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3:02 PM
@sehe "No explosive but innocent salts with terror suspect in Roosendaal". Correct translation? :P
@rightfold I BELIEVE YOU
@ProblemSlover aka "shoarma spices"
@sehe lekker, zout
if I have svn-repositories inside svn-repositories as described here and do svn update, will it update the inner repositories too?
3:08 PM
@nwp I do not think so. IIRC the sub-repositories are fixed to some revision. OTOH, if you mean, will it checkout, I think it does. But it has been several years since I used it.
that would explain why my build is broken since a few days and nobody else seems to notice...
SO is down
@ProblemSlover I wish I could use git svn and pretend it was a git repository
3:11 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Well, Uber drivers are kind stealing their jobs. I don't know about Poland, but here it's illegal to do things like Uber.
Error 522 Ray ID: 2a60b828d003347c • 2016-05-20 15:11:2
@BartekBanachewicz Oh, so it is not just me.
@nwp ;(
Oh, SO it's not just me
I didn't know SO uses cloudlfare
3:13 PM
@nwp no
> You could, if you so wanted, spend more on a keyboard and mouse bundle than you would on a high-end graphics card.
I have no idea why this is shocking
those are human interaction devices. They need to be of high quality
the GPU is just a bunch of transistors, you pay only for the design process, not for the unit itself
We are aware of some users experiencing a Stack Overflow outage. We are investigating now.
"We are aware of some users experiencing"
all users
I have tried to access it from different locations.
@ProblemSlover you don't know that, and neither do they
@ProblemSlover Your bedroom and living room do not count as different locations! :D
3:21 PM
@wilx lol
@wilx ... I use also a toilet room..for planning to dominate the world
@ProblemSlover :)
3:37 PM
@BartekBanachewicz mouse & keyboard are cheaper than high end that's why :P
how much is a titan x or w/e?
£500 ?
4:00 PM
user image
4:16 PM
@Ell well not anymore
What mouse et.c do you use that means they add up to more than the gpu?
Nice doggy
4:33 PM
So, whats everybody working on? I'm trying to fix an algorithm by adding heuristics (if statements).
@Mikhail I keep staring at vulkan documentation and not doing anything with it :(
Sounds like a driver problem :-)
What I was curious of is how the context is made on Windows, do you create an OpenGL context and then bless it?
"Vulkan support for Dota 2 to come next week". Wow. Not gonna try this game anyway
4:37 PM
I could be improving the world, but I'm going to the pub to drink a beer in ahlf an hour.
hi guys dont yell at me but can i request some C help?
@Mikhail a lisp in perl, a parser in haskell, a vm in rust, some jelly golf, a website in clojure.
@pingOfDoom why not ask a question on stackoverflow?
@pingOfDoom Die!
because its small and stupid and i dont want to get yelled at on there for asking stupid questions :P
4:41 PM
@Borgleader Hehe
@pingOfDoom That's what she said.
@Borgleader That's just what I meant :D
@Morwenn ayo!
4:43 PM
We love welcoming newbies in German. Die newbie, die!
@pingOfDoom But seriously, just ask the question if somebody cares they will answer it.
@Mikhail awesome thanks
Just be sure to hide when the puppy arrives.
Code dumps will be banned.
Or binned.
@pingOfDoom then its probably been answered already
google is your friend
4:44 PM
unlike kmalloc
@Morwenn bianned
i dont even know tho
like its weird
Everybody's weird.
@pingOfDoom the yelling never stops
I hear it all the time. Even in my sleep every night.
4:46 PM
i have a program where i create a pointer of a type, and then call a function to assign it, but when i run it, nothing outputs. not even a printf "hello" after the typ declaration
@Morwenn yeah no worries. no code dumps from me lol
@pingOfDoom Have you stepped through with a debugger?
@StackedCrooked That's biased.
im not really sure how :/
im compiling straight from the console
[> [Larry] Page suffers from a condition that affects his vocal chords.](arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/05/…)
@pingOfDoom linux?
4:47 PM
It's amazing for a CEO to be able to function like that.
@Borgleader nope. cygwin on windows 10
@pingOfDoom Looks like you need a lot more help than we can give, try to learn how to use gdb, or if your short on time just use MSVC
A strong voice seems like an important asset for a leader.
