocked to help people.
So a mod called mike common/lower class
So the contents of that would be useless to a better understanding and resolution of the cultural and moderator issues.
3:43 PM
If you write it from a neutral perspective, you should be okay. Meta downvotes don't take rep, at least.
meta post required ahead
I'm not writing a fuckin meta post
@ArtOfCode But I'm supposed to be working! wah
3:43 PM
The conclusion will be "C# chatroom should just not offend moderators"
Thus begins our safe space quest
@mikeTheLiar hehe
@BoltClock So, would it actually set a value to Product.Name should it find a match?
the joys of chat
@Greg Yes, if matchColumnToProperty represents that property
@Sippy to be fair most people probably equate vulgar with rude these days
3:44 PM
I'm tired and salty cos this project is shit and the client is shit and some mod on SO upset me and my friends
@Sippy switch to Java >:-)
So it doesn't matter how nested it is, SetValue knows which Property and children Properties within.
@Sippy have a drink. It's not even 9am and I'm thinking about starting already
It's almost 5pm for me lol
too late to drink, then
3:46 PM
I should've drank for breakfast
Well I'm not sure what you mean by nested, but seeing as you're dealing with an IEnumerable<> it depends, are you assigning a collection to that property or are you trying to manipulate an existing collection
@Sippy I might
@bluefeet Good way to load up on calories for the day lol
Suggestion when handling ~offensive~ content: adjust to a sane level and not to the most easily offended people on this planet. There are people who spend a large % of their time looking for things to be offended about. Maybe to be heroes on twitter idk.
3:47 PM
@Sippy I'll just move my macros around to account for it
@bluefeet Today's Headline: Programmer couldn't wait 10 minutes to start drinking during happy hour, left work drunk and fired. Claimed "the booby made me do it"
@BoltClock Well, if I do:

var order = new Order();

Then I do a `SetValue`, will it know to assign `Order.Product.Name`?
you can only assign one level deep that way. you can't go nested like that
what Amy said
3:50 PM
propertyInfo.SetValue() only cares about the top level object, the property itself. it knows nothing of nested properties/objects
we need to go deeper
if you want to set nested values, you will have to get the property, get its value, then get a property on that object, and get a property on that object, then set the value
@mikeTheLiar The End?
@Amy If I wanted to, how could I?
i just told you how
3:51 PM
@Amy I didn't read far enough.
_this is the end_
_my only friend, the end_
_of everything that chats,_
_the end_
_no type-safety or least surprise_
_the end_
Okay, that makes sense.
get the top level property, get its value. repeat. repeat. walk down the object graph following each property. when you get to where you want to be, you can set the value
@mikeTheLiar I think you should Thread.Sleep();. Might do your body good.
Markdown. I hate you.
3:52 PM
well markdown loves you
it told me so
Markdown and I are in an abusive relationship.
@mikeTheLiar Hate is a dangerous path.
It leads to panini
@mikeTheLiar Not enough Burma-Shave
3:54 PM
Oh you sweet summer child.
hi guys!
Oh now Kyle shows up
what happened?
Don't worry about it
ok, wow sore subject?
okay then
3:59 PM
is there a data annotation attribute for view model validation that says an array must have n elements in it?
anyways, I'm in seattle ATM
I love it here

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