@pingOfDoom Okay switch to MSVC and use the visual debugger
@StackedCrooked Just look at Stephen Hawking.
4:48 PM
Hawking is not a CEO though.
@StackedCrooked Credible Enough Odd guy? :p
Stephen Hawking has an estimated net worth of $20 million.
4:51 PM
@Morwenn he's immune
He's immutable.
@Morwenn that's low =/ (im also reminded of a passage from HxH)
The weirdos in the tower?
Yeah :)
Killua being immune to electricity?
4:53 PM
@Borgleader Well, things do get pretty dark sometimes.
@Morwenn have you read HxH?
i havent read the last few novels, i should get around to that
novels? it's manga, right?
Hi! I'm looking to make an application (Windows Desktop) that would utilize Qt as a GUI wrapper. It would have simple form fields that my staff would fill in. The difficult part is this: When my staff hits a button in the application I want it to take their inputs (after it does some modifications to it), and input them into specific form fields in the Google Chrome browser or Firefox Browser.
Would I also need to develop an extension for each browser to work with the application? Would I have to approach this using a hook API? Any articles or information you can point me to would be greatly appreciated.
@Borgleader Nope. I don't really like the main characters design.
@StackedCrooked right, i meant the last few books (because it comes out in shonen jump first iirc)
4:56 PM
@Ell well mine wasn't that expensive, but the modern ones are
I have a G700S now
a keyboard? or mouse
a mouse
I left my RAT at home and bought the G700 just for the trip to here
yeah that's not too bad
looks like £70
yeah more or less
more than I'd spend but still below gpu :P
I'm going to try and find the most expensive mouse I can
4:57 PM
the battery is really meh, but otherwise it's ok
Oh uh, it's time to go to the pub.
have fun @Morwenn
that's where the quote is from BTW
See you in another state of alcohol ♥
4:58 PM
add a top-end keyboard to that and you're well into 500 GBP price range
seems way over priced :V
@Morwenn toodles~ dont send too many nudes
I mean, for the cost that thing is to build right
@Ell repeat after me
there's no such thing as overpriced high-end
4:58 PM
that's p funny
quality vs price is an exponential curve
in pretty much every single thing you'd like to buy
@BartekBanachewicz What about a toilet made of solid gold?
that's not high-end
that's collectible
and collectible prices are absolutely nonsensical
you make it sound as if there's such a trivial distinction
5:00 PM
Need new keyboard, want this one (stealth version) but ugh.... customs fees :(
also exchange rate T_T
but it's clear that price vs quality is only a general trend and specific products may be way outside that
@Puppy it's not trivial, but in this case it's pretty obvious
@Borgleader why chroma?
IDG backlit keyboards
yeah but a £140 mouse is pretty silly
Hi guys
@Puppy but then again it might well be the only mouse on the market with such features.
5:01 PM
I got a verry strange question
Anyone knows a good place to learn c++?
@Ell I am pretty sure a titan is like $10 to make tops
@StuiterSlurf no
i was thinking about coding
@Borgleader also FWIW IMHO razer green switches are way worse than cherry
I'll just play with myself then
I mean the stealth version is way worse in general, feel-wise
5:03 PM
@BartekBanachewicz are you having a laff?
@Ell no? The manufacturing costs of electronics are really low
I think you are mistaken :V
it's the research of the design that's expensive
also to build something means to come up with it
not just manufacture it right
> According to a teardown report from research firm IHS, the components and manufacturing cost of a 16GB iPhone 6 cost Apple $200.10.
@Ell well obviously
5:04 PM
I think designing the titan is vastly more expensive than designing the mouse
@BartekBanachewicz vOv I'm not super into mechanical, I "tried out" the non stealth version at the store, and it was not as loud as I thought so the stealth version should be just dandy.
@Borgleader it's quieter when you learn how to type properly, but imho it feels worse
@Ell probably. But then again it seems that we're doing way better on GPUs than on good mice
If you want a good GPU, you have 10 brands having a few models and p much whatever you pick it'll be ok
well, it's only 2 brands really.
buying a mouse is way harder
@Puppy depends if you mean for mobile etc.
5:06 PM
@Puppy well you buy it from the vendor, not the designer
maybe, but you don't get to pick the GPU in the same way for mobile
type Game = Input -> State -> State

foreign import play :: forall e. State -> Game -> (State -> String) -> Eff e Unit
@BartekBanachewicz Yeah, but the vendor is immaterial since it's really the model that counts.
@rightfold meh
5:07 PM
@Puppy dunno, have you looked at comparisons of the same chip from different vendors?
@rightfold The Eff is that?
Eff is IO
A: How/where can I compare different vendor boards of a particular GPU?

Raystafarianright here; they compare what claims to be 53 different versions of this card Companies like nVidia and ATi have 'board partners' which build and sell cards based on their designs. In fact, all of nVidia's cards are sold in this way, nVidia does not actually sell cards themselves. ATi s...

@Puppy ok I can play one or two then I'll make dinner
5:17 PM
@rightfold no
@Morwenn right, you do weird things to my heart ❤️
@Morwenn raises beer
guys can I have a little reading help :3
I'm not sure how to read this
is it asking me to show that (s1 ∧ s2 ∧ s3 ∧ s4) →r ?
wait ehhh
the turnstile means "can be derived from" or something right? :P
var renderTile = function(tile) {
    var use = document.createElementNS('http://www.w3.org/2000/svg', 'use');
    use.setAttributeNS(null, 'x', x * 64);
    use.setAttributeNS(null, 'y', y * 64);
    use.setAttributeNS('http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink', 'href', '#' + tile);
SVG macros (called "defs") are super nice. :)
5:31 PM
no def in that code?
No, but a <use>.
Which expands a def.
@Ell turn stile'
You mean the turned T?
It's an "implies"
5:42 PM
what are the commas then? :3
@Ell the propositions
I think you can see as "AND"
You can also read the turnstile "in"
can it just be read as (s1 ∧ s2 ∧ s3 ∧ s4) →r then?
where s1 are the props
and r is w
I don't think so
I don't think I know what you mean
5:44 PM
s1 = p <-> q
s2 = (p -> s) \/ (p -> r)
s3 = (s \/ r) -> w
s4 = q
r = w
I don't know to be honest, but I'm not sure why you would need to put it in that form
well that form makes sense to me
6:01 PM
I used to be very good at those :(
Now I don't remember shit
same here
well I obviously wasn't that good if I've forgotten in 6 months :V
SVG ftw.
never went to uni :(
6:23 PM
@rightfold arrow heads (markers) and lines totally screw up in IE if you change the line after it has a marker. Just in case IE matters at all (their defs code is messed up (for markers for sure))
and arrow heads are not the same color as the line, and it scales weird with the line, so you end up with a bunch of different color/size arrow heads in defs :)
but yeah, at least they tried to allow some de-duplication, I appreciate the possibility.
arrrgh, ffs youtube html player. stop showing me nonsense errors
What movie to watch.
Ghostbusters 2
it's been a long time since I watched it and I wish to decide if it's shite or not
For a second I thought you were talking about the new Ghostbusters movie
oh which I saw trailer #2 of yesterday
6:41 PM
@rightfold I wrote a drawing program on c9 to explore svg and complex mouse interaction... has wordwrap/hyphenation bezier-curve editor (press C with node selected in node edit), ctrl-click-to-add-a-point on curves, etc
@Ell I don't have the time right now to go over the proof but is it doable? just looking at it, you need (S or R) -> W to get W, so you apply, you eliminate (P -> S) or (P -> R), you solve (P -> R) -> R by applying (P -> R) and you solve P by (Q -> P) (from P <=> Q), and you have Q in the assumptions, but how exactly do you want to pull R? (ergo the other part of the disjucntion?)
svg is pretty cool, even with its little issues
sorry I might be missing something tho, I have my thesis defense in 5 days, rather busy
oh my svg drawing program is 100% pure js. not one byte of libraries except the fontawesome icons
@Ell oh god nvm it's completely doable, sorry :P (comp[letely disregard my mumbling, I am overworked xD)
6:52 PM
It has been a looooooooong time since mumble went off line
@doug65536 agreed
@doug65536 why would you have "ass" in the drop down though
butt? lol
the property panel is not really finished D:
shame too, it would be so easy to implement, given the wrapper I have set up for auto-updating/drawing objects just by changing their properties
in that project you can just assign to object properties and the screen updates by itself
with Object.defineProperty setters
Q: Are there plans for Boost version 2?

einpoklumIs there some kind of set-of-milestones, or plan, for the Boost libraries release to get to version 2.0 ? I've noticed that there have been 62 (!) releases of 1.x versions, probably over much more than a decade. The Boost FAQ says: What do the Boost version numbers mean? The scheme is x.y.z, ...

ahaha nice assuming things about meaningful version numbers
@doug65536 yup
that editor project was just a dry run for a similar paid-work project, but I really should finish it up
I like to cheat and do homework ahead of time so I hit the ground at full speed when I start a real project
constantly getting that shit
even with adblock disabled
7:05 PM
@Xeo what about other addons. does your browser have a safe mode (no addons)?
@ScarletAmaranth don't apologise :P sorry for wasting your time
good luck with the thesis defence :)
there are about 290 global variables on the player page of youtube, not including the inherited ones. HTML5 creates globals for every element with an id D:
should I tell people "hey neat! look you don't even need to do getElementById, just refer to it globally", or "NO! don't do that! globals are crap! That'll get deprecated!" etc?
I lean heavily toward the latter
@Xeo use IE
@ScarletAmaranth good fookin luck m8
@doug65536 every html version does it
@doug65536 NEVER use the globals
7:20 PM
@Ven yeah? I was almost sure that was part of HTML5. maybe a case of them "standardizing" something that every browser already did?
@Ven how come?
the globals weaken strict mode. you can have undeclared variables and find the globally defined element with that id
@Ell other plugins are often total crap. They could smash the global properties and screw you up
@Ven thanks, I'll need some :P
@doug65536 don't think so. People used to do that to bind events to their forms etc when they didn't know about getElById/when it didn't exist
wow, I've been programming JS since the first netscape, and the first I heard of the globals was in HTML5 presentations. good though, I don't want them anyway
7:27 PM
@Xeo broken :v
@Ell I don't think I need to explain why it's a bad ideas to use globals that represent a dom node that might or might not exist depending on the current markup.
did a build with my new shiny 32GB RAM and was waiting how much speedup I can be happy about. Time went from 34 to 37 minutes -.-
It's equivalent to getElementById though right? :V
so by that logic, never use getElementById
If you leave people only one small opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot, they will build a foot cannon and blow everyone's feet off.
@sehe about meta right?
7:31 PM
@doug65536 don't we all?
@JohanLarsson no?
@Ven What is a commit streak?
it's like a commit steak
but with an "r"
(it's "uninterrupted days with at least a commit / opening an issue")
rip my like four hundred fifty something days
i got 531 max ;(
7:45 PM
You guys should be glad. Now you can go outside and play!
> 2,220 contributions in the last year
@fredoverflow ewwww
@fredoverflow But it's dark out!
wow racist
bark out!
That's racister
7:47 PM
fucking specist
Hello, thats me again :) I have configured travis-ci with help of @набиячлэвэлиь for my lib and wondering about coveralls.io configuring :)))
beat ya
coveralls.io is (well, used to be, at least) as uncooperative as it can
@Ven so fat you have a quad-chin
pretty much yes
7:51 PM
@набиячлэвэлиь It's hard to not be specist when fucking
you're especistally bad at this
> props.text = ['The quick brown fox jumped over the disestablishmentarian lazy dog and used the entire keyboard very quickly.'];
Well played @doug65536
Oh look. @TemplateRex has a new question
--depth 1 wasnt enough to shrink the boost folder size, maybe next time i should try --depth 0 (if thats valid)
7:58 PM
also cloning took forever
--depth 0 doesn't make sense
means you wouldn't get a HEAD
and who wouldn't want to get HEAD
--depth specifies how many refspecs you download
I thought --depth didnt give you the full history of the thing? or did i misread that SO answer =/
Like if i dl the .7z from boost website its like 70mb, i just cloned the repo and its 1.22GB
@LucDanton this might interest you stackoverflow.com/q/37354832/85371

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